Fahrschule Isabelle reviews and experiences

Date: 05.12.2019

Reviews from Timo Schwarz

Thank you Isabelle! thanks to you, chani, now clean driving. the Isabelle driving school is very recommendable.. yes the road traffic is very good... but with the Isabelle it's just fun to weigh it up to the test .. she knows exactly what you're walking on the road... Isabelle draws six us very professional driving instructors but her humor is not short...she always has it fun drbi o i bränzligä situation...she knows exactly what she is doing... u's staying easy. Absolutely recommendable. I've got a mini exam team to watch out for thanks to you... z driving is really good... wedä dr Füehreruswis wosch... the way to Isabelle...

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Date: 15.12.2017

Reviews from Frédéric Bourgin

Has a lot of patience with slower students and is understanding when mistakes happen.

Date: 31.03.2016

Its growth has been checked out for the first time:) Chas always no nid quite gloube but äs makes really fun z drive! That hani ar Isabelle z owes! Without her unprofitable good tips, you would never have been able to use her word as well as her word. I'm always laughing with her u ig chase number and recommendations. Mercii nomau Isabelle:)

Date: 27.03.2015

Isabelle always gives good advice and is very calm during the driving lessons. She is patient and is not too good to explain things repeatedly. It's always been a lot of fun! Merci viu viu mau Isabelle!!

Date: 03.02.2015

Reviews from Alisa Zaugg

Isabelle is a very patient driving instructor and always has an open ear! During the driving lesson she gives helpful tips! One can talk very well and she always has a good joke in stock :) thanks Isabelle thanks to you I could pass the exam!

Date: 10.07.2013

Isabelle is always calm and balanced during driving lessons. She can cheer you up well and explains a manoeuvre even the umpteenth time patiently. It was great fun to learn how to drive with you! MERCI :-)

Date: 15.05.2013

I passed my exam today at the second attempt. =) This thanks to the good and instructive driving lessons, the patience of Isabelle and the encouragement after the first test! Again and again there were good and funny conversations between the maneuvers and the turning :) Thank you Isabelle ;)

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Date: 26.04.2013

Dear Isabelle Thanks to you I have entlich the autoprüfung:-)! I am still completely from the "häuschen"! You were always upbeat and always in a good mood! Even if you had to explain the driving manoeuvres x times, you still stay calm and always have a joke ready! Besides, you were always very cool in every situation (even with the dicey one :-)). Therefore I can recommend your driving school to everyone who wants to take driving lessons with a top driving instructor! Thanks again for your patience and great tips!

Date: 06.03.2013

Passed the car test at the first attempt today. Isabelle is quiet, patient and it is fun to learn to drive with her! Recommended also for cases of hardship and exam-anxiety! Top preparation, merci :-)

Date: 14.02.2012

Professional as well as interpersonal super! Very recommendable!

Date: 13.12.2011

Today I have passed my car examination after the 3rd attempt:)This mostly only by the tireless, competent and motivating commitment of Isabelle! Isabelle teaches you how to drive with a friendly and experienced safety! You will notice your experience and that good driving training is close to your heart. Would recommend Isabelle to everyone, and I am grateful that I was allowed to learn with her! Thank you Isabelle:)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Es war ein langer, anstrengender, nervenzerrender Kampf

Date: 22.07.2010

I'll close the door with the other assessor! With Isabelle's teachings she always had a lot of fun and although that is a annoying fact, she always laughed more and more during the hour. I find you bring exactly the right mix - o so with the weighing in the hour, sometimes outobahn, sometimes city, sometimes country... :D is surprised gsi, how much villa weighs, that jitzt zSpiez knows :D. Bi jitz it half a year sälber withem outo underwags and feel me predominantly safe, willi o vill dra denken, wasi ha glehrt und es het mer bis jitz würkli always ghulfe, wasi bider isabelle ha glehrt! A däre stell: very härzliche thanks for everything and for dini patience! it dearly grüessli annA*

Date: 19.07.2010

I would like to thank you very much for the Superzyt from Fahrschüeler bi you, Isabelle! You are always patient gsi and hesch mi super chönne ufmuntere! I häts gloub bi niemerem angers so gåt glernt wie dir! U natürlich heimrs o geng super-lustig zäme gha! Merci Merci nomau Grüessli Pascale

Date: 06.06.2010

Cha ar Isabelle aues danke ha outofahre schneu glehrt und prüefig pass bestand! She is hiufsbereit and ich sehr patient. Me notices that you like to do your job and me hets ou always funny with your!!!!merci viu mau!!!!!!

Date: 27.04.2010

She is always friendly and has a lot of patience:-)

Date: 24.02.2010

Ha mini car test passed on 19 February. i thank you dr Isabelle for the great driving lesson, she is always happy, incredibly patient, with tips & tricks on how to make mr's better cha u da cha nüm meh wrong!!!;) merci viu viu mau for everything!!!! sherins PS: gönd to theirs, with theirs it's learning to drive a car;)!!!!!

Date: 14.02.2010

I just want to join the previous compliments. Isabelle is always calm, very friendly, helpful and gives great tips and tricks for the manoeuvres. So it is also no problem for us women to park a car correctly. She gives super clues so that everything goes tiptop. If something doesn't go according to your own wishes, Isabelle always keeps her cool and calms you down. I can only recommend Isabelle. Many thanks for the "flying" driving lessons and the perfect exam preparation. Merciii viumau. Rahel

Date: 02.02.2010

I always liked going to Isabelle's driving school. Always in a good mood, friendly and humorous, she always greeted and said goodbye to me with a smile. Competent in all areas, very patient and also psychologically she has the perfect sensitivity. So you see, also absoulut for men to recommend ;) Women can't drive, my ass! 10/6 Merci! joel

Date: 27.01.2010

I passed my driving test today thanks to the good training at Isabelle! I experienced Isabelle as a very sociable, sympathetic and open woman, who has an excellent specialist knowledge. She convinced me in all areas, be it with her way of explaining something or with her system of grasping strengths and weaknesses. After the driving lessons with her I was optimally prepared for the practical driving test, felt safe and also knew exactly how to behave. The driving lessons with Isabelle were very instructive and characterized by an extremely sympathetic and friendly interpersonal contact. That's why I can recommend Isabelle as a driving instructor also for male students. Another big "Merci", Martin Ammeter

Date: 24.11.2009

I just passed my driving test, thanks to Isabelle! :-) Simply absolutely recommendable this woman! So patient (as already often mentioned) and simply incredibly competent in all points that you know and then have to apply...! She is good at explaining and repeating exactly what you are not yet good at. I can only recommend Isabelle! Mersii Isabelle for everything

Date: 23.11.2009

Isabelle is a very patient, loving and friendly woman you can only wish for driving a car :-). Learning from her was a very interesting and beautiful time for me, which I enjoyed very much. Merci Isabelle for your great support, patience and the many things you have taught me. From my point of view Isabelle did not only deserve a 6, but an even 10! Thank Isabelle for everything! You're a great driving instructor! If you're looking for a super driving instructor, call Isabelle.

Date: 18.11.2009

Hoi Isabelle i would like to thank you no einisch ganz härzlech for dini super supportive! i ha d driving lessons are always very gracious to you:) Thanks to you hani hennä schnäu ad prüefig chönne u iz bini scho alei am desumesuuse:)wish dr aues goodness!!glg Nicole P.S.: You have to go to her ga, I'm the one:)

Date: 22.10.2009

I always liked Isabelle's driving lessons. She has always kept her cool and has never become impatient or anything like that in any way. At least not in a way that I would have noticed. She always gives you courage but also tells you clearly whether the goal you have set can be reached in this way or whether it is better to wait. I regret my decision to have waited a little longer until I could finally decide on the right driving instructor, not at all. On the contrary, I'm very happy about it. I only recommend Isabelle to all of you for the right driving instructor. Thank you, Isabelle.

Date: 20.10.2009

D Isabelle is a very patient, very sensitive driver. She has prepared me very well for the exam and motivated me enough to continue doing what I am not so good at. D Isabelle is very nice to have some fun in there. =) Merci viu mau for aues Isabelle, you bisch super!!

Date: 14.10.2009

D Isabelle isch würklech ä mega super driving instructor. She is a quiet and ufgstellti person with very viu patience. She's prepared for her exams and she's always a great explainer. Merci Isabelle!! I do them aunä witerempfählä. Lg Melanie

Date: 29.09.2009

Isabelle is a friendly, very patient and well-positioned person. She takes a lot of time, can explain things in such a way that you comply, can motivate very well and prepares you very well for the exam. She can judge people very well and knows what is going on =) I always liked going to driving lessons. Thank you Isabelle!

Date: 21.09.2009

Somehow it would have been detrimental if we had been able to pass the test. You're the best. Greez jeremie

Date: 30.08.2009

this table is very quiet and very good with her nice teaching driving, always very nervous, but you can see me very well...Chase to every witerempfähl, is super gsi. Merci Isabelle:-)

Date: 11.06.2009

I cha definitely numä rüehmä!! The Isabelle is always patient, you prepare for the exam and promote the conversation between you and her. I bi super ds friedä gsi u duä si allnä witerempfählä!!!

Date: 28.05.2009

Hello Isabelle I would like to thank you very much for dini guete Fahrstunde. You are very patient and sensitive. You always explain everything to me in such a way that is good understand ha and daem correspondingly ha ha beautiful implementations. You're just SUPER!!! Grüessli, Rahel.

Date: 22.05.2009

hoi Isabelle ig wott dir nomau ganz härzlech thanks for dini patience, diner guete tips and dini generosity! ig empffihle di sicher witer, da du e super driving instructor for mi bisch xi. blib eso wid bisch. ig wünsch der no aues guete. lg anja

Date: 16.05.2009

Hello, Isabelle. Ha just got a little bit scared Outo kouft, u da hani mi no wöuä bi you for Dini Unterstüzig dankä! You've got a short quotation for the exam preparation point. Mini chlini Schwoscht will be next year sure ou to you id Fahrstund cho! Merci u dear greetings Basil

Date: 15.05.2009

... I'm always super gsi, with you and grow z si. geng e gueti harmonious and premature e super prepared for the exam ;) merci nomau für aues!! stephanie

Date: 25.03.2009

Hello Isabelle, so I've passed the mini test and been very happy about it. I wet dir vo Härzä dankä für aues wo du für mi gmacht hesch. You're a great driving instructor and a great number. You hesch ä very viu patience, very sensitive, very comfortable and very precise where to put the dutch and the swine of the car scooters. You notice how much you're afraid, try to get the floor up again. Dini explain who you are and why you have to do this, you are always very understandable. If you are able to make the same follower again, you will never lose your patience, but you will explain your very quiet and loving nature. Ouso liäbi Lüt where the Bewärtig leaves, i cha öich the Isabelle numä empf empfommenlälälälä, with her would you the Verprüäfig super düräbringä :=). You liäbi Isabelle, merci viu viu mau for outside, remained so widä bisch your outside quality for dini future. Liebi Grüäss Fränzi

Date: 04.03.2009

I am a simple hammer driving instructor, with suuuper viu patience, understanding and other aaggmässni portion strängi. She's always on the same page about what's going on. I cha si würkli numä witer empffälä! Isabelle, merssi nomau for out, isch just super xii! All of liäbs Grüessli Selina

Date: 28.01.2009

Super driving instructor, het würk viu patience, I am upset and sympathetic and ds driving is simply fun... The first time I saw you, I naturally owe you that, but you are super reassuring and nervous as you are! dear greetings sibylle

Date: 28.01.2009

Super driving instructor, hesch würk viu patience, bisch upgstellt and sympathetic and ds driving is simply fun... The first time I saw you, I got you, of course, without you, I got you, I got you super soothing, we were so nervous! dear greetings sibylle

Date: 22.12.2008

D'Isabelle is a very patient and understanding driving instructor, where I am very well prepared for my exams! D'Fahrstunde are always entertaining and very instructive, just like the traffic lessons! Thanks a lot mol for everything Isabelle!

Date: 22.12.2008

With a different driving instructor, always an instructive lesson and the super car chas nume guet cho! Isabelle is an incredibly patient, comprehensible and flexible driving instructor with a good level of stringency, where you can always get up again if you don't run (drive:-))! It's big Merci for everything!

Date: 02.12.2008

It's super gsi! You have a lot of patience with mier ka, merci vil mal! At the end of the test, you will be able to support your mini test song. Keep up the good work, that's great! :-) Äs dear Grüessli from Vreni

Date: 01.12.2008

Super driving lessons gsi and it hammer outo ;) thx...!

Date: 17.10.2008

Merci viu mau Isabelle. I am always very fond of you in the driving experience, if it would have been easy or if it was not so good, you could have steered and encouraged me. Witer so!

Date: 24.09.2008

Simply super! D'Fahrstunde si always very lehrrich gsi. D'Isabelle is very patient, you're always good at gluunet. LG Janine u merci nomau for out!

Date: 24.09.2008

Simply super. D'Fahrstunde si always very lehrrich gsi. D'Isabelle is very patient, you're always good at gluunet. LG Janine u merci nomau for out!

Date: 28.08.2008

a very good driving instructor, understanding, nice, patient, humorous and yet correct, brings to learning clearly across, is flexible ...

Date: 28.08.2008

situated, humorous, brings to learning very well across, has patience, cordial, understanding, correct

Date: 07.08.2008

I'm super hot to you. You've got to be patient and explain yourself to the world. I'm always yer yer id driving time cho. Merci viil times for everything. Grüessli u keep up the good work. Jolanda

Date: 24.07.2008

Patient, nice, funny, can explain well

Date: 20.06.2008

Ä Driving instructor where ever super glunet isch u guet erklärt!! Hammer Outo! Chani numä empfählä!

Date: 12.06.2008

You are a super driving instructor and hesch a lot of patience:) i ha a lot of teaches you to u cha di sure aster recommend. Merci nominal

Date: 12.06.2008

The driving lessons you have are super gsi ha much schlehrt, u chas sher wiiter empffälele! Merci nomal :-)

Date: 22.05.2008

You are simply super:) äs si always very agmähmi and o ungerhaltsami driving hour gsi. Thank you no eis much times!

Date: 22.05.2008

Isabelle is the driving instructor you can only wish for! Especially when you're afraid of exams! Thanks to her I passed it :) I would give you 10 points :) merci much times Michelle