Fahrschule Wenk reviews and experiences

Date: 02.03.2020

Reviews from Kassy Pfaeffli

Gery always radiated a calm aura during the driving lessons, which made driving much easier. Topics dealt with (e.g. maneuvers were recorded in writing and handed in) Gery is a very friendly driving instructor with a lot of knowledge. I'd be glad to again.

Date: 02.03.2020

Super driving instructor stays calm and helps when mistakes are made, very sovereign teacher!

Date: 01.03.2020

Very competent and friendly driving instructor with much patience. Good summary theory sheets to review at home if needed.

Date: 18.02.2020

- Very kindly - on time - good instructor

Date: 30.12.2019

Reviews from Moser Tobias

Supper man, he can show a lot of things much is patient and is very I'm glad. Wens going for support then he looks. THANK YOU

Date: 03.12.2019

Reviews from Vanessa Varano

Mr. Wenk is the best driving instructor you can have. His driving lessons are well structured and very instructive. His calm and humorous manner ensure a relaxed driving lesson. The lessons will be correctly billed at an appropriate price. The appointments were adequately assigned and he was always anxious to keep my appointment wishes. He recognizes difficulties and builds specific lessons on them. With him I made progress as fast as with no other driving instructor. Thank you for your great support! Dear greetings Vanessa Varano

Date: 17.08.2019

Everything was perfect? Very friendly,helpful,confident,best driving instructor...???

Date: 01.07.2019

Reviews from Sina Collenberg

He's a very patient driving instructor. He explains super and always gives leaves where all maneuvers are explained again.

Date: 01.07.2019

Reviews from Neymar Sri

Mr. Wenk is the rest in person. His classes are held under a roof. He introduces you grandiosely into the world of driving.

Date: 30.06.2019

Reviews from Gamze Coduro?lu

Gery Wenk is a very good driving instructor has very much patience..have passed at the 1st time...Thank you Gery for the super driving lessons...

Date: 25.06.2019

The price was fair. He is always friendly and does his job well. The leaves are very helpful to deepen it. I loved it.

Date: 25.06.2019

Reviews from Simi Hold

Great driving instructor. I can only recommend.

Date: 08.05.2019

Reviews from Lars Jahnke

Super driving instructors! Can I recommend to anyone

Date: 07.05.2019

Reviews from Elmedina Ajdini

Wenk, competent social, you get everything well taught and there is always a great atmosphere, will recommend the driving school to many more!

Date: 11.12.2018

Everything went very well and very nice! Very little driving hours required

Date: 27.11.2018

Gery is a very friendly driving instructor with a lot of patience and good learning methods. He can explain difficult maneuvers easily and clearly.

Date: 27.11.2018

Gery is a very good driver! Be patient in any situation and bring your nervousness down quickly with funny and entertaining conversations. He knows how to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses and will practice with you, give tips for weaknesses and praise your strengths! Would recommend him to all!

Response from Fahrschule Wenk:
Danke für deine Bewertung. Lg Gery

Date: 14.11.2018

A very good driving instructor with a lot of patience. He also explains difficult manoeuvres simply and several times.

Date: 25.09.2018

I was very happy with Gery. I'm grateful to him for his tips.

Date: 22.09.2018

Gery is a patient and very good driving instructor. He explains everything very clearly by using different leaflets. Which one may take also home, so that one can look at everything again in peace. During the driving lessons Gery is very patient and likes to explain things a second or third time.

Date: 06.09.2018

Gery is a pleasant driving instructor with a lot of patience. He explains everything in detail and gives theory sheets which you can study again at home. The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me, so I can only recommend Gery to others.

Date: 29.08.2018

Friendly driving instructor and well structured lessons.

Date: 25.07.2018

Gerry is a very patient and courteous driving instructor. He occasionally hands out theory sheets that I found very helpful. He was always very punctual and we could make good use of the driving lessons. He quickly noticed my weaknesses and we worked on these. If I wanted to take a closer look because I still felt insecure, this was implemented immediately.

Date: 08.06.2018

Very patient and punctual. The theory sheets you get are also very useful for repeating what you learned at home. Everything is explained to you very understandably and in a nice tone, gladly also several times. I highly recommend it.

Date: 29.04.2018

A very intiligent and guiltier driving instructor

Date: 19.04.2018

Reviews from Laary Berry

Courteous and flexible. Always punctual and uses the lessons as one should. I'm very pleased.

Date: 12.03.2018

The driving school Wenk really convinced me. He goes to work with patience and a lot of knowledge. Many good tips & tricks were given to me on the way and I was always looking forward to the driving lesson. I can really recommend him :)

Date: 27.02.2018

Gery is a very good driving instructor, with a lot of patience. He's good at explaining and helping where he can. It never gets boring with him, I always looked forward to the driving lessons.

Date: 08.02.2018

Mr. Wenk has a lot of patience. ) I was very glad that he always had time and could also consider my wishes because of the time. He's also a good conversationalist. I've always enjoyed his driving lessons. He was spontaneous. I am very happy that I was able to complete my driving lessons with him. I thank him very much for his peace and patience. Thank you Mr. Wenk all the best. Keep it up! :)

Date: 16.01.2018

super driving instructor gsi always patient and profound :)

Date: 15.12.2017

Reviews from Lobsang Niederhäusern Von

Top driving school! Supper driving instructor with patience and time. And happy about his job. :)

Date: 13.12.2017

Gery is great, he quickly noticed where my weaknesses were and helped me to improve them a lot. Always had fun with him, is open and open-minded! Examination passed, thank you very much!

Date: 05.12.2017

Gery is a very courteous driving instructor. He has always provided a good driving atmosphere. I can only recommend him to others.

Date: 03.12.2017

It was very pleasant to ride with Gery. He takes time for the learner driver and explains the questions competently and patiently. I can only recommend him.

Date: 29.11.2017

Gery is a patient and very good driving instructor. I had a lot of fun and cool driving lessons with him. Even if he had to say/explain certain things to me 2..3 times, he always remained calm and tried to explain it to me differently. Ivh can only say that I will recommend him for sure, because yesterday on 28.11.17 I also passed thanks to him, my car test. Thanks again, Gery. :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Trotz kleiner Fehler bestanden

Date: 23.11.2017

Great theory paper. Is always funny with him

Date: 05.11.2017

A very good driving instructor!! Some acquaintances recommended the Wenk driving school to me. I also recommend it to others!

Date: 18.10.2017

Mr. Wenk is a very nice and patient driving instructor. He answers all questions professionally and can explain very well. I'm glad I got to take driving lessons with him. He also always made sure that they found a good date for the driving lessons. On Friday I had the driving test and passed it successfully. I can only recommend him. He does his job super and the driving lessons were always very exciting! Thanks for everything =) Lg M.P.

Response from Fahrschule Wenk:
Besten Dank für deine Bewertung! lg Gery

Date: 05.09.2017

Top preparation Friendly, decent contact Patient

Date: 01.09.2017

The driving lessons were varied and the manoeuvres were well explained. There is also a theory sheet for each manoeuvre, which you can read at home in peace and quiet. During the driving lessons there was always a pleasant atmosphere in the car and if something didn't work out or it came to hectic situations, Gery always stayed (amazingly) calm. To the individual maneuvers there are very good theory sheets which one can read at home again in all peace. I can only recommend the driving school Wenk! Thank you Gery and all the best!

Date: 06.08.2017

Gery Wenk is a great driving instructor. He is patient, flexible, stays calm even in hectic situations and is good at teaching theory and practice. His theory sheets were also positive, which one had received from him, so that one could study everything again later in peace. I can only recommend.

Date: 07.06.2017

I can highly recommend the driving school Wenk. Competent, uncomplicated, courteous, friendly, open and flexible.

Date: 01.06.2017

In the driving lessons with Mr. Wenk you learn a lot, the whole manoeuvres are closely watched. The theory sheets you get are also good and self-explanatory. I can only recommend this driving instructor!!

Date: 15.05.2017

Best driving instructor!

Date: 09.05.2017

Mr. Wenk takes a lot of time to explain the individual maneuvers. You also get very good theory sheets in which everything is well summarized. The entire test room is covered while driving. There is a pleasant climate while driving, you don't feel under pressure and you move forward so fast. He is also very flexible in arranging the driving lessons. If you make a mistake, you will be notified immediately and at the end of the lesson you will be given a short summary of the lesson, which you should pay special attention to when driving in the future. All in all a very good driving instructor.

Date: 04.04.2017

Mr. Wenk was very patient and flexible and made the complicated things (maneuvers etc.) simple with simple words. I was very pleased. Can only be recommended further:)

Date: 02.04.2017

Top driving instructor Could do the exam very fast and pass the first time. Many thanks to Gerry

Date: 01.03.2017

Reviews from Ramona Graf

I was very satisfied, it was explained to me well and understandably. He always had a lot of patience and explained the whole thing to me three times.

Date: 19.02.2017

Reviews from Darya Bucher

Gery's a great driving instructor. He has the patience to explain everything exactly. Also the appointments have always worked great because he is very flexible and responds to wishes. Thank you Gery!

Date: 31.01.2017

I always found the driving lessons very instructive and I think it's good that he gives double lessons because an hour really passes very quickly. In these hours Gery takes himself around a time and I find that super! I can only recommend him to others, he is a dear and patient person and such a person is needed for learning.

Date: 25.01.2017

I was very satisfied with Gery Wenk and am very grateful to him! I had completed the first driving lessons at another driving school and was totally demotivated and insulted there. For this reason, and because I was pregnant and wanted to get my ticket before I was born, I wanted to be admitted to the exam quickly. Gery clearly told me that it was possible that I could make it. He motivated and encouraged me and was always friendly and respectful. His open approach, his experience and his foresight to concentrate only on the essentials have given me enormous self-confidence, so that I was able to get the most out of it in a short time. The whole thing finally showed up in the final when I successfully mastered my first test within three months, highly pregnant. I recommend every Wenk driving school! Thanks Gery Wenk :)

Date: 09.01.2017

Reviews from Shannon Zimmermann

Mr. Wenk was clear and direct, very patient. Could make the maneuvers understandable with good tips. Was very pleased! Also he as a person was very friendly! Everything Top! Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 21.12.2016

A very good driving instructor who can teach you to drive fast and well, I can only recommend :)

Date: 24.11.2016

Reviews from Florian Kerkhoven

Good driving instructors, clear and concise

Date: 23.11.2016

I was very satisfied with the driving lessons. Mr. Wenk was always able to explain everything very simply and understandably with the help of examples. He also always had very good tips and tricks for the various manoeuvres. Even my parents could learn something for parking backwards. There was always a very pleasant atmosphere and that made learning even easier. To make the appointments was also very fast and easy by Whatsapp. I would like to thank Mr. Wenk once again and wish him all the best for the future. Keep it up :)

Date: 03.11.2016

Gery shows everything with tips and tricks and stands with a calm voice. It was never hectic or stressful. Super I found also the sheets which there were in each case, which were good for the private driving. So I definitely recommend it! Thank you Gery

Date: 23.10.2016

Gery explained everything to me step by step very well and prepared me optimally for the exam. He has a lot of experience and knows what is important. It's very pleasant to ride with him. He always gives useful tips, is always friendly and motivated. Thanks, Gery!

Date: 29.09.2016

Competent and sympathetic!

Date: 24.07.2016

After bad experience with my first driving instructor I came across the driving school Wenk on the Internet. I am very grateful to Gery for passing my exam! I highly recommend Gery to those who are looking for high competence, deep knowledge, friendliness, composure and humour when learning to drive. He is a skilled teacher, who explains even the difficult manoeuvres safely and simply with simple words.

Date: 21.07.2016

Gery Wenk is a very professional driving instructor. He takes the necessary time and can explain everything very well. Thanks to his practical driving lessons, I passed the exam first. Thanks again!

Date: 15.07.2016

Gery Wenk is a very human and relaxed driving instructor, who brings a lot of instructive into the driving lessons through his positive nature and experiences. Even if you are tense and make mistakes, Gery never loses his nerve and is always motivating and collegial. I would recommend Gery Wenk to anyone who wants to learn how to drive a car! I thank him for the great driving lessons and that he had me before my exam so built up when I was so nervous, I was able to master them concentrated. I wish him all the best and keep it up!

Date: 03.07.2016

Driving lessons as well as emergency helper lessons with Gery Wenk are great & are great fun! Through his many years of experience and his super professional skills, not only his vehicle shines - but also he - the sympathetic & humorous nature of your person, take the tension and nervousness away from each test specimen. Bravo, keep up the good work. Your inputs (with the help of small cars / and schemas) as well as the documents are super comprehensible & helpful for self-study. I can recommend Fahrschule Wenk with success! So do you want to drive on the road to success & become a role model in road traffic? - then go with Gery Wenk Dankä Gery for dini great Supporting and still a lot of success & gueti ride

Date: 12.06.2016

Gerry Wenk's driving hours are mega pleasant and mega instructive ... chan him nomme weather recommendations :)

Date: 20.05.2016

Gery offers pleasant driving lessons in which you learn everything well. His loose nature takes the nervousness out of you. Many thanks and greetings

Date: 14.03.2016

Hammer Fahrleher immo guet glunt and you hesch so patience gah! It het mega fun makes go with you go drive go and hesh immo glueget the zit for me neh chasch. Thanks that I'm so nervous above gets hesh a de exam welsli so nervous I cha the only weather we recommend :) Thank you no :)

Date: 01.03.2016

I'm perfect with the performance. He could explain everything to me super and always kept calm. His patience meant I didn't feel under stress. I'd recommend him to my friends.

Date: 12.11.2015

regular driving lessons very good training

Date: 29.10.2015

Gery is an experienced and very friendly driving instructor. Very positive are his explanations by means of pictures, which makes it very easy to understand. With Gery in the car, you not only have a driving instructor next door, but also a good comrade. Thanks and keep it up.

Date: 28.09.2015

Very good. I am extremely satisfied

Date: 17.09.2015

Gery is a very patient driving instructor, thanks to him I found the joy of driving again. I can only recommend Gery to everyone and wish him all the best for the future, thank you Gery!

Date: 06.09.2015

Reviews from Sandra Durante-Graf

Gery is a very patient and calm person. There was always something to laugh about, there were always good conversations. The driving lessons were always instructive. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Date: 09.08.2015

Reviews from Sandra Savic

Gery is a very pleasant and goal-oriented driving instructor! He's always on the same page and won't let himself be disturbed. Dear Gery, I'd like to thank you very much. Through your patient and pleasant nature I have rediscovered the joy of driving. I learned a lot and regained my self-esteem. Driving test passed the first time, I never expected it. I can only recommend you. LG Sandra

Date: 17.07.2015

Reviews from Jannine Kurz

Gery Wenk is a great driving instructor!:) It was always a lot of fun to go to him in the driving lesson.

Date: 13.06.2015

Top driving instructor top man just supper with gerry at driving lessons. I had very nice driving hours with gerry, the mood in the car was really very good and always had something to talk about. Talking to im during the lessons made me less tense. Even on the day before the exam durcj his relaxed way he has brought me also a rest to him so I was able to pass the exam supper. I can only keep gerry busy. Thanks again gerry for the time with you. Lg Robi

Date: 11.06.2015

The driving lessons with Gerry were always very relaxed and yet very focused on the finish. He can score points with many tips and experiences. A fast and clean unwinding makes the whole thing even better.

Date: 17.04.2015

Super driving instructor, I can only recommend. Thank you Gery.

Response from Fahrschule Wenk:
Danke für deine Bewertung. lg Gery

Date: 09.04.2015

At all times there was a very pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle, which makes it easy to benefit from Gery Wenk's professional competence.

Date: 07.04.2015

Reviews from Nadja Schmitz

With gery I learned everything to drive safely in traffic. There were always fun driving lessons and gery made me forget all the worries before the exam. Thanks a lot gery :)

Date: 25.02.2015

Mr. Wenk has been very patient and annoying, explains everything calmly and understandably and passes on many tips... fortunately continue so..Greetings BI

Date: 27.01.2015

Super support from Mr. Wenk. This is the easy way to reach the exam.

Date: 19.11.2014

Reviews from Sandra Kappeler

Gery Wenk prepared me very well for the exam. He was always very patient, quiet and funny. He explained everything very vividly and simply and I really liked the leaves he gave me every time, which I could look at at home and so I didn't forget anything I had learned, I'd recommend him to anyone.

Date: 17.11.2014

I've experienced Gery Wenk as a great driving instructor. Very competent, has humour, is understanding, funny and above all very patient. With his calm and patient nature he could take away my fear. I can only recommend him.

Date: 07.11.2014

With Gery I had a very good time and he was always very friendly, good humor...thank you I wish him all the best for the future. I gladly recommend Gery wenk to others

Date: 07.11.2014

Competent, reliable and focused.

Date: 06.11.2014

He prepared me very well for the exam and took away my nervousness.

Date: 01.11.2014

For me Gery is a great driving instructor who never lets himself be disturbed and has a simple way of explaining things. Many thanks Gery for the super driving lessons I recommend you to everyone. LG Tanja

Date: 31.10.2014

Gerhard Werk was over a year of my drivers. I work 100% with flexible working hours, have also done other courses in parallel for my profession this year. My teacher picked me up from different places. He was a very competent, attentive and patient teacher. He has taught with many useful tips and advice for practical driving. He's a very human teacher. I drove before in other driving schools at the beginning, there treated me very low, then I could not drive and first driving test did not pass in other schools. With Gery I passed my exam from the first time. I thank him, he has completely prepared Tallent for the school pupils to pass the driving test afterwards.

Date: 03.09.2014

Gery Wenk is a super driving instructor. I was politely made aware of mistakes and all problems were carefully practiced with him until I could understand and practice it properly. It's highly recommended. With his calm, polite and friendly nature he even manages to take the nervousness out of the exam. Thank you very much and simply TOP!!!!!

Date: 02.09.2014

Reviews from Dario Hauser

One of the best driving instructors in Eastern Switzerland. Always calm, serene and friendly. Great descriptions of the traffic situations with leaflet. Good fair conditions My rating Thumbs up

Date: 17.06.2014

Gery Wenk is a pleasant and competent driving instructor. Mistakes were kindly pointed out to me, and more difficult manoeuvres were well illustrated using a model car. Thanks to him I passed the driving test the first time and will definitely recommend him!

Date: 02.05.2014

Driving test passed the first time! Driving school was fun and thanks to good coaching everything went super fast. The lessons were entertaining and Gery did not have any trouble finding a date. Gery always came to pick me up at my place of work or at my home. Recommendation ... !

Date: 07.03.2014

Very good

Date: 06.03.2014

Reviews from Elvin Mejia

Great drivers!!

Date: 06.03.2014

Very good

Date: 12.01.2014

Gery Wenk is a top driving instructor he brings the thing well to the man with jokes and compliments but can also be hard if something is not so good Top would recommend it to everyone.

Date: 31.12.2013

Reviews from Sophia Alqadi

supper gsi! horny driving instructor:) thank you gery

Date: 09.10.2013

Reviews from Louis Wälti

With Gerys support I finally made it. With him I could work out the necessary fine-tuning for the examination which helped me a lot.

Date: 07.10.2013

The first time passed. Everything done right thanks to Gery!!!!!!

Date: 07.10.2013

Reviews from Noah Bosshart

Gery is a very pleasant and goal-oriented driving instructor! He's always on the same page and won't let himself be disturbed.

Date: 29.09.2013

Dear Gery, I'd like to thank you very much. Through your patient, relaxed and pleasant manner I have regained the joy of driving. You immediately noticed where my weaknesses lie and responded precisely to them. I learned a lot from you and I can only recommend you. LG Yvonne

Date: 02.09.2013

Reviews from Noemi Solombrino

I'm very, very happy. Great driving lessons and above all good people. Learning without pressure and yet target-oriented. Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 26.04.2013

Aloha So I can only recommend Gery Wenk as a driving instructor. The driving lessons with him were entertaining and his tips were very useful. Very friendly and patient person. LG Nils

Date: 05.04.2013

All Tip Top. I'd love to.

Date: 12.10.2012

I can only recommend my driving school teacher, Mr. Gery Wenk, from Easy-Drivers. The VKU and all my driving lessons that I attended with him were always interesting, varied and led me unerringly to the practical car test. The fact that the hourly driving times were very freely selectable is not a matter of course and the trip with the Easy-Driver-Porsche was an experience that will remain with me for a long time. So I can only recommend the driving school Easy-Drivers and especially the driving instructor Mr. Gery Wenk.

Date: 11.10.2012

Gery Wenk is a very patient and quiet driving instructor. Gives many useful tips and helps to alleviate the novelty before the exam. Lg Pia

Date: 24.04.2012

Very good driving instructors. Stay calm and always be objective. Very good professional knowledge, only what was to be criticized, I was with more than only one car on the way. But everything else is perfect.

Date: 18.04.2012

I was completely satisfied with the training. From my point of view, there's nothing to complain about. Also the shifting of dates is possible without problems, as long as one announces himself 24 hours before. I can only recommend this driving school.

Date: 20.10.2011

can't comprehend the evaluation of the previous speaker. i have done everything except a t-teaching at easy-drivers. from the emergency helper, over VKU up to the practical driving lessons. i mastered the t test with 0 errors using the learning cd i bought from easydrivers! the practical driving lessons were fun and instructive, my key point was parking on the side, this was demonstrated to me with the help of a model car. the driving instructor was polite and very patient, I certainly cost him several years of his life :D. i could reschedule dates in less than 24 hours and 2x i even had to cancel them because of my employer, this was not charged to me... all in all i am really satisfied and can recommend the driving school to everyone.

Date: 19.02.2011

I would not recommend this driving school you can not times it is fully charged even if you sign out earlier. Don't make the same mistake as I wält another driving school

Response from Fahrschule Wenk:
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