Fahrschule Forster reviews and experiences

Date: 09.01.2020

I can heartily recommend Thomas Forster! He is uncomplicated, reliable and brings a lot of patience with him. He prepared me perfectly for the exam within a few months, so that I passed the exam at the first attempt. Thanks to his instructive driving lessons I could see my improvements after each lesson. He always explained everything to me in a clear and understandable way and, if necessary, several times without any problems! Even in tricky situations Thomas was not to be disturbed and looked back with me at each of them and gave me helpful tips how I could improve it next time. Thomas is honest and will tell you when there are no more driving lessons from his side. Thanks a lot Thomas!!! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have passed the exam the first time.

Date: 24.12.2019

My background: With the words that I was ready for the driving licence, my old driving instructor registered me for the test after about twelve driving hours. At the same time, however, he began to make me feel insecure in the following driving lessons. He suddenly responded to requests for extra training units with: "No time. And then I found another driving instructor Based on recommendations from my circle of acquaintances, I contacted the Forster driving school - and I was disappointed in everything else! Thomas answered my question within minutes and took all the time in the world for my request. The very next day we started a trial lesson so that Thomas could identify my weak points. He worked with me in a goal-oriented way on my weak points and helped me to iron them out within a few driving hours. His patience and his simple and catchy explanations are unique. What I was taught by him in theoretical and practical terms, I did not receive from my old driving instructor. In addition, there are his psychological helps/tricks, his empathy and his mega nice nature. He also waives driving lessons when he realises that it is not necessary. In short, everything was much better with Thomas than with my old driving instructor, where I just rolled around senselessly. Unlike my old driving instructor and many others, Thomas did not make secret knowledge out of the practical tips and rules, but on the contrary gave me a script (which helped me incredibly during private lessons!). To be honest, I only passed the practical exam at the first attempt thanks to Thomas. With a clear conscience I can tell you: If you would like to take driving lessons with a fair and competent teacher, do not hesitate to contact the Forster Driving School. Thomas is a brilliant driving instructor!

Date: 18.11.2019

Reviews from Nicholas Misteli

Super driving instructors! Very competent, honest and helpful. Perfect preparation for the driving test, I can only recommend the driving school! Greetings Nicholas

Date: 20.06.2019

Reviews from Melanie Jane Herzig

I had Andrea as a driving instructor and I passed my exam at the first attempt. He may cross one with his kind, but his teaching methods are effective, exceptional, solid, technically competent and well thought out. A very empathic teacher who knows how to motivate and focus his students on road traffic. I have and can only recommend him.

Date: 06.01.2019

Simply the best! Thomas is very calm, patient, organized and above all very competent. And still the driving lessons are a lot of fun. I would always go back to Thomas for driving lessons.

Date: 31.12.2018

super driving instructor... took me only a few hours to get my exam... price performance are simply TOP!!!!! highly to recommend!!!!

Date: 31.12.2018

After numerous changes of driving instructors I came across Thomas Forster through a recommendation from my best friend. He had to start with me again completely from the beginning, because I have learned nothing with the other 2 driving instructors or if, then something wrong has learned. On the one hand I was a bit demotivated after the first driving lesson with Thomas, on the other hand he already told me that we will definitely manage it. And already a few hours later, I could see clear progress, which of course motivated me again. After 18 driving hours with Thomas I passed the test at my first attempt. Thank you very much for everything! Great prices, great BMW with all the trimmings and a great driving instructor.

Date: 31.12.2018

i think it's a pity that i didn't take driving lessons with thomas right from the start. mr. forster was my 3rd driving instructor. i didn't learn much from his two predecessors, most of them were busy with facebook or their appointment calendars during their driving lessons. but everything went very fast with thomas. i learned a lot in every driving lesson. with thomas, i like very much that he attaches great importance to the fact that the driving students also practice privately, so with as few driving lessons as possible, but still very safely come to the practical exam. so i also passed the exam the first time.

Date: 19.11.2018

Reviews from Samu Ele

Very competent and friendly driving school with good learning material for exam preparation. Absolutely recommendable.

Date: 16.11.2018

Very good driving instructor! very competent, explains well and understandable. I can only recommend him!

Date: 11.11.2018

Good driving school!! I'm very happy! Low price

Date: 11.11.2018

I had my driving lessons with Thomas. I find him to be a very professional and objective driving instructor with a great deal of specialist knowledge. He was able to answer all my questions in a very understandable and simple way. He also gives "homework" so that I always knew what I could practice privately to become better. Clearly, 6 points.

Date: 27.09.2018

I can only agree with the other positive assessments. Thomas Forster is a great driving instructor. Competent, friendly, flexible and he has a lot of expertise. The BMW X1 is easy to operate and leaves nothing to be desired. I also passed the exam the first time. Thank you Thomas!

Date: 23.09.2018

I couldn't think of a better driving instructor than Thomas. He was always perfectly prepared for every single driving lesson, was able to explain to me all, even the most difficult topics, simply and clearly and was always friendly and always knew the right answer to all my questions (and there were a lot of them). And the most important: passed the first time!

Date: 08.07.2018

Serious and good driving school with a great team. I can recommend this driving school to anyone.

Date: 24.06.2018

very good driving school. Completely satisfied. No driving lesson too much. Supports private driving and explains very well.

Date: 23.06.2018

The driving lessons with Thomas were always very intensive, but always brought me a lot. With his numerous tips, he prepared me very professionally for the exam, which I passed the first time. I liked it very much that I always knew where my weaknesses were. But there was always enough praise, so that I could leave every driving hour with a positive feeling.

Date: 10.06.2018

Thomas Forster was simply brilliant, both professionally and personally. He responds to each student individually and knows exactly how to tackle whom. I had my driving test last week and passed the first attempt. Once again many thanks for the great and instructive time! I will definitely recommend you.

Date: 27.05.2018

Would you like to learn how to drive a car and how to get to Suechi, relaxed driving instructors? Because report to Thomas Forster. I have always found the driving lesson to be pleasant and relaxed. He has explained Neui thing calmly and objectively, so that I have understood everything! Merci much mol, Thomas

Date: 27.05.2018

It's been a few months since I got my driving license, but I couldn't and can't imagine a better driving instructor than Thomas. He was always punctual, very well prepared for every driving lesson and I always learned a lot. Thomas was also able to explain very difficult topics, such as parking or spinning tops, to me in a very simple and totally understandable way. If I couldn't do something right away, it wasn't a problem at all. A driving instructor with a lot of patience and sure instinct. That's why I passed the exam right the first time. Once again many thanks for the very professional training.

Date: 26.05.2018


Response from Fahrschule Forster:
Vielen Dank für die doppelte negative Bewertung. Wie wäre es, wenn du mal deine Fahrstunden bezahlen würdest???!!!

Date: 26.05.2018


Date: 02.02.2018

Thomas Forster is a super cool driving instructor. I was always looking forward to the lesson. He has very fair prices and knows exactly how much he can trust the student. I never at any time felt either over- or underchallenged. I felt very comfortable at all times because he talks to you and you don't have the feeling of mass processing but personal and individual care. I greatly appreciated his explanations and his additional script, which enabled me to prepare well for the exam. I can only recommend him to everyone, again and again gladly!!!

Date: 01.01.2018

I can recommend the driving school Forster to everyone without reservation. The driving lessons were both very instructive and entertaining at the same time. The best thing about it, however, was that the driving instructor had infinite patience with a rather mediocre student like me. He could never be disturbed, even in very delicate situations, and always explained everything to me simply and clearly. His training script, which he hands over to his students, is also very helpful. Before the test, I was a total nervous wreck. Also there Thomas found the right words, so that I passed the exam in the first attempt! Thanks for everything. I couldn't have done it without you!

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Date: 08.12.2017

Thomas Forster was an extremely competent driver. He remained calm in all situations, which I personally appreciated very much. In general the driving lessons are very instructive and pleasant. Also the VKU with him was well designed and offered a positive atmosphere. The vehicle is super equipped and had many advantages (rear view camera etc). All in all I had a good time, was looking forward to every driving lesson and passed the first time.

Date: 18.11.2017

I was very happy with everything. Does not do unnecessary driving lessons and is determined. Always in a good mood and explains very well. I can only recommend!!!

Date: 19.04.2016

I can't believe what driving instructors can call themselves these days. Thomas was my 4th (!) driving instructor and only thanks to him I passed the practical exam right the first time. First I was with 3 other driving instructors and spent about 30 driving lessons there, in which I learned almost nothing at all. One of them kept yelling at me as soon as I didn't understand something the first time; the second one was always on the phone and the third one just let me drive the same route, explained practically nothing and said yes after every driving hour, that was good today (although I noticed myself that I made countless mistakes). After these three bad experiences with these driving instructors I was so demotivated that I gave up driving for the next months. Only when I learned from a friend that she had completed her training with Thomas in a relatively reasonable time and that he is apparently quite calm, I gave the driving instructor world another chance, and lo and behold, I was not disappointed, quite the contrary. I experienced Thomas as a very strict driving instructor (but this in a positive sense because I also want to learn something). He is always calm, even in very delicate situations, takes his work as a driving instructor seriously and prepares his students conscientiously for the practical test and the time afterwards. With each new topic he explained to me not only what I had to do, but also why I had to do it that way. As a student driver, you also receive the login data for your script, which you have designed yourself, where all important topics are explained again in text and pictures. Another advantage is of course the unbeatable price for 60 minutes. On the exam day I was also extremely nervous; even then Thomas found the right words to calm me down again. Since I really didn't learn much from the other driving instructors, Thomas had to start with me again practically from zero (not even the starting went smoothly). After just a few hours of driving I noticed decisive progress and was accordingly highly motivated again. After 24 hours of driving with Thomas I was ready to pass the practical exam. Thanks for everything. Without you, I guess I'd still be going to work on public transport.

Date: 04.04.2016

Good, friendly driving instructor, who takes his work seriously and teaches you how to drive, with all the trimmings, very understandably and calmly.

Date: 03.04.2016

Reviews from Serafin Brodmann

Great driving school. Very fair and transparent. Interesting prices and most importantly, a friendly and quiet driving instructor at all times.

Date: 15.01.2016

Thomas Forster is a strict driving instructor - in an absolutely positive sense! He prepared me very well for the driving test, but also for the time afterwards. In the feedback discussions after the driving lessons, there is always enough praise in addition to the important points of criticism, so that you always leave the lessons with a good feeling. The organisation and planning of the driving lessons was always very uncomplicated. And Thomas also makes the communication of the next goals very transparent. You always know what's next on the agenda! In addition, the driving lessons always took place very punctually and one could rely on the fact that one really 60min is taught. I would definitely recommend this driving instructor!

Date: 30.11.2015

Reviews from Marco Kraus

Thomas is a very pleasant driving instructor, left me with a thoroughly competent impression and did not let himself be disturbed even in hectic situations. The driving lessons were well organized and the private driving was encouraged by him - at the end of each lesson Thomas gave tips and "tasks" for the private driving. At the end of each lesson we discussed any mistakes that occurred during the lesson. For further support I got a PDF document from him in which all manoeuvres, traffic situations etc. were explained in words and pictures. One driving hour ran a full 60 minutes(!), while the price for it in the Basel area is pretty unbeatable. In addition, I was offered several options (competition, 10er package and recommendation) to benefit from free driving lessons. For the exam day I only had to pay the 120 Fr. to the MFK - Thomas didn't ask for anything. Conclusion: Thomas brought me determinedly and quickly to the leader's test, which I passed the first time directly. Thank you. Thank you. Therefore I have 6/6 stars and a full recommendation!

Date: 11.11.2015

Reviews from Nicola Larosa

Thomas has responded to my needs, which I greatly appreciate in him. He always explained everything cleanly to me and if I didn't understand it, he explained it to me a second or even a third time. I was motivated in every driving lesson to learn something from Thomas. Since I passed my car exam, I have been thinking of various cases while driving a car, of Thomas and of what he learned from me. I would recommend Thomas Forster to everyone because they can only profit. Thank you Thomas Nicola

Date: 27.10.2015

Mr. Forster could prepare me very well for the street world. He taught me how to drive with a lot of tips and tricks. I feel very safe driving a car after passing the exam, thanks to Mr Forster.

Date: 26.10.2015

I enjoyed the driving lessons very much, they were very good for me & I made fast progress.

Date: 25.10.2015

Great driving instructor.

Date: 05.08.2015

Super value for money, competent, quiet and very nice driving instructor. The BMW 1A training vehicle is not too fast, not too slow and equipped with great aids. Thanks to the great team (driving instructor and car) passed the 1st time. I can only recommend

Date: 06.05.2015

I felt super comfortable with Thomas! He was always calm and knew how to help me well in all situations! He seemed competent in every situation and was always polite. All uncertainties and questions could be clarified.

Date: 01.05.2015

Very good driving lessons. No stress, super understandable and super comfortable car. Besides, for such services super price!

Date: 01.05.2015

Very pleasant, friendly and competent. Sends you to the exam only when you feel safe.

Date: 29.04.2015

Very satisfied

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Date: 11.04.2015

I found the driving school Forster very good, nice, competent and also top priced, every driving lesson has brought me a lot and so I would like to recommend the driving school Forster to everyone!

Date: 08.04.2015

Reviews from Irina Biadici

The driving lesson is well organized (always the same meeting point, checklist to keep track of progress, fair prices). I felt safely accompanied even though I was not used to the traffic of a city like Basel at all.

Date: 04.04.2015

As a driving instructor, I greatly appreciated Thomas Forster. His calm and honest manner make every lesson a pleasure. At the end of every driving lesson (IT ARE REALLY 60 MIN!!!) he gave me feedback and "homework". So I knew exactly what I had to practice privately. Through Thomas I quickly got my driver's license. 6/6, that's right!

Date: 04.04.2015

I was completely satisfied - Thomas is very competent, patient and responds super to individual needs! I would definitely return to him in the driving lesson and can recommend him with a clear conscience.