Fahrschule Herguedas reviews and experiences

Date: 03.02.2020

Reviews from Eva Ackermann

Jonas is a great driving instructor! I always looked forward to the driving lessons. With his funny and humorous nature, it never gets boring. Jonas is very patient and remains calm in every situation. Even if you start to doubt yourself, Jonas can make the doubts disappear with his positive nature. The Herguedas Driving School can only be recommended, he is the best! ;)

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Date: 02.10.2019

The driving lessons with Jonas were always instructive. With his calm and humorous nature the hours were very pleasant. He is purposeful and has great understanding. I would recommend him at any time.

Date: 03.09.2019

The driving lessons with Jonas were very pleasant as well as helpful. Due to his great driving instructions, which he gives to us students, you can practice at home.

Date: 05.06.2019

Reviews from Jlias Bussinger

Jonas is a very pleasant person. He's very organized and purposeful. I've always looked forward to the driving lessons with him.

Date: 08.05.2019

Jonas was a great driving instructor for me! Every driving lesson was very educational and none was too much. He is very understandable and reliable. The driving lessons as well as the VKU were great. I am very happy and thankful that I finished the driving school with him. He had a lot of patience and supported me until I got my driver's license. Thank you very much. :)

Date: 04.12.2018

Jonas is a great driving instructor. He'll give you a plan you can use to orient yourself. He remains calm in every situation and his humorous manner makes the whole learning process more interesting and relaxed. I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas!

Date: 14.05.2018

"Step by step" Jonas takes enough time for each step so that the learning can be optimally built upon. His calm nature and calmness takes away (at least for me) the initial nervousness and there is a very pleasant "driving climate" in the car. I can recommend the driving school Herguedas with a clear conscience!

Date: 01.05.2018

Jonas is a great driving instructor. He proceeds step by step, so that you always know where you stand at the moment. The driving lessons are very varied and empty. Due to his humorous and optimistic nature the driving lessons are even more fun and there is a relaxed atmosphere. I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas!

Date: 08.03.2018

Super sympathetic! Driving lessons very instructive. Recommended only

Date: 24.01.2018

I'm impressed, to say the least. 78 driving hours. It took me so long and yet none of it was wasted. I was a rather slow learner, everywhere gaps kept popping up. Jonas had the patience and perseverance to help me finish this "journey". No matter how long you take, he'll end up one day. And you'll be able to drive properly.

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Date: 21.12.2017

Reviews from Yannik Stadelmann

Jonas keeps calm even when you make mistakes. He explains the manoeuvres and everything that goes with them very well. He takes the time to teach you how to do well, and occasionally makes a joke.

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Date: 13.12.2017

I've heard a lot of good things about Jonas, so I chose him. I have never regretted this decision to the very end. He could always be very flexible when it came to deadlines. These were also always recorded in writing with their own signature. So you always have the overview. About his person: I have always found him to be a very balanced person, he was always patient and relaxed and could give me great tips. He recognizes it well when one is ready to test without unnecessarily overdrawing and thus I have also passed the test immediately with the first attempt. I can therefore warmly recommend him. :)

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Date: 28.11.2017

I can only recommend Jonas to anyone. He always had a calm, humorous nature and he accepted and encouraged me with my moods and sometimes low self-esteem. Thanks to him, I feel safe on the street and don't get into a hectic rush if everything doesn't work right away!

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Date: 21.11.2017

Reviews from Nadine Pfyffer

With Jonas the fun never came too short apart from the instructive driving lessons! He gave me many helpful tips and was very patient. I always looked forward to the driving lesson! He always told me where I stood and what the next steps were. Thanks to him, I feel safe on the street! Very much to recommend :)

Date: 20.11.2017

Although it took a little longer than I thought, I can only look back positively on the driving lessons. Because Jonas always taught me how to drive a car with a lot of humor, patience and understanding.

Date: 17.11.2017

Reviews from Jessica Curschellas

I could look forward to the driving lesson every week. Jonas was able to convey his expertise to me in a humorous way:-) It was fun! Even if it took longer than expected, Jonas does not need too much and not too few driving lessons. I passed the exam with full success:)

Date: 08.09.2017

I found the driving lessons with him very pleasant. He conveys his professional skills with humorous and, despite this, extremely serious lessons. Jonas is very recommendable and leads to success.

Date: 07.09.2017

Jonas is a very good driving instructor. He supported me a lot in learning to drive. When there were also deep moments he could cheer me up again and again. He always has the goal to get us students through the test, although sometimes it might take a little longer.

Date: 02.04.2017

Jonas is a great driving instructor. I'd recommend him to anyone. With his calm, humorous nature every driving lesson is very instructive. You will be very well prepared for the exam and independent driving after the exam.

Date: 10.02.2017

Reviews from Janis BassJunki

I would highly recommend Jonas! He remains calm in any situation, which is very important while driving to avoid stress. A very nice and funny man. :) He's doing really well, keep up the good work! :)

Date: 31.12.2016

Jonas is a great driving instructor! He prepares his students very well for the exam and exercises with them very specifically. I have also always appreciated his patience and calmness during the driving lessons. I would only recommend the driving school Herguedas! It was fun! :)

Date: 27.10.2016

Jonas was a great driving instructor! He is very patient and it was fun to learn to drive with him :) I can only recommend him, he prepared me perfectly for the exam!

Date: 19.10.2016

Jonas is very helpful and sees the weaknesses as well as the strengths of his students. He works purposefully and according to plan, but also lets his own students decide for themselves what they want to practice more precisely. He prepares his students very well for the exam and gives correct and useful corrections.

Date: 26.07.2016

I was very pleased. Good competent and motivating driving instructor. Recommended only :)

Date: 07.07.2016

Jonas is a very good and friendly driving instructor. He explains everything, with his calm nature, very good and simple. He is always fully motivated and also the fun does not come during the driving lessons too briefly. -In short: There is no better driving instructor!

Date: 01.07.2016

-manageable and comfortable vehicle -cheap driving lessons -flexible and motivating driving instructor!

Date: 30.05.2016

Jonas is a very competent and friendly driving instructor. With him you are well prepared for the exam and he is always available for a joke.

Date: 29.04.2016

Reviews from Michaela Kaufmann

Jonas is a friendly and humorous driving instructor. The driving lessons with him were always pleasant. Jonas can explain well what already works well and what can be improved and how. He always gives an outlook on the program for the next driving lessons, which I personally liked very much.

Date: 07.04.2016

Reviews from Nino Rovere

Jonas has brought me very well through the time to the passed exam, even if I was perhaps not always the easiest ;) He's got a sense of humor and can get things across and that's the most important thing. I can really recommend Jonas as a driving instructor, so grab him :D

Date: 11.12.2015

Reviews from Michelle Elster

The driving lessons were always very varied and instructive. With his patience, his calm and friendly he helped me a lot. Super driving instructor :)

Date: 10.12.2015

Reviews from Michèle Glanzmann

Jonas is a very patient, balanced and humorous driving instructor. The driving lessons were always varied and sensibly arranged. Last but not least, Jonas also knows how to make you laugh and thus always ensures a pleasant and relaxed learning atmosphere!

Date: 03.12.2015

very competent training, friendly, patient and reliable driving instructor

Date: 11.09.2015

Jonas is a very friendly person. He's a great driving instructor. The lessons were always well planned, very varied and instructive. Due to his set up manner he finds a good mixture between fun and focus on the essential. I'm definitely recommending Jonas. He's an excellent driving instructor!

Date: 26.06.2015

Jonas is a very amusing, attentive and patient driving instructor. He immediately recognizes the difficulties and gives logical advice. It has a loose nature, which makes the driving hours more relaxed but is nevertheless consistent. A great driving instructor that I can recommend to everyone!

Date: 19.06.2015

Jonas is a super guy that you like to have next to you in the car. He always stays calm and relaxed. The setup of the driving lessons was very well organized and he also knows where he is talking about. All in all very good instructive driving lessons with funny ambience. I can only recommend him!

Date: 19.06.2015

I can only confirm what is written in the comments below! Jonas is an upright and optimistic person, to whom also talkative, the driving lessons were always pleasant. The number of driving lessons is measured according to the motto 'as little as possible, but as much as necessary'. Jonas is well organized and always very patient. I can only recommend him!

Date: 16.06.2015

Reviews from S. K.

Jonas Herguedas designs the driving lessons so that they are fun, efficient and you always know exactly where you stand at the moment. The atmosphere is very pleasant, one is well encouraged and always learns something new without having to have too many driving lessons. In a nutshell: Fair and highly recommended! :-)

Date: 10.06.2015

Jonas Herguedas is a great driving instructor, who has planned the lessons in a very meaningful way and makes the lessons varied and interesting. He is a very constellated person and finds a good mixture between fun and focus on the essentials. I recommend Jonas in any case further and did not regret a second to have registered with him.

Date: 27.04.2015

Jonas is the perfect choice if you are looking for a serious, experienced, always cheerful and nice driving instructor. The lessons proved to be effective (I passed my exam to judge) and with one or the other additional tip you have a solid basis which you only need to apply. According to the motto 'as few driving lessons as possible, but as many as necessary', no time window or curriculum is imposed. It is progressing step by step at its own pace. I can recommend Jonas in good conscience!

Date: 04.03.2015

The driving lessons with Jonas were extremely interesting and instructive. Through his calm, relaxed and yet consistent manner, he imparts the required skills and knowledge in a varied and very pleasant atmosphere. Through his experience, his patience, his attitude and last but not least his humour much is easier. A great driving instructor, absolutely recommendable!

Date: 19.02.2015

Reviews from Sascha Jabornegg

Jonas Herguedas is characterized by a calm, thoughtful approach, a lot of patience and useful advice. The driving lessons are pleasant and instructive at the same time. In any case very recommendable!

Date: 13.02.2015

Reviews from Andreas Maeder

The driving lessons with Jonas were always varied and instructive. He makes a lot of things easier with his loose, cheerful manner. True to the motto "as few hours as possible, but as many as necessary" you will be perfectly prepared for the driving test!

Date: 28.01.2015

The driving lessons with Jonas were always very varied, you learned something new in every lesson. Even if things didn't go so well, he always found the right words to motivate me again. With his relaxed and sympathetic nature every driving lesson was fun, so only to be recommended!

Date: 26.01.2015

Reviews from Marco Jost

Jonas prepares you well for the exam and you will be able to take something out of every driving lesson. Both technically and personally (rest, no stress, etc.). He is well booked in terms of time, but together you always find a possibility for an appointment. Conclusion: A tip toper driving instructor and en super type :)!

Date: 17.12.2014

Each driving hour instructive and totzdem always some humor withdabei. With a lot of patience, confidence and humour he brought me to my goal! I can only recommend Jonas to others with his relaxed, young manner he supports you just right on the way to the driving test! Top :)

Date: 15.12.2014

Reviews from Yves Röthlisberger

Yeah, what else can I say? Look at the other testimonials and you'll see. I can only agree with them and also say that it was tip-top! :D :D

Date: 23.05.2014

It was fun going to driving lesson with Jonas! He was always very patient and attentive. The driving lessons were very instructive and amusing! Thanks a lot.

Date: 21.05.2014

Reviews from S. M.

With me it did not work the first time and unfortunately also not the second time. But today it worked out and that through the patience and trust of the driving instructor! He believed in me, even though I almost gave up faith in myself! Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 13.05.2014

Reviews from Daniel Fischer

Jonas as a driving instructor was great! He was always very patient and there was always something to laugh at. I really can only recommend him!

Date: 29.04.2014

The driving lessons with Jonas were great and encouraging at the same time. With his positive attitude he makes many things easier.

Date: 11.04.2014

The driving lessons with Jonas were great and I learned a lot in a short time! He has always remained calm and patient. Also the fun was never too short :) Absolutely recommendable! :)

Date: 07.04.2014

The driving lessons at Jonas were always varied and efficient! With his patient and funny nature every ride was fun! :)

Date: 02.04.2014

Reviews from Michael Brun

I've always known Jonas to be an up-and-coming sympathetic guy. With a smile he gave me every driving hour cam at the beginning motivation. Even in hack-table situations he remained calm and calm. I really can only continue to empathize with him. Keep it up, Jonas. Greetings.

Date: 21.03.2014

The driving lessons with Jonas were great. He works correctly, efficiently and remains calm in every situation. The driving lessons were very pleasant due to his patient, relaxed and humorous manner. Absolutely anyone to recommend!:)

Date: 29.01.2014

These were very pleasant driving lessons, where progress was always in the foreground. The tours were varied and you always learned something new. He doesn't get so upset that fast. I can only recommend Jonas. The driving lessons with him are an amusing but nevertheless determined way to this test.

Date: 16.12.2013

I learned a lot in a short time and was absolutely satisfied. :) The rides were varied and amusing. I can only recommend Jonas as a driving instructor!

Date: 09.12.2013

I passed the practical exam today, and I owe that to a large extent to Jonas Hergueda. His calm and relaxed manner helps you to stay calm even in difficult situations. Sinfully used driving lessons and a good-natured car round off the impression. Highly recommended!

Date: 29.10.2013

Reviews from M. T.

Jonas is a very competent and cool driving instructor! Has always helped and never got loud to the learner, which I appreciated very much. Step by step everything was explained to me and if I had any questions I was directly helped. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE DRIVING SCHOOL-SURSEE.CH!

Date: 22.10.2013

Reviews from Pedro Siedel

Although I changed from another driving instructor to Jonas, Jonas took me in super and didn't try to pump money out. He didn't even charge for the insurance! The rides were always great and I always had the feeling of learning something new to jaben after every driving lesson. The best driving instructor in the Sursee area. Thank you, Jonas.

Date: 15.10.2013

I would recommend the driving school Herguedas at any time! Jonas is very patient and one has the feeling to really use the time. He recognises weaknesses and strengths and has a great talent for setting the right priorities for the learner!

Date: 13.09.2013

Jonas is an excellent driving instructor whom I would recommend anytime. He always remained relaxed and friendly in all situations. He recognizes at any time where there are still difficulties for the student driver and gives good advice. The learner is taken into account when designing the driving lessons and importance is attached to ensuring that every lesson can be used efficiently.

Date: 05.09.2013

I can only recommend Jonas. I always felt comfortable and taken seriously during the driving lessons. He can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the students well and give good advice in difficult situations. I never had the feeling to be under- or overstrained. great driving instructor!!

Date: 03.09.2013

I can warmly recommend the driving school Herguedas to everybody. Jonas is a very competent driving instructor. Thanks to his patience, the atmosphere in the car is always relaxed, which makes the learning process extremely pleasant. Every driving hour is well structured and therefore very instructive. Through his helpful documents and the precise attention to a student's weaknesses and strengths, it is possible to make great progress in a short time! Definitely super driving instructor, thumbs up!

Date: 30.06.2013

Reviews from Sandro Fischer

I can recommend Jonas with a clear conscience to all prospective driving students. From his driving lessons I always took several things with me and practiced them in my driving practice. The driving lessons with him were not only a preparation for the test, but also gave me security and confidence behind the wheel. Jonas is very competent, always asks for ambiguities and always knows where you stand with his skills. Thus the driving hours could always be used optimally. In addition, he criticizes constructively instead of unsettling his students!

Date: 29.05.2013

I switched from another driving instructor to Jonas. It turned out that the Wächsel was exactly the right decision. I noticed in the first hour where I really stood and he showed me right away how instructive a driving lesson with him is. -I didn't know that before. I had some "AHA" effects with him :-) and the fun didn't blib on the track either. This shows how competent he is in his work. He gave me a motivation back! I can really recommend Jonas Herguesdas. After every driving lesson I got out and knew I had learned a lot again - also for me personally. It reassured me to know that he'd only sign me up for the exam when I was really ready. - And I was ready! :-)

Date: 02.05.2013

Reviews from Simon El Sewaify

Jonas is a very upbeat, humorous and relaxed guy. He knows exactly what he's doing and how to do it. I couldn't have had a better driver! I will surely recommend it to my friends ;)

Date: 10.04.2013

The driving lessons at Jonas are very varied, instructive and interesting. He's always very calm and humorous. He prepares the students top for the exam, so you don't have to be afraid of the exam... :)

Date: 29.03.2013

It was always fun, the hours of Jonas were never boring and full of humor. I was optimally prepared for the exam. Clearly recommendable

Date: 14.03.2013

Jonas is doing a great job. He chooses the right time to take the exam and as soon as the time comes, you are so well prepared for the exam that you feel very confident! He's always reliable and a great guy. I can only recommend him.

Date: 13.03.2013

Due to his calm but nevertheless humorous nature I could learn a lot from Jonas and feel well prepared for independent driving on the road. Thanks a lot for that!

Date: 05.03.2013

d stonde bim jonas send emmer top gsi. d korrekture send sehr kompetänt gsi, es es emmer loschtig gsi met ehm ond er hed über alles super informiert. chane nor wiiterempfähle.

Date: 31.01.2013

De Jonas is doing a great job as a driving instructor. I've always felt like I've always felt like I've always felt like I've always felt like I've always felt like I've been with someone like you!

Date: 04.01.2013

I haven't thought for a minute about changing the driving lesson. Jonas was from the beginning a sympathetic with good teaching methods. His >Philosophy

Date: 14.12.2012

Jonas is a top driving instructor and very friendly. He can explain things very well and brings a rest. I'd definitely recommend him!

Date: 04.12.2012

Jonas is a very good driving instructor. He has a good sense of humour and is always in a good mood. Even when you're nervous, he can calm you down. He's really great. I can only recommend it. I'm 100% satisfied with him.

Date: 29.11.2012

Jonas is a top driving instructor whom I can only recommend! With his patient and humorous nature, I always felt very comfortable. Thank you Jonas :)

Date: 19.11.2012

Jonas was a supper guy. You could learn a lot and he was always patient with you :)

Date: 04.10.2012

Was very pleased! Jonas is a very sympathetic and patient driving instructor, who also brings the not so talented safely on the road!)

Date: 30.09.2012

Super driving lessons! I can only recommend Jonas! Very pleasant and friendly driving instructor! Thank you Jonas!

Date: 22.09.2012

6 points for Donna's driving school Donnatello De laco is a very patient person and he explains everything until you understand it. Thanks a lot Donna for the effort and patience. I didn't expect to get my driver's license. Thank you and good luck. I wholeheartedly recommend this driving instructor....

Date: 19.09.2012

Reviews from Annina Sigrist-Aubert

With my massive examination anxiety, I didn't make it easy for myself. Jonas did everything to support me, took my fear seriously and even organized a test with another driving instructor for me. Jonas is an absolutely recommendable driving instructor, his relaxed manner, his humour and his patience make every driving lesson more pleasant, even if you (I...) can hardly sit straight because of nervousness. Together with his clear, understandable explanations this made him the perfect driving instructor for me.

Date: 14.09.2012

Jonas is a very patient driving instructor. He can explain everything exactly and understandably and prepares you super for the exam.

Date: 17.07.2012

Jonas is doing a great job! He prepares you super for the exam and registers you for the exam at the right time. You don't have to take too many hours, but it's also enough to have the chance to pass the exam the first time and move safely in traffic after the exam. Jonas is also very patient and we always had something to laugh about during the driving lessons. Jonas is really recommended as a driving instructor. He's just the best!

Date: 12.07.2012

The Jonas are cheerful, decent and always good for the lucky bunch. With our experience, the most common problem is breakage, but it is always a problem to feel this on the horse. ***Very recommended ***

Date: 12.07.2012

Reviews from Oliver Lipp

I was super led to the exam. The driving lessons were well structured and the point where I stood was always shown to me. Always with the necessary humor it went on the street. ;-) Absolutely to recommend!

Date: 11.07.2012

Reviews from Manuel Frei

Jonas explains everything very precisely from the front and makes very targeted use of the driving lessons so that you don't have to take huge amounts of them. He is very constructive in his criticism and gives good advice. Also the driving lessons with him were funny and you always had something to laugh about!

Date: 21.06.2012

D'Fahrstunde bim Jonas send very instructive and alternate. He's very patient, except when there's no talent. He always remains calm, can explain very well and can never motivate. In addition, the ride was a great fun. Merkt noticed that he's got to get for sini driving students. Awesome driving instructor! I wouldn't choose any case.

Date: 31.05.2012

Jonas Herguedas makes you efficiently and cost-effectively fit for car testing. The driving lessons are very instructive, he also gives useful theory sheets. I can only recommend him. Many thanks again !

Date: 28.05.2012

Great driving instructor. Never lose your patience and make the driving lessons varied. Very recommendable!

Date: 25.04.2012

Me chane nor wiiterempfähle! is quiet in every situation and I have never listened to any curses =) very pleasant driving sounds where you can find a mole hed =) its motto, so many driving sounds as more than six years ago feels good next to the horse, good full on and all over! lüüt ah!

Date: 23.04.2012

Reviews from Michael Kurmann

Very pleasant and nice driving instructor I feel well prepared for the future.

Date: 11.04.2012

Jonas is a great driver!! He is always in a good mood and very motivated! Even while driving he is very patient and full of peace! I can only recommend Jonas! I wouldn't have passed my exam without him! Jonas, you're the best!! Thank you for everything!!!! ;) dear grüessli ivana :D

Date: 05.04.2012

Jonas is a very patient and quiet driving instructor. I appreciated that he had a lot of understanding for good or worse moods:) I learned new things in every lesson and in the end he practiced with me what I felt insecure about. I was very pleased.

Date: 17.03.2012

Reviews from Melanie Meier

Every driving lesson I could learn new things. Even when a depression hit me, Jonas was very confident. We worked out a strategy that helped me come to terms with the perfectionist. I thank Jonas very much for that. Without his tips and assistance I would never have passed the exam. He is always in a good mood and motivated, even if not everything runs smoothly during the trip.

Date: 08.03.2012

Reviews from Christian Nussbaumer

Hey sali. I've just passed my mini driving test. and I love you sawing the jonas is an awesome driving instructor. He goes hour exactly after the row that mer everything with bechond where mer breaks to drive. He is a hammer type when driving, he calms down a lot of people who get upset, more chane ned us to rest and he is and chund also always relaxed ah driving hours that it's the right thing for safety when driving! And I recommend whomever he learns how to drive! Lg Ch.N

Date: 07.03.2012

Jonas is a very good driving instructor! The driving lessons have always given me pleasure. He works well structured and efficient and is also patient and has a good sense of humor :)! It was fun!! :D

Date: 25.01.2012

Jonas is such a great driving instructor. He always learns to remain calm and embodies this serenity himself. He has a good way to teach people how to drive and there's something to laugh about in every driving lesson :) I can only recommend him to everyone!

Date: 06.01.2012

I think the driving lessons with Jonas were really great. He works very structured, accurate and efficient. He is also very pleasant, calm and shows good intuition and empathy. Very recommendable! Vera

Date: 14.12.2011

de jonas hets nid always simply with me gha =) but despite everything het me always motivated again and again to continue to do! i am so happy he is he min driving instructor gsi het always patient gha and super tips gäh ;) thanks deför* and s`auto isch simply super to serve! so i cha ne only recommend witer!

Date: 09.12.2011

Every driving lesson with Jonas is instructive and you get one step closer to your goal. Jonas plans the driving lessons well, or asks also for your desires and requests. Great, thank you very much!

Date: 30.11.2011

I'm not receiving any more. With a few driving instructors where every situation remains calm and smooth. If a battle day had gone by, it would never have been a curse or a light. The fun doesn't happen on every ride. A lot of tops.

Date: 20.11.2011

jonas is very correct and direct. you learn very quickly with him. he takes everything with humor and is very motivating! you can never do anything wrong with him, because you learn from mistakes. i would elect him again!

Date: 11.11.2011

Reviews from Jonas Hansen

Jonas is a great driving instructor. The hours were always instructive and exciting. The car was great, too. I'd recommend him to any aspiring driver!

Date: 04.11.2011

Reviews from Daniel Guerreiro

Sensational driving instructor. With him every driving lesson was instructive and nevertheless the fun was never too short. The driving lessons were very well constructed and the car, a new Volvo C30 is ideally suited for driving lessons. Jonas has a lot of patience and is always in a good mood for the driving lesson. For everyone only RECOMMENDED VALUE! If you don't choose him, it's your own fault ;)

Date: 20.10.2011

the driving lessons at joans are great! you make good progress and always have something to laugh about. with your patience and peace of mind you stay relaxed even in hectic situations! thanks a lot to jonas!!

Date: 09.10.2011

Some time has passed since I passed my practical exam. Nevertheless I would like to evaluate Jonas, because I can only recommend him as a driving instructor. He is very patient and knows exactly at what time and regardless of the number of driving lessons he can register his students for the exam. The driving lessons with him were always instructive and there was never a lack of humour and wit! :) Liebi Grüessli Nadja

Date: 07.10.2011

Jonas is an excellent driving instructor! He responds very well to you and promotes exactly the right amount! The driving lessons were always very instructive and exciting, but also the fun never comes too short!;) I would recommend Jonas to everyone, also because he doesn't do excessive driving lessons, but sends you to the exam at exactly the right time, when you are ready for it! Many thanks Jonas and best regards Claudia

Date: 22.09.2011

Great driving lessons with Jonas! I can only recommend him! Very pleasant, friendly driving instructor! Thank you Jonas!

Date: 21.09.2011

Reviews from Caroline Disler

Jonas Herguedas is a very pleasant driving instructor, who takes enough time for the students and also responds to their wishes. One feels comfortable and quickly enjoys driving. I can highly recommend him!

Date: 20.09.2011

I can highly recommend Jonas as a driving instructor. He does his job calmly and safely. Jonas provides entertainment in every driving lesson. I thank you for the exciting and instructive hours and wish you all the best.

Date: 22.07.2011

Reviews from Svenja Eckell

Are you looking for a competent and sensitive driving instructor? Then you've come to the right place with Jonas. Not only does it guide you quickly and accident-free to the exam, it also gives you the feeling of peace and security during every ride. With Jonas' relaxed and sociable style he transforms driving lessons, which for many are an unavoidable, weekly must, into instructive and yet amusing hours, which are fun. At the same time, he attaches great importance to ensuring that all his students pass the exam without having had too many driving lessons. A big praise and thank you to you Jonas. Best regards and all the best. :)

Date: 22.07.2011

Reviews from Jens Brülisauer

I can only recommend jonas. He's doing a great job. Gives clear and logical criticisms and suggestions for improvement. In addition, unnecessary driving hours are not required. I'd choose him again right away. Thank you and greetings jens

Date: 15.07.2011

It's just a really cool thing with Jonas. Mer learns extremely fast with ehm and he lends the au ziit. So I can only recommend you de Jonas!

Date: 13.07.2011

Are you looking for a SYMPATIC, MOTIVATED and WITTLE driving instructor? Contact Jonas immediately (aka Herr Herguedas). Driving lessons with him are LEHRREICH, ANGENEHM and "ENTSPANNT". You may be insecure and afraid of having an accident during your first driving lessons? Then contact Jonas immediately. He takes away your fear and doesn't let you down (in case you make a mistake).

Date: 13.07.2011

HELLO EVERYONE. I'm so happy I passed my car test today. This is all thanks to Jonas. Jonas motivated and encouraged me at every driving lesson, so the lessons were really enjoyable. Jonas is a funny :-) sympathetic and a patient person. He adapts to every character. I can't say anything bad about Jonas, he's really the best driving instructor, so I can only recommend him. I wish you Jonas all the best, stay as you are. Kind regards Sazana

Date: 12.07.2011

Jonas Herguedas is a great driving instructor. Although I had some trouble in the beginning, he could always give me courage. Jonas is a pleasant and likeable person. Due to his calm and patient nature the driving lessons were much easier for me. I learned a lot and received valuable advice on how to improve. The documentation on the manoeuvres was also helpful. I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas. I am totally happy that I passed the driving test yesterday and wish you all the best for the future. salute

Date: 26.06.2011

well-designed driving lessons. you make fast progress and don't need unnecessary driving lessons. top driving instructors.

Date: 24.06.2011

The driving lessons with Jonas were always instructive. The theoretical points for support and memory are useful and easy to understand. During the driving lessons I always experienced him very patiently and clearly pointed out certain mistakes/improvements. The driving lessons were specifically planned so that I always knew what I could do and what I still had to do. We also drove 2 times to Lucerne, which I found very valuable, as city driving is somewhat different from driving in Sursee or Sempach itself. The driving lessons gave me great safety. Thanks Jonas for your work. You see, I can recommend you with a very good conscience.

Date: 25.05.2011

The driving lessons with Jonas were tiptop, very well structured, funny and you learn a lot with him. So that the whole does not only come over practically, he gives theory sheets to different exercises each to anchor the whole better. I can say that I had a very good driving instructor and recommend him to others as well. Thank Jonas so much!!!!!!! Greetings Antonio

Date: 04.05.2011

Hello Zämme I han au bim Jonas driving lesson gno and bi voll und ganz zfriede gsi with him. So, after a case of a health emergency, he can go on with it again, despite the fur arbitration. I have no driving lesson in my head where ke gueti Stimmig gsi wer and the find en wichtigtigi Vorussetzig to learn.

Date: 04.05.2011

I was very satisfied with the driving lessons. He was always in a good mood and had patience. Explicitly promotes things which are not yet 100% seated but still brings a lot of variety. I can only RECOMMEND!!!! GREAT LEARNING!!

Date: 12.04.2011

Jonas is a really great driving instructor!! He builds up the driving lessons well and hands out additional theory sheets. Jonas is patient and very nice. You learn a lot new things in every driving lesson. Also private has place in the driving lesson! I always enjoyed going to driving lessons and recommend Jonas to every student!

Date: 23.03.2011

I can only mention positive here. Because the driving lessons are super structured, you learn fast and well. Besides, Jonas is really super nice. I have always felt comfortable during the driving lessons and have always enjoyed going. So I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas, it's really worth it!!!

Date: 10.02.2011

Great learning. Explicitly promotes things which are not yet 100% seated but still brings a lot of variety. The whole thing was a lot of fun and with the learned I could with a good conscience to the exam. Thank you Jonas. Greetings Kusi

Date: 09.02.2011

The driving tonde to Jonas sends real tip top. The Jonas are burning the good ones quickly forward. He's a very wet guy, and he's a little bit loose in the elevator. So I recommend Jonas Chan to you.

Date: 07.02.2011

De Jonas esch e suuper driving instructor. He's very patient, and he's very close. I don't know what to recommend. With these theory sheets, which are more or less the same, more or less the homes are still not repeating themselves. He also noted exactly who was seen as the paradise for the test, and who had not made any more driving stops. I'll teach you how to ride out in a hurry. Thanks vöu mou! Greetings Nadine

Date: 31.01.2011

The driving lessons with Jonas were very pleasant. He was very patient and was always nice and quiet. He was never irritable or in a bad mood. I can only recommend to every student to go to Jonas.

Date: 24.01.2011

De Jonas esch werkli en super driving instructors. At the beginning of the journey, any ride is neither necessary nor necessary. All manoeuvres are supplemented by theory sheets, which allow us to repeat the whole or part of the home. I'm teaching you to drive a car. I'm a big driver. Thank you Jonas!

Date: 22.12.2010

I found the driving school of Jonas Herguedas on this homepage and chose it because it probably received the most positive feedback. After I passed the exam today (after 16 h), I can confirm that not too much was promised. Jonas creates an optimal learning atmosphere and takes a lot of time for individual problems. I can recommend him to anyone with a clear conscience. Marc.

Date: 11.12.2010

I didn't pass the car test until the third attempt. Jonas Herguedas was always very patient and friendly. A great guy and really does his job with super. At the beginning I was very afraid of the exam, which was the reason why I failed the 2 exam. In preparation for the 3rd exam Jonas organized a second driving instructor with whom I could complete an hour, to cope with my nervousness. And it worked! I can only recommend Jonas Herguedas! Jan Lindauer

Date: 06.12.2010

Reviews from Tonazzi Rebecca

Mr. Herguedas is a very patient and nice driving instructor. I also liked the theory sheets for practicing at home.

Date: 30.11.2010

I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas. Jonas is a very patient and friendly driving instructor, always calm and punctual. Furthermore you get clear theory sheets for private practice. The test worked the first time after 20 hours. Thanks for everything, Jonas =) Petra Höltschi

Date: 29.11.2010

Mr. Herguedas is an extremely patient and nice driving instructor, the training was a lot of fun for me and I can only recommend him. Thanks Jonas for training me so that I am now a quiet motorist :-)

Date: 26.10.2010

He is a very pleasant and patient driving instructor. He can answer the questions you have well and help you.

Date: 22.10.2010

Jonas is a great driving instructor. He's extremely patient and you always have something to talk to him about. He gives you very helpful tips and you get theory sheets for at home. It's really recommendable!

Date: 27.09.2010

Jonas Herguedas is a very pleasant and patient driving instructor. I always liked to go to him in the driving lesson despite my initial "autophobia". Jonas, thank you again!

Date: 24.09.2010

the driving school herguedas is recommendable. jonas takes care of the driving student, the driving lessons are varied and you get theory sheets to practice at home. as a person jonas is very nice and patient.

Date: 23.09.2010

I can really only say positive things about Hergueda's driving school. The knowledge and the correct driving were taught fast and professionally super! I always liked to go to the driving lesson and due to the rapid progress, I quickly reached my goal and got my driving license!!! :) Great.

Date: 09.09.2010

I was very happy with Jonas. He prepared me cleanly for the exam, always tells me what's going on and yet he's very good! He can estimate well what the student can do and what he cannot (yet) do and knows how to start with it. - Good car! (Volvo C30) - Driving lessons well structured! - Responds to students' wishes - Patient and competent - Don't do unnecessary driving lessons, limit them to what is necessary. But don't really send the student to the exam until he knows he can do it. - Good price with subscription, if the subscription is used, the remaining hours will be refunded, which have not been used. In short: absolutely recommendable!

Date: 07.09.2010

I can only recommend the driving school of Jonas Herguedas. The driving lessons are very structured and instructive Jonas says directly if you can improve something, but he also often mentions the positive things. As a person Jonas is very kind, constructive and sympathetic. A super thing :-)!

Date: 06.08.2010

-Respect full kind -Best explanation! -Responds to questions -Notes when an exercise is clear -good aids -also private things have place -"as much as necessary, but not more!"

Date: 23.07.2010

Jonas is doing his job as a driving instructor really well. He is very patient and can explain things very well. In addition, he always gives theory sheets that can be studied at home. You can feel his experience and he's good with young people. The driving lessons are relaxed and yet instructive at a fair price. Driving school Herguedas is recommended in this case!

Date: 20.07.2010

Jonas Herguedas convinces with a competent and sympathetic appearance. During the driving lessons you always enjoy your full concentration and can also fully enjoy the lessons. He shapes his hours according to the level of the learner, so that you always feel on the right track. In addition, his helpful documents and good tips enabled him to make great progress in a short time. Great driving instructor to recommend!

Date: 16.07.2010

The Jonas is a very popular driving instructor, patient, loose, divine in praise and lying on the fact that more than one of the stonde breaks where it is necessary to send the thorib sheets to the home to practice... so that the Jonas clearly continues to receive

Date: 01.07.2010

I was very satisfied with Hergueda's driving school. He is a patient, funny and very competent driving instructor, who adjusts the speed and program to each student individually. In addition, the driving school is very reasonably priced. Jonas is to be recommended in every respect. Lg Celine

Date: 17.06.2010

Great, competent, patient, pleasant driving instructor. Has been one of the cheapest driving instructors. The car was also very good and fun to drive =) Jonas knows how to successfully complete a test with little but enough driving lessons. Secret: 13 weeks = 13 driving hour

Date: 10.06.2010

I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas! Jonas is a good teacher who can explain everything well and always knows exactly where the student stands with his abilities. In addition, he is always patient and in a good mood. Not to forget the good theory sheets, which are also suitable for private driving as a good aid. Thanks for the time and all the best Jonas! Samuel

Date: 26.05.2010

I was very satisfied with Hergueda's driving school. Actually, I can only say a positive thing about it: a friendly and above all patient driving instructor. I would recommend him in any case!

Date: 20.05.2010

Can only say positive things about Hergueda's driving school. A relaxed, cool guy who can teach you all aspects of driving a car with the necessary objectivity. (worksheets, factually correct explanations and tips on what to pay attention to) You can choose where the lesson starts (e.g. Sursee Bhf, at home, Kantonsschule, etc.) and also where it should end. The hours you have paid for can also be driven effectively! You can also buy a 10-hour subscription and get 11 hours for free. You also have the whole lesson to yourself (you never have to bring another student home or something). So you can really invest all the time in the things you want to practice or learn. First time I passed the exam at 20 hours! Really a cool, loose guy, can only recommend him.

Date: 29.04.2010

Are you looking for a driving instructor? - then choose Jonas Herguedas. -patient, competent, kind - all in one person. And last but not least: price-performance ratio very good. Thank you, Jonas- and all the best. Raphael

Date: 28.04.2010

The driving instructor is a very fair, humorous man who has a lot of patience and can explain situations very precisely. After every driving lesson I had the feeling that I had learned something new and I noticed this in my private driving afterwards. With 80.- per hour or with the purchase of a 10ner subscription approx. 73.- per hour (11.hour free!!!) it is also one of the cheapest in the region Sursee. The quality is very good. I can only recommend him!!! That's why : 6 points!!

Date: 20.04.2010

Nothing to complain about. The driving lessons were always optimally tailored to me. Jonas told me about my mistakes, explained everything to me well and was always open to questions. Competent and funny driving instructor, I can only recommend!

Date: 08.04.2010

De Jonas is in all henscht howto recommend!d driving tones send the hammer to him. he is always calm, he is always motivated and self-confident, he is always busy, he is always lying about it, he is always happy for you, and his car is always pure luxury ;-) he does not recommend you to any other place where the suechi are still sending super driving instructors! Thank you nomol vell mol jonas.

Date: 05.03.2010

Very good driving instructor. Always friendly and well-positioned. Another advantage is that he is a young driving instructor and is very good with the young people.

Date: 12.01.2010

The driving school Herguedas is to be recommended really further, since Jonas is a very set up, purposeful driving instructor. The driving lessons were also kept within reasonable limits, as one could take the theory sheets home in order to deepen as much as possible oneself. There was also never a lack of humour and conversation. Preparation & Organization of Hours --- Simply TOP (= TOP) Simply only to recommend...!!!! Greetings Oli

Date: 10.01.2010

The driving lessons with Jonas were funny, varied and instructive. With the theory sheets you could also practice at home without any problems. I can only recommend you!

Date: 21.12.2009

de jonas esch simply brilliant driving instructors! It gives a factory a lot of confidence, which strengthens the cleanliness confidence. ) ond är makes nor send as many driving tones as necessary. ech wörd ehn everyone wiiterempfehl! :)

Date: 01.12.2009

D fahrstunde bim jonas are super gsi, always entertaining and instructive. He's reporting an oh who's so white, and he's making no unnecessary hours. Chan only recommend him wiiter!

Date: 24.11.2009

The driving lessons with Jonas were always instructive, humorous and varied. I liked the vivid explanations and the helpful theory documents. Jonas takes a lot of consideration for his students and also proves a lot of patience: Even if the "backwards driving with sideways road" doesn't work for the umpteenth time, he stays calm and gives valuable tips. By the way, I came through the exam the first time (but very close :)). I can really recommend Jonas as a driving instructor!

Date: 20.11.2009

The driving lessons were very good. The construction and also the way in which Jonas brings you closer to driving and the car step by step. He adapts fully to you, and then moves on when you're ready. He also gives you sheets to take home with you, where it says how to park, turn etc.. After all, Jonas will let you go when you're ready. The number of driving hours is completely irrelevant. I passed the 25h and 1h exam. 6/6 without ifs and buts!

Date: 19.11.2009

hello together i have completed my driving lessons with Jonas in the last 3 months and have passed the exam successfully! i found the time very reasonable and was on the road safely at the exam! The driving lessons were always pleasant and entertaining. His Volvo C30 car is very easy to drive. I especially like the examples I got on paper, so I was able to learn a lot at home. I can only recommend him!

Date: 11.11.2009

I passed my driving test a week ago. I owe it to my driving instructor, Jonas. He is a great, entertaining and motivating driving instructor. I always enjoyed driving and even if something didn't work out Jonas could convince me that it works. There were always humorous, instructive and pleasant driving lessons. I am very happy to have chosen Jonas as my driving instructor. So I can only recommend Jonas to everybody! (Also his driving school car - Volvo C30 - is ingenious) I wish you, Jonas, all the best for the future and hope you drive yourself over the wäg "I hätt fröid" =) Grüessli Sharon

Date: 10.11.2009

I am very satisfied, he was very friendly. He always supported me and gave me helpful tips.

Date: 09.11.2009

The driving lessons at Herguedas have always been fun for me. He was always in a good mood and always praised me, which increased my self-confidence in driving. I thank you for the knowledge you have passed on to me and wish you a great time. Greetings Corina

Date: 02.11.2009

I thought the lessons were great! It was funny, interesting, instructive and varied. Not too much and not too few driving lessons and with the theory sheets learning at home went without a hitch! I can only recommend this driving school. It's also quite cool from a cost point of view!=) Come on, Jonas! =D

Date: 22.10.2009

extremely friendly, calm and goal-oriented. is only to be recommended!

Date: 21.10.2009

I'm so happy! I'm so happy! ^^ I chan de jonas nume allne witerempfele!! he is a super driving instructor and he has a lot of patience! so always have fun with zfride gsi and han and all the fun you can have!! :-D I'M GOING TO THE JONAS, I'M GOING TO KE FALL BEROIE!!!

Date: 15.07.2009

The driving lessons with Jonas were very instructive. He has a lot of patience and his theory sheets to the different maneuvers are very good!!! He's upbeat and humorous. I can only recommend Jonas:)

Date: 11.07.2009

I loved the driving lessons with Jonas. The setup of the driving lessons was timed for me. I appreciate very much that I could also take driving lessons over my lunchtime. I can recommend his calm, humorous and professional work to everyone!!!

Date: 10.07.2009

I generally found the driving school at Hernn Herguedas very pleasant. He knows how to teach the students how to drive in the easiest possible way and as a student you never feel insecure. His methods support the learning process very much. I recommend the driving school Herguedas to all those who besides learning to drive want to have a funny conversation here and there:-).

Date: 09.07.2009

Jonas is a very pleasant driving instructor, he prepared me very well for the exam I passed today. He was always friendly and could motivate a super. He always knew what to do in the driving lessons, so there are not too many driving lessons. I can only recommend him.

Date: 07.07.2009

thanks mister herguedas for the successful cooperation:D....everything went well..now i can drive alone:)...wish you further success with your new students... love greetings aslan

Date: 07.07.2009

Today I had my car exam, which I passed. I have always enjoyed going to class and knowing that when something wrong is done, you have a driving instructor next to you who is patient, calm and always nice. Every hour Jonas is prepared and knows what he wants to do. Also the car is great to drive. I can only recommend it, it will certainly not be regretted!

Date: 30.06.2009

Hello, everybody, last Friday I passed the driving test. I'd like to report briefly on the driving lessons. Jonas is a very self-confident, hard-working young man who does an excellent job. Even in bad moods, nervousness and stress, he can raise his students up again with humour. He is a nice and funny person, which increased my motivation. The VolvoC30 is a good car, you can quickly get used to it, it is very pleasant to drive. If I should select another 1000 times a driving instructor, I would take again my driving instructor and therefore I recommend him drigend further. Let yourselves be convinced!

Date: 18.06.2009

I am completely satisfied with Jonas' driving training and cannot say a single bad word about the way he brought me closer to driving. I had a reasonable number of driving lessons and thanks to the tips and theory sheets I was able to practice privately and benefit from them. Jonas addresses individual problems and plans his lesson ideally adapted to existing skills. In addition, he is a very pleasant person with whom sitting behind the wheel is twice as much fun. Finally, I can only recommend that you complete the driving training with Jonas Herguedas.

Date: 03.06.2009

Jonas was a great driving instructor. He prepared me very well for driving a car. Manoeuvres were handed out on theory sheets and what was important for me was that I could take my driving lessons over lunch. I can only recommend him. Thank you Jonas:-)

Date: 08.05.2009

de jonas esch en super driving instructor, very patient;-) I am not afraid to start my career with you, but I do drive on new roads or what I think belongs to you. esch en sehr loschtige ond liebe. so very sensitive!

Date: 07.05.2009

I am really satisfied with Hergueda's driving school because everything is just right here. Mr. Herguedas himself is a young, reliable man who is absolutely up to date, can assess his students very well and also responds to them. Also the car (a Volvo C30) is very pleasant to drive and has the ideal size to learn how to drive. Therefore there is nothing else for me than to rate the driving school Herguedas with a Very good!

Date: 06.05.2009

Driving school Herguedas is very recommendable! Jonas is a super guy, who is very fair regarding the number of driving hours and prepares the student excellently for the exams! Just super...

Date: 24.04.2009

De Jonas is a class... I know exactly what it's like to drive... We do not make any superfluous driving habits, despite our competence and our very personal personality... Chan ehn nor wiiterempfähle...

Date: 10.04.2009

I can only say good things about Jonas, actually. His teaching is well structured, he can explain the different manoeuvres and situations well and illustrates the whole thing also with theory sheets. Besides, he always stays calm and is also very flexible when it comes to setting the dates for the driving lessons.

Date: 03.04.2009

a super super sturdy young driving instructor:) that sheets about the different manoeuvres that are taking place between him and chamer six it saves a couple of driving bikes and the home goes well... It also notes that this is a very precise structure in simple terms. So get to him ou ned vörig vöu Stonde:) Ech chan ehn nome wieterempfäle... han met wenig Stonde bim First Mol passed:P Merci för d Usböudig Jonas lg Raphael

Date: 20.03.2009

I couldn't have chosen a better driver than Jonas. If you wish, he will come to pick you up at home and manoeuvres can be practiced perfectly at home thanks to theory sheets. The learning drive car is also great, with which driving is made quite easier.

Date: 18.02.2009

so i only have good things to eat about jonas. he is a super patient and profound driving instructor, where even as hopeful as me can be tested. sini awissige are very good and easy to implement. all where a driving instructor in the region sursee is looking for jonas, he is the best.

Date: 16.02.2009

So, I just passed the first mol. The picture in Jonas is very good. I have been working on other things, but I have not had any experience in this field and because it is very important for me to be able to teach. De Jonas didn't motivate me, he pulled the whole thing together. Ben sehr zfride gsi met de Usbildig. De Jonas remains very calm and explains everything very well. I will recommend him in any case.

Date: 16.02.2009

Can only recommend the driving school of Jonas Herguedas. Very good structure of the training. If you can practice a lot at home, Jonas will register you for the exam quickly and you will also pass the 1st time directly.

Date: 03.02.2009

The driving student at Christoph esch simply gseid de Hammer!!! For more car drivers, there are many choices between biobroket and no weight restrictions for everyday car driving on the weighbridge. S'Priis's performance ratio is very precise and therefore there is always more "Huusfugabge" to be found that even a little bit more beautiful teachings would be able to give the ground such a big load on the ground that it is possible to get so far in the summer holidays! :-) Christoph has been driving his car relatively fast and he has had a lot of fun. But I wanted to make sure that I would always send the Stonde with joy in my driving lessons! :-)

Date: 03.02.2009

Always was great with Jonas. Driving lessons were super organized. He always stays calm and friendly. I really can only recommend him.

Date: 28.01.2009

good driving instructor, stays calm and can justify the situations well. you can only miss another one. :)

Date: 11.12.2008

I have just passed the exam and am very satisfied with my training. Jonas had a lot of patience and gave me many valuable tips. I'd recommend him to anyone. Jonas, thanks for the great driving lessons and your patience:-) Take care... olivia

Date: 03.12.2008

I was very satisfied with the driving school. Jonas is a good driving instructor who is good at taking care of you. I was quite afraid of driving at the beginning and I lost it after a few hours of driving. I can only recommend Jonas.

Date: 01.12.2008

Very friendly driving instructor. Driving instructor does not make unnecessary many hours. Very collegial! Driving school Herguedas is highly recommended! Michael

Date: 13.11.2008

I liked every driving lesson with him super! the driving lessons always passed very quickly and I learned a lot in a short time! I can only recommend him!

Date: 21.10.2008

I am very satisfied with the driving training with Jonas Herguedas. From beginning to end you are accompanied very well. The various manoeuvres are very well integrated into the driving lessons and in addition you get theory sheets with which you can learn more easily in private. I can only recommend the driving school Herguedas. Jonas is a great guy with a lot of patience :D.

Date: 15.10.2008

Driving on Jonas Herguedas send super gseh! I've got six in the car with more onderhaute, ond the whole ond uncomplicated switched! Everything has been explained in a super way, I even do a little more for the individual manoeuvres! so möchid d fahrstonde werklech fun! PS:vel glöck üch aune!

Date: 23.09.2008

At the beginning I didn't know which driving instructor I should take driving lessons with, then I ended up on this side. The choice is large, but today I can say that I made the right decision. Jonas is a patient, reliable and humorous driving instructor. He has a pleasant charisma, he is friendly and very relaxed. He responds individually to the students and even if you are in a bad mood, he puts you back in your place in no time at all. His Volvo C30 is a good vehicle, you have a good overview and can adjust the seat versatile, you get used to it very quickly. If you also want to have a good education, then I would say, don't miss this driving instructor, he is unique!

Date: 04.09.2008

Jonas is a very good, competent and patient driving instructor! Learning is really fun with him!

Date: 24.07.2008

i perceive my driving lesson in jonas as pleasant and instructive. it is patient and understanding. I can only welcome him again! anna heini

Date: 07.05.2008

Very good driving training. The driving instructor is individually responsive to the students. Mr. Herguedas has a lot of patience and good language skills.

Date: 29.04.2008

Jonas is a great guy.

Date: 09.04.2008

Driving school Herguedas, I can only recommend further also for such whose concentration leaves to wish:-D. A very patient driving instructor, can also explain super and has a pleasant charisma.

Date: 29.01.2008

The driving school in Hergueda totally convinced me. In the beginning I was at another driving school, which didn't help me. When I changed to Hergueda's driving school, Jonas was able to teach me the right behaviour on the road with a lot of wit, good encouragement and a lot of commitment. The crept in errors and the demotivation were gone after some hours. I have now passed the test.

Date: 08.01.2008

Always looking forward to the driving lesson! Very patient, friendly and relaxed. Very nice car, fun!

Date: 13.10.2007

Welcome to Herguedas' driving school! If I had to take driving lessons again, I'd take them back with Jonas. He's very patient and kind. I had the exam within 2 months, which certainly had something to do with Jonas' commitment. So I can only recommend him!

Date: 06.07.2007

very good

Date: 02.07.2007

D Fahrstonde bim Jonas Herguedas sends very well. He's a very reasonable and loose guy. He makes it great with his explanations and drawings. S Pris-Leischtig's ratio is very good. Ech cha sini driving student nome wiiterempfähle! Nicole Kirchhofer