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Reviews for Marcel Baumgartner

Date: 09.07.2018

Reviews from Céline Rümmelin

This driver seems very cold and uncomprehending. I didn't feel well accompanied and had to change to another driving instructor after 25 driving lessons. This was the best decision, because only by my new driving instructor I could gain safety in road traffic. Mr. Baumgartner often gets loud during the driving lesson. Praise is a foreign term for him. The understanding for driving beginners, seems to be missing him completely. I had trouble parking with the sideways, Mr. Baumgartner however did not explain this maneuver to me, therefore I had to teach myself this over Youtube videos. When I did not control the tears after a repeated unsuccessful attempt at parking, he stopped the attempt and said we should stop that today. Then we drove a long distance on the main road, which I already knew inside and out long ago. It seemed as if Mr Baumgartner was trying to postpone the exam further in order to calculate even more driving lessons. Mr Baumgartner was always punctual and flexible when it came to pick-up locations. This was unfortunately the only positive point I could find and therefore I cannot recommend this driving instructor.

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Date: 08.02.2013

Reviews from Karin Wirth

i am super satisfied. i have a lot for the daily life in road traffic with my driving training.

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