RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale reviews and experiences

Date: 15.06.2020

Reviews from M G

Roberto takes the time to explain and teach everything possible to a learner driver. He points out every little detail that is needed for the test. The driving lessons were always very instructive and funny, in addition the learning with the Fiat 500 Abarth was even more interesting ;) I recommend you Roberto as a driving instructor, because with this selection you have definitely done nothing wrong ! The whole package is just right, be it from the price of the driving lessons to the personality. By all your tips & tricks I could pass the exam at the 1st time. Thanks to you nomau Roberto !

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Date: 18.05.2020

Reviews from B. R.

Roberto is a mega cool driving instructor. He is very friendly, encouraging, honest and I had a lot of fun with him. He knows exactly how to take a learner further and shows you exactly what you need to know about the exam. Thanks to him I passed without any problems the first time. Thanks again Roberto! :)

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Date: 19.03.2020

A great set! Roberto is a professional and highly motivated driving instructor who can teach you what you need quickly and understandably. He proceeds cleanly and strategically and demonstrates his skill and experience by adapting the learning plan to the student's needs. If you want a friendly and fun driving instructor, this is the place to be! The price is brilliant for the service, he also tries not to do more lessons than necessary. When he sees that you are ready, he will give you a try and then take the exam. You can learn with an automatic transmission car, or a manual one. All in all, you have a great deal with Roberto, I can recommend him to everyone. In that sense, thanks again to Roberto for his time.

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Date: 08.03.2020

I took my driving lessons with Roberto Casalê and was completely thrilled. He is a very friendly and dedicated driving instructor. He always adapted the lesson to my needs, so that I was able to learn very quickly. He also explained things very well and in detail what to pay attention to in traffic and explained this several times when I didn't understand something. I was able to benefit from his great experience, as he gave me one or two useful tips. Also the price-performance ratio is outstanding. I will recommend him to all my friends. And I would like to thank him again.

Date: 18.02.2020

Very pleasant and friendly person, especially very professional and competent, excellent knowledge and experience shown, communication top. Gives good tips and immediately recognises the needs of his customers. Price-performance ratio super, I would recommend any time to him everyone, I have made a lot of fun. Many thanks again for his commitment.

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Hi Nestor! Ich danke dir auch für deine schnelle Auffassungsgabe.. hat mir natürlch auch geholfen..ich wünsche dir alles Gute und bis bald mal... lg Rob

Date: 11.02.2020

Very likeable driving instructor, funny varied and interesting lessons. Training is provided quickly and efficiently. Inexpensive lessons with sparkling cars. Perfect combination. No. 1 driving instructor in Biel, would always drive with him even with a driving licence.

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Fäbu danke dir .. wünsche dir und Family aues gueti u immer viu Spass..Chume mau verbi ufem Hof.. für nes Rindsfilet :) lg Rob

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Date: 11.02.2020

Reviews from Kevin Schwab

Very instructive and interesting driving lesson, with Roberto made it fun and is a patient driving lesson. In addition, the driving lessons are very inexpensive. PS. If I had to take the driving test again, I'd go back to Roberto

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Danke Kevin :) Wer weiss vielleicht musst du ja nochmals kommen... NEIN Spass :) Aues gueti und immer so luschtig und positiv blibe wie de bisch ... ufpasse mit de Motocross... lg rob

Date: 14.12.2019

Mr.Casale is a very good teacher. He always encourages to improve my weak point while driving and tells tips also for safe driving. I am thankful to him for his time and effort which helped me to pass my exam.

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Thank you Deepti...i wish you all the best Enjoy it... best regards :)

Date: 12.12.2019

Reviews from Amina Farah

Best instructor so far I passed the first exam.

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Merci beaucuop Deqa... tu ete toujours gentil.. cette une plesir.. pour moi.. e je suis tres content..

Date: 25.11.2019

Reviews from Linda Hampel

I can only recommend Roberto as your driving instructor! In a competent and skilful way he quickly brought me close to the traffic in Bern. In addition, he enriches the driving lesson with a lot of humor and an understanding nature. Then you add spontaneity and you have the whole package Roberto Casalê. Result: passed the first time! Thank you Roberto

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Hi Linda Danke! wünsche dir alles gute und immer viel Spass...:)

Date: 14.11.2019

Great driving instructor. Teached me a lot. Very human. The exam was very simple because he taught everything you need to know! Recommended

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Darja chlei mit verspätig.. danke dir Härzlich für dini stetigi fründlichkeit und Vertraue... Und wünsche dir aues gueti lg Rob

Date: 02.11.2019

Reviews from Michel Fankhauser

Top driving instructor highly recommended. Fare Top!! Always friendly with a lot of humor but nevertheless serious. It was great to drive with the vehicle. I learned a lot, Roberto is not lacking in experience. successfully passed the first time.

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Danke Michael ! Wünsch der aues gueti.. lg Rob

Date: 02.11.2019

Roberto is the driving instructor every person wants. He is a very good and humorous person, but very precise in his work. I felt very comfortable driving with Roberto. He gave me feedback after every lesson, so I could prepare for the next lesson. He prepared me very well and so I even went to the driving test very calmly and without much stress. I can only recommend the driving lessons with Roberto! :)

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Daanke Havva!!..wünsche dir aues gueti für dini Zuekunft..:))

Date: 07.10.2019

Reviews from Ismael Sonko

Roberto is the ultimate driving instructor. He is flexible, motivated and open right from the start. He designs his lessons humorously, but takes his work very seriously. Driving is his area of expertise, his knowledge is excellent, broad and enriched by his many years of experience. He is able to pass on his skills to his students* and therefore you are very well prepared for the driving test. Conclusion: super driving instructor!

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Danke Ismael auch dir !

Date: 07.10.2019

Roberto is a very good driving instructor:explains good, very pleasant, friendly, constructive, encouraging...highly recommendable...

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Amin Herzlichen Dank .. alles gute

Date: 07.10.2019

Reviews from Fabio Hze

Roberto is a very friendly and competent driving instructor! His concern is that every student should be able to take a successful driving test as quickly as possible. I can highly recommend this driving school!

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Vielen Dank Fabio

Date: 07.10.2019

Reviews from Jannic Remy

Very friendly & competent driving instructor!

Response from RC-Fahrschule Roberto Casale:
Herzlichen Dank Janic