Fahrschule Keiser reviews and experiences

Date: 20.02.2020

Reviews from Katrina Hahn

After 3 messed up exams with other driving instructors, I luckily found Brigitte. She could help me to see and improve my mistakes. In addition she is extremely sympathetic. I passed with flying colors the next time I tried it. Can only recommend you!

Date: 09.01.2020

Brigitte was the absolutely right choice to learn to drive. She taught me everything with patience and care. I learned quickly and had a lot of fun. I passed the test after about 23 driving hours in the first attempt and it contributed a lot to it. I can recommend her to everyone because she convinced me immediately with her professional competence and her humour. Besides, if you learn to drive an automatic, you will drive a Mercedes A-Class, which I almost fell in love with because it convinces everyone with style and driving pleasure. Thanks for everything Brigitte and see you soon.

Date: 04.09.2019

Simply really everything super!

Date: 17.02.2019

The driving lessons with Brigitte not only prepared me super for the exam, but also always made me fun (which is really very important when learning to drive!). Her good mood and humour kept me motivated, and her competence and helpful tips ensured that I improved with each lesson. I can warmly recommend them to any prospective student driver!

Date: 15.01.2019

I gained incredibly good and instructive experiences with Brigitte and successfully accompanied myself to the driving test.

Date: 21.11.2018

Brigitte is a very good and above all patient driving instructor, whom I can warmly recommend. With her humorous and open manner she conveys the knowledge skillfully and you learn new things every driving lesson. Even when mistakes happen, Brigitte is always understanding and gives good tips on how to avoid the mistake next time. I can only say that I went with her driving lessons top prepared to the exam!

Date: 03.03.2018

I learned how to drive with Brigitte. I would especially like to emphasize her patient and humorous way she learned to drive me. I now have my driving licence for a good month and feel safe on the roads at home and abroad. Considering the sometimes horrendous prices for driving lessons, the ones at Brigitte were very inexpensive, as one has the possibility to buy a subscription that undercut the normal price. The Fahrschuhlauto is a blue 1-series BMW in top condition and hill start aid, which significantly increases driving comfort. I can recommend Brigitte to anyone who not only wants to pass the exam but also wants to learn how to drive. (I passed my exam the first time) Thank you for everything Elijah Mughal

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Date: 30.11.2017

Reviews from Jenny Rindlisbacher

I am super glad I decided for the driving school of Brigitte! The driving lessons with Brigitte were always a lot of fun for me and through her expertise I learned something new every time. Even when I made a mistake or something similar Brigitte always remained calm and understanding. Thanks to her, I was always looking forward to going back to the lesson again, even when it was time, and I had my test & was extremely nervous, she always calmed me down and took away my nervousness. I had my exam on 10.10.17 and never thought that I would pass the 1st time, could not believe it, but thanks to Brigitte I have made it, she is in my eyes the best driving instructor ever! I am happy to have passed the test, but I look back with a laughing and a crying eye, because the driving lessons were so great with Brigitte and the 1er Bmw that I miss the driving lessons already. The driving school car is also top, I have totally fallen in love with the 1er Bmw, with him it is so easy to learn how to drive, he drives himself brilliant! THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRIGITTE!!! And hopefully until next time again ;)

Date: 19.08.2017

Brigitte was my second driving instructor. Definitely happy I switched. With patience, joy and humour she taught me the strict driving style of the Swiss. After 30h, where I took 10 with Brigitte, I passed the exam successfully. It doesn't require annoying memorization of the examination route, it doesn't push a crisis when you make mistakes; it stays calm and explains what needs to be improved. If I had to repeat everything, I would take all courses with her! She's great as a person and as a teacher!

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Date: 30.07.2017

Brigitte is a great driving instructor! The way she taught me how to drive was great. She is very patient and sympathetic, so I had a lot of fun during the driving lessons. In any case recommendable!

Date: 12.06.2017

Brigitte is a very friendly and conscientious person and has taught and helped me a lot. She has a lot of patience and thanks to her, I passed the driving test the first time. The blue BMW she's got is the perfect car and I'm gonna miss it.

Date: 12.04.2017

Brigitte is a very good driving instructor!! The driving lessons with your true very instructive and gave with time more and more safety for the exam day! She is very flexible, patient, humorous and always looks for things to move forward quickly. Therefore I will personally only recommend you, because she fulfilled the most important criteria for me and did not only well but very well!!!!!!!

Date: 10.08.2016

Brigitte was able to teach me how to drive the car with her relaxed manner! She could motivate me again and again, with her jokes, to give me more trouble on the street. Finally I look with a laughing eye at my driver's license and a crying eye back at the casual driving lessons! :)

Date: 21.07.2016

The lessons with de Brigitte are always very instructive and exciting. She is very kind to me and has always challenged me, but never overstrained me. She's always giving you and she's always giving you feedback. I Chan Brigitte allne weather recommend and the BMW isch it supercools car to drive learn. On the lesson before the driving test she is with me mini "weak points" normally continuous and therefore I am perfectly prepared for the test. Well, don't wait long and report to Brigitte ah, she's a great driving instructor:)

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Date: 08.02.2016

With the Brigitt, any ride is a great experience. Bi your teaches me everything what me must know to drive a car and het always fun debie. I must have been very patient with you. You always understand me gha and that's important for me gsi, but it's always a matter of course that öpper is so igoht a igoht! I am a brigitte on every case I recommend to everyone, I am really a super woman, where I am always motivated and makes muet! Aw when me viellicht chli lenger breaks! Thanks to your ha Is Autobillet nevertheless no gschafft, and therefore I am their very, very grateful! Brigitt, bisch en tolli driving instructor and e great person. Liebi Grüess and Merci for EVERYTHING! Vesna

Date: 31.01.2016

I would like to join the positive evaluations. The driving lessons with Bigi were always instructive. No mistake escaped her, which helped me to deal with my weaknesses. What also proved to be very helpful was that she kept letting me follow new routes again and again. There were always very entertaining hours, which I was always looking forward to. Bigi is a calm soul with an incredible patience and you can feel her great commitment every time. I passed the exam the first time! Thank Bigi for everything! PS: I'm already looking forward to going to the pizza dinner with you ;-)

Date: 27.11.2015

Bigi is a great, honest and very flexible driving instructor who prepared me super for the exam. She is always available for fun, but never loses sight of the essential. With her sympathetic and open nature she showed everything I needed to know to get clean through the exam :-) Thanks again Bigi for the nice hours, I will gladly recommend you to my friends. Liebä Greeting Ralph

Date: 08.10.2015

Isch mega cool gsi dir Bigi gsi, except if I ask you mängsich chli han ;-) I really recommend Bigi to you. You be patient and good luck to the students. So I'm having fun with my driving lesson.