Fahrschule Fässler reviews and experiences

Date: 21.08.2017

Walti Fässler is a very pleasant driving instructor. He knows exactly when you're ready for the exam. Walti can respond very well to the learner drivers and help them. He is also always friendly and punctual. In any case, I would recommend Walti Fässler as a driving instructor.

Date: 20.08.2017

Walti is a very friendly driving instructor who likes to do his job. He recognizes the student's difficulties and practices them with him. Due to his experience he is able to judge when the student is ready for the exam. I can definitely recommend him.

Date: 23.05.2017

Reviews from Alexander Hafner

Very competent and friendly driving instructor. Perfectly prepared for the exam! It was fun.

Date: 20.03.2017

Reviews from B Pohl

Walti is a patient and goal-oriented driving instructor. He knows exactly what it comes down to and gives the learner a very well-founded driving knowledge which he can always fall back on. The driving lessons are very substantial, one never has the feeling to get no performance for the money. It challenges the student optimally for constitution and/or progress. This not only benefits you for the exam, but also for later stress situations in traffic, which you have learned to judge safely and rationally. You are very well prepared for the test and can pass it safely (of course there is a certain probability factor, but Walti judges your driving correctly). He also deals with possible fears in advance and tries to smooth them out with the student. Thus one already knows the procedure and feels well prepared, which has a positive psychological effect on the behaviour during the test. I would like to emphasize the flexibility and motivation of Walti. He gives everything to give the student a pleasant and safe way of driving.

Date: 11.11.2016

Walti Fässler has a lot of patience. His driving lessons are adapted to the student and very individual. He is very competent, friendly and punctual. I have had very good experiences with him and achieved my goal with his help. I can only recommend him.

Date: 08.03.2016

Walti Fässler is a very patient and competent driving instructor. He responded well to my needs and potential for improvement in the individual learning phases. As befits a good driving instructor, Walti always had many students. For this reason, sometimes I could not take the desired number of driving lessons per week, which unintentionally lengthened my training period a little. All in all, I am very satisfied with his positive support and would recommend him to every student!)

Date: 22.04.2015

Super driving instructor, very recommendable :)

Date: 29.04.2014

From the beginning I had the feeling to be in really good and safe hands. Walti responded very well to me and took away my nervousness and fear of the first driving lesson and especially of the stage very well. I also liked the fact that we agreed on a common goal from the beginning and thanks to his support and expertise we were able to meet our/my set goal. Above all I want to emphasize the punctuality and friendliness of my former driving instructor :-) I was really super satisfied and can only recommend the Fässler driving school with a very good conscience.