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Date: 10.10.2019

Ralf takes it exactly and seems almost petty but it pays off. Compared to other driving instructors, Ralf has many advantages. He is very dedicated and not only gives driving lessons but also films the most sensitive places in Winterthur and gives you access to these videos. He also works with an app that allows you to make private progress. Moreover, Ralf is also simply likeable and has cool cars. I really can only recommend him.

Date: 07.10.2019

Ralf is a great guy, always in a good mood, punctual and above all very understanding. He showed me how to park until I had it under control, this was really a big weakness of mine (sorry Ralf ;)) The BMW is super to drive, has the perfect size and is always clean and maintained. My big brother was also with Ralf, both of us can recommend schaltchnü without any ifs and buts :) The app also helped a lot to practice and repeat everything at home. ALL TOP :)

Date: 14.09.2019

Ralf is super friendly, professional, 100% focused on his students, and gives very helpful feedback. He was already my second driving instructor and worlds better than the other. With Ralf, I was able to get through the test in a few hours. Also the additional materials (e.g. videos he made, his app and pictures concerning theory in general as well as special danger spots in Winterthur) were very helpful. I would recommend Ralf unreservedly! Thank you very much.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Anzgelika für deine Top Bewertung :) Es hat auch mir grossen Spass gemacht dich auszubilden. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel spass auf den Strassen und auch sonst alles Gute. LG Ralf

Date: 08.09.2019

I can recommend Ralf in all matters! I passed the exam the first time without any problems. In the beginning I started the training with the manual car, a few hours before the exam I switched over to the automatic machine. What I particularly liked about the driving lessons was Ralf's app, with the help of which you could practice everything at home and also prepare well, that saved hours :-) We drove exactly the track which came at the stage, so I knew the peculiarities and tricky places, that helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend you, Ralf. Liebs Grüessli Franzi

Response from schaltchnü
Oh danke vielmal Franzi :) Das freut mich sehr, wenn dir die App so ghulfe het, so sölls si :D Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt mit dim Auto. LG Ralf

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Date: 08.08.2019

Super driving instructors! Rolf was very individual about my abilities and accompanied me very sovereign on my way to my driving licence. Really recommendable!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für dini guet Bewertig Flavian! Du hesch das allerdings au sehr souverän gmacht und fliessig dihei glernt, so gahts halt vorwärts :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 24.07.2019

Really to recommend! Every driving lesson was fun, Ralf always gives constructive feedback and relaxes the whole lesson with his open-minded manner. Both car automat and manual transmission are very pleasant to drive, which simplifies the start. Simply great all around! Would take my driving lessons with him again anytime.

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank Jan für dis tolle Feedback :) Das freut mich sehr, dass so z'friede gsi bisch. Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und immer gueti Fahrt.

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Date: 23.07.2019

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very good, with his upright manner one likes to go to the driving school! He has a lot of nerves and can explain everything wonderfully, just top!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Jessica, viele Dank für dini genial Bewertig und natürli für din absolut coole und feine Gschänkchorb :D Isch also scho alles weggässe und wegtrunke ;) Viel Spass uf de Strass mit euem Honda, heb ihm Sorg ;)

Date: 15.07.2019

Reviews from Joanna Laube

One like nobody! An excellent driving instructor ! Calm, patient, understanding, with a lot of humor and determination he is the best of the best! Ralf, thank you very much! Joanna

Response from schaltchnü
Oh Joanna, viele Dank für dini super Bewertig :) Ich hans au immer lässig gfunde mit dir z'fahre und au suscht hemmer immer gueti Gspröch gha :D LG Ralf

This student also wrote a driving test report: Meine Nervösität

Date: 13.07.2019

Ralf is a great driving instructor: calm and very patient, sensitive, empathetic and very humorous - almost for every old man. In well adapted portions it guides you through all driving situations. App and documents are a valuable help! Thank you, Ralf! C.G.

Response from schaltchnü
Daaanke Claudine für dini Bewertig! Du hesch bewiese, dass mer au no Autofahre lerne chan wenn mer nüme grad 18ni isch :) Ich wünsch dir viel Spass in Schwede und alles Gueti. LG Ralf

Date: 12.07.2019

Reviews from Anastasia Allenspach

Ralf taught me a lot through his relaxed manner and his pronounced knowledge. The driving lessons were a lot of fun and I can take a lot with me.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Anastasia, danke dir vielmal für dini Bewertig :) Zäme hemmer das grockt mit de Prüefig :D Alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strass. LG Ralf

Date: 24.06.2019

Ralf is awesome! I come from the Philippines where driving is crazy. He doesn’t make you feel nervous and teaches in a very creative and professional way. I wouldn’t have passed my Kontrollfahrt last 19.Juni.2019 if it wasn’t for the hours that I practiced with him. Thank you so much, Ralf!

Response from schaltchnü
Thank you very much for your positive rating Geni :) It was also fun for me to make you fit for the Kontrollfahrt. Best regards and all the best Ralf

Date: 20.06.2019

Just top very friendly and motivating. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke dir vielmal Dario für dini guet Bewertig :) Viel Spass mit dim Audi :D LG Ralf

Date: 19.06.2019

Very good tips. Always calm and friendly.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Philip :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Wo ist es wichtig, sich zeit zu lassen

Date: 13.06.2019

After every driving hour you get a realistic and comprehensible assessment. Again and again we work on the weaknesses until it really sits 100%. Also errors on the street are accepted very nicely and calmly. The great thing is that you can see the assessment of the driving instructor and the learning progress in your personal app and follow it up again at home. In addition, for many topics a small video is shot to see the correct behavior in this situation again on the app and to record it correctly again. This also explains why there is a lot of work to be done by the driving instructor.

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig Lara :) Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und allziit e gueti Fahrt Frau Nachbarin :D

Date: 08.06.2019

Reviews from Robin Liechti

Passed the exam the first time. Helpful tips after every driving lesson and access to the app where everything is explained again:) I'm very happy!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Roin für dini guet Bewertig :) Ich bin au sehr zfriede mit dir gsi, hesch das super gmacht!

Date: 08.06.2019

He is very patient and would have always explained everything well, so that I can have a safe feeling (of course chli nervous ;) ) ad Prüefig han chöne and the good oberstande han. With a total of 20 driving hours I passed the test for the first time. If you want to profit from other friendly, funny and instructive car driving instructors, then Ralf's driving school is just right for you!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Michèle :) Danke dir vielmals für dini usfürhlich Bewertig. Chli Nervosität ghört dezue, das hesch du super gmeistered ;) Ich wünsch au dir alles Gueti! LG Ralf

Date: 23.05.2019

Reviews from Manuela Wittwer

I couldn't think of a better driving instructor. Ralf is a very quiet, calm and experienced driver. No matter what kind of mistakes happen, he always stays calm & has understanding! He has a big heart and is always there for his students. I passed my test the first time, without Ralf I would never have made it. Thanks for that:) Lg Manu

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Manu :) Viele Dank für dini Top Bewertig. Das isch ja doch scho paar Wücheli her sit mir gfahre sind :) Wünsch dir alles Gueti. LG Ralf

Date: 16.05.2019

I can only warmly recommend the training with Ralf. Humanly a cool guy and technically top. Due to his structured planning of the learning goals together with his app, I was well prepared for all situations at my driving test. He knows all the keys in the area and has driven them with me several times. So during my exam I always knew how to behave at the decisive points.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Päde für dini guet Bewertig :) Ich hans au immer lässig gfunde mit dir z'fahre, isch nie langwielig worde :D Danke au fürs Kompliment weg de App, die wird immer besser ;) LG Ralf

Date: 28.03.2019

Schaltchnü chani only recommend again! De Ralf is very nice, funny, patient and honest driving instructors. He lies where you no most support breakschsch and promotes you in the area and motivates you very much if sometimes nöd runs as more like that wishes! Besides het no e App, where more all the theoretical contents dihei aluege and prepare himself cha with helpful videos. Ralf is very good driving instructor, would recommend him to everyone! Thanks nominally Ralf for all the support:)

Response from schaltchnü
Lejlaaaa :D Danke viiielmal für dini super Bewertig. Es isch immer lustig und lässig gsi mit dir. Wenn jetzt denn no din Brüeder chunnt, chan bald die ganz Familie Autofahre :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 10.03.2019

I can highly recommend the driving lessons with Ralf! I passed the exam at the first attempt and this with quite a few driving lessons. A large part of it has certainly contributed his app, with this I constantly saw my progress and could practice with videos where I still had to improve. My little brother will surely also come to you :-D I wish you all the best. roli

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Roli, viele Dank für das tolle Feedback. Ja du hesch die App richtig igsetzt und durch das au einigi Stunde chönne spare, so ischs denkt :D Ich danke dir vielmal für dis Vertraue und wünsch dir alles Gueti. Ralf

Date: 26.02.2019

Ralf is really a very pleasant teacher and he prepares you well and without stress for the exam. Furthermore you can read all important information about driving, manoeuvres etc. and watch videos with your app outside of driving lessons. Super practical :) So I can only recommend him as a driving instructor!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke dir vielmal Paula für dini Bewertig :) Du bisch eini vo de erste wo mit de App d'Prüefig bestande hend. Umso toller isch dis Feedback :) Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strass. LG Ralf

Date: 22.01.2019

First of all I would like to thank you Ralf for the great time in the driving school. I was looking forward to driving school every time, it was never boring. We always had something to talk about or laugh about. I can recommend the driving school Gearshift with a clear conscience. Ralf is really a great driving instructor. His learning videos are really interesting and helpful. One notices that it goes with the time :). I wish you Ralf for the future only the best continue so. If you have any questions about the automobile, I will be happy to assist you. Lg Fabio

Response from schaltchnü
Wow viele Dank für die super Bewertig Fabio :) Ich hans au mit dir toll gfunde, hesch dich sehr guet agstellt. Danke fürs Kompliment vo de Videos, da chömmed denn no einigi meh ;) Alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt LG Ralf

Date: 20.01.2019

Ralf is a great driving instructor. The driving lessons were always very instructive and funny at the same time. He's calm and patient. In any case to recommend! Many thanks for everything and still all Gueti!:) salute Valentine

Response from schaltchnü
Daaanke Valentina für die top Bewertig :) Die lustige Fahrstunde mit dir wird ich vermisse, isch immer sehr witzig gsi. Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strasse. LG Ralf

Date: 31.12.2018

I did my complete apprenticeship with Ralf. From the driving lessons via the VKU to the examination. I can absolutely recommend him, always at the cutting edge of technology, be it his BMW or his specialist knowledge. Simply TOP! I was looking for a driving instructor at the beginning of 18, but unfortunately I didn't know anybody who could recommend one to me, so I happened to find Ralf via Instagram. Now I can recommend it to you :-D All the best to Ralf and a good slide into successful 2019

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Fläve :D Danke vielmal für dini Bewertig. Ja euses Ufenandtreffe isch würkli Zuefall gsi ;) Alles Gueti wünschi dir. LG Ralf

Date: 13.12.2018

Reviews from Noémi Langmeier

Ralf is a competent, patient and humorous driving instructor who, in my opinion, has chosen exactly the right profession. He takes a lot of time for individual wishes and problems and nevertheless manages to move forward quickly. I've been looking forward to driving lessons every week. I passed the test the first time and now I'm very happy to finally be able to drive around alone in traffic without "L". Nevertheless, I will always remember my driving lessons in a positive way and recommend the driving school to my colleagues and sisters. Thank you Ralf for the great time in the BMW :) Noémi Langmeier

Response from schaltchnü
Ouu Noémi viele Dank für dini usführlich Bewertig :) Ich hans au mit dir immer lässig gfunde, du hesch es verdient gschafft. Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spass uf de Strass und alles Gueti :) LG Ralf

Date: 06.12.2018

Reviews from David Buser

Ralf is a great driving instructor, with whom you quickly learn the perfect driving techniques and the perfect behavior in road traffic. He was always patient and very respectful. Thanks for everything, it was a great time.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey David, danke dir vielmal für dini Bewertig :) Ja die Ziit isch lässig gsi, chasch gern nomal cho :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 02.11.2018

The driving lessons have always given me a lot of pleasure. I felt safe in the car and the lessons were very instructive and versatile. The various techniques, tips and tricks were taught at a pleasant pace and then repeated according to the personal 'problems'. In addition many sensitive traffic places were looked at, so that one already knows these at the examination and can drive through error-free. I can definitely recommend schaltchnü as a safe preparation for the exam and would immediately decide for it again! :)

Response from schaltchnü
Danke dir vielmals für die guet Bewertig Sarina :) D'Stunde mit dir sind au immer sehr agnehm gsi, ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und gueti Fahrt :) LG Ralf

Date: 31.10.2018

I passed the exam at the first attempt :D I can recommend Ralf with a clear conscience. He is the calm himself, even if something doesn't work out at the first or second attempt. He takes the mistakes with a sense of humor, so next time things will go better for sure. A colleague of mine recommended Ralf to me, I will continue this now :D Best regards Marco

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Marco, vielen Dank für deine Top Bewertung :) Humor ist doch etwas vom Wichtigsten, den hattest du ja auch immer :D Alles Gute und unfallfreie Fahrt wünsche ich dir. LG Ralf

Date: 06.10.2018

The driving lessons with Ralf cannot be described with a few words. I'll give it a try ;) Very friendly and funny, punctual, cool guy, always a saying in stock, never boring, very varied routes which also came at the stage, absolutely cool car, easy to drive and clear etc etc etc etc. I would immediately start again with Ralf if I had to (might) :) I was also able to practice well in my private life, when the ingenious exercise sheets came to my aid, I had already heard from colleagues that they got a feeding slip from the driving instructor, if at all. I can recommend everyone to go to Ralf's driving lessons, I am sure that you will also be enthusiastic. Best regards Claudia

Response from schaltchnü
Ui danke vielmal für dini super Bewertig Claudia :D Hetsch no müesse schriebe, dass ich dich defür nid zahlt han hehe... Ich hans au mit dir lässig gfunde, freu mi scho uf din Brüeder ;) LG und gueti Fahrt!

Date: 26.09.2018

Reviews from Aline Hafen

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Were always very pleasant and fun driving lessons!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Aline :D Ja lustig sinds definitiv gsi :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und e gueti Fahrt!

Date: 20.09.2018

Very professional and complete. Always punctual and patient. I can only recommend it.

Response from schaltchnü
Ciao Moreno Danke vielmal für dini guet Bewertig :) Viel Spass uf de Strass

Date: 18.09.2018

I can only recommend Ralf! He does his job with love and passion. I think we never drove the same distance if the traffic allowed it. The whole driving lessons were in the examination area of Winterthur, so I experienced the examination route as easy. The included help sheets are great to deepen the learnt at home. Keep it up!

Response from schaltchnü
Oh viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig Martin :) Du hesch aber au privat fliessig güebt, denn gahts ruckzuck :) Alles Gueti wünschi dir.

Date: 31.08.2018

I can really recommend Ralf to everyone as a driving instructor. With him, the driving lessons were always totally relaxed, although I myself am otherwise quickly stressed while driving, and at the same time you have learned something new every time. He draws your attention to everything that might be relevant for the test, so that it worked the first time. Thank you very much.

Response from schaltchnü
Oh Nina, viele Dank für dini super Bewertig :) Also vo dim "gstresst" hani würkli nie was gmerkt ;) Viel Spass uf de Strass und alle Gueti. LG Ralf

Date: 28.08.2018

Ich habe bei jeder Fahrstunde, die ich bei Ralf genommen habe etwas gelernt. Ralf bereitet einen Ausgezeichnet für die praktische Fahrprüfung vor und für das weitere Autofahren danach. Ralf ist sympathisch und auch sehr kompetent, ich hatte immer Spass mit ihm zu fahren. Ich bin froh das ich Ralf als mein Fahrlehrer ausgewählt habe, zudem habe ich meine praktische Fahrprüfung beim ersten Mal bestanden.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Päde, danke dir vielmal für dini Bewertig. Es isch au immer amüsant gsi mit dir, chan das Kompliment also zrug gäh :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 23.08.2018

Reviews from Nina Wenger

Ralf is a calm, competent and friendly driving instructor and absolutely right in his profession. He can give you everything important and the hours with him are always demanding and yet never overstraining. Ralf is good at explaining and criticizing so that it is easy to improve. He always stays calm and is very pleasant as a teacher. I would always go back to Ralf in the driving lesson.

Response from schaltchnü
Daaanke Nina für dini super Bewertig :) Ich hans au immer lässig gfunde mit dir, isch nie langwielig worde :) LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 20.08.2018

Everything went well with Ralf. What appointments were, one could always agree quickly, the driving lessons were relaxed and instructive. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Dejan Danke dir vielmal für dini Bewertig. D'Stunde sind ja immer schnell verbigange, au wenn mer viel im Stau gstande sind :D LG und viel Spass uf eusne Strasse Ralf

Date: 16.08.2018

Reviews from Nadia Lazulii

I would like to thank you for the instructive driving lessons in a relaxed and good atmosphere! This makes learning to drive a car fun!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Nadia :) Ich danke dir vielmals für dini Bewertig. Ich hans au mit dir lässig gfunde, immer was z'lache gha :D Alles Gueti wünschi dir uf eusne Strasse. LG Ralf

Date: 13.08.2018

Reviews from Carlos Temesi Cano

Definitely a good driving instructor! Got me through the driving test under time pressure at the first Verduch. Pleasant conversational partner when not too stressful, patient but nevertheless determined when correcting.

Response from schaltchnü
Uee Carlos :) Ja mir hend pokered mitem Ziitmanagement und du hesch das alles super umgsetzt. Verdient bestande würi säge :) Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig :) LG Ralf

Date: 04.08.2018

Reviews from André Hartmann

Highly recommended! Competent, human and humorous!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal André :) Alles Gueti wünschi dir. LG Ralf

Date: 03.08.2018

Reviews from Cristian Domanico

Come on, great!

Response from schaltchnü
:D Danke dir Cristian, wünsche dir viel Spass bim Autofahre. LG Ralf

Date: 30.07.2018

I hereby definitely recommend Ralf. He's my third!! Driving instructor. It didn't work out with the first two, so I flew through the exam once and then had to redo my learning ticket. Fortunately I changed to Ralf, he and his BMW picked me up where I wanted to be picked up. So we moved forward quickly and I quickly noticed what the other instructors taught me differently (wrongly). Make it better like me and start with Ralf immediately, then it will work the first time! Best regards and all the best Ralf Claudia

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Claudia Vielen Dank für deine tolle Bewertung :) Die Prüfung hast du verdient bestanden. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und unfallfreie Fahrt. Liebe Grüsse Ralf

Date: 21.07.2018

I can recommend Ralf with a very good conscience! He is always ready for a joke and still has the focus (your positive test) always in front of his eyes. I passed the exam at the first attempt, just like my colleagues before me. The BMW drives itself ingeniously, is equipped with everything that simplifies the test :-) Thanks to Ralf, I'm sure I'll recommend you.

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank Marc für die super Bewertig :) Jawohl, s'Ziel hemmer immer vor Auge gha, nur so gahts :D Ich wünsch dir viel Spass mit dim Polo uf de Strasse vo Winti! Alles Gueti und liebe Grüess Ralf

Date: 13.07.2018

Unfortunately, I had acquired many wrong automatisms with my previous, cheaper driving instructor. Thereupon I changed to the driving school gear stick. It had definitely been the best decision. Thanks to Ralf and his didactics, I was able to improve these false automatisms quickly and prepare myself well for the exam. The driving school car is up to date and has everything you need for a successful test. Ralf has a lot of experience, is patient and works purposefully with his students. The lessons with him were instructive and funny. At the end of the lesson he always gives feedback and deals with the most important points. He explains things precisely and reinforces his tips and tricks with pictures, excerpts from maps or theory. With the feedback he prepares the next driving lesson. The driving lessons themselves were always varied. Ralf is a great driving instructor and I will definitely recommend him. Thank you Ralf!

Response from schaltchnü
Wow viele Dank Özgür für die super Bewertig :) Ich chan das Lob au a dich witergäh, du hesch a dene Pünkt gschaffed und so hesch es am Schluss verdient bestande. Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti! LG Ralf

Date: 30.06.2018

Reviews from A. B.

Well organized and very pleasant driving lessons.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Andrés :) LG Ralf

Date: 26.06.2018

I felt comfortable with Ralf from the first driving lesson: He is a good teacher, knows what is important in traffic and never stresses you. In addition to the good training, you always have something to laugh with him, so the driving lesson was always a nice point in my schedule. In my opinion, I had passed exactly the right number of driving lessons for the test and without any problems. I can only recommend Ralf to anyone who has a sense of humour and wants a good education!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Dani :) Die Bewertig isch aber wie us de Hüft gschosse cho, danke vielmal. Ich hans au immer lässig gfunde mit dir, sind churzwieligi Fahrstunde gsi wo mir au guet hend chönne vorwärts mache. Danke dir vielmals :) LG Ralf

This student also wrote a driving test report: Führt ein Gespräch mit dem Fahrlehrer

Date: 19.06.2018

Driving lessons at ralf are always casual gsi. Makes fun bi so looser coherent learn zfahre. He has a great deal of patience and always remains calm and to the great repetiere chunt mer chlini theorieblättli about wasi e cooli idea find. Am aso very glad bini bi him gsi and would recommend him to everyone!

Response from schaltchnü
Oh danke vielmal Laura für dini toll Bewertig :) Mir hends immer lustig gha, so lernt mer au am schnellste und es wird nid eintönig :D Alles Gueti wünschi dir uf de Strasse vo Winterthur. LG Ralf

Date: 14.06.2018

Driving lessons with Ralf are simply top! He's mega sympathetic and judges you fair. If you ever have to go for a ride, he will help you and git gueti tips. Nebetbi's preparing you mega for the driving test. If you are a good apprentice in driving, he will only recommend you in Ralf's goodness. Before that there was a driving lesson somewhere else, but compared to Schatchnüppel it was big. Ralf git eu theory sheets on the dihaime ahluege and better steel. I regret that I am not ahfang a bim Ralf gsi, but glad that I no umentschiede hann and the test bim the first time hann passed. Many thanks for the Zit Ralf! :)

Response from schaltchnü
Wow Duong, das isch mal e Bewertig :D Viele liebe Dank! Es isch immer was gloffe bi eus, langwielig ischs nie gsi :) Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und viel Spass bim Auto fahre. LG Ralf

Date: 05.06.2018

I was also very satisfied with Ralf. Unfortunately I can also compare, I was previously with another driving instructor and was not satisfied with him at all, but then bit through to the first test anyway. Unfortunately, I didn't pass this one either. On the advice of a colleague I then switched to Ralf. The differences between the two driving schools were like day and night. With Ralf I always got very good theory sheets, be it from parking or tracking in etc., so I could also practice tiptop at home. At the other driving school I had gotten a feeding slip if at all, but mostly nothing at all. I passed the second exam without any problems :-) Thank you Ralf!!!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Sandra, danke dir vielmal für die guet Bewertig :) Ich wür mal säge die Prüefig hesch mit viel Lob bestande, hesch au verdient. Ich wünsche dir alles alles Gueti und vile Spass bim Umekurve.

Date: 04.05.2018

De Ralf is a great guy and a good driving instructor! He's a good choice!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Fabian :) Bisch au en guete Schüeler gsi, alles Gueti wünschi dir :)

Date: 02.05.2018

Very e gueti Decisive gsi to Ralf zgah! It's always a good good good, chani just keep recommending it! :)

Response from schaltchnü
Oh Teresa, das freut mi :) Ja d'Stimmig isch immer lustig gsi, das stimmt. Gueti Fahrt wünschi dir.

Date: 30.04.2018

When I didn't pass the first exam with another driving instructor, I switched to Ralf and didn't regret my decision once! Ralf is a very competent, calm and positive driving instructor. He quickly recognized my weaknesses and worked with me on them. If he had to criticize me, it was formulated constructively and so he didn't give me the feeling of being a "bad" driver. He planned the driving lessons in advance so that I could be optimally trained for many different and difficult situations. When I got nervous shortly before the stage and made some mistakes, Ralf took a lot of time to go through some more tricky situations with me. This took away a great deal of my nervousness and insecurity. I would recommend Ralf to all my friends without a guilty conscience! Thank you Ralf for the time, your patience and your great humor during the driving lessons!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Selina :D Daanke für dini super Bewertig! Das sind ja soviel Kompliment :) Glached hemmer immer viel, das stimmt und d'Prüefig hesch au sehr guet bestande, tiptop gmacht :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 23.04.2018

Dany is a great driving instructor and I can only recommend him. He can explain everything very well and is a patient, humorous and also very sympathetic person. In order to be able to repeat things at home, he gave theory sheets, which I personally found very helpful. Thank you Dany!

Response from schaltchnü
Hallo. Vielen Dank für die Bewertung, allerdings scheinst du verrutscht zu sein :) LG Ralf

Date: 22.04.2018

I came to Ralf thanks to a friend. He's very patient and quiet. Both of which I needed. He has the newest information for the car examination and knows also on what everything must be paid attention. I was really glad he was recommended to me.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Isa, danke dir vielmal für dis positive Feedback :) Du hesch d'Prüefig verdient bestande. LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 29.03.2018

Ralf is a born driving instructor. His knowledge is well-founded. He is very experienced and the rest in person. Didactically and methodically Ralf is fit. He knows how to create tricky everyday situations in the hours and gives you the tools to master them later without him. I'd go back to Ralf's.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Maurice :) Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig. Mir hend ja ziemlich pokered und du heschs mit Bravour anebracht :) Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spass im Usland, gnüss es :) LG Ralf

Date: 10.03.2018

Ralf is very nice and competent, one has it funny me him in the hours. My whole circle of friends was with him - they all got through the first time and anyway the diarrhoea rate of Ralf's students is very low. He went to my level and picked me up where I stood, I was never too over- or underchallenged. Top :)

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Luisa Danke vielmal für dini toll Bewertig und dis lässige Abschiedsgschenk :) Ich hoffe, au du schicksch mir dini Kollege, so chömmer die Tradition ufrecht erhalte :D Alles Gueti wünsch ich dir. LG Ralf

Date: 07.03.2018

He's a great driving instructor. Of course I have no comparison, because I am directly with Ralf. But from stories and experiences of many friends I am sure that I made the right decision. Ralf is calm, objective and experienced. Unfortunately, I wasn't with him at VKU. That was a mistake. I found the VKU I visited boring and uninspiring. And above all, it is certainly better to visit the VKU with your driving instructor to make a transfer to your driving lessons. Visit the VKU at Ralf's!

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Jonas Danke dir für dini guet Bewertig :) Hmm ja de VKU hani ja gseit ;) Ich wünsch dir e super Ziit uf de Strass und kei Blechschäde :) LG Ralf

Date: 24.02.2018

De Ralf is a great driving instructor! He explains everything very well and it is always funny gsi with him. I have always been very fond of driving lessons, so I only recommend him.

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Larissa Oh danke für dini super Bewertig :) Es het mir viel Spass gmacht dich uszbilde. Viele Dank für das tolle Abschiedsgschenk, han mi riesig gfreut :D LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 13.02.2018

Very quiet empty. Erchlerts very good!

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank Raphaela für dini guet Bewertig :) LG Ralf

Date: 16.01.2018

Reviews from Sandro Frei

Very satisfied

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Sandro :)

Date: 16.01.2018

Supper competent.

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank Sven :)

Date: 10.01.2018

very good support.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke dir Severin. LG Ralf

Date: 15.12.2017

Very patient and relaxed driving instructor. In difficult situations and near-accidents always remained calm and only one "next time ask a little slower, I still need the car" of himself. Theory explained in an understandable way with the help of photos and toy cars, and this can also be done two or three times.

Response from schaltchnü
Daaanke vielmal Marlen. Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti uf de Strasse vo Winterthur :) LG Ralf

Date: 01.12.2017

I'm completely underlined by the review of uf de Ralf gstosse und chan alli Feedback! He is a super nice, chilly and funny driving instructor, where only the best for the student wants. Chan en würkli only recommend! (And of course I'm driving without :D )

Response from schaltchnü
Wow viele Dank für dis liebe und guete Feedback Sina :) Es isch au immer lässig gsi mit dir, sind ja schön vorwärts cho :) LG Ralf

This student also wrote a driving test report: Trotz extremer Nervosität durch top Experten bestanden

Date: 22.11.2017

Reviews from Nina Pagani

You couldn't wish for a better driving instructor than Ralph! He is very competent and remains calm and calm even in the event of major mishaps. Ralph was always friendly and in a good mood and explained something to me as nice the third time as the first. The driving lessons with him were fun and I was looking forward to it every week :) He was told that it is not about selling as many hours as possible, but about feeling safe on the street. I can only recommend all future driving students to venture into the traffic with Ralph :)

Response from schaltchnü
Oooh danke Nina :) Ich hans au immer toll und luschtig gfunde mit dir, het Spass gmacht :D Alles Gueti wünschi dir! LG Ralf

Date: 20.11.2017

Reviews from Jenny Joy

10 years of freedom, 10 years of rebellion 10 years I steadfastly refused to finally do difungAfter a rather unpleasant experience at the auto stop, unpleasant especially for poor driving instructor who had taken me with him, because I asked him enthusiastically whether I could try out the pedals in the passenger footwell, I decided to stay away from steering wheels for the time being. So I drove four years daily to work and home (Maladers-Chur), and then by train and bus across Switzerland to the destinations of my choice. A vehement public transport driver, as you can see! And that would have gone well if my dear girlfriend and employee hadn't asked a year ago whether the two of us wanted to dare the driving test now, when we were almost 30. And we did! Full of verve we went in pairs to the theory exam, the emergency course and the VKU and then chose a driving instructor. At least not the same one. I had decided on the website for Ralf (Schaltchnü and thus absolutely right! Ralf is young, uncomplicated, well-positioned and patient and meets even the most strenuous driving lessons with a blabbermouth like me with a lot of humor. In his structured and planned driving lessons, he patiently explains everything important about road traffic, but always remains relaxed, humorous and 110% attentive. As a result I have always taken myself seriously as a student driver and felt safe. It was particularly positive for me that after every driving hour Ralf noted which routes we had driven and where I stood with my performances. I always had an eye for where my weak points were and was able to improve them in my private driving lessons with my husband. Despite my very busy agenda, Ralf managed to schedule my desired dates. I recommend Ralf to every prospective learner driver and every learner driver who would like to have the time until the exam, which can sometimes seem very long, entertaining and enjoyable and wants to learn a foresighted and safe driving style.

Response from schaltchnü
Leck Bobby :D Das isch denn mal e Bewertig, danke vielmal Jenny :) Es freut mich sehr, dass du no vorem Nachwuchs d'Prüefig mit Bravour bestande hesch :) Alles Gueti eu 3 :)

Date: 07.11.2017

Ralph is a very competent and patient driving instructor. He explains everything important in detail and vividly, is always calm in person and has prepared me super for the exam. The driving lessons with him were fun, so that I was actually always looking forward to the lesson. Thank you very much for everything!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Simon :) Danke dir vielmal für dini super Bewertig. Es het au immer Spass gmacht mit dir, immer was z'lache gha :) LG und alles Gueti

Date: 20.09.2017

You are looking for a driving instructor who meets the following requirements? -very competent -supports you in your learning process -always the peace itself -gives you flashcards to practice and deepen situations at home -humorous (driving lessons can also be funny!) -additionally explains situations to you with sketches and "toy cars -clears up all your questions -shows you tricky exam situations / places and goes through everything with you step by step -the driving lessons are very instructive & varied -has a great car ;-) Then you've come to the right place with Ralf! Thanks to his serious training, I passed the exam at the first attempt, despite my great nervousness.

Response from schaltchnü
Hou Claudia, viele Dank für die toll Bewertig und die viele Lob :) Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti uf de Strasse und e unfallfreii Fahrt. LG Ralf

Date: 30.08.2017

Super fründliche and always good glunte driving instructor isch de Ralf. I han me super prepared feels for the test. Chan only recommend him wiiter.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Steffi für die guet Bewertig :) Alles Gueti uf eusne Strasse! LG Ralf

Date: 13.08.2017

I've always liked to take driving lessons. De Ralf is always patient and gives me good tips. I am prepared for the test well and feel supported. So I highly recommend snipping.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Sara, viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig und für dini Witerempfehlige :) Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt. LG Ralf

Date: 07.08.2017

I was looking forward to every driving lesson with Ralf and had a lot of fun driving with him. The driving lessons were very varied and made fun. Ralf explains ?everything to you very well and understandably and immediately points out things you could do better. Thus one learns very fast in addition and can prevent these errors well. Ralf also ?has no problems explaining something twice and never seemed stressed or annoyed. Even before the practical exam he could calm me down very well, although I was quite nervous. Thanks to the great, patient training by Ralf, the first exam went well. During the test I noticed that I know all the difficult places thanks to the driving lessons and that I can cope with even the most difficult situations in road traffic. ? I can really recommend Ralf to everyone!? Thanks a lot for the cool driving lesson and the super Usbildig Ralf. Mer sieht sich uf de ?Street!?

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Tim, viele Dank für die toll Bewertig :) Du hesch die Fahrstunde ja im Eiltempo hinder dich bracht. Es het au mir viel Spass gmacht, dass mir so guet vorwärts cho sind :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und e unfallfreii Ziit :)

Date: 26.07.2017

Super driving school / driving instructor! Ralf is calm and chilly and you can profit a lot in the driving lessons. He accompanies you step by step and adapts the lessons to the learning process. So you can finally take the exam with a good feeling. I am glad that he was recommended to me and I will recommend him myself. Merci Ralf! :-)

Response from schaltchnü
Uee Timo, viele Dank für dini toll Bewertig :) Dini Witerempfehlige freued mich natürli sehr, danke dir :) Ich wünsch dir viel Spass bim cruise :D

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Date: 26.07.2017

Reviews from Lukas Senn

Very patient, sympathetic, attentive, funny and like focused. Top witer so, chani nu witer recommend.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Lukas für die guet Bewertig :D Ja also luschtig hemmers immer gha ;) Isch e lässigi Ziit gsi, alles Gueti wiiterhin uf de Strasse. LG

Date: 25.07.2017

Very good driving instructor. Reliable, organized and patient.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Raphi für dini guet Bewertig :) Bi dir hani nid bsunders geduldig müesse si ;) Alles Gueti wünschi dir!

Date: 03.07.2017

Super driving instructors with a lot of patience and humor! :-) The driving lessons were always very amusing and at the same time very instructive. Can only recommend the driving school shift truncheons!!

Response from schaltchnü
Oh danke Sina für die liebe Wort :) Ja d'Fahrstunde sind immer lässig und amüsant gsi, das stimmt allerdings :D Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und viel Spass mit dim Auto :D

Date: 02.07.2017

Reviews from Pascal Stücheli

Ralf is a patient and friendly driving instructor. I can highly recommend him. The driving lessons were always mega fun, and the BMW was just awesome!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke viel mal Pascal :) Es isch nie langwielig worde mit dir, isch immer öppis gloffe :) Ich wünsche dir alles gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt.

Date: 20.06.2017

The hammer! Ralf is very patient, calm and experienced. With his tricks and tips, it's very easy for me to learn how to drive a car. He will go in on you and teach you the different manoeuvres and driving techniques in a very simple and understandable way. He places a lot of trust in you and this also strengthens your self-confidence. Soon I was registered for the exam. He does not prolong driving training with unnecessary lessons, but promotes his students appropriately. The best driving instructor far and wide! All thumbs up! Thanks for the great driving lesson, I'll miss it:)

Response from schaltchnü
Ou Laura, viele Dank für die super Bewertig :D Ich gratuliere dir au da nomal zur bestandene Prüefig! Die lustige Fahrstunde wird ich vermisse mit dir :) Ich wünsche dir alles alles gueti und freu mi ufs Glace ;) LG Ralf

Date: 01.06.2017

Ralf is a very good and patient driving instructor. First I tried a cheap offer in Zurich and after 8 hours of driving I frustratedly changed to Ralf, because I didn't learn anything. Ralf had already registered me for the exam after the 2nd hour and I never had the feeling that he was unnecessarily protracting the training. The bottom line is that you save more money (and above all time) with him than with cheap offers.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Sandro :) Ja das mit de günschtige Fahrstunde isch meistens so e Sach. Muen nid schlecht si, ischs aber meistens scho. Het sehr Spass gmacht mit dir und mir sind au schnell vorwärts cho und hend denn au d'Prüefig g'rockt :D Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti LG Ralf

Date: 30.05.2017

Reviews from Nina Rutz

A super calm person, I would recommend him in any case...incredibly good driving instructor!

Response from schaltchnü
Oh danke Nina, sehr lieb vo dir :) Alles Gueti wünschi dir, i de Luft und uf de Strass ;) LG Ralf

Date: 24.05.2017

I can really recommend Ralf to everybody! I came by a friend on him and was also fully satisfied. Since I could also practice at home, I was very happy that I got a learning sheet after almost every driving lesson, so no mistakes crept in and my parents knew what to look out for :D Really recommendable!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Ivana :) Viele Dank für die Blumen :) Das isch au s'Ziel vo dene Lernblätter, so chasch du das richtig dihei lerne und bringsch dir kei falschi Sache bi. LG Ralf

Date: 19.05.2017

Ralf was a patient driving instructor. He prepared me very well for the exam and took away my nervousness. I would definitely recommend him.

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank für dini Top Bewertig Nina. Du bisch au dihei fliessig go üebe, dann klappt das i de Regel immer guet :)Wünsch dir viel Spass uf de Strass. LG Ralf

Date: 18.05.2017

Looking for a good driving instructor? Then go to Ralf! Ralf was my 3rd driving instructor in Winterthur and by far the most competent and friendly. He has a quiet nature and is always available for a joke. Thanks to Ralf's help, my sister and a colleague successfully passed the car test. And everyone was super satisfied. I would recommend Ralf to everyone. Keep up the good work, Ralf! Dear greeting Michelle

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Michelle, viele Dank fürs Kompliment :) Es het aber au mit die Spass gmacht. Immer was zum Lache gha ;) LG

Date: 09.05.2017

Super driving instructors!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Atdhe :) Super Schüeler gsi ;)

Date: 04.05.2017

Very competent and well-positioned driving instructor. Would recommend him to anyone.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Jasmin für dini guet Bewertig :) Immer luschtig gsi mit dir. LG

Date: 29.04.2017

De Ralf is always highly motivated. Jedi Fahrstund has fun, he likes to explain things several times and never has the feeling that he is stressed ;) I am happy to pass the test for the first time, but will miss the cool BMW... I will recommend you gladly, wiiter so :) Greetings Tim

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal Tim :) Ja de BMW het dir gfalle, das hani gmerkt hehe "Leider" därfsch jetzt nüme BMW fahre ;) LG und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 21.04.2017

I can recommend Ralf with a very good conscience. He teaches you everything with the necessary humor and never forgets his goal :-D I found it ingenious that it was possible to view situations again thanks to the installed camera, which helped me a lot to make improvements. The flashcards are also ideal, so I could practice what I had learned at home and was sure that it was right :-)) I would immediately go back to Ralf, but I passed the test at the first attempt hihi I wish you all the best Ralf, keep up the good work :-D

Response from schaltchnü
Danke dir Anna :) Vielen Dank für dein Lob. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Spass auf der Strasse. LG Ralf

Date: 20.04.2017

Many thanks for the super lehrrichi driving lesson! I always go with great pleasure ad driving lessons and han a lot learned. Recommend de Ralf again and again gladly more, willich to me surely he isch de besti driving instructor.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Martina, danke vielmal für dini guet Bewertig :D Es isch au jedesmal lässig gsi mit dir :) LG Ralf

Date: 15.04.2017

Many thanks for the good and entertaining driving lessons ... until successfully passed exam:)

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Anouk, sehr lieb vo dir :) LG Ralf

Date: 29.03.2017

A very competent and friendly driving instructor. I felt very comfortable and learned a lot during every driving lesson until the end. The 90 are really worth it! Unfortunately I have no direct comparison to other driving instructors, but nevertheless I dare to say: Ralf is one of the best (the best;)) Driving instructor there is;). That's why I recommend him.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für die guet Bewertig.LG Ralf

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Date: 22.03.2017

Ralf is a motivating and very entertaining driving instructor. One notices that he has much joy in his profession, therefore one has also joy in learning :)

Date: 21.03.2017

Competent, attentive and highly motivated driving instructor. Theory inputs are taught patiently and humorously. I passed the exam at the first attempt and can only recommend Ralf as a driving instructor.

Date: 16.03.2017

Top, highly recommended! Did the test pass at the first attempt... Will surely recommend him to others

Date: 14.03.2017

I highly recommend Ralf. I already had two driving instructors before him, the first I didn't learn anything, the second I didn't make as much progress as I wanted. Then I followed the advice of my colleague and changed again, this time to Ralf :)) With Ralf I immediately felt comfortable, the car is great and he is a great guy, always ready for a joke but still fixated on the essentials. He also tries to encourage private driving so that it goes faster forward. Ralf loves his job, you can see that :)) Best regards Moni

Date: 13.03.2017

Reviews from Samuel Spycher

Solid training, perfectly imparted specialist knowledge and psychologically optimal preparation. Thank you very much Ralf!

Date: 25.02.2017

Reviews from Cédric Harder

Competent expertise. Explains completely logical things in itself even the fifth time with a lot of calm and understanding. Super exam preparation.

Date: 08.02.2017

Reviews from Adriana Imoberdorf

Every single hour of driving with Ralf was great. I felt very comfortable and safe from the beginning. He's explained everything in plain and simple terms. With the valuable tips and tricks for the exam and also for everyday driving, I now feel comfortable on the road even after passing it. I was always looking forward to the driving lessons with Ralf and can warmly recommend him!

Date: 04.02.2017

Ralph explains in a simple and understandable way and makes you aware of your mistakes constructively. The car is fun to drive and has more than enough power for learning trips. In addition, he is experienced and knows the tricky jobs in and around Winterthur which the experts like to pass at the exams. All in all I am very satisfied and passed the test the first time!

Date: 27.01.2017

Reviews from Kilian Strasser

Even though I was very nervous before the exam, I never had the feeling that I had never experienced a situation before. Also very helpful were his tips on what to look out for and what critical points there were in the area. All in all I was enthusiastic and would recommend it to everyone.

Date: 20.01.2017

With Ralf the driving was a lot of fun, I always felt in good hands. The hours were never boring and we always had a good time. With Ralf you get serious hours and learn fast for a fair price - with a good portion of humor, was really fun!

Date: 12.12.2016

Ralf is a great driving instructor with a lot of patience and good tips!!! Thanks for everything.

Date: 21.11.2016

Ralf is a great driving instructor, not only technical but also human. The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me and I could learn something new every time. schaltchnü is recommended!

Date: 11.11.2016

Thanks to Ralf's patience and perseverance I passed the test at the first attempt :-) Thank you so much for everything!

Date: 18.10.2016

Ralf is a very pleasant and patient driving instructor. He always has very good tips and the best methods to teach you quickly. Driving with Ralf is a lot of fun. I can only recommend him!

Date: 16.10.2016

en super driving instructor! always stays calm and relaxed and git very gueti tips! Channi number recommend! han thanks to him driving examable in the first straight pass!!

Date: 30.09.2016

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very relaxed and motivating. Many thanks for your patience and for the great lessons.

Date: 26.08.2016

Reviews from Sandrine Harder

The driving lessons with Ralph were always great! He motivates you right from the start and has good theory sheets and explains everything very clearly. I'd take driving lessons with Ralph again right now! :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Gebt bis zum Schluss euer Bestes

Date: 09.08.2016

Chani only recommend wiiter. En driving instructor with nerve like wire rope. Stay really calm and patient in any situation. Git supper tips and wertvolli Imputs.

Date: 24.07.2016

Ralf teaches you how to drive with a lot of joy and humour. He explains objectively and comprehensibly. If something doesn't work, he stays cool - I never had stress with him. Would also go to Ralf 2 times ;-)

Date: 17.06.2016

Reviews from Lukas Kärcher

Ralf is a very competent and good driving instructor. He can explain very well, is reliable and prepares you very well for the practical driving test. Thanks to him, I already passed the practical driving test the first time.

Date: 21.05.2016

You have fun in every driving lesson and always learn something new. Absolutely patient and calm. I'd go right back to him!

Date: 21.04.2016

Ralf teaches you how to drive very well and with a lot of patience, the driving lessons were a lot of fun every time - I can only recommend!

Date: 10.03.2016

Reviews from Manuela Stalder

Always mega cool driving lesson gsi. Chani only to be recommended. Wiiter so Ralf :)

Date: 15.02.2016

Super driving instructors!! I can only recommend. Thanks again Ralf!

Date: 09.02.2016

The perfect driving instructor!

Date: 20.01.2016

Super driving instructors! Always mega patient and calm, I am very well prepared for the test and I normally ideal last driving hour before the test safety go. If they passed the au gad bim 1. run without any problem, we would be confronted with every situation during the test, which was about the same ideal driving hour. The driving lesson itself is very straightforward and funny. After every hour Ralf gets some feedback and the next time we lie we normally drive, what's so good for us. That's very helpful to me to improve my driving behaviour, we'll normally look at the situation from the point of view of han chli and next time prevent han chöne. Thank you Ralf and still so much success!

Date: 11.12.2015

Great teacher! Ralf is very patient, teaches everything very clearly, is punctual and makes efficient use of the time from lesson to last moment. He really wants you to pass the test!

Date: 05.12.2015

De Ralf is a great driving instructor! Sini driving lessons are very good and more learns a lot so more quickly and safely when driving. Chan en numme wiiterrecommend :)!

Date: 30.11.2015

Reviews from Betina Mulaj

Chan de Ralf as a driving instructor only recommend. Han destroyed other gha, 2 times by driving test duregheit & the fortunately to Ralf gwechslet and suddenly much me learned and became safer bim fahre & bim 3rd time hets the aulappet. The driving lesson to him are ned nume very instructive, but au entertaining gsi. So we had a lot of fun driving :so we could only recommend Ralf.

Date: 02.11.2015

De Ralf is the best driving instructor! I recommend him to everyone. Bi twice the rigidity of other driving instructors and bi thanks driving uf de Ralf toegstosse. De Ralf has more beautiful again mini fear way near, 3 times ad prüefig zga. Sini driving lessons are always alternating and interesting gsi. I have learned a lot of new things, he beureilt you out after every driving lesson with the notebook, so we always know where we stand and where we improve cha next time. As an aid, he will help you to find out where the diheime is at rest and where you can park (e.g. in a car park). On test day he supports you so much, helps you dini nervousness in grip zbecho. Look, I've passed mini-test hat *.* Personally to Ralf thank you very much for your support, you have brought a lot of new things to me, where I would be safe when driving and I am afraid of a nice way. You are away from the best driving instructors! Wish you all the best. Dafina

Date: 21.10.2015

Ralf is a very patient, competent and talkative (if you like) driving instructor, who always explains manoeuvres and procedures well and understandably. I.e. with example pictures of the traffic situation, toy cars to show, donkey bridges and feedback at the beginning and end. I consider myself very lucky to have chosen him and would do it 100% again. The car also has all the features (if not a few more extras) and is great for getting your first driving experience. Keep it up, Ralf and a big thank you again! :)

Date: 14.10.2015

Very nice and capable driving instructor. I'd vote again.

Date: 12.10.2015

Ralf is a very patient, super driving instructor. He makes the driving lessons very varied and he files the weak points of his students until it works smoothly! His learning tools like student sheets or photographs of e.g. difficult crossings etc. are very helpful. Ralf also supported me mentally before the exam!

Date: 09.10.2015

Ralf is an extremely patient driving instructor and has managed to take away my great fear of driving. The theory sheets are really useful and his reporting after each lesson is very detailed. Can only be recommended :D

Date: 30.09.2015

Ralf du bisch en super driving instructor, very dueling and humorous:)Thank you very much for dini unterstüzig:):):)

Date: 20.09.2015

With Ralf the driving lessons are really fun! So he remains relaxed even during "adventurous" rides and then helps to optimize the driving style with useful theory sheets and constructive criticism. As hardly an hour resembled the others, I felt best prepared for the exam. I can only recommend Ralf!

Date: 08.09.2015

Reviews from Sybille Schiess

Driving was never my number one goal in my life but I needed a driver's license for my job. I went to driving lesson with giant respect, and even more fear. Ralf took away my fear and taught me how to drive with a lot of nerves and patience. His hours were always well planned through, but it was never a problem to change the program if I wanted to do something again because I was insecure or had forgotten how to do it exactly. You can ask questions at any time and get a clear and detailed answer. I never thought I would ever be able to drive but thanks to Ralf I passed the 1st time. Thank you Ralf for the patience, time and nerves.

Date: 29.08.2015

I got my first one, I had to go to Ralf's :D I hans so power wants scho much colleague bim Ralf gsi are and him hend recommended to me. D'Fahrstunde are always super instructive gsi and hend fun makes. What is especially great about this conclusion is that we rent our car where we can rent it with the parents :D LG and all Gueti continue

Date: 18.08.2015

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very instructive. He was able to answer questions competently at all times and we made rapid progress. The fact sheets on selected topics also help you to rethink what you have learned at home. Very useful was also the possibility of Ralf to rent a practice car of the same model as the driving school car. With a 5 hour drive on the weekend before the stage, I was able to gain some more routine and safety in this car without having to pay the price of the driving hour. Altogether I am very satisfied with Ralf as a driving instructor and can warmly recommend him to others.

Date: 17.08.2015

The driving lessons with Ralf are always well planned, so that you can learn new things every time and practice the things that are difficult for you. Due to his calm, patient nature, I did not become nervous or get into "hasping" even in difficult situations. I can highly recommend the driving lessons with Ralf. :)

Date: 13.08.2015

The driving school with Ralf is very recommendable. He has the car and the road under control at all times and can even bend some mistakes of student drivers. In addition he has an enormous knowledge around car and road and can explain many phenomena, which one knows otherwise only from hearing sagas. The car is also very suitable for beginners, because it starts up again quickly when you choke the engine, it has Kamara, distance signals etc. Even for small people it is no problem, because you can adjust everything. The tours and learning goals are always adapted to the student's level and do not get boring. You can spend a nice time with Ralf on the way to his driver's license. He is very good at dealing with us young adults and even seems to have stayed young (in a positive sense). But he could really say the things you do well. That motivates! ;) If you are not yet so sure, you may quickly feel that you are doing far too much wrong. Of course the criticism at the end of the lesson is useful and important, but you may also ask what was especially good, because if you know one hurdle behind you, you also have energy and concentration for the next. But by and large, keep up the good work.

Date: 01.08.2015

I highly recommend chan de Ralf :) I am bimene other driving instructors 2 times duregheit and han denn to Ralf gwächsled. I did a lot of trial lessons with him and learned almost more than I did 25 hours with other instructors. S'Problem is I under other gsi that I wrongly ageigned me Automatisme han and the het me de Ralf fast ustriebe ;) The test was a problem without any problems, while Ralf was the first time good choet :) I thank you very much for your patience and wish you Gueti all the best. LG Andrea

Date: 22.07.2015

Reviews from E. N.

Ralf is a very nice and pleasant driving instructor. He responded very well to my individual weaknesses, helped me to find my way in certain situations and to constantly improve myself. I've always felt very safe and comfortable. Every driving hour was exciting and I could learn something new every time. I can recommend him to everyone with a very good conscience! :)

Date: 23.06.2015

Reviews from Moritz Rubli

De Ralf is a great guy! He always picked me up with his calm and quiet way of fetching beautiful things. It is always great gsi with him derfe z drive and all the secret tricks and tips where he knows and a witer git hend me very ghulfe. The whole concept with the "main task" was very different and the special situations with the chline cars on the map were very different and he found so many different variants. Last but not least: The test was a short time before the real thing happened at Dany. (Thanks a lot Ralf for lying and do and do for me. I know it is nöd always simple gsi with me ^^) All in all e super experience gsi with him and I would recommend him to everyone witer!!

Date: 19.06.2015

Reviews from Soraya Gasser

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very pleasant and made fun :) He is very patient and could help me with many tips and tricks and always point out important things that I have to pay attention to. Many thanks for the great hours! :D

Date: 17.06.2015

Very good driving lessons. Very nice and patient. Good preparation for the driving test (driving along test tracks, etc.)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Jedoch wichtig: einfach weiterfahren!

Date: 10.06.2015

Many thanks for the exciting, instructive, varied and always fun driving lessons! I recommend Ralf to all new drivers!

Date: 09.06.2015

Great driving instructor. Was always punctual and prepared me super for the exam. He explained everything very well and also showed many tricky passages that came at the exam. I can recommend Ralf to anyone.

Date: 07.06.2015

Reviews from Nadia Posch

Ralf always manages to give you a good feeling while driving. As a sympathetic and humorous passenger, he makes every lesson interesting and instructive. With constructive criticism, helpful theory sheets and important hints, one prepares oneself for the examination in the best possible way. All thumbs up and clear!

Date: 04.06.2015

The driving lessons with Ralf have always been a lot of fun for me. He is a very attentive and humorous driving instructor, who explains all maneuvers etc. in detail and patiently. In order to memorize what you have just learned, you will receive very helpful theory sheets after the lessons (e.g. for sideways parking). Would recommend Ralf in any case.

Date: 06.05.2015

The driving lessons with Ralf were always amusing, he teaches you the individual manoeuvres efficiently and doesn't let you do the same thing 100 times, but moves forward quickly. The car is ideal, be it to drive into motorways or to perform confusing manoeuvres, everything is no problem. Simply recommend it!

Date: 18.03.2015

Always enjoyed the driving lessons with Ralf. In a friendly and pleasant way, Ralf manages to teach the driver how to drive. In every situation he stays calm and gives hints which are very helpful for the exam. Also theory sheets are distributed, which are useful to repeat what has been learned. Key positions are driven off again and again until they sit, all in all the exam preparation was optimal! Can only recommend Ralf and would like to thank him again!

Date: 12.02.2015

Reviews from Cynthia Laura

Ralph is always very attentive and pays attention to everything. He also mentions again and again what one should pay special attention to. It's always been fun with him.

Date: 09.02.2015

I can only recommend. Showed up at the first practical exam. Greetings Rami

Date: 26.01.2015

Reviews from Daniel Raymond Pujols Ayala

Ralf is a very good driving instructor. With him, you look forward to every driving lesson. He shows you clearly and very clearly what you have to pay attention to. I can only recommend him to any future car driver.

Date: 22.01.2015

Ralf is not only a great guy, he is also a very good driving instructor. Every time I enjoyed going to him for driving lessons and I would book him as a driving instructor again immediately. I've learned a lot and I'm very grateful to him for that. I can only recommend Ralf to everyone who is still looking for the right driving instructor! :)

Date: 20.01.2015

Reviews from Daniel Grujic

The driving lessons with Ralf are instructive and exciting! I was happy about every single ride. He prepared me perfectly for the driving test. His car is very easy to drive. Just great. :) Only to recommend!

Date: 17.12.2014

I passed the exam about 2 weeks ago at the first attempt :) I can recommend Ralf without a bad conscience, his learning sheets are great to consolidate at home the learned. Through diligent practice it was possible to pass the test with 15 driving hours. Continue like this :))))

Date: 08.12.2014

I really enjoyed the driving lessons with Ralf! They really are a good mixture; with a lot of humour, a relaxed atmosphere and on the other hand accurate, efficient learning. Despite a tight schedule, I managed the exam at the first attempt. Can highly recommend Ralf! At this point a big thank you to you again.

Date: 04.12.2014

Reviews from Yanick Hoffman

Great guy and driving instructor, shows everything where it is weeky and likes to do his job. Het mir sehr villes Bibracht woni s lebe lang chan bruche.

Date: 03.12.2014

i went to ralf! with a very tight schedule due to his constant and experienced system, we were able to keep this and pass the exam with flying colours! i got to know ralf as a very respectful and relaxed person! i can only recommend him! ralf is the man!!

Date: 25.11.2014

Reviews from Nina Diebold

Ralf is a very friendly driving instructor who always shows a lot of patience! :-)

Date: 29.10.2014

Ralf is a very likeable driving instructor with an ingenious teaching system, which creates an optimal prerequisite for the exam. The detailed feedback at the end of the lesson (even if time had already been up) was very helpful and the new BMW with all the technical chicness almost drives itself. The lessons with Ralf were not only instructive, but also funny and therefore entertaining - always recommendable!

Date: 05.09.2014

Super driving instructor with humor and who teaches you how to drive with a lot of patience!

Date: 29.08.2014

Reviews from Ladina Koch

I have experienced Ralf as a very patient, reliable and competent driving instructor. He supports the lessons at the beginning with theory sheets, gives good tips and you always feel comfortable with his friendly nature. Ralf is a great driving instructor and his BMW is super comfortable to learn to drive. I can and will definitely recommend him. Many thanks for the great driving lesson Ralf! :)

Date: 10.08.2014

Single top! I'm super fride. Chas everyone wiitr empfelä to the ralf gah!

Date: 15.07.2014

Ralf is a very good and patient driving instructor who teaches you how to drive in a pleasant way! :)

Date: 11.07.2014

Reviews from Nik Petronijevic

I am very glad that ralf has been recommended to me further. He is very competent and works reliably. He responds individually to each person. You could have very good conversations in between. If you are looking for a fun, upbeat and young driving instructor, you have come to the right place. Already at the first lesson I felt comfortable and safe. Thank you ralf ! Nik

Date: 01.07.2014

Also I may join the many reviews :) I can recommend Ralf without any objections. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drive very often in my private life, but still managed to pass the test the first time with 19 driving hours. What is very positive with Ralf, he doesn't "minüteled", he often explains "for free" a little longer after the lesson :) LG Meli

Date: 23.06.2014

A dedicated and patient driving instructor. I few driving hours to the destination! Chani only recommend more! ;)

Date: 17.06.2014

About three weeks ago I passed my practical exam at the first attempt, this with only 14 driving lessons :) I can therefore recommend Ralf to anyone and everyone. My sister was already with him two years ago and was just as enthusiastic :) All the best and best regards Adi

Date: 19.05.2014

De Ralf is a very loving and patient driving instructor. Me het always öpis zrede and it is fun to learn him driving a car. The most important thing is forgotten and it is possible that we can stretch out the road to the other side of the road. He knows what to look for and always has good tips, so that I am optimally prepared for the exam :) Thank you Ralf, I am always very happy to give you an ideal driving lesson :)

Date: 03.05.2014

Always patient and calm,relaxed type!tip top ;)

Date: 29.04.2014

TOP DRIVING INSTRUCTOR! De Ralf is super sympathetic, motivated, serious, competent, humorous and het Nerve us Stahl. With his feedback and theory inputs he is optimally prepared for the exam. He knows himself everywhere in Winti and the surrounding area, thus enabling experienced people to get to grips with all kinds of traffic situations. Compliment Ralf!

Date: 24.04.2014

Reviews from Sanjay Rai

Ralf is a great driving instructor. He shows a lot of patience. He is a great personality, always has a loose saying on it and is very friendly. Learning the art of driving with Ralf is a lot of fun. With him everyone can take the driving test with his left hand!

Date: 22.04.2014

De Ralf is a very nice and patient driving instructor. It is always entertaining and always fun to learn how to drive a car. He has a lot of gueti tips and knows every corner of Winterthur and the surrounding area and prepares every one optimally for car inspection. With em Ralf is possible to make the Uswiis 7 growth! :) Thank you, Ralf, for the best driving instructor!

Date: 21.04.2014

Ralf's not upsetting anything. The work is done with a lot of patience, humour, efficiency and a meaningful and clearly structured system, which brings the student in repetitive processes, didactically sophisticated to the goal. Criticism is without exception constructive, questions are answered competently and driving is fun. Absolutely recommendable!

Date: 21.04.2014

De Ralf is a super driving instructor, has a lot of patience and makes Usbildig very professional. I know exactly what I want to check :) Chan eu de Ralf highly recommend :)

Date: 15.04.2014

De Ralf is a great driving instructor and only to the recommend witer! He has so much patience with eim and Explains everything super! Since the ralf nid min first driving instructor is very good for what talk!:)weri no longer bim old driving instructor gsi hetti glaub mini autoprüäfig always noni! Isch the best decision gsi to ralf zgah!:))) So if he Drivers want to learn the gend to Ralf!;)

Date: 01.04.2014

I have always found the driving lessons with Ralf very instructive and professional! He prepared me super for the driving test and always had a lot of patience with me. COMPLIMENT!

Date: 12.03.2014

Reviews from Lea Stahel

Super driving instructors! In every driving lesson you learn a lot. Ralf has a lot of patience, helpful tips and it's fun too;) Very recommendable!

Date: 07.03.2014

De Ralf is a great driving instructor! He has a lot of patience ;), explains everything well, git theory sheets off and het me well by the test bracht :) I can recommend this number!

Date: 25.02.2014

I had another driving instructor in front of Ralf where I didn't really make any progress. When I came to Ralf I first noticed what a good training is, you get leaves which you can repeat at home, get great tips and tricks etc. etc. etc.. :) I can only recommend everyone to choose the driving instructor well, in the beginning I also looked at the price, but quickly noticed that cheap is not always good. I can warmly recommend everything to you :) LG Moni

Date: 18.02.2014

Reviews from Tanja Bollmann

Great driving instructor with a lot of patience. Driving with him has always been a lot of fun :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Nicht den Mut verlieren, wenn ein Manöver nicht klappt

Date: 04.02.2014

Reviews from Tomi Schaltegger

Super pleasant driving lessons are really fun with Ralf, he explains everything very well and you learn a lot from him. So this driving instructor is really recommendable! Thank you very much.

Date: 16.01.2014

The driver could explain everything to me very precisely and understandably. The driving school car is optimal to learn how to drive. The driving school gear shift is therefore highly recommended.

Date: 27.12.2013

de ralf het so vill patience, answers all questions and supports a lot. he distributes theory/infosheets womer always chan nahluege. au personal en funny and super type, driving lesson are very good! han only guet ghörts and chanen himself uf jedenfall wiiter empfehlen! choose him if you have fun waa and quickly learn a lot waa!

Date: 26.11.2013

Ralf has always supported me optimally. I passed the first time although I was super nervously true. The hours with him were always well structured and amusing.:) Thank you vill vill mal!:)

Date: 24.11.2013

Reviews from Florian Kappeler

Within shortest time, exactly said in 15 driving hours I could learn to drive the car with the help of Ralf and his BMW with schaltchnü and make myself fit for the practical driver examination, which I passed by the way with the 1. time successfully. The driving lessons with the BMW and Ralf had given me a lot of pleasure. thanks a lot

Date: 21.11.2013

Reviews from Maryam Joseph

De best driving instructor!! :-) han super lehrrichi and funny hour to him gha. Thank you. Thank you. :-)

Date: 19.11.2013

Reviews from Petra Ramusch

The best driving instructor ever!!!!!!!!!:-D

Date: 09.11.2013

Reviews from David Knezi?

The driving lessons with Ralf were very instructive and exciting! I've been looking forward to every single hour of driving. He prepared me perfectly for the driving test. His car is great, too. :) Only to recommend!

Date: 05.10.2013

Reviews from Jasi Gächti

Super, patient driving instructor. I have only had good experiences and would recommend the driving school to everyone.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Während 45 Minuten hat es sehr stark geregnet

Date: 26.09.2013

Reviews from Jasmin Stillhart

dDriving hours are always very instructive and entertaining xi :-) Ralf het by me certainly stahlharti Nerve becho, but I am always loose and patient ;-) Cha only recommend him!

Date: 19.09.2013

I am super zufriden with schaltchnüpel! After you've learned something new, there's a leaflet that's ideal for practicing everything again at home. You get to know the whole of Winterthur and its surroundings better and driving a car is really fun. I can highly recommend Ralf!

Date: 09.09.2013

Isch e cooli zit gsi, always good athmosphere han mit immer gfeut uf den Fahrstunde mit em Ralf. Very well prepared, he has me, just passed the first time. Chani only witerempfele!

Date: 03.09.2013

Passed the test at the first attempt. The preparation was structured, very detailed and professional, also no unnecessary driving lessons! Very pleasant driving lessons, through Ralph's patient, quiet and funny way:-) I will recommend my brother and of course all others immediately!

Date: 30.08.2013

Reviews from Dom Suhajda

TipTop, Nice guy, does his job very well and professionally. I can recommend it to others.

Date: 23.07.2013

Sehr is watching. Thank you viu mau.

Date: 16.07.2013

Ralf does his job very well and professionally! top!

Date: 10.07.2013

absolut top

Date: 19.06.2013

Geduldig, locker, super.

Date: 13.06.2013

Reviews from Mikle Beyeler

Super driving instructors!

Date: 13.06.2013

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very instructive. Due to his relaxed and serious manner he was able to prepare me well for the exam. I will gladly recommend Ralf to others!

Date: 11.06.2013

Isch e cooli ziit gsi. Good type, patient and brings a good everything bi.

Date: 23.05.2013

Ralf is a great driving instructor! He is very patient and always explains everything very clearly. And he always has a good saying on stock ;) Very much to the witerempfehl!! :)

Date: 21.05.2013

S Driving with Ralf is always fun and more is perfectly prepared for the test. For all important things, please read the leaflet about these alliances! Ralf chan is a super idiot and is always patient and relaxed about it. And of course niid z forgot: het het äs kuuhls car ;-) Gönd alli go to him go :-) Mersii Ralf for the super Ziit!

Date: 13.05.2013

Every driving lesson was very pleasant, the driving instructor has a very pleasant and nice nature. It was also very efficient, no driving lesson was unnecessary and it was always fun.

Date: 30.04.2013

Reviews from Simon Zurschmiede

Gear shift? Scho de Name elei chame wiiter recommend. But the Ralf no as driving instructor simply nu Top!!!! And there you can see his glassiness, seriousness, seriousness and a lot of patience - even if the situation is always the same. Merci nomal!

Date: 19.04.2013

Top! It was a very good experience. Sympathetic, competent, humorous & patient. I was optimally prepared for the exam in a relaxed atmosphere. I can definitely recommend Ralf to others.

Date: 28.03.2013

Super driving instructor!! If you are well prepared and have a patient driving instructor with a good sense of humor, then chani will recommend the right number to you! I han me au very good ufd prepared for testing feels and accordingly hets then au gad klapped ;)

Date: 27.03.2013

Reviews from Carl King

How do you do? Always on time. Gave good INSIDER advice regarding practical driving test. Friend of Bavarian Motor Vehicles.

Date: 27.03.2013

Reviews from Demi Guevara

En super driving instructor! Explains everything well understandable, is patient and always happy =D BMW's a lot of fun to drive. So if you don't want to test anyone nominally, you need to know to whom you're going. ^^ 10/10 !

Date: 08.03.2013

Supper driving instructor! He brings sini suggestion for improvement very good over and het always en guete saying to Uflockerig. Da giz würkli nüt zum kritisiere :-)

Date: 08.02.2013

schaltknü means: perfectly trained driving instructor, modern vehicle, useful tips, e.g. the right leaflet for every manoeuvre => pass the test right away!

Date: 04.02.2013

Like so many before me, I too can recommend Ralf with a very good conscience. His driving hours are always very instructive and the mood in the car is relaxed. Ralf manages to draw attention to mistakes in such a way that even if you have trouble dealing with criticism, you can take it in calmly. In addition, he is very patient and always has a saying ready to loosen up. The fun of driving a car is definitely not lost with him:) Many thanks Ralf, I will miss the driving lessons almost a little ;)

Date: 29.01.2013

Würkli super patient and building up before the test. 1A!!

Date: 19.01.2013

I can only recommend Ralf like everyone else before me! Patient, sympathetic, simply a good driving instructor! Couldn't have imagined a better way. Everything you need to feel safe and comfortable on the streets is taught by Ralf easy! Thank you again much much times Ralf!:-)

Date: 10.01.2013

I found Ralf to be a very pleasant, patient and competent driving instructor. Passed my driving test on the first try. I can only recommend Ralf to anyone who is looking for a young, friendly and competent driving instructor. Lg Alex

Date: 07.12.2012

Super driving instructors! Super organized! And always patient. Buy recommendation! ;)

Date: 21.11.2012

It has been a few weeks since I passed my long-awaited exam :)) First I drove with two other driving instructors, first in Thurgau and then also in Winterthur. I changed once because of a move and the second time because I could not move forward. The change to Ralf was the best I could do, he made progress and always adapted the speed to my needs which I found very important. I passed the exam the first time :)) Thank you very much Ralf!!!

Date: 17.11.2012

Reviews from Jennifer Weber

Very good, patient driving instructors & super organized, individual driving lesson!

Date: 13.11.2012

I don't doubt that I didn't learn anything from Ralf Friedrich, but when it comes to his reputation, he can certainly show himself from another side. For 12 months, more than 20 driving hours and learning with a private car led to the fact that he refused me his car shortly before the driving test. Fortunately, I still got the concession of another driving instructor, so that I passed the upcoming exam with his car shortly afterwards. So I advise you against such experiences and hope that they will be spared, as they lead to a waste of time and money!

Response from schaltchnü
Ich danke dir für deine „objektive“ Bewertung Jasmin. Leider, oder zum Glück entspricht sie nicht ganz der Wahrheit ;) Du hattest am 17.11.11 deine erste Fahrstunde. Soviel ich weiss, durftest du erst im Frühling oder Sommer diesen Jahres auch privat fahren. Bis dahin hattest du in etwa 16 Fahrstunden bei mir. Dazwischen hattest du auch mehrmals mehrere Wochen Unterbruch. In der 20. Stunde wolltest du von mir wissen, wieviele Stunden du benötigen würdest um die Prüfung zu machen. Ich schätzte, dass es knapp 30 werden würden. Daraufhin wollten deine Eltern nicht mehr bezahlen und drängten auf einen Prüfungstermin. Ich sagte dir von Anfang an, dass du, so wie du dazumal fuhrst, keine Prüfung bestehen würdest. In der darauffolgenden Lektion machten wir eine Prüfungssimulation, in dieser wärst du 6 mal durchgefallen (Fahrverbot, Rollerfahrer übersehen, 50 statt 30 gefahren, bei grün angehalten etc.) Ich denke deutlicher könnte so eine Simulation nicht ausgefallen sein ;) Bis zum Prüfungstermin waren es dort noch 3 Wochen, also genug Zeit um noch Fahrstunden zu nehmen, das wolltest du aber nicht. Stattdessen wechseltest du noch für 3 oder 4 Stunden den Fahrlehrer (was dein gutes Recht ist) und hast die Prüfung so bestanden. Wenn du jetzt die Stunden zusammenzählst, kommst du ziemlich genau auf 30 ;) Ich wünsche dir eine unfallfreie Fahrt.

Date: 16.10.2012

Reviews from Rahii Ochsner

I can only recommend it! I always enjoyed going to driving school. We always had a good time, but we kept it focused. The system with the points is great, so you can see what still has to be worked on. The theory sheets are ingenious, so you can quickly look something up if you are unsure. Ralf always appears punctual and well prepared. Great! Keep it up! ;)

Date: 20.09.2012

Reviews from Max Weiler

Very calm, pleasant and competent manner. Proceeds purposefully and has always the overview which still can be improved and which not. Stay with the essential and don't babble around in the area like many other teachers.

Date: 12.09.2012

I can recommend Ralf unconditionally! He is very competent and creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the car. Thanks to its evaluation system and well-structured driving lessons, learning is very efficient and you reach your destination quickly. Keep it up!

Date: 07.09.2012

Absolute top driving instructor! Ralf has a lot of patience and explains things very detailed and understandable. In addition, he hands in a lot of important documents with which one can prepare very well for the exam. If you want to pass the driving test the first time, then you should go to Ralf! :-)

Date: 06.09.2012

Top driving instructor, have fun with him!

Date: 05.09.2012

A very pleasant driving instructor, who has a lot of patience and can teach the different manoeuvres well.

Date: 31.08.2012

I had my Mexican driver's license rewritten here in Switzerland. I knew that I lacked a lot of knowledge for the corresponding control trip. Ralf quickly identified the most important problems with his trained eye and discussed and practiced them with me in a very descriptive way. I noticed that my driving style has improved considerably within a short time. Afterwards I passed the control drive without any problems. I would always recommend Ralf as a driving instructor. You can see that he is very experienced and enjoys teaching, and his car is very pleasant to drive.

Date: 30.08.2012

Wend en super driving instructor suechsch, where patient, funny, very well organized and you're organized car driving casually brings over, the Ralf is just right for you! :D p.s: very gueti website, just great to book a driving lesson, just work irregularly!

Date: 16.08.2012

De Ralf knows what it's like to drive a car and he knows how to communicate it professionally. I've learnt his practical car driving from the ground up! After a few hours and very few private trips I passed my first test! Away Em Ralf sinere patience, his funny sayings and his goal-guiding driving lesson I can only recommend to everyone, ebefalls bi him go drive! And dradenke, Siite look ;-) Mark

Date: 08.08.2012

From me you clearly get a 6, because otherwise I would not have passed the practical test at the first attempt. I liked your style, the way you explained it so clearly. Your tips have really helped me a lot, keep up the good work:)

Date: 22.07.2012

Reviews from Adrian Aeschbacher

De Ralf are very competent and quiet driving instructors. But the fun of driving is certainly never lost in Ralf. Highly recommended :)

Date: 18.07.2012

It's a great hour with Ralf. Mer would have a lot of laughs in the car. Of course I learned to drive very well and fast...

Date: 16.07.2012

Dä Ralf is a quiet, competent and funny driving instructor. Gitder theoriebletter mit demits in Ruhe nomal chasch aluege wend wetsch ;) and writes after each ride on what is good xi isch and what is nöd. I'd go back to him. Have fun allne where's na before him hands and thank you Ralf :)

Date: 13.07.2012

Very friendly and competent driving instructor! His driving lessons are structured and always have a clear structure. So you know where you stand and what there is still to do or repeat!

Date: 18.06.2012

Reviews from Nicole Döbeli

Very efficient learning with patient driving instructor. Well organized and flexible. Very pleasant and entertaining driving lessons that optimally prepare you for the driving test.

Date: 06.06.2012

Reviews from Rahavy Sriram

the ralph isch en supper driving instructor... He's very patient and it's never long... i only recommend chans wiiterempfehle.. am always happy id fahrstund ;)

Date: 18.05.2012

Reviews from Michelle Mäder

De Ralf is a great driving instructor! I am always färn to him id driving hour, and han d verefig uf s ersteht times. When 10 times the same mistake is made, the ralf remains loose and smooth. With his funny saying he forgot about you quickly. And thanks to the leaflets we have many times with git, chasch au dihei nomal exactly on liege when noimets are not sure xD

Date: 12.05.2012

If in addition to driving you learn a funny funny funny way, then Ralf is right for you! He's very patient and I like him from the first hour on! Thank you Ralf and wiiter so :-))

Date: 09.05.2012

Reviews from Raphaela Britt

Ralf is a very patient and competent driving instructor. He is flexible and relaxes the mood during the driving lessons with his witty and open manner. I would recommend him to anyone.

Date: 20.04.2012

Very good driving instructor, cool type, nice car for learning. Man feels comfortable in his car from the first hour on. Does his job very well and seriously... in any case for recommendation Learning Pass Guaranteed. He helped me pass my first driving test right away. Thanks, Ralf. Keep it up. =)

Date: 04.04.2012

Excellent driving instructor. Recommended for everyone.

Date: 30.03.2012

I would like to thank Ralf for driving such a great car. He'd have a lot of patience. He does everything and corrects every chlinschte detail, which would have been very good for me. I only recommend him and namal thank you saw :)

Date: 13.02.2012

Ralf is an excellent driving instructor. He is technically unbeatable and sees every little one of your mistakes, corrects you professionally and loosens your initial nervousness skillfully with his convincing, young, nice, uncomplicated, safe and friendly manner. There is always enough to talk about with Ralf:) With an ingenious rating system he will get you to your desired driver's license very quickly and efficiently. Couldn't have chosen better! And by the way: his new driving school car is better than any wellness oasis, the purest luxury, is definitely a lot of fun and I enjoyed every single driving lesson. Super!!! :)

Date: 04.02.2012

Ralf was for a highly competent and very friendly driving instructor! He adapted the emphasis in his lessons extremely to my previous knowledge and interests, which led to the fact that I had a lot of fun driving and passed the exam in one attempt after 11 driving hours. I have no choice but to recommend Ralf to everyone (Y)!

Date: 19.01.2012

The driving lessons with Ralf were very instructive and at the same time a lot of fun. He's very patient.

Date: 06.01.2012

Reviews from Mandanici Fabio

Ralf is a very competent driving instructor. He takes a lot of cit with the pupil and always explains it very simply and well. I have passed the driving test for the first time and chan dä Ralf recommend everyone!

Date: 04.01.2012

I found my driving lessons well worked out, organized and well composed. Teaching how to drive was fun and I can only recommend it.

Date: 11.12.2011

Soo, but na chli Ziit to the e Bewertig schriiibe:) So I chan de Ralf as a driving instructor very wiiterempfehl! He would always have patience gha and explain to me everything good.I am to him fast forward cho and han d test to 1.Versuech pass.:D Merci! (Katharina T.)

Date: 09.12.2011

The driving lessons with Ralf were always very cool. He always looks very calm and stays calm even in hectic situations. He also makes fun and takes the nervousness out of you. I can only recommend Ralf to everyone! Passed the exam the 1st time :) (Daniela S.)

Date: 09.12.2011

But no thanks, thanks to em Ralf au i i kürzistä ziit. He's an acceptor and a good biographer. Chan supper explains I'm patient and always remains COOL. He would have taken me so far to drive the car, I'm going to drive it all over again. Thank you and gueti ride

Date: 07.12.2011

I can only follow the comments here :-) I started my driving training with the Mini Cooper and finished it with the BMW, so I already drove 2 of my favorite cars :-D I was very well prepared for the big day and passed the test right the first time. If I had to choose a driving instructor again, I would immediately take Ralf again. I could not have hit it better, I think :-)) Many thanks for everything and all the best! Grüessli Andrea

Date: 17.11.2011

de ralf isch en reliable, funny & patient driving instructors with "that certain something", so looos;)

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Nicole :) Ja du hesch em Mini sini letscht Ehr erwiese, sehr guet gmacht :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti! Lg Ralf

Date: 02.11.2011

My whole learning time was very pleasant and goal-oriented. With many good tips and a meaningful evaluation system, you can reach your goal quickly and safely. I recommend chan de Ralf nume wiiter (:

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für din Kommentar Patrick :) Es het au mir viel Spass gmacht mit dir z'fahre, isch immer luschtig gsi hehe... Ich wünsch dir e gueti Ziit! Lg Ralf

Date: 23.10.2011

Soooo, now I also have to get rid of my comment :-) I enjoyed the time with Ralf very much, every driving lesson was fun and of course learning didn't come too short ;-) Thanks to the theory sheets you can repeat everything at home without appropriating anything wrong. I passed my first exam with 14 hours! I can recommend Ralf without a guilty conscience. Thank you very much for everything! Best regards Hannes

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Hannes, das freut mich wenn es dir gefallen hat :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und unfallfreie Fahrt. Liebe Grüsse Ralf

Date: 21.10.2011

De Ralf isch en super driving instructor where I recommend everyone warmly chan. He does everything super bi and never loses your patience debi, except when mers always chops nanig after x-te times. What the driving lessons have loosened up of course are the funny gspöch womer with him het and natürli sis new driving school car wer gli bechunt =D

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Sandro :) Viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig. Mir sind ja schnell vorwärts cho, trotz dinere lange Pause ;) Chasch denn scho mal go Probefahre wenn de neu da isch :D Lg Ralf

Date: 17.10.2011

Ralf is a great driving instructor because he: I can explain well, individually to the learner drivers, he continues to inform the learner drivers even after the first screwed up test:) Go for it!

Response from schaltchnü
Hehe Joel, han dir ja gseit, dass es bim zweite Mal packsch :) Alles Gueti uf de Strasse vo Winti :) Lg Ralf

Date: 07.10.2011

I would advise everyone to choose this driving school. Ralf has a lot of patience, explains everything very understandable and is humorous ;o)

Response from schaltchnü
Ciao Maria. Das freut mich :) Danke für dini Bewertig und die lustige Fahrstunde. Lg Ralf

Date: 18.09.2011

Sali Ralf da ish de Beri I han me no times cordially wele thank you bi you that you me i dene 10 driving hour everything so good bi bracht hesh thanks you hani mini car test passed! who mer fast and safe as goal wet acho söll mer driving hour bi you make!!!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Beri :) Danke dir vielmal für dini Bewertig. Ja bi dir simmer schnell vorwärts cho, mir hend ja nur no a de Fiinheite schaffe ;) Alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strass! Lg Ralf

Date: 15.09.2011

Reviews from Rahel Spirig

Ralf taught me a lot in a short time that I could drive very fast and relatively safe privately. The uncomplicated way he teaches is very instructive and sympathetic.

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Rahel. Viele Dank für dini Bewertig, ich hoffe du hesch mit dim schöne Golf no viel Spass uf de Strasse, ich wünsch dir alles Gueti!

Date: 12.09.2011

Reviews from Jann Hug

The best driving instructor in the world ^^ Keep it up!

Response from schaltchnü
Churz aber bündig ;) Danke Jann. Lg ralf

Date: 06.09.2011

Schaad gits keis 10000000! haha ;)

Response from schaltchnü
Hehe Tien, dankeeee ;)

Date: 04.09.2011

Competent, funny and good driving instructor. Conclusion: Very good. First time exam passed :)

Date: 20.08.2011

Super driving instructors! Always set up to repeat it clearly after every hour and even theory sheets to the dihei nomal valuation system. I chan de Ralf only recommend to everyone!

Date: 18.08.2011

Au ich schlüss me dene Commentär ah :) De Ralf is a real hammer :D I han d'Prüefig, just like my mini colleague passed for the first time and only no with bravour :D I would just nominally to him id driving student, miss the mini ziemli ;) I wish you all Gueti and yet so Gueti Prüefige hihi Love Grüessli Angelika

Date: 27.07.2011

Reviews from Leá Chodová

I can only recommend you to Ralf. He is very patient, funny, attentive (nothing escapes him =) ) and he tries to prepare you individually for the big day. It works with a clearly arranged hissing evaluation system. The mini is really great to drive ;) So come on, call him up and give him a trial lesson!! Greetings #30

Date: 04.07.2011

Gear shift is a great driving school, which brought me successfully to my driving test. Creatively designed driving lessons and the super Mini Cooper give you real driving pleasure. I even got theory sheets to repeat the whole thing at home. :) A great choice

Date: 30.06.2011

Very systematic driving lessons with a super rating system. Thus the learning progress is guaranteed! I can only recommend Ralf to everyone. Merci!

Date: 30.06.2011

The best driving instructor =)

Date: 24.06.2011

1A driving instructor, needs no further comments.

Date: 22.06.2011

I was very satisfied with Ralf! The driving lessons were very pleasant, Ralf is nice and funny and also flexible concerning dates;) I have always felt comfortable and enjoyed taking driving lessons!

Date: 21.06.2011

Super driver, answers every question, is very patient, has a lot of understanding and prepares you very well for the practical exam. Do not force more driving lessons than necessary.

Date: 25.05.2011

Ralf is simply to be recommended! I made it through the test well with very few hours! Ralf explained the theory very well. His calm manner has a very positive effect on the driving experience. And the price is also top!

Date: 13.05.2011

That's right! Ralf is a really brilliant teacher with a lot of patience and understanding. No question remains unanswered. Always on time. Always up! Realistic. A huge big compliment Ralf! In the meantime, I almost gave it up. Now I love to drive. And I know my way around Winti now!

Date: 13.05.2011

Guarantee of success! Cheap, Young, Dynamic Sympathetic!

Date: 03.05.2011

Ingenious driving instructor! He can do everything super, has patience and is just a great guy. Would take driving lessons with him again right away. I can only recommend him!

Date: 30.04.2011

Very nice One is well prepared for the exam Always on time Always set up You don't have to be afraid to ask. Is a pleasant feeling to drive next to him recommend to a friend

Date: 29.04.2011

It's promised and it's going to be out of the bag. Due to the positive feedback I quickly got to the driving student of Ralf cho. I've been discharged, but I've seen a lot of good times. It would have had a motorised "tractor coupling foot" =) on it measure where nonig is perfect, but nevertheless benign xsi is for the test expert. The test would have worked out. Dankä for the good preparation and the fun rides. I just recommend it. Greetings Michi

Date: 19.04.2011

I muen on Ralf now xersch times congratulate that he even brought me a the practical test het and I only no bim first time existed han :D Sini calmly and nevertheless humorvolli kind there surely a large role played, exactly like sini super theory sheets where he a in the abgeit played. RECOMMEND every case :D I wish you only s'Besti and natürli no viel z'friedeni student! So, now machi no es Usfährtli haha :D

Date: 02.04.2011

En suuper great driving instructors. And who loves the MINI must have gone to Ralf's...he's just suuper :) :)

Date: 25.03.2011

Sooooo, now chummi au entli dezue dich z'bewärtä :-D So I chan only s'best about de Ralf saw, he het würkli very much patience and au very usefuli tips for driving. Alli wo en guete, patient and funny driving instructors sueched -> gönd zum Ralf :-) Thank you very much for supporting Ralf dini, I will miss the Ziit with you and the Mini :-D LG Andrea

Date: 18.03.2011

I know all the driving instructors, but Ralf is always the best where ever :-P

Date: 13.03.2011

Super driver in every Hiisicht. Clearly arranged theoribles, so that there is not much left for the ride, more lies difficult and is well prepared for the test. Highly recommended!

Date: 05.03.2011

Well, what sölli da no amerke, isch scho alles gseit wird..:) het wahrschindli no better driving instructor chöne finden...d Theorieblätter für die mitem schlächte Gedtnis, dini Geduld für die, wo chli länger bruched, dini motivierendi Art für alle, wo nöd als "Des Autos bester Freund" chönd bezeichnetne...esch alles debii gsi! :) MERCI!

Date: 09.02.2011

Very serious preparation systematic structure of lessons well explanatory leaflets relaxed and pleasant athmosphere

Date: 26.01.2011

So, Ralf is just a mega good driving instructor, period! Isch i jedere Hinsicht super good gsi gsi and it had then to the luck and thanks to the top preparation by the Ralf au bim erschte times with the Prüfig klapped. Nomal many thanks!

Date: 26.01.2011

Raaalf.. :Hut pass! Hats comment! =) Thanks a lot a lot for everything. :) super driving instructor! Chanen with full oversized wiieter recommend! =) Me muess mer nöd sägä! Best to sow hiigah and cover lah! =)

Date: 07.01.2011

Super driving instructor, lets you master any tricky spot.

Date: 07.01.2011

Many thanks to Ralf for passing the driving test! You feel comfortable in this mini from the first moment on. Ralf distinguishes himself through his communicative strength, patience and professional competence! He gives the right tips, at the right moment and yet leaves the learner to think for himself. His theoretical documents are very descriptive and an additional safety before the exam! Grade 6 from me! Greet Lucas

Date: 30.12.2010

if you have a long time to pass the test, you should not be a driving instructor. you will learn all the important things and the theory sheets will give you a great idea. you should only be competent, but not completely inscrutable ;) do good!

Date: 13.12.2010

Ralf is a driving instructor like you wish him to be:-)! I learned everything from A to Z from him. He gives great tips and knows the right answer to every question. I can only recommend him to every student! ...and the Mini is also super horny for cruising around:)

Date: 26.11.2010

Hello, everybody. I can really recommend the driving lessons with Ralf to everyone! I did not pass the exam with another driving instructor 3 times before I came across him! Fortunately, a colleague brought Ralf to my attention. With him I learned things which I have never heard from the former driving instructor :-D If I had known this from the beginning, I would have driven with Ralf since the first driving lesson :-) So definitely to be recommended! Keep up the good work, Ralf! Greetings Anna

Date: 28.10.2010

Hey, Ralf. Eifach Super mega hyper quite cool gsi. ;) You're a good guy. Theory sheets, that's just awesome. Just to recommend. Greeting Fabio ;)

Date: 23.10.2010

Simply top! His theory sheets to look at things again in peace are of great use. With it you can reach your destination safely and quickly! Merci!

Date: 19.10.2010

To be honest sii: I will miss the driving lesson really:) Thanks villmal Ralf, that you so patiently me s Fahre biibracht hesch, so that it just in the first time works het, even with mine lacking geography knowledge =) With a humorous, personal nature and perfect theory sheets for self-study, even I am interested in cars (emal for de schöni roti mini=). I stress situations you will be able to calm down and not be in a hurry in front of the examiner before the test value full tips and dinre experience... Merci beaucoup:) all gueti, lg Milena

Date: 08.10.2010

Date: 17.09.2010

In a very pleasant and constructive learning environment, Ralf Friedrich enables one to prepare optimally for the driving test. With descriptive teaching aids and well-founded feedback, he knows very well how to respond to his students and support them optimally. The fact that the learning vehicle is a sleek mini of the new generation is the crowning glory. Really very recommendable driving school with a professional and on the learner driver's training

Date: 17.09.2010

Great! Lg Vera

Date: 09.09.2010


Date: 31.08.2010

De ralf chan mer as a driving instructor only recommend..;) d'hour bi him are always very amusing and teach gsi and the mini isch the perfect car to learn car driving. Merci namal ralf, thanks to you bini even the first time durecho...:D always have fun and do wiiiterrr sooo

Date: 03.08.2010

Ralf taught me how to drive with many valuable tips and a portion of humor! He was always well prepared and could answer my questions competently. Thanks to his good mood and open nature, the atmosphere was always very pleasant, and I felt comfortable during the driving lessons! I can recommend Ralf to every student!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Viviane, danke für dis Lob :) Jetzt hani ja denn scho bald dini ganz Familie usbildet hehe Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt! Lg Ralf

Date: 29.07.2010

The lessons were always well thought out and you got nicely designed theory sheets to repeat what you learned. Besides, he always encouraged you and was in a great mood. That's how it worked the first time. Super driving school

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Nora, danke für dini Bewertig! Es het mir au Spass gmacht mit dir z'Fahre, sind ja sehr schnell vorwärts cho :) Alles Gueti wünsch ich dir. Lg Ralf

Date: 07.07.2010

Hey Ralf, make us like this!! I han driving lesson you are always very amusing and teach found! That it hadn't worked out with the test right the first time, I am more likely to be lacking in happiness than in the Expert ;-) and a me glege. Where optimism would have taken me so long. häsch du na immer a mini Fahrkunst glaubt! Merci!! I chan only recommend you wiiter!! Gueti Ziit!! Well, "Siite look" and bye! Susan ps: The mini was just fragile, seisch mers. I always have a place for him ;-)

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Susan. Ja am Afang hemmer würkli Pech gha, aber zum Schluss hets denn zum Glück doch no klapped, bin glaub genau so froh gsi wie du ;) Ich wird a dich denke wenn ich de Mini nüme bruche hehe. Jawohl, Siiteblick nid vergesse ;) Lg Ralf

Date: 23.06.2010

Ralf Friedrich is a very motivated and pleasantly friendly driving instructor. He was very flexible and we always found time for an hour. His driving school car was great, ideal to learn how to drive.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Florin, danke für dini guet Bewertig! Ich wünsch dir viel Spass mit dim neue Auto :) Lg Ralf

Date: 20.06.2010

I also highly recommend Ralf. He brings a car driving with humor and very competent bi. After almost every hour, there is a theory paper about how mers learnt to implement their ideas. De Ralf prepares a great test cage and it would have been a lot of fun. So if you want a funny, punctual, competent and good glunte driving instructor then Ralf is surely just the right one.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für dini Bewertig Janine :) Mir hets au sehr viel Spass gmacht, dich därfe z'usbilde, mir sind ja i riese Schritt vorwärts cho :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt. Lg Ralf

Date: 18.06.2010

Sali Ralf, nomal merci for dini support and dini tips! Isch e lustigi ziit gsi with you and with mini... ;) I can only recommend you! Greez claude!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Claude. Die Ziit mit dir isch ja churz gsi, zum glück hemmer no paar Sache chönne grad büüge, so, dasses bi mir bim erste mal bestande hesch hehe Lg Ralf

Date: 08.06.2010

Ciao Ralf, I'll support you with namal wellä merci sawä for dini and great tips, where you can give me some more, ready for the driving test. Isch e cooli ziit gsi and chan you würklich only witerempfelä!!! witersooo:) until then... greetings philä

Response from schaltchnü
Hello Philipp. Viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig, han die Ziit mit dir au lässig gfunde, isch ja recht schnell vorwärts gange :) Alles gueti wünschi dir! Lg Ralf

Date: 09.05.2010

Reviews from Vera Gmür

Thanks villmal that you are in spite of growling Mage no driving lesson gmacht hesch, so it with vill Glueck undme Effort exactly ufde letschti date no klappet het s Autofahre durezbringe, bevori uf Canada bin!Super flexible Iisatz!Chan you as a driving instructor only wiiterempfehl.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke vielmal für dini Bewertig Vera :) Ich hoffe du chasch dini Fahrkünscht i Kanada bruche. Viel Spass wünschi dir und e gueti Ziit. Lg Ralf

Date: 16.03.2010

Hey Ralf Merci villmal for the support. I don't think I'm gonna make it to the end of the world. :-) Isch e super Ziit gsih. Greetings Dani

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Dani, danke vielmal für dini Bewertig. Han die Ziit mit dir au lässig gfunde :) Gruess Ralf

Date: 12.03.2010

super gsi! 2 mönet übebe...1 times ad prüefig and pass. as I mer das vorgstellt han :) dä ralf isch always good ufgleit and calm. would gad again him as a driving instructor sew.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Amando viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig :) Ja dich hämmer würkli im Schnelldurchlauf ad Prüefig bracht und bestande hesch sie au no, besser gahts ja würkli nid :) Alles Gueti wünsch ich dir! Lg Ralf

Date: 05.03.2010

Very good driving instructors, instructive and funny, actually perfect for learning to drive a car. Chan mer only recommend us!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Ronny, das isch aber schnell gange, hüt Mittag Prüefig bestande und am Namittag scho e Bewertig :) Danke viel mal, es het au mir Spass gmacht, dich mit so grosse Schritt ad Prüefig z'bringe. Zum krönende Abschluss hesch ja no s'erst Mal bestande :) Alles gueti! Lg Ralf

Date: 02.03.2010

Even I as a latecomer (40 years old) learned to drive a car thanks to Ralf. Thanks to his calm nature and his constructive criticism, it was great fun even for me as a ÖV fan. I can absolutely recommend Ralf :-))))

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Edi. Viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig. Es freut mich, dass au du Spass am Autofahre gfunde hesch :) Lg Ralf

Date: 20.02.2010

super driving instructor and of course it super car ;-) isch e tolli sach!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke für dini guet Bewertig Melanie! Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt :) Lg Ralf

Date: 15.02.2010

very good driving instructor. recommended. ;););)

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Raffi für dini Bewertig :) Han doch gseit es klapped bim erste Mal ;) Lg Ralf

Date: 28.12.2009

Sali Ralf, thank you very much mol for dini lehrrichi Unterstützig ide Fahrstunde. It would have brocht mor very much, the driving instructor nevertheless no zächsle:) Hans found some great things at the end of the lesson, but what's good and what's better for me. Chan di only witerentpfehle. Güressli Gaby

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Gabi danke dir für die guet Bewertig :) Ich han doch denkt, dass du das bim erste mal packsch, bisch ja au würkli guet gfahre :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti im neue Jahr und allziit unfallfreii Fahrt ;) Lg Ralf

Date: 19.12.2009

Sali Ralf d driving lessons are always fun and teach gsi with you! Häsch always very much patience gha and the hani mega gschetzt! Au gueti Tips has always been on the site gha. At the end of the ride I always told you where the meter is and what's good, I found it super! That I can pass my exams for the first time and that I can't do anything about it!:) hetti never Danish So THANK YOU nominally for everything and you will witer empfelä!!! Dear Grüessli Sabrina

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Sabrina. Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig. Es het au mir viel Spass gmacht dir s'Autofahre bizbringe :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und bis bald mal. Lg Ralf

Date: 17.12.2009

Thanks to Ralf I passed the exam for the first time :-) Thank you very much for everything, I will certainly recommend you!

Response from schaltchnü
Danke für dini guet Bewertig Alex, ich wünsch dir viel Spass mit dim Auto :) LG Ralf

Date: 26.11.2009

I would omit the grading system, but since I passed the test the first time, I have nothing to criticize about Ralf's learning methods..He can teach you how to drive with wit and patience.

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Angi. Danke für dini Bewertig! Das "Notesystem" isch vorallem für mich, demit ich weiss, wo mir no Verbesserigspotenzial hend ;) Und wie du gsehsch, es het was gnützt ;) Ich wünsch dir alles gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt. Lg Ralf

Date: 24.11.2009

Hello Ralf I am very glad that I had you as a driving instructor, otherwise I probably would have given up sometime! Your teaching methods, your patience and your calm and humorous manner make you really a great driving instructor. I wish you all the best for the future. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you very much!!! Best regards, Andreia

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Andreia :) Danke viel mal für dini super Bewertig. Au ich bin sehr froh, dass du d'Prüefig gschafft hesch und ich wünsche dir alles gueti und viel Spass mit dim Alfa :) Villicht gseht mer sich ja wiedermal. Lg Ralf

Date: 19.11.2009

Hoi Ralf First of all again a big thank you for your great support during all the driving lessons and also at the exam. I have always experienced you as a pleasant, competent, patient and humorous driving instructor. As I said, I am not quite 18 anymore, so it will be a bit difficult to find potential students who I would recommend to you immediately!!! Perhaps to all those who are already a few years older than the average student driver: No matter what age you dare to drive, Ralf fulfills all the criteria of the perfect driving instructor!!! Best regards, Susanne

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Susanne Wow, soviel Lob, das freut mich aber :) Ich han dich au als sehr agnehmi Schüelerin erlebt und es het mir Spass gmacht dich uszbilde. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spass uf de Strasse und pass uf de mini uf ;) Liebi Grüess Ralf

Date: 21.10.2009

Hello, Ralf. Han driving lesson with you always mega lehrrich found. I'll treat you like an honest, conscientious driving instructor. Chan you therefore only wiiter recommend.. Wiiter so... -) lg Renata

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Renata :) Viele Dank für dini Bewertig, hans au mit dir lässig gfunde. Ich wünsch dir viel Spass uf de Strasse :D Lg Ralf

Date: 26.09.2009

Hoi Ralf Thanks to you, I passed my first exam on Tuesday. By your competence and your very instructive learning methods. After each lesson there was a summary of you that you could take with you. Everything was again clearly described and illustrated with pictures, sensational. So you could also go through everything again at home. Besides, you are a very patient person, no matter if you make a mistake or not, you always keep the absolute peace. It was really fun studying with you. I can recommend Ralf to everyone, he is simply a perfect driving instructor. Keep it up! Watch out for the beautiful Mini :) So take care. Greetings Luigi R.

Response from schaltchnü
Ciao Luigi! Dank deinem fleissigen Üben zuhause konnten wir das Programm in sehr kurzer Zeit hinter uns bringen :) Es war immer sehr angenehm mit dir. Ich wünsche dir viel Spass auf den Strassen und natürlich unfallfreie Fahrt :) Liebe Grüsse Ralf

Date: 10.09.2009

Hey, Ralf! Zerscht will i namal thanks sail for your lessons. Thanks to you, I've been able to verify my existence. You can only recommend us! You'll have to go to the driving lesson where you'll be very instructive and competent. If you have to do your exams, you'll be a real nuisance. You'll have to struggle with all those study sheets, cheat sheets and the judges, all supi. Finds au super, what patience you uufbracht hesch, isch wahrschindli nid immr simply gsi mit mir ^^ Abr de Cooper staht fortunately yes na, or fahrt :D Abr e stund mitm aluege vom Navi-Grät het MIR sichr au mal na as bracht, because hett i sichr nid so proceed ^^ THANKS namal grüessli stefi

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Stefi :) Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig :) hehe es Navi hani im Mini leider nöd, da hettet mer e Stund im neue mösse mache ;) Heb dir sorg uf de Strass! Immer schön winke wenn mich gsehsch ;) Lg Ralf

Date: 30.06.2009

very well it doesn't get any better....

Response from schaltchnü
Viele Dank Mike für dini guet Bewertig. Es het mir au grosse Spass gmacht dich mit dene riese Schritt därfe uszbilde :) Machs guet! Lg Ralf

Date: 19.06.2009

Simply the best! Thank you Ralf, that you brought me to my test! You are always competent, patient, honest and instructive driving instructors (gsässe). With the point system and the bulletins, I can move forward quickly and always get there on time. And, of course, the Mini Cooper is a hit!!! It would have been a lot of fun!!! I wish you and schaltchnü good luck and success for the future and make simply wiitier as before! I will definitely recommend you :-) Debbie

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Debbie! Viele Dank für dini genial Bewertig :) Ich hoffe du hesch i de Zwüscheziit dis Auto chöne go abhole ;) Ich hans au mit dir lässig gfunde, es het immer was zum lache gäh :) Ich wünsche au dir nur s'besti und alles gueti uf de Strass. Viellicht gseht mer sich ja mal wieder. Lg Ralf

Date: 28.05.2009

Hello Ralf By the recommendation of one of the school gutters I am uf dini driving student cho. And I've regretted it. I can also recommend you! Through dini patientigi and criticali kind han I make fast progress. You always have ziit for a ride and gha and hani appreciates that very much, so I am fast a mis destination cho. Thank you for your support during the learning phase and a de test! I wish you all the best. Dear greetings Gordana

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Gordana! Viele Dank für dini Empfehlig und guet Bewertig :) Au mir hets Spass gmacht dich mit grosse Schritt chönne uszbilde. Ich wünsche dir viel Glück und Spass uf de Strasse :) Viellicht gseht mer sich ja mal, immer schön winke hehe Lg Ralf

Date: 20.05.2009

Hi Ralf! I can only warmly recommend you. Thanks to Ralf I passed the practical car test right the first time :-) If I had to start again, I'd be Ralf again! Many thanks for everything and all the best in the future! Green cheese

Response from schaltchnü
Sali Mäse Viele Dank für dini super Bewertig :) Han dir doch gseit, dass du das packsch ;) Jetzt chasch endli mitem Auto vo de fründin fahre hehe... Lg und alles Gueti Ralf

Date: 14.04.2009

Hey, Ralf! Bi mega glad that I choose dini driving student gha han and would recommend you in all cases all wiiterempfehl, where to learn to drive a car! Merci many times, thatsd so much money debt with me gha hesch, although min driving style yes teilwiis würkli to the hair pull gsi isch;-) You're always cool, you're always a biker, you're always almost a biker over the hills, and you've explained everything exactly and understandably (if necessary, you're 100 times). Hans found helpful that at the end of every hour and review we made ourselves to lie, where I would have to improve everywhere! It's a real casual guy, the atmosphere is always relaxed and it's a lot of fun to drive around with you! Thanks nomal for everything! Wish the whole e gueti Ziit Liebi grüessli alicia

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Alicia! Viele Dank für dini guet Bewertig! Es isch au mit dir (fast) immer cool gsi ;) Es het mir viel Spass gmacht dich uszbilde, bisch immer ufgstellt gsi, sogar nach 4 Stunde Schlaf ;) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und viel unfallfreii Kilometer uf de Strass. Liebe Gruess Ralf

Date: 26.03.2009

Hello, Ralf! Thanks you MUCH times that t with durt autoprüefig bracht hesch! Het nid thinks it's standee for a start! It's mega funny gsi bi you car driving z`lernä! Always be patient, don't forget to look 100 times the time! Hans au toll foundä dast mer always en Spickzädel gschribä hesch, dämit ich gußst han ah dasi mich muss verbesrärä! Aso ah alli wo en Fahrlehrer suächä dä Ralf isch den Best! Wish you all the best and much success in the future! :-) Darling grüessli janine

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Janine :) Viele Dank für dini Bewertig! Hehe ja de Siiteblick isch e Sach für sich gsi ;) Aber mir hends ja denn doch no anebracht... Ich hans au mit dir lässig gfunde! Ich wünsch dir alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strass. Liebe Gruess Ralf

Date: 11.03.2009

hey ralf! merci viilmal für die lehrriich ziit. with you as a driving instructor isches kes problem meh gsi dur examig zcho, because you are prepared for a thing where you will be important, wükli good hesch. au fürd hilfsbletter where you will each hesch bini recht froh gsi, da hani namal alles schöne durelügt, das het echt ghulfe. I wish the e gueti ziit and namal thank you! andrea

Response from schaltchnü
hello andrea! viele dank für dini toll bewertig :) ich han dir ja gseit, dass nid nervös muesch si weg de prüefig ;) ich wünsche dir au alles gueti und viel spass uf de strasse! liebe gruess ralf

Date: 09.03.2009

hey ralf Merci villmal for driving lesson to you. I'm always totally happy hets klapped, and I owe you a lot dra =). Chan de Ralf only as a sympathetic, young and competent driving instructor we recommend. do wiiter so, and I hope mer goes once again over the weigh ;-)

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Benny! Viele Dank für dini Bewertig :) Ich han ja am Schluss nur no chli de Fiinschliff gmacht. Also wenn in Winti umekurvsch, denn fahred mer eus sicher mal über de Weg ;) Lg Ralf

Date: 12.02.2009

hoi ralf=) no high is no high is no low! so now I have to saw that I just passed the mini car test! Okay, I'll give it to you anyway I never made it! Thank you very much! You hesch mini "bizli" hysterischi art exactly guet a gno and hesch me always topabegholt. You are mostly calm and objective gsi, if I just gschwind ä Kriesä gha han. Glich hesh me always back to the laughter bracht and bisch always guet druff gsi! Ouch, if I feel like han han i can't get my heart pumped! You're really just for recommending! I will miss you and especially the car;) very much! I don't even know what I'm doing on sam. --> allei go fahre:)haha! thanks for everything and hebs guuet!

Response from schaltchnü
hey armanda! au min samstig wird nüme glich si hehe. ich danke dir ganz herzlich für die guet bewertig und hoffe dich mal wieder irgendwo aztreffe. ich wünsch dir viel spass uf de strass, jetzt chasch din audi go poschte ;) lg und alles gueti!

Date: 03.02.2009

Ralf always explained the theory to me well and made fast progress when he saw that I could. He's a nice guy both of whom don't feel stupid about doing something wrong over and over again. He's calm and rutinous. I can recommend him with a clear conscience.

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Michi! Hey danke viel mal für dini Bewertig :) So wie ich dich kenne bisch ja fliessig am umekurve hehe. Alles Gueti! LG Ralf

Date: 28.01.2009

The driving lessons with Ralf were great in my opinion. On the one hand because Ralf is simply a very pleasant guy and on the other hand because he can explain everything well. He was able to respond well to my driving style and also gave me tips on how I could improve certain things. Therefore many thanks again to Ralf!

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Sarina! Danke vielmal für die usführlich Bewertig :) Es het au mir grosse Spass gmacht mit dir Auto z'fahre. Einmal zeige und du heschs chöne :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti! Viellicht gseht mer sich ja mal underwegs. Lg Ralf

Date: 20.01.2009

Hello everyone! I can only recommend Ralf, thanks to him I managed the exam without any problems :-) The driving lessons were always entertaining and nevertheless instructive. In most lessons you get leaflets, so you can practice what you have learned at home. I wish you all the best Ralf, my brother will definitely come to you :-) Grüessli Stefanie

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Steffi für die guet Bewertig! Ich han dir doch gseit, dass schaffed mer bim erste Mal :) Alles Gueti wünsch ich dir! Lg Ralf

Date: 08.01.2009

Driving instructor: competent and friendly Driving lessons: instructive and fast learning successes More: beautifully designed, informative theory sheets

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Fabienne für die guet Bewertig :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und immer unfallfreii Fahrt! Lg Ralf

Date: 27.11.2008

It's very pleasant and very reasonable per hour of travel. It's really ok. I'm sorry to exist thanks to em Rralf!!! ONLY TO THE WIITEREMPFELE!!!!

Response from schaltchnü
hoi Eli! danke für dini bewertig, bin au gern mit dir gfahre, obwohl ja nid lang brucht hesch ;) liebe gruess und gueti fahrt!

Date: 15.10.2008

Jupiii pass!! thanks for everything ralf! will you uf any case witerempfehle, hesch the tiptop gmacht :-) han the exam yes quite loosely passed, but I am a good expert gsi :-) thank you thank you thank you! sweet grüessli

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Janina, gratuliere dir au nomal zur Prüefig! Danke für die guet Bewertig! Wünsche dir alles Gueti uf de Strass, mach kei Landschade ;)

Date: 13.09.2008

hey ralf!! uui i am glad that despite the strand expert dprüefig han =D hehe.dnervosität isch au chli bi dir zgschpüre gsi,hesch voll mit mir mitgfieberet! somehow scho schad,dassi ez ke hunde me Bruch, will it het wüki uuh Spaß gmacht mit dir. with super erchlärige and tips hani wüki fast chöne learn! you bisch always ufgstellt gsi and mr hets uh funny gha with you! vo afang a hani mi feel good and me every time uf dstunde gfroit.aso i chan you wüki only wiiterempfehle want to recommend it makes fun with you zlernne!!

Response from schaltchnü
danke vielmal für die nett und guet bewertig evelyne! au ich hans immer unterhaltsam gfunde mit dir hehe, wirde das sicher au vermisse ;) also zwiefel hani ja kei gha, dass das bim erste mal schaffsch, wo ich denn de experte gseh han, bini denn scho nüme so ganz sicher gsi hehe aber isch ja alles tiptop gloffe... wünsche dir viel spass uf de strass. lg ralf

Date: 04.09.2008

hoi ralf, so zersch musi sege, dasi mega erliechteret bin, dasi now prüefig doch no grat han!:) but dadämit gaht out ä cool and alternate ziit verbi, where I will miss würkli! i am always very happy i dini driving lesson cho, you always want good gluunt and for fun ufgleit gsi bisch! but ide important moment bisch factual gsi and hesch me theory good clarified and me tips gäh, weni öppis wrong made han! hanich very appreciates you! Thank you. Thank you. Desire wiiterhin all gueti! lg samira

Response from schaltchnü
hey samira, gratuliere dir nomal! het ja gar nüt z'ussetze gha de herr experte hehe :) viele dank für dini guet bewertig, wirde die ziit au vermisse... lg und unfallfreii fahrt :)

Date: 12.08.2008

I felt very comfortable with Mr Friedrich Ralf. He was able to teach me to drive well in a very pleasant and professional way. He can explain the traffic rules very well and in every difficult situation while driving. He was always giving me tips and improving me. He is very sympathetic and open and I will recommend Mr. Friedrich to every person.

Response from schaltchnü
Danke für die tolle Bewertung Eric! Es hat mir auch viel Spass gemacht mit dir. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und vielleicht bis bald mal. Lg Ralf

Date: 06.08.2008

First of all: I can recommend Ralf from the bottom of my heart! I found Ralf myself on this page and already noticed during the first phone call that he is a very calm, well-positioned and friendly driving instructor. Thanks to his very constructive feedback and repeated theoretical explanations, I was able to pass the exam within a short time. You can tell he wants you to move forward as fast as he can. He doesn't slap you with unnecessary hours. What is also very good is that with Ralf one hour is 60 minutes and not 45 minutes as with many others. I don't think I would have learned to drive with another driver as easily as with Ralf. One immediately notices how much Ralf loves this profession! Thanks a lot to you, Ralf!!

Response from schaltchnü
Wow danke vielmal für die super Bewertig Roxy! Bi dir hemmer würkli es Turboprogramm anegleit hehe. Aber du hesch natürli au dini "Huusufgabe" immer schön gmacht, also au es grosses Kompliment a dich :) Ich wünsche dir alles Guete für d'Zuekunft und unfallfreii Fahrt! Lg Ralf

Date: 05.08.2008

Through competence, patience and understanding, makes his thing very good. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much again for your lesson. LG R.Stuber

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Reto für die guet Bewertig :) Han doch gseit, dass packed mer bim erste Alauf! Lg und gueti Fahrt Ralf

Date: 03.07.2008

Hoi Ralf and all those who are interested in driving lesson, I chan de Ralf only wiiter recommend, he esch simply a super driving instructor, so who you sure and good wend drive the gömd to Ralf! Thanks a lot for the cool driving lesson, I hcume the next time go MINI drive :-) ! Eifach en Ingenious driving instructors with a cool car Dear greeting Martina

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Martina! Danke vielmal für die guet Bewertig und nomal alles gueti zur bestandene Prüefig :) Ich han dir doch gseit, es klappet bim erste mal hehe... Also wennd wiedermal Lust hesch zum Mini fahre, eifach alüte ;) Also lueg, dass witer so guet fahrsch und au mitem G40 um d'Egge chunnsch hehe Liebe Gruess Ralf

Date: 30.06.2008

Ralf, you're just a great driving instructor. I'm just so ring and easy to learn...and every hour would have been a lot of fun!!!!! Notice that you like to do the test and that the pupil is driving in the best possible way! I am very sure uf de Strass thanks to dinere support! Merci! I only recommend you, bisch würkli super! Merci a lot of times and do it good You're welcome. Darling Grüessli, Tonya

Response from schaltchnü
Hoi Tonja. Danke vielmal für die toll Bewertig! Du hesch aber au sehr eifach glernt und grad alles chönne umsetze, das het au mir Spass gmacht :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gueti und viel Spass uf de Strass! Viellicht gseht mer sich ja mal wieder... Lg Ralf

Date: 08.04.2008

I can really recommend this driving instructor! Ralf brought me safely and quickly to the stage. If that's what you want, go to him. During the lessons he refreshed my theoretical knowledge every now and then. If you have forgotten something, you can read it again in his booklet.

Response from schaltchnü
Alles Gute nochmals zur bestandenen Prüfung Tobias und danke für die gute Bewertung :) Viel Spass auf der Strasse Gruess Ralf

Date: 26.01.2008

First of all, a big Merci to you, Ralf!!! You are really fresh type and I wish you and Schaltchnü all the best and much success!!! I am really glad that the fate has led me to Schaltchnü and I with Ralf's help could pack the test right the first time! He is a nice guy with whom, thanks to his calm and pleasant way, it is really fun to learn and to drive. He concentrates on the essentials and really wants to help you get to the exam quickly and efficiently and is not only out for your coals. Besides, I would like to praise his "Driving knew how" booklet, which he gives you accompanying to the hours with! In which he wrote down the most important thing on the learning car (the little Mini Cooper S) in a simple and understandable way. And you can easily go through everything again at home. The Mini drives itself really well, is on the newest state of the art and offers also n few tools, which can make the driving partly really easier for you. And it is also fully suitable for bigger ones like me (1.89m and shoe size 48). Besides, the part has room in almost every gap. Conclusion: So I would really recommend Ralf to anyone who wants to take his exam. I wish all those who are still learning and have the exam a lot of fun and success!!! Rock on and love. Roman J.

Response from schaltchnü
Hey Roman! Danke für die super Bewertung :) Es hat auch mir einen riesen Spass gemacht dich auszubilden. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und unfallfreie Fahrt :) Gruess Ralf

Date: 16.12.2007

I can really recommend you Ralf! (Unfortunately) I didn't do the whole driving training with you but only a few refresher lessons. The relaxed way, your knowledge and how you explained everything (parking sideways;)) was really great! great praise from my side, keep it up! lg Nadine

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Nadine für dini Bewertig. Het mich sehr gfreut :) Lg Ralf

Date: 12.12.2007

I can really recommend you Ralf! (Unfortunately) I didn't do the whole driving training with you but only a few refresher lessons. The relaxed way, your knowledge and how you explained everything (parking sideways;)) was really great! big praise from my side, keep it up! lg Nadine

Response from schaltchnü
Danke Nadine für dini Bewertig. Het mich sehr gfreut :) Lg Ralf