driving-school-richard reviews and experiences

Date: 21.06.2019

Reviews from Ivana Sabo

I have completed all theory courses at the driving school Richard. Afterwards the driving lessons for the scooter test with José Ferreira. I also did the driving lessons for the car with him. I was satisfied every time, I passed both exams the first time. The driving instructors are very competent and do a great job! Thank you very much.

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Date: 04.02.2019

Reviews from Elsad Cafarov

Examination passed on: 04.02.2019 Place of examination; Orpund Driving school: Driving school Richard Driving instructor: Nicole Bracher Top driving school !!!!

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Date: 10.07.2018

I completed the basic motorcycle courses, the VKU lessons and the car driving lessons at the Driving School Richard. Very friendly and competent staff.

Date: 12.07.2015

A Superteam! I drove with Hans Richard myself and with Nicole Bracher. They're both just tops. When I made a mistake, Hans and Nicole always thoroughly explained to me what I had done wrong. The routes have been very interesting and recommendable. In my first year after the stage I drove 25000 km and have already been everywhere by car - Bern, Zurich, Brigg, Lugano, Basel, Lausanne, Stuttgart, Lichtenstein etc.. I feel very comfortable driving, not least because I received a solid education at Richard Driving School. I will certainly recommend this school!

Date: 19.07.2011

Reviews from Bozsanyi Henrietta


Date: 02.08.2006

very good