Lets Drive Fahrschule reviews and experiences

Date: 27.05.2020

I just passed my driving test yesterday. :) Thanks to Tony and his patience I was well prepared for the exam. I would recommend him to everyone! It was fun, even if it was sometimes strict we always had something to laugh about. The VKU was very interesting, you can't do it better. I will never forget the time :)

Date: 13.03.2020

Reviews from Alessa Assel

Tony's a great flasher. He prepares you perfectly for the exam and his sense of when you are ready is not wrong. The VKU at Tony's is also informative and interesting. Tony is always relaxed and friendly. I had a very pleasant time with him. I can only recommend him!

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Date: 26.02.2020

Reviews from Giuliana Geissmann

Tony was a very good driving instructor. He always gave very good tips and suggestions for improvement. With him you feel safe in the car and he takes away your fear. He knows exactly when a learner driver is ready for the test and gives his all in the final spurt so that everything runs as it should! Loose but concentrated mood while driving:) I CAN ONLY RECOMMEND IT!

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Date: 07.01.2020

A very motivated, patient, loving driving instructor.

Date: 20.12.2019

Lets Drive driving school you can almost not describe it. So patient and kind. I am glad I chose Lets Drive driving school.

Date: 16.12.2019

Reviews from Emanuel Berisha

A really great driving school. Tony Diriwächter is a very good driving instructor, he is sometimes strict, but always very sweet. I always felt that I was in good hands with him throughout my training. And when he realized that I was ready for the exam, he signed me up and it came well. Tony has very good expertise. If you attend the Lets Drive driving school, you can be sure that you will receive a very good education and that after passing the exam you can go out on the road without any problems.

Date: 15.02.2019

Very competent and experienced driving instructor. He takes care of every detail and leaves nothing to chance. You can approach the exam with a very good feeling. With Tony Diriwächter every driving lesson was very instructive and always fun. Thanks to Tony!

Date: 30.01.2019

Tony Diriwächter is a SUPER driving instructor! When I had to choose a driving school, Let's Drive was recommended to me by many friends who had already successfully completed their training with Tony. And I wasn't disappointed at all. My expectations were even exceeded. With his unbelievable patience, the relaxed manner and the necessary severity, every driving hour was a great and instructive experience. With Tony as your driving instructor, you feel safe in traffic even after your (with certainty successful) training and remain accident-free!

Date: 13.01.2019

De Tony is a driving instructor of the extra class! With a lot of patience and humour he brings sine driving scoops sini Passion s'Autofahre bi. The demand of Dieter Bohlen for a driving instructor is of course not always easy, but it is definitely worth it to be able to move on the road without an accident throughout your life. If you want to test with as little hours as possible, as cheaply as possible and as simply as possible, the wrong address, in the Diriwächter you will learn the suberi and correct way of driving and you will get a good and safe feeling for the test and the passed test on the street.

Date: 06.12.2018

I got the best car driving training I could have wished for from Tony. He is very patient and attentive to every mistake, which in turn has greatly improved my attention. If he signs you up for the exam, you can be sure you're ready!

Date: 02.12.2018

Tony Diriwächter is the best driving instructor there is! He is very sympathetic, competent and patient. Through his driving training you become a safe and good driver and are optimally prepared for the car test. Because of his relaxed and funny way you never lose the fun of driving a car. He will respond to you individually and take the time to answer your questions and to clear your insecurities out of the way. But above all, he learns you never to give up! I can only recommend him he really is the BEST!!!

Date: 04.10.2018

Highly competent driving instructor! Always been very nice and had a lot of patience. I felt very comfortable next to him. When you're ready, he registers you for the exam, he doesn't hesitate unnecessarily. I highly recommend him and would always go back to his driving school! Thanks a lot, Tony!

Date: 27.09.2018

Reviews from Nadine Staud

Tony Diriwächter is more than a driving instructor. He has the talent to adapt to every student, to make them feel comfortable and still keep his line. My sister and I couldn't be more different and both of us couldn't imagine a better driving instructor. He remains calm and patient on the one hand, but also makes you laugh and takes every care off your soul. He works very precisely and demands the best performance from his students, supporting them by adapting the driving program to the student and his uncertainties. The perfect mixture of strict teacher and good friend. He fibs until the last second and is happy about every small success. Without him, I probably wouldn't have got rid of my insecurities. I would love to ride with him again at any time and recommend him to everyone!

Date: 28.06.2018

Tony is a very patient teacher and explains super. I definitely recommend him. Thanks to him I received an excellent education and was able to take a lot of things with me from his VKU. Thanks Tony for dini patience and for the Loschtigi moment bem driving:)

Date: 28.03.2018

A big thank you to Toni! He was always able to explain everything very well and always had good tips, especially in case of starting difficulties! The VKU was also an instructive experience. Let's Drive I recommend everyone!

Date: 28.02.2018

Reviews from Tina Fröhlich

Super driving instructors!

Date: 20.02.2018

Reviews from Valentina Copani

I started attending Let's Drive driving school in April 2017. Toni always had a lot of patience with me. I also visited the VKU with him. In February 2018 I successfully passed my driver exam. Every single hour of driving was worth it and I am happy to have chosen Let's Drive. It's always been fun and educational with you. A big thank you!

Date: 17.02.2018

Reviews from G. N.

Tony was always flexible with my schedule suggestions. He was very patient with my driving skills. I'm glad I chose Tony Diriwächter as my driving instructor. One month after passing the driving test I feel safe in traffic.

Date: 26.01.2018

Reviews from Adnan Malagic

After I was with a driving instructor who explained everything to me wrong from the ground up and I made no progress, I decided to register with Lets Drive. Already in the 1st hour one notices that Tony does his job with passion and does not spare any effort to explain things several times. We had a good mixture between fun and strict. The explanations he makes are very clear and well presented. I had the exam yesterday and I passed the first time. Thanks driving instructor Titan , I can only recommend him !!

Date: 22.01.2018

The best driving instructor!

Date: 23.11.2017

Date: 28.10.2017

Very friendly driving instructor. Explains the situation extremely well, always behaves calmly and calmly. Send our second child without hesitation also to Let's Drive.

Date: 04.10.2017

Tony Diriwächter teaches you the necessary safety in road traffic. With a lot of patience, a huge joy and nevertheless an accuracy he learns you how to drive a car. Personally, I think it's great that you have an examination drive before the exam, which gave me a lot of confidence in the practical exam. I can only recommend lets drive driving school to others

Date: 30.08.2017

Tony Diriwächter accompanied me with a lot of patience and very systematically on the learning trips and prepared me carefully for the practical guide exam. I would like to warmly recommend the Let's Drive driving school to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor with great personal commitment! And: it couldn't be more symphatic!

Date: 02.08.2017

Tony's the best driving instructor I could ever wish for. Thanks to his skill and his "caring" severity I made it through the exam. He demands 120% from his students, but for that you are all the better prepared for the exam and everything afterwards. Thanks to him I feel well prepared for everything that is to come.

Date: 25.07.2017

Tony's a great driving instructor. He prepared me perfectly for the driving test and my five siblings and I passed the test thanks to him the first time. His always upright manner infects you and it is really fun to learn how to drive a car. Thanks to his strict training, I now feel safe when I am alone with the car. We had a great time together and I recommend him to others!

Date: 03.07.2017

Bim Tony Diriwächter we are very professional usbildet. It's not a question of making a car as quickly as possible, but of making a safe road user. It will be personally improved on an ongoing basis and every time no Klinigkiet is improved until we are optimally prepared for our exam. De Tony Diriwächter is just like a driving instructor must be, professional, witty, patient, but extremely strict and very accurate. By far the best driving instructor in the world. Nome to recommend!!

Date: 01.07.2017

Clearly the best driving instructor there is. There's nothing more to say. Tony Diriwächter (planks)

Date: 09.06.2017

At the driving school of Tony you will be professionally and seriously prepared for the car test. He is a very patient driving instructor, who is individually responsive to each student. The driving lessons with him are very exciting and pleasant. He can explain every situation well and answer every question competently. Through him I have mastered my car test at the first attempt :)

Date: 13.02.2017

If you want to learn how to drive a car and feel really safe on the roads afterwards, you have come to the right place. With a lot of patience, a certain severity and pickwordliness, Tony manages to make you sit confidently and safely behind the wheel. Of course driving the car was a lot of work, but it was always very funny with Tony and I can highly recommend everyone to go to him in the driving school.

Date: 23.12.2016

Top driving instructor! I can recommend him to anyone. I don't regret my choice at all. He loves his job and if you sit next to him in the car, he'll put it on. Always in a good mood and full of students. You feel comfortable and understood. He has a sense of humor, but he's also strict. He has a lot of patience and never gives up with him you can get there. He believes in you, you believe in yourself, nothing goes wrong anymore. Super driving instructors! :D

Date: 20.12.2016

The BEST driving instructor! Can only recommend him to others, he teaches you the right driving what is required at the exam and us later for a safe driving. I am happy to have made the driving school with him because he does the work with passion and he puts a lot of strength and endurance into every hour. DDD

Date: 19.12.2016

Very good. Tony Diriwächter is a super driving instructor quite clearly the best in Canton Aargau

Date: 18.12.2016

Reviews from Larissa Stücheli Chacon

Tony is a very friendly and humorous driving instructor and the driving lessons with him were very pleasant and interesting. In case of ambiguities, sketches, examples and on-site visits were used to correct the problem. And even if you forget things, I could ask him again and everything was explained to me again exactly and calmly. I can only recommend Tony, he teaches you how to drive! I am happy that I have chosen him, you can see that he does this out of passion and he really takes part in the car test Fiebert. Hey, guys, I got through the car test once! Tony Muchos Gracias for being so patient with me.

Date: 18.11.2016

Tony's a great driving instructor. He does his job with great passion. He takes time to explain things, gives tips and passes on his experiences. I really appreciated the fact that he was always patient, humorous but still accurate and strict, because that's how you learn to drive a car. I will definitely recommend your driving school. Thanks again for the good time and great training.

Date: 18.10.2016

Very friendly but strict driving instructor.

Date: 28.09.2016

By far the best driving instructor in the area No wonder he has a quota of 100% of the exams He takes patience for each driving student and if something is not clear he explains this loosely again, not like others who attack you personally as soon as you make a mistake. The driving lessons are really fun, because he is also a very humorous person. Here you should take an example from IHN I highly recommend Lest's Drive!!!!

Date: 19.09.2016

Tony is a great driving instructor who does his job with passion. I really appreciated the fact that he was always punctual, patient but still always precise and strict. That's how you learn how to drive a car. But his personality is also worth its weight in gold, you just have to love him. You can still have good conversations with him besides driving. You notice correctly that the student is important to him and it is not about the money! I will definitely recommend your driving school. Thank you again for the good time and the top training.

Date: 29.08.2016

If you're looking for someone who not only does a good job, but also a great job, then Let's Drive is the place for you. Mr. Diriwächter does not lack motivation. I must honestly say, I would never have found a better one. I have always felt comfortable, and the good thing is, with him you know, if I am registered, I can too. He is the Dieter Bohlen of the driving school, he wants everything to be perfect, but in the end you feel safer on the road. In addition, Mr. Diriwächter, despite his perfectionism, always has a smile on his face and is so likeable that you simply have to love him as a person, not just as a driving instructor.

Date: 29.08.2016

Sali Tony, nomol es mega big MERCI for dini tolli support and dini help. I guess he's a driving instructor that you're so patient and understanding. It's nice to see howvell Liideschaft and Freud du de Bruef uslebsch. I cha dini driving student of any case we recommend. Do like this and love Grüessli Rebekka

Date: 21.08.2016

I appreciate Tony Diriwächter very much for his always upright, motivated and punctual manner. Thanks to his creative and passionately designed driving lessons I was looking forward to every lesson. With his persistent, picky and spontaneous nature, it was possible to achieve a lot within a very short time. I can recommend the Lets Drive driving school to anyone.

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Date: 18.08.2016

The very best driving instructor! If you want to have fun and at the same time learn how to drive a car correctly, Tony Diriwächter is the place for you! VKU is boring? Not with Tony! With a lot of expertise and wit, the course flies like clockwork. I wish everyone a driving instructor like Tony is!

Date: 21.05.2016

Reviews from Alexander Lämmchen

Sälü Toni Dini Kompetänze as a driving instructor are undisputed and you heschäs gafft exile Bärner with over 30gi which bring the test! Vo mire Sitä, according to dim model d.b, a "yes" to the shoe Lets Drive. I can also taste music no usboufähig ;-) greet us Aarou

Date: 30.03.2016

Hooi Tony Thanks nomol vell mol for the super driving lesson and onterstötzig au wennns mol ned so good gloffe esch! I lie mol obi no es paar gueti fahrschüeler fende woni di chönnt empfehlen :P Wish the no en gueti ziit :) Dear greetings iris

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Date: 08.03.2016

Heyyyy Tony :D a little late now but still my entry :3 I thank you again for the super driving lesson time I had with you :D Thanks to you I now feel really safe in traffic :) Thank you so much for always believing in me and supporting me so well during the learning time. Can only recommend you if you already have enough new students :D

Date: 30.11.2015

tDear Tony Thanks to all my hard work for the suuuuper tolli, interessanti und lehrrichi Ziit!!! So I just wörd nomol zo der e d Fahrschuehl cho ;-). A dear greeting from Simone Ps: How is there neither metem.... visual filter Filter vision...? :-)

Date: 11.10.2015

Ciao Tony we promised min Itrag au no. I have me nomol avenges Härzlich wave the thanks for the super tolli supportive and the faith where you went me hesch. S'lange fights het sech glohnt and i be now super mega happy the i Prüfig passed. I like very much to drive around and to dismantle things, cari saluti ond wishes the no and good cyt. Natascia

Date: 15.09.2015

Hello, Tony :) I have passed the exams which I have passed thanks to your super support. You always have a lot of patience gha with mer, even though I am not a long time no more gha ha. You always don't see, you see ame chli z'austere ! But that bisch never gsert she ossert...., einisch in Buchs ,, pedestrian without precedence " so dete bisch de wöckli very strict gsie! :D I find you very good driving instructor and notice that you de Bruef läbsch. :) I also think it's great how you ferment the VKU. And the great Föttli makes shit. I'd like to thank you very much for the cool quotation. For your super understatement. Everything gueti witerhin ! Lg Vanessa