FAIRFAHR reviews and experiences

Date: 07.10.2019

Today I passed my first exam without any problems. I thank Engin for his patience and effort. He is a very competent, experienced and nice driving instructor who will teach you everything in a short time. He was not only a strict driving instructor also like a good college. I recommend him and the driving school FAIRFAHR to everyone.

Date: 13.09.2019

Reviews from Laura Gurri

After I decided to have a driving instructor twice I was recommended fair driving school and so I started 3 weeks ago in Engin. In such a short time he explained me all the topics in rest and the whole maneuver distribution bibrocht and I guard the priefig bim 1 mole loosely pass although I before the Priefig mega nervous gsi bi and a strict expert ka ha hani nevertheless want to pass Engin in me believe and have me mega motivated. Engin I thank you for the kurzi but lehrrichi and schöni ziit. I recommend the driving school Fairfahr to everyone without thanks witer.

Date: 27.08.2019

I passed my birthday tomorrow and my driving test today. Best birthday present from Engin. The driving lessons with him were very instructive and also very funny. I felt like I was with a colleague and not like a driving instructor who just does his work, that helped me a lot and I went to the driving lessons with joy and mood. I am very pleased that I completed my driving training at FAIRFAHR and recommend this driving school to everyone. Engin, I thank you for everything and wish you continued success. Lg Mathus

Date: 26.08.2019

Reviews from Francesca Gaetani

I had my driving test today and passed it thanks to Engin. I had another driving instructor before Engin and I am more than happy that I changed and found Fair Fahr. Engin is a competent and great driving instructor! With him there is always something to laugh about! I can only recommend it! Thanks Engin!

Date: 23.08.2019

Reviews from Sibel Akbulut

I passed my practical driving test the first time today. Thanks to Engin's driving lessons, which at the beginning are linked to the theory, I was best prepared for the driving test. Through his collegial and competent nature I felt very comfortable. I would like to thank Engin and recommend Fahrschule FAIRFAHR to everyone. Love greet Sibel

Date: 23.08.2019

I had my driving test today and passed it the first time with flying colours. I thank Engin very much for his patience and especially for the way he explained the different topics to me in peace. He was for me not only a driving instructor but also a friend who supported me very much. I quickly realized that I had made the right decision with fair driving. I recommend Fairfahr to everyone without hesitation. Engin Abi I thank you again for everything I will miss the time. :)

Date: 30.07.2019

I passed my practical driving test today. Thanks to Engin's driving lessons, which at the beginning are linked to the theory, I was well prepared for the driving test. Due to his collegial and competent nature I felt very comfortable during the driving lessons with him. Many thanks to the driving school FAIRFAHR and especially to Engin. I can recommend this driving school to anyone. Sharugan

Date: 29.07.2019

Reviews from Daniele Spataro

Today I successfully passed my driving test at my first attempt. I only needed 10 driving lessons, thanks to the training system of Fairfahr. We could look at all the most important topics in peace, Engin explained everything to me in detail until there were no more open questions left. I would like to thank Engin and Fairfahr very much for this great time and recommend that everyone continue to take the driving lessons with Fairfahr.

Date: 15.07.2019

I was able to pass the test today at the 1st attempt after a 45-minute drive and I'd like to thank Engin for that! The driving lessons with him were very well structured, instructive and pleasant. He is extremely patient and prepared me perfectly for the exam. I can highly recommend Fairfahr!

Date: 09.07.2019

Reviews from Habdj Sbfbd

Today at 10:30 o'clock I had my test and after 30 min I got out of the car with success. It was very great, funny and instructive hours with Engin. He could laugh with you but when it got serious he was very direct and explained everything to me exactly, so it belonged to himself! All I can do is to keep Engin alive! He was not only a driving instructor but also a good colleague. Thank you Engin for everything NO MORE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Elvira Vokshi

Date: 05.07.2019

Reviews from Fljorim Jusufi

After my 2 brothers and 1 sister I passed my exam with him today and I would like to thank Engin and Fairfahr. I really enjoyed the driving lesson at Fairfahr. Engin had taught me everything very well. Thanks to his patience and efforts I successfully passed the driving test at the 1st attempt in only 4 weeks. I can only recommend Fairfahr. Fljorim Jusufi

Date: 28.06.2019

Reviews from Esra Bal

I passed my practical exam today and would like to thank Engin several times. In order to change my Turkish driving licence to the Swiss one, I would only have to pass one control drive. I am so proud and happy that I was able to complete this unique opportunity with Engin in just two weeks of driving and theory lessons. He is very competent, relaxed and gives a lot of value to his student drivers. The check drive was just like the driving lessons. After the exam I was told that I passed without any mistakes. That confirmed again how important my decision with Fairfahr and Engin was! I can only recommend Engin. Many thanks for the great time! Many greetings Mehmet Bal

Date: 14.06.2019

I passed my first practical exam today! I took my driving lessons at Fairfahr. Engin, to be exact. I thank him very much for his patience and especially for the way he quietly explained the different topics to me. He always took time for me even though he got health problems. I could go to the exam in less than two months. That's why I recommend Fairfahr!

Date: 12.06.2019

Reviews from Sarah Cvrljak

I can only thank you several times for the instructive driving lessons with Engin! With his patience and also his way of explaining something Engin showed himself to be a competent driving instructor, who always wants to pass the driving test fast. This showed that Engin took his time several times a week and not just once a week as is the case with the usual driving instructors. Again thank you very much and from my point of view very recommendable!

Date: 07.06.2019

Reviews from Bera Öztürk

I have mini driving hour at Engin kah and hut hani dfahrprüefig bim first mol bstande and bi würklich very zfriede gseh with him. Expert woni kah ha ish au e very nice gse & ish au happy gseh mit mir. Engin ish e mega nice & competent driving instructors and hett alli themes always explained to me very well. He's not just a driving instructor to me, he's a good colleague to me. If he's not doing very well at the moment, he's not putting me in gloh & ish with me alwaysno weather driving. I'm nervous before the exam but he calmed me down and supported me a lot & explained a lot again where I used würkli a lot. Thanks a lot to Engin for everything! kah FAIRFAHR nume witerempfehle !

Date: 24.05.2019

Reviews from Zilan Gezer

Engin is a very competent, serious and relaxed driving instructor. I first took driving lessons with someone else and was very happy to have found Engin. The driving lessons were always very fun and I profited a lot from him. He takes his work very seriously and puts a lot of commitment into it. Despite his relaxed and open nature, he always corrected me and effectively prepared me for the exam. Before the exam I was very excited and he managed to keep my nervousness in check so that I could take a relaxed exam. We were always able to arrange our appointments at flexible times. I thank Engin with all my heart for his patience, his commitment and his support. I recommend Fairfahr, as well as Engin in any case further!

Date: 22.05.2019

Reviews from Giulia Fava

A big thank you to de Engin! Han passed mini driving test. I am a great driving instructor, always patient and the driving lessons are very rich and organized. Thank you very much for the tolli Ziet!:)

Date: 17.05.2019

Reviews from Adri Monka

I passed the driving test today and I'm overjoyed. I thank Engin for the great and instructive time at FAIRFAHR Engin was always patient, nice, understanding and flexible. He is a very competent and experienced driving instructor and also very strict towards the end, but his relaxed manner gives you the feeling that you are not taking a driving lesson with a teacher but are driving with a colleague chilly car. Engin I thank you many times that you drove intensively with me despite health problems and prepared me for the exam very well... You are by far the best driving instructor in Basel!!!!!! Adrian

Date: 15.05.2019

Reviews from Joan Suter

Hüt on 15.05.19 han ich mini fahrprüefig dank fairfahr bestand.. mini fahrstunde han ich bim engin gha... before i go to fairfahr cho bi, i will be other driving instructor gsi... i have never learned much from him after 18 hours of driving i have been nonig mol with the rules... i am very close with him on all topics where the exams are relevant... he is always very patient and understanding... on the other hand he is always flexible... he concluded he has a health problem gha and would be eig. illnesses gsi, but nevertheless he is with me before the test intensively go and have me dangst before the test gno... THANK YOU MUCH MOL ENGIN FOR DINI SUPPORTIVE AND THE TOLLI ZIT!

Date: 14.05.2019

Reviews from Luis Ferreira

I took my driving lessons with Engin and am very satisfied with my decision! Engin is a great driving instructor, who always supports you with his kind in the best way. Towards the end Engin was in an emergency at the hospital because of a facial palsy and despite all the pain he drove with me the last driving lessons. The driving lessons at Fairfahr are super organized and instructive. My success also paid off as I passed the driving test the first time. I thank above all Engin and his instructive methods.

Date: 10.05.2019

Reviews from Kerem Vural

I took my driving lessons at Engin & am more than satisfied. I couldn't have wished for a better, nicer & more competent driving instructor. Engin remained extremely calm in every situation& always knew how to help. I noticed that he really wants me to drive the car flawlessly. We had a very great & instructive time. Towards the end Engin was 2 days emergency in the hospital because of a facial palsy & he took strong medication. Nevertheless he had taken the time to drive the last driving lessons with me. Today I had my first exam and despite a strict expert ( Mr. Cheesemaker / he was very nice ) I passed it confidently. I now feel very safe on the streets thanks to Engin. I would like to thank Engin and recommend the FAIRFAHR school to everyone without hesitation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ENGIN & FAIRFAHR !!!

Date: 07.05.2019

Reviews from Mizgin Elif Gezer

I took driving lessons at Engin and was more than happy. I had driving lessons with someone else before, but unfortunately the communication as well as the driving lessons were not really helpful. At Engin I learned a lot in a short time, the communication as well as the driving lessons were very rich in learning. One day before the test I noticed that I had to go to the test with a new car because the Mini Cooper had to go into the garage. But Engin explained everything very efficiently in a short time. Engin's health was not good, he had to go to hospital one day before the emergency examination. Despite everything he has helped me through it and above all dabk his support I have passed. I thank Engin from the bottom of my heart for not leaving me alone at my car test today, even though he was in the hospital all night. I can only recommend FairFahr to others it's very learning, very competent as well as very friendly. I am very happy that I passed my driver's license the first time. Ps. Engin you're the best driving instructor! Thanks for the great time and for your patience and nerves you had.

Date: 02.05.2019

Reviews from Michèle Hermann

I had had my driving lesson with the Engin and was very happy. At first I had driving lessons with another driving instructor and was dissatisfied, so I changed too. The driving lessons at Fairfahr are super organized and instructive. The whole team is very friendly and helpful. Engin is a great driving instructor who always supports you with his relaxed manner. I thank you for everything and for the nice time. The best driving school in Basel, I can only recommend.

Date: 17.04.2019

I would like to thank you, Engin and the whole Fairfahr team. For dini all patience, flexible Zite and for the good Bibringe I thank you very much. In spite of all the mistakes I make from time to time han, bisch patient do gseh for mi, for that I thank you au ganz festht. You hesh mi competently, professionally and intensively prepared uf mi examinig and therefore always motivated. Even if I made mistakes, you don't want to see you again, you want to do mostly Sunnebrülle ahkah hesh and therefore I never notice if you are ugly bish or happy hahaha, despite the fact that I am glad that I am as a driving instructor kah han! I am glad that I decided to go for Fairfahr-Team han and ka you the driving students au weiterhin recommend.

Date: 08.04.2019

Extremely competent and friendly driving instructor. The use of media, including feedback about my performance, helped me a lot to see mistakes from a better perspective and to improve them. I got some more information about the further course of the card than at other bigger driving schools, open questions were clarified before they were asked. Thank you Fairfahr

Date: 28.03.2019

It Herrzliches Dankäschön to Fahrschuel Fairfahr her are anyway great team. Bi glad that I am to you gstosse after the I fromere other fahrshuel to you gwechslet bi. This is where I could ever happen. I would like to go to the big messi in Erhan and Orhan mine both driving instructors in this ziit with. Ha so much villages learn and mii always druf can look forward to driving and mi feel good so I thanks to you with confidence bim fahren gfunde han. So that I can bim 1st mol by driving bi ko. Will it miss you now!!! Meh ka Fairfahr really super witer recommend the best driving student Weltwiit!

Date: 28.03.2019

Many thanks to Engin! With your uncomplicated manner you were able to prepare me for the practical exam in a few weeks. The driving lessons were very instructive and the flexible schedules were optimal. Many thanks

Date: 28.03.2019

I'm just saying best driving school in all of Basel. I had had my driving lesson with the Engin and was very satisfied But the whole team is very sympathetic and collegial. I had another driving instructor before but was unhappy, learned almost nothing then of course changed to FAIRFAHR. I passed the Engin with 8 driving hours and the first time. Engin is a very likeable guy and you learn a lot from him. I've always enjoyed driving lessons. Engin is simply Baba I thank you for Everything and for the beautiful time The driving school is easy to recommend.

Date: 20.03.2019

Reviews from Pepe Juric

Fair driving is a top driving student. Very competent and reliable. I could always get a pass at myself, so that I could drive on the morge before. Has managed 12 hours of driving in the first mol. Thank you vielmol Fairfahr

Date: 19.03.2019

Reviews from TC Tugce Demir

Best driving school in Switzerland! I passed my first driving test with Fair Fahr! I already had 3 other driving instructors and only drove around with them and didn't learn anything! At FairFahr the theory as well as the practical is taught very professionally and intensively! I am positively very surprised! The driving lessons were never boring. You always had a lot of fun driving! The drivers try to adapt to your work schedule so that you can take your driving lessons after work. Very flexible! 5 stars definitely earned! (Even more) I would like to thank Team Fair Fahr!! Thank you very much!

Date: 08.03.2019

Reviews from Nila Sivasubramaniam

Fair driving student is the best driving student! I've got a mini hour at the Engin kah. With my old driving instructor I only detoured and never learned a lot. Because hani changes to fair driving and that is the best decision! My theory is very well explained and while driving I get very good tips from Engin. I hani every hour much learned and profited. Before the exam bini very nervous gsi and Engin het me Muet zuegsproche what I very much appreciate han. I am always looking forward to the driving lesson and I have a lot of fun. Thanks to Engin, Orhan and Erhan for everything! Isch e very beautiful and unforgettable Zit gsi. I just wish you all the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Date: 07.03.2019

Reviews from Muhammed Birol

I would like to thank Fahrfair and Orhan Abi for the great job. Ha bim first mol bstande ohni mistake tip top prepared thanks to Orhan. It is explained well until more it is understood spiceily with much support. I dues only weather recommendations and thanks nomol for everything Orhan Abi#TR

Date: 27.02.2019

Reviews from Vuli Nuredini

I would like to express my sincere thanks to FairFahr. January 18 was broken, never minor all 2 monet break and am scho to the leader koh. Thanks to Engin and the whole team. From time to time I am ahsträngend ksi, trotzallem bini to the leader koh. Thanks a lot moll to FairFahr and thanks to Engin for the tolli zit.

Date: 22.02.2019

I had a mini driving lesson at Engin gha and had always found the driving lesson to be an instructive and great experience. So I passed the test for the first time, in spite of two errors, where I was equal. I am very happy, I have such a nice, sympathetic and yet critical driving instructor as de Engin gha. He het verständins gha if I have öpis nit verstande ha and het et very tolli personality . S whole FairFahr team is mega ufgschlosse and ha mi always very well feels, since bi FairFahr everything runs on collegial basis. I made the VKU a fair ride and I have to say it is very good and interesting. I can recommend fair driving from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU FAIRFAHR, THANK YOU ENGIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Date: 21.02.2019

Reviews from Munzur Dersim

I thank you bi Engin no einish very much. He is a great driving instructor as a private very great & sympathetic person. He gives me everything in short bibrocht. When we were driving I was always happy kha. I'll pass the test in five hours. Thank you Engin Baba! #fairfahrevimizenginbabamiz #güzelMuziklerimiziUnutmicam!

Date: 19.02.2019

Mini driving lesson I pass in the Orhan gha and ha driving test in the first mol. What I like most is that the driving lesson is divided into sequences, where the topics are dealt with (track, parking, highway, etc.) so I always have a good overview. What I have done to be fair is to see how well VKU has been glided by the sea and Orhan, how well it has been built up and how much fun it has been to have no fun at all. Bi very peace with Fairfahr and kas only no witerempfehlen for eh erfolgrichi test. It's always fun during the driving lesson and I'm happy to see you in the restaurant. I would like to thank the Fairfahr-Team and especially Orhan for the tolli Zit. Thank you!

Date: 14.02.2019

Ich ha mini Fahrstunde bim Engin kha und d'fahrprüefig bim erste mol bestande. Mir isch immer alles sehr guet erklärt worde und vorallem in mim eigene Lerntempo. D'fahrstunde sind sehr lehrrich, aber mache au Spass. Engin het mich motiviert wenn ich mol ha welle ufgeh und het mir immer gueti Tips geh. Er het au sehr viel Geduld kha, wenn ich mol öbbis nit verstande ha und hets mir denn nomol erklärt. Ich ha au VKU bi Fairfahr gmacht was vo Erhan und Orhan gleitet worde isch und effizient alles wichtige bibrocht worde isch ohni das es jemols langwillig gworde isch. Alli sind sehr nett und hän mich herzlich ufgnoh. Ich bedank mich bi Fairfahr für die tolli & lehrrichi Zit!

Date: 12.02.2019

Reviews from Flora Xhiha

Thanks to the whole fair driving team I managed to pass my driving test. Their concept promises high quality, which can be seen in the individual driving lessons. Each individual lesson is optimally adapted to your current level of knowledge and driving style. This also makes it clear that the driving instructors have a high degree of competence to show. The individual driving lessons are not only instructive, but also have a high fun factor. If you want to have a fair and competent driving license, I can only recommend the Fair Driving School, which does what it promises, because this reflects its guiding principle. Thanks again to Engin and Erhan!

Date: 05.02.2019

Fair driving is a great driving student! I'm doing driving lessons at Erhan and Engin ka and both are really great. They are always patient and every mole encourages me to do what I can to make it. I checked my mini motivation in the cellar and yet Engin soon gave me the most important red punch and encouraged me. I'll check it out at the first mole. Every single ride is very instructive. Alli driving instructors bidr Fairfahr are very competent and therefore very recommendable! Many thanks to the whole Fairfahr-Team where I always welcome you lovingly and give you my bibrocht ride :)

Date: 04.01.2019

Fair driving is a very competent driving student anyway. I have a driving lesson at Orhan ka and find it really bad that it's so bad! S'ganze Fairfahr-Team is very patient and very humorous. Me learns very quickly very much inere relaxed atmosphere! I am really thankful for the great cyt and I only recommend it to everybody. Besti driving students ! Orhan is very good and efficient driving instructor anyway, thanks au Erhan and Engin, for the valid s'glieche!

Date: 03.01.2019

I han Orhan as a driving instructor kah. He is a very good driving instructor and brings very good driving bi. Jedi driving time is very efficient gsi. I have in very short Zit mini test rig can make and au pass! I can recommend the students to anybody! Thanks to the whole team!

Date: 28.12.2018

Reviews from Antonija Jamsek

Fair and competent for your driving licence! That's exactly what happens. Fair driving is only to be recommended! The driving instructor Orhan was highly praised. DFfahrstunde are always lehrrich gsi and it het always freud gmacht mit ihm zfahre! Alli three driving instructors are great! They motivate you, always give you the best wish, are very flexible and simply top! Many thanks to the whole team!

Date: 12.12.2018

I have driving lesson at Orhan gno. He is very patient, competent and humorous. He's prepared me well and I've had my first mol. Ka only recommend him! I'm a great driving instructor anyway, but I promise you that I won't regret it when I see him as a driving instructor.

Date: 20.11.2018

Top driving student! Ha driving lesson at Erhan ka and bi more than zfriede gsi, he is a very relaxed driving instructor, bi wellem me a lot of ka learn. I really enjoyed Jedi driving lessons. Driving lesson to fair driving is definitely the best decision! A big thank you to Erhan and the whole Fairfahr Team!

Date: 20.11.2018

Driving lesson at Erhan kah and bim erste mol bstande! He is a very patient, experienced and humorous driving instructor. Every driving lesson is motivating and instructive and I am very very frightened with every driving lesson. I could recommend to everyone the driving students weather and assure that it will never regret it. I thanks allne and especially Erhan a lot of mols for the quick and great weigh to the leader rail! Fair driving team, you are definitely the best driving instructors!

Date: 20.11.2018

Reviews from Deborah Meier

I've had a fair ride in the past and I recommend the driving student more than just it is highly motivated driving instructor and very patient. Thanks for the top support to mi driving instructor Engin and the whole team of Fairfahr!

Date: 12.11.2018

Reviews from Mertan Yildiz

The driving school is more than well prepared to prepare you for the driving exam. Recommend it to anyone willing to widen.

Date: 19.10.2018

Reviews from Baran Erdem

Had driving lessons with the Engin and I am more than satisfied. Was very well prepared for the exam, both theoretically and practically. I thank the whole FairFahr team with all my heart! I always felt very welcome and comfortable. Every day you perform a top performance here. I can recommend the driving school to anyone with a clear conscience.

Date: 19.10.2018

Reviews from Selin Kirat

The best, most patient and most pleasant driving instructors. I've got the best price I've ever had. All I can really say is good

Date: 18.10.2018

Very good driving school. Competent and very friendly. Theory is learned with the driving instructor and put into practice with good tips and help. Good manners such as reliability, patience and honesty were represented.

Date: 05.10.2018

I am completely satisfied with fair driving and passed my test at the first attempt, which is mainly due to the good preparation. I learned certain things wrong at first from my previous teacher, but these mistakes were very quickly corrected in fair driving. They are also very flexible when it comes to appointments as well as professional and human at a very high level.

Date: 03.10.2018

Reviews from Sandrine Allam

Super good and competent driving school with best trained driving instructors. Super central and close to the SBB railway station. Offers exciting and well-designed courses! Learning here is fun, because the relaxed nature of the driving instructors makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you for the good and faithful support! The driving school conveys courage and strength. The learning of dynamic driving, best foresight, tips in road traffic, a safe driving style is the first priority here. Recommended

Date: 27.09.2018

Super driving school, very recommendable, everyone has a lot of patience and you can learn with a lot of fun?

Date: 25.09.2018

Reviews from Sabine Kul

Many thanks to the whole Fairfahr-Team. Today I passed my practical exam at my first attempt. First and foremost I would like to thank Engin and Erhan. Engin was my driving instructor for months, but I also drove with Erhan. A big thanks to Erhan, who jumped in for a few hours and took his time. Very nice and a very patient driving instructor. Engin is a nice, very patient, humorous and experienced driving instructor. Every single lesson was very instructive. I always went into the driving lessons with joy and full motivation! What I like the most is the collegial and funny nature of the two. So I could talk openly to them about anything. You learn a lot with them and the lessons are also funny. A perfect mixture! They make the driving lessons interesting so that you can take a lot of experience with you for the driving test. Engin recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of his students and leads his students to the practical exam in a fair and competent way. Finally I can recommend the FAIRFAHR driving school to everyone. The positive events will be remembered. :) Sabine

Date: 22.09.2018

Reviews from Berfin Gökpinar

Thanks to Engin and Fairfahr! Fair driving was my second driving school. At the first attempt with another driving instructor I had unfortunately not passed my examination. Through many recommendations I came across fair driving. The team welcomed me warmly and explained the whole training in detail once again. In a very short time I had my second exam, which I passed successfully.

Date: 20.09.2018

Very professional driving school and helpful, competent driving instructors with whom you will have fun learning how to drive.

Date: 19.09.2018

Reviews from Sarandeep Singh

Very patient and loving team! Engin explains everything very well and in detail, which is why I was able to learn everything very quickly. Thanks to the motivation and support of him, I passed my driving test the first time. Can really recommend it to everyone in a positive way!

Date: 07.09.2018

Reviews from Erdem Eksin

If you want to become a leader quickly and competently ish do exactly what you need. Eif e super team. What difference does fair driving make? Fair driving ish and stays #1!!!

Date: 07.09.2018

Reviews from Sanja Sanja Löffel

Fair driving was my third driving school. I am very happy that I found the right address at the end. I had time pressure because my learning ticket expired shortly after the exam. Engin motivated me positively in a short time even when I had no hope anymore. I would like to thank Engin & the Fairfahr team for this flexibility and intensive support.

Date: 07.09.2018

Reviews from Ipek Onur

I can only recommend fair driving to everyone. Engin and the other driving instructors are very patient and competent. I have successfully passed my exam and my girlfriend and relatives/colleagues have also successfully completed their driving training at Fairfahr. Many thanks to Engin & Fairfahr-Team.

Date: 04.09.2018

Reviews from Vale Viteritti

Bestii driving student! Kah s only recommend! Very kind & understanding! It even hurts that I don't have a driving lesson!

Date: 04.09.2018

Reviews from Ceyda Yildiz

I passed the driving test the first time. The practice with Erhan couldn't be better ? A big thank you to Fairfahr ?ch can only recommend it

Date: 04.09.2018

Reviews from Emilie Bulut

He's a great driving instructor! Brings the necessary peace and knowledge as a driving instructor! Top quiet! Pris performance ratio au super :-) thanks a lot mol Fairfahr!

Date: 04.09.2018

I had my driving lessons at Fairfahr. My driving instructor Erhan is always respectful. He always had a certain structure and taught me the practice according to plan. He noted down my weaknesses after each lesson and knew how to proceed in the next hour.

Date: 04.09.2018

I passed the driving test the first time. Erhan and Engin are two very likeable driving instructors who never lose their calm, which I think is very good, because you get into a stressful situation with a restless driving instructor yourself. If you don't understand something they explain it again in a different way so that everyone understands it. They are very helpful and supportive.

Date: 04.09.2018

I am very happy that I got my driving license at Fairfahr, because I had fun and joy during all driving lessons with my driving instructor Erhan. Both driving instructors are very patient, which is very important for me, because you are always looking forward to the driving lessons and learn faster:) Thank you Erhan and Engin!!!

Date: 04.09.2018

Passed the exam the first time. With the help of my driving instructor Erhan who explained everything to me super. I am very grateful to Team FairFahr!

Date: 04.09.2018

The best driving school in Basel and surroundings. Two super friendly driving instructors! I can only recommend!

Date: 04.09.2018

I would like to thank my driving instructor Erhan very much. It was a great cooperation and I bought my self-confidence in driving a car through him. Every lesson with Erhan was fun and informative. We had a lot of fun and learned so much. I thank you again and can only recommend it! THANK YOU ERHAN AND ENGIN!!!

Date: 04.09.2018

Reviews from Filip Cvijanovic

Top driving instructor!

Date: 04.09.2018

The driving lessons were adapted to my needs, so that I could drive to the exam after about 9 hours. If you are looking for motivated, motivated driving instructors, FairFahr is the right place for you. Thank you FairFahr

Date: 03.09.2018

Reviews from Ibrahim Kama

Visited driving students where it git!

Date: 03.09.2018

One of my best decisions ever - driving school fair driving! If you want to pass the driving test like I did the first time and spend pleasant and humorous driving lessons then go to Engin! Several driving instructors were recommended to me by my environment, but I trusted my gut feeling and went to fair driving. I was taught the essence of driving and the associated knowledge in a highly competent way. So I would like to thank the whole Fairfahr-Team once again!

Date: 02.09.2018

i am a bimene other driving instructor i have the unfortunately priefig nid existing ka and i have been recommended to me FAIRFAHR, it is the best decisive gse to you ko!! destroy times e risigs thank you to you ENGIN! For dini full patience, flexible zite for d driving hour and quality bibringe and of course no to the two other driving instructors where au super are! who is looking for a gueti driving student is just right! so don't think twice, just go to FAIRFAHR and you'll receive a warm welcome and of course reach your destination, i.e. your destination quickly... Martina

Date: 28.08.2018

Reviews from Haci Ger

Hüt am 28. August 2018 hani existed with my driving instructor Engin. I thank him and the whole fair ride team. Han e very nice zit do kha. I recommended to all where driving lessons are taken and fair driving students to koh.

Date: 28.08.2018

Many many thanks to ganzi Fahrshuel for the tolli, lustigi and Unterstützendi Zit! Especially for Erhan, for him sini patience with me:-) He het me very good for the autoprüefig prepared and much patience ka with mine weaknesses.. he het them me again and again mentions ka so they are for me in the end kei problem are ... Thanks to him you can now safely drive on stross allei;-) Driving lessons are always flexible and most are always based on individual wishes... I recommend the driving students with full exuberance to any weather!

Date: 28.08.2018

Reviews from Seval Cam

Besti driving students eveeer.!!! Thanks to FairFahr Erhan (with driving instructor) FairFahr Engin and Orhan Öztürk.

Date: 28.08.2018

The best driving student, the best team & the very best driving instructor. Kas only witerempfehlen, every hour very interesting, funny & instructive. Mara Oesch

Date: 28.08.2018

Thank you Engin and the whole FairFahr-Team! Bim first moll existence, very beautiful and lockeri atmosphere. Nevertheless, me is very disciplined, competently accompanied and supported right up to the test. Thank you!

Date: 27.08.2018

A big thank you to the fair driving team, bsunders to Engin where I show a lot and woni a lot of ha can learn. Kanni only weather recommendations. Erhan & Engin, you are top.

Date: 27.08.2018

Reviews from Florentina Tahiri

Super motivated and very patient driving instructor where everything is explained step by step. Driving test at 1. mol was thanks to Engin and supported by Erhan. Nomol es big thanks to the whole FAIRFAHR-Team!

Date: 27.08.2018

Reviews from Sirin Cankiran

Thank you nomol for everything Engin ka mi no on the day I remember where I can use ha and kei hopnig ka ha that I can somebody drive thanks to you and the whole fair driving team I am able to handle the 1 mol problem without any problem. Reliable Besti Fahrusbildig that me Priefig bim 1x bestocht Jedi hour motivates gse to drive Only for recommendation How to Fair Driving Fair and Competent to the Führeruswis Maldur Sirin

Date: 24.08.2018

Mega tolli driving student and very gueti driving instructor. I made in only 2 monets with guide rail and I passed grat in 1. minor. Ka FairFahr only recommend weather!! Besti driving school in Basel.

Date: 21.08.2018

Reviews from Burak Yildirim

I've recommended fair ride becho. The whole circle of our founders is in the driving team. I passed the test in a short time. I am so happy. I just recommend it.

Date: 19.08.2018

Reviews from Hasibe Demir

E mega tolli driving student - very recommendable. Ohni stress and pressure with goal reached in 4 Monet. Mega patient driving instructor where everything would be fine. Thank you Fairfahr! She's the best.

Date: 17.08.2018

Reviews from Sophia Lehmann

I can highly recommend the Fair Driving School. Engin and Erhan are very patient and competent driving instructors. I always liked to come to the driving lesson and passed the test the first time. Thanks again at this point.

Date: 10.08.2018

Reviews from Semih Eryilmaz

Very competent driving instructors!!! Each mole hani with pleasure wenni fahrstund ka han

Date: 07.08.2018

Reviews from Kadir Yildirim

Best driving students can only recommend you!

Date: 04.08.2018

Engin and Erhan are the perfect driving instructors with a lot of patience and fun making the driving very fun You are correct and want the best for the exam.

Date: 13.11.2015

Fair driving, as the name suggests, it was a very pleasant, fair and learning time, although I was sometimes a very chaotic student I learned to stay calm in difficult situations and could enrich my knowledge only thanks to the patience of Engin. I found the following advantages very positive: - The location is very practical, you are right in the city and you don't lose any time to get there. - The car is very handy (not too small but also not too big) and offers all modern infotainment functions where the driver is supported in his learning drive (maximum speed display, hill start assistant etc...). - The structured and fair treatment of Engin, he does not agree unnecessary extra hours and quickly notices when the candidate is ready for the exam. - Everything from one source, you can do everything from A to Z with the same person and all this in a contemporary infrastructure thanks to the combination offers. I am so glad that I managed it although I budgeted more hours at the beginning. Thank you ENGIN Keep it up!

Date: 03.10.2015

Reviews from Sannosch Be Devis

I recommend the driving school FAIRFAHR to everyone, because Mr. Parlak is a very competent driving instructor with high technical and methodical knowledge. He prepared me very well for the driving test, which I passed with a sure feeling the first time thanks to the instructive lessons. He is also a very patient driving instructor who takes extra time for his students and adapts the lessons to the student's abilities. Since I had a lot of trouble putting the theory into practice, my driving training took a little longer, but thanks to Mr. Parlak I never lost my motivation and stayed on until the finishing touches. During this time I became aware of the fact that the driving test is not just a one-time test that you have in your pocket, like a certificate or diploma, but you should always be careful in road traffic and have an overview every second while driving. Not only the driving training but also the traffic knowledge was very well organized with modern teaching aids. The experienced instructor (Mr. Jean-Richard Salamin), the atmosphere and the facilities in the restaurant were very good and the training was instructive and exciting. On the whole a big "Chapeau" to the FAIRFAHR-Team and Mr. Parlak. If you want to learn to drive professionally and professionally and also want to feel safe on the road after the exam, you should go to Mr. Parlak. I, my brother and my cousin, who also passed their exams with him (just the first time), definitely recommend FAIRFAHR to others. Thank you for everything ...

Date: 24.09.2015

Reviews from Yasin Parlak

Yesterday I passed the Führer's test the first time. Mr. Parlak taught me a lot. He explains very precisely how, where and what to do. Mr. Parlak is very nice and very successful in his profession. I would recommend Mr. Parlak to everyone. I thank him, because he helped me a lot:)))

Date: 24.09.2015

Reviews from Patrick Schuerch

Today I passed the driving test the first time. I was very nervous yesterday. But Mr. Parlak could calm me down and motivate me with his tips. So I felt safe again and passed the exam loosely today. Mr. Parlak is and will always be the best driving instructor in the Basel area. He prepared me competently, professionally and intensively for my exams. You could also ask him anything and he always had the right answer ready. I would like to thank Mr. Parlak and the Fairfahr Team for the great time and I can only recommend him!!

Date: 23.09.2015

Engin Parlak is a very good and professional driving instructor. In only one month he prepared me intensively for the driving test and I passed directly. He is a very flexible and competent person with whom one likes to spend time. He always motivated me with his positive nature. His tips were very helpful. Super case studies & traffic science ! Thanks again for everything you are the best :)

Date: 18.09.2015

I am very happy that I decided to go to the driving school Fairfahr. With Engin Parlak I had a very competent driving instructor who always had patience with me. Even in tricky situations he stayed calm and gave me good tips. It was also practical that the traffic knowledge could be done in the same driving place. I was very well prepared for the driving test because we drove the test tracks several times. I am glad that I decided for fair driving and can only recommend Engin to everyone!!

Date: 16.09.2015

I am very happy that I took my driving lessons at Engin. I always looked forward to the driving lessons with him because they were funny and helpful. At first I had trouble, but Engin explained things so well that it became easier and easier for me to master it better. Thanks to Engin, I passed the test the first time and can recommend him and the fair driving team to everyone. Thanks for a great time, Engin. :D

Date: 08.09.2015

A few months ago I started with driving lessons at Engin. Thanks to the instructive lessons I passed the exam on 08.09.2015 the first time. The driving lessons at Engin were very varied and fun. I've always enjoyed riding with him. I can only recommend Fairfahr School. Thank you for everything Engin! :)

Date: 31.08.2015

Reviews from Meryem Aygün

I couldn't have wished for a driving instructor other than Engin. In the beginning I had difficulties because I couldn't drive privately and never drove a car before. Despite everything, Mr. Parlak showed a lot of GEDULD and understanding and taught me everything right. He supported me very much and could always motivate me, although it wasn't always easy. Engin explains in great detail, quickly recognizes the students' weaknesses and designs the lesson accordingly. The driving lessons were always very instructive and also funny. You automatically feel very comfortable with him, because he has an open, pleasant and very friendly nature. He wishes only the best for his students. With as few driving lessons as possible, but competent and professional, he prepares you for the exam and takes a lot of time. He knows the test tracks very well and drives through them several times. He can also reduce the high nervousness before the test with his good tips. I can recommend Fairfahr to everyone and thank you for everything:)

Date: 31.08.2015

2 months ago I started with driving lessons at Engin and today I passed the driving test the first time. The driving lessons with Engin were very instructive and fun, I always enjoyed it. I recommend the FAIRFAHR-school without hesitation. Thanks for everything Engin... :)

Date: 04.08.2015

Reviews from Colin Johnston

Engin Parlak is a great driving instructor who has a lot of patience and stays calm in every situation. He had to be very patient with me because I had never driven a car before. The driving lessons with him were always very instructive and also funny. Thanks to him, I got through the first time I tried the exam. I can highly recommend Engin Parlak.

Date: 22.07.2015

2 months ago I started learning to drive a car at FAIRFAHR and already passed the exam after 11 driving lessons :) The driving lessons with Engin were very pleasant and fun, he is a very open and friendly person and is like a college that teaches you how to drive a real car. I have completed emergency course and traffic customer also with FAIRFAHR and was very content. I recommend FAIRFAHR and Engin to all those who are looking for a perfect driving instructor and a well organized driving school. Again THANK YOU to Engin and the Fairfahr-Team

Date: 17.07.2015

Reviews from Danilo Belve

Through Mr. Parlak I learned to drive quite fast and professionally. His patient and friendly nature made learning to drive easier. He is a targeted approach to the topics and is perfectly trained in his field. Mr. Parlak was my second driving instructor and within 3 months it turned out that I landed at the right address. I can recommend everyone to take their driving lessons at FAIRFAHR Basel.

Date: 16.07.2015

Reviews from Rocco Saracino

By recommendation of colleagues I came to FAIRFAHR. Within 2.5 months and after 15 hours of driving I passed the exam the first time today... The driving lessons with Engin were very funny and very educational. I also took the traffic course at Fairfahr, which was also very good and full of learning. I can easily recommend FAIRFAHR to others Thanks for everything Engin, I will miss the hours with you :)

Date: 14.07.2015

Engin Parlak was my second driving instructor. He supported me very much and has also a lot of patience. I thank him again and can only recommend it to others.

Date: 09.07.2015

Reviews from alexandra lazendic

I did all my driving training at Fairfahr (all courses including driving lessons). The result: passed without difficulty right the first time!

Date: 08.07.2015

Reviews from Isa Sekandari

Many thanks to the Fairfahr Team! I passed the driving test the first time, thanks to Mr. Parlak! I was looking forward to every driving lesson with him, because he was not only a driving instructor but also a colleague at the same time. He was always punctual, his driving lessons are very structured. Mr. Parlak had all the answers for every question you had. If you want to have your driving licence with just a few driving lessons and as quickly as possible, then Fairfahr is the right place for you! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again!

Date: 07.07.2015

The Fairfahr driving school is only to be recommended! I had 2 tests with another driving instructor before and didn't manage either of them. After that I changed to Fairfahr and learned many important things, which helped me to pass the 3rd exam today. Engin Parlak teaches you to drive safely and correctly, he is very reliable and a great driving instructor! To recommend to everyone only!

Date: 01.07.2015

Reviews from Ünal Keles

After I changed the driving instructor and came to the FAIRFAHR-school, I passed the driving exam today, the first time. Engin is a very competent driving instructor and he does his job very well. I thank him for the great and learning time!!!!

Date: 23.06.2015

Reviews from Cigdem Kaya

Engin Parlak is a very well organized and flexible driving instructor! He was my second driving instructor and I'm glad I chose him. I passed my driving exam within a very short time and only through Mr. Parlak's learning techniques. He was able to explain the situations so well that I now know every single one down to the last detail. I have also noticed that Mr. Parlak is making the greatest effort to prepare his students as well as possible for the exam. I found his calmness and friendliness very pleasant during the trip. At FAIRFAHR you not only win a good driving instructor and driving licence but also a good friend. I would like to thank the FAIRFAHR team again and can recommend it with 100%!

Date: 21.06.2015

Reviews from Alper Keles

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Parlak and the whole FAIRFAHR team! I have completed my emergency course as well as my traffic knowledge at FAIRFAHR. These courses with Jean-Richard and Ali were never boring but funny, instructive and varied. I always went to Mr. Parlak's driving lessons with joy and full motivation! Mr. Parlak is a perfectionist. He explains everything exactly and in detail but so simply that everyone can understand it. If there are ambiguities, he takes extra time and explains everything again until you have understood it correctly. With his exact learning methods and his friendly, open manner, he prepares his students perfectly for the driving test, which is why I personally passed it the first time! I can only recommend FAIRFAHR!

Date: 20.06.2015

In German lessons I have always learned that one should first write out the positive points, then enumerate a few negative ones and then draw a conclusion in the summary to write an evaluation or review. That is how I wanted to approach this evaluation, but Mr Parlak makes this an impossible task, because I could not list any negative points that I could list in the second part of the evaluation. smile-Emoticon But fun aside, for all interested people who are looking for a new driving instructor I can only give my whole recommendation! I had already gone through the whole process from the driving lessons to the exam with another driving instructor. This is not to say that the other driving instructor was bad, but I never felt so comfortable there. Even if it was about the explanation of different theory blocks and maneuver techniques I could never really follow. When I decided in favour of Mr Parlak, I saw that things could be completely different. The explanations were always kept in such a way that you could get along well, it was very understandable and simply explained, so that you could get along really well in the theory units. When it came to practical driving, Mr. Parlak always had a very calming and instructive nature. This was mainly noticed by the fact that a mistake did not immediately lead to, as with my old driving instructor, that I got into a vicious circle of mistakes, but my mistakes could be explained to me and afterwards continued to be able to drive concentrated. So as a teacher, you can't complain about Mr. Parlak at all. However, since the aspect of the interpersonal relationship also comes into play with a driving instructor, I cannot omit this part either. And here, too, I must pay Mr. Parlak my fullest respect: He was always very likeable and above all more a friend than a driving instructor, but still managed to maintain the necessary professionalism when it came to teaching me something. He managed to maintain the perfect balance between friendship and teacher, which is probably a very difficult part of this profession. In order to make sure that the efforts of my German teachers were not in vain, I will try to include the negative aspect as well. The only thing I can think of is that every now and then waiting times of 10-15 minutes had to be accepted before the driving lesson began. However, this statement should be noted with caution. Since Mr. Parlak offers 60 minute lessons instead of the usual 40-45 minute lessons in this profession, it is only natural that the lessons can be held to the minute, so that you can always start and end on time with the appropriate lessons. What was important here was not the painful waiting times that occurred from time to time, but that I never had to fear that I did not get the full enjoyment of my 60 minutes. So Mr Parlak took the time to offer his students exactly the number of minutes they had paid for. So what can we say in conclusion? Actually quite simple: I don't know if there is another driving instructor who is so much without discipline and always pushes everything out who would have managed to get ME a driving license smile-Emoticon As a serious conclusion: I can't imagine that anyone who chooses Engin Parlak as their driving instructor will regret it for even a second! And should this be the case, in the worst case I could imagine personal problems or other problems, but certainly not the quality of Mr Parlak's work himself. Besides hundreds of passed driving students who can't be wrong, I also have a good number of friends and some relatives who have completed their driving training with him and confirmed this to me before I registered with Mr. Parlak as well as some who are currently taking driving lessons with him or have recently passed like me... I would like to thank Mr. Parlak and the FAIRFAHR team once again for their support. www.facebook.com/Valat.Yildiz

Date: 20.06.2015

Reviews from Kemal Merima

I was looking forward to every driving lesson with Mr. Parlak because it was never boring. He always knew exactly which mistakes I had made and always drew my attention to improve them. I really recommend Fairfahr. He is not only a very good driving instructor but also a good friend. He also knows the test routes very well and drives through them several times with the students. I was very well prepared for the exam thanks to Mr. Parlak.

Date: 17.06.2015

Mr. Parlak is a top driving instructor and can only recommend him to anyone. First I was with another driving instructor and he just drove around with me and had never really explained or told me what to watch out for. I have changed to Mr. Parlak and I am very happy about this decision thanks to him I have passed in a short time my driving license. Thanks again Engin. I can only recommend him to others. He teaches you a lot and every driving lesson is a lot of fun with him.

Date: 14.06.2015

Reviews from Tolga Deniz

First of all, a big compliment to Engin Parlak. I can only say good things. Super driving instructor with whom you learn to drive with fun, joy and additional knowledge. He always has an answer to a question ready and takes his time so that you understand it correctly. He took me through all the stages and that meant that I didn't have any difficulties with the expert. He has put pressure on me when necessary but praised me if I was not so satisfied with my performance. Even small mistakes and weaknesses were not denounced, but repeated every now and then, so that most of them took care of themselves. Even one or two bad driving hours shortly before the test were no problem, but I was reassured and in the end the test ran super!

Date: 07.06.2015

Reviews from Emre Bozkurt

First, I want to thank Engin again. If I could give Engin more than 6 points I would give more. I always enjoyed going to the driving lessons because I could get along well with him. Learning to drive with him was a lot of fun. He is an absolutely likeable guy, friendly, correct and always keeps the necessary calm that one needs as a driving instructor. I felt very comfortable with him and was able to chat with him on a friendly level. Thanks to him I passed the exam in a short time and right the first time. I'm really glad I went to see him. I can only recommend him to you. Thanks for everything Engin.

Date: 29.05.2015

Reviews from Ilayda Altinparmak

At Engin Parlak you can look forward to every driving lesson. You learn quickly and accurately. He knows the examination routes very well and impresses them on the students. Even in his spare time he always takes time for his students. I passed my exam in a short time and the first time. Therefore I can recommend Fairfahr to everyone. I thank Engin and the fair driving team for everything.

Date: 29.05.2015

I would like to thank Engin Parlak and the Fairfahr team for their great commitment. Engin is a super friendly and determined driving instructor. He is patient and prepares the students perfectly for the driving test. The climate between Engin Parlak and the students is friendly, accommodating, motivating and goal-oriented. I can only recommend the driving school FAIRFAHR. If you are looking for a professional, flexible and fair driving school then Engin Parlak und Fairfahr is the right place for you.

Date: 18.05.2015

Reviews from Camovic Ermin

Engen Parlak offers a super driving lesson where you can look forward to every additional lesson. You have fun learning, the lessons are entertaining, disciplined and vocal focused and the students prepare very well for the exam. The driving instructor even takes extra time in his spare time to look at certain things for his students.

Date: 13.05.2015

I would like to thank Engin Parlak once again. Engin is a very competent, patient and friendly driving instructor and likes to explain everything several times when there are ambiguities and tries to clarify them. In my opinion I can only recommend Fahrschule Fairfahr. Thanks to Engin, I passed my driving test the first time by common will.

Date: 11.05.2015

I ka only say best driving instructor :) Thanks nomoll for everything, you hesch me always support I ha all this creates thanks to you! I am always motivated and I always have fun. Thank you! :):)

Date: 25.04.2015

Engin was my second driving instructor and in my opinion the best driving instructor. The structured approach, the pleasant, patient manner and the experiences distinguish Engin methodically, didactically and also humanly as an excellent driving instructor. He explains the individual topics very well with examples and pictures. The topics are implemented and precisely controlled during the lessons. One is prepared step by step for the exam. He is also a very friendly driving instructor. With him you learn very quickly and have fun in class. I passed the driving test the first time and can only recommend FAIRFAHR Thank you Engin and the Fairfahr Team :) Benjamin Kunz

Date: 24.04.2015

Reviews from Deniz Sönmez

The selection of driving instructors was quite large, so a suitable one was quickly found. It was really one of the best decisions to choose Fairfahr. A big thank you to Mr. Parlak. Patience is a virtue that definitely applies to Mr Parlak. No matter what, through his relaxed and balanced nature, he explains every situation over and over again until it sits. Mr. Parlak was very nice and was able to help me with my weaknesses and always gave me good advice. The driving lessons were always top! Thanks to the Team Fairfahr :)

Date: 24.03.2015

Reviews from Ensar Qataar

With Mr. Parlak you learn a lot and very quickly. He's very patient and it's fun to ride with him. From these arguments I deduce that he is very recommendable. Thanks again to Mr. Parlak!

Date: 21.03.2015

Mr. Parlak is a very patient driving instructor. He explains everything very precisely and as often as you understand it. I was able to profit a lot from his experience. He prepared me very well for the exam. I passed the driving test the first time. Thank you Engin

Date: 20.03.2015

The driving lessons with Engin were fun and his explanations can be quickly remembered through simple and good examples he provides. I was able to register for the exam very quickly and passed it the first time :) Thank you Engin :)

Date: 18.03.2015

Reviews from Eylem Alkis

Engin Parlak is a very good driving instructor you learn a lot and very fast. Engin Parlak is a very patient person. One has a huge joy in the driving lessons. I can only recommend fair driving, Engin Parlak has not only become a driving instructor but also a good friend for me. I would like to thank Engin and the Fairfahr Team very much. Not only did I take driving lessons, I also took my VKU lesson at Fairfahr. Faifahr is only to be recommended!!!

Date: 17.02.2015

Reviews from Evelina Jakupovic

If you want to drive safely and well trained in the future, Fairfahr is the right place for you. Mr. Parlak is a very competent driving instructor. With him you can learn with fun but also a lot of discipline to move independently and safely on the road. With topics based on himself, the process on the street is quickly understandable and easy to implement, as Mr. Parlak allows a lot of independence after a short time. Mr. Parlak was my second driving instructor and I am happy to have changed because the atmosphere and the handling was much better. I can recommend fair driving to those people who want to become a good driver safely and quickly.

Date: 09.02.2015

Reviews from S. T.

Engin Parlak is an excellent driving instructor and a super person at the same time. The best mixture of driving instructor and friend. With his exact teaching methods, his patience and his perfectionism, he prepares his students perfectly in all respects for the driving test, which is why I personally passed it the first time. A better driving instructor? Not that I know of. If you also live in the Basel region and have passed the theory exam, then FairFahr is the best driving instructor ever.

Date: 07.02.2015

Reviews from Dirogines Valli

Engin is a very good driving instructor. He's always punctual and helpful. His explanations are easy to understand and he shows a lot of patience. I always went to the driving lesson with joy, because you can have a lot of fun with Engin, yet he was always very concentrated and showed a lot of competence. I can recommend Engin to everyone and wish everyone much success and fun with FairFahr.

Date: 03.02.2015

Reviews from Yasmin Kul

Anyone looking for a good and experienced driving instructor should go to Fair Driving. An excellent driver who can only be recommended and who will get you through the exam safely and well. Just a top driving school :))!!!!

Date: 27.01.2015

Reviews from Tanja Savi?

Engin is an extremely competent driving instructor. He always explained everything to me easily before the driving lessons. I was a little unclear, he explained everything again. He is patient and points out mistakes in such a way that they are no longer made. I felt very comfortable during the hours because he has a loose nature, but he also has the right dose of strands. Engin knows the test tracks very well, which is why I didn't have any problems during the practical test. It also helps to reduce the nervousness before the exam, so that you start the exam with a good feeling. Finally I can only recommend FAIRFAHR and wish the future students a lot of fun and success. Engin, thank you for everything!!!

Date: 19.01.2015

After first mold grade standing:D Engin isch eh super driving instructor and brings everything good and simply bi Unclear he does quickly fix and provides for the regular driving hour kasch If you want to get behind you quickly, you are in the right place:) Thanks to best driving instructors

Date: 18.01.2015

There are some points you can recommend for fair driving. The price/performance ratios are very good. The training is structured and systematic from the ground up, with a very precise and comprehensible approach to the individual tempos. In addition, Engin has a driving instructor who is the peace in person and can pass this peace on to his pupils. You just can't help but like him. I can only recommend him! THANK YOU, INGIN! :)

Date: 09.01.2015

Reviews from Sascha Piras

For everyone who wants to take the exam, I can only recommend Fairfahr and Engin. Engin is not only a TOP driving instructor, but a colleague with whom you can talk about everything. His driving lessons are pleasant and very precise. Engin goes through every single topic in detail and explains it again if you don't understand it. With Engin you are guaranteed to get your driver's license quickly and have fun in a serious driving atmosphere. THANKEEEEEEEEEEE ENGIN!!

Date: 05.01.2015

Reviews from Sandra Gonçalves Pires

Engin is a cool driving instructor! Är explains every subject precisely and nid complitziert. Be very patient, when de öpis nid so Guet chasch. Very helpful!! Chash Immr uf him watch gooh. Everything's great! Just recommend the weather! Thank you viiel Mol for everything Engin.

Date: 07.12.2014

Reviews from Serhat Nergiz

I'm just a great guy anyway. He's the most correct person I've ever met. He goes uf dini need ih and brings everything perfectly bi. Han Fahrpriefig faultless. Recommendation fo minere site isch do. I thank you for everything Engin :)

Date: 06.12.2014

Reviews from Tansu Çinar

Serious approach, patience and humanity: 3 factors that definitely distinguish Mr. Parlak from the others. The individual topics (lanes, right of way, roundabout, etc.) are discussed and carried out in detail before the start of the driving lesson. But if it doesn't work out with the first one, Mr. Parlak shows patience and understanding. The helpful tips you get from your driving instructor make driving a lot easier. One is prepared step by step for the exam. With such a good driving instructor it is no big surprise if you pass the exam the first time. Personally, I can only recommend Fairfahr.

Date: 01.12.2014

Mr. Engin Parlak is very pleasant, competent and experienced. However, these are only some of the many skills that the ingenious driving instructor from Basel has to offer. He stands out, however, not only because of his high level of expertise, but also because of his interpersonal skills. The instructive driving lessons are always seasoned with the right pinch of humour and wit, so that the driving lessons are not dry and stale. Despite everything there is a professional and pleasant atmosphere, this pleasant mix guarantees fun while learning and thus also a great learning effect. During the whole lesson you get very helpful, almost essential tips from the passenger seat, which make passing the exam a lot easier. The student is always taught where and when to pay particular attention to what. Engin Parlak also sees the mistakes of his students quickly and tries to correct them quickly. By and large, Mr Engin Parlak, who always sits like a guardian angel to the right of the student and only wants the best for his students, is a great driving instructor and a great person! Personally, I can only recommend him! Drive fair with Fairfahr!

Date: 20.11.2014

Reviews from Alish Sögüt Colak

Mr. Parlak is definitely one of the best driving instructors not only Seriôs, professional competence, patient and sympathetic but it is really fun. Mr. Parlak has prepared me well for the exam process. I was a bit nervous at the expert, but it quickly subsided thanks to Mr. Parlak. The expert was very pleasant and sympathetic. The ride was mainly in the streets where I already drove with Mr. Parlak. A turning manoeuvre, parking backwards once etc.... Congratulations:) first time passed. I would be recommended fair driving and rightly so. I can only recommend it to everyone, thanks again to Mr. Parlak for the driving lessons, Kûrse and the great tips.

Date: 07.11.2014

Engin is a very pleasant, patient driving instructor! He explains everything very clearly and wants only the best for his students. I can only recommend FAIRFAHR and would like to thank Engin again for everything!

Date: 06.11.2014

Reviews from EF FE

I would recommend FAIRFAHR to everyone, because by the professional, pleasant and quiet nature of Engin every driving hour has me I was happy and even more motivated. I would like to thank Engin for this huge success in Three weeks!!!

Date: 27.10.2014

Engin is simply the best driving instructor. He explains things very well so you can understand them. With him you learn quickly and feel very secure. He has a lot of patience and shows a lot of understanding in every respect. I really enjoyed going to driving lessons with him... I can only recommend FAIRFAHR to others Thank you Engin :)

Date: 18.10.2014

I would like to recommend FAIRFAHR to everyone. Every driving lesson I had was a lot of fun with Engin. From start to finish Engin was always there and taught me everything professionally. I thank Engin and FAIRFAHR for the great and successful time. :)

Date: 17.10.2014

Thanks to Fairfahr, I passed my exam yesterday. I didn't have it easy because I had a lot of private problems. At some point I arrived at a point where I didn't want to concentrate on driving the car anymore and didn't want to. But Engin was not only my driving instructor but also a friend with whom you could talk about everything. He persuaded me to keep closing. He explains everything clearly and slowly. He's a very patient man. Thanks for everything Engin lg Murat

Date: 03.10.2014

Reviews from Georg Zimmer

Fair and competent. I highly recommend it. It was really fun to go to the driving lesson. Almost a pity that I passed :-) Thank you, Engin.

Date: 21.09.2014

Reviews from özkan Baver Baran

engin is eif de beste fahrlehrer bi him me eif feels quite safe and me learns au very fast I ha before 3 weight ahgfang with driving hour and ha with 11 driving hour scho I existed thanks to you nomol for everything engin abi :)

Date: 20.09.2014

Reviews from Marija Markovic

Engin Parlak is an excellent driving instructor who has a lot of patience and understanding. Thanks to his clear and detailed explanations, driving is not difficult. Already the first time I passed the exam without any problems! I am very happy that I chose fair driving and can only recommend it! Engin I would like to thank you again for everything :)

Date: 17.09.2014

Today I passed the 16.9.14 my driving test thanks to Engin Parlak and his team NK/VKU Fairfahr. a very good driving instructor explains the things so the man also understands so it is easier to put into action and is very patiently glad that I passed the test but also sadly that I have no driving hours more it is just fun to drive with Engin. Keep up the good work and be the best driving instructor in Basel

Date: 29.08.2014

Fair and competent to the driving licence - this slogan is actually reflected by Fairfahr! A few days ago I passed my exam, thanks to Fairfahr. The driving instructor Mr. Parlak explains the individual topics in detail and with patience, so that it is easy to implement them. The ambiguities are cleared up immediately. Moreover, he is a very friendly driving instructor. You learn very fast and have fun with it. I have completed my entire vehicle training (NH, VKU, driving lessons) at Fairfahr and am very satisfied. I can only recommend it to anyone. She's guaranteed to pass the exam.

Date: 27.08.2014

Reviews from Seyit Eren

Wednesday, 27.8.14...the night of tonight I was pretty nervous. I only had one thing on my mind, and that was the driver's test. Actually there would be no reason to worry, because my driving instructor has prepared me thoroughly. Still, a touch of nervousness might even have been good. Because all the more I found the focus on important things and remembered the precise information that E.Parklak gave me in the driving lessons. The empathy during the driving lessons brought first of all a comfortable, but consistent atmosphere, in which you can deal well with each other and learn quickly. Good thing you don't get thrown in the cold water. Step by step you are taught, building on each other. Therefore an ideal introduction for beginners. But even experienced people would find a place at E.Parlak. Because his system allows an assignment. In this way, an entry level is made possible and knowledge and practice are imparted accordingly. My change from two more driving instructors to E.Parlak was worth it. Last but not least, I recommend E.Parlak to anyone who is receptive and wants to move forward quickly. E.Parlak is also top from a human point of view!

Date: 23.08.2014

Reviews from Valon Thaqi

Isch e seröisi driving students with a cool car 100 % learning fun. Ha mini fahrpriefig in very kurzii zit bestehen thanks to en very good drivers. I only recommend to everyone to make fairfahr sini priefig.

Date: 20.08.2014

Reviews from Ceco Toretto

Two months ago I started my driving lessons at FairFahr Basel. I had never had driving lessons before or sat behind the wheel, so I was legally nervous when the first lesson started. The driving instructor Mr. Parlak gave me from the first second a feeling of security and trust. Which was very important for me because I have never driven a car as mentioned above. The topics such as, for example, lanes, priority, parking, etc.. were in my opinion perfectly explained so that it was easy to put this into practice. Furthermore I would like to emphasize that Mr. Parlak always showed patience, which surprised me also very positively was that the restaurant was always clean and that the employees of Fairfahr Basel were always friendly. Now to the most important! Today I passed the exam with a very strict expert without any mistakes. This is due to Fairfahr Basel who prepared me excellently for the exam. I ask you all to go to Fairfahr Basel if you don't have an exam yet. You will not regret it and you will enjoy it. Just as I enjoyed the last two months and almost a small highlight were in my week.

Date: 18.08.2014

Mr. parlak is a good driver and a corect menschn his meadows is very big

Date: 16.08.2014

Reviews from kevin condo

very competent driving lessons, to learn the basics was very easy with his explanations. extended driving hours (60 min). test passed immediately the first time with few driving hours! :-)

Date: 06.08.2014

Reviews from Rukan Kiziler Özserik

I took my driving lessons at the Engin. He talked to me before every driving lesson about what they were practicing. Often before that. So I was always well prepared and knew what to expect. When I wanted to practice something special, he recorded it and built it into the lesson. He always took the time to ask questions. There were sometimes delays in the dates, but these were kept within reasonable limits. Engin explains the traffic rules very precisely and observes their implementation. At the end the hour is summarized, what the mistakes were and what went well in this driving hour. I passed my driver's license the first time with fair driving.

Date: 22.07.2014

Very competent driving instructor, explains VERY understandable, accurate and goes into the smallest detail. He has a lot of patience and takes time to ask questions. He learns fast and moves forward. I changed to Fairfahr and passed the exam in shortest time, I learned a lot of new things, which were not taught to me at the previous driving school, so it is clear if you have not learned something you can not implement it during the exam. Fair driving is therefore the best driving school to take the exam without any risk. :))))

Date: 21.07.2014

Reviews from Lupita Maïthé

Engin is a pleasant driving instructor. He has understanding for mistakes, which one repeats, tries to correct these. It improves the strengths and decreases the weaknesses. You feel comfortable with him, because he is not the strict teacher who looks at your fingers, but rather a buddy who shows you things. Nevertheless he is very concentrated and tries to get the best out of everyone and teach you how to drive well. Thanks again.

Date: 13.07.2014

Reviews from Michele Ferrante


Date: 11.07.2014

very good competent driving instructors! Recommended only

Date: 11.07.2014

Reviews from Tuba Metin

Super driving instructor...

Date: 10.07.2014

Reviews from Gökhan Karatas

Best driving instructors with 16 driving hours biim 1moö I recommend everyone :) Explains individual topics 1 to 1 simply profesyonel ...

Date: 09.07.2014

Reviews from Ammar Yazici

I had fair prices and got my driving license the first time and had only 11 driving hours I recommend it to others, thanks for everything FAIRFAHR

Date: 04.07.2014

Reviews from Selina Muñez

Good competent driving instructor. Explains the individual topics in detail with patience and helps with ambiguities. Prepares the students well for the exam and points out in detail what you have to protect in traffic/at the exam etc.

Date: 04.07.2014

Reviews from Arshbir Singh

With 16 driving lessons passed!!!!!!

Date: 01.07.2014

I learned so much to drive with my ex driving instructor Engin Parlak and passed 1mol driving test! Engin Parlak is simply a great driving instructor. I go to him with joy and learning desire, want it to me simply so fun het meh more from him zlerne. He explains topics calmly, excitingly and helpfully. I can only recommend him! And the car Mercedes a class is just great to drive, we'll miss it!

Date: 01.07.2014

Reviews from Rozerin Demiroglu

E. Parlak is very nice, funny and patient driving instructors. I am really very glad that I ko bi to him and the cyt dure creates ha! Grad biim first mol bestehene!! Meh I must say garnid!! Lüüt where you are interested in car testing or driving school change when >>> FAIR FAHRSCHUEL basel

Date: 20.06.2014

I recommend the driving school Fair Driving to all. Engin Parlak is the best driving instructor. He is very competent, has a lot of patience and explains everything who necessary with patience several times. I passed it the first time and this only thanks to the Engin. I recommend it!!!! He is top:))))))

Date: 10.06.2014

Reviews from Hedon Sulimani

Very good driving instructors, just at 1 mol bstande. Kah him only wittr recommend.

Date: 27.05.2014

Over 60 comments and not a bad rating or comment... I guess you don't have to say much about that. I just passed the exam with a strict expert (according to Engin :-)) with about 15 driving hours (without much previous knowledge). I have already heard from various colleagues what the other driving schools offer and can guarantee you with certainty that FAIRFAHR is the best driving school in the region! Sign up with Engin immediately, you will certainly not regret it! ;-) Thanks again Engin :-D

Date: 07.05.2014

Reviews from Sencer Akcan

I changed my Turkish license to Swiss. Fairfahr was very helpful throughout the process. Instructor is very experienced and give nice tips which are very useful for the control drive.

Date: 04.05.2014

Reviews from Cagla Karabasoglu

Date: 02.05.2014

Reviews from Fabio Cirronis

"Fair and competent to the driving licence" The slogan keeps what it promises! Try out fair driving and you too will, as I did with 13 driving hours the first time, pass or even better. You can look forward to fun, instructive driving lessons with the driving instructor Engin, who with his experience and relaxedness will always give you a good feeling on the road.

Date: 14.04.2014

Reviews from Engin Strasse

Cheap and reliable driving school. In this driving school, driving is fun and learning is fun. I can only recommend it to everyone, passes by :)))) !!!

Date: 04.04.2014

Reviews from Koen Wolters

Fair driving is simply TOP! I just passed my first mol! Engin is really a super driving instructor, he is quiet and cool he rides the route where me au bim prufig rides. :) Great car! Kah! Just make him feel better! :)

Date: 03.04.2014

The driving training at Engin Parlak is efficient, entertaining and professional. The driving instructor is patient, quiet and very friendly. If something should not run the way it should, he takes his time and explains the whole thing again with tips and tricks. The feedback also improves the driving style. In order to enjoy driving, the driving lessons were always varied and fun. You really have fun driving. I passed the test the first time after 12 driving hours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Thank you a lot much times narrow!!!

Date: 01.04.2014

Super driving students, Best driving instructors, Hammer car, Hammer Pries. Kah recommend him only to the weather

Date: 27.03.2014

It's just a besti driving instructor. Hammer car, hammer Priis. Me teaches very much in very short ziit. That's why hani au bim first mol just passed ;-)

Date: 19.03.2014

I only passed my driver's license with 7 driving lessons...:D

Date: 19.03.2014

Reviews from Severin Kaiser

Super driving student :D with only 15 hours bim the first mol t examinable ^^ Thank you Engin

Date: 10.03.2014

Reviews from Joel Lochiger

heyyy merci engin, makes full joy now elei ummecruise can :) :) :)

Date: 04.03.2014

Very competent and always at hand He also explains things several times. Thanks Engin thanks to you I did it the first time. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good driving instructor.

Date: 07.02.2014

The best driving instructor at all :) has existed with 15 driving hours :) ka him only weather recommendations...

Date: 07.02.2014

Reviews from Agon Jusaj

FERRY RIDING WERERI but no from the beginning ah to you ko, the driving lesson are very helpful and funny ksi. Egin is e top driving instructor and bring it to you really bi!! I due in weather recommend to alli döt dusse!!!! FERRY RIDE

Date: 06.02.2014

I had to change driving schools once because the old driving instructor was bad and I didn't pass the first practical exam. That's how I got to fair driving by hearing people. Everyone suggested fair driving to me and told me how fair and successful you are in reaching your goal. So I wanted to let myself be convinced and continued with the best driving instructor and after a short time I also saw that everyone who suggested fair driving was right. I passed the second test very easily.

Date: 06.02.2014

Fairfahr Basel Perfect! Perfect! He is very kind and patient. I was very very pleased. The first time I EXIST:)

Date: 03.02.2014

Fair driving ish fair every driving and het fun, he ish always motivated and me merckts he does it with songlike I am very zfriede kseh and has bim ershte mol bstande ;)

Date: 03.02.2014

Reviews from Onur Sazpinari

Chunt abundzue spot (5-10 min) abr erts bring it really bih!

Date: 03.02.2014

Reviews from Bes Hysenaj

I am very satisfied with my driving instructor. He always explained everything clearly and with a lot of patience. Engin, thank you so much for bringing me this far. The best driving instructor Very recommendable.

Date: 01.02.2014

Reviews from Carlo Carlo Greco

Thanks to FAIRFAHR, he passed his first exam in the first mol, Mr. Parlak is a great driving instructor with a lot of patience, and if he doesn't have any gstumme, he explains it with calmness. Engin, it's just super gsih with you, nomol merci for everything :D I can only recommend it to everyone!

Date: 18.01.2014

Reviews from B. N.

I have experienced professional and at the same time funny, pleasant and reliable training at FAIRFAHR and passed after a short time the first time. I recommend this driving school without hesitation! FAIRFAHR = fair and safe learning to drive a car!!!!!!

Date: 17.01.2014

Reviews from Laureat Osaj

The best driving instructors in all of Switzerland!!

Date: 02.01.2014

Reviews from Esran Öner

Thanks to fair driving I already passed the first try! One drives the routes that can occur at the test point. Prices top, driving instructors top!

Date: 20.12.2013

I ha the priefig quite loosely exist thanks Fairfahr, he het me gholfe and weather brocht if he nid who heti always nonig priefig. eifoch super and good !! Thank you. I'll take care of it.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Fairer Experte

Date: 20.12.2013

Reviews from Konra Kula

Best driving instructors! At 15 driving hours I'm only a minor!

Date: 20.12.2013

Reviews from Mark Montalbo

I was drilled in approx. 10 driving hours with Fairfahr (excl. private driving hours) ready for examination and passed after an attempt. So far the objective Askpekt. From a subjective point of view, the lessons are both instructive and varied, with entertaining conversations. I am happy to recommend the driving school to others.

Date: 15.12.2013

Reviews from Noemi Fringeli

I'M SORRY! Highly recommended :D

Date: 10.12.2013

Managing director Engin Parlak is the best driving instructor you can wish for. He is very patient, friendly and competent. Despite all seriousness not dogged to always have a fun and funny (and RedBull addicted). The Carbon-Mercedes is ultramodern and pleasant for students (parking sensors!). Furthermore Fairfahr has really very fair prices, especially the packages are worthwhile. I don't think any other driving instructor would have been able to get me to my ticket that well. Merci for everything Engin, I can recommend this driving school without reservation! :) :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Das Wichtigste: Sich mal 40 Minuten konzentrieren

Date: 07.10.2013

Turkey is the only country in the world to have a ban on any kind of tax. I have also made a number of comments on this subject in the course of my work. Isvicre kurallarini ve bilmedigim pek cok ayrintiyi buyuk bir sabirla bana anlatti. In addition to this, the Arab Spring has also seen a decline in the number of people who have been imprisoned in the past. I would like to thank you for your support.

Date: 29.09.2013

the driving instructor is blessed with boundless patience. his safety and foresight in traffic he on his students!

Date: 16.09.2013

Reviews from Ozan Topal

Not only the best driving instructor but also a very good person with a lot of patience ! Thank you for your effort and patience with me. Highly recommended.

Date: 15.09.2013

Reviews from Demirel Yoldas

Bim first mol scho existing thanks Engin ha much of you can learn :) Messi for everything bisch dr best...

Date: 15.09.2013

Reviews from Tobias Di Marco

best engin

Date: 14.09.2013

Reviews from Damla Duman

The best in his field and patience is finally one of his strengths ! FairFahr offers not only fair prices, but also a great car !

Date: 12.09.2013

Reviews from Sinan Ysla


Date: 11.09.2013

Reviews from Hasan Kaya

The best driving instructor!!!!!!

Date: 10.09.2013

Great driving instructors, you can learn all the traffic rules in a relaxed and fun way. Safe to recommend :)!!

Date: 10.09.2013

Reviews from Büsra Akdeniz

Fair prices, great car, patient and competent driving instructor... with FairFahr = quick to your driving licence!!

Date: 10.09.2013

The emergency course was very exciting and varied for me personally. The driving instructor arranged the lessons very versatile, was very sympathetic and answered all questions. Top!

Date: 09.09.2013

Reviews from Gianangelo Lo Giudice

Very good driving instructor. Be patient! And explains very exziplit thus well (:

Date: 09.09.2013

Reviews from Yavuz Metin

Eifach dr best in the business;)

Date: 09.09.2013

Reviews from Serhat Kanat

Sympathetic driving instructor and great offers!

Date: 09.09.2013

Very recommendable if you want to have fun in addition to fair price offers. Friendly driving instructor who explains clearly and comprehensibly. Thank you Fairfahr for the great lessons!

Date: 09.09.2013

Reviews from saliu hodsic

Super cheap and you learn fast. Recommended for apprentices!

Date: 09.09.2013

If you want to have fun in class and get your driving licence very quickly, then "FairFahr" is the right place for you!!!!!