Fahrschule Schiess reviews and experiences

Date: 21.02.2020

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The best driving instructor!

Date: 23.01.2020

As an absolute scaredy-cat, I was in perfect hands with Raphi in the driving school. I felt I was in good hands too. Not only did he take away my fear, which was a tough job, but he also managed to make driving really fun. He was super patient, honest, always listened, took me seriously and explained everything to me, even though he had explained it 100 times before. And I kept on doing it until I really got it. Same with maneuvers. Practice, practice, practice till you get it right. This also made it clear that a good education for his learner drivers was really important to him. I took my exam with the vending machine and passed it in the first attempt (-: For me, he was the perfect driving instructor and I would return to him at any time in the driving school. I therefore recommend Raphael Schiess with pleasure and a clear conscience.

Date: 19.01.2020

Excellent driving instructor! Raphi was the first and only driving instructor whose lessons I attended; the time with him was enormously instructive. With his patient nature and his great expertise, Raphael is exactly the man you want to have next to you during the first kilometers on the road. It is clearly evident that he is a very experienced driving instructor; helpful advice comes from the right side at all times. The driving lessons are structured and you get your own dossier with all the necessary information. The vehicles are pleasant to drive, modern and are equipped with all necessary systems and features. Raphi is a likeable and uncomplicated person with whom you can have exciting conversations that are not about driving. I always felt very comfortable during the driving lessons. Thanks for everything! Elias

Date: 28.12.2019

The driving instructor was very uncomplicated and competent but also very patient with me and it was a lot of fun working with him.

Date: 19.12.2019

Very uncomplicated and competent but also very patient

Date: 24.11.2019

When I came to Raphi, I was already with another driving instructor before. Raphi took me great and supported me right from the start. The driving lessons were very instructive. He imparts a safe driving style and has a super specialist knowledge. Raphi always had a lot of patience and understanding for me, even if something didn't work out directly on the 1st or 2nd attempt. He is always in a good mood and can give good tips and explanations. With Raphi I noticed that he has a lot of experience and can pass it on very well. It was a great time! I always felt very comfortable and learned a lot of new things. Thanks for everything!

Date: 07.11.2019

Reviews from Oliver Schiess

The driver training at Raphael Schiess is very conscientious and instructive. With Raphi the human being is in the foreground. Thank you very much.

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Date: 29.10.2019

Raphi is a very pleasant person and a patient driving instructor. Thanks to him I was not only allowed to attend driving lessons, but also to have fun. :) In the beginning I had a lot of trouble and a lot of problems, but now I passed the test on the first try. Note: Even if you should have many driving lessons; listen to his judgement regarding your abilities, do not rush the exam. Personally, I had a lot of pressure from outside to do the exam, took enough time before I finally did it. And I'm glad I waited.

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Date: 28.09.2019

Very good education and always friendly and sympathetic

Date: 13.09.2019

The driving course is very well structured and the individual driving lessons efficiently train the driving ability. Raphael Schiess is a friendly and competent driving instructor, so that you feel comfortable driving. I can definitely recommend this driving school.

Date: 16.07.2019

Reviews from Nerdy Berisha

Driving test passed right the first time. I am very grateful to Raphi about the patient and instructive driving lessons with Him! I can only recommend him.

Date: 10.07.2019

A great driving instructor! Raphael Schiess successfully took me from A to Z through the practical exam for the first time. I can only recommend him!

Date: 05.06.2019

I can only recommend Raphi to others. he is a super driving instructor, very nice, patient and conscientious. the driving lessons are very instructive and with him you learn to drive very safely. thank you very much for the great time and instructive driving lessons with you. "" Dear Greetings Bea

Date: 28.05.2019

Reviews from Kushtrim Zenki

Rapi is a SUPER driving instructor. He's always in a good mood, which makes learning a lot easier. Due to his patience I had no problems to learn the maneuvers etc.. He supports you from the beginning and this helps a lot with learning. With his support I passed the exam directly at the first attempt. I recommend Raphi very gladly to others, as mentioned above he is a very good and patient driving instructor!

Date: 22.03.2019

Very recommendable! Raphi won't just get you through the exam, you learn to drive right here. The little difference in gaze technique you learn in this driving school can save lives! Raphi has a very pleasant and quiet nature. I also liked the valuable work manual. The vehicle is ingenious and always clean and maintained. Despite my "examination panic", Raphi led me confidently to my goal. I am very grateful to him for this and will keep the time in good memory.

Date: 20.03.2019

Raphael Schiess is a very good driving instructor. He was always in a good mood and made the driving lessons a good experience. Due to his patience I had no problems to learn the maneuvers etc.. He always supported me and I learned a lot from him. With his support I passed the exam directly at the first attempt. I can recommend him with a clear conscience.

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Date: 03.12.2018

Reviews from Micha Fitze

A good and quiet driving instructor who will get you ahead quickly and well. It was a great time!

Date: 29.11.2018

I definitely recommend the driving school Schiess to others. Mr. Schiess was extremely courteous and patient. He always tried hard and gave constructive criticism. The fun during the driving lessons was of course not too short!

Date: 27.09.2018

Reviews from Fernando Docampo

Good, quiet driving instructor who will get you ahead quickly and well.

Date: 02.05.2018

Reviews from Joel Matter

If you want to drive well and really safely, you should visit Raphael Schiess in class. He's patient with you. Which I personally greatly appreciated.

Date: 12.04.2018

I can only recommend :) very patient and nice. Merci!

Date: 28.03.2018

I can only recommend. Very nice and patient person. Mr. Schiess is one of the best driving instructors there is, because he already has a lot of experience and knows how to deal with people, explain and drive.

Date: 12.03.2018

The driving lessons were a lot of fun. Mr. Schiess is a very quiet, patient and flexible person who I could cancel at short notice (because I work shifts). He gave good input and calmly pointed out mistakes. A big praise still, since he mastered my discussion-joyful whims very well.

Date: 09.03.2018

Reviews from Jonas Langenegger

Passed the exam, super driving instructor :) lg Jonas

Date: 08.03.2018

The driving lessons with Raphi were a lot of fun for me and I learned a lot during this time. He's very patient, upstanding, friendly and funny. The driving lessons are very instructive and with him you learn to drive very safely. This was the most important point for me and he did a great job. I recommend Raphi to everyone!

Date: 05.02.2018

The driving lessons are well structured and very exam-oriented. Raphael is always well-placed, patient and friendly. Every time I was looking forward to the driving lessons and every time I got out of the car with a lot of new knowledge. The driving instructor car is technically well equipped and pleasant to drive.

Date: 01.01.2018

For some months now I have been a happy car driver with passed driver's test. Without Raphi Schiess this would not have been easy to reach. I am grateful to him for teaching the craft of driving comprehensively, effectively and sympathetically.

Date: 22.12.2017

Great driving instructor. My brother has given him driving lessons and recommended him to others. He will teach you how to drive safely and prepare you for the exam. A sympathetic driving instructor and great conversations again and again.

Date: 13.11.2017

Super trainer. I'm training great, so that I now feel comfortable and safe in the traffic.

Date: 16.10.2017

Reviews from Claudio Götz

Raphael Schiess trained me with a lot of patience and understanding. Together with me, he developed strategies on how to safely travel on the road with my visual impairment. In the case of theoretical questions or uncertainties, he always has a detailed and understandable explanation ready. I have passed the car test and am now significantly safer with my scooter on the road.

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Date: 27.09.2017

Reviews from Angelia Hugentobler

Raphi Schiess has always brought a lot of humour and patience into the driving lesson. Despite my overcrowded days, every week I found a suitable appointment. I could go to the car test with good feeling, because I knew that I was very well prepared for it.

Date: 04.09.2017

Super driving instructors! I passed the exam at the first try... Raphael Schiess is very patient even if not everything works out as it should.

Date: 14.08.2017

Raphael Schiess is a very good driving instructor. He was already my third driving instructor and he was able to teach me how to drive a car with the necessary patience and a good instinct. Today I have passed my driving test successfully and that is to a large extent also his merit. If you are looking for a serious training and want to feel safe in traffic after the exam, you are in good hands with Raphael Schiess.

Date: 07.07.2017

Very broad knowledge and a lot of patience. Perfect :)

Date: 21.06.2017

Reviews from Stefan Bruhin

Good communication and empathy, Very motivating and pleasant human touch,

Date: 20.06.2017

Very pleasant atmosphere during the driving lessons. Patient driving instructor who explains many things with examples. Great conversation partner, so that you don't tense up while driving. I can recommend it to anyone!!!

Date: 20.06.2017

Reviews from Laura Green

He was always very patient and supported me emotionally when I was so nervous about my driving test.

Date: 15.06.2017

Reviews from Angela Lauber

I was in front of Raphi with another driving instructor and had almost given up the hope to pass the test with gear shift. I am 48 years old and noticed that teaching is no longer easy for me. But Raphi had patience and understanding. He motivated me not to give up. The driving lessons were intensive and instructive. His set up way brought me back the joy of driving a car. On 15 May 2017 I passed the test at the first time. Raphi You're a great driving instructor, thanks for everything. Angela Lauber

Date: 27.04.2017

Reviews from Kathrin Böhi

Raphi is a partly strnger but super driving instructor! I'd do it over and over with him.

Date: 05.04.2017

Raphi is a very patient and sensitive driving instructor. He discusses the mistakes, and then they're over. It motivates you when you no longer believe in yourself.

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Date: 06.03.2017

Raphi is a very motivated driving instructor. He makes a very good exam preparation and always gives helpful tips. It makes forward and adapts the driving lessons to existing deficits very well to eliminate them. Sincerely yours Raphael

Date: 23.02.2017

I successfully passed my control trip on 20.01.2017 and it was very important for me to prepare for it because the Swiss traffic rules are a bit different than in my home country. After the lessons with Raphi Schiess I definitely feel like a safe driver, even a better pedestrian. With him I not only got to know the traffic rules even better and how to drive safely on snow and ice, but also a few new words in German. I am glad that I learned and practiced with him, because he is an excellent professional and a nice person, therefore I can recommend his work only very gladly.

Date: 08.01.2017

Raphi has been my 3er driving instructor and I noticed very quickly a difference and I can only recommend him to others. He can very well cheer up if something goes wrong. Not only as a driving instructor but also the personality of himself is very pleasant. Thank you for your patience and motivation, are simply a great driving instructor:) Lg Miri

Date: 05.01.2017

Very competent driving school and very varied, individual driving lessons. One learns to handle the vehicle very safely and is very well supported with the respective exercise need. I was very satisfied and can definitely recommend this driving school.

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Date: 28.11.2016

Raphael was very friendly and in a good mood during all driving lessons. He is very patient and also gives very helpful tips if something does not work as it should. The training itself is very extensive and is ideal for being safe and dynamic in today's traffic.

Date: 23.11.2016

Thank you very much for the great and instructive driving lessons with you. I also thank you for the patience you've had for me. Many thanks for the uplifting words when I doubted myself again. You are a great driving instructor :-) Best regards Tamara

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Date: 03.11.2016

Reviews from Marco Schmid

So I can only recommend Raphi Schiess really! He is very patient and motivating and works on a very collegial level! I was super prepared for the exam and would go back to driving school with him at any time.

Date: 02.11.2016

Raphael Schiess is a good driving instructor. He is patient and motivating. I liked to go to driving lessons. He prepared me great for the exams.

Date: 14.10.2016

If you are looking for a patient, understanding, highly motivated or the best driving instructor then Raphi is the right place for you! I can only recommend him to others.

Date: 14.10.2016

If you are looking for a patient, understanding, highly motivated or the best driving instructor then Raphi is the right place for you! I can only recommend him to others.

Date: 04.10.2016

Reviews from Cedric Streuli

Very good preparation for exam and also important information for after the exam. Highly recommended! Passed the driving test easily:)

Date: 29.09.2016

Reviews from Simon Rohrer

I can highly recommend Raphi Schiess. He has a good contact and explains well and understandably. I've been looking forward to driving school every time.

Date: 28.09.2016

Works goal-oriented and fair! I can only recommend.

Date: 28.09.2016

Works goal-oriented and fair! I can only recommend.

Date: 26.06.2016

Gutan day together, I would like to recommend you Raphi as the perfect driving instructor. I can't imagine driving someone else could have taught me better. His flexibility from Wil - St.Gallen to take care of the learner driver is top. Whether at work, at home or at school. A solution for a suitable driving hour was always found. Since I work 100 %, attend a further education and am active in 2 unite it was not always easy. With Raphi, there's always been a solution. His way of teaching was honest, sympathetic and purposeful. He also has an excellent error culture. Even if the engine or gearbox was used very hard by me, we could laugh about it together. In general, the good conversations about God and the world will remain in my best memory. If my motivation was on the ground or I was stressed by the work, he could set me up with his kind and bring me closer to my goal. Today I drive safely - dynamically in traffic. I wish you a lot of fun and a good time with him. Marcel

Date: 08.06.2016

Raphi was a great driving instructor. Not only did he teach the exam-relevant topics very competently, but he also conveyed a safe and independent feeling in dealing with the car. And all this in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. I can only recommend.

Date: 08.06.2016

Reviews from Annamay Cetrano

Great driving instructor. Super person. Everything was great. I felt very comfortable and was very well prepared for the driving test. The best support you could wish for.

Date: 31.03.2016

Raphi is an excellent driving instructor! In his driving lessons he taught me safe and dynamic driving in an incredibly competent and friendly way. Not only did I learn a lot, it was also always great fun! I can only recommend him to everyone.

Date: 17.02.2016

Raphi is the best driving instructor you could wish for. He is not only competent in this field, but has the patience of an angel and is able to motivate one at any time. With him you always have fun and learn a lot. With his guiding principle "Safe driving" he brings you to your destination. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

Date: 18.01.2016

Raphi is a super & recommendable driving instructor. He is very competent and conscientious. He successfully brings you to the test with his "dynamic but safe driving" principle. Thank you very much mol Raphi for the cool and successful zit :)

Date: 05.01.2016

Reviews from Fabienne Böhi

Dear Raphi=) I want to thank you for a great time at your driving school. With every driving lesson I learned something new and quickly felt very safe on the road. You are a humorous driving instructor who performs his task very conscientiously and with great pleasure. With the good preparation I felt very safe at the exam and I am very happy that I passed the first time. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who is looking for serious driving training and whose goal is safe, dynamic driving!!

Date: 26.11.2015

The driving lessons with Raphael were very instructive. I passed the test for the first time thanks to its valuable "dynamic but safe driving" principle. Recommend Raphael to every learning driver !

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Date: 16.11.2015

Reviews from Martynus Jekentaite

Raphael is a very recommendable driving instructor (and friend). Friendly, (very) patient, competent. He successfully prepared me with a lot of motivation and humour. Even though I had some problems from time to time, the exam worked the first time!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Experte: ein Profi neben Dir.

Date: 11.11.2015

Reviews from Olivia Maier

Raphi is a very recommendable driving instructor! Always punctual, flexible, in a good mood and adapts the driving lesson to the learner. It gives you the necessary safety on the road so that you can safely take the 1st driving test & pass it. :)

Date: 29.10.2015

Raphi is a very reliable, competent driving instructor. Nevertheless, the fun does not come too briefly. With a lot of patience and experience, thanks to him I was able to pass the car test right away. Absolutely recommendable!

Date: 27.10.2015

Reviews from Ronnie Kuster

Highly recommended, Raphael's focus is not only on passing the driving test, but also preparing his students for traffic. He is always correct, patient, flexible and friendly. Can one really only recommend

Date: 04.09.2015

Raphael is a driving instructor who can only be recommended! He does a great job, is always correct and on time. You learn to drive safely and get helpful tips for the future.

Date: 31.08.2015

Raphael Schiess is a very correct, patient and recommendable driving instructor. He offers professional driving lessons, explains everything very well and understandably, I have learned a lot and have always been happy to put this into practice. What I really appreciated was Raphael's humorous nature and flexibility to pick you up where you are (work/ home), I was perfectly prepared for the driving test and was so happy that I passed it the first time - THANK YOU.

Date: 07.07.2015

De Raphi is a great driving instructor. I han vomene other driving instructors to him gwechslet gha and hed him the driving student simply more fun makes. Especially as you want to quickly start noticing progress. He teaches me that it's nice to drive a cha sii car in front of you :) He's a correct route type and sometimes he's really strict. But that hani definitely breaks. There are so many driving instructors where just a few of them are sitting next to each other and where there's no noticeable progress - such a Raphi is definitely not. D. I was able to pass the test. Merci Raphi :)

Date: 14.05.2015

Reviews from Fischer Urs

The driving school Schiess stands for me not only for quality, but also for humanity. Mr. Schiess understands his craft, not only the handling of vehicles, or the daily interaction in road traffic, but also the individual interaction with people. He imparts the learning material in a practical way with a guaranteed Aha! effect and always attaches great importance to comprehensible communication. He literally picks you up exactly where you are, physically as well as mentally. With the driving school Schiess you choose not only a professional, dynamic, compassionate, motivated and conscientious driving instructor, but also a friend who will accompany you through the highs and lows of the whole learning process, up to the practical exam. At this point a big thank you to you Raphael for your 200% commitment and the nice time. Urs Fischer, 34Years, Category B passed on 29.04.15, Examinations 1

Date: 09.05.2015

Reviews from Simon Heeb

Supper driving instructor! Has brought me concretely and reliably through the exam. Only to be recommended!

Date: 27.02.2015

I got to know Raphael Schiess as a very competent and patient driving instructor. With his expertise and practical knowledge he was able to teach me how to drive safely on the road. Also Raphael Schiess supported me again and again and encouraged me if it sometimes did not go so forward as I would have liked it or I had no more patience. I would recommend his driving school to anyone. He's just TOP. Thank you so much.

Date: 09.01.2015

Reviews from Nadine Latzer

very patient and serious different sequence all different areas closely examined super work!!

Date: 16.08.2014

Takes time for the learner and constantly promotes. Driving safely is the first priority, and this pays off. I'd book him again. Passed the first time. Highly recommended Best thanks

Date: 22.07.2014

Super quiet and competent driving instructor. Had to do my second test in SG angles because of a move from another canton. At first I had another driving instructor, but he totally made me insecure to motivate me for the 2 exams. Raphael, gave me very good tips and worked out the subtleties. I passed the exam with great praise from the experts, which is not least due to the good teaching of Raphael. Can recommend the driving school 100%, but you should plan your lessons early, because Raphael and I guess that's not by chance, has a mostly well filled schedule.

Date: 21.02.2014

is very easy to miss, and always punctual.

Date: 26.01.2014

Super driving instructor, comes quickly, safely and cleanly to his car test. Thumbs up.

Date: 10.01.2014

The driving school Raphael Schiess is really very recommendable. With competence, friendliness and lasting peace, driving is very pleasant and instructive. With modern digital media the driving practice is studied and discussed and directly implemented. You know before and in every driving hour where you stand and what the goals for this next hour are and what you still have to improve. According to my needs, he not only taught me the rules, but also explained the sense behind them. In the meantime, I no longer stick to the traffic rules because I have to, but because they make sense. I had a lot of fun and joy in every driving lesson and can recommend Raphael Schiess to others!

Date: 05.11.2013

After moving to Switzerland, I had to have my driver's license rewritten. Since I came too late, I only had 2 months left. After refusal of 2 driving instructors, with the reason that one never manages in 2 months to learn driving a car so well that one passes the control drive, I came to the driving instructor Raphael Schiess. He has invested a lot of nerves, time and patience to help me pass the exam and that in the "impossible" 2 months! I can definitely recommend the driving school Schiess.

Date: 01.10.2013

I can only recommend the driving school of Raphael Schiess. Raphael Schiess teaches you how to drive safely with his relaxed attitude, his patience and his understanding. And even if it doesn't work the way you want it to, Raphael always finds the right words. He puts all levers in motion until the last moment so that the test works! I can only recommend the driving school Schiess. She's worth the money.

Date: 13.09.2013

I find that Raphael schiess is one of the best driving instructors, he not only thinks about money but also teaches us important things that can be used in the future, that's why I give him 6 stars^^.

Date: 13.09.2013

A good driving school, very instructive, friendly driving instructor with good and objective competence. Had a lot of fun with all my training.