Fahrschule CH reviews and experiences

Date: 24.04.2019

Reviews from Simone Eppler

At Costa you learn a lot, he explains everything very patiently and leads you to a safe driving style. Top!

Date: 21.11.2018

I highly recommend Costa!he is really kind and attentive.he helps me to get confidence (I was really thinking I was not able to pass my license and already tried with other teacher) He is really good to know how to improve your driving. And each lesson was useful , it lasts more than 50min.he speaks perfectly french that was great for me!do not hesitate to try one hour you will be convinced!

Date: 19.11.2018

Costa is a very good driving instructor!! He is humorous, patient and competent, explains in a simple way and has good tips and tricks.

Date: 05.11.2018

With patient and thorough guidance from Costa I was able to quickly recover my long forgotten (~10 years no driving) skills, and in the end I converted my driving license to CH one without any glitch. His help was tremendous and I would definitely recommend his services to others. (Valerii Sokolov)

Date: 04.11.2018

Reviews from u Santo

Costa was always motivating and helped me to pass the exam the first time!

Date: 22.10.2018

Reviews from Osi Feyerabend

Pleasant.Fun.Competent.immediately passed.flexible.plays basketball.or has times. good ride. See you soon, Costa. Sebastian

Date: 11.09.2018

Reviews from Alexandra Zoubos

Costa is a great driving instructor! He is very patient and always responds very well to questions. I was very well prepared for the driving test, which I passed successfully.

Date: 30.08.2018

Reviews from Florian Feder

Costa was calm in his way of teaching but determined in a reliable continuity. For each of my deficits, he had illustrative tools at hand that explained the problem and the solution. In the end he knew exactly when I was ready to take the driving test and so I passed without any problems. Since I have passed the exam, I have no comparison, but I appreciate him to the better driving instructors. lg, F

Date: 23.08.2018

The perfect driving instructor!!!!!! Makes it nice and relaxed and also so that you can learn well.

Date: 22.08.2018

Reviews from Jo Kehrli

Did all my driving lessons with Costa. I liked it very much, every step is looked at several times for the practical test, he also looks at the man feeling comfortable when driving, the man doesn't have to be afraid of the rear steering degree, and the man shouldn't let himself be stressed because of other drivers. Everything is explained exactly with examples, pictures and small car. Drivers in Zurich which I recommend without a bad one !!

Date: 27.06.2018

A great driving teacher!!! Always in a good mood and with productive advice. It was a very pleasant way to learn to drive and I passed my exam the first time.

Date: 19.06.2018

Reviews from Valentin Dubois

The best experience for learning how to drive. Multi-language, friendly, helpful, available. The formation was excellent and thorough. At the end of the formation, the exam was passed after the 1st try.

Date: 06.03.2018

Very good driving instructors very friendly. intensive driving lesson.

Date: 19.02.2018

Costa is a very good, patient and humorous driving instructor. I recommend him to everyone.

Date: 27.01.2018

I was very satisfied with the driving school of Costa! The recommendation was really worthwhile for me and I would recommend him at any time! The patient and loving nature of Costa really made it so. He also takes more time and can explain things understandably and simply. (With pictures and play cars) Also his punctuality and the uncomplicated appointment arrangement I appreciated very much. Costa is a super friendly, funny and nice driving instructor! GOOOO FOOOR Driving school CH from Costa !!!!!!

Date: 22.01.2018

He can easily explain the subject matter and always provides entertaining and pleasant driving lessons. He also has a lot of patience and responds to all questions and concerns. His varied and challenging lessons can only motivate!)

Date: 21.12.2017

Reviews from Akosua Aitee

A very sensitive driving instructor with a lot of patience and humor!!! :)

Date: 17.12.2017

I had booked driving lessons at Costa Chatzis in spring/summer 2017. I was very pleased. After I had not passed the driving test at the first attempt, I wanted to change the driving instructor at the second attempt and landed a lucky goal with Costa. He responded well to my weaknesses and we made progress in every driving hour. With his calm and sympathetic nature, he creates a good atmosphere. He really tries hard to make sure that you always make progress and know exactly what you are good at and what you should practice. I finally went to the exam with a good feeling and can recommend this driving instructor to others.