a-street-drive Fahrschule reviews and experiences

Date: 29.07.2020

Reviews from Elisabeth Ziegler

Very friendly and flexible!

Date: 10.07.2020

Reviews from Frederike Nart

Astrid is a cheerful and patient driving instructor. She arranges each lesson according to 1-2 themes, which are practised repeatedly. This way you learn quickly. Simply top!

Date: 03.07.2020

In addition to her didactic competence, Astrid is also a very well-positioned and interesting person, which is why she is not only a great teacher, but also a very comfortable passenger. Merci!

Date: 22.06.2020

It was a very intensive 15 driving lessons with Astrid, during which I learned quickly through her direct instructions. We repeated things that I was not yet good at, so that I was able to improve my mistakes (e.g. driving backwards or tracking in). She attaches great importance to her students passing the driving test and is very enthusiastic about it. What is also quite crucial is that she has often driven routes with me where other students have made mistakes on the test. We also drove about 3 times to the road traffic office, which makes you a little bit more familiar with the location and situation. All in all, it was very good learning tactics and driving routes, which she used to prepare me optimally for the exam.

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Date: 22.06.2020

Astrid is a patient, positive driving instructor! From the very beginning we drove on test tracks. You can see her years of expertise. At first I was afraid, but she quickly took it away. She likes to take time for everything and gives good tips. Thanks to Astrid I was able to pass my exam the first time. Thanks a lot!

Date: 16.06.2020

Super driving instructor!

Date: 02.06.2020

Thanks a lot for the great driving lessons Astrid :-) You can see the many years of experience and the expertise she brings with her. She is always very well disposed and cheerful, calm and patient and always gives good tips along the way. I have always felt very comfortable. I can recommend her to everyone. :-)

Date: 18.05.2020

Astrid is really a super driving instructor. She has a lot of experience and gives you really useful tips. She is also always in a good mood and very likeable. I'm really glad I chose her and have never regretted it for a second. Thanks a lot :)

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Date: 21.04.2020

I can warmly recommend Astrid as a driving instructor! She has a lot of patience, is always focused on the task at hand, is always benevolent and constructive and with her humorous manner always open and warm. I felt comfortable and safe while driving. Astrid can assess the strengths and weaknesses of her students very well and is very encouraging.

Date: 24.01.2020

Reviews from Ziun Tremmel

Six more stars! Astrid is a great driving instructor! She is competent and humorous! I was scared and insecure, but she took away my fear of driving and give me the sense of security I need. I enjoyed the driving lessons very much, they were both instructive and entertaining.

Date: 20.01.2020

I can only recommend Astrid as a driving instructor! She has a lot of patience, humour and a very benevolent and positive nature. I felt comfortable while driving and Astrid points out errors/improvements constructively and patiently. Because of her relaxed and open manner, there were always interesting conversations in the car. Good driving instructor - I would go to her again :-)

Date: 15.01.2020

Astrid is a great driving instructor! She taught me how to drive with a lot of patience, wit and expertise. Because of her calm and upright nature I always felt comfortable during the driving lessons. With her empathy, expertise and joy in driving she got me safely through the driving test. Ta!

Date: 18.11.2019

Astrid is a very good driving instructor who takes the time to explain everything in detail. During the driving lessons it was never boring, as exciting conversations were created and a relaxed atmosphere prevailed. The 60 minutes driving lessons are great, because the exam feels very short in comparison and there is enough time to learn something new. She also made it possible for me to take the exam before a longer stay abroad, although the available time was rather short and the date relatively short. Passed the test (switched) at the first attempt with about 20 driving hours.

Date: 03.11.2019

Reviews from Silvia Savova-Hartkamp

Astrid is a fantastic teacher and a great person! She is very patient and has helped me a lot to deal with my driving fears. I can highly recommend them!

Date: 16.10.2019

I can highly recommend Astrid as a driving school teacher. She creates a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during the sometimes stressful hours and teaches you step by step everything you need to know before the exam. With Astrid it never gets boring & the many interesting & great conversations I will not forget. Thanks for everything!

Date: 13.10.2019

At Astrid I enjoyed practical and humorous driving lessons. Even when her health was partially ailing, she gave instructive hours.

Date: 11.10.2019

Reviews from Lea Schlatter

I have experienced Astrid from the 1st driving lesson on as a very happy and positive person. She always finds the right words to encourage you, she constructively points out mistakes and always recommends methods for improvement. There was always a good, humorous atmosphere in the car. With her you always feel well taken care of and safe, even in the first hours in the car where you don't feel as if you have everything under control. Before the exam it helps one to remain extremely calm especially through the power of positive thinking. Astrid is an extremely competent, experienced driving instructor who simply shows that she loves her job, I can only warmly recommend her to everyone, whether anxious or not, she always finds the right words. Thank you very much for your help.

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Date: 10.10.2019

Astrid Ruoss was a great driving instructor. With her constructive nature, a good portion of humour and a lot of expertise and competence, she even accompanied me, someone who could hardly imagine driving a car, on the way to a successful driving test. I always had the feeling that Astrid had everything under control, which gave me the necessary security especially at the beginning. In addition, I could trust, especially towards the end, that she would also point me to little things that experts could pay attention to during the examination. So on the big day I was able to start the stage with a good feeling despite my nervousness. Astrid is a driving instructor with heart and soul whom I can only recommend.

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Date: 09.10.2019

Reviews from Lisa Schüpbach

D Astrid is a great driver for me. She's a great woman wherever she has a joke in store. Her driving lessons are always instructive gsi and she always finds the right word to explain the subject to me.

Date: 23.09.2019

I can highly recommend Astrid! Always with fun and joy during the driving lessons. :) She knows how many driving lessons you need to pass the exam. Thanks for the great hours with you.

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Date: 20.09.2019

It's extremely fun to learn to drive her car. She has a lot of expertise and can teach you in a very good way. You can tell that she loves her job and that's why she's always 110 percent involved. I can only recommend everyone to go to her.

Date: 16.09.2019

She is a very competent and patient driving instructor. Driving is very fun and instructive with her. Even with mistakes she shows a lot of patience and understanding she works with them until you can. She is also a very dear and valuable personality. I can only recommend her, she's a great driving instructor.

Date: 03.09.2019

Great driving instructor. It was always fun to drive and you learn fast and well with her. I'd go back to her over and over again. Thanks a lot for Astrit.

Date: 02.09.2019

Top! Not a single reason to complain.

Date: 04.08.2019

Reviews from Chiara Cescato

Super driving instructor! always e mega lockeri & funny atmosphere in the car and yet she brings eim everything super gnau and good bi & white just like with eim umgah when times nöd eso runs! am meeega zfriede gsi!

Date: 18.07.2019

In all situations I was always explained in an understandable way and shown how I should or must do what and if I did not understand something it was explained to me in an understandable way. In addition, there was always a pleasant climate in the car. I can only recommend them.

Date: 15.07.2019

The driving lessons at Astrid were always a lot of fun for me and we laughed a lot. She is very patient and always in a positive mood. The driving lessons were always adapted to my ability and not strictly according to a plan. She always explained my mistakes clearly but friendly and immediately gave me tips to improve them. During the driving lessons she always drew my attention to special places that might occur during the exam. After I have passed the exam at the 1st time, I will miss the driving lessons with her almost a little bit!

Date: 27.06.2019

Reviews from Dominique Pejzlová

I couldn't think of a better driving instructor. Your explanations are clear and simple. It can also dynamically adjust the lesson according to the student's abilities.

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Date: 25.05.2019

Reviews from Vladislav Uchiha

Very good driving instructor! Explains everything exactly and well so that you learn to drive fast.

Date: 05.05.2019

Reviews from Sarah Sunshine

The driving lessons were always adjusted to my skills. I was also able to make wishes, which Astrid took up and implemented. I was very satisfied and felt safe and comfortable with her. One would be very well prepared for the exam. I would definitely recommend Astrid.

Date: 04.12.2018

Reviews from Regula Brandenberger

The driving lessons were always fun and everything was explained in a good and understanding way.

Date: 29.11.2018

Reviews from Paulina Achermann

Astrid is a great and competent driving instructor. I passed the exam with her the first time. I would definitely recommend Astrid to anyone. :)

Date: 11.11.2018

Astrid, a very kind and very conscientious driving instructor. With a lot of tips and tricks she taught me how to drive a car. Directly she tells you what to do wrong and helps to solve the problem. I had practically no opportunity to train privately what I had learned. But with double lessons and a little break between the lessons it was great! I enjoyed driving a car with Astrid and can recommend her with a clear conscience! Thanks, Astrid.

Date: 07.11.2018

decidedly cumulative, both demanding and supportive

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Date: 31.10.2018

Have learned a lot and well from her & passed the first time the exam, super car, hammer woman. Thanks Astrid :)

Date: 02.10.2018

Very good driving instructor, always friendly. I learned a lot.

Date: 29.09.2018

I remember every single hour of driving with Astrid very well. She is a competent, dueling and well-positioned driving instructor. For me every driving hour was a pleasure because she knew exactly how I could improve my mistakes and always motivated me! Even if I repeated the same mistake x times, she kept the patience and always found a way to take away my doubts. That's why I can only recommend them!

Date: 18.09.2018

At Astrid Ruoss you can learn to drive a car in a pleasant way. Her lessons are well structured & her humorous approach to the students provides an optimal basis to learn to drive in a reasonable amount of time. It deals with the respective strengths & weaknesses of the student & promotes them optimally. I would always go to Astrid's driving lessons again.

Date: 14.09.2018

I can only recommend Astrid as a driving instructor. From the beginning I drove with her on the roads (mostly on the test tracks, which proved to be very useful during the practical test) and the program was adapted to my personal progress and difficulties, so it did not follow a strict plan. Besides, it was never a problem to find a next appointment.

Date: 15.08.2018

I am super happy that I was at Astrid's driving lessons, she explains everything very well and in a funny way. =) She is a great driving instructor, I can definitely recommend her. =)

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Date: 06.08.2018

I was very satisfied with Astrid as my driving instructor. It worked the first time at the test. Astrid has a quiet, pleasant nature, but also clearly says what is going on. Already from the first driving hour one is busy at the track. In between there are manoeuvres so that it remains varied and everything is well covered. We had a particularly good look at many of the tricky areas. The driving lessons were always adapted to my ability and the external circumstances, so we practiced e.g. in winter also sometimes an emergency burning on snow. After all the driving lessons and the passed driving test I feel safe in traffic. Thank you Astrid!

Date: 04.08.2018

Was very pleased! Astrid is very patient and always cheerful and teaches you how to drive with explanation, drawing and trial and error! Highly recommended. :)

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Date: 21.07.2018

I passed the test the first time and I got through the new driver time without accidents and buses. Although learning to drive was not always easy for me (over 30 years of age!), I really enjoy sitting at the wheel. Merci Astrid!

Date: 17.07.2018

Astrid's a great driving instructor. It imparts knowledge at eye level and creates a good learning atmosphere. I've always felt comfortable and I can only recommend you.

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Date: 13.07.2018

In Astrid, I have found a competent, patient and always well-positioned driving instructor. Even after several explanations she never lost her nerve, which was very important to me personally. She also reflected at the end of the lesson what was particularly good and/or bad, which was an important learning effect for me. I have always felt very comfortable and looked forward to the driving lessons with her. Thank you very much for your great support Astrid! :-)

Date: 30.06.2018

Astrid is a friendly driving instructor who always calms you down and lets you drive at your own pace, so that you feel comfortable and never stressed. She teaches honestly, directly and very competently. Astrid teaches you how to drive in an uncomplicated way. I would like to thank her very much for bringing me through the exam so quickly. Many greetings

Date: 24.06.2018

Astrid is a great, very patient and competent driving instructor. She has a good powers of observation and a "Gschpüri" for the people. She obviously enjoys dealing with all people openly and directly. I learned a lot from her and I really enjoyed going to her driving lessons. When I'm driving, I think about you a lot! :D Thank you and all the best! Dani

Date: 31.05.2018

Astrid Ruoss is a great driving instructor! The driving lessons are very well adapted to the respective level and you learn a lot every time. She always gave me valuable advice and sometimes also the necessary motivation push (e.g. to overcome the fear of the motorway). Astrid is also a cool person, which makes the driving lessons not only instructive, but also fun! I can recommend them with all my heart!

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Date: 17.04.2018

Astrid Ruoss is an upbeat and humorous person who immediately made me feel comfortable. She has the ability to convey knowledge precisely in a simple and clear way. She also reacted very flexibly to my needs. I can only warmly recommend it, because with it you will reach your destination safely!

Date: 20.03.2018

Reviews from T. H.

I learned new things every time during the driving lessons with Astrid and she gave me valuable tips and tricks on the way or the ride. Her driving lesson really takes a full hour and she always arrives at the meeting point on time. Oh yes, and the Audi A3 is great to drive and just has "Pfupf". Astrid has always been patient and has shown me where I can improve, where danger spots lurk and what to look out for. Her patient, relaxed and humorous manner gave me security and I was able to experience good driving lessons without fears every time. With a lot of empathy and patience, she answered my questions and some "buttons opened". I have laughed with Astrid in every driving lesson and I will miss her cheerful and upright manner very much! I passed the exam the first time and I am super happy! I can simply recommend them to everyone! Thank you, dear Astrid! Sincerely, Tiziana

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Date: 15.03.2018

Reviews from Mariina Käslin

Astrid is a sensational driving instructor who I can only recommend to everyone! It explains everything in an understandable and simple way. She was at every driving lesson that I had always set up and I always felt very comfortable next to her! Her experience and her humorous, open and cordial manner have always helped me a lot and I was always very much looking forward to the driving lessons.

Date: 06.02.2018

Astrid's a great driving instructor. She has an answer to every question and has great confidence in the abilities of her students. It gives many valuable tips and constructive criticism. It was a lot of fun riding with her.

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Date: 28.12.2017

I have experienced Astrid Ruoss as a very competent and professional driving instructor. She has accompanied me super up to the examination both on a technical and mental level. The driving lessons were always very varied, instructive and funny. I couldn't have imagined a better driving instructor. I can recommend Astrid with a clear conscience.

Date: 27.12.2017

Astrid is a great driving instructor, I can only recommend her! From the very beginning she has made her driving lessons very challenging and instructive. Already in the first hour you go directly on the road and the whole 60 minutes are driven, during the drive you get all necessary information. Questions and ambiguities are answered by Astrid patiently and very comprehensibly. If you name situations you would like to practice in the driving lesson in company (for example I had a lot of respect for the Manor parking garage), she immediately responds and lets you try it out. Important information (e.g. correct tracking of different light signals) is recorded on cards so you can learn it at home. I couldn't have imagined a better driving instructor. LG Nadja

Date: 15.12.2017

Astrid is a very patient and persistent driving instructor. She is very competent and has a lot of tips in stock. I can only recommend them.

Date: 11.09.2017

1A Astrid Astrid is wonderful. Super driving lessons. Lots of information and useful tips. She thinks of everything and prepares you very well for the practical driving test. Boring? Never ever. Always good conversation material and laughter is included in the price. Oh, yes, the driving Hour really takes a full hour. I got through the first time. Thanks, Astrid. PS: Yes, the Audi A3 Quattro also has a lot of horsepower. But don't let him be intimidated, he is very easy and pleasant to drive. From Tobias. F

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Vanessa L

Astrid is a great driving instructor! She explains wonderfully and also patiently points out inaccuracies/errors several times. She answers questions comprehensively and in detail. Besides we could laugh a lot together in the driving lessons :) A big plus: One hour's drive effectively takes one hour and not just 45-50 minutes! Thank you so much for everything, dear Astrid! I highly recommend you!

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Date: 11.08.2017

Reviews from Amy Nyan

Astrid's a great driving instructor. She is hard but warm and has a lot of patience. Despite the fact that I made mistakes again and again she blib it until it was in and has not given up.

Date: 04.08.2017

Reviews from Viviane Marchand

Astrid Ruoss was an experienced, professional driving instructor, who could give me many tips on the one hand, but also pick me up very well on a human level. As a result, I was able to overcome the fears I had about driving and passed the exam at the first attempt. I would highly recommend her to driving instructors. Thanks for everything! :)

Date: 04.08.2017

Reviews from Cateryne Oliveira

Very friendly and patient. This helped me to stay on the ball despite initial difficulties and to pass the driving test on my first attempt.

Date: 17.07.2017

I had a different driving instructor before Astrid and therefore a comparison. She taught me how to drive. She is a quiet and super posed person. To me, she's the best driving instructor there is. From personality to teaching. Would recommend her at any time.

Date: 10.07.2017

Reviews from Mihajlo Stanojevic

Great driver, a lot of patience and very friendly, really great.

Date: 27.06.2017

The driving lessons start very relaxed and nice, but with time she tightens the screws and sees every mistake. And this is exactly the right way to a successful driving test. Thanks for the good conversations and instructions :)

Date: 09.06.2017

Reviews from Michi Du Weisch

VERY Sypatischi ufgshlosseni driving instructor. Explains very gued and takes zit for each. Pass in 1st ahlauf. Very z empfelle!!!

Date: 03.06.2017

Astrid is a funny, open and talkative personality and at the same time a strict, competent and good driving instructor who is not afraid to criticize. Thanks to this combination, the lessons were always instructive and never boring and I would recommend Astrid to anyone.

Date: 18.05.2017

Reviews from Raffaele Da Mutten

Astrid is super competent and very responsive to students. This means that it adapts the lessons to the needs and personalities of the students. Her nerves are like wire ropes and her car is just awesome!

Date: 12.05.2017

Had passed my driving test last week and the first time! That wouldn't have been possible without Astrid's support. I learned to drive a car with a lot of fun and without pressure from her. I'll miss our weekly exchange! I really recommend Astrid to everyone! All the best, Astrid! Maybe I'll see you on the street:-)

Date: 04.05.2017

Astrid is a very pleasant companion while driving. Your criticism is always appropriate and very helpful. In addition, the atmosphere is great, because Astrid likes to talk and creates a relaxed atmosphere. She is also very patient and understanding. She always responds to wishes. I would definitely recommend a-street-drive!

Date: 20.03.2017

Astrid is a loving, competent and friendly driving instructor. She's also very patient. She explains everything in great detail and tells us after every driving lesson what to work on. She records everything on a piece of paper, which she hands over to us after each driving lesson. This helped me a lot and I quickly learned from my mistakes. You usually also drive on special stages so that we are well prepared for the stage. I can only recommend this driving school.

Date: 14.03.2017

Very pleasant contact. Very reliable and exceptionally good preparation for the practical driving test.

Date: 14.03.2017

Astrid is the best driving instructor I could have. Thanks for everything. Lg Nicole

Date: 02.03.2017

A-street-drive is a great driving school. I can only recommend.

Date: 24.02.2017

The driving lessons at Astrid were always very instructive, reasonably demanding and very entertaining. Not only does Astrid see every mistake, she is also not too tired to correct it after the 100th time. She also gives you many tips for difficult situations and special traffic situations in and around Winterthur. After my driving lessons I knew every dangerous corner and driveway etc.. That helps enormously for the exam! What is also clearly noticeable about her is that she does not simply want to sell her students as many lessons as possible, but that she prepares them well for the exam. Another strength is her patience (especially when nervous) and her knowledge of human nature. She notices exactly where someone has trouble, and then this is practiced until every movement is done. Besides, she always believes in you (very valuable!), even if you just missed a speed board or something :) AND: her car (Audi A3) is very cool to drive! xD

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Date: 20.02.2017

I can only recommend the driving lessons at Astrid. She is a funny, open and competent person. The driving lessons were always adapted to my ability. In order to better remember what she had learned, Astrid drew 'sketches' and gave them to me afterwards. For example, I was able to memorize the tracking well. In my opinion, I was very well trained. This statement was also confirmed by my examination expert. Thanks a lot! :-)

Date: 16.02.2017

Astrid's successfully preparing you for the exam. She addresses all errors immediately, even if they happen for the umpteenth time, and gives helpful tips for improvement. It supports you with helpful sketches and notes so you can remember your mistakes at home. Test tracks are driven from the very beginning in order to prevent unexpected situations at the test. Astrid is a very competent and well-positioned driving instructor and can recommend her to others with a clear conscience.

Date: 09.02.2017

Astrid is a very pleasant and competent driving instructor and the driving lessons with her have always gone by like in flight. If something was not clear, I could always ask questions and she explained it to me immediately. In addition to the basic skills we need for the exam, Astrid also gave me many examples and told me about difficult situations in road traffic and what I should pay attention to after the exam in order to get safely through road traffic. :) Thank you Astrid!

Date: 30.01.2017

Astrit is a fair and competent driving instructor. The driving lessons with her are very varied and always fun. Due to her open and funny way, one looks forward to the driving lesson with her. She is also a very patient person and explains things to you several times until you understand it. Before the exam she drives with you once again to the places where many students have uncertainties. Thanks to this ride I passed my exam the first time...! Another advantage is that their lessons last a full hour. And this at a reasonable price, which others charge for 45 minutes. She is a very recommendable driving instructor!!!

Date: 30.01.2017

Reviews from Leonie Schwitter

Astrid was a good driving instructor for me. She has a lot of patience and you can ask her the same question 5 times without getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again. You also learn how to drive alongside her and how to communicate at the same time because she asks you a lot of questions.

Date: 24.01.2017

Astrid is a very good and dear driving instructor. Right before my exam, she took me through all the critical parts of my exam course. Made my exam mega easier.

Date: 31.12.2016

Reviews from Nicole Berger

Astrid is a competent and fair driving instructor. Driving with her is varied and sometimes entertaining. It prepares you well for the exam, informs you about everything important and emphasizes what you should pay special attention to. She is also very patient and lets you try it out for yourself right from the start. If you need help, she is there immediately and helps you out of the situation. This independence, which is encouraged by her, is very valuable to be able to participate well in road traffic. Another advantage is that their lessons last a full hour. And this at a price that others charge for 45 minutes. She is very recommendable as a driving instructor.

Date: 07.11.2016

I felt Astrid was a very open person from the beginning. She's a sincere person you've had fun with every driving lesson. Nevertheless, she is very concentrated and explains every situation exactly, so that next time you became aware of something yourself. On the whole I can recommend Astrid to 10000%, you learn to drive very well with her.

Date: 27.10.2016

Very luschtigigi driving lessons. Astrid, I'm sorry. He passed the test once. The test distance is the same as the one with Astrid several times. Gönd to yours!

Date: 25.10.2016

Reviews from Angela Bosshard

I found Astrid a very good driving instructor. You can tell that she is always there with heart and passion. The driving lessons were always amusing and relaxed. I'm gonna miss the driving lessons with her. In my opinion, she is the best driving instructor!

Date: 04.10.2016

She is very patient and could give me many experiences on her part on the way.

Date: 02.10.2016

Astrid is a great driving instructor with a lot of experience and knowledge. She explains everything in a simple and understandable way with patience and humor, she is very patient even if she has to explain it several times. She is a cheerful, cordial and positive person, which simply infects and makes every driving lesson a pleasure. I had a lot of fun learning to drive with Astrid and had a great time, she was my second driving instructor, I passed the practical exam at the first meal, where she also made her big contribution :). Astrid always has an alert eye and is very forward-looking, she reacts with lightning speed and skill in her calm manner when she has to, so that I could feel safe in traffic with her as well. The most important thing I learned from Astrid was how to drive a car so that I could also do it afterwards and now feel safe in traffic on my own. Thank you very much, Astrid.

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Date: 14.09.2016

For the first time many thanks to Astrid for your help, that I have already passed the car test the first time! Astrid is a very friendly, patient and sympathetic driving instructor with an upright manner. She has shown you many difficult situations and pointed out possible "traps"/errors that could happen during car testing. Thanks again! LG KY

Date: 24.08.2016

Astrid is a very pleasant passenger. She teaches seriously, but is always available for fun. I have enjoyed your driving lessons very much and can only warmly recommend them to everyone!

Date: 26.07.2016

Reviews from Serina Diaz

Astrid is a very posed, patient and personality. Thank you so much for preparing me so well for the exam because of/with "time pressure"! She has a good structure and knows how to build, motivate and encourage you. I'd go back to her anytime.

Date: 13.07.2016

Dear Astrid You did a great job. Thanks to you, I got through the first driving test right away. You take a lot of time for the questions and record good examples. If I had to do driving school again, I'd come back to you.

Date: 12.07.2016

Astrid is a loving and dedicated driving instructor. She is very patient and explains everything simply and clearly. If something is unclear during the ride, she will gladly explain it again and even sketches various case studies. Your new Audi A3 2016 version is so cool. You really look forward to every driving lesson. The price per driving hour is 85 I think - which is quite cheap compared to other driving instructors. In general, I can only recommend Astrid.

Date: 05.07.2016

Dear Astrid!! Thank you very much for your huge patience and your great motivation! When I was hanging my head, you always had the right words! After so many driving studies and still some driving instructors I can say enthusiastically: You are the best =)! I hope to see you again soon! LG, JD

Date: 04.07.2016

Astrid is a relaxed person and an understanding driving instructor. I always felt comfortable next to her, we could always talk openly with each other and laugh... (which is important to me when I'm sitting alone with someone in the car.) She had always found a "place" in her full agenda for me, even if her lunch break was postponed or even cancelled. I thank her for her great support.

Date: 20.06.2016

Astrid is a very relaxed, patient driving instructor who designs each driving lesson according to the level of the students. Her very human and collegial nature makes every driving lesson fun. Astrid prepared me perfectly for the exam, which allowed me to get through well and safely at the first attempt. Clear recommendation for the lady! :)

Date: 10.06.2016

Astrid is a calm and patient driving instructor. She's very human and she's responsive to you. It took me only a few hours and the first time I came through, too. Thank you Astrid! (:

Date: 04.06.2016

Super driving instructor, sometimes a little overslept but despite everything top! :)

Date: 03.06.2016

Besti driving students. Always very human and cheerful with best usbildig.

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Date: 02.06.2016

I really wanted a woman to be my driving instructor and that's how I came across Astrid. Never regretted my decision. The lessons were always very entertaining and I learned a lot and quickly. Astrid is always in a good mood and explains everything calmly and with patience. Even when the thousandth stalling of the car is felt, she remains calm. I was able to take the driving test relatively relaxed and passed it directly. Thank you, Astrid! I can recommend them in good conscience.

Date: 19.05.2016

Astrid's a great driving instructor. She can teach you how to drive very well and it is very pleasant to sit next to her in the car thanks to her nice and funny nature. She also has a good instinct for what should be practiced even better. I am very satisfied and can only recommend them! :)

Date: 12.05.2016

Super positioned woman, honest, good explanations and examples.

Date: 12.05.2016

Super you do that! You gish motivation. You're learning more tiptop! Thanks for everything :)

Date: 11.05.2016

Driving school with Astrid was great. Due to her calm and calm manner, a bloody beginner is well picked up and introduced into the traffic with a lot of patience.

Date: 01.04.2016

Reviews from Dan Harder

Astrid has a very pleasant and positioned personality that makes every driving lesson special. Astrid prepared me very well for the practical exam. She explains everything very well, understandably and you learn very fast. price-performance ratio is simply super! I'm glad I switched to her. Ps her new Audi is the hammer! I'd go back to Astrid. I can only recommend you from him.

Date: 09.03.2016

Astrid is a great driving instructor! Not only does she have patience, can explain things vividly, but also makes the driving lessons an experience through her loving, rehearsed way. I would come back at any time and can only recommend them! P.S.: Your new Audi is the hit!

Date: 02.03.2016

Reviews from Jenny Waller

Astrid is a very patient, competent, funny and friendly driving instructor. Thanks to Astrid, I was very well prepared for the practical exam. She explains everything very well and understandably. It never gets boring with her and you learn very quickly. price-performance ratio is the hammer! I would take my driving lessons right back with her! I miss you already Astrid! :)

Date: 01.02.2016

I was drilled something at my own request. Very efficient and competent for the examination. But this happened in a very sympathetic way. Absolutely recommendable school. Every centime value, even the diesel feeling of the Audi is a powerful experience!

Date: 29.01.2016

Astrid is a good and patient driving instructor. The individual lessons are very well structured, so that I quickly progressed.

Date: 20.01.2016

Very patient driving instructor. Stay calm in every situation and explain how to behave with good methods. 1A+

Date: 03.01.2016

A top driving instructor who likes to take a lot of time if you have trouble with certain things. She explains things well and patiently. It helps you and prepares you well for the exam.

Date: 30.12.2015

BRILLIANT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR! (Y) Astrid is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. The driving lessons are very varied and motivating (even if there were days where I wasn't motivated). The price-performance ratio is perfect. I'm just recommending them!! Super driving instructor and a funny one -> So take your driving lessons with her, you will enjoy it :) Will miss you Astrid :(

Date: 30.12.2015

Super driver :)

Date: 19.12.2015

Astrid is a very patient driving instructor who tries to explain everything to you carefully, even if she has to repeat herself. With her cheerful and upbeat manner she has taken away all my fears and always motivated me. Thanks again! :-)

Date: 14.12.2015

Astrid Ruoss is a competent driving instructor who finds the right tone for everyone. With your pleasant driving lessons you can take the practical driving test safely and well prepared.

Date: 08.12.2015

Careful preparation for the driving test and a pleasant climate during the driving lessons:)!

Date: 05.12.2015

A great driving instructor who is very keen to teach her students everything in a simple and understandable way. Also with the help of pictures and recorded situations, which helped me a lot.

Date: 02.10.2015

Three reasons why I would take driving lessons with Astrid again: - very good price-performance ratio (the hour at Astrid really has 60 minutes) - she knows many tricky places and test tracks - she has a lot of patience and is very pleasant to deal with Many thanks for the great, practical hours!

Date: 25.09.2015

Very pleasant and great driving instructor with a lot of patience. She addresses mistakes directly and is a pleasant conversation partner, so the driving lessons are never monotonous and always instructive. Is very flexible and the car is in very good condition and good as a driving school car. Examination passed at first attempt. Thank you for the great and pleasant driving lessons.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Mehrheitlich 30iger Zone

Date: 09.09.2015

Super gsi mega luck hani kah

Date: 12.08.2015

Astrid is a very likeable, humorous, lovable and patient person. Even if there were days you weren't so motivated, she could always motivate me! She also always gave me good tips on how to improve. Recommended only! Thank you Astrid for this great time!

Date: 23.07.2015

I learned a lot from her, she also had a lot of patience.

Date: 20.07.2015

I learned a lot from her.

Date: 15.07.2015

Very good driving instructor, much patience, very good explanation, flexible driving hours

Date: 13.07.2015

With her openness, motivation and commitment, Astrid convinces as a top driving instructor! There is a lot to laugh about, but criticism is not neglected either. Price-performance also super! So, MACH'S WITH YOU!

Date: 06.07.2015

Astrid prepares the student drivers super and makes the lessons very interesting and varied. She is a very patient, sympathetic and funny person. Highly recommended!

Date: 06.07.2015

The driving lessons at Astrid are always varied, she is responsive to the students and does not hold back with praise and criticism. I enjoyed the hours with her very much.

Date: 23.06.2015

Reviews from Dominic Marti

Astrid finds the right mix of motivation and a bit of pressure to make fast progress. With her humour she makes the driving lesson relaxed and funny. Very recommendable!

Date: 26.05.2015

Astrid Ruoss is a recommendable driving instructor! She's quiet and you feel safe with her. I'd recommend you anytime. I wish her a lot more driving suckers. Lg N. dialling

Date: 18.05.2015

The driving lessons with Astrid were always top and very instructive. But also Astrid as a person is very pleasant and very patient. I would recommend them in any case:)

Date: 17.04.2015

A very positive, serious, patient and committed driving instructor. Especially according to a very good learning by doing principle.

Date: 16.04.2015

Great driving instructor! Very direct, sometimes hard but always fair and patient. Thank you so much for the study time with you. Lg nemi

Date: 16.04.2015

Astrid is a warm, patient and very competent driving instructor. I'm very grateful to her for the instructive driving lessons. Astrid advises and supports so that you always feel comfortable in the car. I would definitely recommend Astrid. Thanks for everything!

Date: 15.04.2015

I think Asdtrid is a great driver. I am very glad that I have chosen you and can only recommend you!thank you very much for everything!gr.Pe.Klimpel

Date: 15.04.2015

This week I was allowed to take the 1st exam and thanks to the good preparation with Astrid I made it. She is a very patient and sympathetic driving instructor who can respond well to her students to prepare them optimally for the exam. I can only recommend them! Thanks again! ;D

Date: 17.03.2015

Reviews from Christoph Rufer

Astrid is a very competent driving instructor. She prepares you very well for the exam and can teach you the fun of driving well. I can only recommend the driving school "a-street-drive".

Date: 26.02.2015

I can only recommend the driving school "a-street-drive"! The driving instructor (Astrid Ruoss) prepared me super for the exam, motivated and supported me. Driving is really fun with her!

Date: 24.02.2015

I passed my first exam today thanks to Astrid... Couldn't have wished for more from a good driving instructor. The stage went really well because I drove all the important tracks with Astrid and practiced all the manoeuvres etc. well. Astrid is very patient and I have always been happy to come to the driving lesson. I was able to learn a lot more in the last few hours due to the very targeted and precise criticism... I will not hesitate to recommend them! The expert finished the exam with the words "very well trained", thank you Astrid :D

Date: 10.02.2015

Astrid is a very experienced and always upbeat person! She knows exactly how to teach someone something and knows her field very well. During our driving school time we always had a lot of fun and interesting conversations together, which greatly increases learning and the joy of driving! She deserves an even six for me! Top Astrid, how so! ;)

Date: 16.01.2015

Reviews from Roman Läderach

highly experienced

Date: 16.01.2015

I really liked the driving lessons at Astrid. She found a very healthy mixture between friendly and very instructive driving. It was a lot of fun for me, but I never had the feeling that I could not do something or that we were doing something for which I was not yet prepared. All uncertainties were removed together and she likes to take the time to review what she had just learned. This also enabled me to pass the exam the first time. THANKS!

Date: 15.01.2015

Astrid is a very patient nice teacher. The lessons with her were instructive and also made a lot of fun by her humorous pedagogical approach.

Date: 14.01.2015

Reviews from Jeanne Bertschinger

I would like to join all the positive reviews. The driving lessons with Astrid were always very instructive. No mistake escaped her, which helped me to deal with my weaknesses. What also proved to be very helpful was that she kept letting me follow new routes again and again. There were always very entertaining hours, which I was always looking forward to. Astrid is a calm soul with an incredible patience and you can feel her great commitment every time. Thank Astrid for everything!!

Date: 18.12.2014

Astrid is an always humorous but also competent driving instructor who never upsets herself or you. The driving lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere so that no feeling of nervousness arises. Thanks to her I was able to pass the exam the first time. Merci!

Date: 17.12.2014

Astrid's driving lessons have always been very entertaining, motivating and patient! She prepares you super for the exam!! So that I also passed the first time!thank you!I can only recommend them!

Date: 23.11.2014

I got to know Astrid Ruoss as a very competent driving instructor, who was able to react quickly and correctly even in difficult situations thanks to her many years of experience in road traffic. Also thanks to her open and cheerful nature I am always happy to go to the driving lesson and now feel well prepared to drive a vehicle on my own.

Date: 19.11.2014

Passed the exam the first time. Very friendly and entertaining driving instructor. Could learn a lot from her - even as a man! Recommended^1000!

Date: 18.11.2014

For a long time I had delayed the practical driving test from Bammel, until I finally had only a few months until the learning ticket expired.... But Astrid could take away my fear - with a throw into the cold water! She was always !very! patient me and always showed me good tricks or donkey bridges (I only say mountain safety! :D) to learn everything better. I can also say that she knows all the "traps" in Winterthur and always drives them with an Ab so that the test runs smoothly. I wanted to say thank you again for the great time, the great conversations, and again for your patience (parking backwards!)

Date: 13.11.2014

Astrid was a very good and patient driving instructor. She had many good, helpful tips for me. We worked specifically on what was particularly difficult for me. She also had a good instinct for the essentials. I felt competently accompanied.

Date: 05.11.2014

Astrid is very very fond, she brings you everything good bi. I personally would witerempfehle ha tprüefig bim first time sho besande she wants everything good het explained. She is sociable and has a good sense of humor. Who e gueti driving instructor is looking ish bi her just right.

Date: 04.11.2014

The driving school at Astrid was really great. She shows everything thoroughly and even the most difficult parts of Winterthur are ridden. Passed my first exam. Very recommendable! Thanks Astrid :)

Date: 30.10.2014

Thanks a lot Astrid for the super accompaniment. I'm a hammering driving instructor but I'm learning a lot and I'm recommending it to everyone! Super driving ability gsii =D

Date: 27.10.2014

Astrid is a super sympathetic competent driving instructor. She points out the most difficult corners in Winterthur and has a lot of patience for every student driver. It prepares the learner drivers optimally for the test! The majority of your students insist on being a good teacher the first time they see her! Thanks Astrid for the great hours will definitely recommend you!

Date: 16.10.2014

Astrid is a very good driving instructor. She knows the stages and thanks to her experience I always felt safe when I drove with her. I passed the exam the first time, which also shows that Astrid has her craft under control. She always motivated me and prepared me optimally for the test.

Date: 11.08.2014

Reviews from Natalie Perino-Bowman

Astrid is an open and very cordial person. She prepared me optimally for the exam according to my wishes, which I passed the first time. She drives test tracks and shows you where the "difficult corners" are in Winterthur and the surrounding area that could be relevant for the test. She is a sensitive driving instructor and knows exactly how to help with a problem or driving error so that you don't make the same mistake again. Once again I would like to thank you very much Astrid. I really couldn't have imagined a better driving instructor and I was always very happy to be able to go to your driving lesson. Dear Natalie Greetings

Date: 23.07.2014

Super driving instructor explains everything super and thanks to her through exam cho. Thanks a lot Astrid bisch di best. Grüessli gery

Date: 17.07.2014

Reviews from Jonas Bühler

Astrid's great! She has a lot of patience and trust in her students.

Date: 12.07.2014

I can only recommend Astrid! She is a very good and patient driving instructor.

Date: 04.07.2014

Reviews from Esther Betschart

I can highly recommend Astrid. She is a very good and competent driving instructor. And thanks to her pleasant and open nature and the many conversations, the driving lessons were always very exciting and funny.

Date: 04.07.2014

Astrid is a competent, patient and fair driving instructor. She has a great interest in ensuring that students have a good command of driving. She uses a variety of methods to try and teach you things. Astrid is a cheerful person and she always goes to the next driving lesson with joy. The price-performance ratio is also good. One lesson lasts 60 minutes, while others last only 45-50 minutes and are even more expensive. I can really recommend Astrid!

Date: 04.07.2014

Astrid is a very competent and patient driving instructor. Even if you still have problems with certain things after several driving lessons, she never loses her patience. She also has a bright, cheerful and friendly personality. For this reason it never got boring during the driving lessons. In addition, it always prepares the students specifically for the examinations. The price-performance ratio is very good. You have a full 60 minutes driving hour and you can make good use of it. I can only recommend Astrid.:-)

Date: 03.07.2014

After a long working day I was always looking forward to the driving lessons with Astrid, because besides learning how to drive we talked a lot about God and the world. Astrid is very cosmopolitan and communicative and very likeable. When driving she is very patient and shows you how to do it right. I felt very comfortable with Astrid and recommend all those who want to drive fast and well to take the driving lessons at Astrid.

Date: 28.06.2014

Astrid is an open and friendly person with whom it is guaranteed never to be boring during the driving lessons. You can tell that she does the work with joy. With a lot of patience she explains what has to be paid attention to. She quickly recognizes the weaknesses of the student driver and trains them. I was very well prepared and passed the exam at the 1st attempt. Thank you Astrid! :-)

Date: 20.06.2014

Every single hour was filled with fun, joy, energy, in peace and patience and of course with lots of helpful tips. The teaching time whar very pleasant and with each lesson a bit closer to the goal. From the first lesson you could feel that Astrid is happy at work and has great interest in every student. Astrid is always looking to get more out of herself and bring it into the driving lesson! Now afterwards I will miss the common driving lessons I was allowed to spend with Astrid. I'll end my words with a big thank you for this super time we had, worth every time and continue to recommend all the best!!!

Date: 05.06.2014

Reviews from Desiree Meier

I can only recommend dear Astrid. With her it is completely relaxed and always fun to drive. She is completely cool and relaxed and teaches you how to drive with a lot of composure. Even if you do it a little stupid, she stays cool! I've always felt comfortable. Also find it great how she responds to the respective needs, with her you are certainly in good hands. LG Desi

Date: 05.06.2014

Astrid sent me to the test after 9 hours of driving and I passed it. She was able to teach me a lot very quickly. I'm only too happy to recommend them. Sascha van Rhijn

Date: 04.06.2014

I can only recommend Astrid. :) She's a great driving instructor. Thank you again for your support, I also passed the exam the first time :))

Date: 01.06.2014

Astrid Ruoss is a super good and competent driving instructor. She quickly recognizes what to practice on. You drive at their one full hour and learn more from hour to hour. What should also be mentioned is that she is a driving instructor who can always motivate. Very recommendable !

Date: 21.05.2014

Astrid is a very good, competent and patient driving instructor. With her, you'll always have fun in driving lessons. She will quickly recognize your difficulties and you will be well prepared for the exam. I passed the exam the first time :)

Date: 16.05.2014

A super driving instructor with a lot of patience. I can only recommend Astrid. I passed the exam the first time :-) Thank you so much.

Date: 13.05.2014

supeeeeer driving instructor nice, sympathetic, patient, competent plus cheap chani just continue recommending Dear Suzan :)

Date: 05.05.2014

I can only recommend Astrid! With a lot of patience and empathy she brings you unerringly to the examination. There were always instructive and funny driving lessons to which I always liked to go. I passed the test for the first time thanks to the good preparation I had in the driving lesson.

Date: 30.04.2014

A very competent teacher, who I can recommend to all newcomers on the street, who would like to receive a solid and comprehensive education in a short time. Astrid is a very patient, but also funny personality, who can respond to each individual.

Date: 17.04.2014

The fact that the driving hour really lasts one hour (60 minutes) is the first plus point and the price is completely ok. Astrid teaches you step by step what to look out for in traffic and thus helps you to build up the knowledge you need. In addition, she has a huge insider knowledge with which she plumbs around traffic jams and shows the cheapest VKU offers. I used it, I passed it the first time! Thanks, Astrid.

Date: 14.04.2014

i am very happy that i had astrid as a driving instructor because she is able to explain it very well and she really gets out of it:) i am really happy that i could do my driving lessons with her:) it was the right decision to choose her:) so go with her because she is a very nice and happy person:)

Date: 13.04.2014

Reviews from C. N.

Thanks Astrid I passed the first time. Super driver Top explanations, patiently always well on it, funny. it has me enormous fun made no unnecessary driving hour simply only recommendation value. I would therefore like to thank you again very much Thank you again (Gj)

Date: 04.04.2014

I have always experienced Astrid as a motivated driving instructor with a lot of patience. She puts her heart and soul into driving lessons and you can feel this at every meeting. Astrid quickly found out about my difficulties and fixed them optimally. For the price and the performance I can only recommend everyone to learn at Astrid. A good personal and professional relationship is important to her, which I greatly appreciated. Astrid made a small miracle possible that I passed the first attempt. But she not only taught me everything for the test but also for the daily (safe) life. Nomals thank you! Michaela

This student also wrote a driving test report: Prüfer hat mir während der Prüfung wertvolle Tipps gegeben

Date: 03.03.2014

Very patient driving instructor. The hours were always very pleasant and uncomplicated. She prepared me well for the exam and immediately recognized my weaknesses. Good price-performance ratio. Top.

Date: 17.01.2014

Astrid Ruoss is a competent driving instructor who is always patient, friendly and motivating. In addition, it responds to the individual needs of the learners and leads them specifically to pass the driving test. Astrid conveys safety in traffic, and so I can especially recommend her to all somewhat more anxious students!

Date: 09.11.2013

Reviews from Ilaria Sofra

The driving school was great, had patience with me and she is a fun driving school teacher. I passed the first time already! :) I can only recommend her, we had a cool time, I'm gonna miss her.

Date: 05.11.2013

She is a very patient driving instructor and lets you take the practical test with a good and secure feeling. to recommend the best.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Kurzprüfung

Date: 04.10.2013

Reviews from Luis Mazzone

Astrid is a patient and lush driving instructor. Your wife's gonna learn a thing or two. I'm afraid tiptop durecho, just for recommendation!

Date: 25.09.2013

Super driving instructor who makes learning really fun.

Date: 24.09.2013

Astrid Ruoss was always calm and calm, even if I made mistakes. She never got excited and had a lot of patience! She always gave me good tips.

Date: 27.08.2013

Mrs. Ruoss is a very friendly and competent driving instructor, who is very patient and never loses her nerve. I can only recommend them.

Date: 11.08.2013

Great driving instructor! Thanks to her, I passed the exam right from the start. I can only recommend :)

Date: 28.04.2013

Frau Ruoss is a very good driving instructor, I enjoyed going to driving school with her =)

Date: 27.04.2013

Reviews from MomoAus DerPfütze

She is a very open and cheerful person. At the beginning she throws you into the cold water but she is a good teacher. And if one times what also with the 3rd time has not understood. she explains it to you nevertheless gladly again and again :D . I for my part miss the driving lessons :)

Date: 26.04.2013

Astrid's a great driving instructor. I came to her after it didn't work out with the other teacher. She immediately recognized my weak points and trained them continuously with me. She's super nice and always in a good mood. That brings a pleasant atmosphere into the car. I can only recommend them.

Date: 15.07.2012

Astrid's a good driving instructor. She was able to judge my ability well and she tried to increase it purposefully. She is also very patient and provides entertainment during the trip. I can only recommend them.

Date: 28.03.2012

Astrid Ruoss is a great driving instructor who learns to drive with a lot of patience! It's always been fun. I was very satisfied with her and can highly recommend her to you!

Date: 07.03.2012

Top driving instructor, who teaches driving very patiently and motivated. Fair and uncomplicated. I have always felt very much taken care of by her and can only recommend her!!!

Date: 29.12.2011

I felt comfortable and she explained certain things to me several times. I can only recommend her.

Date: 16.12.2011

Super driving instructor, easy handling, patient and individually responds to the learners! I've always been very comfortable! In addition, a driving hour really takes a whole hour and not a minute less :-)

Date: 02.12.2011

Astrid taught me how to drive quickly, easily and comprehensibly. She has a lot of patience and also likes to explain everything a second time when problems or questions arise.

Date: 11.06.2011

super frau

Date: 10.06.2011

Astrid is very patient, dear and helpful.. I have made it very fun to drive with her, I recommend her to you further :D

Date: 10.06.2011

Very competent, patient and very friendly driving instructor! Expertise is conveyed in a practical way - fun!

Date: 02.05.2011

I am very satisfied with Astrid Ruoss! One is challenged, learns a lot and quickly and it is very uncomplicated. I have a lot of joy and fun with the driving lessons and can recommend Astrid Ruoss as a driving instructor cordially. Isabel from Winterthur

Date: 29.04.2011

Very professional, friendly, and patient with Schuler.

Date: 29.04.2011

Great praise, Mrs. Ruoss is very friendly and competent.

Date: 16.03.2011

Practice-oriented open-minded driving instructor. Has very good conditions and acts in the spirit of the students.

Date: 03.03.2011

I passed the driving test the first time. Mrs. Ruoss goes through all possible scenarios that can come up during a driving test and recognizes the weaknesses of the student.

Date: 02.01.2011

After passing the test, by the way at the 1st time, you can drive with the Astrit in winter conditions (smooth and snow-covered road) for about an hour. To know the relationship the learn. Isch really super and lernrich gsie.

Date: 19.12.2010

D Astrid is a super good driving instructor where she brings fun and patience with her driving.

Date: 06.12.2010

In the third driving hour I already managed that the car had to be towed away. And Astrid Ruoss is still patient!

Date: 29.11.2010

Great driving instructor! Has a lot of patience =)