Fahrschule Bruno Bucher reviews and experiences

Date: 23.01.2020

Reviews from Livio Erni

I made good progress in my driving lessons, so that I was able to deepen what I had learned at home. This enabled me to reach my goal in a reasonable time.

Date: 18.06.2019

Bruno has a lot of patience and explains the manoeuvres very precisely. He responds to the respective needs and always tries to keep you happy :) He makes you feel comfortable driving. I thank him very much for his time.

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Date: 18.06.2019

18.6.2019 Today I passed my car exam at the second time jeeeeeeee :-) I can recommend Bruno Bucher with a clear conscience. With his calm and humorous nature he prepared me very well for the exam. He knew exactly how to deal with my blemishes and my impatience. Thank you very much Bruno for your good preparation and support to my goal. All love Corinne

Date: 14.06.2019

I can highly recommend Bruno Bucher as a driving instructor. With him I passed my third driving test. Before that, I was with another driving instructor. With Bruno Bucher you learn very quickly how to deal with difficult situations and how to relax while driving. He pays a lot of attention to an accurate execution of the manoeuvres and a pleasant driving style. I used to take him for dope lessons. I.e. 1h 30 min at a time. At halftime, there is always feedback and points to improve. At the end of the lesson he gives a truthful and very helpful feedback. It helped me a lot to improve quickly and to recognize mistakes. Bruno was very responsive to my individual needs and difficulties. Especially with the excitement of my third exam he helped me a lot. I can only recommend him and regret that I didn't take driving lessons with Bruno right from the start. Thank you very much for your support.

Date: 14.04.2019

Reviews from Vanessa Lopes

Many thanks to Bruno Bruno is a very competent driving instructor. I was certainly not a simple pupil but Bruno had kept in every situation the overview and the peace. Thanks to you, I passed the first time.

Date: 19.02.2019

Reviews from Zoltan Lukacsik

I can also recommend Bruno to all of you. With his calm, humorous but always very focused manner he brought me through the exam. With Bruno the rule is, "Mer möcheds bis es verstandende hesch". I came to Bruno in August as a 40 year old hopeless beginner whose third ticket expires on 22.02. this year. And today on 19.02. I have the identity card in my pocket :-) Yes, I can wholeheartedly recommend Bruono! No one will regret this step! Thank you, Bruno!

Date: 13.12.2018

I can only recommend Bruno Bucher! His calm personality allows you to drive a relaxed car without stress. Even if a mistake happens or a kerbstone runs over, Bruno remains calm and takes the matter with humor. Man's there to study.

Date: 09.11.2018

I came across Bruno through the reviews on the Internet and registered with him. His calm nature made me feel very comfortable. With him I was able to prepare myself optimally and passed the exam the first time. Bruno takes more time than other driving instructors, but in my opinion you feel really safe on the road.

Date: 27.10.2018

I can only praise Bruno Bucher and thank you that I passed the driving test from the first time on. After I went two times to the test two years ago and did nothing, yesterday I managed from the first time on. He shows you how to drive relaxed and calm without fear, car can be. I am very satisfied and I can recommend to everyone the driving school of Bruno Bucher. Thank you, Bruno. Keep it up.

Date: 21.07.2018

At the Bruno Bucher driving school you have come to the right place! Bruno is very nice and patient even if a mistake happens he takes it with humor! Bruno has a lot of experience which will bring you to your goal! I can recommend the Bruno Bucher driving school to anyone! Thank you Bruno!

Date: 24.04.2018

Reviews from Paul Schönbächler

I was at first with 2 different drivers & at the last one I was even made a fool of. I had already grasped the desire Lost. Then I asked a very good friend who had just passed who he had been with? He told me he was with Bruno! So I switched to the third time. the problem... My learning ticket was only valid for 2 months! So we didn't have much time. His patience, instructions & sympathetic nature gave me a sure feeling when driving. I learned with Bruno everything what you need in traffic. I even got accounts on exam day with my knowledge at expert points. HURRRA PASSED!!! Thanks to Bruno I feel entlich safe on the road I have & can Bruno with good conscience only recommend to others. Thanks for everything Bruno!

Date: 16.04.2018

Reviews from Jose Angel Ramos Merlin

The first time passed - thanks Bruno for the good tips and your watchful eye. Thanks to your calm nature and your patience, I have reached my goal. Good luck to you. I'm sure I'll recommend you. Best regards, José

Date: 09.04.2018

Thank you very much Mr. Bruno Bucher, today 9/4/2018 I passed my driving test thanks to your dedication and commitment to teaching, I recommend you as an excellent instructor correct and with many knowledge, for what I learned today I feel safe to travel the streets and highways of this country. May the successes continue!

Date: 09.02.2018

I changed driving schools shortly before my learning ticket expired because my driving instructor didn't (anymore) believe in me. I had almost given up hope but Bruno had so many good and useful tips. His sympathy & his open nature motivated me a lot. Every driving lesson was very varied and with a lot of learning success. I can and will recommend Bruno to others with a clear conscience. The goal was to prepare myself so that I would not only pass the exam, but also continue to apply the knowledge I had learned in traffic. We have mastered this goal super! Thanks to his experience, I FINALLY feel very safe in traffic. Thank you very much. I wish you every success and all the best.

Date: 26.06.2017

Thank you Bruno for the instructive driving lessons and tips you taught me for driving a car. With you I was able to prepare very well for the exam. I can only recommend you. Super driving instructors !

Date: 17.02.2017

Thank you Bruno for preparing me so well for the exam! Thanks to you, I've mastered an excellent driving test at first go! The driving lessons with you were very instructive and with your humor and serenity I felt very comfortable. Even though I prepared you some fright seconds, it was a great time with you. Will be happy to recommend you. Greetings L.S

Date: 23.08.2016

Bruno is an excellent teacher! He has a systematic approach of learning how to drive, focusing not only on the basics but on the difficult things that might come up during the exam. Importantly, he is flexible with time, making it possible to have classes in the evening after work or early morning and even on Saturdays. Plus, he knows English and German, and he has a good sense of humour! He always gives feedback, you learn every lesson something new with him!

Date: 26.07.2016

He was a really good teacher and he helps me get my confidence in driving here in Zürich and teach me all the things you need to know about being a swiss driver. Overall, he was excellent as a teacher.

Date: 22.07.2016

Hurrah car driving test passed! Bruno is a very competent driving instructor. He was very patient even if I was afraid of the exams. He has the necessary humor to relax a situation and motivates with his positive nature! I was certainly not an easy student but Bruno had kept the overview and the calm in every situation. I would like to thank you again for your good training and will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks Carito

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Date: 21.07.2016

With Bruno, learning is a lot of fun and he also has a lot of patience with beginners. I have just finished my first 2 hours and I am very optimistic about the next ones.

Date: 22.04.2014

Reviews from Steven Keller

Trial lesson with high learning effect. A relaxed atmosphere and helpful tips. Very recommendable!

Date: 06.04.2014

I am very happy to have Bruno as my driving instructor. The driving lessons are instructive and pleasant. Bruno has a lot of patience and can explain well what the exam drive will be all about. I feel well taken care of in his driving lessons and I definitely recommend his driving training to others! Thank you very much.

Date: 11.10.2013

I have already completed my fourth driving lesson with Bruno Bucher and am very satisfied. You learn very quickly, a lot and it's fun. I'm looking forward to the next driving lesson. B.Gj.

Date: 12.05.2011

Bruno is very flexible, picks you up at public parking lots or wens up at any place. Is very calm and calm and has a lot of patience. 20 subscription for only CHF 65 per hour. Double lessons bookable.