Fahrschule SULI reviews and experiences

Date: 07.08.2020

I had lessons from dear Dino. He was very patient and accompanied me very well through the driving test and so I passed the test the first time. Thanks for the lessons Dino.

This student also wrote a driving test report: viel Acht geben

Date: 21.07.2020

I had a very good experience with the driving school Suli! My driving instructor, Dino, was professional and always in a good mood. He taught me everything with a lot of patience and accordingly prepared me well for the test in the city. Can only recommend this driving school!

Date: 16.07.2020

Martial Heer, best driving instructor I had (had 4 before) patiently and just great, thank you very much!

Date: 09.07.2020


Date: 05.06.2020

was very satisfied, top driving instructor

Date: 03.06.2020

Very professional driving school. My driving instructor was Martial Army. A very competent & nice driving instructor. He taught me everything important. I felt very safe and well prepared for the exam. I passed the first time. Big thanks to Martial :)

Date: 19.03.2020

I took my driving lessons at Martial Army. Very competent and friendly driving instructor, who gives lessons step by step and therefore according to the individual needs of his learner driver. Every time I was confronted with new challenges which I had to overcome. Passed the test the first time. All around top!

Date: 02.03.2020

Teacher top, Car top

Date: 29.02.2020

Super team, I can really recommend it. Passed in 5 months at the first attempt. Grazie per tutto! Martial No. 1

Date: 24.02.2020

Reviews from Alex Dutler

Did my driving training at an advanced age (37) with Martial and Roger and passed the first attempt. Clear recommendation.

Date: 15.02.2020

Has been very well trained by my patient driving instructor Steven. Passed my first time out.

Date: 06.02.2020

Martial was a very good teacher, he explained everything very well and so I could learn a lot.

Date: 11.01.2020

Martial had the necessary rigor and kindness so that I could improve well without being frustrated.

Date: 01.12.2019

Reviews from Gex Olivier

Dino and Luan are Top!

Date: 11.11.2019

Thank you so much for a great time with you. What I liked the most was that I was always greeted with a broad laugh. I had Luan and Dino as driving instructors and both were in a great mood every time, it was fun to learn how to drive. Luan takes care of everything personally, I absolutely wanted to visit the VKU with my girlfriend and Luan organized it. My girlfriend now also drives at the Suli driving school and is also very satisfied. To get the opportunity to visit an exam simulation after driving lessons with several driving instructors took all my nervousness away from me. I passed the exam at the first try or as Luan would say, our number 1! Many thanks for the great time, you were always humorous, punctual and full of respect. I wish I'd given you seven stars.

Date: 11.09.2019

Reviews from Fabian L

Several driving instructors work at Suli, i.e. you usually get an appointment quickly. 90% of the hours I had with Martial, but when he was on holiday, I could easily book an hour with one of the other driving instructors. In any case, finding an appointment was always easy. The lectures at Martial were well structured. He was always patient and fair, but he also consistently pointed out mistakes and practiced with me until it fitted. If something went well, there was praise and he answered questions competently. During the exam I felt super prepared, because we had practiced all manoeuvres and I already knew the whole exam area from Martials driving lessons.

Date: 30.08.2019

I made great experience with the driving school Suli. I could arrange the appointments with Luan uncomplicatedly although I had changing working hours. Luan is very humorous and the driving lessons were always fun, he built me up even when I had a bad day. The positive feedback at the end helped me a lot to stay motivated. Luan you are great and thank you very much for a great time, passing the first try was the most important thing for me and you gave me the driving with pleasure. Five out of five stars for you and your driving school.

Date: 14.08.2019

Reviews from Mathis Eigensatz

It took me relatively many hours and I also changed driving schools after the first few months. That's how I got to Suli. The first months I learned with a manual car, at Suli I changed to the vending machine. I found the driving school via Google. My driving instructor was Dino. I had a good connection with him. After a couple of double hours I was quite demotivated, because I made too many mistakes from my point of view. I personally need a lot of support, i.e. statements like: "You can do it" or "You can do it" etc.. - altogether a lot of good persuasion... :) At that point, I almost threw in the towel. But I was saved by a very well run double lesson, where Dino told me: "If you continue like this, I'm sure it'll work out with the test". This statement has given me a lot of impetus and new motivation. Confirmation from the teacher is very important to me! After that it became more difficult again, but finally I passed the exam at the first attempt, which also speaks for the driving instructor/company. In retrospect, I'm glad Dino was so strict. (Thank you!) Small point of criticism: It would have been good if you'd let me know exactly when I'm ready for the exam. Of course it's difficult - I understand. Especially when someone makes as many mistakes as I do; and is not very self-confident. The pressure becomes immense when you decide for yourself, or better the scarce finances when you go to the audit. I think it's great that my criticism was gratefully accepted (for the first time via Google). Dino wasn't the only one who was glad I criticized. Even Luan (I guess that's the boss...) contacted me, thanked me and assured me that my criticism was constructive, i.e. it gave me the impression that everyone who works at Suli is anxious to get better and better. Hats off, this attitude is to be admired! All in all TipTop. Thank you for an instructive time! I also wish you all the best and accident-free journeys. I'm happy to recommend you!

Date: 13.08.2019

Dino's a top driving instructor. He always stays calm and gives valuable tips!

Date: 08.07.2019

Reviews from Simona Rizzello

I passed the first time, so I can't complain!

Date: 28.06.2019

Reviews from Marc Wolf

Excellent! I had to repeat the car check after a badge withdrawal, and was able to do this after only a few driving lessons. Completely uncomplicated, quiet and very competent.

Date: 10.05.2019

Reviews from Maik Zwicker

I made very good experiences at the driving school Suli. Appointments were easy to organize. Partly also for a few weeks in advance. The cars are very well maintained and up to date. Steven and Dino taught me how to drive with a lot of joy and motivation. I thank you for all the learning driving lessons.

Date: 01.05.2019

Very professional and a very pleasant learning environment. The driving instructors are well trained and can pass on a lot of knowledge.

Date: 24.04.2019

Was well prepared for the exam and always had good appointments.

Date: 17.04.2019

Reviews from Šulc Junior

All's well :-D

Date: 16.04.2019

Reviews from Meldin Seljmani

Very good specialist knowledge!

Date: 01.04.2019

The lessons were clean and very structured. Dino is a supper type, where the driving lessons are also connected with fun.

Date: 28.03.2019

Steven taught me to drive very well in his quiet way. I am completely satisfied and recommend Steven and the driving school Suli in any case.

Date: 22.03.2019

Reviews from Aurora Brussi

Top driving instructor and top driving school! The driving lessons were always instructive and efficient. Dino is a cool driving instructor who always makes a joke even when it's a difficult driving lesson. Very recommendable!

Date: 14.03.2019

The best driving school you can imagine. I got my driver's license there in an intensive course within about 4 weeks. A competent, extremely friendly and always reliable team was always at my side with help and advice.

Date: 14.03.2019

Best in Zürri! The first time you passed the exam

Date: 14.03.2019

Simply put, the best driving school in Zurich. Always available at any time. Had a lot of fun with the driving lessons. Every week I had a different schedule and still I found time without any problems to do one or two double lessons a week. The repayment of the unused lesson was also trouble-free. In short I am absolutely satisfied and will recommend you to all my friends.

Date: 14.03.2019

Great, patient driving instructor, who makes sure with a lot of humour and sure instinct that even in the hectic traffic of Zurich you move safely in the shortest time.

Date: 14.03.2019

You learn to drive fast and well very friendly workers you enjoy driving and reach your destinations quickly you can only recommend

Date: 14.03.2019

Always friendly, patient and effective driving instructor! Fun driving and great guy! Only to recommend!

Date: 14.03.2019

Very competent instructor- Luan Suli is very patient and knows exactly how to take away the initial fears while driving. Top teacher and driving school. I haven't regretted changing to Suli Driving School.

Date: 14.03.2019

Top driving school

Date: 14.03.2019

I couldn't have found a better driving instructor! Luan is really extremely patient and focuses specifically on the weaknesses of the student. It immediately gives a feeling of safety and motivates anew in every driving hour. You learn to drive in the exam area from the beginning, which is incredibly valuable. Not only did I learn to drive, but I also had a great time in every driving lesson. Really top, I can only recommend him!

Date: 14.03.2019

With Luan Suli as my driving instructor I had the best experiences. I appreciate the patient and understanding way in which he taught me to drive and inspired me to do so. In order to achieve the goal of a positive examination result with his students, he is always focused and puts all his energy into his students. Luan is extremely attentive during the lessons, which guarantees safety and why he knows your strengths and weaknesses. I was able to profit a lot from his broad knowledge of road traffic. I could not have wished for a better driving instructor and can only warmly recommend him to everyone. Thank you Luan!

Date: 11.03.2019

I have always felt very comfortable with Dino from the Suli driving school. He was always patient and supportive. Couldn't have wished for another driving instructor.

Date: 04.03.2019

Competent, friendly and open driving instructors. The driving school takes the individual needs of the student into account. So I was able to switch from automatic to manual within a week. Driving test passed after the first time!

Date: 28.02.2019

steven was very patient and teaches you the basics very well. don't find a single point where something could be wrong.

Date: 20.02.2019

Reviews from Nicola Suter

This driving school not only conveys safety on the road but also the joy of driving. Personal wishes are taken into account and explicit care is taken not to generate unnecessary hours. 10/10!!

Date: 19.02.2019

Serious and competent with an ideal training vehicle. First time exam passed. Definitely recommendable.

Date: 13.02.2019

Reviews from Liliana Veigas

Super driving school! Professional and uncomplicated. The driving lessons were always instructive and fun. Because of my difficult working hours, one could always organize well, I appreciated very much. For the Luan driving school I rate with full points. Thank you for everything, Luan.

Date: 13.02.2019

Reviews from Severin Kähr

super driving school, helped me get my driving licence competently and uncomplicatedly. and since then i have been on the road without any uncertainties in traffic.

Date: 12.02.2019

Very competent, professional and patient. I passed the driving test without any problems at the first attempt. Would always go back to Luan for lessons.

Date: 12.02.2019

Really good and also entertaining driving lessons

Date: 11.02.2019

Reviews from Fiona Glasl

Efficient, friendly and professional driving instructor. The first attempt passed the driving test.

Date: 11.02.2019

Best driving school! I am very satisfied, can recommend it to everyone. Learning was a lot of fun.

Date: 11.02.2019

Best driving school. I'm more than happy. The first time we passed without any problems, thanks to the great support of Luan. But he also had the pleasure to meet several driving instructors. Very competent and helpful people. Everyone contributed their piece. I only recommend driving school.

Date: 11.02.2019

Great and competent driving instructors, I am very satisfied. They taught me everything I needed and even more, not only for the test, but also for the future of driving. Thank you.

Date: 11.02.2019

Really very competent, always calm. You are picked up, even if you had a bad day, when the lesson ends everything is recapitulated and analysed so that you can improve your driving behaviour. There are always double lessons, which maximizes the learning curve. Top price! It was really fun!

Date: 11.02.2019

The Suli Driving School is the best choice to learn how to drive a car. The driving instructors are patient and very friendly and take away your nervousness as much as possible. I'm very happy!

Date: 11.02.2019

Luan from the driving school SULI was a very good and competent driving instructor. He was very patient, always responded to my needs and always adapted the training to the current state of my skills. The car was very modern and in perfect condition. Otherwise Luan is a humorous guy and I have always felt safe with him in traffic. I can only recommend Luan and his driving school!

Date: 11.02.2019

Very good

Date: 11.02.2019

Super driving instructors! Great handling of the students!

Date: 11.02.2019

Hello friends, In mid-November I completed my driving licence with Steven Schneider from the driving school SULI and I am very satisfied. Steven & the other driving instructors are very friendly and are always available for questions, which will be explained in detail. They taught me how to drive in an extremely understandable way & trained me to be a safe driver. During the driving lessons you convey all the peace and quiet and with lots of laughter for a relaxed atmosphere. Personally, I can only recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to successfully complete their driving license! Thanks :)

Date: 11.02.2019

Reviews from Lui Bono

Top driving school I would recommend again.

Date: 11.02.2019

Reviews from Shukri Suli

Super driving school and very good driving instructors

Date: 11.02.2019

Super driving school! With Luan Suli on the co-driver's seat, you get an amusing conversation at every driving lesson. The driving instructors are very competent, have excellent knowledge of the city and what I especially appreciated is that every driving lesson is personalised, you do exactly what you are still missing, as often as you need it to sit down. Recommended only!

Date: 11.02.2019

Passed right the first time. I've felt comfortable every driving lesson. If I chose the Suli driving school again, I could drive problem-free every week and I work to 100%.

Date: 11.02.2019

I can only recommend Suli Driving School. Due to the competent, humorous and friendly manner of my driving instructor Dino, I passed my driving test in the first round.

Date: 11.02.2019

Reviews from Shkodran Haziri

very friendly and flexible employees continue so

Date: 11.02.2019

The best driving school! Thanks to my super driving instructor Dino, I passed the exam and preparation despite pregnancy and 100% work at the 1st time. Dino is a great driving instructor! He was very flexible in terms of times i.d. I was allowed to take him at 6:15am in the early hours, and he was patient and always in a good mood! I can only recommend it!

Date: 11.02.2019

I completed my driving lessons with Dino and Leonardo and can only recommend them! The driving lessons were good and adapted and have always been fun! The two gentlemen were always friendly, calm and above all very patient. It's definitely worth it!

Date: 11.02.2019

Dino was my driving instructor and he was so kind and patient with me. Even with my bad German he helped me to everything. And thanks to his knowledge, I passed the driving test. I'm so happy with my driver's license.

Date: 11.02.2019

The driving lessons were great. Top driving instructor, patient, good explanations, relaxed, humor, super learning atmosphere. Thank you very much. :)

Date: 04.02.2019

Reviews from Lirind Pacolli

Highly recommended! I am satisfied with all driving instructors I had the honor to drive with every driving instructor. Very Polite And Friendly Can I Just Recommend.

Date: 04.02.2019

Super driving instructors! Great handling of the students! Very recommendable!