Fahrschule Nikolic reviews and experiences

Date: 12.02.2020

Super driving instructor! One can only wish. Explains everything in detail and has understanding for every mistake you make. The driving lessons are very well divided with helpful exercises. Really only for recommendation!!

Date: 09.12.2019

Really a cool driving school! You can laugh and have fun while driving. I was also always supported and always believed in me! :) I am very satisfied and at the same time sad that this time is over.

Date: 06.12.2019

Goran is a great driving instructor because he explains well and understandably and his driving lessons were also very fun. He is also very flexible for appointments!

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Date: 28.10.2019

I attended the driving school Nikolic from February to May in 2019. Unfortunately the driving lessons did not go as I had imagined. I was not shown many important functions of driving a car like parking. He told me to practice this with my father. Also other functions like turning, reverse driving, mountain road driving and highway driving which I do not control well we only looked at once. I didn't know anything about the emergency brake and the mountain protection until I changed the driving school and was shown that, the buttons in the car were explained to me only in the 15 driving hour. Also I had to wait a few times over half an hour to start the driving lesson. I also had to wait at the stage day, because we had no car available, the paid ancestor did not take place before the stage, statesen we had to drive quickly to the stage location not to miss the stage. After failing the driving test, he had no interest in further action and simply did not contact us anymore.

Response from Fahrschule Nikolic:
Guten Morgen Boban, danke für den auch einen Stern! Eine Nebenbemerkung von meiner Seite: Ich finde, wir sollten auch erwähnen das du dich nach 15 FS selber an die Prüfung angemeldet hast. Spontan am Sonntag ist dir eingefallen dass deine Eltern am Montag mit dir an die Prüfung nicht mitkommen können und ich sollte so ganz rasch und spontan, an meinem "eigentlich" freien Tag, mit dir mit an die Prüfung mitkommen und einfach ein Zauber auslösen lassen. Ich habe kreative Menschen sehr gerne und unterstütze auch mega dessen Ideen, dennoch sollten wir Menschen, auch die kreativen, manchmal den Ideenvielfalt etwas realer betrachten um ein bisschen den Boden unter unseren Füssen spüren zu können, finde ich. Wir von der Fahrschule wünschen dir weiterhin gute sowie unfallfreie Fahrt und gratulieren dir recht herzlich zur bestandener Prüfung!!!

Date: 28.05.2019

I found my driving lessons very pleasant and instructive. Suzana is a very competent, efficient and patient driving instructor. She responded to my wishes and very quickly recognized my weaknesses so that we could work on them. I can highly recommend her as a driving instructor and am happy to have chosen this driving school for my preparation for the exam.

Date: 06.05.2019

Reviews from Beatriz Rodrigues

Suzana was a great driving instructor! Due to her friendly, patient and very motivating manner every driving lesson was a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to her driving lessons every time. I could profit a lot from her knowledge and can only recommend her to others.

Date: 08.02.2019

A great driver. Always has an open ear and a lot of patience. I'd just recommend it. Thanks to her she passed the exam the first time.

Date: 13.01.2019

Reviews from Sagdic Yasin

I think you are very good at thinking with you and alternating the driving instructors to do a simulatzion exam I think a good idea it is sometimes better if a 2 person sits down and looks at that with other eyes and what the others do not see and correct it

Date: 01.11.2018

Reviews from Jana Hug

Super driving school! My driving instructor Suzana supported and motivated me in every driving lesson. My self-confidence as a fresh driver has grown a lot and she has always believed in me, even in difficult situations and the reverse parking that I love so much...;-) I will recommend the driving school to anyone who is looking for a serious, friendly, flexible and humorous driving school. Thank you, dear Suzana!

Date: 29.09.2018

Suzana prepared me very well for the driving test, so I passed it directly on the first attempt. A big advantage is the combination of the two drivers, which I think makes it possible to learn very well. I'm glad I chose this driving school :)

Date: 29.08.2018

Goran is a great driving instructor whom I have always 100% trusted. He deliberately let me make mistakes, but if it got critical, he saved me. The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me. I could learn a lot from him and I am glad I learned from Goran.

Date: 30.12.2017

As you will easily see, a driving instructor with enormous experience who knows all the little tricks to prepare you well for the driver's test. An uncomplicated, calm and likeable type. Personally Goran prepared me very well for the leader examination in a short time so that I passed the 1 time. I also made the VKU and Nothelfer in a cheap combination package with him and his sympathetic employees. Can really recommend him to anyone who is serious with a good driving education.Top!

Date: 29.12.2017

Good individual and detailed explanation of the individual tasks

Date: 19.12.2017

Goran is a great driving instructor, who manages to create very exciting driving lessons with his humorous way. I passed my driving test the first time. I can definitely recommend Goran to others. Dear greetings Nino

Date: 09.10.2017

Reviews from Juliane Konrad

Goran ist ein unglaublich geduldiger Fahrlehrer, der einem das Fahren in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre sehr gut und schnell beibringt! Die Fahrstunden sind persönlich auf den Fahrschüler abgestellt und die anfängliche "Angst" vorm Fahren verfliegt sehr schnell. Die Prüfung ist dementsprechend gut verlaufen und stellte überhaupt kein Problem dar. Ich kann die Fahrschule Nikolic absolut weiter empfehlen!

Date: 22.08.2017

Great driving instructor. Understanding, humorous and patient, but still serious and competent. He responds to individual needs and is also completely uncomplicated and flexible with appointments. Recommend him 100%.

Date: 20.07.2017

Reviews from Kathrin Bänziger

Goran is a super driving instructor, extremely competent, safe, always a smile on his lips and very responsive to individual needs. Whether early or late, scheduling with Goran is simple and uncomplicated. From the VKU to the practical exam, Goran always accompanied me personally very cordially and brought me safely to the exam. I recommend him in any case unreservedly. A really good driving instructor. Thank you Goran!!!

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Date: 16.06.2017

Reviews from Roberto Napoli

Goran is a very good driving instructor! I was able to develop from driving lesson to driving lesson with him and prepare myself perfectly for the driving test I passed the first time. The driving lessons were always planned very flexibly, be it early in the morning or late in the evening. I've never had complications about appointments. I can only recommend Goran.

Date: 25.05.2017

I liked it because it was a very systematic and competent approach. We don't drive around and chat a bit, but teach it strictly and precisely.

Date: 12.04.2017

Goran's a great driving instructor. The appointment for the driving lessons was always very uncomplicated and flexible and the driving lessons themselves were pleasant. Through him I was prepared sovereignly for the exam and passed the exam the first time.

Date: 30.03.2017

Very good driving instructor. With a lot of humor and knowledge.

Date: 02.01.2017

Reviews from Beste Yildiz

Goran is a very good and patient driving instructor. His motivating and funny way helped me to make more and more progress. I could arrange every hour of driving with him easily, be it tomorrow morning or later in the evening, he always adapted himself. He prepares you very well for the test and thanks to his instructive driving lessons I passed the test on my first attempt. :)

Date: 21.12.2016

Reviews from Kristina Žugo

Very good driver, who adapts well to the learner driver and who organises the driving lessons in such a way that the learner driver does not feel overstrained or underchallenged. I can only recommend it!

Date: 31.10.2016

Goran's a great driving instructor. He is very patient and also explains things several times if necessary. He is rather strict in his judgement, which then benefits you in the examination. :-) I would definitely re-elect this driving school.

Date: 20.10.2016

Very good driving instructor

Date: 17.10.2016

Great teacher, Every driving lesson helped me a lot and at the same time I had a lot of fun, no matter if in the morning at 07:00 or in the evening at the VKU, Goran is always in a good mood and knows what he is doing... Thank you very much for passing the exam immediately... Everything is perfect! Best regards Marcel Meixner

Date: 10.04.2016

With good conscience I give 6 stars If you are looking for a cool, experienced and patient driving instructor, you will find the Nikolic is the right place to go when it comes to the individual weaknesses of the students! The scheduling of driving lessons is also simple and uncomplicated. Nickolic is a great driving instructor who I can recommend to everyone.

Date: 19.02.2016

If you are looking for a friendly, patient and extremely competent driving instructor, Goran is the right place for you. The driving lessons were individually tailored to my strengths and weaknesses, thanks to which I also passed the test on my first attempt. Thanks to his relaxed and funny manner, the driving lessons and the VKU were a great experience that I always looked forward to. I have nothing at all to criticize and can recommend Goran without exception. Thank you for everything, Goran! David

Date: 05.02.2016

Reviews from O. P.

Very competent, friendly and patient. Rather severe in judgment. If you manage to satisfy him, you will surely pass the test with your left hand. Unrestricted recommendation!

Date: 01.10.2015

Where should I start... the driving lessons (and also the VKU) with Goran were simply a super experience. So learning is fun. I have always felt at home, Goran has always taken time for my questions, was always friendly, punctual and patient. At the beginning I told him my possible goal, I wanted to have the exam by October. On September 30, 2015, I passed my car test at the first attempt. I would and will gladly recommend the driving school Nikolic to others. Thank you Goran, you were great!

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Date: 25.06.2015

At first, I thought I'd never make it through the driving test. Goran is very patient and has encouraged me. He always took the time to explain everything in detail. It made me feel safer, too. I can only recommend. Very good driving instructor!

Date: 17.05.2015

Goran was a great driving instructor! Right in the first hour I explained my goals to him that I want to do the car test in 2 months. After his examination of my skills he agreed and always believed in me that I would make it in 2 months. Goran prepared me well for the exam with a supportive and always very friendly, funny and relaxed manner, which is why I passed it right at the first attempt. I can recommend Goran with a clear conscience and the promise of having a very friendly and competent driving instructor. Thanks for the time with you! András