Fahrschule Santamaria reviews and experiences

Date: 29.01.2020

Always friendly, very helpful and consistent

Date: 29.01.2020

Excellent driving instructor. Mr. Santamaria teaches driving in a sympathetic, friendly and relaxed manner. He notices and sees everything, is honest and competent. I enjoyed learning to drive with him.

Date: 28.01.2020

Reviews from Arbes Dauti

Always motivated, patient and well-positioned. Clearly and simply explained. Value for money is right.

Date: 19.11.2019

Very good training

Date: 27.10.2019

Reviews from Roger Sprenger

S.Santamaria is a dedicated and very experienced driving instructor. He knows what is important and always gave me good, constructive hints when driving. Not least thanks to him I passed my driving test the first time.

Date: 21.10.2019

friendly, competent and quick driving instructor, wherever you are.

Date: 02.10.2019

good lessons, good tips

Date: 30.09.2019

Reviews from Franz Meier

Very patient and sensitive driving instructor. Always friendly and in a good mood it is really fun to learn how to drive with Stefano.

Date: 04.03.2019

Very competent and instructive driving school, which prepared me optimally for the car test.

Date: 01.03.2019

Reviews from Catarina Pinto

Good driving atmosphere, well explained and brings good driving tips. It's really recommendable!

Date: 10.01.2019

Stefano Santamaria provides a good driving atmosphere and teaches you how to drive in a competent and safe way. The driving lessons were actually always pleasant, uncomplicated and instructive. Santamaria tries to achieve the best for each student and even if it takes a little longer to pass the exam, he remains patient and motivated. Really a good driving instructor!

Date: 19.12.2018

Date: 10.12.2018

Reviews from Hugo Almeida

Very friendly driving instructor, can explain well and one learns a lot and fast.

Date: 21.11.2018

Stefano Santamaria is a very good driving instructor. He is actively involved and gives good tips for improvement. It is said what you have done well and what you have not done well, so the student is not taught how bad he is and what he has to improve but it is shown what you have done well and what is bad. He is a very friendly and open person and it is fun to go to driving school with him. I only needed him once as a replacement and this was conviction enough that I would switch to him afterwards.

Date: 03.11.2018

Reviews from Gabriela Preradovic

Stefano is a very patient and good driving instructor. He is also very flexible and always finds time. :)

Date: 02.11.2018

Super driving instructors! Explains well, goal-oriented and always gives helpful tips. There is still time for some small jokes:)

Date: 16.10.2018

No unnecessary driving lessons, friendly & competent!

Date: 09.10.2018

Frauenfeld's best and fairest driving instructor

Date: 21.09.2018

Uncomplicated and flexible

Date: 13.09.2018

Reviews from Lucas Aeberli-Weber

Nothing to criticize. Friendly, courteous and flexible. Thank you for your spontaneous commitment.

Date: 11.09.2018

Reviews from Jeannine Fankhauser

With Stefano the driving lessons were really fun. We have worked on one goal and I am fast and sure of the exam (2 months). Stefano explains well and gives very good tips. The driving lessons are intensive and there is always room for fun. He always somehow has time for you to plan a driving lesson. I can definitely only recommend him!

Date: 31.08.2018

Reviews from Joel Tetti

Friendly and very human :)

Date: 27.08.2018

Reviews from Enid KS

Explains things very well and has very much gedult. Very friendly and reliable! I can only recommend!

Date: 24.08.2018

Grading: 5 + Good explanations, knows what he's talking about, applicable tips and tricks, learns a little more than is tested on exams -> thereby safe on exam, in between a joke! ;-) - Finding an appointment takes time, not always 100% focused on driving lessons But I passed the exam for the first time, so I did top work! :-)

Date: 24.08.2018

Very instructive and amusing driving lessons. We have worked together on one goal and achieved it on a very good path. I can only recommend him!!!

Date: 21.07.2018

The driving lessons with Stefano were very goal-oriented and instructive. He has a lot of patience and makes sure that you quickly reach your goal of passing the driving test. Can highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Date: 20.07.2018

Reviews from Jäne Eichi

He explained everything very well and was able to learn and take a lot with him. I can only recommend a super driving instructor.

Date: 19.07.2018

Very good driving instructor. Explains everything super. 1 time stock, with few driving lessons.

Date: 16.07.2018

The best! Super driving instructor ?

Date: 05.07.2018

With Stefano it has always been very fun to learn to drive a car. It was very entertaining. He taught me everything very precisely & still moved forward quickly, so that you don't have to spend unnecessary hours at the same place. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a super nice driving instructor during the fast and instructive learning!)

Date: 22.06.2018

Best driving instructor!!!

Date: 06.06.2018

Very experienced and patient. He knows his stuff.

Date: 06.06.2018

Very patient, explains everything so you understand. I can only recommend him.

Date: 31.05.2018

very cool and patient driving instructor

Date: 23.04.2018

The driving lessons with Stefano were always very instructive and entertaining :) Anyway, I can only recommend him.

Date: 19.04.2018

Very good I passed the practical exam the first time after 9 lessons

Date: 18.04.2018

Best driving instructor, teaches you everything you need to know about your car.

Date: 18.04.2018

Very good

Date: 18.04.2018

Super Competent. Very kind of you. Always having a good time. Very patient.

Date: 18.04.2018

Comet and personal lessons

Date: 18.04.2018

Driving at Stefano was always very personal and I felt very comfortable. Also, he was always punctual and spontaneous in changing times.

Date: 02.11.2017

With Stefano it was a lot of fun to learn! He is a great driving instructor and great person, very flexible and explains everything as simply as possible. You can tell he enjoys his job. He was very supportive. Always looking forward to the lesson. Best recommendation!

Date: 11.10.2017

It was a lot of fun working with Steff. He knows the area extremely well due to his many years of experience and shows you the tricky places during the driving lessons. He was always able to assess my progress well and was always available to answer questions. Dynamic, target-oriented, experienced.

Date: 03.10.2017

Stefano is a very good and understanding driving instructor. He explained everything to me in an understandable and good way. He also gave me a booklet with all the important things for the driving test, which I recommend everyone to use.

Date: 18.09.2017

Super driving instructors! Driving lessons are always humorous and instructive. Note the theory booklet for your learning where everything is good and accurately described. I just recommend him more!

Date: 05.09.2017

Terminfindig am afang isch nöd immer ganz eifach gsi (isch jedoch mit dä ziit immer besser worde). Dä Stefano isch kompetent& symphatisch und s'programm wird uf jede einzelni fahrschüeler abgstimmt, je nach vorkenntnis etc. Bin sehr z'friede gsi und bin au immer sehr gern id fahrstund gange:)

Date: 31.08.2017

Great driving instructor. In addition to the super driving lesson, we will also review the theory books in which we will normally repeat all the theory.

Date: 19.08.2017

Stefano is a real genius driving instructor. Whether this is to be evaluated professionally or humanly, Stafano is convincing in every respect! Top!

Date: 18.08.2017

De santa isch en colle driving instructor he explains the thing to you as eifoch as possible and bechunnsch no addition no es büchli where everything inside stoht what you break to teach for the exam I hans grad bim first mol passed. He's a top driving instructor.

Date: 14.06.2017

Reviews from Sandro Comito

The stefano is an awesome driving instructor where you can really enjoy driving. He explains everything possible in a simple way and he has produced learning books especially for his driving students where all the important things are in place, thanks to him at the first attempt. Mercii Stafano!

Date: 13.05.2017

Reviews from Yannick Witschi

highly recommendable, efficient way of working, good learning atmosphere, very flexible, highly motivated driving instructor

Date: 13.05.2017

A lot of knowledge, experience and personality. Entertaining and instructive. The students receive a learning booklet to learn best at home. First time passed. Just to recommend.

Date: 08.05.2017

Super and nice driving instructor, made very fun with him to go to driving school. I can only recommend it!

Date: 08.05.2017

Reviews from Marc Brühwiler


Date: 08.05.2017

Hammer palehrer!! Explains thing very good and supports you with full heart. What nöd alli driving instructor doing. E volli 6er rated for de stefano santamaria!

Date: 22.04.2017

Best driving instructor there is.

Date: 21.04.2017

For me a very recommendable driving instructor. I've been taught everything I need to know in traffic. The driving lessons were conducted very competently. The flexibility was always high. I normally have examination fears, but with Mr Santamaria as a driving instructor nothing can go wrong, if one converts what one was taught. He is very patient, experienced and no one is better suited than him. I thank him for his teachings and for making the exam so easy thanks to his skills.

Date: 21.03.2017

With calm and patience he led me to the passed exam. Always in a good mood and very attentive. Very correct and fair. You even get a dosage to learn. I'm super happy and can't imagine a better driving instructor. Sign up for his driving lesson!

Date: 13.03.2017

Stefano is a great driving instructor with a lot of humor and patience. The driving lessons were always fun and very instructive. I have always enjoyed going to driving lessons and can only recommend him. Thanks nomol for everything :-)

Date: 15.02.2017

Super driving instructor

Date: 15.02.2017

Stefano taught me how to drive very well. Friendly driving instructor with a sense of humour, but who also knows when things are serious!

Date: 07.02.2017

very good drivers

Date: 27.12.2016

"Stefano is a great driving instructor. I learned a lot during that time. He explains everything exactly and also a second, third time, very patiently. The driving lessons were always great and instructive. Simply to recommend!" Thanks for your patience.

Date: 22.12.2016

Reviews from Robin Martin

Super driving instructor with a lot of humor. Every driving hour is great fun and you learn very quickly with Stephano. "Sgeilst Auto ide Region!"

Date: 22.12.2016

Reviews from Seline Hasler

Very reliable. Deals with the students individually. Always committed to his students. Everything you want from a driving instructor! Recommended only :)

Date: 07.12.2016

Stefano is a great driving instructor ! It was always very funny in the driving lesson, but nevertheless I learned a lot.

Date: 07.12.2016

Super driving instructor

Date: 30.10.2016

Reviews from Micha Schweizer

Super driving school!! Passed the first exam! Very personal training and you don't play number carrier! Thank you again Stefano!!

Date: 22.09.2016

Mr. Sanatamaria is a very good driving instructor. Grading 6

Date: 05.09.2016

Super :D equal passed

Date: 23.08.2016

santamaria is a great driving instructor. always motivated and friendly. i always liked to go to him.

Date: 18.08.2016

Very competent Passed all exams with him.

Date: 28.07.2016

Super Zit gha mit em Stefano. Er isch authentisch & seeehr geduldig! Es isch chli schwirig mit Termine finde, da er viel Schüeler het.. Was aber au heisst, dass er guet isch ;-) ich empfiehl ihn sehr! wiiiiter so stefano & Danke!

Date: 26.07.2016

Best driving instructor! Very flexible and high learning success

Date: 13.07.2016

Stefano is the best driving instructor in Frauenfeld! The driving lessons were always very funny but nevertheless instructive.

Date: 12.07.2016

It was supper had really learned a lot and fast. And supper sypatisch, learned a lot and much more laughed and talked simply very well. I can only recommend. Thanks Stefano bish supper :)

Date: 11.07.2016

...dynamic...experienced...target-oriented... The slogan is 100% true. The driving lessons were very instructive and efficient. Extremely friendly and spontaneous driving instructor. Stefano is competent and reliable. I had a lot of fun studying with him. Helen

Date: 12.06.2016

Best driving instructor of all times! always something to laugh and brings you the things so that it is firmly burned into the brain

Date: 20.05.2016

Top Car Top driving instructor 1A Super

Date: 11.05.2016

Supper driving instructor! You can tell he's had a lot of experience. I'd go right back to Stephano.

Date: 12.04.2016

Can explain everything very well and you always have something to laugh about. I highly recommend it.

Date: 07.04.2016

The very best driving instructor in Switzerland. Very much patience, honest and very polite. Always in a good mood and in a top position. Very understanding. Santa Maria is the best.

Date: 07.04.2016

He teaches driving with a lot of humor, which makes learning extremely easy.

Date: 13.03.2016

Reviews from Robin Zuber

Super driving student, top driving instructor, this is how driving makes learning to drive fun Yours sincerely Robin

Date: 02.03.2016

He is a funny, friendly and always good glunte driving instructor! Recommended :D

Date: 02.03.2016

They were very pleasant and instructive driving lessons. Steff is also a very great and friendly driving instructor.

Date: 17.02.2016

Best wo je hets gits !!!

Date: 22.01.2016

The driving lessons with Stefano were always very instructive but also very pleasant times. I've always appreciated them very much. The training is competent, thorough and reliable. It was a great pleasure to learn from him.

Date: 19.12.2015

I was always looking forward to the driving lessons, was always amusing with Stefano. Despite this, I learned a lot in every driving lesson.

Date: 10.12.2015

Driving lessons were always very fast. He explains everything very well and comprehensibly. Very likeable. Would go back to Stefano anytime.

Date: 10.12.2015

Honest, competent, very friendly!

Date: 12.11.2015

Reviews from Sybille Schrämmli

Supper driving instructor! Cool gsie bii diir.. :)

Date: 08.11.2015

Reviews from Kristjan Toma

Best driving instructors!! Bim first mol existed with little driving hour. If you want that, go to him.

Date: 06.11.2015

Very competent, patient and relaxed driving instructors. And especially the super guy. Always have fun and take a driving lesson z cho. Channi to everyone.

Date: 03.11.2015

He's great! Hett mega patience and shows everything so that mers au stocht, chani only weather recommend :)

Date: 29.10.2015

Reviews from Alexandre Coutinho Da Silva

best driving instructor just to continue enpfelen

Date: 29.10.2015

Supeeeer !!!

Date: 29.10.2015

Reviews from Chris Marti

Very good Far teacher

Date: 19.10.2015

A super driving instructor! Han vil fun kha and han würkli viil learnt and above all glachet! 1. Versuech gad bstnde. wiii I Churz vor de prüefig un extra Fahrstunde asks han het gad what Organisiert and finally hets klachet. Chan en only recommend witer

Date: 12.10.2015

TOP! Teaches you everything you need to know to pass the exam the first time. With wit and charm the driving lessons are always very pleasant at Stefano.

Date: 06.10.2015

He is a very good and recommendable driving instructor!

Date: 30.09.2015

De stefano is a super guy. Always up to speed, always up to date. I churzer ziit learns extremely much bi him :) always very fair and reliable xi. Chani nume wiiterrecommend :) best driving instructors Thanks to him, in the first place. Wiiter so

Date: 24.09.2015

I am breaking up other driving instructors and then changing to Stefano. Han also vill compared with my colleague what the driving instructor did with one another and pointed out one thing bibringed and I am to the following conclusion cho: De Stefano is de bescht and I would recommend him to everyone witerempfehl! He got perfect on an ih, and stalls it personally teaching program

Date: 14.08.2015


Date: 14.08.2015

If no mistake willsh make then muesh to stefano id driving student santamaria go. He brings you the thing good and fast bi and it het always fun gmacht to drive with him z. I chas anyone only recommend to him z go. Han thanks to him bim first mol existed and ha ned vil driving hour breaks ! We're so stefano!!!

Date: 09.07.2015

Chani nume witer recommend top driving instructor, top driving lesson and always gueti entertaining ka

Date: 02.07.2015

Reviews from Serena Casaletto

Wish him always wiedo welcome. hammo person & hammo driving instructor. wito so & thanks for patience

Date: 24.06.2015

De stefano isch würkli beschte driving instructor above all quite collegial , mer cha quite a lot of learning and that in short cyt I would saw de bescht vo thurgau well I bide other driving instructors scho times gsi I am know that de stefano beschte gsi isch thanks to him I han I exist in the 1st time :) =)

Date: 23.06.2015

Me learns a lot in Stefano mega and very quickly. Prislich is he au top, d'Fahrstund het alumal ohni problem it a few minute longer beautiful went and me chan be him würkli uf jedi Fahrstund freuen :) De besti driving instructors in Frauefeld and surroundings!

Date: 20.05.2015

top het fun makes with him z learn nurtures en collegial dealings but I learn very quickly chani only recommend. s only negative ish with the appointments.

Date: 20.05.2015

I can only recommend...had great driving lessons with him, everything very relaxed and yet goal-oriented. Examination passed the first time so he did everything right... Big thanks to him.

Date: 24.04.2015

The driving lesson at Stefano is a hit, he learns a lot and very fast and he brings a lot of fun and very leerrichi Art bii :) The priis is more than good and it het au mol it some Minütli chöne longer go anyway what gseit het het. So who sini driving lesson wants ufe lockeri way with fun experience and best prepared ad Prüefig go to the recommended warmest dSantamaria driving student Thanks nomol for everything Stefano :)

Date: 03.04.2015

Stefano Santamaria taught me how to drive quickly, patiently and very skilfully. There was always room for entertaining and amusing conversations. His work helped me pass the car test on the first attempt. If you are looking for a lively and nevertheless very instructive lesson, I recommend the driving school Santamaria.

Date: 25.03.2015

The best, the coolest... correct and reliable.

Date: 10.03.2015

Reviews from Hisham Sidky

De Stefano does his job with good humor and good grace. Bi he merklich learns extremely much. Au de VKU bim Albaner(weiss sein name nüme) isch unterhaltsam. So sgegeteil of what mer susch always ghört. Warmth recommend at Stefano Santamaria for hours of driving!

Date: 06.03.2015

Best driving instructor in Frauenfeld and surroundings! Prepared me very well for the exam, passed the first time! Always had a lot of fun with him and still learned a lot... He was always punctual and he liked to do a little bit longer without charging anything! I can really recommend Stefano to everybody! Thanks again for everything, Stefano!!

Date: 05.03.2015

He gave me very valuable tips and prepared me super for the exam! I knew every subject by heart and taught it to me so that there were no nasty surprises at the practical driving test. Unfortunately it's a bit unorganized as far as the scheduling of the driving lessons is concerned, as he has a lot of students, but you should get used to it because as soon as you head for the practical exam you also get priority over other students.

Date: 25.02.2015

I can only recommend Stefano! He learns how to drive with his funny way in an understandable, fast but relaxed way. TOP driving instructor!!

Date: 24.02.2015

A very good driving instructor. Takes it with looseness and despite great inensivity. Shows everything 10 times if necessary. Don't rush students unnecessarily and show a lot of experience. Very good to recommend!

Date: 15.02.2015

He was very patient and always told me the mistakes immediately, which I found very very good. He was always punctual and I could always rely on him! Great, thanks to him I passed.

Date: 13.02.2015

Stefano is a very patient driving instructor with a relaxed nature. The driving lessons were very instructive.

Date: 05.02.2015

Very likeable, quick to learn, simply top driving instructor.

Date: 17.12.2014

Pleasant atmosphere during the driving lessons. He tries very hard to explain the different maneuvers, tricks etc well and simply, takes enough time and is very patient. It's fun for me to learn!

Date: 15.12.2014

Stefano somehow manages to unite his job as a driving instructor and his funny personality in such a way that your driving instructor sits to your right during the driving lessons, who warns you, corrects you and gives you tips, but also a friendly contemporary with whom you can have really good conversations. So you look forward to every driving lesson and still the learning process is right :)

Date: 05.12.2014

Super driving instructors!! Me learns a lot and het na fun debii. Nice that it ebe doch no driving instructor where ned only uf s money lieget!!! Thank you very much Stefano, but it's really very correct and always fun to drive. I'm just telling you what to do.

Date: 18.11.2014

Super driving instructor. Me hets funny ghared during the hour but me het learned a lot and is fast ide rutine dinne. Always recommend z again. I find him in women's field the best driving instructor on prislich is quite good debi. Thanks for everything stefano bisch en guete!

Date: 12.11.2014

I'm very happy with Stefano. I learned a lot in a very short time.

Date: 10.11.2014

Simply the tip of the tüp

Date: 30.10.2014

Reviews from Peter Egli

Top driving instructor: always keeps to a deal. git gueti tips. The atmosphere is exciting. and always would have gueti luunä :D

Date: 27.10.2014

Stefano, I really thank you for everything! I'm glad that no ehrlichi lüt git! I'll recommend you! Thank you for all the best joe

Date: 26.10.2014

The motorbike course is a super cool thing. Greetings Flo

Date: 29.08.2014

Beschte driving instructor!! Purposefully, sympathetically and it makes afach only fun with him go zfahre.

Date: 26.07.2014

Reviews from Luca Welzel

Sympathetic, purposeful, understandable & mega horny thumbs up!

Date: 25.07.2014

Super much fun made

Date: 17.06.2014

Perfect vo A-Z!!!:):)

Date: 12.06.2014


Date: 11.06.2014

He has patience, explains everything exactly and repeats it also in theory as well as in practice... he's human and NOT such a money fucker! i have only had good experiences :)

Date: 11.06.2014

Reviews from Sara Mosberger

A very good driving instructor. Just to recommend. With a lot of humor, he can learn you a lot. In no time he can explain and help you a lot. One notices how much joy and motivation he has in this profession. Thumbs up!

Date: 11.06.2014

Super driving instructor with a lot of humor! You learn incredibly fast with him.

Date: 11.06.2014

Very good driving instructors!! Recommended :)

Date: 11.06.2014

Reviews from A H

I can only recommend the best driving instructor in town. Has a lot of patience and works with system! Was top prepared for the exam the first time passed ;) - quickly learned - fair treatment no moneymaking - sympathetic driving instructor!! Many thanks afterwards!

Date: 11.06.2014

Super Car The driving lessons were very instructive & fun compared to other driving schools. This driving school is only recommendable!

Date: 11.06.2014

Super driving instructor ;)))

Date: 11.06.2014

Reviews from Max Bruni

Absolutely best driving instructor!!! I learn mega fast to him and he ish mega fair what speed of the driving hour ahgoht. It's really fun until he learns chani allne empfele!!!!

Date: 11.06.2014

Is a super driving instructor (y) :-)

Date: 11.06.2014

Reviews from Miguel Alves

This is how fun driving is

Date: 11.06.2014

Very good, instructive driving lessons. Driving instructor is very positioned and tries to teach his students something!

Date: 11.06.2014

Very good driver