Fahrschule-Fehr reviews and experiences

Date: 12.02.2020

Reviews from Dounya Zorzetti

Maximum competent driving instructor and human! Highly recommended! Thanks for everything, Dounya.

Date: 22.12.2019

After the change from another driving school to Samuel I already regained the joy of driving after the first lesson with him. With his open, relaxed personality he made the driving lessons pleasant and I felt very comfortable! After each lesson you will receive a sheet of paper, which you can use to repeat what you have learned. That also helped me before the lessons and especially before the exam. Thanks to him, I finally passed the test the first time. Can absolutely recommend him!

Date: 13.11.2019

Samuel Fehr is very competent, sympathetic and humorous, which makes the driving lessons entertaining and at the same time very instructive. The driving lessons are very personalized and adapted to every need. I really can only recommend. Thank you for everything Samuel!

Date: 21.10.2019

Super driving instructors! Very competent and experienced, humorous and gives a safe driving feeling. Driving lessons were always fun with Sämi

Date: 20.10.2019

Very competent, always relevant to the exam, so that I knew exactly what the expert needed during the exam.

Date: 27.07.2019

Reviews from Timo Muchenberger

Mr. Fehr is the perfect driving instructor. He knows how to deal with the students. Even for questions that were actually "doubly certain", he always had an understanding and responded to them. I have now passed the test thanks to Mr Fehr. However, I consider to take driving lessons again with Mr. Fehr, despite having passed the driving test, because it was so fun. ;) Merciii Sämi for everything and on bath. avenue

Date: 23.07.2019

Reviews from Andres Zweifel

Mr. Fehr is an excellent driving instructor. He adapts optimally to his different students. Sometimes you feel thrown into the cold water, but thanks to his calm and serene manner, you quickly gain self-confidence. Not only does he teach his students to take the exam at breathtaking speed, but he also teaches them how to drive. I am very grateful to him, also for the patience he could muster for me. Not because I was a bad student, but because I simply got on his nerves very often. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a good driving instructor.

Date: 10.07.2019

Reviews from Julia Thomann

Drive the same after the exam as before! Thank you Sämi

Date: 09.07.2019

Very friendly, friendly and competent driving instructor.

Date: 23.05.2019

awesome eel! really learned a lot :)

Date: 15.05.2019

Reviews from Aliena Müller

I was very comfortable with Sämi. With a lot of patience and humour he showed and explained everything in detail and gave me a lot of security for the exam. Many thanks for the good driving lessons! :)

Date: 12.05.2019

Top preparation to go safely and without hesitation to the driving test!

Date: 22.03.2019

Super sympathetic and nevertheless gnueg strictly the me bim first minor bestoht! ;)

Date: 07.02.2019

Reviews from Jeanne Graf

Very friendly, instructive and patient driving instructor. Only recommendable! Thank you so much for a great time.

Date: 17.12.2018

Samuel was always in a good mood and behaved exactly like you would imagine a driving instructor. He conveys the theory properly and could pass it on with joy.

Date: 16.12.2018

Reviews from Sandro Gerber

Insanely relaxed and flexible driving lessons, yet strict enough to bring you quickly and comfortably to your destination :-) Samuel will individually address your own learning situation, help you to iron out your weaknesses and prepare you for the exam with numerous test drives, so that you will be prepared for every "trap" / difficulty. Absolutely recommendable!

Date: 11.12.2018

Reviews from Julia Rueedi

Dr besti driving instructor wos je hets gits! Every hour in the fast petrol coach was extremely instructive and also very clumsy. Samuel Fehr is highly competent to assess his future Blächkisten pilots and prepare them for the exam. It would be foolish not to take him as a driving instructor. Thanks for everything, Julia.

Date: 12.09.2018

Reviews from Veranika Ihnatovich

I loved the driving lessons. It's nice to be picked up where you want. The documents you got after driving lessons are great and good to repeat things at home. I had complete confidence in my driving instructor.

Date: 06.09.2018

With Samuel you get super instructive and individually designed driving lessons, in which he imparts his knowledge in a relaxed, friendly and very competent way! :)

Date: 08.04.2018

Samuel is a very competent, nice and humorous driving instructor. The lessons were very instructive and you also get theory sheets, which are very useful for repeating and applying what you learned at home. Due to his knowledge of the examination tracks and his good reputation with the examiners, I passed the examination at the 1st attempt.

Date: 15.02.2018

TOP driving instructors from start to finish! Sämy designs every driving lesson individually and makes you feel comfortable at all times. He knows about it and passes on his knowledge so that there are no gaps, you can drive skilfully and master the test. Driving school Fehr I can highly recommend! Thank you, Sämy!

Date: 11.01.2018

Reviews from Lukas Roschi

Super driving instructors with great humor and great, instructive driving lessons. I felt comfortable at all times and I looked forward to every driving hour with him.

Date: 13.12.2017

Reviews from Marco Roth

Date: 28.09.2017

Samuel was a really great driving instructor. He gave you confidence and supported you in every way. Each driving lesson was geared to a specific topic and was optimally structured. If you want to have the perfect driver, then choose Samuel Fehr, he is the best preparation for the practical car test there can be! Thumbs up!!!

Date: 26.09.2017

The driving lessons with Samuel were very instructive and always fun. Samuel is competent, very empathic and has a great pedagogical way to learn the important movement sequences. Because he knows all the stages, he was able to prepare me for the exam! I would immediately recommend Samuel to everyone!

Date: 29.08.2017

It was top! Good speed, not too slow/fast. Only to recommend!

Date: 09.06.2017

Wottsch dini Praktischi bim erschte mol bestoh...muesch absolutely to the Sämi go! Sämi makes his thing super.felt me from the first hour in good hands. Top driving instructor. Great car. Thank you Sämi. lg Raphi

Date: 08.05.2017

Reviews from Angela Schilling

I am extremely satisfied with the way the driving lessons were conducted. I always felt very comfortable. Sämi was always in a good mood and very patient, even though I always made the same mistakes. A very dear person with whom one can also talk about everyday life but still concentrate fully on the driving lesson. It was very structured and I always knew what to expect in the lesson. I also came through the first time at the exam :) Thank you Sämi! LG, Angela

Date: 05.04.2017

Top driving instructor !

Date: 22.02.2017

Very good, quickly! Super Type

Date: 22.02.2017

The driving lessons were on the one hand very instructive and on the other hand, which was almost as important for me, extremely amusing. I can only recommend Samuel and wish everyone who learns to drive with him a good time. I'll always have to remember those hours with a smile on my face. Messi Sämi ;)

Date: 01.12.2016

Samuel Fehr is the perfect driving instructor! With his help, the driving test becomes child's play. It is enormously effective and on top of that super amusing. I was looking forward to each of his hours and today, thanks to him, I passed the driving test!

Date: 20.06.2016

Reviews from Lena Barczay

As a driving instructor, I can only recommend Samuel to everyone! With its open and quiet nature, you feel at home right from the first hour of driving. The respective theory sheets to the driving lesson, which Samuel always gave with him, were additionally a great help!

Date: 17.06.2016

Reviews from Nelson Da Cruz

Eifach Top!

Date: 15.06.2016

The driving school ferry is only for recommendation! Mr. Fehr is very patient and takes time to explain everything to you once or even a second time. He responds to your concerns and prepares you perfectly for the exam.

Date: 15.06.2016

If one is looking for a guarantee to pass this exam there are not many possibilities passing by Sämi. From my own experience I can confirm that you are trained in such a way that you can pass the exam without any problems despite mistakes. Really top!

Date: 23.05.2016

Every driving lesson takes you further. During the hours you have fun and there is a very pleasant atmosphere. I have the choice not to regret attending this driving school for a second.

Date: 29.04.2016

I can only warmly recommend Samuel Fehr to others. Every time I looked forward to the driving lessons very much, he has a clear structure and is super organized. Also humanly a super guy. We approached the "crucial points" in a targeted manner and you feel totally safe and well prepared for the exam. This was certainly one of the reasons why I passed the first time. I was familiar with the test track because we had already driven it 1:1. Thanks again Sämy!

Date: 29.04.2016

In my eyes, Samuel Fehr is a master in his field. I found the lessons on the interpersonal and professional level to be of very high quality. But I successfully passed the driving test the first time in a very short time, because Fehr quickly noticed where my deficits were and eliminated them in a targeted manner. We practiced exclusively in exam areas and so the surprise effect on the exam was zero. +Documents with the most important contents; +Audi A3 is always shining clean; +Fehr always fresh and cheerful.

Date: 03.03.2016

My driving lesson at the driving school Fehr was always very instructive. Every hour was helpful and through the leaflets you can remember and look up every detail. On the way to your driving licence you will be well looked after by Samuel Fehr and optimally prepared for the exam. Samuel Fehr is also very patient and competent.

Date: 11.02.2016

Samuel is a very quiet, patient driving instructor and is always in a good mood. It was funny to take the driving lessons with Samuel and thanks to him I passed the test at the first attempt. For each driving lesson you will receive a theory sheet which helps you to repeat what you have learned or to practice privately. He is always well prepared and the price-performance ratio couldn't be better. All in all, I wouldn't pick another driving instructor. It was great. Thank you so much!

Date: 26.01.2016

The driving school ferry, Samuel, is a very competent driving instructor. He knows what the driving test is all about and points out every little detail. He himself was ALWAYS well prepared and had always illustrated the driving situations well with drawings. I was very satisfied and was able to pass the test the first time thanks to his help. TOP! Can only recommend him to others

Date: 12.01.2016

I was very satisfied with my driving instructor Samuel Fehr! The driving lessons were well structured. I have always learned a lot and felt comfortable driving. He prepared me well and competently for the driving test so that I passed it without any problems the first time. I can highly recommend him. :)

Date: 20.12.2015

Reviews from Katya Buser

If you are looking for a competent and motivated driving instructor, who is able to convey the necessary contents in a structured way, who has psychological skills and believes in your success, you can contact Samuel and hope that he still has an appointment available in his busy diary...;)I was lucky. That's what I wish you and all the best in learning to drive!

Date: 19.11.2015

Driving instructor Samuel Fehr was very patient in every situation, and very helpful. Could ask questions any time. It was great to do driving lessons with him and every lesson was very helpful. Passed the exam the first time. J.

Date: 19.11.2015

The driving school Fehr can only be recommended. You get an open-minded and motivated driving instructor who knows how to deal with the individual characters. I felt really comfortable already after getting in. After a few hours I was registered and passed the first time.

Date: 21.10.2015

Nobody knows the streets better than SAMUEL FEHR ! As a driving instructor it is the best, because with him you learn to drive correctly and I would advise everyone to take the hours with him. It's 100% worth it!!! Lg DA7

Date: 16.09.2015

I got to know Samuel Fehr as a very competent driving instructor. The driving lessons are systematically structured and perfectly adapted to the test. Samuel Fehr was always in a good mood, punctual, friendly and remained calm in every situation. Thanks to this excellent preparation, I passed the exam the first time. Thank you again, Samuel!

Date: 18.07.2015

Samuel's driving lessons were always very instructive. He explained traffic situations to me patiently, was flexible and always in a good mood. So the lessons were really fun. I passed the practical exam at the first attempt and now I really like to "rumcruise". The driving school Samuel Fehr is very recommendable! So let's get going.... have fun driving all of you :-)

Date: 07.07.2015

Very good driving instructor. Absolutely recommendable. Examination passed on first attempt. Thank you, Samuel!

Date: 21.05.2015

Ingenious, funny and cool driving instructor, was very satisfied!!!

Date: 13.05.2015

I recommend everyone who is still looking for a good driving instructor to take his driving lessons at the driving school ferry. Sämi was the perfect driving instructor for me. Very likeable, patient, never loud or hectic, but always motivating. He knows the test tracks and the requirements of the experts and can prepare you perfectly for the test. It worked at the first attempt merci nomol Sämi! :)

Date: 11.05.2015

Reviews from Buser Sara

Thanks to the good support of Samuel, I passed the driving test at the first attempt today. I enjoyed going to Samuel's driving lessons very much, it was a lot of fun and his cheerful and cheerful greeting before every lesson always motivated me. We usually drove for 75 minutes, which was very worth it, as I could practice the new things I had learned a lot in each of his hours and felt safe enough to try them out privately. After each lesson I received a sheet with the newly learned and the most important rules on it. Samuel's work is very professional. His driving lessons were always well thought out, based on my existing stand and individually adapted. If something went wrong in an hour, I was made aware of it calmly and in the next hour the lack was practiced purposefully. It went quite fast with him, one has privately the possibility to practice a lot, so it goes even faster. In a nutshell: Samuel is very recommendable! And also his car is very pleasant to drive and you want one of those ;)

Date: 04.05.2015

Supersympathetic, didactically skilful, competent, and precise preparation for the exam, which was successful at the first attempt. Extrabonbon is the neutral driving school car Also very practical, Samuel picks up the student at the meeting point of his choice, e.g. workplace, and delivers him there again, so that the driving lessons can be installed underground. Samuel recommends 1.5 hour sessions because the learning success is optimal -- concentration, approach to the exam area etc. - I can only confirm it.

Date: 17.03.2015

Reviews from Dilara Güclü

I can only recommend Samuel, very competent and patient! The driving lesson is very varied, so the student can approach the lesson more relaxed. He's great! :)

Date: 14.03.2015

Reviews from Daphne Pachnis

I can only recommend the driving lessons with Samuel! He is a friendly and competent driving instructor. On the one hand he works purposefully and quickly so that you can get ahead as quickly as possible, on the other hand he is patient and responds individually to his students. I felt very safe and in good hands. He also prepared me very well for the exam, so that I passed it right the first time!

Date: 18.02.2015

I would describe Samuel Fehr as a patient and competent and determined driving instructor. You are challenged right from the start and should therefore be sufficiently motivated! He explains the manoeuvres and the different traffic situations in such a way that a beginner can understand them well and master them independently in a short time. He knows his way around the examination area very well and gives valuable tips on numerous practice drives. As a result, even those unfamiliar with the area no longer have to worry about the inspection. I am very satisfied with my training with Samuel Fehr and can only recommend him!

Date: 15.01.2015

I have just passed the driving test with the great support of Samuel Fehr and can only recommend him as a driving instructor. He is very patient and yet he looks carefully to prepare you well for the exam. Samuel also gave me many tips on how to practice privately. We drove a lot of special stages, so that most of the stages seemed familiar to me. I am happy to have chosen him as my driving instructor and can highly recommend him. Thank you very much for your support!

Date: 03.12.2014

The driving lessons at Samuel Fehr are versatile and designed for fast "progress". Due to his competent manner and his "Know How" one is optimally prepared for the driving test. He knows the test tracks very well and with his practical theory sheets you can "play through" what you have learned at home. Samuel Fehr is flexible with the start and end points of the driving lessons as well as with the times, which is especially convenient for working people/learners. In qualitative, quantitative and personal respects I was always very satisfied with the "driving school ferry" and I was able to pass my driving test successfully the first time. Many thanks to my driving instructor Samuel Fehr, who fits perfectly for me.

Date: 17.10.2014

I was accompanied individually and competently on my way to my driving licence. Besides I was prepared very well for it so that I passed at the first time

Date: 22.08.2014

Hello everyone! So I had the Samuel as a driving instructor and can only recommend him to everyone! He's doing a great job! With his patience, his understanding and his relaxed but correct manner every driving lesson is fun! He explains things to you super or goes through topics that have already been dealt with again with you. Step by step he builds on what he has learned and leads you to the exam with top preparation. Also a help was there that I could always drive 75min and not only 50min like with most providers. What I also liked about being a newcomer on the street was that he trusted me right from the start and that I was allowed to drive in traffic and not have to do laps on any parking lots! Another plus point is his flexibility in terms of the starting point and end station of the lesson...I was able to bring in my wishes. Feedback, tips and opportunities for self-reflection are also given to you every time, constructively and not in such a way that hours can still be gained! So dear people: You want a good driving instructor, here you have the best! :) Greetings, Carol

Date: 17.06.2014

Very good. Mr. Fehr is a very pleasant, patient person and a qualified, committed professional. Always cool and considerate in his work, but also with the necessary severity at the right moment, he is able to get the best out of you. Thanks to his skills I was well prepared for the exam and was able to pass without any problems the first time. I can recommend with a clear conscience. Thank you again, Mr. Fehr!

Date: 10.06.2014

I would like to say thanks to Samuel. He is very qualified instructor, very attentive to details. He has a great patience and very pleasant in communication. He helps to deal with stress, and that is very important while driving and exam especially. Mr. Fehr is really engaged person trying to do his job in the best way. He was preparing me to “control fart” - practical driving exam. Thanks to him I passed the exam from the first attempt, and as far as I know most of his students managed to do that. Despite I was driving several years before (I had a Russian driving license which I had to confirm during one year in Switzerland) I got plenty of useful skills in driving such as how to change the gears and reduce the speed before and on roundebound, how to behave on “suspicious roads” where you don’t know what is expecting you “behind the corner” how to park the car in more easy way, etc. Many thanks once again, Samuel! I would like to recommend you to anyone who is preparing to exam or simply needs to improve his driving skills.

Date: 06.06.2014

Samuel Fehr is a dedicated, idealistic and honest driving instructor who has a lot of patience and empathy.

Date: 05.06.2014

Reviews from Armin Ibraimi

Samuel Fehr is a super human being a perfect driving instructor. Has a lot of patience which many may not have. If you implement exactly what he says and demands, then everyone can be 100% sure that he/she will pass the driving test the first time. That's how I did it, thank you, Samuel.

Date: 22.05.2014

Samuel Fehr is a very competent, reliable driving instructor with a lot of patience and calm. The driving lessons are well prepared and designed so that you can deepen your knowledge at home and reach your destination quickly.

Date: 01.05.2014

Samuel is a very good driving instructor, the best. He's very patient, funny, sweet, explains things clearly and I've never heard him talk or scream loudly before. :) :) What I found very valuable was his patience. I was looking forward to every driving lesson, had a lot of fun and can only recommend HIM to everybody!

Date: 22.02.2014

As soon as I had my driving licence I started looking for a suitable driving instructor. I quickly came across Samuel Fehr. So I got in touch with him, which worked out fine. Already during my first driving lesson I was enthusiastic, Samuel is a nice, funny and patient driving instructor. Thanks to him, I passed my exam the first time. Thanks again! :)

Date: 18.02.2014

Reviews from Luca Girod

Super pleasant and competent driving instructor.

Date: 05.02.2014

I was first with another driving instructor and noticed immediately that I did not feel well and then broke off the driving lessons. I then decided to give driving a new chance and contacted Samuel Fehr, who was recommended to me by friends. I was under time pressure because my school license expired in three months. In contrast to my previous driving instructor, Samuel was very patient, competent and above all punctual. I always felt comfortable with him in the car and when I did something wrong I was told how to do it right. I thanked Samuel for mastering the driving test without any problems at the first attempt! I can only recommend Samuel Fehr! - Thank you Sämi!

Date: 05.02.2014

I have only had good experiences with the driving school ferry - Samuel is a very patient and quiet driving instructor and the Audi A3 is ideal for learning to drive. It was also very positive for me that he always gave me tasks which I was able to implement while driving with my parents. So the experience was constantly expanded and I experienced as many situations as possible. If possible, I would recommend to take 1.5 driving lessons at a time - this will give you enough time to look at all the important points. The stage worked today at the first attempt, Samuel prepared me well for it. I can only recommend the driving school ferry - it was really all top and I am absolutely satisfied. At this point: thank you very much, Sämi!

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