Munter's Fahrschule reviews and experiences

Date: 17.07.2020

I can only recommend this driving school.

Date: 23.06.2020

Reviews from Andrina Matthys

I was allowed to ride with Rolf as well as with his daughter Angi. Both are top! They teach you to drive in a personal and competent way. I can recommend them to everybody!

Date: 16.03.2020

I visited the VKU of Munter's driving school, where I got to know Angi and Rolf. Both gave a clear & understandable presentation of the material and you could see their enthusiasm & interest towards their "students". Shortly afterwards I started driving with Angi and thanks to her open, friendly and cheerful nature I soon felt comfortable on the road. Angi is patient, explains things clearly and understandably, gives valuable hints and tips and was happy to answer all my questions. She always motivated me, but also corrected me when necessary. She prepared me very well for my exam. I would choose Munter's Driving School again at any time and I am happy to recommend Angi to others! =) Thanks a lot!

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Date: 11.02.2020

I was out with Rolf. He always radiated a very pleasant calmness and explained difficult facts very competently and in such a way that one knew how to do it right after the first explanation. So it was always very pleasant driving lessons. I was also able to keep my desired examination date without any problems. For this reason I can only recommend Munters Driving School.

Date: 11.02.2020

Reviews from Laila Santschi

tuusigmau merci ad angi! Angi is very patient and gives you the motivation to believe in yourself. Explains calmly, understandably and I could always ask questions. Would go back to Munters driving school any time. THANK YOU!

Date: 01.12.2019

Angi is a great driving instructor which I can absolutely recommend! Very likeable, a lot of patience, attention, humour and nevertheless very professional I was prepared for the exam. Angi also always responds to wishes or questions and even finding appointments worked out problem-free. Also, her explanation style and tips are simple and understandable.

Date: 28.11.2019

Super driving instructors! Explains clearly, comprehensibly and patiently. I can only recommend Rolf!

Date: 26.11.2019

Rolf and Angela are very competent, flexible and committed. They both responded very individually to me and I was very well prepared for the exam. I can only recommend Munter's driving school.

Date: 24.11.2019

Both Angela and Rolf are very competent, pleasant and accommodating. driving test was no problem in the end, and I can therefore both I highly recommend it.

Date: 06.11.2019

Great driving instructor, I can only recommend! Very competent and pleasant. Was extremely well prepared for the exam!

Date: 17.10.2019

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Rolf Munter (now and always) for the fact that under his professional leadership I have gone a very important and yet exciting, dynamic, interesting, curvy and safe way in my life and become a car driver. Rolf is an excellent pedagogue and knowledge mediator; a top expert and just such a great person! Each topic is explained qualitatively, each competence and ability is practiced qualitatively and sharpened. The lessons last 60 minutes (not 45 as in most schools) and are perfectly methodically structured and for such a good price. The car is very comfortable and pleasant. (I have tried different learning cars, so I can compare). I have always looked forward to the driving lessons and this experience remains with me unforgettable. During the search for a suitable driving school and the teacher I got some ambiguous (even negative) impression, but as soon as I found Munters driving school and talked to Rolf, it immediately became clear to me, it is about a completely different level. I actually had zero practical experience and fear was my constant companion. Thanks to Rolf, I was able to lay a huge, fundamental foundation for skilful, safe and, in a word, professional driving. I passed my exam on the first try. It's such a luck that we have driving school in Bern and Thun Munters! Simply super driving school, which I will recommend to everyone.

Date: 10.10.2019

Uncomplicated, practical !

Date: 30.09.2019

I can highly recommend Angi as a driving instructor! Through the driving lessons with her I was optimally prepared for the practical driving test. The driving lessons followed a clearly structured structure with predefined goals, which could however be individually adapted. The memo sentences were also helpful, of which Angi has a large number in stock. Angi was always in a good mood, reliable, humorous with a good portion of severity. And also otherwise she is a very helpful and dear person, which made the trips with her very pleasant. With this great mixture it worked then also at first attempt at the test.

Date: 26.08.2019

Great and professional driving instructor with a lot of patience.

Date: 16.08.2019

A super driving instructor

Date: 16.07.2019

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Angi! Always motivated, committed and with the right amount of severity she taught me in 22 driving lessons what I never thought I could do ;) I owe it above all to her that I passed the practical exam the first time! Angi understands how to use the perfect mixture of humour and seriousness to create a driving lesson in such a way that you are always on the same level with her. Thanks to her mnemonics and the booklet which you receive from her at the beginning, you can also fully apply what you have learnt during private trips and read up on uncertainties. I was very much looking forward to every driving lesson and can warmly recommend Angi to everyone!

Date: 02.07.2019

Very nice and patient. Simply the best.

Date: 27.05.2019

Angi is a very dedicated driving instructor. I was always looking forward to the driving lessons with her! She has many helpful tricks in store (e.g. for parking), which she communicates with humour and a lot of motivation. As it didn't work out in my 1st attempt, I urgently needed Angi's motivating words to not make any mistakes in my urge and to fight the nervousness. She taught me I don't have to be a superhero at the exam. Fortunately, I made it at the second attempt. Thank you very much for your patience, your motivation and the good preparation for everyday traffic! Best regards Delia

Date: 30.04.2019

Angi is a great driving instructor! She has a lot of patience and is very nice. Although driving a car is not my favourite pastime, I have always looked forward to the driving lessons. One is reliably prepared for the exam and all manoeuvres are well practiced. I would definitely choose the same driving school again and recommend it to everyone!

Date: 11.04.2019

Angi is a great driving instructor with a lot of patience. She always remains calm and explains the different areas in detail. My fear of driving was quickly gone thanks to her. I recommend Angi and the driving school Munter to 100%.

Date: 10.04.2019

Rolf Munter was recommended to me by a friend and I am very happy to have chosen this driving school. Rolf is a very patient and sociable driving instructor who has a very good instinct for his students. He always has good tips in store that you can remember well, and he knows how to challenge his students to a good extent without overtaxing them. Merci, dear Rolf, for your support and the great time!

Date: 09.04.2019

Angi is an excellent driving instructor in all respects. She always knew how to find the right mix between seriousness and humour. 100% reliable and conscientious: never too late, never on the phone, always in a good mood and professional.

Date: 15.03.2019

Rolf Munter is a very conscientious, always correct driving instructor. He works with the clear goal in mind to teach his clients safe driving. (The statement to be taken from his homepage: "As few hours as possible, as many hours as necessary", he implements 1:1. Rolf always gave clear instructions and took care with a certain and healthy severity that these were implemented. I can highly recommend Rolf Munter's driving school.

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Date: 21.02.2019

Reviews from Laura Walther

Thanks to Rolf, I passed the practical driver's test at the first attempt and can finally drive through the area without L. His calm and competent manner quickly took away my fear and insecurity of driving in traffic with good grip. Although I turned wrong a few times (confusing right with left), Rolf often had to explain things to me two, three, four times, he never lost his patience with me. He could explain the theory to me very understandably and also figuratively. While driving he repeated the most important steps again and again by means of remarks, so that I had internalized them fast. I am very happy to have made my first driving experiences with Rolf at my side and couldn't imagine a better driving instructor. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 15.02.2019

Reviews from Tim Leysinger

Experienced, calm and very good tips. Nothing to criticize fully satisfied.

Date: 15.02.2019

Rolf is a great driving instructor. He explains verständilch, has a lot of patience, is humorous and very friendly. Really recommendable.

Date: 08.02.2019

With Angi you get a driving instructor who is wonderful on you! At the beginning I had trouble getting into the gears but with Angi's tips and tricks and her understanding I can finally jet around without L now. I can highly recommend Muntener's driving school!

Date: 04.01.2019

Angi always responded to me and asked me what I wanted to practice. I felt 100% ready when I was registered for the driver's test.

Date: 21.12.2018

tibeditptop Rolf accompanied me safely on my way to my driver's license. Due to his experience as a driving instructor he knows what to watch out for. Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 05.12.2018

Angi always prepared me well for the driving test and always showed understanding when something didn't work out. With her I could laugh very well also times. I also enjoyed the VKU and it was more exciting than expected. I can only recommend it.

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Date: 25.11.2018

Reviews from Steve Pollari

Thanks to Angi, I successfully passed the practical driving test the first time! At first I had another driving instructor with whom I had a lot of trouble learning something. I couldn't get any further and had to change something. Angi was then recommended to me by chance by a neighbour and I would immediately recommend her to everyone. Angi quickly recognized what a learner I was and intuitively responded to it very well. It offers a quick and deep error analysis, why I do something like wrong and helps consistently and patiently to eradicate the driving problems bit by bit. She is competent and can answer all questions very profoundly on the behaviour in road traffic and in general on the traffic topics. I am amazed at her nerves, because she had to explain certain facts to me about 126 times. Their structured, open and transparent communication of the contents and the "red thread" through the entire training make sense and are well planned and prepared. She remembers very well what you can already do and where you still have to file. I never had the feeling of just driving around a bit, but was challenged and encouraged thanks to her teaching program and routine. After each hour there was a detailed final discussion with points on which I still had to work. The preparation for the audit was rigorous, intensive and comprehensive, but successful. The car is state of the art and the handling is easy for beginners to master. Angi tries to get you through the test with as few driving lessons as necessary!

Date: 20.10.2018

I recommend Rolf Munter as a driving instructor at any time. He's very competent. He can illustrate the theory well. He also always repeats what is important while driving. So you get into a rhythm and when you are practicing yourself, the voice comes back into your mind, where you have to pay attention to what. He remains very calm and also explains it gladly again, if one did not understand it nevertheless yet completely. He does it all with humor and an infectious enthusiasm. Thanks to Rolf's support, I successfully passed my test in the first run, which would probably not have come out without his support. Thank you so much!

Date: 05.10.2018

Reviews from Celi Heepen

I was well prepared for the test after the driving lessons and felt very comfortable in the driving lesson.

Date: 23.09.2018

I was very satisfied with Angela Munter's driving lessons. She taught me how to drive well and in the last driving lessons she showed me a therapeutic way of driving, which saved me from my exam anxiety.

Date: 18.09.2018

Driving lessons with Angela. Very friendly, determined and pleasant! Warmly to recommend! Many thanks for the driving lessons!

Date: 23.07.2018

Angi arranged the driving lessons very competent, clear, instructive and with humor. The driving lessons were discussed before and after. She prepared me very well for the driving and the practical test. The teaching brochure produced by the driving school was very helpful for practicing the various manoeuvres. Also the price/performance ratio is very good. Thank you very much for everything!

Date: 20.07.2018

His 12 years of experience make themselves felt! Thanks to his good and structured preparation (detailed list with all the things you need to know + own textbook) he passed the exam the first time. In price it is absolutely TOP!

Date: 05.07.2018

I recommend Rolf Munter as a driving instructor at any time. I started with him without any driving knowledge and passed my exam at the first attempt. Thanks to his structured approach and skills, I was very well prepared for the exam. For example, he kept a checklist with all the points you have to master for the exam. Besides, he was always well-positioned and patient.

Date: 02.05.2018

Angi is a very patient and well-positioned driving instructor. The driving lessons with her were always very instructive and I was well prepared for the driving test. Every student receives a textbook with all important manoeuvres and explanations, which I found very helpful and practical. Angi is also very flexible when it comes to driving lessons. Since I had some time pressure (language stay), thanks to her and her flexibility I was able to pass the driving test already at the first attempt shortly before my departure to England, thank you Angi! The price-performance ratio was also right for me. Munter's driving school also offers VKU lessons, which I found very practical. The VKU was taught in a pleasant, instructive and humorous way and explained and presented using examples from everyday life. I can recommend Munter's driving school to everyone who wants to take the driving test without additional and unnecessary driving lessons to reach their destination safely! :)

Date: 06.04.2018

After trial lessons with about 4 different teachers I found Rolf, thank God. He was very committed to me, helped me a lot to grind things in, encouraged me and brought the right mixture of seriousness and looseness with him. While other teachers made longer mobile phone calls during the driving lesson, Rolf generally has the rule to make phone calls outside the driving lesson and was always concentrated on one. His time with him was always well filled. He also has a lot of experience and you can see that. So I can only recommend him. Another little tip from me: after every driving lesson, play through the corresponding traffic situations, manoeuvres and all options at least two or three times mentally and think through them figuratively (!). A big Merci to Rolf!

Date: 30.03.2018

Reviews from Elena Shnaider

Rolf is great. He is a very patient and calm driving instructor where you could prepare for the exam very well. The car was always in a great condition. My German is not good, but Rolf understood me well (and so do I). I would recommend the Munter family again, both (Rolf and Angela) are very nice and sympathetic. Every hour was rich. Bravo!!!!! Super!!!!!

Date: 28.03.2018

Reviews from Michelle Paderna

The driving lessons with Rolf were very relaxed but at the same time very instructive. I liked the fact that the rules etc. are not only oral, but also figurative. That helped me a lot to imagine things. Rolf is very nice and humorous. Thanks to him, I passed the driving test!

Date: 16.03.2018

Rolf taught me how to drive with a lot of humour and patience. Especially his mnemonics helped me to find my way in road traffic. Really good driving school!

Date: 27.02.2018

I got to know Angi as a very competent and well-positioned driving instructor - she prepared me very well for the exam and I now feel very safe driving. She always expressed herself well, explained everything well to me, gave me realistic feedback and guided me so well to the exam.

Date: 06.01.2018

Who sits for the first time, without any previous knowledge in the motorized road traffic as a driver in a car, expects only the switching of the basics in theory form and some rounds on a parking lot. Understandably, I was astonished when Rolf told me that it wasn't him but me who was going back to the station. Of course with complete instruction of the driving instructor and the certainty to be able to hand over the control of the vehicle at any time. This demanding, but extremely methodical and structured way of teaching was used throughout the whole time of the driving school. This included the pre- and debriefing of the lesson as well as a preview of the next lesson. With the help of the textbook, one could prepare oneself every time and fly over possible ambiguities again. So at the preliminary discussion of the lesson they knew what to expect and were able to put this theory directly into practice. I found Rolf to be an extremely competent, calm and pragmatic driving instructor. I would recommend him and his driving school at any time.

Date: 21.12.2017

Angela is a great driving instructor and I am glad I learned to drive the car with her. She always answers all questions and is very competent. In addition, I always got very great tips for driving in my later everyday life. Thanks for everything!

Date: 22.11.2017

I was very happy that I chose Angela as my driving instructor. She has been very responsive to me and has always asked me where I still feel insecure. Angela has only finished with a "topic" when I have really mastered it. And so I successfully completed my driving test at the first attempt. Nomau es rise Merci ah di! Lg Lisa

Date: 17.11.2017

Angi is energetic and jagged where necessary but very patient even with repeated mistakes and calm even in dicey situations. She was always punctual and additionally communicated and offered free driving lessons. She also came towards me with the fixed weekly driving lesson appointment, because I was not so flexible in my schedule. For me it was the perfect driving instructor - thanks for everything, Angi!

Date: 11.09.2017

Very good driving school! Rolf can explain exactly what you did wrong. After every driving lesson I get valuable feedback and tips. As a Chinese woman, I must honestly admit that it always took me a little longer at the beginning to correctly understand what I heard in German, especially when I was nervous. But thanks to Rolf's patience and calm nature, I had the courage to continue and passed the driving test the first time. I can only recommend Munters driving school! Thanks again, Rolf!

Date: 06.09.2017

Ig cha dieä Fahrschuel würk allne recommend;) very sympathetic, unsupportive, with viu patience u Fröid bir Sach;) Mercii Angi for gueti cyt;) Liebii Grüess Nina

Date: 06.09.2017

With high professional competence, a lot of patience and the necessary humor one is trained in Munter's driving school to become a safe driver. As a Rolf student, I found the whole program to be very well structured. Rolf's perseverance and good tips have helped me to keep up and not give up, even if it was sometimes not easy! Also the communication with Rolf was super easy and allowed flexibility. A further advantage is the large offer of the driving school; like e.g. the VKU. This saves time throughout the process. Especially there I got to know Rolf and Angela as a real team with experience. So I can only recommend Munter's driving school as real!

Date: 13.07.2017

Angela Munter is a very patient driving instructor. Driving with her was very good and she explains the things so that you can understand her.

Date: 12.07.2017

In spite of my dry spells, Rolf was able to give me the joy of driving a car. With the necessary little bit of humor Rolf taught me how to drive a car, so that already the first attempt of the practical examination was successful. I experienced Rolf as one who always gave his best and tried to do justice to every student.

Date: 06.07.2017

Reviews from Josina Steiner

Angela is a great driving instructor, I can only recommend her. She remained very energetic until I had my driving problems under control, but always remained patient and friendly and encouraged me whenever I did not believe in my ability.

Date: 24.06.2017

Munter's driving school convinces above all with a lot of sympathy, patience and a good price. The quiet and pleasant nature of Rolf also makes stressful driving in the city easier and you will succeed without unnecessary driving lessons. Merci for aues Rolf!

Date: 12.05.2017

Reviews from Severin Roth

A super driving instructor. I can only recommend you to others!

Date: 11.05.2017

Rolf is a quiet and very patient driving instructor. He has always taken the time to answer my questions and give me constructive feedback. Also the humor was not neglected in the driving lessons - which was very helpful against my nervousness. Rolf has always supported me very competently on my way to my driving licence. The price-performance ratio is top! I can highly recommend Munter's driving school. MUCH THANKS for EVERYTHING !

Date: 08.05.2017

Rolf is a great driving instructor, without a doubt you can only recommend Munter´s Fahrschule!

Date: 19.04.2017

Reviews from Rebecca Scheck

Super driving school! Angi does not only bring the necessary and current specialized knowledge, she is also able to explain this understandably on the basis of practical examples. She quickly recognizes the individual deficits of her students and "picks on it" until even stubborn beginners like me have intus. She was always punctual and reliable, when spontaneous driving lessons became free she always offered them. Even for employees like me with irregular working hours, she took the time to find suitable appointments with me. When she registered me for the exam, I was still very doubtful about this decision. Accordingly, she could have easily earned a few more hours from me. After 21 hours of driving and at most 2 hours of private driving I came through the exam at the first attempt :-) A big Merci dear Angi!

Date: 13.03.2017

Angela is a super friendly driver with a lot of patience and empathy. You can ask her questions at any time, which she answers very well and explains clearly. I can recommend them in any case. ;)

Date: 07.02.2017

Rolf is a great driving instructor! He helped me to overcome my great insecurity and to get back into a car (and that means what). He takes a lot of time to discuss different points with you even after the lesson. I could start the exam with a good feeling! I can recommend him with all my heart!

Date: 26.01.2017

The best driving instructor you can imagine. She is very patient, sensitive and correct. Because I didn't listen to her in the beginning I had to compete twice but she supported me up to my driver's license. Thanks for everything Angi

Date: 15.01.2017

Reviews from Samantha Hofer

I can recommend him as a driving instructor, you can tell that he has found his passion. He is patient, calm and prepares you perfectly for the driving test.

Date: 10.01.2017

The driving lessons were well structured and instructive. Angi is very understanding and sympathetic. I felt well prepared for the exam.

Date: 16.12.2016

Rolf was a very patient and calm driving instructor where you could prepare for the exam. The car was always in a great condition and perfect for a driving test.

Date: 26.11.2016

Rolf and Angela von Munter's driving school are both friendly and competent. They prepare you well for the driving test, do not report you too early, but also not too late. It is particularly practical that one can complete the VKU course with them. So you don't have to register yourself for a VKU course. In addition, the VKU course is well designed. You really learn something new. A disadvantage is possibly the well understandable passion to go on holiday. However, they are never long gone and offer, when they are here, many good appointment opportunities so that they can probably satisfy any student driver. The price-performance ratio is more than fair. I could always drive for 60 minutes, the feedback came afterwards. I had the impression that people knew what I was good at and what I should improve.

Date: 17.11.2016

Angela is a very competent and friendly driving instructor, who is very attentive and concentrated during the driving lessons. It is possible to ask questions at any time, which are explained in detail and simply. In addition, the student driver receives a dossier with explanations on all possible topics (from parking to the motorway). Angela tries very hard to deal with the specific problems of driving a car and was able to help me through her calm and

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Date: 14.11.2016

Originally I wanted to take the test on the vending machines first, but thanks to Rolf's encouraging words I dared to change gears and booked the next driving lessons right away. Rolf is a patient and calm driving instructor in every respect, but he also criticizes you and gives you valuable tips on your way. At home, thanks to Rolf's own textbook, everyone can read in peace and prepare for the next lesson. Before the stage we drove for about 20 minutes, so I had already warmed up and was able to start the stage well. The practical test is absolutely feasible, the experts are friendly, do not want to lead you into an ambush (e.g. deliberately into a driving ban), but they want to see your skills. I recommend you all, just show your best and drive as you have practiced with Rolf (or just imagine Rolf sitting next to you :-) ). I am glad that I decided in the last second for the VKU with Munters driving school as well as the attendance of the driving lessons, a great father daughter team!

Date: 06.11.2016

Röfe Munsters is a very patient driving instructor. The driving lessons with him were always very pleasant. I can recommend Röfe as a driving instructor with a clear conscience.

Date: 15.09.2016

Rolf Munter was always on his feet and motivated me during the driving lessons. Because of his calm and relaxed nature he could take away my nervousness. Nevertheless, he took it very seriously and criticized me. We discussed mistakes and together found alternative ways to handle them. Also the VKU, which I attended at the driving school, was interesting, so that I could take a lot of it with me. Before the exam he motivated me a lot and gave me the confirmation I needed not to be too nervous. Due to the good, instructive and efficient driving lessons I passed the test the first time! :-) So I can highly recommend the driving school!

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Date: 05.09.2016

Rolf is really a great driving instructor! He is very patient, remains calm in every situation and explains things very clearly. It is a very fair price-performance ratio. I never had the feeling that he cared about money, but really that I would pass this test. In addition, everything is not unnecessarily protracted, every driving hour is productive and structured. You have created a great booklet for your students, which is really helpful.

Date: 03.07.2016

I had a lot of respect for driving a car and during the driving lessons also a reduced self-esteem. Angi always trusted me a lot and challenged me with it, which strengthened my self-esteem very much. She is very well-positioned, motivating and the lessons were very rich in learning. During the driving lessons, she was always on the ball and dealt with my weaknesses. So I was optimally prepared for the exam and passed it the first time.

Date: 02.07.2016

She is very forefront shortly before the exam what I first felt like pressure but finally prepared tiptop for the exam. Angela is an excellent driving instructor who also drew my attention to the extraordinary dangers of driving. Thanks to her persistence I have not only passed the exam well but also very well prepared without stress.thank you Angela!

Date: 24.06.2016

Reviews from Stefanie Sauter

Rolf was recommended to me by a school colleague, I can only recommend him! :) With a lot of patience he teaches you how to drive a car, explains in detail and repeatedly, if you do not follow, everything again. Driving lessons are individually adapted to the student, which I always found very good. I passed my Führer exam at the first attempt. Of course I was excited at first, but I could simply trust in what I learned from Rolf. That gave me security during the test and even now when I am alone on the road. Thank you Rolf! :)

Date: 16.06.2016

A very recommendable driving school! I was very well supported with a lot of sensitivity and patience.

Date: 08.06.2016

I chose Munters Driving School because I like the fact that a father and daughter have a common business. I wasn't disappointed. Angela is a friendly, cheerful person who you like to meet once a week. Angela has always taken enough time to adapt the program to my needs. As she moved forward, she took my skills into consideration and made sure that I could not build up any serious gaps. Angela is not afraid to give constructive criticism. She has a flair for well-founded explanations that are understandable even for a person who is not familiar with technology. The hours were fully utilised. I had my driving lessons in Bern, and Munters driving school knows all the tricks, corners and tedious tram tracks. From that, full value for money I can only recommend this driving school.

Date: 12.05.2016

Angela is a very good driving instructor. I felt comfortable with her open and cheerful manner. If I didn't quite understand something while driving, she explained it to me again and partly recorded the situation to make it even more understandable. I was super prepared for the driving test. Merci viu mau Angi.

Date: 12.05.2016

Reviews from Layla Koch

I was with Rolf: He is very patient, encouraging and competent. While I have heard horror stories from unfriendly and aggressive driving instructors, I can only recommend Rolf. He never raised his voice, even if I did some crap. He was always patient, but certainly. He was also always flexible when it came to driving lessons, whether time, location or price. He prepared me well for the driving test, calmed me down and took away my fear - I also got through the first time. Rolf is a great driving instructor for all who are still a little insecure and like to have encouragement, top recommendation!

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Date: 29.04.2016

Angela Munter is a very cheerful, patient and humorous driving instructor. The driving lessons were always very well prepared. She took enough time to answer my questions, which she was then able to explain very clearly. Thanks for everything Angi.

Date: 22.03.2016

The driving lessons with Angi were very instructive and pleasant. She is an open, great personality and very helpful. The lessons were super planned and challenging. At Angi you are well prepared for the traffic world/car exam. I can recommend them with great praise.

Date: 05.03.2016

Rolf is a good and exact driving instructor. You learn a lot. The little booklet you get at the beginning helps with repetitions. Moreover, it is not too bad to explain it a little bit more than once. I'm glad I had him as a driving instructor. I feel safe driving.

Date: 17.02.2016

Finally I made it, too, at the age of 32... Rolf is very, very patient, gives clear instructions, explains the traffic rules in detail and motivates you again if something does not work out even after the umpteenth attempt. Before each driving hour we discussed the destination for the respective hour and afterwards the good hour! Fahrzeit gave the constructive, helpful criticism as well as already during the trip. Rolf is very patient, competent, pleasant and has always "cheered me up". Rolf, a riisegrosses MERCI for dini Understützig, i would have no better driving instructor chönne imagine u cha di only witerempfähle.

Date: 08.02.2016

Ever since I passed my driving test last autumn, I have been aware of how valuable Rolf tips are. Rolf is a competent, friendly and at times strict driving instructor. He always gives instructions clearly and objectively. With its quiet nature, it is also suitable for students who are already slightly older than twenty. His lessons are inexpensive and very instructive. They also have a certain entertainment value. The other left, he meant dry in each case, if I had mistaken in the heat of the fight once again left with right. I think it's especially great that everyone gets a booklet at the beginning in which the contents of his lessons are presented in a vivid way.

Date: 04.02.2016

I loved the way I was taught to drive. It was never rushed or done anything else. It was very pleasant to drive.

Date: 16.01.2016

Rolf is a great driving instructor. He always gives the right tips and ideally prepares the learner for the practical exam. Rolf is always calm, has a lot of patience and went into all learning points in detail. The offer is very inexpensive. I passed the practical exam the first time. I recommend Rolf to everyone who wants to reach their goal quickly, safely and with an excellent price-performance ratio. Thank you Rolf Greetings Fitore

Date: 10.01.2016

The driving lessons with Rolf Munter were always very pleasant and I had a lot of fun. Rolf was always in a good mood and always stayed calm when I had a bad day. So I was able to make big progress very quickly. Rolf is also very competent and you soon notice that he enjoys his job as a driving instructor. So it's always possible to have a funny saying (*Do not shift into first gear when starting at the traffic light and sink*: "Then we proved it once again..., starting in 2nd gear is extremely difficult^^"). I also always felt that Rolf treated me very fairly. If he had seen that I had already mastered something, he adjusted the lesson without further ado and already dealt with another topic. So I could save the one or other driving lesson. What should also be mentioned is the preparation for the exam: I was able to take my exam with a very good conscience. And on the day of the test, Rolf took away most of my nervousness while I was running in and waiting for the expert. The atmosphere was very relaxed and he always spoke to me well. With success: I passed the exam at the first attempt :) Merci 1000-mau Rolf for your good driving!!! It's a lot of fun and you're a great guy! Ig would make exactly the same in retrospect ;)

Date: 29.12.2015

The driving lessons with Angela Munter were always very instructive and super structured. She was always very well prepared for the driving lessons. She had always taken the time to answer my questions or to practice coming with me. The prices are very fair and you take full advantage of the 60 minutes. Through Angela I was very well prepared for the exam and it worked at the first attempt. I can only recommend her and thank her for the great work she does.

Date: 12.12.2015

Dear Rouf Mercii noeinisch viu viu mau for the good driving pleasure of you. Ig bi always färn to you id Fahrstungä cho wüu you always calm bisch bisch u mi never unger pressure puts hesch. When things are going well again, you'll be reassured and motivated, THANK YOU! I'll be happy to see you again. Aues Guete but me gset sech ja immer 2x im Läbä ;)

Date: 11.11.2015

Rolf is a very good driving instructor, patient and humorous. His detailed explanations prepare you very well for the exam. The driving lessons with him are really fun and precisely structured. I can only recommend Rolf.

Date: 06.11.2015

A few days ago I passed the driving test. A big thank you to Rolf! With a lot of patience, commitment, competence and the perfect pinch of humour, he always accompanied me safely and above all cheerfully through Bern :-) I also liked the very helpful and handy textbook! Very well described important manoeuvres which one could look up again and again briefly. Have fun, merci Rolf! greenäss

Date: 10.10.2015

Reviews from Michelle Salvisberg

Angela is a great, patient and always on the ball driving instructor. The lessons were well structured and very instructive. I was excellently prepared for the exam by her and successfully passed her in the first attempt. Merci viu mau Angi!!!

Date: 30.09.2015

I couldn't have imagined a better driving instructor! With his calm, patient and very competent manner Rolf always gave me a safe feeling on the street. His driving lessons are well structured and you are optimally prepared for the driving test and the later unaccompanied driving. His leaflets on the various processes and manoeuvres are well done and also help with private practice as a good orientation.

Date: 27.08.2015

Rolf is a very committed, helpful, friendly and above all patient driving instructor whom I can really ONLY recommend! His driving lessons are very well planned in terms of time and route and were individually adapted to my developments and difficulties. The leaflets, which are available after every learned manoeuvre or generally important point, are extremely helpful and must be repeated. After 20 driving lessons and very few private rides I managed the driving test on 08.05.2015 right at the first attempt. Now I have been on the road with my own car for almost 2 months now and never felt insecure or overwhelmed in traffic thanks to the many good advices from Rolf. Especially this shows me that Rolf is a great driving instructor! Merci Rolf, Greetings Vanessa B.

Date: 14.08.2015

was super prepared for the exam! angi was a super driving instructor, the driving lessons were well structured and divided! can only recommend angi!

Date: 02.08.2015

With 29 finally proud driver's license owner. With a lot of patience and motivation I was led through 16 driving lessons. With his calm and motivating manner he always gave me security and motivation to continue even in short moments. With many examples, tips and explanations I was competently prepared for my exam, which I passed with great pride at the first attempt. What is especially great are the little slips of paper on which every traffic manoeuvre that is practiced is precisely described and you get after every driving hour. Thank you for everything... Cordula Ly

Date: 28.05.2015

After about 15 years exclusively on the passenger seat, I now dare to get behind the wheel again: Not only did you refresh my driving skills, you also gave me the courage to drive again. Thank you very much for your calm nature, your patience and your humor! I can recommend Rolf Munter to everyone from the bottom of my heart!

Date: 20.05.2015

Reviews from Nicole Rettenmund

Angela is a wonderful driving instructor! She is patient, very competent and friendly. It was always pleasant to ride with her and she remains calm in all situations. She has always been very well prepared and has an upstanding personality. The prices are fair, and a driving lesson at Angie lasts 60 minutes. I can highly recommend this driving school!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ich konnte ihm alle Fehler nennen

Date: 12.05.2015

Since I noticed very late that my learning ticket is no longer valid for a long time, we were under a lot of time pressure. Thanks to Rolf, I passed the exam after 2.5 months of intensive driving. He liked to take his time and was always patient, which was not always easy with me:) The notes he hands in after a new lesson give security and are a good tool to get rules and procedures under control. I can only recommend Munter's driving school. Thank you for everything! And by the way.... a lesson does not mean 45 minutes, not even 50... but at least 60 minutes, if not more!

Date: 27.04.2015

Rolf Munter is a very committed, patient and very sympathetic driving instructor. The driving lessons are structured, his explanations very detailed / understandable and he went into me. I liked his notes after every driving lesson and they are very helpful. Thanks to his good preparation I passed the exam the first time. With Rolf everything is just right, the price/performance ratio, his motivation as a driving instructor, also the VKU with him and his daughter are highly recommended.

Date: 14.04.2015

I became aware of Munters driving school through the recommendation of a friend. And I, too, can only recommend Rolf's lessons to others. During the driving lessons he was always very patient and always in a good mood. He also prepared me for the exam very well.

Date: 06.04.2015

Rolf is a very good driving instructor! The driving lessons were skilfully planned in advance and filled with a lot of time (takes more time than you actually pay for - Merci). Thanks to his calm and competent nature, I quickly felt safe on the road and progressed quickly with my learning. He is patient and willing to repeat things you don't understand until it works. I can totally recommend him - Thank you Rolf!

Date: 11.03.2015

Angie's Papa, Rolf Munter referred me to you because Rolf was very booked at that time. After the first driving lesson with Angie I was very satisfied with her. Angie Munter is a very friendly and competent driving instructor. Nevertheless, she was always strict when it came to my carelessness about the shoulder look (blind spot). However, their rigour paid off, I passed the driving test on my first attempt.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ab diesem Zeitpunkt dachte ich die Prüfung sei gelaufen

Date: 11.03.2015

I came across Rolf Munter through advertising. After the very first driving lesson with Rolf it was clear to me that I would do the next hours with him. The sympathy between us was right, he is a very patient and sensitive driving instructor. Also the VKU course with him was very learning and humorous.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ab diesem Zeitpunkt dachte ich die Prüfung sei gelaufen

Date: 06.03.2015

I can only recommend Rolf. Not only did he prepare me for the exam very well, but he is also a very nice, sympathetic and patient person.

Date: 03.02.2015

I can warmly recommend Angi. She has fair prices, is super motivated and fair. If it takes strands, she's strict. But she can praise them just as much and is patient. I always felt safe with her! Angi gives clear instructions and is always very well prepared. I am glad to have had her as my driving instructor and would like to thank her for passing my exam today!

Date: 31.01.2015

Rolf prepared me very well in his own and likeable way for the exam and generally for driving as a new driver. He is also a very nice, humorous and patient driving instructor, which is very much appreciated! A++++ Driving instructor and definitely recommendable! C. uzondu

This student also wrote a driving test report: 9.25 Uhr morgens ist die beste Zeit für die Fahrprüfung

Date: 30.01.2015

Rolf Munter is a committed driver. I find his notepad after every driving lesson a great idea and very helpful. With his good humor and his patience (which I definitely needed) he made me a safe driver. He also makes his VKU interesting and entertaining. If you need a great driving instructor, Rolf Munter should be your first choice!

Date: 21.12.2014

Rolf Munter is a friendly, helpful and very patient driving instructor. I learned a lot from him. His explanations are clear and understandable. With his calm manner he also manages to calm the nerves of the student driver when things don't go so well.

Date: 19.12.2014

Angela Munter is reliable and punctual. She has patience and motivates the student driver in a friendly way.

Date: 24.11.2014

Mr. Munter is a very helpful one, friendly and patient driving instructor I can only miss. He can explain everything very well and has a very good structured plan to safely help everyone pass the car test.

Date: 13.11.2014

Reviews from Sara Wäfler

I give with much joy about the success at the first attempt 6 of 6 points. Rolf Munter has overcome my insecurity with his calm but certain way and has taught driving with a lot of sensitivity. I have learned a lot and would like to thank you very much for your support. Thank you Rolf P.s: Thank you very much Angela Munter for the good support during the holiday replacement :-) Thank you Angi

Date: 27.09.2014

Angela Munter is a very competent and patient driving instructor. With her upright manner she can also motivate people to drive, for whom it is more of a must.

Date: 19.09.2014

A very commpetente and modern driving education I enjoyed with Munters's Farschule. Driving instructor mega sympathetic. Modern practical small vehicle. Many useful & practical tips. Fair prices. Thanks for the great driving lessons.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Üben üben üben

Date: 15.09.2014

Rolf is a very friendly, calm and patient driving instructor. Thanks to his very good preparation I managed the test the first time. The notes after every hour and the very detailed explanations help extremely to gain security. In addition, the price/performance ratio is really excellent. I can recommend Rolf to anyone who wants to have fun learning. It is also advisable to visit the VKU at his place, which was also very entertaining and instructive. We had a good time, somehow a pity it is over now :-)Rolf is a very friendly, calm and patient driving instructor. Thanks to his very good preparation I managed the test the first time. In addition, the price/performance ratio is excellent. I can recommend Rolf to anyone. We had a good time and somehow it's a pity it's over now :-)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Schwierig war eigentlich nichts von allem

Date: 09.09.2014

Rolf Munter is a very humorous and patient driving instructor. The leaflets after each lesson will help you and it is practical to be able to do the VKU with him right away. Munters driving school convinced me very much and I could not have imagined a better driving instructor. I can only recommend him! :-)

Date: 04.09.2014

Angela Munter is a very good driving instructor. With a lot of patience and expertise she taught me how to drive. She was always top prepared and explained everything well and understandably. All lessons were clear and logical. I can only recommend them.

Date: 21.08.2014

At the age of 45 I decided to take the driving test after all. With Angela I found the perfect driving instructor by chance. With her professional and at the same time humorous manner she prepared me perfectly for the driving test. I was a very nervous driving student but Angela managed to get me through the test the first time. I can highly recommend Angela. Angela, I wish you and your family all the best. Merci for out!!!! Therese Ulrich, Zollikofen

Date: 08.08.2014

Reviews from Lea Affolter

Very good driving school. Mrs. Munter has a lot of patience and the driving lesson with her has always been a lot of fun. She is very spontaneous and also responds to her own wishes. She pays attention to all the details so that you are well prepared for the exam. Also very practical: the VKU course offered by her! Just to recommend :) Thank you again...

Date: 25.07.2014

Angela is a very pleasant and friendly driving instructor. The driving lessons were always well planned. I always knew where I was standing and what I was going to learn next. With her cheerful and loving nature she has taken the nervousness with her and ridden me well past the test. I can only recommend them:)

Date: 03.07.2014

Rolf Munter is simply brilliant. He is reliable, conscientious, efficient, patient and purposeful. His support and enormous commitment have brought me personally and successfully to my goal. There are no words for my gratitude! Rolf I wish you all the best from the heart and all the best and love of the world! It was an honor and a pleasure for me to be your student! Big Merci! I can recommend Munter`s driving school at any time proudly and with much joy. It was a valuable and enriching experience not only to work with Rolf but also with Angela. Many thanks Munter`s driving school! You are the best driving school ever!

Date: 28.06.2014

Reviews from Jeannine Schmocker

Rolf is a very good and patient driving instructor. Thanks to him, I passed my driving test on 27.6.14 right at the first attempt. I can only recommend Munter's driving school. Thank you Rolf for the instructive driving lessons.

Date: 20.05.2014

rolf is a great driving instructor!!! I can highly recommend him to others!!!! Today I had my driving test. Thanks to him I passed it successfully!!!

Date: 08.04.2014

Reviews from P S

Angela is a very friendly and competent driving instructor. She takes nervousness and concerns seriously and prepares you well for the exam. Her teaching method is well structured, so that you can always see where you stand in your training. I'd definitely take Angela back as a driving instructor.

Date: 07.04.2014

Angela is a great driving instructor! I always felt safe and understood with her. She is very patient, always attentive and has the talent to explain well. I will definitely recommend them. :)

Date: 02.04.2014

She's a great driving instructor. Always in a good mood and dueling. Always stay calm and explain things clearly. Very recommendable! :)

Date: 15.03.2014

Angela is an attentive, competent and humorous driving instructor who remains calm even in delicate situations. The driving lessons are always well structured. Angela is patient and explains understandably. She prepares you seriously for the exam. I appreciate very much that Angela took my concerns and fears seriously and motivated me again and again. I can highly recommend them! Liebi Angi, MERCI for everything! Melanie R.

Date: 20.02.2014

Rolf is an incredibly calm, humorous & patient teacher who gives clear & understandable instructions. He MASKS you again and again, no matter how often you make the same mistake. I can highly recommend Rolf for all those who want to pass the exam stress-free right away. Even for those who don't have the opportunity to drive as often in private as I did. After only 19 hours I passed the exam with flying colours on 11.2.14: Thank you Rolf! Katrin Grimm

Date: 28.01.2014

Reviews from Franziska Gurtner-Burri

Rolf is a very competent driving instructor, calm, funny and takes his time if you don't understand something. I'm very glad I decided for Rolf Munter, I'm very grateful to him for the patience with me :-) I will recommend Rolf to others. Best regards Franziska Gurtner

Date: 15.01.2014

Great driving instructor! Angela Munter is always very motivated, well positioned and can teach you to drive very well. She explains everything clearly and with her you are well prepared for the exam. I can only recommend them:)

Date: 08.11.2013

Reviews from Nicole Moser

Great driving instructor. Funny u always set up. Flexible and very patient. Passed the first time:-) Recommended only

Date: 03.11.2013

Angela Munter ist eine sehr angenehme Fahrlehrerin, die immer gutgelaunt ist. Sie ist geduldig, wenn es darum geht Neues zu lernen, gibt auf Fragen kompetent Antwort und ist in einem angenehmen Masse streng. Ich ging dank ihr gut vorbereitet an die Prüfung und habe diese dann auch bestanden. Ich kann Angela Munter als Fahrlehrerin jedem weiterempfehlen.

Date: 02.11.2013

fast and competent driving school.super patient driving instructor! would immediately go back to rolf in the driving lesson!

Date: 15.10.2013

Reviews from Luan Hajzeri

Explains everything clearly and is a top driving instructor. Recommended ! :-))

Date: 30.09.2013

While your experience is very enjoyable, I can only recommend

Date: 18.08.2013

Reviews from Nikoll Nikolla

It was only by chance that I came across Rolf and registered with him out of my gut feeling. Until then I had no plan at all to drive a car - so I was a bloody novice driver. With Rolf I have found a very competent, humorous driving instructor, who also keeps calm in practically every situation. Besides, he loves his job like no other. That's what sets him apart! He accompanied me through my driving training with motivation and full energy and was able to assess my driving skills very well. With me Rolf caught a very clumsy student who liked to make the same mistake X times in a row. For him that was no problem, he motivated me despite my mistakes and lo and behold: I always got better! :) With 17 driving hours a bloody beginner - who has driven privately perhaps 3 hours - to bring to the driving licence, which exists at first attempt, testifies very much to competence and experience. It is thanks to him that I can now move safely on the road! Too bad I can't take his driving lessons anymore. Because they have always been a lot of fun! I wish Rolf all the best for the future, maybe you'll see each other at Bern station for a coffee while parking ;)

Date: 09.08.2013

Reviews from Davita Steinemann

Rolf Munter was a very competent and patient driving instructor. He prepared me seriously for the exam and always took time for my concerns and worries.

Date: 28.07.2013

Friendly and competent. I can only recommend.

Date: 03.07.2013

Rolf has everything a driving instructor should offer. Emergency course, VKU, driving lessons. He is a very nice and helpful driving instructor. His instructions and his goal that he pursued with the students is always very accurate. He is honest and always tells you what needs to be improved. Rolf (Munter's Fahrschule) I would recommend to those who are looking for a nice, honest and friendly driving instructor.

Date: 19.06.2013

Munter's driving school is very competent and serious. I'm very happy with the way that went.

Date: 27.05.2013

Reviews from Ramona Städler

Had today morge the test and passed jabadabaduuuuuu... i can only owe this to Rolf with his great patience. would recommend you to everyone a very big compliment... continue like this and now that you get even more support from your daughter, it works even better...

Date: 22.03.2013

Rolf is a very good driving instructor. Even if you make the same mistake several times, he patiently explains this to you again. It brings everything he needs. It also tried to take away my fear of the exam. I would like to recommend him to others and would also - if I had to - visit him again in the driving lesson.

Date: 14.02.2013

I have experienced Rolf as a very patient, competent and always 'lively' driving instructor! He teaches with a great mixture of calm and motivation and has always taught me security. In each (generously measured!) hour a lot is learned! Many thanks for everything and many greetings, Annik

Date: 11.02.2013

I was also lucky enough to take my driving lessons with Rolf and I can only agree with all the positive reviews about him. Rolf is a very competent, pleasant, reliable and good driving instructor in every respect, who is committed to his profession with a lot of empathy and pleasure. He prepared me calmly and patiently for the most diverse traffic situations with goal-oriented, always instructive driving lessons - in which even a little bit of humour found its place. What I really liked about Rolf was the way he pointed out mistakes to me. At the same time he always saw the progress and built me up on them when things didn't go so well. Today I have - and am overjoyed - passed my driving test (with 52 years). I will continue to remember Rolf's advice and hints while driving on the roads. Wish him and his family only the very best and always a good source of strength to refuel. Thank you very much for EVERYTHING!!! Fränzi Bärtschi

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ich lernte mit 52 Jahren Autofahren

Date: 11.02.2013

Rolf has everything you need for a driver's license: Emergency course, driving lessons, VKU and even after the driving test, he registers with you for the obligatory courses. I can only recommend him and am super glad that I was with him! He is so calm, sympathetic and knows the answer to everything. Thank you Rolf! LG Martina

Date: 17.01.2013

Reviews from Tamara Pettinaro

I learned to drive with rolf, and I would choose him again as my driving instructor, he has this quiet way of teaching things... I learned something in every driving lesson and understood it quickly. I can only recommend him! Dankä rolf bisch dr besht driving instructor... Lg tamara

Date: 10.01.2013

A very patient, always friendly and competent teacher. I always felt safe, and in tricky situations he always had the right mix of help and self-made. He bridged a mistake with a loose spell. The driving lessons have always been fun for me, and I was sure to get through the stage right the first time. =) Merci a lot of times, Rolf! =)

Date: 28.08.2012

simple super:)

Date: 08.08.2012

Mr. Rolf Munter taught me very well! I was made aware of all situations in road traffic and was allowed to try everything! Rolf is a very pleasant driving instructor who always keeps a cool head even in stressful situations! I can only recommend Rolf from personal experience!

Date: 11.07.2012

Since Rolf Munter offers not only driving lessons but also the VKU and the emergency course, you don't have to worry about anything anymore. Rolf had a lot of patience and was always calm. I found it particularly good that Rolf had prepared small notes with the various manoeuvres. This allows you to read everything when you are no longer sure how to do it. I have passed the driving test in the first attempt.

Date: 06.07.2012

I passed my exam the first time over a year ago. He was a great, patient teacher. We had a lot of fun together and I send everyone I know to him. Thank you very much for everything!

Date: 08.06.2012

Today I passed my first driving test! I always took driving lessons with Rolf. He is a super competent, patient and friendly driving instructor. He always told me the important things in between, what was important for the exam and also later for independent driving. I really can only recommend him. Thank you very much, Rolf!

Date: 29.04.2012

Rolf is a very patient and understanding driving instructor. He is characterized by great commitment and you can see that he takes his tasks seriously and prepares the student very well for the exam. Only to be recommended! Alain

Date: 02.04.2012

Rolf is a great driving instructor! He remains calm in every situation and gives objective feedback after every lesson as well as something that has been well done (which is very motivating!). I admire Rolf for his patience towards me and highly recommend him! No einisch Mercii viu mau! Liebi Grüess Tanja Schütz

Date: 27.01.2012

Rolf is a friendly, calm, competent and well-positioned driving instructor. He enjoys his job and he also teaches that in his driving lessons. He has adapted himself strongly to my personal needs and has given me all the necessary and important information to pass the driving test in a short time and supported it with practical examples. Rolf is prepared for his students at every driving lesson and knows the strengths and weaknesses of his students. He promotes and challenges in a targeted way and keeps to his motto: "as many as necessary, as little as possible". In my opinion, "everyone" is in good hands with him. His vehicle is good-natured, agile and forgives even slight shifting and clutch errors due to its powerful engine. Thank you very much. Philip

Date: 10.12.2011

Very good driving instructor. Always keep calm, build one up when things didn't go so well. Always having a good time. Can only warmly recommend him ;o) Thank you Rolf!

Date: 12.09.2011

I've had a great driving lesson and it's been a lot of fun. Dr rolf always manages to motivate what's not so good right now. Hut hani mini testable in the erschte alouf pass. I cha aune wo das no vorsech hei, dr rolf nume witers empfehlen!!!

Date: 19.08.2011

Rolf has an ingenious way to prepare his students for the exam! He is a passionate, patient and motivated driving instructor! He adapts the lessons individually to his students, recognizes difficulties and always finds a way to overcome the hurdles! Many thanks for the super competent training! Simone

Date: 19.08.2011

Rolf has a pleasant, calm nature and can give you many helpful tips for a safe driving style.

Date: 29.07.2011

Rolf is incredibly patient, always motivated and stresses what you do positively (which is really very motivating!). His notepads are great and he's great at explaining. I have always felt very comfortable in the driving lesson and can really recommend him!

Date: 13.07.2011

I was a difficult student, Rolf had to show me many things several times. Nevertheless, he did not lose his patience and always remained calm. I passed the exam the first time. Even if he intervenes once and presses the brake pedal, it's only for your safety! With his calm, reliable manner and with always a good saying on his lip, he brings you to the finish line. Of course there were sometimes moments when he was a bit tense and annoyed...;-)

Date: 29.06.2011

Yesterday I passed the test with flying colours after 15 hours of driving. Many thanks again to Rolf. He remains calm in every situation and appreciates the driving skills of each individual very well. I highly recommend it.

Date: 31.05.2011

i am really happy hanich decide for rolf...he is a great driving instructor, he remains ruig i every sitwation, he teaches all that so verstohsch...! I've passed the test... with rolf sire help with the first mol! thank you rolf

Date: 05.05.2011

Reviews from Fabian Gammenthaler

Driving instructor who knows how to convey the practice of driving a car well. The A5 sheets, which are given to each topic, e.g. maneuvers, traces, ..., also give support with learning. He is spontaneous and the price/performance ratio is very good. With best recommendation Fabian

Date: 29.04.2011

Very Professionally Well Organized. Every driving lesson is very instructive. Rolf prepares you optimally for the exam. Thank you Marc

Date: 08.04.2011

Thank you very much, Mr Munter. Anna Brigger

Date: 08.04.2011

Rolf was great, I learned a lot about traffic and I passed the exam the first time! I can recommend him with a clear conscience x)...

Date: 23.12.2010

Reviews from Nathalie Wasescha

It's a great driving instructor!! One teaches much with him and also cuts off accordingly with the examination =). Just to recommend!!!

Date: 13.12.2010

Rolf can teach you how to drive perfectly with his patient manner! You don't just drive around aimlessly with him. Different focal points will be explained to you in more detail and then these will be practiced. For me, this was an optimal preparation for the exam.

Date: 21.11.2010

Rolf Munter is very competent, knows the answer to every question regarding driving a car, remains calm while driving, is very reliable, fair and flexible. He really wants his students to pass the exam without any problems and supports them in every respect. Very recommendable!

Date: 18.11.2010

very good

Date: 22.10.2010

Rolf Munter is simply the best! It is thanks to him that I can now safely turn around on the road. He explains calmly and objectively, takes a lot of time and has viiieeel patience. Thank you very much for everything! A. N.

Date: 20.10.2010

"The rest in person," always set up and nice. I can recommend Rolf with a very good conscience! Really a great driving instructor, always super organized and instructive lessons. Nomau merci viumau Rolf, het gfägt! Sandro

Date: 15.10.2010

The driving lessons with Rolf were very instructive. He is really a great driving instructor and highly recommended. Thank you very much for everything!

Date: 15.09.2010

The driving lessons with Rolf Munter were always entertaining and cozy, and of course very educational. After enough driving lessons with Rolf I was able to pass the test without any problems. Munter's driving school is highly recommended! Thanks again! Greeting Gian-Luca

Date: 06.09.2010

It si always super driving lesson gsi. Very instructive but ou with gnue joke. Thanks to you hani with number 9 driving hour passed. Merci viumau!! Lg Manon

Date: 21.07.2010

Super organized, always in a top mood, teaching Rolf is really fun! Rolf is a very patient, friendly and flexible driving instructor. I can warmly recommend Munter's driving school to everyone.

Date: 27.06.2010

Patience in person Explains calmly, calmly and understandably. Top support by very good and understandable leaflets with pictures. Do not lose your calm nature even in difficult situations. Thanks to him I enjoy driving and also relaxed car. Also I don't let the razors make me nervous :) Thanks to him I passed the exam at the first attempt. Thank you Rolf Keep up the good work :) Best regards Nadine

Date: 25.06.2010

A really very patient driving instructor, I can recommend!

Date: 21.05.2010

A very patient dear driving instructor. His way comes very close to a paternal role! I can highly recommend Rolf Munter!

Date: 03.05.2010

I can only recommend Rolf! I needed my time to get along with the traffic and in this time Rolf never got impatient and the test worked at the first attempt. Merci!

Date: 20.04.2010

Rolf Munter is an excellent teacher. For those who have difficulties with driving, I can only recommend to go to Rolf. He is very professional, patient and positive. So learning how to drive is really fun! Thank you Rolf for everything and a dear greeting. rita

Date: 09.04.2010

About two weeks ago I passed the driving test at my first attempt, which I would not have dared to do a few months ago. Rolf guided me patiently, humorously and with commitment through all my driving lessons. Not only did he teach me how to pass the driving test, but also how to really drive a car, automate some things and always keep an eye on others. I can warmly recommend Rolf and wish him and all his students every success. anina

Date: 27.03.2010

I can only recommend you! Always in a good mood, super prepared for the lessons, punctual and patient! Always everything explained well and understandably. So I passed the exam the first time :) Keep it up! Thanks again very much for everything! Best regards Andy

Date: 21.03.2010

Rolf had a difficult case to solve with me. Years ago I had a serious car accident with my partner on the highway. This accident accompanied me since then and what I experienced took away all my courage to drive a car myself. It stayed that way for years until I met Rolf. I informed him about my fears and concerns and Rolf said "let's just come and have a look". And lo and behold, I passed the driving test at the first attempt. And if you know my story, you know what Rolf did for me. Dear Rolf, thank you very much for your patience and that you have encouraged me again and again! I wish you and your family all the best and your future driving students a great driving instructor as I had him (:o)) Best regards Brigitte

Date: 03.02.2010

Dr Rolf is simply the best driving instructor! With a lot of patience, motivation, commitment, understanding, experience and above all with a lot of specialist knowledge, you prepared me super for the car test. You were always super prepared for the driving lessons and drove with me various routes over country, city and motorway. Your driving lessons were always varied - also humor was there in every lesson. Thanks to these great preparations I passed the car test right the first time - MERCI viu mau for Aues! I wish you and your future students all the best! Liebi Grüess Carina

Date: 27.01.2010

Rolf is a very patient, cheerful and professionally experienced driving instructor, who accompanied me successfully to my identity card. He practices his profession with passion and joy and is able to assess how much progress his students have made. I can and will recommend Rolf at any time!

Date: 12.11.2009

Always in a good mood and remains calm even in difficult situations.

Date: 12.11.2009

I can highly recommend Rolf! He works very goal-oriented and structured, is well organised, has good documents to explain the facts, gives very helpful and useful learning notes. As a person he is extremely patient, humorous, it is very pleasant to learn to drive a car with him and he is a pleasure to drive. I managed to touch the side mirrors with another car, Rolf remained calm even there. At the end of July I took the first driving lesson with him and at the beginning of October I passed the driving test the first time, although I am not a gifted driver. We owe a lot to Rolf's goal-oriented and motivating approach. Merci! Caroline

Date: 01.11.2009

Rolf Munter is a really very typical driving instructor! He is always patient, friendly, humorous, calm and calm. I found the driving lessons very instructive and the learning climate was consistently pleasant. Rolf keeps a record of what he has learned and is always well prepared. He is generous, i.e. the driving lesson may also be 5 minutes longer. Rolf is always motivated and the joy in his job is noticeable! I can definitely recommend Rolf Munter as a driving instructor. Especially for sensitive and rather anxious young women. Merci viu mau! Aues Guete und liebi Grüess Laura.

Date: 11.10.2009

Super driving instructor, just go ahead and explain it simply but precisely. Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 05.10.2009

Rolf Munter is a very very good driving instructor! He is always patient and upbeat, has a sense of humour, and above all he is very professional. Rolf always has an overview of what you have learned how well, because he writes down everything (not all driving instructors do that!). My former driving instructor did not do this, and I always had the impression that he had no idea where I was standing). Rolf is also very generous when it comes to the duration of the driving lessons. Merci Rolf, that I passed the exam last week right away! Sincerely, Giulia Meier

Date: 09.09.2009

Absolutely only experienced positives. He didn't deserve six stars, he deserved seven.

Date: 07.09.2009

Dear Rolf, I always found the driving lessons with you very pleasant and instructive. You always stay calm, even if something doesn't work out and above all you have seemingly endless patience with insecure students. I also love your motivation for what you do and that you always have a saying on your lips. Keep it up! :-) E dear greetings, Helene

Date: 23.08.2009

Hello Rolf, thanks me no mau bi you for dini trying to prepare your goodness ah exam cage ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! dini experience lessons are always very instructive gsi you hesh mr immr aues explained very goodness. Hami is always happy at the wheel. Grüässli yannick

Date: 04.08.2009

It's lush and very teachable gsi...merci numä 7 fahrstundä...besandä! ^^

Date: 07.07.2009

Dear Rolf I have always found your driving lessons very pleasant, interesting and instructive. Your hours were also very good value for money. You had a lot of patience and you distributed very interesting and helpful information sheets. You were a very pleasant driver. You enjoy learning how to drive a car and you can tell that by the way you handle and behave. I thank you for the patience and joy you have shown me in driving. Best regards Fabia

Date: 18.06.2009

Mr. Munter accompanies me as my driving instructor for 7 months and he was always very patient and had a lot of nerves to teach me driving, as well as the maneuvers. He was also always very uplifting to me and accurate in all his explanations. In addition, his leaflets and drawings helped me a lot, as did the test drive with his colleague. I can warmly recommend Mr. Munter to all prospective driving students! Aline Ammann

Date: 15.06.2009

It was always a lot of fun to have a driving lesson with you and I thank you a lot for being so patient with me. Thanks to your great support while driving, I was able to pass my exam today. Thank you. Thank you. Continue there all the best and drive carefully in traffic. Grüessli Corinne Rüegsegger

Date: 03.06.2009

Rolf is a very patient, cheerful, humorous and pleasant driving instructor! Every driving lesson has brought me a big step closer to my goal and thanks to Rolf I passed the driving test without any problems. MERSI ROLF!!! So I can really recommend Rolf!

Date: 26.05.2009

Rolf is a very syphatic and positioned driving instructor! The driving lessons were all very instructive and never boring! Munter's driving school is highly recommended!

Date: 16.05.2009

Rolf is a very open and happy person. He teaches you to drive with fun, the lessons always go by like in flight. I recommend Munter's driving school to everyone.

Date: 06.05.2009

Dear Rolf I've always looked forward to driving lessons with you. You are a very patient and humorous driving instructor. One simply notices that you practice your profession with a lot of joy and passion. I passed the exam, despite GROSSER examination anxiety at first go. With your humor even the oh so unpopular VKU course was funny :=). I can only warmly recommend you and wish you and all your future students all the best. Best regards Stefanie

Date: 04.05.2009

Dr bescht driving instructor woni je ha gha! :-) isch auso würk super gsi with you u du heschmer zsachä würklech gued chönä bibringe! merci viu mau! :-) Mfg! Michel

Date: 26.04.2009

Very pleasant working climate. High flexibility. Very good price performance ratio and last but not least Rolf is simply a pleasant type.

Date: 22.04.2009

Sali Rolf, I just passed the car test yesterday at first go. Munter's driving school is highly recommended when it comes to understanding the car as well as driving perfectly. Rolf teaches you everything you want to know, and sometimes even more. =)

Date: 17.04.2009

Liebä Rolf I always do a lot of fermenting to you id Fahrstung cho u finges fasch chli schad, dasi iz nüm cha cho...:-) You make the dessert super o with the Merkbletter geng. Merci viu mau for out you wish you continued viu success with your ride. I will send every colleague to you!!!:-) I hope you don't have to do this!!!! Dearest Grüessli Stefanie

Date: 24.03.2009

Always funny and fun to play with, Rolf Munter teaches you everything you need to drive safely.

Date: 19.02.2009

Rolf is explained very well and is very patient. He's a very good and nice driving instructor. Overall a very professional impression. The exam is easy to pass with him (10 lessons). Martchela Bloch

Date: 21.01.2009

Hello folks, when I was on the road with Rolf Munter for the first time a month ago I felt a huge joy in driving a car. The way Rolf teaches you how to drive a car is absolutely understandable and very extensive and if you are unclear Rolf is very happy to help you :) Today after 8 driving lessons I am in possession of the driving licence that only thanks to my driving instructor Rolf Munter. Merci Rolf!

Date: 21.11.2008

Hello Together Thanks to the competent and well-positioned driving instructor Rolf Munter, I passed the driving test after 19 driving lessons right away:-)! Without ever having been at a wheel before. Rolf's enthusiasm, competence and friendliness deserve special mention. From the train station Bern or from Ittigen we drove our "test tracks". Rolf is always very flexible. He is also very generous with his lessons, they often lasted 1 hour! He taught me how to gently move the vehicle very quickly and convincingly. Another plus point is the communication between the driving instructor and the student, you will soon notice that Rolf enjoys his job. After passing the driving test, I'm naturally happy to have made it. However, I will always follow the tips Rolf gave me on the way;) So for everyone and everyone who is looking for an excellent driving instructor, I recommend "Munter's Fahrschule" to you with a clear conscience. Friendly greetings David

Date: 11.11.2008

Completely desperate and shortly before giving up the goal I came to Rolf. He knew how to raise me up again and motivate me. He also gave me back the fun of driving and brought me after a short time safely to the test maturity. After his practice hours, the driving test was no longer a problem. You always get the impression that Rolf lives and loves his job. That's what he brings to his students. Rolf, thank you very much for everything and I wish as many students as possible your driving lessons, so that they benefit from your super super skills.

Date: 11.11.2008

Rolf Munter is a very motivating driving instructor. He already shows great joy in small successes and by no means hacks around on mistakes. You can tell that Rolf enjoys his job. Rolf is not a driving instructor who tries to get as many hours (money) as possible out of a student. His driving lessons were always well thought out and he conveyed the material "quickly". He has always challenged me without overwhelming me! I think this is a great achievement! This allowed me to develop a joy for driving a car. For these reasons I can highly recommend Rolf as a driving instructor!

Date: 03.11.2008

this driver is easy to recommend!!! nice, funny and suuuppper a lot of patience!

Date: 30.10.2008

Rolf is a great driving instructor, always highly motivated and in a good mood, even if a mistake always happens again, he remains calm and explains it to you with the same calm as the first time again. What I really like about Rolf is that he doesn't just list the negative things, but also praises even the smallest things. So he could always motivate me to try it again. Thank you Rolf for the great driving lessons. Karin Schüepp

Date: 26.08.2008

Rolf is only to be recommended! Both human and factual! The lessons are personal, entertaining and effective. I had a lot of fun driving him around, discussing with him and learning how to drive in a safe and quiet way, almost like on the side. Way to go, Rolf!

Date: 04.08.2008

Rolf Munter is a very quiet, incredibly patient driving instructor. He offers everything a student driver needs to get through the driving test without any problems. Munter's driving school is highly recommended in all points.

Date: 08.07.2008

Hello Rolf Thanks again for everything. I found your company up to the practical exam and then great. The driving lessons with you always gave me a lot of pleasure. The atmosphere while driving was always very calm and not tense. I always felt safe while driving. You always made a very motivated impression on me. I found the documents you gave me on the individual topics super and very helpful. You did not only the driving lessons but also the VKU super. I really liked the fact that the students at VKU also had to think things through and do things themselves. With the quiet atmosphere in the car and your motivation, all your students will have fun learning to drive and will be motivated to pass the exam. Friendly greetings Jürg Bigler