Fahrschule iDrive reviews and experiences

Date: 11.08.2020

Reviews from Marcel Roland

The driving instructor, Ilker Sanlialp, is very friendly, attentive and patient. Shows great interest in the learner driver and explains everything very well and professionally. Tip top! I RECOMMEND him 100%!! Thanks to his help I passed the trailer exam (BE) the first time. Thank you very much.

Date: 04.08.2020

Mr Sanlialp was my second driving instructor. I am very happy that I was able to complete my last driving lessons with him and passed my driving test the first time. Due to his professional, competent and calm manner I always felt comfortable and relaxed during the rides. He explained the learning goals to me immediately and understandably. Mr. Sanlialp can only recommend him, the top ratings are no accident. Many thanks Ilker!

Date: 30.06.2020

The best driving instructor there is. Patient, always in a good mood and understanding. Passed the first time, Thank you Ilker ??????????????

Date: 16.06.2020

Reviews from Jan Bussmann

Very nice, attentive, shows great interest in the learner driver and explains everything really top! Can I only recommend!????

Date: 09.06.2020

Reviews from Danya Luvoni

Ilker is a very competent and patient driving instructor. Especially his realistic examples of maneuvers and situations in traffic are very valuable. He was always friendly and humorous, which contributed to the learning success. Thanks to his knowledge and his tips I was able to pass my driving test successfully. I recommend iDrive to everyone!

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Date: 14.02.2020

I was allowed to gain experience with several driving instructors, but I did not get along with any driving instructor as well as Ilker. With his calm nature and his friendly and funny manner he takes away your nervousness and allows you to concentrate much better on the essential. Not only does he teach you to drive according to a textbook, he also gives you important tips from his everyday life as a driving instructor and road user. He is very attentive and helps you with accurate examples to reflect your mistakes. All in all a very likeable guy who does his job really well, which is reflected in his top ratings.

Date: 21.01.2020

Reviews from Himmet Küllüoglu

If you are looking for a driving instructor who is always relaxed and at the same time very competent, you are in good hands with Mr Sanlialp. He was not only a great driving instructor, but also a great motivator, so that I felt comfortable at all times.

Date: 16.12.2019

The search for a suitable driving instructor is often difficult. My recommendation definitely goes to Ilker Sanlialp. With my first driving instructor from the surrounding area I was not only unsettled, I also lost the joy of driving a car. Fortunately I changed the driving instructor after some time and took driving lessons at Ilker on the recommendation of a colleague. It was definitely worth it! With him I have found an instructive, entertaining, interested, flexible, funny and motivating driving instructor. Ilker works with a lot of calm and patience. Within short time and few driving lessons I was prepared with his good tips and his extensive feedback very well for my driving test. Many thanks again to Ilker for the great time!

Date: 12.12.2019

I can only recommend! Ilker can explain very well and really takes his time to answer questions.

Date: 12.12.2019

Reviews from Emre Haybat

Very good driving instructor!! Recommended!

Date: 29.11.2019

Ilker is a very good driving instructor. He is patient and takes a lot of time for the learner. iDrive is highly recommended!

Date: 22.11.2019

Ilker is a very good and professional driving instructor who takes a lot of time for his students. It's important to him that you feel safe as a student. He's always open to questions. He keeps a calm head and explains everything step by step until you understand the task. I can only recommend Ilker!

Date: 13.11.2019

Very good preparation for the practical exam - passed on the first attempt. Explains everything comprehensibly and always open to questions. Ilker gives critical feedback and shows in which areas one still has to improve. But always emphasises the positive aspects and shows what progress has already been made.

Date: 23.10.2019

Reviews from Fatim Abazi

Very fast and safe. Mr. Sanlialp only lets his Fahrschühler pass the exam when he is 100% sure that the student will pass. Really great:)

Date: 21.10.2019

Reviews from Denis Vardijan

A very good and professional driving instructor who takes a lot of time for his students, even if one has the feeling not to create some exercises, Ilker keeps a calm head and explains everything again step by step. I passed my practical exam (cat. BE) the first time without any problems.

Date: 12.10.2019

Reviews from Mikail Üzümyemez

Mr. Sanlialp is a very professional driving instructor who prepared me perfectly for my driving exam. Thanks to his good explanations I was able to record a lot of information in a very short time and therefore also pass the driving test with 17 driving hours at the first attempt without any problems. I would recommend everyone to take the driving lessons with Mr. Sanlialp in order to get safely and quickly to the successful exam. Thanks for everything. Top driving instructor!!

Date: 03.10.2019

Serious and prepares you perfectly for the stage and future driving!

Date: 08.07.2019

A top driving instructor with a lot of patience :-)

Date: 05.07.2019

Reviews from Altrim Sulemani

Thanks to Mr. Sanlialp's very good gift, I was able to pass the exam like every other student of him. I wish him and every other student continued success. :D

Date: 02.07.2019

A very professional driving instructor. It is good for the learner drivers and prepares them well for the driving test and the further journey in life.

Date: 21.06.2019

Super driving instructor, very patient and passed the first try, thank you!

Date: 08.05.2019

Through very good explanation I have passed the practical exam within a few months at the first time! Very recommendable!

Date: 02.04.2019

Very competent and patient driving instructor! I felt very comfortable and was prepared accordingly for the exam.

Date: 19.03.2019

Reviews from Lukas Ender

Top driving school/teacher! Was very pleased! Passed the exam the first time. Always very friendly, helpful and always keeps the peace! Explains the things very exactly and in detail so that you can implement it right away! I recommend it to everyone and would teach Him again myself! Really TOP! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!

Date: 18.03.2019

Reviews from Anic Furrer

Always committed to the cause, very competent. The goals for the driving lesson are discussed in advance, with the help of Ilker these goals are always achieved. Passed the test on my first try.

Date: 15.03.2019

Very competent driving instructor ! Just to recommend.

Date: 12.02.2019

Reviews from Jenni Mair

I was recommended to I Drive and I was very satisfied. I could learn everything super and experience many new things. Man has it funny in between but also sometimes stricter. Thank you very much as a driving instructor thanks to you I made it!! I recommend IDrive to everyone else was simply super!!!

Date: 06.12.2018

I was optimally prepared for the exam by Ilker. He is very friendly and attentive. Torz examination anxiety he could calm me down very well. I passed the exam the first time and am very satisfied.

Date: 30.10.2018

Very kind and gentle. Can very good when you're ready for the driving test.

Date: 04.10.2018

Reviews from Cheyenne Kern

Ilker is a very good driving instructor. The goals for each driving hour are always reached. He is very patient and always friendly. The driving lessons have always been fun for me, because they were helpful and sometimes funny. I passed my exam the first time. I can only recommend him! Keep it up :)

Date: 28.09.2018

Ilker really prepares you optimally for the exam! Always keeping the calm and with the right portion of humor the handling of clutch and co. is conveyed in a pleasant and appropriate way. If you are looking for a complete training with a safe driving style (and if you want to pass the exam:)), the driving school idrive is the right place for you.

Date: 23.09.2018

A very good driving instructor. He has a lot of patience and is always friendly. The driving lessons were always helpful and fun. I passed my exam the first time.

Date: 24.08.2018

Reviews from Aljosha De Pablo

The best driving instructor passed the exam with 7 driving lessons. Thank you very much.

Date: 17.08.2018

Many thanks to Ilker for your support! Super how you taught me the right driving again, simple understandable tips, tricks and still correct! Thanks for your patience, I was always looking forward to the driving lessons! I can recommend super driving instructors with a clear conscience!

Date: 12.08.2018

Reviews from Q. N.

I wanted to get there fast and have the car test as fast as possible. And it worked, I passed the exam. For that I thank you Ilker you have a lot of patience and time the atmosphere during the driving lessons is good, you get into conversation very quickly, so very positive. I can only recommend it.

Date: 13.06.2018

A lot of patience, with humor we made it to the goal. Thank you Ilker for the time and the annoyance you had for me. For me, the best driving instructor!

Date: 08.06.2018

Reviews from Alyson Frischknecht

Ilker is a friendly and patient driving instructor who attaches great importance to safety and stands out for his punctuality and reliability. He explains things so they're easy to understand. I can really recommend his driving school to everyone :)

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Date: 13.03.2018

Ilker is a very cool driving instructor. He always works on your weaknesses until you master them. Great care!! Funny conversations! Sometimes very serious! You can profit a lot!

Date: 06.02.2018

Reviews from Maxi Renner

Super driving lessons supervision! Friendly driving instructor, relaxed but nevertheless consistent.

Date: 29.01.2018

A super driving instructor, fun to drive with him. Could quickly pass the exam and passed it for the first time. Thank you Ilker

Date: 10.01.2018

Reviews from Hakan Bektas

Learning to drive with Mr. Sanlialp is only for recommendation. His patience, type of training and initiatives that he decides during lessons and also the interests and wishes of his students with caution. I wish him and his students much success and a safe journey. Yours sincerely Hakan Bektas

Date: 06.12.2017

With driving school iDrive you can't do anything wrong. From the beginning you feel comfortable during the ride. He is a very good driving instructor, is always punctual and has a lot of patience. If anything is unclear, everything is explained and shown in great detail and then applied. You will also be well entertained during the driving lessons. Highly recommended.

Date: 20.11.2017

Reviews from Flamur Kamili

I can only recommend my experience with iDrive. Mr. Sanialp is a very friendly driving instructor with great patience and good knowledge. Who wants to have fun learning should contact him.

Date: 28.09.2017

Reviews from Jasmin Gemperle

I was a lot nervous and pissed off. But Ilker motivated me again and again. He always stays calm and is very patient. In my opinion, he deserved 10 stars.

Date: 19.09.2017

Reviews from Mert Güney

I have found Ilker Sanlialp very well have also learned a lot and quickly.

Date: 14.09.2017

Very friendly driving instructor. He's a patient driving instructor. Highly recommended. .:-)

Date: 10.09.2017

Ilker is a sympathetic driving instructor, for whom the success of his pupil is very important. I generally perceived him as a person with good interpersonal skills. I also learned to appreciate his prudent nature. All in all, I can recommend him without reservation.

Date: 31.08.2017

Reviews from Büsra Özkurt

Very friendly and patient driving instructor, the driving lessons are very pleasant and he explained everything exactly how to do it. I can only recommend it! :)

Date: 24.07.2017

Reviews from Manu GL

Mr. Sanlialp is very reliable, punctual and above all honest ! He picked me up in SG Stadt and came on time despite the unfavourable traffic situation. He takes a lot of time and has a lot of patience ! I have never been in a car before and managed thanks to Mr. Sanlialp with work and his efforts on the first time ! He explains the things simple and thorough, his knowledge of vehicles and his work is excellent. Sometimes I felt as if a colleague was riding with me, the learning hours with him were so pleasant for me. Thanks again !

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Date: 20.06.2017

Reviews from Dennis Gnehm

Super driving instructor with a lot of patience Very Recommended =)

Date: 14.06.2017

Reviews from Llokman Saiti

Super driving instructors! Everything runs TIPTOP and accurate. He takes the time to tackle difficult areas as well. It never gets boring, time flies by and you already have the driving test in your pocket. :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!

Date: 10.05.2017

Reviews from Ermelinda Sadiki

Super friendly driving instructor! I always felt very safe and very patient, explained everything very well and accurately. Very recommendable!

Date: 10.04.2017

Super driving instructors!! Very friendly and pleasant during the driving lessons. Always felt safe.

Date: 04.04.2017

Very patient and friendly driving instructor. He made my driving lessons fun. Very recommendable!

Date: 30.03.2017

Very friendly and patient driving instructor. If something had not been understood, Mr. Sanlialp always had the best examples to make it understandable. I live in St. Gallen town and despite the detour he had taken the road from Romanshorn to here. As soon as Mr. Sanlialp sees that you are ready for the test, he makes the registration for the driving test. After only a few hours with him I already had my driver's license in my pocket! Very recommendable! Thank you for the helpful hours! Greetings Kay

Date: 16.03.2017

Very friendly and above all very patient driving instructor. Explain everything so that you can understand and comprehend it. Recommended to everyone =)

Date: 02.03.2017

Reviews from Melone Fernando

With Mr. Sanialp my car examination was fast in the bag :) Very friendly, patient and gets to the bottom of problems.

Date: 21.02.2017

En driving instructor with very vil patience and know! Het me for mini driving lesson no better idea. TOP!

Date: 20.02.2017

He's a very patient driving instructor. He takes the time you need and explains everything very precisely. Highly recommended.

Date: 20.02.2017

He is very patient and humorous, you can see the joy during the driving lessons.

Date: 20.02.2017

With Mr. Sanlialp learning to drive is simply fun...

Date: 20.02.2017

Reviews from Deniz Sahin

Super driving instructors with a lot of patience. Recommended :)

Date: 20.02.2017

Very a friendly and posed driving instructor, I would recommend to every young woman and one!

Date: 20.02.2017

A friendly and friendly driving instructor. Patience for everything. Theoretically, as practically very understandable explanations. He stays calm and looks at certain things 100 times, if you don't understand it immediately. I can only recommend him!

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