Andreas Bühler - Fahrschule Birseck reviews and experiences

Date: 17.06.2014

In the great driving lessons with Andreas Bühler, I discovered the joy of driving a car. I was challenged, but never overwhelmed. Due to Andreas' competence and his calm manner I felt very safe and never got hectic behind the wheel. I was always looking forward to the next driving lesson. Andreas is 100% the best driving instructor and can be recommended to everyone!

Date: 15.08.2011

Reviews from Sybille Häcki

Great driving instructor with a lot of patience and good empathy. Can apply criticism appropriately and objectively, which increases and promotes learning ability. Humanly very sympathetic and positioned. The driving school Birseck offers competent, lively courses. Another plus is the website, with online registration and a good overview of other offers. I would definitely recommend Andreas Bühler!

Date: 15.08.2011

I was very satisfied with the driving lessons with Andreas. I liked the fact that he always picked me up where I liked it best. I also had the feeling that I had learned something new after every driving lesson.

Date: 06.09.2010

Nice, lots of patience, top driving instructor....

Date: 30.08.2010

Jupiii! I've passed the mini car check in the erschte Mol! Dr Andreas has given me a lot of patience and a lot of time to make it fast and safe. I was always looking forward to my driving lesson, which was a lot of fun :-) Thank you Andreas, how so! Lg Nina

Response from Andreas Bühler - Fahrschule Birseck:
Hallo Nina, merci villmol! Au Dir danke für die agnehme und tolle Fahrstunde...Wünsch Dir au witerhin ä gueti und unfallfreie Fahrt. Gruess Andreas

Date: 27.05.2006

I'm very happy with the driving lessons. Step by step I will be prepared for the exam and the necessary documents to repeat will be given to me after every driving lesson. The lessons are very pleasant, the driving instructor is friendly, patient and competent.