Fahrschule Martin Neff reviews and experiences

Date: 27.06.2020

Reviews from Moonlightx Ann Cafader

Good day I would like to go better informed For looking when I can learn Lg ana cafader

Date: 31.10.2019

Martin convinces with his experience and his friendly, relaxed manner! None of my questions remained unanswered, ambiguities were clarified immediately. Even if you make the same mistake several times, Martin does not lose his patience. Especially the constructive feedback after every driving hour is very valuable! For the price unbeatable and with a clear conscience recommendable!

Date: 10.07.2017

Thank you Manuela! The driving lessons were fun. Great driving instructor and I can only recommend her! Friendly and proffesionel! Lg Selma

Date: 08.11.2016

Reviews from Larissa Blatter

The driving lessons with Martin went by like in flight and I had a lot of fun. Martin is a great driving instructor, because it is always a relaxed atmosphere and yet you learn a lot. He's really preparing you great for the exam. The VKU also had fun with the humorous Manuela. I can only recommend the driving school Neff ! :)

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Date: 11.12.2013

Reviews from Linda Hollenstein

Every driving lesson was a lot of fun with Martin! I'm glad I took driving lessons with him. Also the VKU with Manuela was always very funny and exciting. Can only recommend the driving school Neff! :)

Date: 20.10.2009

Manuela Neff is one of the most correct and best riders in St.Gallen. I recommend you with a clear conscience. Bravo, keep it up!!!!

Response from Fahrschule Martin Neff:
Danke vielmals fürs Kompliment. Alles Gute beim Autofahren. Gruess Manu