Silvia Müller reviews and experiences

Date: 17.11.2019

Silvia is a very good patient and flexible driving instructor. She accompanied me from the theory examination to the completion of the practical examination. After the driving lesson we reflected on the driving lesson together and discussed what I could improve and what I did well. Everything fit for me, I can only recommend Silvia.

Date: 09.10.2019

Mrs. Müller was always nice and patient. I've always enjoyed going to driving lessons. I can only recommend it!

Date: 07.08.2019

Very competent driving instructor. Very pleasant learning trips and takes a lot of time without counting every minute

Date: 27.02.2019

Reviews from Manuel Humer

I attended Silvia Müller's truck driving school and passed the practical test on my first attempt. During the driving lessons she is very exact, fair, honest and tries to recognize and correct the student's mistakes immediately. After the driving lessons the positive and negative situations are discussed in a short feedback and thus the student always knows where he stands. I would definitely recommend the driving school Silvia Müller.

Date: 18.01.2019

Reviews from Stevo Milovanovic

My experience is: That she can easily pass on her knowledge to someone ! Patient,Fair,Flexible.she always says her honest opinion! So it's very easy to explain what Silvia says and it works