Auto + Anhängerfahrschule Wiedmer reviews and experiences

Date: 06.12.2019

Patric explained everything to me well and prepared me super for all possible everyday & exam situations. Thanks to him, I was also able to master the test the first time. I can only recommend him! :)

Date: 04.12.2019

A very patient driving instructor. The driving lessons are fun and the theory can be very well combined with the practice. Understandable explanations and tips for daily driving. In any case recommendable:)

Date: 02.12.2019

Reviews from Lisa Stampanoni

Patric is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. He was always punctual and never missed an appointment. He has a lot of patience, prepares you well for all kinds of (exam) situations and explains a second time if necessary. I have mastered my practical test thanks to the super driving lessons with him, directly the first time. Thanks a lot!

Date: 06.11.2019

Patric responded super to me and has a lot of patience. Thanks to his support, I passed the practical test right the first time I tried the practical test. TOP and only to recommend!

Date: 25.10.2019

Good driving instructor with a lot of patience

Date: 15.06.2019

Patric is a very good driving instructor who teaches with patience and skill. During the driving lessons I was able to pass the car test the first time without stress and without big mistakes due to his great expertise, which he explained very well and simply. One can only recommend Patric !

Date: 12.04.2019

Very good

Date: 16.03.2019

Patric is a very good driving teacher. He helped me throughout having panick attacks during driving to be a self-confident and safe driver today. I passed my driving test with success , and all this is because of his patience and clear explanations. I will higly recommend this remarkable driving teacher.

Date: 18.12.2018

Patric is a very patient and competent driving instructor. He can depict traffic situations very well, either graphically or visually. Helps a lot to find your way quickly. He'll meet you when the situation demands. All around a great driving instructor and really recommendable! Thank you Patric!

Date: 19.11.2018

Patric is an excellent driving instructor. I felt very comfortable and calm during each lesson and I felt that each lesson was focused on something specific leading up to the test. His English was great and he helped me prepare for the test (instructions) in German. I felt his lessons were really good value for money as he was never in a rush to go after the lessons and therefore had plenty of time to give me feedback and answer any questions I had. All in all a fantastic experience and thanks to him I passed on my first attempt.

Date: 09.04.2018

Very good and patient driving instructor who responds to the needs of every student. With many good driving lessons I was able to learn a safe feeling while driving despite my great respect for driving and passed the test the first time. His flexibility in making appointments and in the meeting points/collection service was also very helpful in integrating the driving lessons into a working day.

Date: 06.03.2018

Reviews from Anna Rüegg

Patric is a very friendly and pleasant driving instructor with a great car. He has a great expertise and a good way of passing it on. Through his patient and uplifting manner, I felt comfortable driving and through his funny mnemonics and his tricks could learn more and more. I had several driving instructors and found him def. the best!

Date: 30.12.2017

Reviews from Rodrigo Loreti

Top driving instructor. Shows interest in the student drivers thanks to him I passed the 1 time. -Rodrigo

Date: 09.12.2017

I can recommend the driving school Wiedmer to everyone. Patric is attentive during the driving lessons and can always give feedback in case of mistakes, which helped me a lot while driving. The driving lessons are well organized. Patric also attaches great importance to not looking at everyday situations, which are good for later use. The training for the exam date was well structured. This gave me confidence in the exam. I can highly recommend the Wiedmer driving school. Patric is a pleasant and quiet person and the driving lessons are fun.

Date: 03.12.2017

I can only recommend Patric to everyone who wants a patient and competent driving instructor. He's always in a good mood, calm and never fiery. He knows the Zürcher Oberland (and also the favourite routes of the experts :-)) very well and quickly establishes a good connection to you. In addition, he is flexible with places and times and has understanding when a driving lesson has to be cancelled. He'll teach you everything you need to know and know. I'm sure you'll get through the exam with him well.

Date: 29.07.2017

takes the matter very seriously, is very precise, challenges you very much as a driving student. optimal to learn a lot in a short time! 10/10 (I have also experienced other things with other driving schools)

Date: 07.07.2017

Reviews from Janis Schaffer

Supper teacher, supper guy! Always remain calm and matter-of-fact, explain all you need 100 times! He'll take care of you, and he'll take care of you. Thanks to him büm erschte mal durrechoo!

Date: 03.07.2017

Very competent teacher, knew immediately where my weaknesses were and was able to address them and explain why I made mistakes and how I had to correct them. With his calm nature, driving with Patrick was very relaxed. I felt safe and well taken care of with Patrick. Patrick could connect points of theory practically in connection with real situation over and over again. Good knowledge doesn't mean you're a good teacher. With Patrick everything was right: the technical and the teacher quality.

Date: 10.06.2017

A very good driving instructor as he is very patient and explains the theory before the lesson very well.

Date: 27.04.2017

Patric Wiedmer from Dürnten Zh taught me how to drive a car when I was almost 50 years old. I have chosen him via buschtelefon and on recommendation of my son. the raptures about him I found at first exaggerated until I had completed my 1st driving hour. Patric Wiedmer really has an enormous social competence and thus the gift to quickly get involved with the peculiarities of a person. He is able to strengthen weaknesses with his own way and methods. Even after 30 times making the same mistake he never gave me the feeling to fail. (ui, if we only had all such elementary school teachers, how would that make a great people...;-) He is a friendly driving instructor, always respectful and motivating.a noble character, with a lot of experience.on 26.April 2017 I passed the driving exam at first go.thank you dear Patric, for your professional training.all the best to you and your loved ones for the future.will of course recommend you.Sandra Zgraggen, Wald Zh.

Date: 26.04.2017

Reviews from Domenico Curcio

Driving has always been a lot of fun, Patric has always been calm and calm, he also explains which mistakes are not so bad and which you have to avoid urgently, even with good donkey bridges which stay in your head. Very pleasant passenger, thank you Patric!

Date: 21.04.2017

Reviews from Bettina Gugler

Patric is very sypmatic, set up, motivated, patient and takes time to explain something several times. If you make a mistake, it stays objective and calm and shows you how to do it better. He also says when you do something good. I really enjoyed driving with him! Since we have often driven routes that are also test tracks, he can tell you exactly what to watch out for. Thank you so much Patric!

Date: 20.03.2017

Very pleasant person & very recommendable! Very quiet, polite and patient! Patric is a very communicative person who is also very enthusiastic about sports! I am very satisfied and passed the test on 17.3 the first time! Many thanks to Patric for the very pleasant driving lessons with you!

Date: 13.03.2017

Patric seems very calm and objective to me. He never became unfriendly even with mistakes and pointed me out correctly and nicely how I can do it better next time. The praise that he had expressed very often, even while driving, gave me a very secure feeling in each case. I also felt taken very seriously by Him. I found the discussions at the end of the lesson, and partly at the beginning, very important for me, because I could see so well where I was standing right now. The pick-up service was of course very practical. In summary, I really enjoyed taking my driving lessons with Patric. That they were also good lessons in terms of quality is evident from the fact that I passed my practical leader exam without fear the first time. I had a lot of fun going to Patric's driving lessons.

Date: 14.02.2017

Great. Patric Wiedmer leads his student step by step, with a lot of calm and friendliness to the goal (if necessary he is also sometimes strict). I would elect Patric Wiedmer again at any time and can only recommend him.

Date: 29.12.2016

Reviews from Nina Tuchschmid

Really very recommendable. Patric is very patient. When mistakes are made, he calmly points out how to do it better next time. I thought it was great that there was always a summary at the end and also a review before the lesson, which didn't work out so well last time. I had the feeling that he took every lesson very seriously and tried to get the best out of time. Thanks again for the pleasant driving experience :) Lg Nina

Date: 14.11.2016

Patric is always very calm, very friendly and in a good mood. Very good tips for parking, starting, etc. Passed the car test at the first attempt. I can only recommend him! Greetings Angelo

Date: 24.10.2016

Through I found Patric's driving school and decided for him because of the good ratings. He is a great driving instructor always in a good mood, very patient and technically very competent. I have never regretted my decision and can recommend Patric unreservedly. Many thanks for your support Patric. Best regards Karla

Date: 17.10.2016

Reviews from Flo Klaus

Patric was a brilliant and dedicated driving instructor. Many thanks for your great support and never-ending patience! Before I came to Patric for driving lessons, I had a driving "teacher" who mainly set the direction, got upset about me or other road users and held monologues about her private problems. With Patric I had found someone who can undoubtedly be called a teacher. Every hour he started with a short review, which didn't work out the last time, and after the hour he made an equally productive summary, which points of driving I should now pay attention to when practicing privately. He really cared that I learned to drive well and safely in a short time. He was always very present and used very versatile and likeable methods in order to teach me the rules and techniques. I can only recommend him!

Date: 29.09.2016

Reviews from Christoph Köberl

Through I came across Patric's driving school and decided for him because of the positive reviews. I contacted Patric via e-mail and received an answer very quickly. He is very flexible in his choice of dates and is always motivated. He showed a lot of patience and taught me how to drive as an absolute street newcomer. He scored with a very good pick-up service and a huge expertise. His collegial nature is also a big plus. I haven't regretted my decision.

Date: 25.08.2016

Had another driving instructor before Patrick who always used her mobile phone while driving... Had become very insecure by these incidents, my husband urged me to continue with my driving lessons. I went looking for another driving instructor and found Patrick. He is very friendly and makes his work sensational. The eyes always on the road, patient, well and uncomplicated explained and at the last push of a button he registered me for the exam and I passed. Many thanks dear Isabelle

Date: 11.06.2016

Patric Wiedmer is a great driving instructor. Not only because I passed the first time, but also because the lessons are good and meaningful. He won't give you more driving lessons than you need.

Date: 01.06.2016

Reviews from Joëlle Bagdasarianz

Patric has fulfilled all the requirements for a driving instructor. He has always remained very patient and calm, but was also able to speak plainly in between. When I asked him questions, he spontaneously took some time to look at them. He prepared me very well for the exam, we looked at all the things that belong to driving a car and practiced concrete manoeuvres or petty things in the end. Often we took tracks that I had to drive on the stage as well. And of course he is simply a very sweet, casual and mostly motivating person.

Date: 21.01.2016

Super sympathetic driver! With a lot of patience and friendliness until the exam! Thanks :)

Date: 07.01.2016

Patric is a great driving instructor! He is very patient, reliable and explains everything well. With his relaxed and motivating manner he takes away insecurities and conveys the joy of driving. Since you often drive with him on tracks that are also driven at the stage, you are optimally prepared. In any case very recommendable! Thanks for everything Patric and kind regards, Marina

Date: 06.01.2016

Patric Wiedmer is a very friendly, competent, quiet driving instructor with the necessary patience. I highly recommend him! :)

Date: 28.12.2015

He is a quiet and patient driving instructor and takes his time. Passed the first time. I can only recommend him as a driving instructor.

Date: 09.12.2015

Reviews from Melissa Egli

Patrick was the perfect choice for me. He is patient above average and with his calm manner he can pick up insecure learners very well and prepare them for the practical exam in a target-oriented way. He is also always available and very flexible. I certainly do not regret my choice and can only give my best recommendation for him. Thank you Patrick for your huge support!!! I will always remember you well. Melissa

Date: 13.08.2015

Salute Patric Without security there is no freedom Wilhelm von Humboldt ( 1767-1835 ) A good education is the best prerequisite for an accident-free journey. I will gladly accompany you into a mobile future. That's his slogan on his homepage. After a few driving lessons Patric, the best driving instructor for me, took me through the practical driving test on 12.8.2015 at 11.45 a.m.. I am so grateful to you Patric for your great help on the way to your driver's license. I wasn't a simple student at the age of 39, but you have always managed to be calm, open, critical. The training was hard for me and I sometimes reached my limits. But I needed the pressure from you and did a perfect test drive for me. You deserve that. What to say for the other students who want to complete their training with Patric; He is open, honest, punctual, very human and always has the sensitivity to be calm. I can only recommend Patric to others. All the best to Patric and good luck with your driving school. Lg Marcel Roffler

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Date: 06.08.2015

Patric is a great driving instructor. He's friendly and has a lot of patience. His driving lessons were casual and offered excellent preparation for the practical test. With him you always feel in good hands. Super driving instructors! I can only recommend him to anyone. Many thanks for everything and love greetings Philipp

Date: 10.06.2015

Optimal preparation,very good knowledge.Gspunna

Date: 24.11.2014

was super only recommendable to others

Date: 27.10.2014

Reviews from Sabrina Zweifel

De Patric isch en super driving instructor with a lot of patience and super donkey bridge as a tip to remember thing. He makes sini Sach with a lot of heart blood dehinder. With Lüt vo vor eppis Angst hend chan he augah. Make us sooo... For bestirring all on the first time

Date: 26.07.2014

Reviews from Any Reichart

Hello Together I first tried to gain some private driving experience and was almost desperate. So I turned to this driving instructor and hope arose. The driving instructor Patrik is very, very patient and you can ask him the same question a thousand times if you still don't get it. He also likes to take more time and is very flexible. I felt very comfortable and could learn to drive so fast. Already passed after the first exam! :) I wish Patrik all the best and you successful driving lessons with him! Best regards Any

Date: 20.07.2014

Was super with him to make this step always sympathetic and competent. Teached me really good driving and the looks to pay attention to. I had a lot of fun, and would recommend him to 100% is really a good teacher ;)

Date: 18.06.2014

Reviews from Nadine Mariposa

Competent, reliable, patient, synaptic. Warmly recommended.

Date: 13.04.2014

With em Päde it is always very funny and despite everything very professional gsi. It shows an understandable how more driving is necessary and how more any situation can be mastered. On exam day I am of 4ne as the only durecho with 10 driving hours. The teachers are convinced of the best success rate and notice more about why. So if you're going to drive relatively fast, then the pedagogue is right for you! I wish you all the best and thank you for the cool driving lesson. Greetings

Date: 19.03.2014

Reviews from Germain Wagner

2 monks, and 14.5 hours drive... Better chans nöd run. The Besti driving instructor and the best expert in combination! Merci Patric and good luck. Dear Germain Greetings

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Date: 05.02.2014

Clearly a super driving instructor! Päde is very patient and helpful. I can only recommend.

Date: 31.01.2014

Super driving instructor / driving school, thank you very much for everything!

Date: 06.01.2014

I can only recommend the driving lessons with Patric! He is very patient and sympathetic and one is optimally prepared for the practical exam. Thank you, Patric.

Date: 27.12.2013

An excellent driving instructor with a great deal of expertise, even over test tracks with a lot of traffic. Very patient, courteous and sympathetic. Driving with him is not only fun, but one is also really seriously prepared for the practical driving test. Another positive aspect is that it offers some "hour packages" (e.g. a 20-hour subscription) and thus makes the individual driving hour cheaper. I can recommend him to anyone without a guilty conscience.

Date: 17.12.2013

Super driving instructors! I can only recommend him to anyone. With his calm and very friendly nature he made driving a nice car for me. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! LG Fabienne

Date: 10.12.2013

Ingenious driving instructor! With his competent, calm and funny nature he has awakened in me the joy of driving a car. I am thrilled and can only recommend him! It big thank you Patric! LG Nadine

Date: 08.11.2013

I can only recommend the driving lessons with Patric, he was very patient and I was well prepared for the exam! I had a lot of fun learning with him. Thank you very much, love Bettina

Date: 23.10.2013

Ingenious driving instructor. Always on time and always trying to find time. Thank you paed

Date: 10.07.2013

The driving school with Patric was great! It is very well structured and he has a lot of patience. With his support, you can only pass the test.

Date: 04.07.2013

The driving lessons with Patric were just great! I learned a lot from him. He's the best in his field! The driving lessons are very cleverly designed. With Patric as your driving instructor, you can't do anything wrong. I can only recommend him!

Date: 21.04.2013

Patric is a real class driving instructor, he is a quiet and very patient person. The driving lessons with him were really fun because you progress from hour to hour and he is a great guy. I passed the driving test at the first attempt and that despite constant interruptions and driving lessons which I had to cancel there again and again what came in between. Well, I can only recommend him to anyone. If I could live my life again, I would take driving lessons with him again. ;-))

Date: 05.03.2013

Patric Wiedmer is a very good driving instructor because I can only recommend him to everyone.he was always punctual and also very friendly he was very was also a lot of fun to drive with him.thanks to him I have already passed the test the first time.thank you very much times Patric for everything:)love Tülay.

Date: 02.03.2013

Patric is a very good driving instructor whom I can only recommend! He was always punctual at the right place and made with his specialized knowledge and his patient kind an efficient and sovereign driving training possible. Thanks to his exam-oriented driving lessons directly in the examination area, I knew my entire examination route and was able to start the driving examination with a good and secure feeling.

Date: 04.01.2013

Super driving instructor, with a quiet way and nevertheless it is always funny in the driving lessons with him. He prepared me perfectly for the exam and didn't give me too many hours. I knew the whole test track ready, thanks to his exam-oriented driving lessons. I can only recommend him! :)

Date: 31.10.2012

Patric is a wonderful person and a great driving instructor! I had already failed the driving test twice, had different driving instructors, and completed an incredible number of driving lessons. After a break of three years I wanted to do it again, but was afraid of it. The search for a suitable driver was worth it. As described on his homepage, Patric is really very patient, demanding, and fair. Thanks to him I was able to enjoy driving for the first time and was confidently prepared for the stage. Now I have been safe and happy on all roads for three months:) I am very grateful to him and can warmly recommend him!

Date: 29.08.2012

Patric is a superb driving instructor. He pays a lot of attention to it, through a very good driving lesson, which you can safely and self-consciously to the driving test. Patric is very patient and human top! I'm sure I passed the test the first time. I can warmly recommend Patric to you.

Date: 28.07.2012

Patric Wiedmer is an excellent driving instructor, he cares a lot that you drive safely and consciously, his very patient but certain way allows a very efficient way of learning, this is of course the best preparation for the driving test. Knowledge of human nature and expertise at top level and in addition it is exactly in the examination area, in any case very recommendable!

Date: 29.05.2012


Date: 23.05.2012

Super driving instructors! Has a lot of patience and doesn't charge any more if it takes a little longer. Highly recommended :)

Date: 09.04.2012

The driving lessons were very exam oriented. Every track that came at my driving test at least once downed. =)Patric Wiedmer, a driving instructor with a lot of patience and humor. He always kept his cool, even if it didn't work out. Great driving instructor. Really recommendable!

Date: 02.04.2012

Reviews from Jeannine Loosli

Great teacher. Very nice and patient. Highly recommended.

Date: 27.02.2012

*Serious complete training (e.g. no tire protection for emergency braking, no mobile phone while driving) *Get to the point quickly (practical driving), theory part is kept short and concise if necessary *Punctual, competent, courteous and motivating *Maintains calm even in hectic situations # Have a lot of patience *Good knowledge of test tracks with critical locations where many student drivers fail *Knows many tips & tricks (e.g. for people who can't estimate well yet) *50-55min driving hour, also no problem if exceptionally 5-10min longer (e.g. for special distance) goes if the time permits it, final discussion is not shortened.

Date: 07.12.2011

Very nice teacher. Calm, understanding and responsible. Always points out what can be improved and gives various good tips for the exam. I passed my driving exam without any problems from the first time. Thank you Patrick!

Date: 20.07.2011

Reviews from Simone Mandara

Super Been!! udn Great driving lessons:D

Date: 04.03.2011

Patrick Wiedmer is a very patient, quiet driving instructor, who doesn't turn on too many hours. I was nevertheless very well prepared for the exam, within 2 months, I passed the exam!