Auto-école Drive-L reviews and experiences

Date: 29.01.2020

Thanks to Joey from this driving school who helped me in my steps and especially in my wish to get my license the first time! It's done for me! A lovely person and a very good listener. Being very stressed out and scared, he was able to get me through it all and today, pass my license! I really recommend this driving school which has only great instructors and especially Joey! Thanks again!

Date: 16.01.2020

Reviews from Lorena Fastellini

I just passed my license today and all thanks to my instructor Joey who put me in the best possible conditions. Very kind, he was very attentive, very constructive and above all patient. He makes himself available and flexible in terms of schedules, which was also a plus for me. Excellent follow-up and success on the first try. I highly recommend it.

Date: 16.12.2019

Reviews from Magie Facile

Excellent driving school! There is nothing wrong with the instructors' skills. Especially Joey, whom I can advise you if you can choose. Easily understandable explanations, preparatory paths for the exam with an increasing difficulty curve. Very patient person who gives a lot of advice during classes. Nothing to complain about on this monitor that allowed me to get my license!

Date: 29.11.2019

Having obtained my driver's license today, I had to emphasize Gregory's sympathy, attention and proper teaching. I am satisfied with my choice and I recommend it to you! Thanks again for everything and see you soon maybe on the roads:)

Date: 25.11.2019

I had a whole obstacle course before I got my license... I first had a instructor, then an instructor in two other driving schools before I found Joey and Drive-L driving school. The first two instructors disgusted me with driving lessons and did not make my learning any easier. With Joey, it was just the opposite! He remains very calm, knows how to give us confidence, and explains really well, even the most basic things that are sometimes not easy to explain. His learning method is very professional and adapted to each student, which is a real pleasure. In any case, a big thank you to him and then I give you ample advice!

Date: 05.11.2019

I just passed my driving test and all this is largely thanks to my instructor who put me in the best possible conditions. Very attentive, constructive and patient instructors. High availability for courses and cars of superb quality. I really recommend this car school!

Date: 19.10.2019

Reviews from Rémy Petkantchin

Xavier has a very good look: he can see both the potential obstacles for the student and understand the situations in which the student is uncomfortable (and therefore what to work on!). He makes himself available and is flexible in terms of schedules, which was also a plus for me.

Date: 13.09.2019

All explanations regarding driving behaviour were clearly given. However, my course ended several times earlier without any compensation in terms of price or without making up for lost time. Also, for medical reasons, I had to take my exam with a car I had never driven before, which made the task all the more stressful.

Date: 07.09.2019

Greg is a very good teacher, who has managed to restore my self-confidence after a failed exam with another driving school. He was very professional, honest and friendly, I recommend 100%!

Date: 26.08.2019

Reviews from Grégory Hefti

Exelent profe!!!

Date: 22.08.2019

Reviews from Jean-Charles Guingrich

Thank you to Xavier for his availability and professionalism. A real good time together that would make you forget the stress of the exam

Date: 20.08.2019

Thank you to Greg for teaching me all the things necessary for my success. successful examination on the first try I recommend this driving school

Date: 06.08.2019

Drive-L run by Greg is a very good school, serious, complete and pleasant at the same time... I got my license the first time. Thank you.

Date: 06.08.2019

Reviews from Tristan Cardillo

the instructor is at the top friendly and professional level -> the success of the exam

Date: 29.07.2019

Very good instructor! He gives very good explanations. It was a pleasure to ride with

Date: 23.07.2019

I took my classes with Joey, it was perfect, I passed the first time. His learning methods are very effective, I highly recommend him!

Date: 18.07.2019

Very good driving school

Date: 03.07.2019

The welcome is warm, friendly and transparent. I was listened to, guided, advised and all in a good mood despite the occasional stress. Drive-L driving school highly recommended!

Date: 01.07.2019

Very good school cardio instructor, progresses quickly and is very correct with his students (he does not make them take extra lessons in order to benefit both for an economic purpose)

Date: 26.06.2019

Very nice experience with a remarkable professionalism and a lot of fun to learn in each class with a great teacher!

Date: 20.06.2019

Reviews from Andréa Capelli

Super instructor, efficient and serious. I highly recommend it.

Date: 03.06.2019

Reviews from Armelle Natacha

The follow-up with the instructor is effective, the work is more focused on the difficulties. He immediately makes you feel comfortable saying what's wrong. Top instructor.

Date: 14.05.2019

Very serious and attentive driving school with his student. Thank you again for your work. Good continuation.

Date: 18.04.2019

Super instructor, patient, he knows how to put in confidence on the road with good explanations I recommend 200%.

Date: 16.04.2019

Reviews from Seo Mayor

Good teacher very friendly, learns quickly and well, price not too high for young driver I strongly advise

Date: 12.04.2019

Reviews from Luca Robbi

Patient, funny and experienced, everything you need to spend hours of fun and rewarding driving. I learned very quickly thanks to Vincent, I recommend 100%!

Date: 08.04.2019

Reviews from Andreia Barata

Great driving lessons! I recommend 100%. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks to them, I got my license from the first Kick, and with a lot of humor. I recommend it!

Date: 24.03.2019

I drove initially with Greg and then with Vincent for the rest of my training. Very good teacher and above all he quickly made me very comfortable and made me laugh a lot. Driving school time was as fun and enjoyable as having a beer with a friend. I passed my license the first time thanks to Drive-L's great teaching methods, I recommend it!

Date: 19.03.2019

Reviews from Laura Oostveen

Very competent and super friendly teachers

Date: 10.03.2019

6. I passed my licence in a short time thanks to the adapted methods of my instructor.

Date: 08.03.2019

Reviews from Danilo Groubel

Great driving school! I recommend her 100%. Thanks to Greg and Vincent, they are great instructors, they know how to make people feel comfortable, have a lot of humour and are always listening and giving good advice.

Date: 28.02.2019

Reviews from Quentin Durig

Friendly instructors (with a great sense of humour) who make you feel comfortable and give simple and effective advice. In this context, driving lessons become a pleasure! I highly recommend it!

Date: 27.02.2019

Reviews from Alex Oettinger

It was great thanks a lot finally the freedom, the teacher and the car were very good, I recommend 100%

Date: 26.02.2019

Reviews from Allel Larbaoui

In short, clear, good explanation, calm, a work of a shrink when you are driving. Thank you Vincent

Date: 23.02.2019

Reviews from Sarah Niklas

The classes are at their best. With always good advice and tips. He motivates you when it comes to

Date: 21.02.2019

Reviews from Jodie Sangiorgio

I really enjoyed my driving training. I was able to learn step by step and be put in confidence by my instructors. I would have liked to have been able to take a little less classes and progress more quickly, but that obviously does not depend only on the training given.

Date: 21.02.2019

Reviews from Jorge Pastor Carrasco

A training adapted to each individual's level and technically clear, unlike other driving schools which leave the blur of the moment and drag it out even when it is not necessary. I was lucky enough to be able to drive with Vincent whose pedagogy and honesty were very useful in my progress. I strongly recommend that anyone who really wants to "know how to drive" contact him.

Date: 21.02.2019

I had the best by my side (Vincent). He taught me everything in a good mood and laughter. He was able to answer all my expectations and questions. And all this quickly

Date: 12.02.2019

It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Marc, who was patient, attentive and always with good advice! I recommend Drive-L without reservation, for the quality of learning and dialogue. Thank you again!

Date: 03.02.2019

I am a very ignorant Asian of road traffic in Western countries and this instructor understands the correct use of road safety knowledge. He is very enthusiastic and patient thanks to his teaching. Let me get a Swiss driver's license. Thank you very much.

Date: 27.12.2018

After the awareness, the B permit, the BE, no reproach to make: good atmosphere and effective pedagogy, a pleasure to take these courses!

Date: 10.12.2018

Reviews from Reno Nn

Thanks to the Drive team for the great atmosphere at the wheel.

Date: 05.12.2018

A big THANK YOU to Greg and Vincent for their know-how! Sensi in joy and good mood and successful in 4 months and the first time. I highly recommend Drive L!!!!!

Date: 28.11.2018

Reviews from Hugo Dentan

In my opinion, Greg is an excellent teacher for the following reasons: First, it proposes a very methodical learning method and forces the student to succeed at each step in order to continue to progress. Secondly, the atmosphere in the car is very good, the dialogue is present while learning at the same time.

Date: 23.11.2018

I really loved my instructor, Marc, very professional and efficient in learning. But that doesn't prevent a relaxed atmosphere in the car, crucial behind the wheel. Of course, he doesn't hide from you what you're doing wrong (still happy) but with good tips on how to improve. Marc tells you when you do well (good for motivation) when other teachers that I had from another anonymous school stopped at what was wrong. In the end, it gives you all the tools you need to drive well in a good context and that's all I could ask for

Date: 21.11.2018

I didn't know which school to go to to get my license, but I'm not disappointed that I was recommended Drive-L! Great instructor despite our two strong characters! A big thank you to Greg for allowing me to pass my exam and feel confident in my driving!

Date: 19.11.2018

Reviews from Maxime Monnard

Very good driving school with great monitors!

Date: 19.11.2018

Reviews from Cirkin Kral

Driver's license reunited the first time. Only 2 driving school courses. Excellent service with great encouragement. It's just excellent thanks to you guys!

Date: 13.11.2018

Reviews from Benjamine Garet

Superb driving school at the top! Always available no matter what! Very good driving and awareness teachers! I highly recommend it!

Date: 13.11.2018

Instructor Marc explains very well and is exciting. And has great flexibility for schedules. I recommend.

Date: 09.11.2018

Reviews from Louis Jeanneret

Excellent way to learn Motorcycle and car licence on the first try I recommend

Date: 08.11.2018

Reviews from Kima Rose

the best! Pleasant instructor, patient and attentive. Thank you for everything. It's in the bag!!!!! I recommend the Drive-L driving school

Date: 07.11.2018

Reviews from Thomas Tilborg

I had a lot of fun driving with Vincent, he is a patient teacher and determined to make his students succeed and so I advise you if you start or if you want to continue with a driving school take this one, it has been a great experience in my life, Thomas

Date: 07.11.2018

Reviews from Vanessa Pinto

When I started my license, I was registered with Blatter. After 2 lessons, I stopped because the instructor wasn't lying. I stayed for a year without driving. Since I met VINCENT at Drive-L, I've forgotten everything and I haven't given up. I faced a total of 3 experts. Today I have been driving for more than 2 months and all this thanks to Drive-L. Thank you for everything you are an experienced and exceptional team! I couldn't have dreamed of a better driving school to get my license. Thank you very much.

Date: 01.11.2018

Reviews from Eva Laghezza

Top instructor, classes and an impeccable atmosphere. He builds confidence from the first class and learns very well. Valuable advice that makes me succeed from the first try! I highly recommend it! Thanks again to Greg and Vincent for your investment and help.

Date: 31.10.2018

A top driving school. Clear explanations and a great quality of training. Joy and good humour in every class. Thanks to the Drive-L team for their efficiency. I recommend it to you 100%.

Date: 31.10.2018

Reviews from Samuel Bernardo

So to start, I thank Vincent for his top-of-the-line driving lessons, perfect explanations, demonstrations and above all his moments of fun. I highly recommend the Drive-L driving school because they are simply friendly;)

Date: 09.10.2018

Marc instructor at the top of the top, he is listening, motivates you when it is necessary. It is very flexible in terms of schedules. He knows how to make you feel comfortable! A big thank you to him and the drive L team.

Date: 05.10.2018

Good pedagogy, explains and learns very well, strict and cool! Successful the first time!

Date: 30.09.2018

I passed my BE license with Greg, a very professional and competent instructor. Gives clear and precise explanations, which resulted in my licence being successful the first time.

Date: 26.09.2018

The monitor is very precise in its instructions, which is very effective. It also provides a clear explanation when it identifies an error. Finally, he is constantly available to answer any questions. I will recommend it to any student, whether they are a beginner or already have a basic knowledge of driving.

Date: 24.09.2018

A very big thank you to Joey who made me a master of the wheel! Very calm and always smiling, Joey gives clear explanations with which you are sure to pass your driving test. As boring as it may seem, the Samaritan and awareness classes at Drive-L will only surprise you if you are surprised how pleasant the atmosphere is there. The Drive-L team is just great!

Date: 20.09.2018

Reviews from Denis Roman

very good, clear and precise explanations

Date: 20.08.2018

Thanks to Joey, I was able to have a very structured, calm, positive and motivating course. I was tense at the thought of driving, but with this instructor, I was able to focus on what I knew and what I still had to work on. I progressed in record time and knew exactly how and why. I would recommend Joey wholeheartedly if you want a competent and calm instructor with whom it is pleasant to learn while having fun!

Date: 16.08.2018

Reviews from Fran Dlr

He is nice and friendly. He explains quite well and the key issues are quickly understood.

Date: 15.08.2018

Greg knows the techniques to make us remember everything we need to know about the permit.

Date: 13.07.2018

Top instructor. Good explanations, calm. Loan of the vehicle and trailer for courses and exams.

Date: 06.07.2018

Instructor: Marc Exam passed today Marc is a great teacher, very calm, good explanations etc.... Availability on weekends and sometimes in the evening. The DriveL team is great. Awareness course and Samaritan course done at home. Very professional and friendly. Thanks to the whole team

Date: 21.06.2018

Instructor: Marc Super instructor, respectful, very kind. Thanks to these courses I passed my first try exam. I strongly recommend

Date: 21.06.2018

My instructor has always been very clear, and the feedback at the end of the lessons is relevant! Of course, the car is great for getting the license. Otherwise, for me, small drawings could also help when explaining things.

Date: 18.06.2018

Great teacher, really patient and competent! He knows how to build confidence and prepares his students well for the exam: D I highly recommend him!

Date: 13.06.2018

Successful permit the first time thanks to Greg! I can only recommend him, a humorous instructor but also able to teach effectively and give clear explanations. His car is also very pleasant to drive, with power and accessories such as proximity sensors and rearview camera. I also had the pleasure of having Vincent for two hours of driving as well as for the awareness classes, which was also a pleasure! In short, thank you Drive-L!

Date: 12.06.2018

Very good instructor with very good explanations I am very happy to have done my car lessons with Joe

Date: 11.06.2018

I just got my license from Greg! Thanks to him, driving lessons were absolutely no chore. I was delighted with each course during which I learned a lot. I fully recommend Drive-L!

Date: 31.05.2018

It's okay! Permits in my pocket and it's thanks to Greg. Being a thirty-year-old, company manager and over-occupied, I was able to count on him 100% to find course availabilities, sometimes pick me up in front of my home, or organize hours during the weekend. Its flexibility has made all this possible. We exchanged a lot during these school hours. Behind this tattooed adventurer look, I met a beautiful person with convictions and a big heart. In terms of methodology, Greg has high standards and does not allow any mistakes to be made. "RTI" is a word that will resonate in my head for a long time to come (and that's good). His car, a Golf GTI, is sporty and fun to drive. It has modern equipment (rearview camera, auto hold...) but it also taught me to drive without it, which was a great help when I took over older cars. In short, a big thank you to Greg and his friends from Drivel: a great job!

Date: 04.05.2018

First of all, I would like to say that I testify without any constraints. Greg is an excellent instructor with a high level of awareness of his students' level, which allows him to make them progress quickly, while instilling in them the safety rules that are essential when driving. It has been a pleasure and an honour to be able to follow his quality teaching and to be able to teach without any wooden tongue. To be recommended to anyone who wishes not only to learn to drive, but also to learn to drive well.

Date: 24.04.2018

Driving school at the top! From Samaritan lessons to driving lessons the atmosphere was simply perfect! Monitors are attentive, very professional and always in a good mood. I highly recommend Drive-L and especially Gregory! He knew how to give me confidence! Permits in your pocket in 3 months!

Date: 20.04.2018

If you want your license, choose Gregory. Honestly, it was at the top, in 1.5 months I was ready for this license, which I just acquired. The cream of the crop, always very precise and meticulous for the slightest action/situation. Very pleasant, smiling and confident, everything you need and what is required to succeed.

Date: 19.04.2018

Very good school, advantageous price, very competent, friendly and professional Gregory instructor, know how to pass on his know-how. It gives useful feedback at the end of the lessons to help me improve.

Date: 17.04.2018

Super nice instructors always on time and explanations very well!

Date: 11.04.2018

Honestly, I couldn't have dreamt of a better way to learn to drive. It is not an easy learning experience, but stressful. Greg managed to reassure me, teach me how to do things right, while remaining hyper patient and calm with me! I immediately felt confident and appreciated the good atmosphere of this school! I came to the exam feeling prepared. I highly recommend Drive-L to anyone who is about to start their licensing!

Date: 05.04.2018

My instructor showed a very calm attitude in every situation. He noticed as soon as I had lost a little motivation and he didn't lose one to rebuild and encourage me. The instructions were always clear and very well explained. My driving lessons were always varied and always in a good mood! When there were mistakes while I was driving, repeated, he would take the time to stop and explain it to me, often with drawings, and it worked! I was very lucky to find a very good instructor that I recommend to everyone. He is not there to ruin you, on the contrary, he will tell you to practice next door with an acquaintance to have fluidity. Thanks to Joey!!

Date: 28.03.2018

I had a lot of fun learning to drive with Greg. He managed to get me to overcome my fear of the road, even if it wasn't always easy for me, I passed my driving test and I thank him very much for his patience, his humour and his professionalism. I highly recommend it.

Date: 22.03.2018

Excellent instructor! I had a goal to pass the B permit in 2 months and I rang the right address! A real consideration of my profile and an irreproachable follow-up of my evolution. Thanks for all Marc, it's going to feel weird not seeing you twice a week:) See you soon on the roads!

Date: 14.03.2018

Great driving school with a very professional and humorous team. I thank Greg for his confidence and excellent advice that allowed me to pass the exam the first time. He made me laugh a lot on the road but also showed me the dangers of the road. Thank you Greg for your patience, support and good humour. I highly recommend this driving school!

Date: 23.02.2018

Very good driving school. I had an instructor who was able to stay calm and help me manage my vehicle in the ciruclation without any problem and I was able to pass my license the first time without an acrobatic.

Date: 29.01.2018

High quality learning (and in a good mood) provided by committed and available instructors who listen to their students. For having been to another school that wouldn't have had to go to the pipe-breaker for the first time, I highly recommend Greg Schuepbach's Drive-L driving school. And a huge thank you to Joey because he is an outstanding teacher: more than just teaching driving, he is offering teaching adapted to the specific needs of the students who are interested, identifying what is problematic and finding the best solution each time. Christine

Date: 18.01.2018

Great mood, great atmosphere and great confidence! Thank you very much!

Date: 16.01.2018

Reviews from Céline Jaquenoud

Thanks again to Joey for his involvement in his work and his kindness! Very good instructor!

Date: 11.01.2018

Reviews from Veasna Leas

Precise advice, monitor listening.

Date: 22.12.2017

Very good teaching, whether in first aid, awareness or practical classes with Joey. With a friendly but professional atmosphere the learning is pleasant and much less boring than with other schools (as far as other schools are concerned, I do not speak of personal experience but of stories I have been told). In conclusion, I would recommend that anyone seeking to follow a good quality driving course should follow it at Drive L. Tim, former student at Drive L (Lausanne)

Date: 22.12.2017

Goodbye! Excellent driving school with respectful and attentive instructors. I had the opportunity to meet 2 of them and frankly they are top of the range! I will thank them for what they have done for me! Come to Drive-L you won't regret it!

Date: 13.12.2017

Reviews from Céline Ribeiro

Top instructor! Always very adaptable and attentive, always in a good mood. Auto - school to recommend to anyone who wants to get their license. 10/10

Date: 13.12.2017

Reviews from Jaime Vallhonrat

Very professional team with a lot of enthusiasm and very close to the students, probably recommended for anyone who wants to get their licence in Lausanne 10/10

Date: 13.12.2017

Reviews from Alex Annen

Driving school composed of very professional instructors who know how to adapt to the student's needs and abilities. If you want to be sure you pass your driving test, go home with them! They'll do their best!

Date: 11.12.2017

Reviews from David-Minh Do

Excellent driving school, the awareness courses are very interesting and there is a great atmosphere thanks to motivated instructors. On the road I had the pleasure of learning with a very involved and motivated instructor. Thank you Marc for your friendliness, patience and advice. In short, no worries but pleasure!

Date: 10.12.2017

No reproach to make, everything was perfect. Very interesting monitor flexibility and a good atmosphere during lessons that gives confidence for a much feared exam

Date: 06.12.2017

I highly recommend the Drive-l driving school and I guarantee you that you will not regret your choice. An excellent driving school, very nice instructors, who have patience and who know how to build confidence. I thank my instructor Greg, who gave me all his knowledge and supported me until I succeeded. Thank you Greg for your precious advice, for your calm and for your good mood! It was a pleasure to have you as an instructor!

Date: 30.11.2017

Super driving school with excellent instructors who most often manage to work miracles according to the students! The prices are correct and the instructors are flexible for the course hours. Very good driving school!

Date: 13.11.2017

Reviews from Vasilica Miletic alupoaie

I am the happiest driver, thanks to the best instructor I had Mr. Greg from Drive-L Auto School. Thank you very much and I recommend him to anyone who wants to get their license, because he is an excellent instructor!) A thousand thanks

Date: 31.10.2017

If your need to learn quickly and well I advise you Drive L

Date: 05.10.2017

Reviews from Máté IIl Morgane

Excellent school! Thanks to Marc who supported me during these few months! Everything was great, he was able to put me in confidence, do exercises adapted to my difficulties, stay calm and lead me to the driving test! The awareness courses are great and interactive! I see highly recommend this school!

Date: 27.09.2017

Reviews from Angela Hanzi

Motivating classes, without stress or pressure, convenient schedules and always a good atmosphere. Clear explanations, precise indications and support for all the necessary steps. And of course a top instructor, thank you very much Greg!

Date: 26.09.2017


Date: 23.09.2017

A big thank you to the Drive L driving school and especially to my great instructor, Vincent! I really appreciated the tips and tricks that we were able to give during my driving training and during the awareness classes! I loved being taught to drive eco-driving. Not to mention that Vincent has always listened to my fears and apprehensions and has been able to explain things to me in such a way as to reassure me and allow me to launch myself serenely! He also knew how to reboost me during my moments of doubt, at the top of the top! I highly recommend this school for first aid, sensitivity and driving lessons! A great atmosphere is guaranteed in their company! Thank you again and good luck to all of you!

Date: 07.09.2017

Reviews from Yvanna Dias

A driving school like there are few of them! Greg, an excellent instructor who gives clear and understandable tips and tricks. And his classes always take place in a good atmosphere, like the Samaritans and awareness. In short, I recommend that you all go down the same path. You won't regret it!

Date: 05.09.2017

Reviews from Garen Mik

A driving school at the cutting edge of perfection. Indeed, practical and theoretical advice that is accurate and pointed. Greg is an excellent teacher and an instructor like few others. I highly recommend his driving school!

Date: 05.09.2017

Drive-L Driving School is a great family business. With a superb welcome and warm advice, it is not only after the money that they get it. We feel that there are values at the back. Without hesitation, I will refer anyone in my entourage who wishes to spend their training to go to them. Hoang Nguyen

Date: 02.09.2017

Perfect instructors, perfect explanations, a successful exam that only requires more. Vincent's a boss to you!

Date: 31.08.2017

Reviews from Adriano Cardillo

Thank you, the sensitivity course was very informative and the driving lessons effective and enjoyable. Great atmosphere!!!!!!!!!

Date: 30.08.2017

The Drive-L driving school is at the top, the instructors make us feel comfortable from the first lesson. Effective training and this in a good mood. I would like to thank Marc especially and strongly recommend this driving school.

Date: 30.08.2017

Great atmosphere excellent pedagogy gives confidence and confidence to the student! I highly recommend Drive-L!

Date: 29.08.2017

A lot of fun to learn to drive with Drive L, top instructors and each course is accompanied by good advice!

Date: 04.08.2017

I had a lot of fun working with the Drive-L instructors. They are all very friendly and do not hesitate to answer all your questions. I would also like to thank Marc for his valuable advice, which allowed me to get my licence the first time! :)

Date: 26.07.2017

Very friendly and encouraging. Take the time to explain, I had a lot of fun learning to drive with them, I thank them for all this advice and for believing in me.

Date: 24.07.2017

Very good teaching, and especially a good time spent in each class! Super nice instructors

Date: 10.07.2017

Reviews from BleNdi Morina

Excellent instructor, I am very happy to have done the lessons with you. I recommend that everyone go down the same path.

Date: 05.07.2017

Excellent instructor, quality learning and always in a good mood.

Date: 03.07.2017

Great teaching and instructor at the top! :) I clearly recommend and review; permit successful the first time!

Date: 30.06.2017

Super team very professional and pedagogical, and always in a good mood. The result: a successful permit from the first time! In any case, I don't regret going through them and I strongly advise:)

Date: 24.06.2017

Reviews from Eliott Giommi

Relaxed but professional and respectful, hair training in a good mood!

Date: 22.06.2017

Great driving school! Friendly and patient teachers who give very useful feedback after each lesson. I highly recommend it to you!

Date: 20.06.2017

Reviews from Tanya Ruau

Great driving school. A monitor, Vincent, more than friendly: D The monitors are always available for any questions. Thank you for all the patience and good humour.

Date: 06.06.2017

Greg knows how to give us confidence from the first class. He gives us good advice, he has excellent pedagogy. The team of instructors are really nice. I advise you to go to Drive-L for your license. Successful permit the first time!

Date: 06.06.2017

Reviews from Tamara Grigoras

Very pleasant and competent instructor. Totally satisfied customer.

Date: 14.05.2017

Have a nice class! Permit passed the first time thanks to their patience and advice! Quite direct and relaxed, Greg is confident from the start!

Date: 11.05.2017

Very good pedagogy of the teacher. Specific advice for the practical exam. I succeeded the first time thanks to them!

Date: 25.04.2017

I enjoyed doing the lessons with the drive-L car school. He takes the time to explain things and we didn't understand or if we have a lot of trouble we don't have to worry, he will be there to give you good reference points so that driving is easy. I ADVISE YOU TO TAKE DRIVE-L AS A DRIVING SCHOOL THEY ARE GREAT INSTRUCTORS!)

Date: 13.04.2017

A team of instructors at the top!

Date: 10.04.2017

Good confidence while driving, good explanations and excellent preparation for the practical exam.

Date: 08.04.2017

A calm, punctual, friendly instructor who knows his job. An intelligent, coherent and structured learning method. Feedback after each lesson to determine areas for improvement and student development. A perfect training that allows the student to take the exam with readiness, confidence and success the first time. Probably the best driving school in the region.

Date: 05.04.2017

Great teacher, nothing to say

Date: 17.03.2017

Very good driving instructor, the lessons are well explained so that we learn quickly and well.

Date: 10.03.2017

Super sympa

Date: 16.02.2017

Thanks to Greg for his patience and learning. This has allowed me to make a lot of progress in each course. I had a lot of fun driving with him. I highly recommend this driving school:)

Date: 11.02.2017

Thanks to Greg for all his good advice and patience that allowed me to pass my exam the first time! I had a lot of fun driving with him, I was never bored. In addition, the feedback at the end of each course allowed me to see my progress and improve my weaknesses.

Date: 09.02.2017

A top driving school, only fun. An exceptional instructor, who had a lot of patience and encouragement. Always good advice to give! I highly recommend this driving school, with whom I managed to pass my driving test the first time!

Date: 02.02.2017

Reviews from Raphaël Béda

I thank the Drive-L team because I passed my driving test the first time! With my instructor Joey, the current and immediately passed and he knows how to make you feel comfortable. With their system you follow your progress and you realize your progress in the training, which is very pleasant. I recommend this car school to everyone, and Joey my instructor!

Date: 02.02.2017

The Drive-L driving school is great! The instructors are very friendly and patient. Moreover, Drive-L cars are very pleasant to drive! :)

Date: 09.01.2017

Super prof! Merci Greg!

Date: 05.01.2017

Very professional, always on time. Excellent learning methodology and outstanding instruction follow-up. Not to mention his sympathy and good humour!

Date: 14.12.2016

Reviews from Rébecca Smith

-Very good instructor - Good pedagogy - Always on time

Date: 13.12.2016

Drive-L is a great driving school. The instructor is patient and a very good teacher. The classes take place in a very good atmosphere. Feedbacks at the end of each lesson allow you to follow its evolution and see the points to work on. Thanks to Greg, I was able to get my license the first time. Thank you very much.

Date: 13.12.2016

Greg is a very good instructor, patient and organized. He explains well and we can observe our progress as we go through the interviews. I passed my exam today thanks to these tips, I thank him very much!

Date: 07.12.2016

Great driving school! The awareness and driving courses are great, they prepare you perfectly to take the exam the first time! Thank you to them and go ahead without hesitation!

Date: 06.12.2016

Top instructor, learn really well and learn to do the right thing. Permit succeeds the first time thanks to Mr. Greg. I highly recommend this driving school, don't hesitate!

Date: 05.12.2016

Very good driving school that provides the perfect conditions to pass the driving test the first time and all this in a very nice atmosphere

Date: 10.11.2016

A very efficient and fast training, a very friendly and interesting instructor (Joe in my case because there are several of them in this same school) with whom the contact is easy and pleasant. In short, no hesitation to have if you would like to mix learning and pleasure in order to pass your driving test efficiently!

Date: 04.11.2016

Reviews from Jose Luis Espinoza

He is really an instructor who takes the time to explain everything, very pleasant and you can see from afar that he takes the time to teach you everything you need for your exam. I thank him infinitely for teaching me so much, once again Thank you.

Date: 27.10.2016

Driving school at the top, the practical courses as well as the awareness courses are great nothing to say anything less for their learning method. Thanks again to my instructor Joe Migliarese with whom I succeeded on the first try. I highly recommend without hesitation!

Date: 27.10.2016

Very good teacher, endowed with patience and who will follow you to the end of your training without giving up and who will do everything to ensure that you get your driving licence for a price affordable by all. Several friends and I have passed our driving test here and all of us are very happy. Have a good trip to you...;)

Date: 25.10.2016

Reviews from Yuri Guilherme de Faria

A very good school with a wonderful team! You can see that they know exactly what they are doing and have perfect explanations. A huge thank you to Joe, who gave me confidence and thanks to whom I managed to get my license the first time! A big thank you to the whole team, all good for the future!

Date: 24.10.2016

Very good instructor. calm and gives very good advice and a lot of patience.

Date: 18.10.2016

Thank you for your competence and know-how, your psychology and your ability to identify people, and the ability to put them at ease, your professionalism and irreproachable if I have a word to say to the future drive-L student, if you have a problem with the other schools don't hesitate to come to them it's guaranteed success. because even with my old age I got there the first time. greeting to Greg / Vincent the dinosaur

Date: 16.10.2016

Top instructors, they are very good teachers. I highly recommend them to both young and old. Good feeling.

Date: 06.10.2016

The instructors are ultra competent, the explanations simple, very good teaching method. I thank my instructor (Greg) for his patience. At Drive-L the atmosphere is friendly and warm!

Date: 12.09.2016

Excellent damage not to know earlier if I am asked for a teacher it is Greg I would advise and thank you for the "puzzles" it was worth it thanks for everything

Date: 23.08.2016

Joey is a very didactic and pedagogical instructor, he knew how to transmit to me both his knowledge and his confidence to allow me to approach and pass the exam in a very serene way. The little extra: his perfect knowledge of the region makes him a considerable asset for those who do not know the subtleties of Cossonay and its surroundings.

Date: 09.08.2016

An excellent instructor who listens and is very reassuring. I passed my control race the first time thanks to Greg's wise advice. I recommend it to everyone without any restraint. Competent and friendly, these are the 2 main strengths of Greg and DriveL. Thank you very much. Natasa

Date: 19.07.2016

Great school car! Nice instructor! All the pleasure of learning to drive with drive L same there to get us out of the most difficult situations;)

Date: 22.06.2016

Reviews from Herve Park

I can only strongly recommend Drive-L! The care of the student is top of the first exchanges and the means made available for learning to drive are just as top ! Progress is visible quickly and moreover with a very good company that is always attentive and accessible. The quality/price ratio is on the agenda!

Date: 03.06.2016

Very very good instructor. Too bad I met her after my first license failure... because I would have had her the first time with Greg it's for sure because explains well the misunderstood feedback after each session. very attentive and very professional. drop the other instructors because with the Drive-L Team on having your license... spread the word....

Date: 18.05.2016

Drive-L is a very good driving school and Greg is a very good instructor listening to his students, patient and explains very well the driving, feedback after each lesson delighted that he was my instructor I got my license today and it is thanks to him. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get their license.

Date: 12.05.2016

Super school super teacher a monitor always listening and a demonstration gti in addition to Greg this really a very good monitor question explanation very well ressui my first time permi very competent, flexible and listening. Good services with fair prices. Excellent follow-up and. Good investment I recommend without regret

Date: 11.05.2016

An exceptional team with an excellent atmosphere, very nice people, very professional, very committed with their work so that we can pass the exam in one go, I am happy to have a very open, positive and cheerful instructor. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 07.05.2016

A great team, good advice and great training that gave me everything I needed for the success of my license. The instructors are cool and make us feel comfortable. Thank you again for everything.

Date: 05.05.2016

Very interesting, friendly and fun courses. A good choice

Date: 04.05.2016

Very good instructors, very friendly and complete and accurate learning! Everything you need to pass your exam the first time!

Date: 30.04.2016

I recommend this driving school because they know how to make us comfortable when driving. The explanations are good and the instructor gives you confidence. All the factors for success are present.

Date: 29.04.2016

Greg Schuepbach's classes were perfect - you can't do better than him.

Date: 29.04.2016

Great school, great teachers! I am delighted and highly recommend it. Teachers know how to give you confidence. They are at your disposal, patient, very good teachers and very friendly. The Top!

Date: 28.04.2016

The instructor is always in a good mood and listens to the needs of his students. You feel comfortable right away! He asks for feedback after each lesson not only on the lesson but also on the students' feelings and impressions! The best of the best, I highly recommend to learn to drive with pleasure and enthusiasm!

Date: 28.04.2016

Top instructor! Explanations of quality and understanding with a touch of humour to relax the atmosphere and drive in a joyful and cheerful mood! I highly recommend this driving school

Date: 27.04.2016

At any age! If you would like to have your driver's license, then don't hesitate to register with Drive Auto School. I recommend it to you, with its competent instructors, concerned about your success, friendly and punctual. I am the proof, despite my fear and doubts I passed my driving test! ( Good luck), don't want to say anything but choose the right monitor.

Date: 26.04.2016

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Drive-L driving school. I had the chance to be coached by a competent, professional and very efficient instructor. Always involved and concerned about the evolution and progress of his student. Learning with him was a real pleasure and really very pleasant. I can only recommend Drive-L and its instructors and look forward to discovering the future drivers who will have passed their driving test the first time thanks to them!

Date: 26.04.2016

Reviews from Charlotte Blanc

I strongly advise! Beautiful care for the student with the means made available to drive while improving! The progress is visible and very good company listening, understandable and accessible Quality price are on appointment!

Date: 26.04.2016

Great class! An understanding and patience to all challenges. A fine teacher with whom humour and rigour are combined. Frankly, don't hesitate to contact him. Thank you for my success. Greetings Super mama;)

Date: 26.04.2016

A small life challenge;-) A band that is moving in the right direction with great moments of humour and madness! You want your license, so call it;-) rock n' roll:-D

Date: 26.04.2016

Reviews from Nahema Yu

Fantastic, passed the driving test the first time despite the stress. Super Monitor!

Date: 25.04.2016

The teachers are professional, available, friendly. They really take time to explain everything to us in a clear and adequate way!

Date: 25.04.2016

It's a good instructor to learn perfect I learned to drive the car well and superb (golf 7 GTI )pleasures of driving the prices are super correct instructor very friendly patient pedagogy nothing to say

Date: 24.04.2016

Very competent, flexible and attentive instructor. Good services with fair prices. Excellent follow-up and success on the first try. Good investment of time and money! I recommend without any hesitation!