independence-drive GmbH reviews and experiences

Date: 15.11.2017

Super driving instructor with super much patience, always with good Luune azmeffe...:)

Date: 12.09.2017

Top driving school! competent & friendly.

Date: 02.09.2017

Reviews from Mirjam Zimmermann

Super, learning with fun, so that you feel safe on the street

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Date: 01.09.2017

Hammer ziit gsi :'D

Date: 28.08.2017

i cha itz oh cut off outo drive :)

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Date: 25.08.2017

Isch geil gsi!

Date: 24.08.2017

independence-drive is a great driving school, you teach all important things very quickly and the driving instructors are both super friendly and cool on it the driving school can only recommend further

Date: 23.08.2017

The driving school independence with the two super cool driving instructors is very unique, uncomplicated, funny and the most important thing: very instructive!

Date: 22.08.2017

Very good driving school! Can only recommend this because Independence Drive has the certain skills to prepare the students optimally for road traffic and to train all processes necessary for safe and foresighted driving well, so that the student can implement them and acquire a safe and foresighted driving style.

Date: 22.08.2017

Reviews from Laura Brunner

very good driving school !

Date: 22.08.2017

I knew from the emergency course that I wanted to learn to drive with you. It was immediately very sympathetic to me, you are also very affectionate and patient.

Date: 21.08.2017


Date: 21.08.2017

Super driving school, definitely recommendable!

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Romy Von Gunten

Simply perfect! With the driving instructors you could have fun but also learn something! They explain the situations on the street so that one understands it! If you don't come the first time they explain it to you until you understand it! You have a lot of patience! They give you courage! They're going through every step with you! They will accompany you friendly and set up until the end of the driving school! When I first sat alone in the car it was true when I passed the test and picked up my car! I drove home on my own and just had a soup feeling, I noticed that I don't have to run on the bus anymore and only go out to the house and then off the Poost!!! I felt safe from the beginning alone, but only because I got everything explained well during the driving lessons!

Date: 21.08.2017

I was satisfied with the performance of the Independence driving school. The two driving instructors have responded to my needs as well as questions. They are patient and work need-oriented. Appointments were set up very flexibly and adapted to the customers. It was possible to book appointments in advance or at short notice. In retrospect, I would attend this driving school again.

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Fabian Rieder

Very friendly and competent.

Date: 21.08.2017

With independence-drive I had many funny and instructive driving lessons! I would definitely register back there if I needed driving lessons again! :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Mein Tipp: Genügend Schlaf

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Noah Gugger

When I was allowed to drive on the street alone for the first time, it was a strange feeling. However, supper was prepared for it and much easier for me. After a few minutes it was nothing special anymore.

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Lukas Schild

They gave a very competent impression, in addition the driving climate was very relaxed which made it pleasant to learn without pressure.

Date: 21.08.2017

Super driving school, Super teacher :)

Date: 21.08.2017

It was a super thing!! Friendly driving instructors who have fun at their job and look that student is perfectly prepared for the exam. Without being fixed on the money and do not want to give pupils as many driving lessons as possible that they earn a lot of money from it.

Date: 21.08.2017

Roman u Mischu, always good for it and with a nice oug for beautiful outos, brings you quickly and safely to the rhinestones. Wed dr Uswis schneuer from dänkt i de Seck hesch, we missed it ;)

Date: 21.08.2017

My goal was to complete the test with as few driving lessons as possible. You made this possible by teaching me the most important things that I didn't know yet. Many things were packed into the driving lesson. There was always a very relaxed atmosphere in the car and it was a lot of fun to learn to drive at Independence!

Date: 21.08.2017

Reviews from Edi Murphy

There are 2 really top driving instructors who understand their craft. Always had a lot of fun riding with Mischu and Roman. One has also received spiritual support when one needed it. I gladly recommend to other young people who still have to do their permis. 10/10

Date: 21.08.2017

helpful, young and very competent, transparent, really fun and always taken seriously and treated very collegially. Just great memories. Super exam preparation. Keep it up!

Date: 11.05.2016

Michel and Roman are different, but both very good in their own way. Humorous, flexible and patient. I have had a great experience and can only recommend independence-drive!

Date: 10.04.2016

This driving school was just perfect. The driving instructors are super and you can see that they do their job with joy. The driving lesson is always 100% focused on what you need to learn. I recommend this driving school to absolutely everyone.

Date: 25.02.2016

Very horny driving student :)

Date: 17.02.2016

Reviews from Schüpbach Nadin

You 2 are super u'm very grateful to you. Finally I made it thanks to you.

Date: 08.02.2016

Reviews from Steffi Gertsch

The two driving instructors are really great. With their knowledge, patience and humour they try to guide the students through the time of learning and the exam. I also think it's great that you hear two "different" opinions, you can only profit from that. I can really recommend this driving school. :)

Date: 21.01.2016

Reviews from Jenny Gurtner

Twelve super cool driving instructors, good explanations, patience and a good sense of humour will never be a problem...! :) I chas numä witerempfählä...!! I'm going to go both ways for you to...!!

Date: 04.12.2015

Reviews from Michael Widner

- Horny cars with Pfupf - structured and fun lessons - great location next to railway station - two brilliant driving instructors, one calm and relaxed, the other somewhat more talkative, but both TOP versier and -What more could you ask for? (Almost a pity that I passed the exam ;)

Date: 17.11.2015

Reviews from Nino Stettler

Driving instructor with broad knowledge, good inputs --> this is how driving school is fun! All questions will be answered professionally and fun and humour will not be neglected. A better place to visit the driving school is hard to imagine.

Date: 26.09.2015

Reviews from Sabrina Michel

Single number super zit gsi bi öych! Sit two super cool driving instructors & cha öych simply number wiiterempfähle...

Date: 17.09.2015

There are two great and positioned driving instructors with a lot of patience and humor so that every driving lesson is fun. I can only recommend the driving school!!!

Date: 10.09.2015

I can only recommend it! The two driving instructors are Top. If I take further exams I will definitely train with them! salute

Date: 04.08.2015

Reviews from Selina Mostosi

It's a lot of fun and you've learned a lot. It would be so much fun if you were respected and treated with patience. The driving student is guaranteed to be very recommendable!

Date: 29.07.2015

Super driving instructor + super car = Super exam!

Date: 06.07.2015

Supergueti and entertaining driving instructors. With viil patience. Always valid explanations. From a selection of recommended driving students from many who teach you always good luck your driving instructor will meet you. Mercii!!

Date: 12.04.2015

She's got two driving instructors who have. Competent, funny and simply super fun to learn with both of them. It's great that you're not lying to the money. Lying breaks 2 hours, it's breaking 2 hours, it's breaking me. Simply only super and only to the wietr recommend.

Date: 04.02.2015

super sach! both driving instructors are very dedicated, with the necessary portion of humor and natural nid zvrgässe: dr audi wärtet di ganzi sach ono chli uf! ;-)

Date: 26.01.2015

Very well trained driving instructors and always helpful and in a good mood. go on like this :-)

Date: 17.12.2014

It was an awesome experience learning to drive with michel and roman gysi! They are very supportive and motivating!

Date: 25.11.2014

Hättmers nid besser chönne vorsteue!!! Merci viu viu mau! =)

Date: 08.11.2014

Super driving school. It can only be recommended.

Date: 06.08.2014

Is to be recommended!

Date: 30.06.2014

Ales Perfekt !! Maga funny and geili outo.

Date: 17.06.2014

- super driving instructors (personal as well as professional) - great location of the driving school (near the train station) - good car (e.g. with camera to manoeuvre backwards) - Examination passed --> what more do you want?!?

Date: 11.03.2014

Reviews from Tobias Pfister

Very good driving school! Supernette and friendly drivers! This is how learning is fun! First time passed! Just to recommend!

Date: 10.03.2014

Reviews from Baumann Barbara

salutti :) Thanks to the super tolli luschtigi ziit in the emergency vku u fahrstundä single the bööörner :) super luschtigä humorous love young driving instructor always in a good mood simply makes fun. channi numma recommend. thanks ver the super exam hit single great gsii =) Lg bümi =)

Date: 07.11.2013

Reviews from Kevin Riesen

Supper driving school. Each lesson prepares you wonderfully for the exam and even with a lot of humour.

Date: 12.12.2012

I came through my brother to this driving school or to Mr. Gysi. When my brother Gysi described Michel, it was clear to me that I had to take my driving lessons with him. And I wasn't disappointed! Michel is a great guy who sweetens every driving lesson with a little humor. With him you can learn to drive a car in a relaxed and quiet way. He teaches you everything with a dash of humor super!! I thank Gysi Michel for taking me through the car test the first time. Very recommendable driving school!

Date: 29.11.2012

independence drive = Super driving school! Gysi Michel has prepared me super for the car inspection! And not with boring and never-ending driving lessons! In addition to the technical aspects, fun is never neglected. He can deal with people and, depending on your character, can saddle you up for the exam. That's the way it has to be. Merci Gysi!

Date: 27.11.2012

Reviews from Ledi Bi

Nothelfer, VKU and driving lesson - everything is fun! Ä young, upset, open u funny driving instructors ..u nevertheless hani fast u good teaches outo driving;)

Date: 13.08.2012

Driving school independence, probably the best driving school there is. Gysi, probably the greatest driving instructor there is! He got me through the test extremely fast and it was never boring!

Date: 25.01.2010

entertaining lessons (Nothelfer, VKU), very competent and simply good :-D I can recommend from my heart!

Date: 07.02.2009

Independence offers very exciting and interesting lessons. Very nice and upbeat young teacher. Can only highly recommend the emergency helper to anyone with independence.

Date: 05.05.2008

Michel is a great driving instructor!

Date: 21.04.2008

huere horny gsi, fast running test pass great gsi!!

Date: 27.06.2007

You're funny in the emergency half class. You've got a nice lesson. Äs motivates skin mitemne ufgstellte driving instructor.

Date: 26.06.2007

New, innovative, original, varied, young, fresh, adapted, flexible!

Date: 16.05.2007

independence, super driving school. a young competent driving instructor, recommendable. thanks

Date: 06.05.2007

miiisch, find me the page good up to chlini thing. i love you very much and you are my child. do me like this, you're proud of me. lg flo u steff

Response from independence-drive GmbH:
danke, jungs DANKE..... hanech ou gärn

Date: 02.05.2007

Thank you very much.

Date: 30.04.2007

Thanks for your patience, great thing made MEGA fun. highly recommended... gruss mischu