Bootsfahrschule Bachmann reviews and experiences

Date: 29.04.2015

Reviews from Joël Widmer

Boating should be learned. But with the help of Rolf this is no problem. Rolf is a friendly driving instructor. Theoretically as well as practically he is very competent and responds to the individual needs of the student driver. Rolf has a lot of patience, so you have enough time to repeat the maneuvers several times. I can only recommend him to others Joël Widmer

Date: 28.04.2015

We are looking for a boating instructor => then there is only Rolf. With his professional competence and his methodically structured driving lessons, Rolf has led me unerringly (and successfully to the practical examination). TOP!!! And Rolf, I thank you again for your professional support and patience (especially today shortly before the exam).

Date: 23.04.2015

Reviews from Patrick Müller

22.04.2015 - Patrick Müller Hello Rolf I would like to thank you again for the competent and instructive driving lessons. Your patient and motivating nature prepared me excellently for the practical boat exam. Thanks to you I was able to take the exam with a good feeling and pass successfully. You've always kept a cool head, no matter how stormy it was... I also find your boat ideal for boating school: very easy to manoeuvre, optimally motorised and comfortably warm even in wet and cold conditions. I can only recommend such a great driving instructor! salute Patrick

Date: 08.04.2015

I went to Bachmann Boating School this spring. From the first driving lesson Rolf took the matter seriously. He goes to a lot of trouble and is absolutely competent. From the first hour on, I had a good feeling to pass the exam successfully. Rolf is characterized by patience, experience and knowledge at the highest level. This driving school is definitely to be recommended.

Date: 28.03.2015

Rolf Bachmann is a very experienced and competent boating instructor. From the very beginning Rolf responded to my personal needs as a student driver and supported me wherever I needed it most. Furthermore, he explained to me expertly, integrated in the driving lessons, the manoeuvres and the behaviour on board the boat. I find very good how Rolf explains every situation with patience according to the circumstances until one reacts correctly under various circumstances.

Date: 30.01.2015

Wotsch teach boat driving and search for drivers where to find them, I graduated from the Maa with Bachmann Rolf das esch. If you get to the destination you can get the Rolf nor the red one, because a better driver will be almost ned grote. Flexible and quiet on the glass teaching is the boating in the element water. I would like to thank you very much for the empty cyte on the lake, I checked with the help of Rolf what we had more. Ahoy ond soon in the Refresher. Greetings Jürg

Date: 27.11.2014

Boating isn't as easy as it might seem from the shore. With his calm and patience, Rolf has succeeded in competently teaching all the necessary manoeuvres. The daily form has an important influence on the practical examination. It didn't work out for me the first time. Don't let that get you down. Rolf takes up the feedback of the expert, so that with a few more driving hours the exam can be passed successfully next time. Ahoy and best regards Andrew

Date: 25.10.2014

Sali Rolf For the competent and patient instruction to the Böötlä, the exciting hours on the lake, the many tips and your peace with the sometimes better times worse practice maneuvers to prepare for the exam a heartfelt thank you. It was an exciting time and in the meantime we could both finish with success. Recommended as a driving instructor. Thank you very much and see you soon on the lake. Best regards Carmen + Roli

Date: 23.10.2014

Hello Rolf! Thanks vill times for the super test preparation, dini patience and helpful tips. It's a lot of fun and I'd like to make everyone who wants to go for a garden boat check out, but I'd be happy to paint you. Liebi Grüess and until next summer on the lake!

Date: 17.10.2014

Uf de Suichi after a sheathed driving instructor. I han in gfunde !! With zero suspicion Rolf brought me with all the rue and patience the ship goes bi bracht. His great knowledge as a boat professional and with many representatives of me, he tamed me that I had been a Prifig gli. Often han I think, if it grägnet hed luckily bi I am in Rolf uf em boat - he hed glass pane where mer good uise gsehd and it is ahgnehm warm - where other students hend Dur plastic window must s'boat stürre - have fun !! Thanks for making it I gid ! So nid think and you at the Rolf login Dui wirsch happy she In the Rolg we still have a lot of success - Dui make it suuuper Lg Bea

Date: 15.10.2014

Hoi Rolf Many thanks for your super support. It was a lot of fun with you on the lake. Super driving school and a great person. I wish you all the best for the future, and everyone who does not do the driving school with you is to blame!! Thanks for everything. Greetings Markus

Date: 15.10.2014

Hello Rolf Many thanks for the professional training. Also for the very flexible and intensive driving lessons. I can really recommend you for all who want to venture the adventure. Best regards and see you soon Andrew

Date: 14.10.2014

Hoi Rolf, I would like to thank you very much for the great driving lessons with you. Your patience, your knowledge as well as the varied hours motivated me to stay tuned and to lose my patience when manoeuvres were not always successful. I will definitely recommend you. All the best and many greetings Corinne

Date: 13.10.2014

Mier dankid Diär viu mal... I'm super happy that mier ez dä Boots has checked. I'm sure you'd like a good time with your son. Dui hesch always Zeyt gha wenn mier ai gha hend. And Dui hesch makes it super. We have always been very attentive to the test results, so that we can quickly get the job done. Dui bisch very sympathetic and hesch ä super good humour... I only recommend you to... Beschtä Dank... and ä scheeni Zeyt... liäbi Griäss Salomo and Timon

Date: 11.10.2014

Hey Rolf You bisch en very good boots driving instructor and en cool type I chandich nuer wieter recommend and the other drivers chönd their boat grad uif reason put :p mfg Alex W

Date: 09.10.2014

Dear Rolf Since today we are thanks to you both happy captains. In our medical examination report is recorded : In your very pleasant and informative boat school you will meet an extremely competent, patient and flexible driving instructor, who besides humour and tact, awakens his hidden talents in every student. With a lot of tenacity and discipline the precision is honed. Even if the wind keeps turning and the parking box seems too small, Rolf will lead you to your goal. Take Home Message Driving instructor number 1: Rolf Bachmann PS: Thank you very much for this unforgettable school time.

Date: 08.10.2014

Dear Rolf You have led me to success in a very short time. I appreciated your calm and competent manner and your empathy during the driving lessons, thank you very much for everything! You are a top recommendation address! Best regards, Eugen

Date: 06.10.2014

A short poem for joy: I got the boating exam, You haven't got it yet;-) Thank you for your patience and professionalism. Dear greetings Peter

Date: 16.09.2014

Hello Rolf Cool, I passed... But actually I would have preferred to sail with you a few more times... Thank you very much and keep up the good work and see you soon... Ship ahoy Christof

Date: 16.09.2014

Thank you very much again for your competent driving training. Because of your calm and cool nature the driving lessons were always very pleasant and fun. Even if it sometimes took several attempts in certain driving situations, you always had the necessary patience and insight. In addition, you prepared me very well for the practical driving test, which I passed right away thanks to you. I can therefore recommend you as a driving instructor to all future boaters! Thanks again and see you soon! Best regards Colin

Date: 15.09.2014

Ciao Rolf We enjoyed the driving lessons on Lake Lucerne with you. Nice that we were on the boat for many lessons with three of us, so we could benefit from each other. Our examination results at the first attempt confirm your training concept and the type of driving school ship. With us you have reached 100% full! ;-) Keep it up! I'll see you soon. A&A

Date: 05.09.2014

Hello Rolf I would like to thank you for teaching me in a simple and very quiet way how to go boating. Can only recommend you and hope to see you again soon on the lake. Greetings Bruno

Date: 04.09.2014

Also from me a very cordial thank you for the instructive hours on the lake. I always had a good feeling after the lessons because they were very instructive and there was never a lack of humour. I can and will recommend you to anyone looking for a boating instructor. With you you learn quickly and you stay calm, even if a few manoeuvres do not succeed. Liebi greet lorin

Date: 01.09.2014

Hello Rolf I would like to thank you for the very good and efficient training with a positive examination result. I am happy that I was able to finish my training with you after I had caught one of the few bad examples with my 1st teacher. I can highly recommend you and will do so. Dear greetings Matthias

Date: 27.08.2014

It's a big thank you to you. You're going fast, and you appreciate it. It's not very easy to be a porfit for other lies on a daily basis, instead of being one's own. I've always been a great boat rider, I've always been an episode rider. Greetings and enjoy yourself again. Roberto

Date: 17.08.2014

Sali Rolf I got to know and appreciate you as my driving instructor. You have a mother-nature knowledge of human nature and have the courage to jump over your own shadow. You taught me how to drive a boat and I actually passed the exam the first time. Dear Rolf you are an ingenious driving instructor, simply very recommendable. I wish you all the best in the future Peter Liem

Date: 16.08.2014

Hello Rolf Thank you so much for the great driving lessons I had with you! They were both exciting and instructive at the same time. You were always anxious to get me ready for my exam in a short time, so that I could successfully complete the exam before my forthcoming birth. I can only recommend you as a driving instructor and will gladly do the same... Greetings and I'll see you on the lake! andrea

Date: 14.08.2014

Dear Rolf I would like to thank you again very much for the competent and very efficient training at the motorboat! The hours on your boat were not only learning, but also interpersonal very enriching. I can only warmly recommend your driving school and wish you the best for your professional and private life. Best regards Stefan

Date: 12.08.2014

Salu Rolf It's a great feeling to finally hold the bond in your hands. And you have a big part in it - with patience you will have to endure the same manover for the umpteenth time only a good teacher will succeed. Your always good mood helps you to get over the lows and lets the anticipation for your own boating live on. Many thanks for the relaxed but professional preparation for the exam. Greetings also from Regina mathias

Date: 11.08.2014

Hello, Rolf, thanks for the great all-round care. You managed to prepare us very well for the exam within a short time. With your calm, pleasant and very competent manner, even the driving lessons were a rest from everyday work. I will recommend you and your boating school to all my friends and acquaintances. You're doing a very good job. I'd be happy if we crossed paths again on another occasion. Best greetings and soon novel

Date: 07.08.2014

Hello, Rolf, As you can read in every article below, you are doing an excellent job! I, too, can confirm this with great joy. You were a cheerful, focused & focused trainer for me, I appreciate that very much & would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. In a good 3 weeks we have managed to pass the exam successfully, thanks to your professional training. Merci vell mol Rolf! So I wish you all the best and a good trip on the beautiful Vierwaltstättersee! Best regards Kevin

Date: 06.08.2014

Hoi Rolf Many thanks for the solid exam preparation and practical training. Also great was your flexibility with the driving lessons in the early morning. I have celebrated the boat exam with a week at sea duly Thanks again and greetings Louise

Date: 28.07.2014

Ciao Rolf I would like to take this opportunity to once again express my sincere thanks thank you. Thanks to your flexibility, the great training is and the show was over in a hurry. I have your expertise and your patience much appreciated. Your great way with men- is top of the list. With you the morning hours on I'll always remember spending time at the lake. Wish you further beautiful times on the lake and will recommend you with joy. See you soon and have a good trip Guido

Date: 24.07.2014

Hello, Rolf, I would like to thank you very much for the great support and preparation for the driving test. You have always been calm and the hours have gone by like flying with many practical tips that will certainly be of great use to me in the future. For everyone who is looking for a super motivated and highly trained driving instructor, I can only recommend Rolf. Best regards corduroy

Date: 22.07.2014

Thank you very much for your competent training. It was really nice seeing you at driving school. Very objective and practical lessons. You have a very pleasant way of dealing with people. 100% recommendation stamp!!! Ahoy, see you.... Greeting Stef

Date: 19.06.2014

Sali Rolf You recognized my talent and supported me specifically! Thank you for your patience and commitment. The driving lessons were efficient and varied. I'll see you on the lake, I'm sure. Best regards Alain

Date: 19.06.2014

Dear Rolf, I would like to thank you personally once again for the good and solid training. I am very happy about passing the exam. The lessons were not only a lot of fun, but the way in which you conveyed the material also made it easier to forget. Well, thanks again for everything! I wish you so much fun and commitment in teaching your comprehensive knowledge and many "students" who are eager to learn.

Date: 06.06.2014

Also due to comments on this page I decided to take driving lessons with you. It paid off in full. A big thank you therefore to the report writers in front of me for their feedback. I can only confirm the positive reports and recommend you without any ifs or buts. You have been professional, fresh, motivated and positive in every lesson and have designed the training efficiently. It is a pleasure that such entrepreneurs as yourself, with a correct and fair business ethic, still exist. I wish you continued success. Greetings, Jost

Date: 05.06.2014

Hello Rolf It's been a good week since I passed the motorboat test thanks to you. Since I went to South Tyrol for a few days afterwards, it took a little longer with my feedback to you... I'm still very happy about passing the exam. Jihaaaaaa!!!!! That would have been thought a few weeks ago, when I was completely frustrated after about 30 lessons (!!!!) in the city of Lucerne when I took lessons with you. In the boat school in Lucerne it was said every second week, so I would need a few hours until the exam... I have almost given up hope... Unfortunately I noticed much too late that this has system in the city of Lucerne and is a damn moneymaking. Fortunately my 'bullier' Grend and a hot tip from a colleague led me to you. Best decision I could make. With your professional attitude, your gift to teach someone, your patience, calmness and looseness you have achieved with me exactly what was not possible in Lucerne for months before. After a few extra hours with you, which I always looked forward to and really enjoyed, I passed the motorboat test successfully! Thank you very much, Rolf. You're a great guy. Wish you all the best (also for your wife) and much success with your passion on Lake Lucerne. I will definitely recommend other interested people from my circle of colleagues only to you. Maybe we'll see each other again. Liebi Grüess roger

Date: 27.05.2014

Despite Ostbise and failed maneuvers - practical examination Cat. A the first time! Thanks to you too, Rolf. Your practical, honest and uncomplicated manner is well received. You pick the customers up where they stand. And you always have time for a chat ... Soon then, Tschuggerli with Mrs. Captain ahoy!

Date: 22.05.2014

Hey Rolf Thank you "tuisig" for the cool, uncomplicated Bootli training. I didn't think driving school could be fun; you taught me otherwise. I can absolutely recommend the boat driving school Bachmann. So, Weidmanns Heil!? Chrigu

Date: 22.05.2014

Hello Rolf Thank you very much for your patience you and your boat had to take in just to teach me how to drive. They were very nice and instructive hours. I wish you a lot of joy in training your students in the future. Your driving school is highly recommended. Greetings Jan

Date: 18.05.2014

Hello, Rolf, wanted to say thank you again on this way for the fast and beautiful education, and the common time on sea. thanks to you i could go within approx. 1 1/2 months to the practical examination, the last friday (16.5.14) took place. a small thanks i also want to dedicate to my girlfriend ( carmen ) who has driven me again and again, otherwise i would still go around today with the rowing boat. you make your thing really super, many thanks again. it is a pity that this time is over again, and our ways have separated, but thus others have again the possibility in the genus of your training to come the just as well as I or as all others before me complete. All right, I'll quit now. I'm not gonna be a novel. keep it up and I'll see you at sea. greet Markus

Date: 16.05.2014

Hello Rolf Thank you very much for your patience and sensitivity. I am very glad that I made this long way from Willisau to Stansstad to you. Also you are very flexible concerning dates and take consideration of customer wishes. Thanks for everything. Ship ahoy. Greetings Ruedi Stadelmann

Date: 06.05.2014

25.04.2014 - Ingmar Hoi Rolf I would like to thank you for bringing me to the exam so successfully in such a short time. I liked the way you practiced with me first, then later. where it was missing. In 11 hours you have made me a captain (never been on a boat before), without me practicing on the side. But I liked much more the way you treated people. You can tell you have a good connection to everyone. On the lake in the heated and protected from the rain We never ran out of topics to talk about in the cabin either. I wish you continued success with your boat school and good health! See you soon on the lake Ingmar

Date: 06.05.2014

22.04.2014 - Chlais Sali Rolf I'm just passing my exam at the celebrate And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great work. Now to my promised feedback: As far as the content and the course of your driving lessons are concerned, I wouldn't know how to make them even more efficient. Through your uncomplicated way you convey this content clearly and to the point. I would like to emphasize in particular that you have already sent me to the examination after these few joint appointments. I think this circumstance speaks for you and your way of working. I can recommend you to all prospective captains with a clear conscience. Be it people who are under pressure or are looking for success in a continuous learning program, you have an answer for both. It was a pleasure working with you on the water and getting to know you. See you hopefully soon on the blue, maybe on a yellow wet. Liäbä Gruäss from Chlais

Date: 06.05.2014

Sali Rolf I have now read some feedbacks... Well what can I say... I can only confirm the feedbacks. The time with you was very pleasant and very instructive. I had completed my first lesson on 07.04.2014 and the examination successfully on 28.04.2014. Thank you for making this happen so quickly. Greeting novel

Date: 25.04.2014

05.04.2014 - Markus Dällenbach Dear Rolf On Friday I passed my motorboat exam - thanks to Rolf! I appreciated your calm, always positive and uncomplicated manner. Thank you for the nice hours on the lake and a Merci for your professional work. It greets Mark

Date: 25.04.2014

14.03.2014 - Marco Dear Rolf, It's been a few months since I've been able to pass my exam thanks to you. Unfortunately I don't have a heating and a closed cabin like you ;-) I was only now able to really use what I had learned. But here I became aware again how many things and above all basics I could learn from you. I thank you again for your great teaching, your patient nature and your kind nature. In conclusion, I can only say that I am very happy to have taken my lessons with you and can only recommend it to everyone. See you on our lake. greetings Marco

Date: 27.02.2014

26.02.2014 - Silvio Thank you so much!!! For your patient and quiet way of teaching me the basics of leading a motorboat. I have learned to appreciate you very much as a teacher and a person and would be happy if we didn't lose sight of each other. I am proud to say that in a short time you have led me to the Captain. Ahoy until the next sunset on the beautiful Lake Lucerne. silvio

Date: 21.01.2014

17.01.2014 - Marina Hello Rolf! The preparation for the driving test was a lot of fun for me. Your driving lessons have always been very instructive and interesting. I thank you for your patience and your many great tips. I can definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to get to the driving test quickly and safely! Ahoy there! See you soon on the lake! salute marina

Date: 13.01.2014

12.01.2014 - Giuseppe Raffa Dear Capitan Rolf... It was a short, intensive and very instructive time in which our paths crossed. Thank you for your professional training and thank you as a person for your nice and kind manner. Since we always see each other twice in our lives, our paths will soon cross on the lake. Best regards Giuseppe Raffa

Date: 10.01.2014

02.12.2013 - Astrid Dear Rolf. Thanks to your professional knowledge, your diplomacy, your charming and kind nature and last but not least, your iron nerves (have challenged them to the extreme) I also passed the motorboat test. I must have been your worst student ever and your heated, sleek boat probably has a few more scratches now... Dear Rolf, thank you very much once again (wait and see from now on we'll pour on it) and I will be very happy to recommend you to others. Many Grüssli Astrid Schmid

Date: 10.01.2014

Dear Rolf The morning driving lessons with you in the beautifully heated cabin boat were a lot of fun and thanks to your pedagogical skills and your professionally compiled documents it worked perfectly at the exam. Bring yourself a bottle of wine every once in a while! Many thanks and best regards, Paul

Date: 11.11.2013

10.11.2013 - Markus Dear Rolf After I had already told other (nervous) boat driving instructors on Lake Lucerne that I was a hopeless case, I dared again... And lo and behold, after about a month I was allowed to pass the boat test right the first time thanks to your great, collegial and patient manner. With you one notices that you have total joy in your occupation and appreciate this also. You are technically very competent, know how to deal with people and what is important when learning. Since I myself am active in the field of education, I naturally pay attention to how other teachers work and can only give you top marks and recommend you to everyone with full conviction! Thanks again for your great work! Already now I miss the relaxed and instructive boating lessons with you. Hopefully it will soon be spring again, I am looking forward to finally setting sail as a freshwater hobby captain. Best regards Mark

Date: 11.11.2013

08.11.2013 - Orlando Hello Rolf Thanks again for the instructive driving lessons on the lake. It was always professional and quickly made me ready for the exam. Gladly I will recommend you in my circle of acquaintances. Greetings and see you next summer on the lake. Orlando

Date: 05.11.2013

04.11.2013 - Chris Hello Rolf Also from me a heartfelt thank you for your great work! Above all, you impressed me with your patience, serenity and calm and your attitude to your work. Your flexibility and the good-natured boat complete the whole thing and I can really recommend you as a boating instructor to everyone! See you on the lake, maybe even under sail. Greetings Chris

Date: 30.10.2013

29.10.2013 - Bruno Schuler Dear Rolf I really appreciated your competent and calm manner at the driving school. You left nothing to chance: always punctual and in a good mood! Due to your certain "persistence" (especially when mooring a ship), the learner will take the test with a little reserve. I am happy that I am now also allowed to be on the water, thanks to your support. Ship ahoy and see you soon somewhere on Lake Lucerne. Bruno

Date: 22.10.2013

14.06.2013 - Pascal Dear Rolf That's exactly how I imagined it. A friendly, collegial driving instructor, a perfect driving school boat and in approx. 1.5 months the identity card in hand. I can warmly recommend Rolf as a driving instructor to all visitors of this page. With his calm nature and the enormous flexibility he leads you in a short time to the desired boat identity card. Rolf, at this point again many thanks for your great effort. I will keep the driving lessons with you on the lake in good memory!

Date: 22.10.2013

05.07.2013 - Reber Jan Thanks to Rolf, I already have my ID in my hand after one month of driving school. I can recommend Rolf to anyone as a driving instructor. He has a very sympathetic and collegial manner and is always in a good mood. His explanations about driving are always understandable and so one notices the progress made from hour to hour. Furthermore, he knows exactly when the test is ready and so everyone can calm down to the driving test. The boat is also super suitable for the lesson, whether great or bad weather, with this boat the lesson is always fun. I can only thank him again for the great time and the great support during the driving lessons.

Date: 21.10.2013

I am also one of the lucky ones who, thanks to Rolf's help, passed the ship's first attempt. I've never steered a boat before my first driving lesson. In a short time Rolf taught me how to steer, moor and the rules of the sea with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. The documents he submitted were very helpful. Rolf's boat is perfect to learn how to drive. With the outboard engine, you can easily understand how the controls work. And a huge advantage is that you can also take a driving lesson in the rain and thus apply and practice what you have learned in difficult conditions (swell). The boating lessons were a lot of fun for me. Martina

Date: 21.10.2013

09.02.2013 - Ferdinand Bolinger Rolf, many, many thanks for the wonderful hours on the lake. Your strong nerves, patience in connection with your great commitment have brought me a lot. Without you I would never have passed the boat test, as much as I am happy, as much I will miss the hours together on your boat. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rolf and his driving school. A big thank you from the Baelbiet!

Date: 16.10.2013

15.10.2013 - Fabienne Dear Rolf, now already one week is over after passing the boat exam and I'm still overjoyed and happy about it every day. Thanks to your great company and patience I could profit a lot from you and learn a lot! it was just fun on Lake Lucerne and with your great boat! thank you for everything! look forward to my first boat trip!

Date: 11.10.2013

12.08.2013 - Andreas Lichtsteiner Thank you Rolf for the great and competent preparation for the practical exam. I can only recommend Rolf's driving school. The driving lessons with Rolf were very instructive and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to him I was able to pass the practical skipper examination within a very short time and at the first attempt. Many thanks again and see you soon on the lake

Date: 11.10.2013

21.08.2013 - Roger Ueltschi Hoi Rolf, everything was just right. I find the boat ideal for learning to boating, it can be used in any weather, it is very manoeuvrable and reacts very well to the inputs from us students. With you I felt good from the beginning and I think that the wavelength has simply fitted. I appreciated your competence, your uncomplicated nature and honesty. I thank you for your flexibility, which was required by my short-term plan changes. Un saluto e a presto roger

Date: 11.10.2013

22.08.2013 - Tanja Feist Hello Rolf Thank you for the pleasant driving lessons I had with you. You are someone who explains things very well and doesn't give up quickly (my reverse). Thanks to your good expertise and your explanations, I also mastered the exam the first time! The driving lessons with you were never boring and always very instructive! The progress is always there and visible. Also, I really appreciated that you are very flexible with the hours. And I must say the hours are feheln me Best regards See you soon on the lake and in the pizzeria. Tanja Feist

Date: 08.10.2013

21.08.2013 - Andreas Staiger Hello Rolf Many thanks for the motorboat training, so that I passed the exam right away. I especially liked your training style. In every driving lesson I have noticed progress and you have never lost your composure, even in the case of unsuccessful mooring attempts. Thanks also for your flexibility with the dates for the driving lessons, until late in the evening, and that you spontaneously shortened the last agreed driving lessons, because I had already reached the exam maturity. Now that I have the settlement: The driving school boat doesn't look very stylish, but it is very clear and reacts very directly, so perfect to learn how to manoeuvre. See you soon on the lake Andrew

Date: 08.10.2013

05.10.2013 - Flavio Dear Rolf Once again I would like to thank you very much for the great company through the ship examination. With your great boat and with your cordial kind it was a lot of fun for me. I'm looking forward to next summer. mfg Flavio Mariani

Date: 02.10.2013

30.09.2013 - Alex Rolf, thank you for the competent and instructive driving lessons on Lake Lucerne! That's why I passed the driving test right away! Thank you very much and see you next summer on the lake. Dear greetings Alex

Date: 02.10.2013

01.10.2013 - guy Estimated Rolf The overview of the scope of the practical shipping apprenticeship was given by your personal documents from the beginning. Thanks to your human mind, I was always thrilled. Thus I remained focused and was successfully accompanied to my goal. As a born sailor, you infect everyone with your broad knowledge and passion. A big thank you. Many greetings Guy

Date: 01.10.2013

Reviews from Marius Risi

29.09.2013 - Marius Dear Captains in the making Rolf is not only familiar with machines, but also with people. That makes him in my eyes a complete, excellent driving instructor. I completed my motorboat training with him in the summer months of this year. It was simply a lot of fun with this teacher, who is actually much more of a sympathetic coach, and a fine contemporary in general. Rolf prepared me very well for the exam in his calm, prudent, safe manner. I thank him very much for that. See you soon on the lake!

Date: 17.09.2013

04.09.2013 - Sabina Dear Rolf I not only learned a lot and was optimally prepared for the exam, but it was also a lot of fun! You explain simply and logically, stay calm, give valuable tips, bring a lot of patience and have the ideal driving school boat. You can tell that you are doing your job with a lot of joy and commitment and I can only recommend you warmly. Thanks for a great time on the lake! Sabina