Bernerfahrschule, Auto & Motorrad reviews and experiences

Date: 09.03.2020

Reviews from Jael Biner

Marco is a very competent, humorous, calm and patient driving instructor. I would choose him again as a driving instructor and would be happy to recommend him to others. Marco has always motivated me to stay on. Through him I learned a lot, passed the exam and feel safe on the streets today.

Date: 05.03.2020

Reviews from Basil Wittwer

very good preparation... I was able to apply everything I learned to the exam... I have been very happy

Date: 25.02.2020

Reviews from Dimitrios Stefos

When I was looking for a driving instructor, patience and competence were very important to me. With Marco I got this and much more!!! Always in a good mood, humour, constructive feedback, honesty, sympathetic, reliable and humane. I have always felt very comfortable and can simply say THANK YOU. 100% recommendable!!!

Date: 30.01.2020

Marco Gerber convinces with his experience and his friendly, relaxed manner! None of my questions remained unanswered, ambiguities were clarified immediately. Even if you make the same mistake several times, Marco's patience doesn't break. Especially the constructive feedback after each driving lesson is very valuable! For the price unbeatable and recommendable with a clear conscience!

Date: 15.01.2020

Marco is a very patient and understanding driving instructor. Thanks to his useful tips, I now feel prepared to drive alone on the roads after passing the test. 6 stars and a definitive recommendation.

Date: 12.12.2019

Marco is a very patient and friendly driving instructor. He takes his time and returns helpful criticism. Also the praise is not missing in his driving lesson. His humorous nature made me very happy and so I liked a lot easier. The Bernerfahrschule is definitely to be recommended!

Date: 10.12.2019

Marco is a very competent and good driving instructor. He takes his time to explain things calmly and can also transmit matter very well. He is also very personal and nice, can respond very well to you and is also very patient, even if you make the same mistake more often. Definitely recommendable.

Date: 28.11.2019

Reviews from Bryan Pedrazzoli

Very competent driving instructor. Professional and humane

Date: 19.11.2019

Reviews from Shirin Wegner

A big thank you to Marco! He's really doing a great job! Can't say anything negative. One feels comfortable and is prepared tiptop for the exam. I will definitely recommend the Bernerfahrschule to others.

Date: 11.11.2019

Reviews from Leon Balmer

Very competent driving instructor. Points out points and mistakes to the students that you don't even notice. He is also very patient and I felt comfortable at all times.

Date: 10.11.2019

Competent, relaxed, understanding and a good portion of humour are Marco's qualities. With these every driving hour is instructive because also the atmosphere is right. Everyone will benefit!

Date: 24.08.2019

It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Marco. He proceeded in a very structured way, so that I was well prepared for the exam. He is very sympathetic and understanding. Merci Marco!

Date: 20.08.2019

Very nice, quiet, patient and understanding driving instructor who can create attractive and exciting driving lessons. Marco, you're a great guy.

Date: 15.08.2019

Very good driver. I can recommend him. Geit idudel on a one. The speed is adapted to the student.

Date: 11.08.2019

My driving instructor is very good and looked at the smallest details to pass the exam. He also signs you up for the exam if he's sure he'll pass it.

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Date: 11.08.2019

My driving instructor is very good and looked at the smallest details to pass the exam. He also signs you up for the exam if he's sure he'll pass it.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Sei konzentriert und wachsam

Date: 08.07.2019

Reviews from Luka Simunic

Marco is a super driving instructor who is highly recommended. Every time we looked forward to the driving lessons, which were always instructive and humorous thanks to Marco. At the end of the lessons everything is discussed and questions that have arisen are clarified. It is easy to see that Marco attaches great importance to teaching you how to drive with a calm and serenity that the student can concentrate safely on the traffic and learning how to drive! Thank you Marco for accompanying me perfectly to the exam!

Date: 06.07.2019

It's a great driving lesson - but he noticed that he likes the hardness, that his driving shoes only drive when they're really good. oh the Ufbou of the driving lessons they're structured and fully comprehensive. He het ä super kind, an improved backmouth, as well as oh z positive z'sterche. with calmness, viu humor and Kompetänz, patience and oh mental Ungerstüttig me super to and with the passed driving test is accompanied! to 100% to the Witerempfähle. It's huge Merci dir Marco!

Date: 14.05.2019

Reviews from Valerio Parlangeli

Merci Marco! Super driving instructor who takes care of your patience and prepares you properly for the test Würk aues perfect gsi!!!

Date: 06.05.2019

Reviews from Dario Zbinden

Grande Marco! Merci for your patience!

Date: 04.05.2019

Merci viu mau Marco! I'm very happy to see you at the wheel. You very viu Gedud shows you with your wish you can send the ad to the examinee. Thanks to dam bim erschtä mau besandä;)

Date: 01.05.2019

Every time I was looking forward to the driving lesson again. Marco is a very open, nice and humorous driving instructor with whom every driving lesson is a lot of fun. The lessons are very well structured, at the end there is a little feedback on the topics dealt with. Where you can ask questions, give tips and suggest improvements. At the beginning of the lesson, he asks if there were any questions about the topics discussed last time, or if there is anything that you would like to look at again. With this lesson structure you are very well prepared for the exam. I can only highly recommend Marco as a driving instructor, with him you not only learn the right behaviour in road traffic, because you also have fun in driving school.

Date: 10.04.2019

Every driving lesson was very pleasant and it is very important that the discussed things can be implemented practically well. I got a lot of useful tips & tricks.

Date: 27.03.2019

Thanks to you hani zimlech schnäu mini autoprüefig kcha Marco ! If you are a Marco id driving student, you are optimally prepared for the car test. If there are enough common problems, they can be solved easily or even improved. U exactly the combination makes a good driving instructor us. Merci for dini Support Marco.

Date: 11.03.2019

Dr Marco is a very patient, frivolous, humorous and competent driving instructor. You're very structured. Drbi het dr Marco eim immer zerschersch ds theoretical background knowledge to the skinned i certain traffic situations or maneuvers imparted. After that het me the new glernti theory practically chönne go übebe u put into practice. In support of this, he has drawn a leaflet with the most important notice for manoeuvres. That you can use to teach the Ablöif, but also for the driving lessons. Absolutely recommendable! D driving lesson to you hei gfägt! Merci viumau Marco!

Date: 09.03.2019

Marco was a top driving instructor, he showed a lot of patience and was always friendly and funny. I was comfortable!

Date: 07.03.2019

Marco is a driving instructor with a lot of patience, humour and serenity. He won't get tired, even if he has to repeat himself several times. It fascinated me again and again how calm he remained, even if the car once again made a jump. As a person I always felt that my fears were taken seriously. In any case recommendable!

Date: 18.02.2019

Marco was a very good driving instructor with a lot of patience. I learned a lot from him and would recommend the Bernerfahrschule to everyone.

Date: 10.02.2019

Marco lays down a remarkable patience on that day, with an enormous constancy. For my part one of the most important characteristics a driving instructor should have. It not only points you to your weaknesses but also to your gained strengths and prepares you so, in my opinion, perfectly for the driving test. Thank you so much!

Date: 21.01.2019

Reviews from Jaël Zürcher

Together with Marco I spent many great, instructive, funny and exciting driving lessons. He explained everything exactly and showed it to me as much as I needed. His patience is great, he stays loose. In my opinion, the prices for his services are definitely reasonable. With him the driving lessons become a blast and with good conversations even more fun. :) Thank you for your support and that you never doubted me!

Date: 20.01.2019

Marco is a very patient and pleasant driving instructor. The mix between small talk and instructive hours works out perfectly. His advice will bring everyone through the test. I enjoyed it.

Date: 20.12.2018

Reviews from vanina grobet

Marco is a patient, friendly and structured driving instructor. Sometimes a little long gaps until the next driving hour but otherwise top like to recommend to others

Date: 16.12.2018

I enjoyed my driving lessons with Marco. We laughed a lot. He was always patient with me and was able to motivate me again and again despite my doubts about my ability. Thank you for your support! The structure of the lessons was clearly structured and the goals defined. The many pictures and leaflets helped me a lot. I now feel very safe on the road after passing the exam.

Date: 28.11.2018

Marco always picked me up in a good mood, on time and motivated. The driving lessons were pleasant and interesting. I can highly recommend him as a driving instructor! Thank you very much.

Date: 26.11.2018

I experienced Marco as a pleasant and sympathetic driving instructor. During my time with him he was able to help me with my problems and always had an understandable explanation ready for all maneuvers. Even if I once had a little longer until I had internalized the process, he was always patient. Ä liäbä gruäss Cédric

Date: 13.11.2018

Reviews from Timo Sperisen

Marco is patient, sociable and can explain well.

Date: 08.11.2018

Reviews from Lea Ferrante

Marco went to a lot of trouble and prepared me very well for my car test. He takes enough time to explain to you everything you want to know and is a very patient driving instructor which was very important to me as I had a very unfriendly driving instructor who scared me more. Marco has given me back the joy of driving. I can recommend Marco to everyone who wants a correct, qualitative, patient and very friendly driving instructor. Thank you Marco for giving me back the joy of driving again and preparing me so well for the test! E dear greetings lea

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Date: 16.10.2018

Marco is a very good driving instructor. He explains everything clearly and is very patient. I'd recommend him to anyone at any time.

Date: 08.10.2018

Marco is a quiet and patient driving instructor. He can declare as very good. I'd choose him again. I can only recommend him.

Date: 24.09.2018

Marco Gerber was a very competent, calm and transparent driving instructor. He gave very good tips, was experienced and sympathetic. I can only highly recommend him.

Date: 07.09.2018

Reviews from Leïla Sd

Marco is a very quiet and patient person. Technically he's certainly one of the best and I'd certainly vote for Marco again. Can only recommend

Date: 03.09.2018

Marco is a very sympathetic and ruihger driving instructor and man . One of the best in the business! Would immediately recommend the Bernerfahrschule to everyone.

Date: 30.08.2018

Super driving instructors! He is an understanding and patient teacher, even if he has to explain the same thing X times, he remains calm and constructive. I would definitely re-elect Marco.

Date: 07.08.2018

Reviews from Vanessa Jost

Marco is very calm and can explain well and is also very patient. I can only recommend.

Date: 02.08.2018

Reviews from Toni Tarantola

Marco is very likeable and humorous. He seems to be a master of his trade. I learned a lot in a very short time and had a lot of fun. Merci Marco!

Date: 05.07.2018

He is a very good driving instructor with a patience of an angel and a lot of humor. Step by step he explains and teaches you manoeuvres&Co and prepares you very well for the exam. :)

Date: 26.06.2018

Reviews from Melissa Läderach

Great driving instructor. He is very patient, nice, funny and always helps you in peace. Recommended only :)

Date: 13.06.2018

Hammer driving instructor! I've never driven a car before and learned everything together with Marco! Be calm and confident with one and give clear tips that will help you very well! I can recommend it to everyone and am glad that I took my driving lessons with him!

Date: 09.05.2018

The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me and were very instructive. Marco has a lot of patience and teaches you how to drive with a lot of joy. You are well prepared for the exam. I can only recommend.

Date: 03.05.2018

Marco was a very good driving instructor. He helped me overcome my fear of the car in a timely manner and believed in my ability at all times, even if I did not. It was very pleasant to drive through Bern with him and to chat a bit from time to time. I thank him very much for his continued support!

Date: 08.04.2018

Marco is humorous and uncomplicated. The driving lessons are instructive and well structured. The lessons were fun every time. I was super prepared for the exam. I can only recommend the Bernerfahrschule!

Date: 29.03.2018

Marco is a nice and patient person. He is humorous and flexible. To recommend

Date: 22.03.2018

Reviews from Gloria Brantschen

The driving lessons are professionally competent, structured, constructive & flexible; patient, calm, humorous & absolutely likeable is the driving instructor immediately recommend! So even the blonde girl from the Valais mountains kept her nerves in the hectic city traffic and finally got her driver's license at the age of 25. ;)

Date: 18.03.2018

Marco is a very nice and good driving instructor. He is also very flexible and can pick someone up at work for the driving lessons. I can only recommend him.

Date: 28.02.2018

Marco's a great driving instructor. He is the rest himself and has a great patience. You are always motivated by him and even after a less successful driving lesson you don't lose the joy of driving. Also his super explanations and tips helped me a lot. I am happy to recommend his driving school to others.

Date: 25.02.2018

Marco is a very quiet guy who likes to take the time to explain a little bit more to you. I was looking forward to every driving lesson, because I already knew in advance what will be learned today. Also his humor should not be missing in any lesson. I can recommend the Bernerfahrschule to anyone who is looking for a top driving instructor.

Date: 23.02.2018

Marco is a brilliant driving instructor! He is always very patient, has understanding and always tries to take away uncertainties. He explains rules, manoeuvres etc. very precisely and comprehensibly and also records them on paper, which helped me a lot. Even though I made the same mistake X times, Marco always kept calm and explained the procedure again. I also think it's great how he was always on the road with a bit of humour and was able to loosen up certain situations. I can definitely recommend Marco! Merci dier many times! :)

Date: 15.02.2018

Very sympathetic young man. Due to his calm nature he is able to impart knowledge optimally. In a short time I have learned a lot. I recommend the Bernerfahrschule to everyone who still wants to get his driver's license.

Date: 27.01.2018

I can highly recommend my driving instructor to everyone who is looking for a good driving school. Marco structures the training very clearly. Per driving hour he takes on one or two topics (e.g. you learn to park sideways on one day) and repeats this until you can. He takes time for the pre- and debriefing, addresses the mistakes and possibilities for improvement as well as the positive. So I could practice very efficiently and purposefully privately. Marco explains the most important traffic situations and manoeuvres with drawings and photos, so that I could go through them again at home. These "theory sheets" were also worth their weight in gold to me the evening before the exam, when I looked through them again to memorize the most important things (and to calm my nerves :-). Marco is the most patient person I know: even after I made the same mistake for the umpteenth time, he remained calm and explained it to me again - calmly and without any reproach. Marco is well positioned and sympathetic and has a great deal of humour. There was always a good atmosphere in the car and I was looking forward to the driving lessons every time. What convinced me the most was his constructive criticism: a good mixture of "praise the positive" and "address errors and opportunities for improvement clearly and directly". So I always knew where I was and what I had to practice at home. This gave me more self-confidence from driving lesson to driving lesson, so that I finally went to the test with a really good feeling and passed it right away. Dear Marco, thank you very much for the great training! I cha mer no better driving instructors introduce! Ah, almost forgotten: The Mercedes, the practice car, is a dream! I miss him already ...

Date: 23.01.2018

Reviews from Jessica Gerber

Only to recommend! very sympathetic & instructive!

Date: 07.01.2018

Reviews from Brittney Otevrel

I can only recommend Marco and his Bernese Experience School. I'm over 30 and found it embarrassing to start driving school so late in life. I was afraid of driving too. Marco has always taken my worries and fears seriously and through his encouraging way of helping me to eliminate them. He is very competent, calm, patient and humorous. You can feel that driving is not only his job but also his passion. At Marco, not only the technical but also the human aspects are right. I can't imagine a better driving instructor.

Date: 19.12.2017

Reviews from Fabienne Leuzinger

Sympathetic, competent and flexible! I would immediately recommend to everyone

Date: 16.12.2017

Anyone who wants to feel safe in traffic and able to cope with any situation is definitely in the right place here. Marco is a very competent and patient driving instructor. He takes the time to explain all the maneuvers in an understandable and accurate way and wants only the best for his students. I can only recommend him!

Date: 20.11.2017

I can recommend Marco from the Bernerfahrschule to anyone who is looking for a patient driving instructor with very good knowledge and practical tips for safe, foresighted and environmentally conscious driving and who wants to have fun learning. Very good structure of the training - we did a repetition at the beginning of each lesson and I was able to ask questions if anything was unclear. Marco also illustrated various situations with drawings and model cars and then put them into practice. Especially his parking tips took away my fear during the test - because it always works! I passed the exam within 2.5 months thanks to Marco's support at the first attempt and felt very well prepared for it. Not to forget the driving school car - learning is fun. I thank you Marco, by your humorous, friendly and patient way, if something did not work out at first go, I have always been able to look forward to the driving lessons! I wish you and the driving school Bern continued success! Best regards Tanja

Date: 17.11.2017

Marco is a very patient driving instructor. He has always promoted me well and supported me where it was necessary! Merci viu mau Marco!

Date: 25.10.2017

The driving instructor Marco has always been very nice and explained everything step by step. Was very pleased that I chose the Bernerfahrschule. I can only recommend it.

Date: 20.08.2017

Marco was always very nice and quiet. He has a very good structure and explains the individual situations precisely and very comprehensibly. He prepared me super for the exam, which I also passed the first time. I can only recommend Marco!

Date: 17.08.2017

Reviews from Loco Roco

I immediately felt very comfortable with Marco. He is patient, calm and has continuously adapted the program to my progress. The driving lessons were super structured and always very instructive. He also gave me many practical tips for safe and economical driving. I can only recommend him.

Date: 11.08.2017

Very nice and understanding driving instructor with a lot of patience. Only to be recommended!

Date: 10.08.2017

Reviews from Soraya Blanche

Definitely the driving instructor! Marco isch mega gedoudi and e very love! I've always felt like you and when I ask ha gha or öppis nid uf ahieb ha understood, het het me super nice explanation with bispiu. I empfile dr marco every where else want to teach outofahre!

Date: 10.08.2017

After a second attempt I arrived at Marco with the right driving instructor. I liked all of Marco's riding lessons very much and I was able to learn a lot with joy (without fear). He conveys his great expertise with comprehensible words and gives clear instructions for the exercises. His enthusiasm for motorcycling also has a positive effect on his riding lessons. Sometimes only a simple advice helped and I could put away an uncertainty again. Marco has a lot of patience and I really appreciated his calm nature. The goal-oriented lessons and the preparation for the exam could not be better. Many thanks Marco, for your super driving lessons, I recommend you very gladly further. Annemarie Gloor

Date: 09.08.2017

I started driving a motorbike at the age of 25 in March 2017. Until August I drove a lot and extensively incl. the way to work during the week. I was able to practice a lot myself and gain routine. In order to be optimally prepared for the stage, I drove several hours with Marco. He was able to give me many important things on the way, which gave me additional security and the lessons were instructive, pleasant and competent. I'm happy to recommend Marco. Greetings Cathedral

Date: 09.08.2017

Marco's a great driving instructor!! He is professional and human TOP! He could always explain my questions to me well, so that I had an AHA experience. Sometimes he also explained different traffic situations to me using drawings or the game car, so that I could imagine the situation better. Every driving lesson was structured and adapted to me so that I wasn't overwhelmed. I enjoyed the lessons very much and I could always learn new things. I can only recommend Marco!

Date: 05.07.2017

I found the lessons with Stefan Neuenschwander very positive. Combined with practice, Stevie conveys the theoretical knowledge in a very understandable way! In hectic situations he keeps a cool head and evaluates constructively. Merci viu mau!

Date: 25.06.2017

Marco is a very good driving instructor who accompanies you with his expertise and his calm, patient and constructive manner until you pass the driving test. I can only recommend him. Jambi Remund

Date: 21.06.2017

Marco is a top driving instructor, he always stays calm and explains everything until you understand it;). I can only recommend Marco!

Date: 28.05.2017

Marco is an excellent driving instructor, I can only recommend him. He is very patient, friendly, competent, flexible and reliable. Marco is a very open-minded and upright person. His mixture of seriousness and humour made the driving lessons very pleasant. His explanations are very understandable. Marco gives you confidence and courage. The relaxed atmosphere with him is very calming. I was with two other driving instructors before and Marco was clearly the best driving instructor. Thank you so much for everything. Greetings Sabine.

Date: 27.05.2017

I experienced the driving instructor, Marco Gerber, as uncomplicated and very competent. The driving lessons were pleasant and instructive. Already after a few hours with him I knew what to look out for when driving and thus developed an ever greater confidence in my driving skills. He also helped me cope with my driving test anxiety.

Date: 11.05.2017

Reviews from Kai Trachsel

Dr Dude is super. He is teaching his students to be very flexible in his way of driving. Cha öich dr marco gerber highly recommended Viu fun

Date: 06.05.2017

I am very satisfied and I could learn a lot from my driving instructor! I am safe on the road!

Date: 03.05.2017

The driving lessons with Marco were very instructive and well structured. At the beginning of the lesson we repeated what we had learned together. We then discussed the content of the current lesson. At the end we reflected together the double lessons and recorded positive points as well as points for improvement. Marco is a very patient driving instructor and always remained calm. I found the preliminary test drive, which we completed together one week before the car test, particularly positive. So I was able to deal with an examination situation in advance and then knew how the examination would proceed and what I could expect. Thanks to Marco's well developed driving lessons, I passed the test at the first attempt.

Date: 25.04.2017

Dr Marco is a very patient and frivolous driving instructor. Very helpful for my learning process. At the beginning of the lesson we will tell you what exactly the goal of the day is. Additional sheet metal before the Loos drive from a retrospect to the last driving lesson. Thus, the glernte already glernte always repeats and smoichzytig unclear no beautiful clarify. If there were any questions during the lesson, he would always find a place to describe more precisely the situation with the signatures and the quantity of model cars. D' Ufzeichnige hani up to the driving test always again to the Repetiere and bi uncertainties chönne to the hand sew. At the Endi before driving lessons there is always your churzi Reflektion gäh, where more zeme aagluegt hei, what good and what less good is gsii. Sini method, so d' rules of the traffic and d' correct behaviors in certain situations bii z' bring het bi me definite success gha and me ghoufe, d' driving test bim erschte Aalouf z' bestah. Dear Marco! Dür dini ufgstellti and fründlechi Art hani mi always uf d' driving lessons chönne fröie! If you don't want to be so glamorous, you have to be patient to make sure that your driving test is good. I will certainly continue to appreciate it! For dini driving shoes wish the from Guete and vieu success :) Dearest greetings Julie

Date: 19.03.2017

Marco as a driving instructor is like the 6 in the lottery!!!! At the beginning I was a very insecure and rather anxious car driver, without great confidence in my driving skills. Marco recognized this and adapted the individual lessons and also the whole training to my abilities. At the beginning he recorded the most important traffic situations, which was very helpful because I could repeat them at home. Every single hour was very well structured and always connected with a goal. At the beginning of each lesson I was asked if I still had questions. Afterwards we discussed what the goal of today's driving lesson is. Already during the trip but always afterwards it was evaluated again. The positive aspects were emphasized, which I personally found very important, as they strengthened my confidence in my abilities. However, it was also pointed out what needs to be improved and what I should pay attention to next time. In addition to his great expertise, I consider his incredible patience to be his greatest strength. Although he made the same mistake for the x- time, he always remained calm and explained it to me again. Another plus is his sense of humor. He has the right mixture of seriousness, which is absolutely necessary for a good education, but he always manages to cheer me up with a saying when he noticed that I was too stressed. Even though I was very nervous for the driving lessons at the beginning of the training, Marco managed to make me look forward to the lessons. One notices that he loves his profession and always wants the best for the student. The exam preparation was also optimal. Marco prepared me for all important points, procedures and procedures. We also did several test drives, which was great. Thanks to this great training I passed the exam the first time and can say that I could even enjoy the exam ride. Dear Marco, thank you very much for never giving up on me and for giving me the necessary self-confidence. Thanks to you I like to drive a car today and will think of you at every driving ban :-) I can only recommend Allen, go to Marco in the driving lesson, it's worth it!!!

Date: 18.03.2017

Great driving lessons!

Date: 15.03.2017

I was very happy with the theme. It was going fast but also not too fast, so I had enough time to internalize everything :) And I am also satisfied with the way my driving instructor taught me. Very pleasant manner. Took close to heart! :)

Date: 24.02.2017

Marco is a great driving instructor! Seriously and conscientiously, but still with a very pleasant portion of wit and fun, he explains to you how to drive a car. Thanks to drawings and the help of toy cars, you can imagine any traffic situation visually. Every driving hour was great fun and the time always flew very fast. Merci for the great exam preparation and good luck! Sabrina :-)

Date: 16.02.2017

Super driving instructors!

Date: 15.02.2017

Marco's a great driving instructor. He always takes the time to ask questions and explains the material clearly. If you don't understand something, he explains it with drawings or toy cars. In addition to the excellent professional skills, Marco is also top on a human level:) I recommend Marco as a driving instructor to anyone who wants to learn to drive efficiently and with a lot of fun.

Date: 13.01.2017

Reviews from Noémie Antonio

Marco's a great driving instructor!! Thanks to him, every hour is associated with progress. He has a very pleasant and patient nature, which is why you always feel safe with him in the car. I really can only recommend him. Thanks to him, I was also able to pass the exam within 2 months, which speaks for his instructive hours. Merci!

Date: 12.01.2017

TOP! Marco Gerber is helpful and gives great tips! The driving lessons with him were worth every cent. Recommendation = 100%!

Date: 02.12.2016

I don't know anyone who has as much patience as Marco. He's a good-hearted person and you can rely on him 100%. He also has the ability to judge people very well! The driving lessons with him were structured and systematically structured, so that I never felt totally overwhelmed. He always takes the time to clarify questions, even if the question has been asked for the umpteenth time. It's easy to tell from his commitment that he really enjoys his job! Thank you very much Marco!!

Date: 22.11.2016

Reviews from Joyce Harreh

As a driving instructor, I had Marco Gerber. He gives a very pleasant and instructive lesson. Very competent, but by no means strict atmosphere. With him I learned a relaxed but attentive driving style. He's just awesome!

Date: 03.11.2016

Marco is with his calm, patient & clear nature a super driving instructor. Questions or ambiguities were always discussed and clarified. I have always felt safe and in good hands. Thanks to his cool humor and the great car every driving lesson was an experience :-) I thank him once again and wish him all the best!

Date: 12.10.2016

Reviews from Lisa Rüedi

Very patient & friendly

Date: 05.10.2016

Super driving instructors! A lot of patience and a great way to teach the many road rules logically. Perfect preparation for the exam! Merci

Date: 21.09.2016

I can highly recommend Marco to everyone. He is extremely patient and very sympathetic. I have always felt very comfortable during the lessons. He does his job very well and is wholeheartedly involved. I could not imagine a better driving instructor and must honestly admit that I will miss the lessons with him :-). If you are looking for a competent, friendly and patient driving instructor, I can highly recommend Marco to you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much Marco once again. I wish you all the best. All viu love Grüess Kim

Date: 03.09.2016

Thank you, I passed the test with the vehicle expert with praise. I can only recommend you! Your driving lessons were instructive, varied and ultimately successful. Jessica

Date: 18.08.2016

I have experienced Marco as a very pleasant and patient driving instructor. The lessons are very well structured from the first driving lesson to the preliminary exam. At the end of each ride you get honest and detailed feedback. The always pleasant and quiet atmosphere in the car also contributes significantly to the learning success. I can warmly recommend Marco to anyone and everyone as a driving instructor.

Date: 16.08.2016

Marco is a driving instructor with all his heart. He only wants the best for his students. I have experienced him as patient, calm and humorous. It was always very pleasant what I appreciated. I wish him many more, also pleasant driving students and all the best! Merci!

Date: 02.08.2016

Reviews from Gerda Burkhard

Who has Marco Gerber as a driving instructor, has drawn in my opinion the big lot..... I am 60 years old and passed the exam immediately after my lessons with Marco. He was always pleasant, friendly and humorous, his teaching absolutely clear, informative and objective. He can empathize with a novice driver, even if he is twice his age. At no time did he "give up" on me, even though I offered unspeakable things here and there in the course of my training... At the shot I was able to start the test run confidently and well prepared. Thank you, Marco!

Date: 22.07.2016

Marco's driving lessons are very structured and well-structured, and on occasion also visually with drawings. Marco is a very competent, patient and humorous driving instructor and I highly recommend him. Even in my "I never learn that" crises he remained patient and gave me back the necessary self-confidence. I passed the exam right away. Merci Marco! =)

Date: 02.07.2016

Very good in explaining gives very good simple tricks and tips. price ratio, can only recommend him.

Date: 27.05.2016

The driving lessons at Marco are very well structured. His explanations are easy to understand and are mostly visualized so you can understand even faster how to drive. His calm nature and patience are very helpful to learn to drive optimally. Thanks to the good teaching I was able to pass the exam at the first attempt. I would definitely recommend Marco to others to learn how to drive a car.

Date: 27.05.2016

Marco is super friendly, very patient and very competent. Thanks to the clearly structured driving lessons which were always adapted to my progress, the good visualized explanations and the constant honest and constructive feedback I felt optimally prepared for the exam and passed the first attempt. Marco's calm and relaxed manner helped me a lot to reduce nervousness and fear and to gain self-confidence. Merci Marco! I can really recommend Marco to everyone as a driving instructor!

Date: 28.04.2016

Reviews from Sara Krättli

Marco is very competent and always perfectly conveys the peace and quiet needed when driving a car. He prepares you very well for the practical exam. Definitely would recommend him as a driving instructor.

Date: 30.03.2016

Marco has a good and structured method. The topics are first clearly explained, practiced and then repeated. He likes to draw schemas you can still study at home. He is motivating, pleasant and says gladly and honestly what went well / badly. I passed the exam at first attempt :-)

Date: 13.02.2016

I can highly recommend Marco as a driving instructor! Before I took driving lessons with him, I always felt insecure and nervous on the road. But thanks to his relaxed and humorous manner, I quickly enjoyed driving a car, whenever I lacked self-confidence, Marco could take away my fears and taught me to believe more in myself. The pace of progress was adapted to me, the explanations were always detailed and competent, the teaching style was patient and motivating. Not only as a driving instructor super, but also humanly pleasant and sympathetic. I felt well prepared and passed the exam at the 1st attempt. A big MERCI for your help, Marco! :)

Date: 25.01.2016

Reviews from Stefanie Bolli

Dr Marco is the best driving instructor womä sich cha wish! Poor het very much patience, cha guet erchlähre, är recognizes dini weaknesses and helps you to overcome the ds! If you have never had a good day like this, you are motivated with me, you are always glowing with me, that makes me very happy! The driving lesson at Marco is very instructive and disciplined but it is always very pleasant and lustgi coherent! I have taught him a lot at Marco, not only how to ride outdoors but also how to do it with the gloubä! With the help of the Marco hani mini test rig even for the first time passed! It's a super driving lesson gsi! Mersi Marco!

Date: 20.01.2016

I found the lessons with Marco Gerber completely convincing. As a teacher, he is very patient, technically extremely competent and also super as a person. You could always have exciting conversations with him about cars. Merci Marco!

Date: 20.01.2016

Reviews from Lorenz Wyss

I can only recommend Marco as a driving instructor! He explains very well, calmly and patiently. The explanations are recorded in a way that is easy to understand. His friendly nature is also convincing.

Date: 04.01.2016

Merci Marco for dini Geduud with me ;-) If you are looking for a competent, flexible, professional, humorous and friendly driving instructor, he is exactly the right person for you! If you have been blowing your nose, you will have passed the 1. test with mini! Merci tuuusig for the amusing u lehrriche driving lesson with you! :-)

Date: 04.12.2015

During the hours with Marco, I always felt very comfortable. There was a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in the car, which made it easier for me to make fast progress. His teaching methods are up to date and very comprehensive. Marco is a pleasant teacher and I quickly gained confidence in him. I will definitely recommend him!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Die Prüfung ist wirklich keine Hürde

Date: 18.09.2015

Marco Gerber makes the impossible possible! Because he stood up for me so that I could take my exam in one month and it passed. He always takes the time to answer questions or just make a skize of the situation. I can only recommend Marco. Merci Marco for dini Supporting

Date: 17.09.2015

Marco does his job very well. If I had a question, he could explain it to me very well and exactly. His humorous, relaxed manner also helped me to feel really comfortable in the car. He also praised me again and again, which motivated me very much. During the driving lessons I was able to ask all my questions and clear up my ambiguities. Even if something didn't work right away, he never lost his nerve. It's very relaxed in the car. But still every hour is challenging and intense. I can really recommend Marco to anyone!

Date: 09.09.2015

He was great. He not only showed an excellent professional competence (good visualized explanations, patient; does not explain too much, but also not too little, etc.), but was also very pleasant in human terms. Gladly to recommend.

Date: 06.08.2015

The best and most patient driving instructor ever! From you Marco, I have learned above all that self-confidence is the be-all and end-all. Merci Marco, for your commitment and that you never doubted me and my "driving art"! :)

Date: 04.08.2015

I have learned a lot in these driving lessons for example that with the necessary motivation you give yourself and also a certain self-confidence you can create everything. And that's exactly what they learn from this driving instructor. Thanks again :)

Date: 14.07.2015

Marco was always friendly and calm from the beginning to the end of my practical driving training. I had no experience behind the wheel during the first driving lesson and its introduction took away my fear of driving a car. Also in the course of the training he has helped me further super and one could laugh with him also over a few mistakes, which takes away the pressure and makes the mood very pleasant. :D Thanks again, Marco, for the great time, supervision, patience and teaching!

Date: 29.05.2015

Marco Gerber is a very friendly and friendly driving instructor. With a lot of patience he taught me how to drive a car in a very pleasant way. He recognized my weaknesses and helped me to eliminate them step by step. Marco also made me laugh a lot and so the atmosphere was always very relaxed and so he prepared me perfectly for the driving test, which I passed for the first time thanks to him. He's a top driving instructor. Greetings, Lea.

Date: 06.04.2015

MG is the best driving instructor, without him I would not have passed the driving test and certainly not the first time! I didn't have any self-confidence while driving, but Marco motivated me a lot and gave me courage :). With his calm, cool and funny nature he took away my fears. I've always been very comfortable. Thanks a lot Marco :) :)

Date: 25.02.2015

Very pleasant and recommendable! I was perfectly prepared for the stage and was able to master it at the 1st attempt. Couldn't imagine a better driving instructor :)

Date: 15.02.2015

Great driving instructor. Couldn't have found a better one. I passed the test at the first attempt! Highly recommended! Thank you Marco!

Date: 13.02.2015

M.G. is what I'd like a good driving instructor to be. He always remains calm and speaks clearly and understandably, as well as psychologically well. In my opinion this means that he finds a right mixture of praise and criticism, so that you as a student driver don't lose your nerve and despair, but know exactly what you can still work on. Well top, you can't go wrong with him as a driving instructor! :)

Date: 05.02.2015

A super person through and through. Absolutely nothing to criticize, all TipTop. Driving test passed the first attempt without any problems. So I can only recommend Marco. MfG Luke

Date: 04.02.2015

In the beginning I had no idea how to operate a vehicle approximately, still no experience. But thanks to the competent driving lessons with Marco, which were tailored to my needs, I learned to drive a car step by step. Marco teaches in a relaxed, sympathetic and at the same time serious way, with which he has optimally prepared me for the practical exam with success :) His openness and honesty always help to improve. If someone is looking for a good driving instructor contact Marco Gerber! Driving is fun with him, I can only recommend him.

Date: 02.02.2015

I can only recommend Marco as a driving instructor! He was competent, reliable and flexible. The hours were interesting and varied. I felt very well prepared for the exam and was therefore not really nervous. Thanks Marco :)

Date: 17.01.2015

Marco is the best driving instructor one could wish for; he is competent, very patient, can explain well, makes the lessons varied and interesting, is a humorous and upright guy, is calm and objective, can motivate well, communicates openly and honestly, is flexible regarding the appointment and, and, and. The best is to contact him and see for yourselves, I can recommend it very well :-). I passed the exam the first time.

Date: 16.01.2015

Reviews from Christoph Iseli

Hei Marco! It's good for you and I've been learning villages:) I'm glad I've had patience with me and I've had no terms explained 2-3 mau d sach to igs haönne. Hats are safe on the road and clean ahead. I will recommend you to Lg christoph

Date: 17.12.2014

Reviews from Regula Schelling

Marco is a driving instructor with great patience, care and humour. Even though I made the same mistake for the 100th time, he remained calm, motivated and gave me good tips. It not only prepares you well for the exam, but also for everyday driving afterwards. His lessons were always well designed and gave room for repetition and possible questions. Thank you for the nice time and I can only recommend him from the bottom of my heart!

Date: 25.11.2014

Merci Marco for the cyt! I have taught you how to do this and how to be successful. Dini geduldigi and luschtigi kind hetmi motivated. You're very well organized and the spicy six at the end ou ufds result us! Merci no mau for Aues!

Date: 19.11.2014

Marco is a very patient and well organized driving instructor. He prepared me well for any situation in traffic. Only to be recommended!

Date: 30.09.2014

Reviews from Roman Kohler

I was very efficiently and professionally prepared by Marco for the practical driving test. Then it worked in the first attempt. Can therefore only recommend Marco!

Date: 13.09.2014

Marco is a patient and indulgent driving instructor. Although I travelled half a year and took no driving lessons, I had no trouble getting back in again. He regularly asks you how you are doing and criticizes you in a pleasant way. The driving lessons are also often fun. I passed the test right away and am very satisfied!

Date: 17.08.2014

I took my driving lessons with Marco Gerber. On the one hand he is a completely competent, patient and organized teacher, on the other hand he is a sympathetic and intelligent person. I passed the driving tests after 13 lessons at first go and can only recommend the lessons with him. Merci Marco!

Date: 16.08.2014

Reviews from Säguflüger Gränicher

I changed my driving school because there was no learning effect left for me with the old driving instructor. After a long search for a new one I came across Marco Gerber and knew that I was in the right place. Marco explains everything very precisely and clearly points out the dangers in road traffic. If one does not follow once, he has much patience and takes it fully easy! By the way. The driving school car is very comfortable and comfortable. And so I successfully passed the test! Merci....

Date: 13.08.2014

Marco is an extremely competent and patient driving instructor, which in my opinion should be the most important qualities of such a driver. He prepared me perfectly for the practical exam, which I passed in my first attempt. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to drive in a humorous yet serious way.

Date: 09.06.2014

Marco Gerber, for me the absolute best driving instructor on this planet. Top serious, always up to date thanks to continuous training, always very friendly and sensitive, always concentrates on the learner and is always on the ball. He immediately recognizes your weaknesses, responds to them skilfully and is able to correct them almost unnoticed, so that you can pass the practical exam safely. I passed my first exam with flying colors. Merci Marco

Date: 14.05.2014

The driving lessons with Marco were always very instructive. Due to the well-structured course of the driving training, one is prepared for almost every situation during the examination. Thanks to his patience I have not lost my courage even in stressful moments. Therefore, the test was successful at the first attempt. Merci! :)

Date: 24.04.2014

A sympathetic young man with humour and a lot of patience. The driving lessons are tip top adapted to the skills and needs of the learners. I always felt comfortable and not under pressure and passed the exam at the first attempt. Merci Marco :)

Date: 28.02.2014

Thanks to the competent and serious training at Marco, I passed the exam at the first attempt. I can only recommend the humorous, sympathetic driving instructor!

Date: 18.02.2014

Marco Gerber is a very competent, patient, encouraging and humorous driving instructor. The lessons were always instructive for me, because he teaches very precisely. Very recommendable! :)

Date: 18.02.2014

The driving lessons with Marco Gerber were varied, instructive, understanding - and humorous. He is a top driving instructor who I can really recommend:-). A big THANK YOU and keep it up:-)!!!! Äs liebs grüessli before Isa

Date: 06.02.2014

The driving lessons with Marco Gerber were good and instructive. I can't complain. He's very patient and courageous. Many thanks Lucas Silveira

Date: 29.01.2014

Reviews from Sonja Strangis

Are you looking for a competent, patient driving instructor with a sense of humor? This is where you found him! The driving lessons at Marco have always been fun! Thanks to his explanations and drawings, the traffic rules were always clearly understandable! Thank you! kind greeting sonya PS: Also I passed the exam at the 1st time

Date: 14.01.2014

Marco Gerber is a very good and pleasant driving instructor. Even if the line is a bit longer, he is very patient. The driving lessons are varied and instructive. I can only recommend Marco Gerber!

Date: 05.11.2013

Marco Gerber is a great driving instructor. He has a lot of patience and teaches you everything exactly and understandably. I passed the exam the first time. :)

Date: 03.10.2013

Marco Gerber is a great driving instructor! At the beginning of my driving training I had several lessons with another driving instructor who more or less only drove around with me. Approximately after the 12 driving lessons he said I was ready for the exam and told me immediately that he would emigrate in the next days... Since I had completed my VKU at the driving school Zytglogge, I decided to take further driving lessons with Marco. Already after the first hour it was clear to me that this one is much more professional. Since I learned more or less nothing from the first driving instructor, I had to catch up with him. Thanks to his patience and experience, he was able to teach me everything I needed quickly... I passed the practical exam the first time thanks to him! Thanks again for that!! :) P. Wyler

Date: 29.08.2013

Marco Gerber is absolutely the best driving instructor there is. He is patient and remains calm even in difficult situations. Quickly recognizes your own weaknesses when driving a car and then goes into detail. He's also always available for a joke or makes jokes himself. Anyone who wants a super driving instructor should definitely go to him.

Date: 30.07.2013

Marco Gerber from driving school Zytglogge is the best driving instructor ever, he tries to explain to you exactly how it works, he takes a lot of time for you, he is a highly recommended driving instructor, will you pass the driving license on first run? We wish you good luck and have fun with Marco.

Date: 24.06.2013

Marco helped me to pass the test the first time, despite the starting difficulties I had with another driving instructor. He taught with patience and humor! I can only recommend him!

Date: 16.06.2013

Reviews from Christa Schmid

Marco Gerber was a great driving instructor for me. He explained and taught me everything important step by step and conscientiously. He very quickly recognized my personal difficulties and skilfully responded to them. I thank him for his commitment and would recommend him at any time. Christa Schmid

Date: 10.05.2013

Marco Gerber is really a great driving instructor! Came to him from another driving instructor and he was able to teach me the driver within a short time. His very sociable nature and his humour always made the hours very pleasant, even after a long working day. After about 20 hours I have passed the exam at the 1st time and feel safe on the road and thanks to his tips I am also prepared for difficult situations :) Thank you, Marco!

Date: 30.04.2013

Correct, very friendly, patient and good: this is how Marco and his driving lessons can be described. With him I got to the passport in 10 double hours...very recommendable!

Date: 15.03.2013

The driving lessons with Marco were always very instructive and I had a lot of fun. I can only recommend Marco to those who want to pass the exam safely!

Date: 14.03.2013

I was a particularly difficult case, but Marco led me professionally competent and with the necessary sensitivity to the exam. Marco is very good at looking at a student's problems globally and knows where to start that the student is making big steps forward. I passed the test yesterday and now I feel ready to turn my laps with the necessary safety on the road.

Date: 28.01.2013

Marco Gerber is a very friendly, friendly and competent driving instructor. The driving lessons with him are really fun and he has the patience you need as a driving student. Also for beginners the Fahrhof is a plus, in order to make the first driving attempts without large stress. Step by step you approach your destination for the driving test using a checklist. After the lesson his résumé about progress and improvements is very helpful to practice privately. I can highly recommend Marco to any future driver.

Date: 24.01.2013

Reviews from Adrian Gassmann

Marco Gerber is a great driving instructor. The hours with him were always interesting and instructive. With him, you learn to drive accurately and safely. Also uses good tools and has a lot of patience.

Date: 06.01.2013

Marco is a very nice and patient driving instructor. I passed the test thanks to him on my first try. Highly recommended!!!

Date: 17.12.2012

Marco Gerber is a great driving instructor. He's very patient and won't let anything upset him. His explanations are very understandable and through his drawing skills also well imaginable=) his flexibility is also a big plus point. all in one a great driving instructor and very recommendable.

Date: 29.11.2012

Marco is an excellent driving instructor. Extremely precise, friendly and supportive. One notices that Marco continues to educate himself and stays at the pulse of time. His expertise is undisputed and his way of imparting this knowledge supports the learner during the learning process.

Date: 28.11.2012

Reviews from Nicolas Haller

Marco is a great driving instructor with a lot of patience. He makes the lessons interesting and gives you the time you need.

Date: 26.11.2012

Reviews from Sascha Aeberhard

Great driving instructor. The lessons are well planned and adapted to one.

Date: 10.10.2012

Merci much times for the great driving lessons it was always pustig and instructive.

Date: 20.08.2012

Marco is a very friendly driving instructor. He imparts everything in a relaxed way and his lessons are very well structured (with good explanations and illustrations). He is very patient and the driving lessons with him are fun!

Date: 01.08.2012

Marco helped me get my driver's license safely and reliably. His lessons are clearly structured and tailored to the learner drivers. With his loose nature he has helped me with some tricky situations! I can only recommend him as a driving instructor.

Date: 04.07.2012

The training at Marco is top! The relaxed teaching atmosphere promotes the initiative of the learner, who is instructed in the driving arts according to his or her previous knowledge in such a way that he or she reaches the examination level safely and efficiently. In short: Everything worth knowing is taught to you in a sympathetic and sustainable way, but you never have the feeling that you are not being challenged enough. Absolutely to recommend! Thank you Marco

Date: 24.05.2012

I can only join the front ratings. He adapts the driving lessons individually to the learner, the lessons are relaxed, yet efficient and goal-oriented. Conclusion: If you want to take the driving test quickly and safely, but don't want to spend too much, you can take driving lessons with Marco Gerber. A great driving instructor, who I can absolutely keep tempting.

Date: 14.05.2012

Marco Gerber works with very good teaching methods and thus enables careful training. With his competent and calm nature, he even managed to take away my examination anxiety almost completely in the end. He gives valuable feedback and has a good overview of what still needs to be learned. I made fast progress and the driving lessons with him were fun. Very good driving instructor, I can only recommend!

Date: 02.05.2012

Super driving instructors! Viu Geduud and e super Art eim z fahrä bi zbringä! I've had a good time and a good test thanks to him, no problem at all! Would you recommend it immediately?

Date: 20.02.2012

Reviews from Lena Gartenmann

With the Marco it is always funny and nevertheless instructive, absolutely top:)

Date: 11.02.2012

Super driving instructor! Patient and competent. Can't really say anything negative:D