Auto-école Delta reviews and experiences

Date: 05.01.2016

My assessment is for a car trailer licence (B+E). I passed my trailer licence with this driving school company where they mention on their website that they provide the car and an approved trailer for the price of Fr. 140.00. - the 50 minutes and they made me take my own vehicle for the lessons as well as for the practical test (they only provided me with the trailer) and they allowed themselves to bill me Fr. 140. - the 50 minutes, I find it unacceptable to pay for services that I did not have. They could have at least made a gesture. At the same time, during one of the courses, I was given a change of instructor who was totally incompetent on this category of permit and I also had to pay the high price of the session. So I strongly recommend that you do not work with this company.