Cyrill Degonda Drive And Explore reviews and experiences

Date: 22.06.2020

Reviews from Lea Binder

very sympathetic and patient, besides passing the exam you also get a safe feeling for the road traffic

Date: 27.05.2020

Reviews from Frasher Meka

Cool guy, fair, understanding ????

Date: 26.05.2020

Top driving instructor, friendly and courteous.

Date: 27.02.2020

I can only recommend Cyril, because he understands driving better than almost anyone else.

Date: 04.02.2020

Cyril was always very patient, always explained in an understandable way, gave me good tips and was humorous

Date: 23.01.2020

Cyril is a great driving instructor. Very patient and explains everything in an understandable way.

Date: 21.01.2020

Competent, patient, great expertise, pleasant atmosphere

Date: 14.01.2020

Reviews from TCalkan Danayiyen

Super driving instructor very professional Always recommendable

Date: 17.12.2019

Reviews from Enzo Becker

Very good coaching and convenient pick-up

Date: 16.12.2019

Very quiet and pleasant Farmehrer, I was very well prepared for the examination.

Date: 16.12.2019

Reviews from Carlos Holzer

He's a very good driving instructor. I'd stake him on anyone.

Date: 16.12.2019

Reviews from Carlos Holzer

He's a very good driving instructor. I'd stake him on anyone.

Date: 17.10.2019

Super sympathetic, very competent and has treated everything necessary. Passed the exam without any problems the first time. I can recommend it to anyone!

Date: 25.09.2019

Cyrill is a very patient driving instructor. If something doesn't work out, you take a closer look at it, and the hours with it are fun.

Date: 03.09.2019

Reviews from Cyrill Rieser

Very patient, very good tips and tricks, reliable and fair

Date: 26.08.2019

Cyrill is more than just competent, he also has an extremely friendly manner. The driving lessons were always very pleasant.

Date: 23.08.2019

very friendly, patient, mostly punctual, was very prepared and was able to survive the first time. I can only recommend him.

Date: 20.08.2019

Reviews from Noëmi Sägesser

very good driving instructor! friendly, punctual, direct, uncomplicated:)

Date: 23.06.2019

He's a very patient driving instructor. I had a lot of fun learning with him. He was so helpful.

Date: 20.06.2019

He is a very competent and humorous driving instructor. His driving lessons were always structured and he taught me everything I needed to know. Thanks to him, I have acquired a safe and foresighted driving style, which enabled me to pass the driving test on my first attempt. Thumbs up for Cyrill!

Date: 18.06.2019

Reviews from Jan Zubko

Great drivers! Prepared me very well for the exam. I can only recommend Cyrill!

Date: 11.04.2019

Reviews from Chantal Mäder

The perfect instructor to pass the exam with guarantee! Motivates you at any time and gives good tips on how to succeed.

Date: 10.01.2019

Reviews from Jerome Grizi

Cyrill was able to train me very professionally with his money, his knowledge and his competence. I am very happy to have chosen such a friendly and experienced driving instructor!

Date: 30.11.2018

Cyrill was a great driving instructor. Competent, prepared and very friendly!

Date: 30.11.2018


Date: 23.10.2018

Super lessons! I am top prepared for the BE exam and passed the first time!

Date: 09.10.2018

Reviews from De Liah

Cyrill is an excellent driving instructor. I'd recommend him right away. In every driving hour very professional, motivated, funny, and very patient. Thank you so much for preparing me so well for the driving test!

Date: 25.09.2018

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Date: 24.08.2018

Reviews from Julien Genoud

Great preparation for the exam. Nice, quiet and sympathetic.

Date: 21.08.2018

One should enjoy driving a car and so I was looking forward to every hour of driving with Cyrill. Very patient, friendly and motivating. I can only recommend him!

Date: 21.08.2018

Super driving instructors! Stay friendly and patient in all situations. Always looking forward to the driving lessons.

Date: 19.06.2018

Sympathetic, Quick dates, Helpful, Competent

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Date: 29.05.2018

Very fruity. Is patient, pays attention to personal wishes and teaches driving very well.

Date: 09.05.2018

Cyrill is a super driving instructor. Competent and always calm, nice and pleasant Art.Flexible at the times. Can really only recommend him to others. I came the first time without problems through the examination. Thank you Cyrill

Date: 23.04.2018

Absolutely recommendable! With a lot of patience and expert knowledge you will be optimally prepared for the driving test. Cyrill is a great guy and I would like to thank you again for everything! Best regards Florian

Date: 03.04.2018

Reviews from Bernadette Truffer

Was always punctual, can ask him questions at any time (even outside driving lessons and also after the driving test), very friendly and nice, is always in a good mood.

Date: 19.03.2018

Cyrill is an excellent and competent driving instructor. I would recommend him to any student driver.

Date: 02.02.2018

Reviews from Dominic Schumacher

Very good and pleasant driving instructor. I can only recommend.

Date: 11.12.2017

Reviews from Beni Kohler

Top driving instructor! Very talkative and collegial interaction. Don't put any pressure on me and have a lot of patience. Learning how to drive a car is fun.

Date: 07.11.2017

Reviews from Gabriel Marty

Cyril prepared me so well that I passed the exam without any mistakes. I can recommend him to anyone.

Date: 04.09.2017

The driving lessons at Cyrill Degonda were great! He has a lot of patience, is humorous and responds to your wishes. I'm definitely recommending him! :)

Date: 24.08.2017

It's FUN to drive a car with Cyrill. 6++++

Date: 23.08.2017

Cyrill is a very good and humorous driving instructor :)

Date: 23.08.2017

- very patient with the learners - good practical and theoretical explanations - humorous (= fun to go driving)

Date: 23.03.2017

He is a competent, patient driving instructor, who has supported me during my driving lessons super. I can definitely recommend him.