Fahrschule Martin reviews and experiences

Date: 13.11.2019

Reviews from Denny Burchert-Schulz

Martin's driving lessons are not only cheap but also fun. I'm glad I got to take his lessons. He is patient, always friendly, humorous and a very good teacher. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Date: 29.10.2019

Reviews from Denny Burchert

Martin's driving lessons are very cheap in comparison. He is patient, humorous and very professional. I can only recommend it to anyone. The exam was passed the first time. :)

Date: 21.10.2019

I think Martin is a great driving instructor who always comes on time and in a good mood. He's a fast learner. To help you, you also get theory sheets from him almost after every driving lesson that help you not to forget things.

Date: 05.08.2019

Reviews from ?? ?

Martin is a patient driving instructor. I like the way he teaches driving. When I have to learn something new, he stops the car, explains, draws. Make sure I understand. I'm sure he'll be your perfect driving instructor, too.

Date: 22.07.2019

Reviews from Cristiano Marcone

The driving instructor has always been patient in every situation and although I don't like school in all its forms, I have always been looking forward to driving! The driving instructor always took the time to explain the things to me, more often when it was necessary. I recommend this driving school to all new drivers!!

Date: 30.05.2019

Martin has a lot of money tolerance, he is funny and gives a leaflet with the different maneuvers.

Date: 02.05.2019

The driving lessons with Martin were pleasant and amusing in a way. He was very patient and helpful in every situation. In addition there were theory sheets with explanations and pictures for each area of practical driving.

Date: 28.03.2019

I always liked the driving lessons with you very much because we understood each other well and I learned a lot from you. You've always been kind and nice to me, too.

Date: 14.03.2019

Reviews from Joel Dörig

Very nice and friendly driving instructor. He works with worksheets and makes very helpful notes. The worksheets are filled with very good information. Super driving instructors! I can only recommend.

Date: 08.03.2019

Reviews from Dennis Studer

Best driving instructors

Date: 04.03.2019

Martin was always very patient and behaved calmly, even in "crisis situations". He knows where your limits are and encourages you to expand them. He is always motivated and ensures that you feel comfortable and gain self-confidence on the street. I can only recommend Martin as a driving instructor.

Date: 05.02.2019

Reviews from Ramon Meile

6! Great driving instructor with a lot of professional competence, understanding and humor. Only to be recommended for every new student driver.

Date: 04.02.2019

The whole package was perfect for me. Moving a driving lesson was no problem at all. The whole subject matter was conveyed in a clear and understandable way. The choice of driving instructors varies from person to person. The selection was the right one for me from the beginning.

Date: 04.02.2019

Reviews from Estelle Speck

I think Martin is a very good driving instructor. He has a lot of patience, takes the feelings of his students seriously and rushes them to nothing. I felt very comfortable with him and I would always go back to him! Thanks for everything Martin :-)

Date: 02.11.2018

Reviews from Oksana Kletskaya

Although I had a lot of trouble driving my car in the beginning and didn't believe in myself anymore, Martin always took the patience and the time for me. I feel him to be a perfect driving instructor with a lot of respect to his students. I thank him for his helpfulness and can only recommend him accordingly.

Date: 28.10.2018

I felt very comfortable with Martin. He always had patience with me and for that I am very, very grateful to him. The driving lessons were always very instructive and I could profit a lot. I can recommend Martin as a driving instructor to everyone. ;)

Date: 13.09.2018

Learning to drive a car was difficult for me, but with Martin I passed the test for the first time. He has a lot of patience, professionalism and knowledge. Martin's the best? Driving instructor!

Date: 11.09.2018

Super driving instructors with a lot of patience. If you are looking for Swiss quality at the driving school, don't look any further! You can find these at Martin's.

Date: 10.06.2018

Reviews from Cordana Selhofer

Martin usually showed a lot of patience.

Date: 08.06.2018

He has always been patient and has presented all situations visually with leaves.

Date: 14.05.2018

Martin is a great driving instructor who shows you what's going on on the road, learns and teaches you. A great personality that makes learning really fun.

Date: 13.05.2018

i was very satisfied with the driving lessons..i learned everything..with a lot of patience from my driving instructor and i passed the driving test the first time.

Date: 30.03.2018

Martin is one of the best driving instructors. He's very patient and humorous. I recommend him to everyone. He also takes more time and can explain things understandably and easily (with drawings and cars). I also greatly appreciated his punctuality and the uncomplicated scheduling. Martin is a very super sympathetic, funny and a nice driving instructor!

Date: 27.03.2018

Martin is a very friendly, patient and professional driver. The driving lessons were always well prepared and the learning sheets helped a lot. Thanks to him I passed my driving test for the first time and without any problems.

Date: 28.01.2018

Can only recommend the driving school Martin Martin always stays calm and only intervenes when necessary. -practical, on the street he has good tips and comments -Theoretically, he works with the help of info sheets

Date: 06.11.2017

I was satisfied with the driving lessons at Fahschule Martin. Martin is very flexible to schedule the time for the driving lesson, as well as the communication was done simply via Whatsapp. I could arrange with Martin where he can pick me up for the driving lessons by car (work, home). During the driving lessons I felt safe and in good hands, which is especially important for the first driving lessons as you still feel very insecure on the roads. When I had questions, I knew he could answer them professionally. Martin is building the training so that step by step more experience in road traffic can be gained and the skills learned can be consolidated. Martin gave me theory sheets after every driving lesson (e.g. how to park, sprint, side view, etc.) which is very useful as it helps to recall single steps of maneuvers etc. at home. Altogether I feel now, after the successful driving test, to drive safely alone without a person on the side seat.

Date: 05.11.2017

Reviews from Alexander Schnadt

I am very satisfied with Martin's training. He supports practical training with theoretical insertions in order to deepen what has been learned. He made me pass the test on my first try.

Date: 04.11.2017

Reviews from Dejvid Demic

I learned a lot pretty quickly, with Mr. Eichmüller it is pleasant to drive, he plays music in the background, and talks to you. Which I found perfectly fine. Can only recommend it qeiter.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Während Prüfung auf die Spiegel achten

Date: 23.06.2017

Reviews from Anya Münger

Very patient, gave meanwhile many helpful tips and simply explained worksheets to the new ''topic'', e.g. turning, reversing,... Definitely highly recommended ;)

Date: 02.06.2017

The driving school Martin gets from me the grade 6, good:) I think it's very good that the driving instructor works with worksheets, so you can imagine situations better and remember them better. The driving instructor is always friendly and in a good mood. :)

Date: 02.06.2017

The driving school Martin gets from me the grade 6, good:) I think it's very good that the driving instructor works with worksheets, so you can imagine situations better and remember them better. The driving instructor is always friendly and in a good mood. :)

Date: 02.06.2017

The driving school Martin gets from me the grade 6, good:) I think it's very good that the driving instructor works with worksheets, so you can imagine situations better and remember them better. The driving instructor is always friendly and in a good mood. :)

Date: 01.06.2017

Very professional, good explanations understandable for everyone. You get learning

Date: 06.05.2017

Martin is a supper guy who can combine school with fun.

Date: 20.03.2017

Reviews from Andreas Sti

Friendly and very positioned I can only recommend

Date: 12.12.2016

Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, you learn very quickly, Martin never loses his nerve, very pleasant to drive with him. I can only recommend it.

Date: 05.12.2016


Date: 20.11.2016

The driving lessons were always a lot of fun and I learned a lot of tips and tricks for driving. I would recommend it to everyone who is still looking for a driving instructor to visit Martin :)

Date: 15.11.2016

Martin was always very punctual at the agreed place and I was optimally prepared for the driving test. He also has a lot of patience parking backwards 15 times. :-) Thanks again Martin!

Date: 15.09.2016

A very pleasant driving instructor. He intervenes in dicey situations, but otherwise remains very calm and is always ready to help. One notices that he trusts his students and knows many useful tips, e.g. on parking. Super am top satisfied

Date: 01.08.2016

Martin is a super patient driving instructor, always punctual at the agreed place, motivates you wherever he can & always to have a joke. :)

Date: 09.07.2016

Reviews from Robin Brunner

Supper driving instructor passed for the first time

Date: 24.06.2016

Martin is a casual and very patient driving instructor. He knows how to ease tense situations and motivate you. The driving lessons together with his theory sheets were targeted and efficient. Thank you very much.

Date: 08.06.2016

Top driving instructor! The driving lessons were always relaxed and nevertheless very instructive. Together with the theory sheets he submitted and immediate practice, I quickly learned to drive. He has a lot of patience and takes time to answer questions.

Date: 09.03.2016

The driving lessons with Martin were very varied, interesting, instructive and goal-oriented. Martin is a cool guy with a lot of patience. He can motivate you well and is always in a good mood himself. The price is also absolutely fair. It is always punctual and you can say where you would like to be picked up/unloaded before or after the lesson. All in all a really recommendable driving school. Thumbs up! :) Lg Sophie

Date: 07.03.2016

Martin was recommended to me by a friend and I was also very happy with him. He had a lot of patience and could prepare me ideally for the test and the driving afterwards. I passed the driving test on my first attempt and am already an enthusiastic driver. Thank you Martin!

Date: 07.03.2016

No matter how, no matter where. Martin was always there. No matter where we agreed, he was always on time. During the driving lessons we found time again and again for a joke. All in all, I have enjoyed a very good education and now collect my experience in road traffic. I'm definitely recommending him!

Date: 07.03.2016

Reviews from Pascal Dörig

In my opinion, Martin Eichmüller's driving school is simply brilliant. Martin Eichmüller himself is an upright, extremely friendly type who visibly enjoys his profession and passes this positive "energy" on to his students. Therefore: You will find a great driving instructor exactly at HIM.

Date: 19.01.2016

Reviews from Thomas Iseli

I can heartily recommend the driving lessons with Martin. He is characterized by patience, competence and sovereignty. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility, suitable appointments could always be found at which he always arrived on time and the car was always well prepared. It is not only prepared for the exam, but also taught for independent driving after the exam. I greatly appreciated the commitment and was very well prepared for the exam. All I can do is thank you again and recommend him.

Date: 14.01.2016

Driving lessons were OK. Sometimes a little too impatient / become loud and chaotic. I'd find it better if all the appointments were made at the beginning.

Date: 26.12.2015

Martin is very patient and uncomplicated. :)

Date: 14.10.2015

A very patient driving instructor, very flexible and if you are nervous he also helps to reduce nervousness. And don't give up until you reach your goal! I can only recommend it!

Date: 13.10.2015

Passed the first time, with 20 driving hours. :) Thanks for the help Martin.

Date: 11.09.2015

Martin is an uncomplicated, serious and very pleasant driving instructor. I felt very comfortable and could profit a lot from the driving lessons and theory sheets. Its structure is well thought out and has been individually tailored to me. Went to the exam with a good feeling and passed right away. Many thanks for the great preparation! I can only recommend it to you! 6 stars for Martin!

Date: 18.06.2015

He was like made for me, cheerful, nice, sympathetic and also a good teacher who showed me everything well and delivered understandably. I have nothing to complain about, so the note 6 thanks again for everything.

Date: 22.03.2015

Reviews from Patrick Hug

Super driving instructor with super driving lessons. exam top. gladly to recommend :)

Date: 16.03.2015

Martin was a very patient driving instructor and trained me well. Has reached my set goal.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ich hatte ein wenig Angst vor dem Experten

Date: 11.03.2015

Martin has a lot of patience and it is fun to learn to drive with him.

Date: 26.02.2015

I had a good time with Martin! He is very patient and explains everything in detail. Very instructive I found also the theory sheets on which everything is well described, so that one does not forget the many things which one must think of so fast again;) Thank you, Martin.

Date: 20.12.2014

I liked the hours with Martin very much because he explained everything clearly and adapted to my pace. Through him I passed the exam after a few hours the first time. In addition, I could always count on him for questions about traffic situations etc.. Since he never put me under pressure, driving in the city was easy even the first time. In addition, he was always flexible and picked me up outside Gossau. That's why I can only recommend Martin. Thank you Martin

Date: 17.12.2014

First of all I would like to emphasize Martin's punctuality: No matter where we agreed, he was never late. In addition, the driving lessons were always very instructive. You feel safer every time. He is a pleasant guy and is absolutely recommendable. Thank you Martin!

Date: 16.12.2014

Very friendly and competent manner. You feel you're in good hands right away. Individual design of the driving lessons and always very flexible. I am very, very satisfied and can only warmly recommend Mr. Eichmüller.

Date: 09.12.2014

Martin is a good driving instructor, he has a lot of patience and concentrates on the essentials.

Date: 02.12.2014

Martin is very patient and can explain it very well.

Date: 14.10.2014

Very patient driving instructor, one learns fast and also has time to be sure.

Date: 01.10.2014

Martin is a very friendly, flexible and very patient driving instructor. The driving lessons with him had always been fun for me. The theory sheets are great to learn and everything else was explained to me very well. :)

Date: 24.09.2014

Martin is a loose and cool guy. It's not about being able to do as many hours as he can with you and earn more, it's about moving forward quickly and telling you who you want to and who you are trying to do and what you're explaining.

Date: 12.08.2014

I had a great time with Martin! I passed the driving test the first time! Martin explained everything to me very calmly and patiently! Also the theory sheets, which I received from Martin, helped me a lot! Thanks again! LG Kim

Date: 24.05.2014

Martin is a very good driving instructor. He is very friendly, flexible, always punctual, competent and knows his job very well. He explains understandably and if necessary also two or three times. In any case you can look forward to every driving lesson! Thanks for your patience :)

Date: 23.05.2014

Super driving instructors!! After a few driving lessons with a driving instructor, I changed to Martin, and that was the right decision... Martin is a patient driving instructor, who also explains everything understandably! Thank you for your patience with me and have a good trip!!!

Date: 16.02.2014

I found Martin to be a calmer, more relaxed, more flexible and more competent driving instructor. the driving lessons were fun. he believed in me was not such an easy case. he had a lot of joy that it has already worked at the first attempt with the exam. Miriam wishes Miriam another good trip

Date: 13.01.2014

Evaluation driving school Martin http://www.fahrschule-martin.ch/ I got to know Martin as a very quiet, competent and above all extremely nice driving instructor. If there were any difficulties, he stayed calm and showed me all the tricks you need. Thanks to Martin I was able to achieve my first successes after a short time. I really liked the flexibility of Martin ! (pick-up service from shop/home etc.) I successfully passed the exam the first time, a few days before Christmas, early in the morning. :-) Thank you, Martin. Greetings Pascal

Date: 12.01.2014

good driving instructor, always punctual, friendly and flexible! Good training!

Date: 11.01.2014

Hello Martin Yes, I'm very satisfied. There was never a stressful sitvation at the driving school although I was still learning. These lessons have always been great and I really enjoy coming to you for the lessons. I learned a lot that I had never heard from the last very general driving instructor. It was a really cool time. Greetings from David

Date: 11.01.2014

very competent and friendly driving instructor. He's always been very good at theoretical as well as practical questions and explains them. He's very punctual. To recommend only!!!

Date: 11.01.2014

Flexible driving lesson times, pick-up at your desired location. Very pleasant to learn to drive.

Date: 11.01.2014

very pleasant nature, patient, great expertise and flexible

Date: 10.01.2014

Reviews from Fabian Graber

super driving instructor He's fair with the hours (don't take any money out of your pocket). learns a lot nice guy only for recommendation

Date: 16.09.2013

Although I wasn't an easy student, Martin patiently took me through the car test. Thank you very much.

Date: 11.06.2013

Result: 20 times double lesson --> exam at first time passed. Martin is a TOP driving instructor, who will explain everything to you with patience (if it has to be several times :) ) he keeps the peace and balance that you as a driving student want from your teacher. If I had to do the exam again, I'd pick it again right away. Thanks again Martin !! and you and your students have a good trip!!

Date: 23.05.2013

Martin has turned me, an absolute carwalker, into an enthusiastic car driver. Great driving instructor. I'm over 40 years old and thanks to martin I passed the driving test right the first time. D a n k e martin. (must have been a pain in the ass with me on your side)

Date: 20.03.2013

I can only recommend the driving school Martin, I felt well and well taken care of from the beginning. Martin Eichmüller is a very competent driving instructor who teaches you more than just the essentials for the exam. A relaxed atmosphere and the quiet nature led to effective driving lessons. He knows when it is time for the test and lets the students safely start the test. All in one you get something for the money and it is also for later many tips and tricks betrayed. Really top!!!

Date: 20.03.2013

Reviews from Samanta Marzia Franzé

Martin Eichmüller is a very relaxed driving instructor. He stands by the student driver with a pinch of humor. I have learned a lot during every driving lesson and have already gained some experience. Every driving hour has strengthened me and given me the courage to stand on my own in traffic life. Thanks again Martin :)

Date: 20.03.2013

Simple. Right on time. Uncomplicated. Efficient. and he was fun.

Date: 20.03.2013

Chan dä Martin highly recommend! He cha all good explanation plus makes s fahren au no fun with him! Thanks for the ziit :-) :-)