I-DRIVE Fahrschule reviews and experiences

Date: 06.07.2020

I-DRIVE channi only recommended by weather conditions. Driving lessons are instructive, structured and always funny, so I am always looking forward to a driving lesson. With a lot of patience and knowledge I am taught how to drive a car properly and I am well prepared for the test. Meh makes therefore nüt wrong who more go to I-Drive and take his driving lesson. THANK YOU!!!)

Date: 29.06.2020

The driving school can only be recommended, the driving lessons were very instructive and fun at the same time, waiting time was a foreign word here, always very punctual.

Date: 23.06.2020

Erhan super driving instructor, very thorough and always funny ksi. I am very professional and have a lot of motivation and fun with every student. Ka only recommended. Thank you.

Date: 19.06.2020

I DRIVE is only recommended. Driving lessons with Erhan are always very instructive and really fun. He knows exactly how to deal with every single student and knows how we feel. I would like to thank you Erhan very much for a great and instructive time.

Date: 12.06.2020

Erhan has always supported me with his professional attitude. Any weaknesses were identified and corrected accordingly. His friendly nature motivated me, so that I was able to pass the first try.

Date: 09.06.2020

I found I-Drive to be a very good driving school because I was taught everything in a very understandable way and I could always contact you if I had any questions.

Date: 06.03.2020

I-Drive best driving school! The driving lessons were very instructive, structured and I was very well prepared for the driving test. I always looked forward to the driving lessons. Thanks a lot Erhan and Orhan for your patience and for the great time!

Date: 06.03.2020

Really great driving school! I had my driving lessons with Erhan. Thanks to his experience, patience and honesty, I managed to pass the practical driving test at the first attempt. Erhan arranges the driving lessons in a way that it is very easy for new drivers to understand. Whenever he had questions, he always took the time to explain it in a way that even learners would understand. Human as well as professional top. Price also very fair. Recommend this driving school to everyone! Simone Campo

Date: 06.03.2020

Really great driving school! I had my driving lessons with Erhan. Thanks to his experience, patience and honesty, I managed to pass the practical driving test at the first attempt. Erhan arranges the driving lessons in a way that it is very easy for new drivers to understand. Whenever he had questions, he always took the time to explain it in a way that even learners would understand. Human as well as professional top. Price also very fair. Recommend this driving school to everyone! Simone Campo

Date: 28.02.2020

Reviews from Sevgi Ayd?n

Erhan was able to motivate me very well. His calmness and positive energy led to my passing the exam. Erhan thank you for everything. I can definitely recommend I-Drive.

Date: 25.02.2020

The I-Drive driving school is highly recommended. You learn a lot right away, but without being overwhelmed with information. Super structured and good explanations. There was always enough time for questions and ambiguities and everything was explained precisely and simply. In addition to professionalism, collegiality is also very important, which makes the driving lessons extremely enjoyable. Will miss the educational and fun time.

Date: 13.02.2020

The driving lessons with Erhan were very exciting and instructive. Erhan always motivated me and so the driving lessons were very fun. Top driving school highly recommended!!

Date: 11.02.2020

Reviews from Ayana Müller

Erhan is a great driving instructor with whom you feel comfortable. The driving lessons were always fun and very informative and instructive. Through his great help and motivation I passed the first time.

Date: 22.01.2020

The driving lessons at Erhan were great! He was always very helpful and motivated to explain something to you. All driving lessons were well structured and fun. SUPER DRIVING SCHOOL highly recommended!

Date: 10.01.2020

Perfect driving instructors. Very correct, polite, patient, friendly and does not work for the money. He was my 3rd driving instructor shortly before the expiry of my learner's permit I passed the exam at the 1st time. With my 2 old driving instructors this was not possible. They were of the opinion that I had to do the theory again. I was pregnant and I was not told that I was allowed to pause my driving lessons and to extend my driving licence during my pregnancy. Was a stressful time for me, I had to do everything up front. But with him, I did it. I'm lucky to have realized I'm very grateful.

Date: 06.12.2019

I-Drive was the best decision in choosing a driving school. I couldn't have imagined a better one. Every single hour of driving was instructive but at the same time always fun. After the successful exam I could be happy, but I will miss the time at I-Drive very much. Thanks for everything!

Date: 05.12.2019

The driving school I-Drive from Erhan is everything you want and more! The driving lessons are informative and fun at the same time. With the friendly nature and the trust placed in me by Erhan, I learned a lot easily and looked forward to the driving lessons every time. The driving school is also very flexible and the price-performance ratio is optimal, so that I was able to finance my driving license myself. I can only praise the driving school and recommend it to anyone who wants to get their driving license under perfect conditions!

Date: 04.12.2019

The driving school I-Drive was a direct hit for me. The driving instructor is a very great person. My driving lessons were at Erhan's. He is a very competent driving instructor, who adapts individually to your abilities and also arranges the driving lessons in such a way. The weaknesses are considered above all, but the remaining issues are not neglected either. With Erhan you can have good conversations during the trip and yet he always pays attention to the way his pupil drives. It is also very important that one cannot go too early but also not too late to the examination. I recommend I-Drive to everyone to take their driving lessons at I-Drive, because there you get all the knowledge you need for the exam. LG Josua Jaeggi

Date: 02.12.2019

I-Drive is strongly characterised by the competence of its driving instructors: The driving lessons are didactically well structured, the driving instructor responds very well to the weaknesses of the pupils, so that one has a high self-confidence and good driving knowledge at the exam and the social skills of the driving instructors. The driving lessons are very flexible, you don't have to book weeks in advance and once you're prevented, it's no big deal. Erhan, thanks for the good support, the fun time and your high contribution to the exam success. I'm glad I got my license, but I'm gonna miss you guys. Thank you so much!!!

Date: 19.11.2019

The majority of my drivers are Orhan and de isch en mega serious and tolerant driving instructors. I han bi him very much learnt and it het always fun gmacht ind Fahrstunde zgo. Merci much times Orhan abi.

Date: 15.11.2019

Erhan and Orhan are both super driving instructors, very fond and always funny! They are very professional and will take you through dtest with flying colours! Kani only weather recommendations! Thank you!

Date: 06.11.2019

Very gueti driving instructor, both! Guet strukturierti and teachi driving lesson. Both very funny, so het mer au with joy chönne ad fahrstund! Chani only recommend!

Date: 05.11.2019

Super driving school ! I can only recommend it to anyone. Great care and very professional.

Date: 30.10.2019

Erhan & Orhan at I-Drive are by far the best in Basel and will help you get your license stress free, along with the ability to learn in their AMG Mercedes! Both are super friendly and there is never a dull moment guaranteed!

Date: 14.10.2019

Top driving student! I'd recommend it to anybody. The two brieder want their job perfect Both technical law and private law are corrective guys. May weather so and much success in the future.

Date: 09.10.2019

I-Drive is a great driving school! Erhan is a very competent, consistent and patient driving instructor. Despite his professional nature, also always had a little fun and wit place in his lessons. I was looking forward to every driving lesson! I can recommend Erhan I-Drive to everyone.

Date: 08.10.2019

Many thanks to the best driving instructor with the best car! I recommend I-Drive to everyone who wants to learn how to drive a car best and fastest. Thanks to you in the first edition :)

Date: 28.09.2019

Very gueti driving student! Very well structured and highly recommended. Bomb Supported by Orhan and Erhan. and nebebi geils auto;)

Date: 27.09.2019

Reviews from Naile Sahin

Erhan, a very nice and above all very patient driving instructor! Can only recommend it to those who want to pass the first time.

Date: 28.08.2019

I've made mini driving pictures in the Erhan and I ka him with good casts wytrempfähle. The driving hours are always well structured and you can have a lot of fun in the cab from time to time. I was always looking forward to mini driving lessons and I recommend I-Drive z goo! to everyone who wants to drive! Thank you Erhan!!!!

Date: 26.08.2019

Reviews from Filip Knezevic

Very truly the best student of driving thanks erhan for the completely supportive and for dini help. Much success and much more mol is sure on the horse! ;)

Date: 13.08.2019

Reviews from Seyma Yildiz

I-drive! Best driving school, best driving instructor and best car. Thank you very much Erhan for your efforts.

Date: 29.07.2019

I did most of the driving in Orhan. D hour are always very instructive gsi and I have focused and purposefully learn everything important for the driving test chenne. Both are very sympathetic and always stay in good shape in stressful situations. S climate during the driving hour is always relaxed but still very good to learn. I cha you I-Drive number wiiterempfehl! :) Mercimvillmol to Orhan and Erhan for the cit!

Date: 22.07.2019

Reviews from Djamila Oguntola

I've got a mini-driving lesson at Orhan, the last few at Erhan ka. Both are super driving instructors where you take driving seriously and drbi still remain collegial, which makes everything much more relaxed. With her support, hani d Prüefig bim erste Versuech can bestoh and therefore recommend of course allne the driving students!

Date: 18.07.2019

I recommend you I-Drive :) Erhan & Orhan are both super type! I would like to thank you all very much for your support, it is my pleasure to be with you. THANK YOU;)

Date: 15.07.2019

Han driving lesson bi Orhan and the letschte two bi Erhan kah. Beidi Super Type! Thank you for everything! They never agree on a deal are always quiet love and it's most important it het eif damn nonemol so much fun makes with you z'fahre. I kah I-Drive only recommend weather! The best in Basel. Thanks guys

Date: 24.06.2019

I would recommend you I Drive to 100% they explain it to you exactly and hend megaa patience. With Orhan like au Erhan are both mega top driving instructors and I would like to thank mi for the tolli zyt! :D

Date: 24.06.2019

Juhuiii consisted of:)))) D driving lessons at Erhan are super gse. The driving lesson is fun, I want to learn a lot and I want to be explained exactly how the horse works but I want to have fun and it is so easy. I feel really safe on the horse now. Thanks for dini tolli help. I ka I-Drive iter recommend in any case.

Date: 21.06.2019

It just has to be that since then the real team I-DRIVE driving student is where I could ever pass to be happy that i driving student can change to them eh super ziit ka with the driving lesson thanks to you Erhan and Orhan kani now driving car has so much can learn from them it will be all exactly explained so the more it implemented good ka and it super stoops you are very patient and with a lot of joy and looseness but ouch with nervousness hani mis self-confidence finds am au grad bim 1ste mol durre koh thank you for the tolli ziit!!

Date: 19.06.2019

Reviews from Alejna Nuhija

My driving lessons with Erhan were very great, and were a lot of fun. Erhan was very patient, nice, helpful, motivating. I highly recommend i-Drive!

Date: 17.06.2019

dr erhan isch ä mega cool driving instructor i bi a vo dä first driving student gsi den het het with siner rest and happy at the car driving me the perfect beautiful learn in shortest zit thank you much mol

Date: 14.06.2019

I-Drive is a great driving student. Ha mini driving lesson for the most part at Erhan kah. He is very patient, motivating and explains everything very well. He enjoys his driving lesson. I recommend him and are brothers Orhan really very much. Thanks for the tolli Zit!

Date: 12.06.2019

Reviews from Sena Ümsür

I have a lot of fun driving with Erhan and I can learn a lot from him. He is always motivated to drive. I would recommend IDrive to anyone!

Date: 07.06.2019

Reviews from Roos Wolters

I would absolutely recommend I-Drive! My driving lessons at Orhan were great. Orhan was patient, incredibly nice, competent and helpful! I have received many helpful tips and feel 100% safe on the road! I passed the first time and would definitely recommend the driving school. His passion for driving is contagious!

Date: 07.06.2019

Reviews from Tamara Radisavljevic

Bi I-Drive hets Autofahre lernen mitem Orhan richtig Spaß gmacht. He's very patient, he's good, he's good, he's good, he's good, he's good, he's good. Sini gueti Lune and d'Freud driving, are ahsteckend gse. I always like to go for a driving lesson and chas recommend myself to every number for the car. They are simply super, professionally and humanly!

Date: 06.06.2019

Reviews from Hamdo Murik

Very competent and friendly driving school with good learning material for exam preparation. Absolutely recommendable. Bravo!

Date: 06.06.2019

Reviews from Filip Cvijanovi? Re?e

I have completed my driving lessons with Orhan & am more than satisfied. I could not have wished for a better, nicer & more competent driving instructor. Orhan remained extremely calm and relaxed in every situation. I realized that he really wants me to be a flawless driver. We had a very great & instructive time. Today I had my practical exam. Everything went well and I passed at the first attempt. I now feel very safe on the street thanks to Orhan. I would like to thank Orhan and would recommend him to everyone. :)

Date: 05.06.2019

he's not one of the best driving instructors ... ER ISCH DE BESTE very patiently sympathetic and very competent het a lot of fun and I would recommend witerempfommends

Date: 05.06.2019

Best driving instructor. You learn very quickly and without stress. Non-existence impossible.

Date: 05.06.2019

Reviews from Alberto Jose Santiago

The driving instructor was very competent, helpful and one notices his experience as a driving instructor. He was also very patient and gave a lot of tips. I can only recommend the driving school ! Thank you very much for everything and a dear greeting

Date: 04.06.2019

I have mini driving lesson at Orhan kah and bi meh than just zfriede! D lesson are intense, instructive and fun to me bi brocht werden. I also like the fact that Orhan has divided the many seqences in the cab and explained the steps step by step so that I don't get too much information on one thing but also too little. I have always been happy about the next driving lesson, but I am very open, motivating and happy and so the lessons are always successful. Despite their loose harmonious during the driving hed hed sini work very serious gno and hed much commitment with dri brocht. He hed corrected me but ouch globt and hed me so in only 2 monks at dPrüefig brocht where I passed in 1. minor with bravur. I thank nomoll bim Orhan for the tolli Zit and sini patience. I ka I-Drive only recommend weather!! Besti driving student in Basel! :)

Date: 04.06.2019

I-DRIVE is a great driving student anyway! I han mini driving lessons bim Orhan and Erhan kah and beidi are really top. I've always had everything explained to me. I am very peaceable with every driving lesson. I can recommend the driving students to anyone. I thank bi I-DRIVE for the tolli and lehrrichi Zit!

Date: 04.06.2019

I ha mi quite fast very well feels and bi ha mi always uf Fahrstund gfreut. He could be anybody who is unclear. Kha Ihn as a driving instructor and best witerempfähle and wish everyone much fun with Erhan. He makes sini Sach extremely good and with a lot of songs.

Date: 04.06.2019

Erhan is a very good driving instructor. He always watched with a sharp eye and when I made a mistake, he gave me many tips on how to do better next time. We also always had something to laugh about, which is very important in my eyes, because otherwise one lacks the motivation for the driving lessons. Every time I looked forward to the hours, which were planned very diversified by him. It was only thanks to Erhan and his perfect preparation that I was able to pass the test the first time and would definitely recommend the driving school to others.

Date: 03.06.2019

I had mini driving test bim the first mol after a few hours with erhan as a driving instructor passed and bi so grateful defür! I thank erhan much mols for the lehrrichi zit. I could recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone! The driving student is by far the best!

Date: 03.06.2019

Reviews from Kimrobin Birrer

I'm glad I got to take my driving exam with Erhan!

Date: 03.06.2019

Reviews from Filip Cvijanovic

best driving instructor !!

Date: 03.06.2019

Reviews from Semih Eryilmaz

I had my driving lessons with Erhan and was more than satisfied. He was not only a good teacher for me but also a good friend. For this reason I gladly went to the driving lessons, which were also very instructive. In each driving hour I made new experiences, which helped me further for my future driving. Thanks to Erhan, I passed the exam with flying colors and would recommend him to anyone!

Date: 03.06.2019

I'm not just teaching you how to drive, I'm having a good time. Erhan and Orhan always make sure that I like to go back to the nexti fahrstund

Date: 03.06.2019

Reviews from Elita Gashi

I had my driving lessons with Orhan. I was very pleased! All individual steps were illustrated with the help of theory and then finally implemented while driving. Times were flexible. He was/is always reliable!

Date: 02.06.2019

Reviews from Semir Bucan

Super driving instructor, competent and friendly! I'd recommend it to anyone!

Date: 31.05.2019

Mini driving lesson I pass in the Orhan gha and ha driving test in the first mol. I always had everything at the beginning of the ride and through the lesson Orhan was very patient. It's always fun to drive and I'm always welcome. I'm very zfriede with I-Drive and ka it really witerempfehle! I would like to thank bim Orhan and Erhan for the successful and really great Zit!

Date: 30.05.2019

He is a top driving instructor because he is very patient and explains everything in detail. It's great that I talk about everything during the lesson. So it's great that I learn on a collegial basis. I-DRIVE is only recommended for the weather! I will never regret the decision! :))

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Büsra Yildiz

Big praise to I-DRIVE Team! Very competent and friendly driving instructors. They supported me super and brought me to my goal in the shortest time. Very instructive feedback at the beginning and end of the lesson. I can only recommend I-DRIVE Driving School to everyone!

Date: 29.05.2019

Erhan and Orhan are both very patient, competent and humorous people. Meh ka just recommend them! Isch würkli the besti driving student, where everything bibring you professionally.

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Antonija Jamsek

Super driving instructors! Many thanks to Orhan who brought me quickly and very instructively to my driving license! Due to his patience, his great and humorous nature I was very motivated every hour and always enjoyed riding with him. With his experience and his helpful tips for driving, I was able to implement everything quickly and passed the test the first time! I-drive highly recommended!!! Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 29.05.2019

Very good driving school and top driving instructor, Recommended ??????????? Thank you for everything

Date: 29.05.2019

I can only recommend I-Drive or better said Erhan as a driving instructor I had started with zero experience and thought I will never make it but thanks to Erhan I am now safe on the road and enjoy driving very much. He is very competent as a driving instructor as well as motivating. I am very happy that I completed my driving lessons with him. PS: Also as a person he has a top character?????????????????????

Date: 29.05.2019

The best driving instructors in Basel Umgebig. I cha your i-Drive driving student only recommend weather. Thank you very much for the great and instructive lesson.

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Kadir Korkmaz

Baba driving instructor simply King of Basel, gönd all to Erhan abi

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Seval Cam

Best driving instructors of all Zite patient and au sympathetic ... Erhan is the best??????????????Meh learns best from Erhan and Orhan how to drive a car! I commend you!

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Valeria Portaluri

Ig cha d driving hour at Erhan only warmly recommend! He's a very patient man, very friendly and funny driving instructors! He het vill patience with me gha and het gafft, me in every situation with his great style and sim knowhow jedi uncertainty and fear weighs z näh. 1.mol passed, goal reached:-)

Date: 29.05.2019

Erhan is a very nice, funny and competent driving instructor. He always looked at the theories with me at the beginning of the driving lessons and then put them into practice. He was always very patient during the driving lessons, which had a positive effect on my driving style as my nervousness vanished.

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Liri Os

I-Drive Erhan is a very competent, serious and relaxed driving instructor. The driving lessons were always very fun and I profited a lot from him. He takes his work very seriously and puts a lot of commitment into it. Despite his relaxed and open nature, he always corrected me and effectively prepared me for the exam. Before the exam I was very excited and he managed to keep my nervousness in check so that I could take a relaxed exam. We were always able to arrange our appointments at flexible times. I thank I-Drive Erhan from the bottom of my heart for his patience, dedication and support. I recommend I-Drive, as well as Erhan in any case!

Date: 29.05.2019

Reviews from Diana Milincic

The best driving instructor in Basel and surroundings. Very nice, quiet, helpful and fair! Thanks to him I learned a lot of new things and passed my driving test the first time! Can only recommend him and his driving school!