Rindlisbacher Kathrin reviews and experiences

Date: 23.04.2019

I found Kathrin Rindlisbacher a very good driving instructor. She could explain and teach me very well.

Date: 19.02.2019

Kathrin gave me many valuable tips and had a lot of patience with me.

Date: 04.02.2019

Katrin prepared me very well for the exam, which I passed on my first attempt. She was always very friendly and patient. The maneuvers she explained to me understandable. With her I felt very safe while driving, with my mistakes she quickly intervened so that nothing could happen. I am satisfied and would take driving lessons again with her, only to recommend.

Date: 04.02.2019

Mrs. Rindlisbacher was always friendly and motivated for the driving lessons. With her broad knowledge she gave me an ideal driving test and taught me a lot, which I will use again and again later. I thank her for that!

Date: 04.02.2019

Reviews from Dawan Aziz

kathrin was for me a very good driving instructor, she is very patient, friendly and set up, she is the best!

Date: 04.02.2019

Kathrin is a sypathetic, nice driving instructor. She explained the manoeuvres well. Price performance is super. I can recommend it.

Date: 29.07.2018

Kathrin was a very good driving instructor for me. She has encouraged me but has not pushed me, is very patient, friendly and well-placed. I always felt very comfortable and well prepared when I went to the exam. I would immediately return to her driving school and recommend her to everyone!

Date: 25.07.2018

For me it could have gone a bit faster with the manoeuvres and stuff.

Date: 25.07.2018

Reviews from Tobias Oberli

The driving instructor seemed sympathetic and patient from the very beginning. This continued until the practical examination. Since I have driven quite a lot privately, I learned quickly and this also supported and encouraged her. The price/performance ratio is very good.

Date: 09.10.2017

Reviews from S. H.

Driving instructor explained badly for the most part. She was more considerate of the car than the learning itself. I couldn't learn anything from mistakes, because the colour teacher always said before that you don't do it that way but that way..., partly she reacted anxiously, with too narrow curves, speed etc.. It's practically impossible to move forward. Always the same done, somewhere in small villages far away from the actual roads driven on narrow streets and into the forest, no maneuvers, no parking learned at 9 driving lessons! small price, but also a lot of time wasted and finally also wasted money with this driving instructor. Not to be recommended!

Date: 04.10.2012

Reviews from R. S.

I can only recommend. The price/performance ratio is exceeded. Sympathetic driving instructor with good professional skills.