Fahrschule Ana & Ciri reviews and experiences

Date: 26.02.2020

It was a very funny and experiential time. I learned a lot and Ciri needed a lot of nerves. I never knew how emotional driving could be. Ciri is a very lovable person who gives everything to help someone, even in private matters. Ciri Thank you very much for the great time

Date: 22.01.2020

Ciri is a great driving instructor. I bii glad that the mini driving lesson was made for him. He broke my short note so many times. In spite of all the pressure and a minor fear of prudery hani mini Prüefig existed in the 1st mole. I thank the Ciri that always phallte het het and with motorized het out wens mol nöd so flappt het. I have a nice laugh with you and it is a relaxed way to learn. I thank the Ciri au for that until the end a mii believes het and accompanied me. At the moment I'm walking where my beautiful case is a hopeless one ;) I have mini test passed thanks to the constructive and motivating word that Ciri has given me. He has prepared me very well for the test and I feel a little nervousness and anxiety as well as I go along. Spotless Green Angie

Date: 17.01.2020

Reviews from Sarah Ingold

Ciri was a patient and humorous driving instructor, with a broad knowledge and experience. The lessons were never boring or monotonous, because in every situation he gave tips and tricks on what was correct or could have been better. He was very flexible and adapted the lessons to my wishes, for example if I didn't feel safe during some manoeuvres. I can highly recommend the driving school Ana&Ciri to every person :)

Date: 15.01.2020

Ciri was always uplifting and motivating. Learned a lot in a short time and passed the driving test for the first time. You can also talk about personal matters and Ciri always has good advice. Thanks Ciri! :)

Date: 30.12.2019

The driving lessons were fun and I learned a lot. Good driving instructor I'll see that brother is taken to his driving lesson. Ciri is a good person and cool guy.

Date: 27.11.2019

funny exciting driving lessons everything necessary and learned beyond that also great for vku and emergency helpers would definitely pick ciri again

Date: 01.10.2019

It's been over a year since I was at Ciri. But unfortunately I only now get to write a review. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with his performance. I didn't pass the test the first time and it was probably because of the nervousness, but also because of Ciri. He is a very nice person but unfortunately not quite good at his job. I have only learned complicated methods that were not all very practical and the most punctual he is not exactly. The hours were all overdrawn and in the end he ran through a lot of time which was not used. After I failed the exam, he very quickly organized an appointment 1 month later, which was meant very nicely. But in the meantime I changed to Mr. Gossweiler from Widnau and asked Ciri to cancel the appointment completely. But he didn't do it and afterwards blamed me for not telling him, which unfortunately is a lie. I could pay 150 francs for a test I didn't want. With Mr. Gossweiler I felt far better. He was punctual, had really simple tricks in stock and very flexible in terms of time. And he had a sense of humor, too.

Date: 10.09.2019

The driving lessons were varied, efficient and instructive. Ciri is a great and well-positioned driving instructor who also takes the time to improve the small mistakes and to give me a safe driving feeling. I can recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ciri!

Date: 02.09.2019

Always very friendly and correct Takes a lot of time for the student I was allowed to learn a lot at Ciri, be it technical or human. A very super person with a super character where I can only recommend...

Date: 19.08.2019

The driving lessons at Ciri were very instructive sometimes also strict but paid off afterwards.

Date: 13.08.2019

The driving lessons I had at Ciri were very motivating, instructive and informative for me. As a person I found ciri to be very empathetic and goal-oriented! I am very happy to have completed the driving lessons with him, and would definitely take them again with him! I wish him much happiness and success on his further way.

Date: 23.04.2019

Fair, friendly, funny, sympathetic, very competent, can explain well, recognizes problems/blockades and brings solution, can assess and support people, very patient, brings joy in driving, motivating :-) !! I haven't experienced a negative point!

Date: 15.04.2019

The best of the most patient very funny... always helpful and especially very family... I can only recommend... best man...

Date: 15.03.2019

Super driving instructors! These are fun, exciting, varied and instructive driving lessons. Great structure of the lessons. Ciri always challenges you and repeats things that haven't quite worked out until it works automatically. As a guy, Ciri is very pleasant. He talks a lot, but he's never too good for a joke.

Date: 26.02.2019

Reviews from Savanet Kalonda

The driving lessons were very entertaining and instructive. I enjoyed it very much and can only recommend Ciri to others.

Date: 18.02.2019

Driving lessons were fun and instructive

Date: 11.01.2019

Ciri is a great driving instructor who is always on the spot and always friendly. Passed the exam 1 time thanks to Ciri. The driving lessons were very interesting, instructive and funny. We laughed a lot and had good conversations. I can only recommend.

Date: 04.01.2019

Ciri challenged me again and again and broke me to my limits. There were also exciting topics to discuss. I passed the exam the first time.

Date: 27.11.2018

-very patient, even if a mistake has been made, there is no abuse - motivating - honest opinion about your skills and what you can still improve

Date: 17.10.2018

Reviews from Saša Vujani?

Ciri is a SUPER driving instructor!!! He has a lot of patience and is a quiet nice man who keeps a cool head even in stressful situations. With me he didn't always have it easy I often made mistakes that I shouldn't make. But he explained it to me over and over again until it worked. Through his good training I passed my driving exam for the first time. I can recommend Ciri 100%. You'll pass the test with him?

Date: 05.09.2018

Ciri is a super driving instructor, can explain things to you super and has a lot of patience, even if you make the same mistake a thousand times. The driving lessons were always very entertaining and you can see that he has a lot of experience. I passed the exam and can recommend him 100% as a driving instructor!

Date: 30.08.2018

The driving lessons were very varied and made fun. Ciri is very nice and has endless patience ;) With me the examination worked on the first time, thus I can recommend him of course warmly! :D

Date: 10.08.2018

Always looking forward to driving lessons, driving instructors very competent and always in a good mood, was led well and directly to my goal, the driving test! which I have now passed for the first time.

Date: 07.07.2018

Hi, i don’t have a good experience with ciri. As a human being he is a really nice person but as a teacher he is not. I had 11 hours with him.i am not satisfied. He is not punctual. Many times we planned and then i get refused. Yes i drove on long routes but i didn’t get professional training as i am having now with my new driving teacher. I wouldn’t suggest.

Date: 06.07.2018

He is a very great person, despite my many mistakes he always put me on the right track. Only enpfelenswet Passed the first time Lg julian

Date: 23.04.2018

Reviews from Zhané Scholl

Ciri is a very accurate, practical and patient driving instructor. I learned a lot during the lessons, this in a relaxed atmosphere. Ciri is also always available for a good saying - could laugh a lot. I'd recommend it immediately.

Date: 26.03.2018

Ciri is a very good driving instructor and knows the examination area very well and always drives you to the difficult situations. His person is very friendly, kind and accommodating but can also be a bit cheeky which is also good ;)

Date: 13.02.2018

Ciri is a great driving instructor. I can only recommend him. The time with him was very instructive. He is very patient and can motivate very well :) Thanks for a great time, Ciri.

Date: 11.02.2018

Reviews from Romana Jacome

Many thanks for the instructive time, it was partly challenging, but I can now say that Ciri with a lot of patience, good tips, humor and discipline could bring me forward! Not only in driving school, but also privately.

Date: 07.02.2018

I learned a lot in driving school at Ciri. He always remained patient and motivated me again and again. Thank you very much.

Date: 22.01.2018

Ciri is a great driving instructor, patient, humorous and by the way a good "therapist" if someone has no self-confidence. Thanks a lot for this emotional and instructive time Ciri...!! Greetings V.P

Date: 12.12.2017

The driving lessons at Ciri were very instructive. He is a friendly, cool driving instructor :-D I could learn a lot and he prepared me super for the exam and passed the first time. Can definitely recommend him :-D Thank you! :-D

Date: 04.12.2017

Reviews from Sven Sven Mesterhazy

I thank Ciri for the great driving lessons, I really enjoyed it very much. He explains everything very simply and logically. You can also get into conversation with him very well and never get bored. The man is worth the money ;) I can only recommend him.

Date: 28.11.2017

Reviews from Andrea Cardillo

Good explanations regarding traffic behaviour even in difficult situations. Be patient. Ciri is always highly motivated and always ready to help and answer questions. The driving lessons were always exciting and the routes varied. Ciri is always very flexible. Thanks to him I passed the exam for the first time and I can only recommend him.

Date: 17.08.2017

Reviews from Francesco E Adriana

Through ciri I must tell you that I have learned a lot...he was a very good driving teacher. I had a great time, I recommend everyone to go to him. ES WAR TOLL! HABE VIEL GELERNT.

Date: 07.07.2017

Reviews from Laura Truniger

I can't really say anything bad about the driving lessons at Ciri. The agreed driving lessons have always worked out and the balance between seriousness and humour has also been right.

Date: 16.06.2017

I am very satisfied with Ciri and felt very comfortable during the driving lessons. I then felt well prepared for the exam and insisted on the first attempt. I'm very happy to recommend him.

Date: 07.06.2017

Super satisfied, best in town! ;)

Date: 22.05.2017

I can only recommend it! I was in very good hands + I felt safe + I think the driving lessons were really fun! Thank you very much for everything ! ! !

Date: 15.05.2017

Reviews from Laura Piaser

supper gsi :)

Date: 11.05.2017

really very instructive. i understood me very well with the driving instructor. would do it wido like this!

Date: 21.04.2017

Reviews from Thanuh Zsan

Siri is a very good teacher and very friendly... now I have started with her... !

Date: 07.11.2016

Very competent driving instructor the teaching wise is super einischen strict but successful they have passed the first time only recommend worth every time again and again.

Date: 26.08.2016

Very interesting and instructive driving lessons! You are very motivated and the price-performance ratio is totally the same! Driving lessons with Ciri, I can only recommend!

Date: 11.08.2016

Reviews from Remo Egger

Very objective, informative and funny driving school! Do not hesitate long to register for the exam. Perfect! Perfect!

Date: 01.07.2016

Ciri is not only a great driving instructor, but also a great friend. He even helped me with my apprenticeship and motivated me to continue. I can only recommend!!!

Date: 22.06.2016

Reviews from Charlotte Küng-Bless Radiopfarrerin

Ciri prepared me very competently, patiently and seriously for my "career" as a car driver. I felt comfortable during the lessons and was able to profit a lot from Ciri's knowledge and experience. I will not forget that he "slowed me down" with every disregarded right of way. Correspondingly I'm approaching legal presentations today ;-)

Date: 04.04.2016

I am very relieved to have passed the autoprüfung for the first time. This would not have been possible without ciri. Ciri's great. Recommended for others.

Date: 18.01.2016

Super driving instructor, you have fun and successfully pass the exam ;)

Date: 16.10.2015

Ciri has taken me through the driving test with a lot of humour and patience. Great driving instructor.

Date: 02.07.2015

Super driving instructor with a lot of patience and a lot of humour! The driving lessons are always fun and you learn to drive quickly and safely :) can only recommend him! :D

Date: 17.06.2015

Super driver, always stays calm and has a very positive attitude.

Date: 12.06.2015

At the driving school Ana&Ciri you learn fast and safe! Every lesson is a challenge. The driving instructor Ciri is always calm and friendly...

Date: 08.06.2015

If you are looking for a driving instructor who has a lot of patience with you, then Ciri is just right :) with the nice and patient way of him has made me learn to drive really fun and I have always felt comfortable.

Date: 02.06.2015

Reviews from Philipp Friedl

I had 3 driving instructors before and fucked up 2 exams but with Ciri it worked then. I learned the most from him and he made me shafft it the third time.

Date: 09.03.2015

Hammer driving instructor, owes him my existence. Without the exam, I'd have gotten rid of my job. I can only recommend him!!!

Date: 04.03.2014

S would have really fun full power ciri with ciri and he het me whole drive super bi brocht thank you ;)

Date: 21.08.2013

Date: 10.07.2013

It's been a few years since I went to Ciri's driving school. But I can still remember his patient and calm nature. I never had the feeling of being insecure, was allowed to ask everything, and learned more from him with EVERY ANSWER. Also today, about 4 years after my driving exam (which I passed with this driving instructor of course), he still sits as a "little driving instructor in my ear". Thanks again this way for the most interesting, instructive and fun driving lessons of my life. I can only recommend Ciri, couldn't think of a better driving instructor. (Professional and human absolutely top)

Date: 25.11.2011

The driving lessons were always very informative and never boring. You've always learned something new. Super =)

Date: 19.09.2011

Dä best driving instructor :D

Date: 12.09.2011

Reviews from Giuseppe Tavella

The course was very instructive, and very exciting.

Date: 21.08.2011

Reviews from Theiler josua

The best driving instructor! I tell you, one thinks Nothelfer is boring but with this driving instructor the time passes very quickly and there is also a lot to laugh about. Very recommendable absolutely!

Date: 06.06.2011

Ciri's qualities and character make him a suuper driving instructor! :-D He remains very patient and calm in every situation (which was necessary for me ;-)) and gives the feeling that mistakes can happen! With Ciri's likeable and always in a good mood manner, every driving lesson is great fun and brings good mood! He is open, flexible and ready when you need him! The training includes everything necessary and his explanations are always helpful and understandable! I would still only choose Ciri as my driving instructor today! Therefore VERY RECOMMENDED!!! :-D

Date: 20.05.2011

Driving school Ana & Ciri, in my opinion the best! Very friendly, accommodating, and witty. With these 2 you always have fun and still learn to play. After about 20 lessons, I was able to pass the exam easily and safely, and was successful. Driving school Ana & Ciri only RECOMMENDED VALUE! mfg T.Ulu