Safety-Drive reviews and experiences

Date: 18.05.2020

Were very good and instructive driving lessons continue so René

Date: 05.02.2020

I think that concerns and questions were well addressed. Strengths and weaknesses were individually encouraged and consolidated, which I liked very much :)

Date: 13.12.2019

Rene was fantastic and I would recommend him extremely highly. I took my motorcycle test preparation with him and he was able to give me the confidence and skills to pass the exam and ride safely after. Without his support I would not have passed first time and I am a better rider because of his guidance.

Date: 25.10.2019

A very good driving instructor. He gives very helpful tips about ecological and efficient driving. The lessons are well prepared. It also adapts the content to the student's driving skills. I'd definitely recommend it.

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Date: 19.08.2019

Reviews from Jasmin Hefti

René explains the processes very precisely and in detail. It is important to him that you understand everything and know why what is done. He remains calm in every situation and is very sympathetic. It is pleasant to sit next to him in the vehicle.

Date: 13.08.2019

I was very pleased. He had been very patient and was always calm and objective.

Date: 02.07.2019

Reviews from Julian Vögeli

René is a good driving instructor! Keep calm and always find an appointment. Very good driving lessons design and also the VKU was very informative

Date: 13.03.2019

Reviews from Meret Suter

René Jllien is a very professional driving instructor. as a student you always know what will be learned next, he gives helpful feedback, the scheduling is uncomplicated, a lot of theory is combined with practice and at the end of the training you know how to move safely in traffic and you also learned a lot more about driving. Thank you René

Date: 03.10.2018


Date: 21.07.2018

Establishes a very good relationship with the learner driver. He gives very good tips and is very uncomplicated concerning the meeting point and the pick-up. I am completely satisfied with the service and can only recommend it.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Wenn mal was daneben geht, sollte man einfach weiter machen

Date: 20.04.2018

The training is adapted to each individual. One is also not overtaxed and can increase from driving hour to driving hour. René Jllien is very competent. I was very satisfied on the whole.

Date: 18.04.2018

Clear structure and realistic objectives during the driving lessons. New instructions are well explained and also carried out together. Also possible questions from the private driving area could be asked and discussed. It was always a pleasant ambience while driving. The preliminary tests also correspond to the actual driver test. This is also a good location to see where difficulties still arise.

Date: 18.01.2018

I was able to pass my exam very quickly and successfully. The goals for the next hour were always relistic and attainable. You could always ask questions during the trip if you were unclear. He was a patient driving instructor. I felt very comfortable. I can only recommend.

Date: 14.11.2017

Good driving school with friendly driving instructor

Date: 31.08.2017

Reviews from Gian Gubler

- Patient - Speaks to one, which also relieves the pressure or nervousness - Also has time over lunch or in the evening when working or going to school

Date: 20.08.2017

Rène is a very good driving instructor. I'm very glad I got to teach him. He's very patient. Thank you Rène

Date: 29.06.2017

Super driving instructor

Date: 08.02.2017

After about 20 years of motorcycle abstinence, I still had to do the heavy test and had René train me on the adaptations and innovations. René trained exactly what I didn't know anymore or never knew, gave tips and clear instructions both while driving and during short breaks. I have passed the exam in the first attempt ! Thänks René !!

Response from Safety-Drive:
Vielen Dank für die Blumen. Toll im Winter eine Bewertung fürs Motorrad zu erhalten. Gute Fahrt und viel gfreut's!!

Date: 16.12.2016

Rene, is a super great driving instructor, despite my not so young age (36) he brought me with his quiet, and patient nature, successfully through my driving exam. I could always ask him everything, he always explained everything to me 100 times who I was no longer sure of. The transport courses were also very instructive and very active. I'd get my license back on Rene anytime, I can only recommend it. Thank you so much for everything.

Date: 13.10.2016

Reviews from Roman Fanchini

Very friendly and competent driving instructor. All explanations and instructions during the driving lessons are simply explained and therefore easy to implement. The "test exam" corresponds pretty much to the real driving test which makes them less nervous. Would I ever decide again for this driving school

Date: 08.07.2016

Rene's great. He managed to teach me how to drive safely. I can only recommend it, thank you for everything.

Date: 08.07.2016

Reviews from Nicole Zweifel

René always had patience, always asked well and would always explain everything twice to you if you didn't understand it. Didn't have any problems. I liked the fact that he also went a little harder if you do 1000x a little wrong, but he already explained it to you 999x. You'll remember things better that way. :) Always funny and never boring. No negative aspects. Super!!! Best rating.

Date: 10.06.2016

Reviews from Daniel Compostella

Had done the basic courses for the motorcycle with René. Never drove a scooter, just a car. And he knew from the very beginning what he was talking about. He explains things very well and always has a good tip. A very harnessed paler. Passed the big motorcycle test at the first attempt. Thanks again René I can highly recommend the basic course and driving school for the motorcycle examination with René. Greetings Daniel

Date: 21.09.2015

Reviews from This Etter

René is a very good driving instructor is very humorous and very patient with the driving students for me he is the best driving instructor in the canton. Very recommendable. Prepared me very well for the exam and passed and I owe it all to René for his help and patience ;) Many warm thanks to a René Thumb hooooch!!! :)

Date: 05.05.2015

René Jllien is a very professional drive instructor and he has good interpersonal skills which help me personally to learn driving a car in a calm and safe atmosphere. René explains everything in details step by step. He speaks English very well which is a great benefit for those foreign who want to change their home driving license to the Swiss one. René was always punctional. Every single lesson was a pleasure for me. I will highly recommend him as he adapts his lessons to the student's needs and requirements! As a result I got my Swiss driver license last week and I'm very with it! Herzlichen Dank René!

Date: 22.10.2014

Great driving instructor. René patiently brought me to my desired motorbike license. His lessons are structured in a didactically meaningful way (goal is stated at the beginning, goal is achievable), his explanations are clear and comprehensible and he keeps his nerves even in tricky situations and keeps calm instead of getting excited. He urges you not to take unnecessary hours and gives helpful tips. All in all very recommendable

Date: 26.08.2014

Everything was tip top! Prepared me very well for the exam!

Date: 09.08.2014

Reviews from Mike Koller

Alles perfekt.

Response from Safety-Drive:
Vielen Dank für die spontane Bewertung. Freut mich das es Dir im Motorradkurs gefallen hat. Gruss und Gute Fahrt. René

Date: 05.06.2014

Recommended driving instructor! super chönne profitiere, would have a lot of fun gmachd and mitme guetä gfühl a die prüefig ggang und bestand! very en patient. where a lot of nerve het... and meha effort is made! thank you nuhmal rené u glg!!

Date: 02.06.2014

Reviews from Anne Thurau

Thank you René! Last October he pushed me across the square on a motorcycle. Shortly afterwards I was really looking forward to taking my first bend with the motorcycle and now at the end of May I have my driving licence! Of course this was only possible with such a great driving instructor, who patiently gives tips and motivating feedback. He is almost always available and dates for driving lessons were always found quickly. He always responds individually to his students and their needs! Once again: thank you very much!

Date: 09.04.2014

Reviews from Elvir Aliu

I would like to thank Jose Damora for rene jillien! I turned 18 on march 4 and on march 19 I already had my exam! I have partially had 3 driving hours a day and rene has always adapted to me and had always found time for me besides he is a sensational driver and he knows what he is talking about he is a pro!!!!! He is an auper driver in 2 weeks I have the car test in my hand respect to rene because he has organized everything and my requirement to have the car test in a little time reached!!! Supper supper suupper!!!! Usseddem hemmers also funny kah!! Thank you so much!!!

Date: 08.04.2014

I was very pleased.

Date: 08.04.2014

Reviews from Antonietta Colombo

The best driving instructor in Glarus, he takes time to explain everything, even several times. Only recommendable! He had a lot of patience with me. It also took away the fears I had! Thanks again a lot of times!

Date: 28.03.2014

For me, the Safety-Drive lessons were perfect. In the beginning the driving instructor was sometimes a bit impatient, but from time to time I enjoyed the lessons more and more. I would definitely recommend the driving school.

Date: 16.01.2014

Just today I have passed the switched driving test and am overjoyed. With me it was a forceps birth, fell the first time before nervousness and was thereby a burned child. I switched to René Illien for the second attempt and was not disappointed. He guided me calmly and with a positive basic attitude through the driving lessons. It was very important for me that he strengthened the positive instead of riding on the negative. He gave me good tips for the exam, which worked well for me, because he knew exactly where my problem was. The fact that I have now passed the exam speaks for itself :). He was also always a good supporter from a technical point of view, always explained everything to me well and left no questions unanswered. I highly recommend René Illien as a driving instructor. Professional and human he is TOP :). I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him on the street in the future :). Best regards Federica

Date: 08.11.2013

René Illien is very patient - and I needed a lot of patience! - Driving instructor. He is competent and is at your side in an advisory capacity. Another positive point: If you buy a 10er subscription, the hour costs only 97 francs. I will certainly recommend him!

Date: 24.10.2013

Reviews from Tim Marti

It's fun and you learn a lot I can only recommend.

Date: 15.10.2013

Very quiet and patient driving instructor, explains many things several times when needed, very sympathetic and always friendly. Explains theoretical things well and clearly, usually with a clear sketch. Modern equipment. Practice driving for the practice, not for the exam. Therefore you may be trained longer than others, but after the exam you will be able to drive safely and intimately. Highly recommended

Date: 05.09.2013

Several years ago I completed the scooter course with René. This one was very pleasant and I knew what I had to pay attention to when riding motorized on two wheels. This year I decided to buy a motorcycle. I immediately thought of René again and attended the preparatory courses. He helped me to operate my motorcycle correctly and I could buy useful motorcycle clothing directly from him. When we then went to the test preparation drive, he took away my nervousness, so that I had passed the test in the first attempt after only 2'000 kilometres driven. Thank you René

Date: 19.08.2013

During my motorcycle training I felt comfortable and in good hands from the very first moment. The training is clearly structured and has been carried out very seriously. The next steps were always clear. The preparation for the exam was very helpful and led to the fact that I could face the exam expert almost without nervousness. Many thanks René for the good care. I can only recommend Safety Drive. Daniela Jenny

Date: 28.05.2013

René is uncomplicated. René makes appointments according to the customer's wishes and always arrives on time. René quickly has a picture of his students. It was special with me because I started with someone else. But also there René was able to estimate relatively fast and above all very exactly where my problems still lie. Even in situations that aren't ideal, René can almost certainly say what went wrong in his head or ask questions. This is the quality that I find so ingenious about this driving instructor. René always has a smile on his lips when he gets out of his car and the question of whether you are well is not just small talk. Besides, he's very honest. He says openly that you can save money by driving privately. It is important to René that his students are satisfied. René does not only say this, however, but he also proves it with the devotion he puts into every hour. This was reflected in the way he motivated me behind the wheel. Be it the timid driving, which he humorously relaxed a little or the way he could calm me down when I got upset about myself again. Above all, however, it was not too stupid for him to prove to me over and over again that I could do more than I thought I could. He did everything he could to restore my confidence in my abilities. He wants his students not only to do what he tells them to do, but also to be aware of the meaning behind it. He was also the one who told the expert during my screwed up car test that I could drive a car, but could not call it up in the test situation. In the end, however, we have also got this problem under control. These were my impressions of the driving lessons. I don't think I need to add that I can warmly recommend René Jllien. I wish René all the best and hope that you will be able to teach many more students how to drive. But I would also like to thank you for supporting me so much in the last two months. Best regards jasmine

Date: 17.02.2013

René is a great driving instructor and I can only recommend him. No matter what the situation, he always remains calm and objective. During the lesson you are not overstrained but you feel your way step by step and are well prepared for new and unfamiliar situations. I'd take Safety Drive again right away.

Date: 06.02.2013

I recommend René to everyone who is about to decide or has already decided to take driving lessons. He is a very pleasant, patient and helpful driving instructor. René takes his time and explains things so precisely that you can say at the end of the lesson "Today it was a successful lesson! So dear people, now it's "Let's start!" With René everything works wonderfully! Dankä many times!

Date: 21.12.2012

René is a very good driving instructor. He pays attention to each student individually and adapts the lessons accordingly. The wishes and questions of the student are always in the foreground. I can recommend him to anyone. Many thanks again!

Date: 17.12.2012

Rene is a very competent and also patient driving instructor, who remains calm and objective even if things don't go so well for the student. Dankä numal. Lg Sabrina

Date: 12.12.2012

Once again many thanks for the professional...very competent...learning... And patient time during driving lessons. Absolutely great. I'm sure I'd recommend you to anyone. :) lg Sandra

Response from Safety-Drive:
Danke Dir das Du bei mir gelernt hast. Freut mich das Du zufrieden warst. Für solche Feedbacks lohnt es sich jeden Tag das Beste zu geben. Grüsse René

Date: 14.11.2012

Rene is a very good driving instructor, has a lot of patience and you learn a safe driving through him. Absolutely the best driving instructor for me.

Date: 09.11.2012

Safety-Drive is really fun and you learn the right behaviour on the road. Réne explains situations and manoeuvres praziese and repeats them when necessary. The atmosphere when driving on the road is relaxed. No question that the Rène is a top training course and that you can easily pass the leader examination. I can only recommend him and wish him much fun in the future.

Date: 19.10.2012

Reviews from Jeffrey Pennaforte

René is very patient, explains everything clearly and prepares you well for the driving test. I can only recommend :)

Date: 16.07.2012

Reviews from Noah Lüthi

Very good driving instructor ;) Can I recommend others with a clear conscience :)

Date: 03.07.2012

Reviews from Anita Schuler

super cool ride in the car and therefore pass this test:)

Date: 01.06.2012

Reviews from Maik Bauschke

I can only recommend René. Social and, above all, human competence and, last but not least, the fact that nothing disturbs him make him feel that he is in good hands as a student driver. I would give you 10 points, but I'm afraid there's no such thing here. Thanks René and keep up the good work!

Response from Safety-Drive:
Besten Dank für Dein tolles Feedback Maik. Durch solche Rückmeldungen befriedigt mich mein Job nach wie vor und er macht mir jeden Tag von neuem Spass und Freude. Gute Fahrt. René

Date: 27.04.2012

Reviews from Patrick Bachmann

-very friendly -explains everything very precisely and well -fun -for the price a very good offer

Date: 10.02.2012

Very good conduct during the hours. Patient and very friendly.

Date: 12.01.2012

I found René from safety-drive a good driving instructor. He could explain things to me in an understandable and professional way. The Subi made also mega fun to drive. petar

Date: 13.12.2011

Reviews from Schäfer Nadin

Isch really horny gsi :Danggä !

Date: 04.12.2011

Reviews from Iten Dominik

I was very happy with all the driving training. it was an open collegial relationship so that i felt safe and comfortable very quickly I was very well prepared for the exam. not only with the way of driving but also as far as self-confidence is concerned (which I don't take for granted!) so any doubts were cleared out of the way by this I behaved in road traffic much safer i can highly recommend the safety-drive especially if a good interpersonal way is important to you

Date: 29.11.2011

Very well structured driving training. Mfg Andreas

Date: 16.10.2011

Reviews from Saro Slongo

Interesting and educational

Date: 27.09.2011

Hoi rené, I would love to give you 10pünkt go, you to simply the best driver in kanton.vo dene drü where I have until now kha han, bisch you de best.du hesh me always explained everything right and hesh you ziet gno.du bish much off and to luut gworde but the ish guet, the bruchts.ich thank you a lot of times that you ziet gnoh hesch for me. YOU'RE STUPID IF YOU DON'T GO TO RENÉ :-D !!

Response from Safety-Drive:
Danke für die Blumen. Gute Fahrt und viel greut's bis bald mal auf der Strasse: Grüsse René

Date: 15.06.2011

Rene is a very competent and also patient driving instructor, who remains calm and objective even if things don't go so well for the student. He also takes the time to explain things more than once if necessary. He's also a very humorous guy which I think is also a not to be underestimated fact about a person who should teach you how to drive for several months. The exam I passed today is partly due to him. Merci Rene

Date: 03.05.2011

Rene was nice and objective. Has always concentrated on the essentials and guided me through the leader examination in a targeted and professional manner. He was also happy to help me with technical questions without hesitation. This driving instructor is to be recommended only!!!!

Date: 29.04.2011

Dear René, Thank you very much for learning to stand on four wheels safely and very competently and now to ride on four wheels alone. No matter how desperate and unmotivated I was when reversing. You explained it to me again for the 1000th time with very calm, friendly words and a lot of understanding yesterday evening, until I finally understood it. Then this morning, I passed my driving test. Many thanks to René, the best driving instructor in the world. It was a lot of fun riding with you. I will gladly recommend you at any time. Keep it up! I wish you continued success with Safety-Drive and all the best on this way! Peggy

Date: 29.04.2011

René taught me very well how to drive a car. He explained everything very competently and comprehensibly. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Date: 20.04.2011

I was very happy with René. He never overtaxed me, but he never underchallenged me. He answered all my questions very competently. I'd recommend him right away.

Date: 14.03.2011

Very competent advice. Very friendly appearance. I am very happy with Safety-Drive and would if I still had to make times here again.

Date: 25.11.2010

Thanks to a motivated driving instructor who was always open to questions, a very pleasant learning atmosphere was created during every driving lesson. René could design each lesson in such a way that it challenged the student, but never under- or overstrained him. In general it was noticeable that he went to a lot of trouble to be able to respond to the respective student driver. He thus offered the best possible preparation for the examination. He also tried to realize the wishes of the students as best he could during the scheduling. Thank you very much and have a good trip

Date: 26.10.2010

The driving instructor's got it all figured out. Some experts could cut themselves off from him. Completely satisfied

Date: 10.10.2010

More sociable and technically absolutely competent driving instructor whom I can only recommend!

Date: 08.10.2010

Reviews from Dominik Germann

friendly and trustworthy driving instructor explanations and instructions are easy to understand, are patient and explain several times.

Date: 26.08.2010

René Jllien from Safety-Drive is an excellent driving instructor. I can recommend him without reservation.

Date: 17.08.2010

I felt good right away. Has been introduced to the material in a competent and practical way. Very thorough and determinedly prepared for the exam. Always open for questions. Was also well advised in the choice of clothes. The vehicles of the respective category could also be rented privately to acquire practice. In short: Everything is fine...highly recommendable L. Wedam

Date: 19.07.2010

Reviews from Linda Büsser

René is a very cool driving instructor. He taught me everything very well and he also has very good tips that you never forget when driving, thanks to him I passed the driving test the first time. I recommend René in any case.

Date: 13.07.2010

yes super run very fast and loosely the rene has taught me everything, he is correctly nice from my side nothing to expose, exam the first time passed by rene :-)

Date: 17.06.2010

always competent, helpful and friendly. Now again!

Date: 18.05.2010

I passed my motorcycle exam today. Many heartfelt thanks to René for his competent and professional support. I can only recommend him as a driving instructor.

Date: 12.05.2010

Réne helps you with constructive and open criticism to develop better driving skills. He gives very good tips and assistance on all important topics, leaves time for questions and supports everyone in the way they need at the moment. The basic motorcycle course gave me even more safety and joy in "motorbike riding". I thank you for the competent examination support and the positive thoughts! Just SUPER!!!

Date: 16.04.2010

I got my driver's license at Safty-Drive. René is very motivated, competent and he shows very good examples. There is a relaxed atmosphere during the trip as well as during the traffic. Very good scheduling. I can only recommend him. Ralph

Date: 03.07.2009

I got my motorbike license at this driving school. The care was great. A very competent and patient driving instructor. I can only recommend.

Date: 17.06.2009

Renè is a very good driving instructor. It is fun with him and he is above all honest and direct. The basic course was already class and then the exam preparation was at least the same. You know where you're at.

Date: 15.06.2009

Very good introduction to road traffic and a very sympathetic and relaxed atmosphere. To recommend to everyone!!! Short and sweet: PERFECT! Thank you René

Response from Safety-Drive:
Danke für Dein positives Feedback Marcel. Viel Spass und gute Fahrt.

Date: 19.05.2009

Very competent, well-structured and complete introduction to the necessary knowledge and skills to drive a car safely in traffic. René only intervenes when really necessary and guides the student with short, good and very well placed instructions. He can bring the material very descriptively over with different aids.

Date: 30.04.2009

René was always in a good mood and motivated. He took a lot of trouble to get me as close as possible to driving a car. He is very flexible when it comes to scheduling. He responds to the wishes of the new leaders and tries to implement them by voting for both sides. His attitude to the job is really top and that's why the failure rate in him, I think, is dwindling. If you want to enjoy an impeccable education, René Jllien is the right place for you. I can only recommend! TM

Date: 06.03.2009

Reviews from Danijel Stanojevic

Very good driving instructor. Can I recommend everyone, always had fun in the driving training, especially I liked that I could take driving lessons several times a week, and so quickly had the "rap" in the bag.

Date: 21.02.2009

I completed the first driving lessons with the car. It's always been great fun for me. René treats me very well, he always remains friendly even in difficult situations. The respect is there. The whole training, around the motorcycle I have completed with René. It was a supper training and I always had my fun! I can only recommend René!

Response from Safety-Drive:
Hallo Stefan, freut mich das Dir die Aubildung bei mir Spass macht. Alles Gute bis zur nächsten Lektion.

Date: 29.01.2009

I was always looking forward to the driving lessons with René. He treats his students with respect and is always friendly. I can only recommend him...

Response from Safety-Drive:
Danke für die Blumen Tamara. Auch mir haben die Lektionen mit Dir Spass gemacht. Ich wünsche Dir Gute Fahrt und viel Erfolg bei der LAP. Grüsse René