FAHRSCHULE ESSBACH reviews and experiences

Date: 07.08.2020

Reviews from Marvin Nauer

Super great driving school, Rolf Heimgartner is a brilliant teacher, very humorous and great in explaining, it was great fun to learn with him, I passed the driving test directly - he taught me everything from A-Z! Thank you Rolf! The VKU of the driving school Essbach was very interesting, I could also meet Rene Essbach (head of the driving school), very nice - TOP driving school - absolutely recommendable to everyone! :))

Date: 21.07.2020

Very recommendable driving school! The driving lessons are instructive and the driving instructors are patient, friendly and professional. Thank you dear Essbach Team for the optimal exam preparation!

Date: 05.07.2020

Reviews from Mileni Tharmalingam

The best driving school.

Date: 01.07.2020

Reviews from Cyrill Oswald

My teacher, Rolf Heimgartner, was great. On the one hand he taught me to drive very well, on the other hand he always made sure that his students were comfortable and relaxed (I generalize, but it was definitely the case with me!). This among other things by funny remarks, which make the driving experience much more pleasant.

Date: 19.06.2020

The best driving school! The driving lessons with Sandro were very exciting and informative.

Date: 16.06.2020

I have booked some lessons to refresh my driving skills after not driving for about 15 years. Sandro was a very sympathetic, knowledgeable driving instructor and always tried to offer lessons at the times available to me. I can highly recommend the driving school!

Date: 16.06.2020

Reviews from Faisal Hussain

Good School with experienced driving instructors. MR RENE was professional and he teaches all that is required to acheive success. Highly recommended for English speakers looking fot drvi gin Zurich.

Date: 15.06.2020

very happy

Date: 13.06.2020

Reviews from Loli Poli

Competent and humorous driving instructors. Was an instructive and funny time!

Date: 09.06.2020


Date: 06.06.2020

René is a top driving instructor! Every driving lesson was fun and I could learn a lot!

Date: 03.06.2020

Rolf is a super driving instructor! He really knows what he is doing and makes it very understandable. Besides you can have a nice chat with him :) I recommend the driving school to everyone.

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Date: 30.05.2020

Reviews from Mostafa Afghan

Simon ist sehr gut beim alle Sachen und hat mir sehr gut beim Auto fahren gelernt Ich kann weiter empfehlen

Date: 30.05.2020

Eine sehr sympathische und professionelle Fahrschule, die ich nur empfehlen kann! Merci, Sandro, für eine super lehrreiche Zeit und für die unzähligen Tipps, die du mir während den Fahrstunden gegeben hast! Es hat grossen Spass gemacht :-)

Date: 28.05.2020

Super driving instructor. Competent and constructive criticism. The driving instructor took his time and responded to me. Really recommendable.

Date: 27.05.2020

Super gsi, the Rolf isch the BEST

Date: 17.03.2020

I think Rolf is a very good driving instructor. He always gave me enough security and was always relaxed. So I really enjoyed going to his driving school.

Date: 13.03.2020

Very competent and likeable, goal-oriented.

Date: 26.02.2020

Relaxed, pleasant driving lessons in which a lot is taught.

Date: 24.02.2020

Super driving instructor highly recommended!

Date: 13.02.2020

I had driving lessons with Rolf, he is a super driving instructor, very patient, can ask anything if something is not clear. If I had to choose a driving school again, I would certainly choose the Essbach driving school again.

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Date: 12.02.2020

I can recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone. I had heard only good things and can now testify to this. My driving instructor, Sandro Bartholdi, always knew exactly how to explain it to me so that I could understand it perfectly. He has always pointed this out precisely and immediately suggested solutions. But also the VKU was great. It was designed very lively, so that nobody was bored. I can warmly recommend the Essbach Driving School to everyone.

Date: 07.02.2020

The hours with Sandro were very instructive and fun. I can only recommend it!

Date: 07.02.2020

Nice driving instructor and explains well

Date: 31.01.2020

Reviews from Isabella Lo

Great driving school. My driving instructor was Rolf and did a great job. He was very responsive to me and gave many helpful tips. With his relaxed nature, every driving lesson was also a lot of fun! Ta! -isabella

Date: 27.01.2020

Good driving instructors, good driving lessons, exam passed - what more could you want.

Date: 13.01.2020

Reviews from TJ Dammpha

Super good driving school I can only recommend

Date: 12.01.2020

The Essbach Driving School is very professional and offers a lot. I was able to learn a lot from my driving instructor Sandro and always got very valuable tips. I felt very comfortable and safe. Sandro is a great driving instructor and I would recommend him highly!

Date: 20.12.2019

The best driving classes in Zurich. Patient and Friendly instructor.

Date: 19.12.2019

Reviews from Arthur Bill

Super driving school, are super nice and know each other very well in Zurich

Date: 16.12.2019

Reviews from Olga Aleksanyan

I'm super happy with the driving school. Uncomplicated communication, competent and friendly staff. Sandro is the best driving instructor you can imagine! Warmly recommended!

Date: 11.12.2019

Everything went pretty fast! The registration was fast and everybody was very friendly from the beginning. I had Sandro as my driving instructor and was very happy with him! I was very well looked after and will definitely recommend this driving school!

Date: 09.12.2019


Date: 06.12.2019

Thanks Rene and your driving school. Greetings Rashiid Ahmed

Date: 26.11.2019

I experienced the Essbach driving school as professional and was satisfied with my driving instructor Sandro.

Date: 25.11.2019

Reviews from Manuel Brülhart

Rolf was a very nice and competent driving instructor.

Date: 21.11.2019

Very recommendable driving school! Had a fun and instructive time during the lessons. Also in the Vku the team was always friendly and competent.

Date: 19.11.2019

Reviews from Erina Di Martino

Very good driving instructor. Good instructions and explanations. Always calm and calm. Always pleasant and fun rides in suitable situations. Before the exam he could calm me down very well. Passed the first time

Date: 18.11.2019

Reviews from Muharem Sinani

Suuuper driving school welcomes it to everyone at the driving school Essbach sini driving lesson make:):)

Date: 05.11.2019

Reviews from Aron Augsburger

The Essbach driving school was exactly the right decision. Pass on all their knowledge very well and understandably. The driving lessons are a lot of fun, because the driving instructors can communicate and harmonize very well with the students. Even the VkU was fun.

Date: 04.11.2019

The driving school Essbach is very competent and Sandro is a great driving instructor! I can only recommend him.

Date: 30.10.2019

Great team! Very friendly

Date: 28.10.2019

I had another driving instructor before but never wanted to register me for the exam, although I had more than 30 lessons behind me, so I was looking for a new one and my sister recommends the driving lesson Essbach. Immediately after the first driving hour René registered me and when I had the stage I passed it also at the 1st time. I can recommend it from the heart, because it gives a lot of information, tips, good mood and motivation.

Date: 25.10.2019

Reviews from Adi Topic

It was a very great time. Price-performance Top. Very good driving instructors. Thanks, Rene and Rolf.

Date: 24.10.2019

Top driving school with very good and new cars. Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Rolf. Always stays very calm even if I got nervous :) Recommendation without restriction!

Date: 22.10.2019

Very efficient and always ready to help.

Date: 22.10.2019

Best driving school, good prices, han bin 1. times stocks! Thank you René

Date: 22.10.2019

Driving school Essbach is very good! Hari was a great driving instructor. I can only recommend it to you!

Date: 20.10.2019

Reviews from Lea Baltiswiler

They were very interested in making money. 15 and 20 subscriptions were kept secret. All pretty superficial.

Date: 16.10.2019

My driving instructor was Rolf Heimgartner, and he was great! Always helpful, great and nice person and always wanted only the best for me! I really appreciate being his student. LG, Narin Dalir

Date: 16.10.2019

Top driving school! I've done my driving training with Sandro. Very competent and reliable driving school:D

Date: 04.10.2019

I was very satisfied with the Essbach driving school and especially with my driving instructor Sandro. I also found the VKU useful, instructive and well structured.

Date: 02.10.2019

The driving school Essbach has friendly and good driving instructors and also the VKU course was exciting and instructive.

Date: 24.09.2019

Competent, instructive lessons, with a lot of patience and humour. Great, step-by-step introduction at the very beginning, helped me a lot against the initial fears of driving in city traffic.

Date: 20.09.2019

I practiced with my kontrollfahrt with René and it was excellent from start to finish. He prepared me very well, taking me on the same roads used in the exam. This made the actual Kontrollfahrt very easy and ended with a pass.

Date: 18.09.2019

I had great driving lessons and a mega good time. Very instructive and the driving lessons were exciting.

Date: 14.09.2019

Best driving school I could wish for! I can only recommend it! At the Essbach driving school I was allowed to learn to drive a car at my own pace. I almost lost my patience once, but my driving instructors never!

Date: 10.09.2019

My time at the Essbach driving school was very pleasant and I was always well supported. When I registered for the exam, I felt ready for it and passed it the first time :)

Date: 09.09.2019

The school team were so kind and helped me too much, also I’ve passed with the first exam. I recommend it to everyone to pass by them for take course.

Date: 03.09.2019

The Essbach driving school is great and my driving instructor (Rolf) was very likeable. I can only recommend them.

Date: 28.08.2019

I passed my driving test with about 30 driving lessons at Sandro. Started with Shifted and changed to Automatic for testing. The driving lessons were very pleasant and the driving instructors were all very friendly.

Date: 20.08.2019

Reviews from Leeo Gjk

Very horny. Best driving instructors sympathetic and very patient.

Date: 19.08.2019

Wonderful driving school and wonderful teacher! I am highly recommond you study here!

Date: 16.08.2019

Reviews from Priya Agrawal

I had a wonderful experience with Essbach Fahrschule. Hari was very professional in his judgement about my existing driving skills, and gave me the right guidance, and focus to build the skills that were missing. I fully recommend the school and Hari as a trainer! Thanks to his help, I have passed my test in the first try.

Date: 16.08.2019

Patient, positive and always gave clear instructions.

Date: 14.08.2019

Top driving instructor & great location! Thanks to Sandro I passed the test at my first attempt.

Date: 13.08.2019

The lessons were very useful for the exam. I've trained everything with Sandro that could be in the exam. I can only recommend the driving instructor! Sandro is also a very patient teacher and explains everything very well.

Date: 12.08.2019

Well structured lessons and friendly staff. I'm very happy, keep it up!

Date: 08.08.2019

Driving school is highly recommended! Passed my exam (control drive) today. Thank you very much René.

Date: 03.08.2019

Very uncomplicated, nice and professional. From the very beginning I felt in good hands and was able to quickly reactivate my driving skills after a long period of abstinence. At the end, an hour's introduction to Mobility was also possible. Thank you very much, sir.

Date: 16.07.2019

I was with Rolf. He explained everything super and always tried to bring peace.

Date: 15.07.2019

Faleminderit shum per durimin qe e kini pas n‘gjdo ore se e kam ba me juve. E kam dhan provimin me t‘paren.

Date: 15.07.2019

Alles perfekt

Date: 11.07.2019

Very informative.

Date: 11.07.2019

Always everything well explained, very friendly, patient, learned a lot in every lesson!

Date: 10.07.2019

the first time passed!!!

Date: 03.07.2019

Very good and professional driving school.

Date: 02.07.2019

Super driving school

Date: 28.06.2019

Great driving school with friendly driving instructors. I can only recommend it to anyone, even if it takes time. However, Sandro helped me pass the driving test for the first time.

Date: 26.06.2019

My experience with Fahrschule Essbach is quite positive. I took 8 lessons with Hari to brush up my driving skills with all assistance and navigation systems disabled, in order to pass the control drive, mandatory for all non-EU foreigners. I can't think of anything that could be done better in order to accomplish this. The car is great, the instructor is nice, every important aspect of local driving habits is explained clearly. Highly recommend.

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Date: 26.06.2019

They're on a team with horny driving instructors. Frechi Auto hends au, I recommend the gschalteti VW Golf GTD. The car's alive. I went to the SANDRO driving school. Turn with him make the bisch blame himself if nöd bim 1. time nöd bestahsch. I highly recommend the team.

Date: 26.06.2019

Reviews from Görkem Yelocagi

The best driving school ever!!!!!!!!

Date: 23.06.2019

The driving lessons were well thought out and extremely result oriented. The learning atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed. Rene is a great driving instructor with a lot of patience and commitment.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ich war froh, als es endlich vorbei war

Date: 21.06.2019

Reviews from Bas Basil

I highly recommend this driving school. Very friendly and supportive. Gave me all information I need to pass the driving test. The driver was very good, he is well-skilled driver and knows the driving industry.

Date: 20.06.2019

Sandro did a great job. Top! he even picked me up at work. Location good.

Date: 17.06.2019

Super cars and very good location, just at Oerlikon station. 100% recommended!

Date: 14.06.2019

Very competent

Date: 11.06.2019

The driving school Essbach is very competent and the price-performance ratio is very good.

Date: 07.06.2019

100% recommended, good preparation for the control run. Thank you Sandro

Date: 03.06.2019

Top driving school!

Date: 03.06.2019

Very good lessons, Sandro was always in a good mood and patient. Before the examination it was still possible to arrange extra hours at very short notice, thank you very much. Top driving school, the Essbach driving school.

Date: 30.05.2019

Reviews from Janna Dolbneva-Klein

René was the best teacher ever. He was always very polite, with good sense of humor. Every class was a gift. And my result was great. I'm feeling me very comfortable on the road

Date: 23.05.2019

Sandro is a very good driving instructor you learn fast and well with him I recommend you to go to him

Date: 20.05.2019

Great driving school! Rolf was a very competent and patient driving instructor whom I would always recommend. He prepared me well for the test and made the driving lessons varied.

Date: 16.05.2019

The driving lessons were very good, the driving instructor always patient and very competent. I'm happy to recommend.

Date: 16.05.2019

The driving instructors are mega cooli Lüt, take their time and do some good tricks.

Date: 11.05.2019

I'm from Thailand and took classes with Hari. He is really professional and very patient, English speaking and always giving me good guidelines. He prepared me very efficiently during 3 weeks in about 6 double lessons for the test, speaking also and showing me the words in German, because the test is in German. I just passed my test and I am very happy!!! I totally recommend Hari and this driving school!

Date: 09.05.2019

I had to exchange my Brazilian driver's license in Switzerland and wanted to take a few hours to understand the rules and practice a little. A friend recommended me the school and René and I must say I am really happy and satisfied with it. René is a very competent, respectful and transparent instructor. Today I passed my driving test and can only recommend him.

Date: 08.05.2019

Very good driving school, Sandro was a great driving instructor who is very flexible and fun. I passed the exam the first time !

Date: 06.05.2019

Super driving school! Driving lessons very instructive, fair prices and competent driving instructors! Highly recommended... I passed the first time.

Date: 06.05.2019

Reviews from Alexandra Tudor

I'm very happy! I passed the first time. Very professional and very friendly team! Thank you Rene and Rolf!

Date: 01.05.2019

Very serious and helpful

Date: 25.04.2019

Driving school Essbach is great! Sandro is a great driving instructor and the price-performance ratio is right! Recommended only!

Date: 10.04.2019

Very good driving school! Very recommendable!

Date: 09.04.2019

Very nice and top driving instructors

Date: 08.04.2019

Super driving school. Friendly, correct and helpful. Fast communication. Fair prices.

Date: 05.04.2019

Good price, very pleasant and competent driving instructors

Date: 05.04.2019

I am very satisfied with the Essbach driving school. Sandro prepared me super for the exam and was always very patient with me. I can only recommend it!

Date: 02.04.2019

Very good. Good organization and great, nice driving instructors. I would recommend it to everyone

Date: 28.03.2019

I took classes with Rene, very patient, English speaking and always giving me good guidelines, and everytime I had doubts he drew on his table so I could understand the movement before doing it, also speaking and showing me the words in German, because the test is in German. I just passed my test today!!! I totally recommend this driving school!

Date: 26.03.2019

My driving instructor was Hari and I can only recommend him. Very professional, efficient and very nice. All driving lessons with him were super according to this also.

Date: 25.03.2019

My driver instructor ( Hari) was very relax so he made me feel relax. Very patient and flexible regarding the time. Maybe the lack of mutliple automatic cars made it difficult sometime but he always find a way. This driving school was highly recommended to me by a Friend and I now too highly recommend it

Date: 11.03.2019

Passed the first test without any problems. Sympathetic employees. The VKU was also interesting and provided with useful information.

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Date: 08.03.2019

The Essbach driving school was the perfect choice for me! With his many years of experience, René immediately recognized my weaknesses and points with potential for improvement. He gave me a lot of tips to give me joy. With his constructive criticism I could improve my driving style more and more. At the Essbach driving school you will meet other friendly driving instructors whom I was able to meet and recommend. I was supported super and patiently from the beginning until I passed the exam.

Date: 04.03.2019

It was an instructive time & I passed the first time :)

Date: 28.02.2019

The driving school is very good! only recommendable!

Date: 25.02.2019

I'm at René's driving lesson. You've got to be careful, you've got to get out of the way. Thanks for your patience, great guy. Keep up the good work. LG Flo

Date: 25.02.2019

I had the luck to learn to drive with Rolf in the past months. With his humorous and patient nature every driving lesson was fun and I continued (until I passed the exam). Warmly recommended.

Date: 20.02.2019

Alles war tip top :)

Date: 20.02.2019

The driving school Essbach takes enough time for all students. They have a very good location and prepare each student individually for the exam. I would recommend the driving school to anyone. René Essbach has looked after me very well from the beginning until the exam and helped me a lot. René could give me trips and tricks in every driving hour. I would always go back to the driving school Essbach.

Date: 19.02.2019

Super driving lessons, always calm and super tips given! Only to be recommended!

Date: 19.02.2019

Have nothing to criticize, super learning methods, friendly & patient driving instructors, modern vehicles

Date: 18.02.2019

Reviews from Dewi Maya

René is a patient, focus and nice driving teacher! He gives all the driving technique for basic and advance according to the test. Highly recommended and keep up the good work!

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Date: 13.02.2019

Cool driving instructor and cool driving school!

Date: 10.02.2019

Before I moved to Essbach, I was with another driving instructor. This one started from Z instead of A. At Essbach (Sandro) everything became nice for me. A-Z taught. Super friendly, funny and fun. Top recommended!!!!

Date: 04.02.2019

Reviews from Jing Krähenmann

Rolf is my teacher. He taught me very well how to & where to look on the streets. I'm from Shanghai, and never learned how to drive until I was 30. Especially here in Switzerland after I passed the theory test, I could directly driving on the streets. That made me very nervous. The lessons from Essbach Fahrschule (also Verkehrskunde Kurs) were always very funny, vivid and helpful. They have different car models/pictures/recorded videos from when I drove and they helped me to improve driving and understand the basic knowledge from the cars. Rolf is a teacher with a lot of patience & super tips for Passing the exams and be SAFE on the streets!

Date: 01.02.2019

Very reliable driving school!

Date: 01.02.2019

The driving lessons with Sandro were always very pleasant and also the date finding was always uncomplicated. He is a really good teacher, who gradually gives you the necessary theoretical and practical know-how and who is extremely patient. His humorous nature made the hours really fun. So I was well prepared for the exam and passed it the first time - thank you very much! I can only recommend him!

Date: 25.01.2019

top driving instructor

Date: 24.01.2019

Reviews from Shakitthiyan Vettimayilnathan

Sandro is a very reliable driving instructor with a lot of patience and good mood! From the beginning I felt very comfortable during the driving lessons. He has brought me through the driving training with competence, a relaxed atmosphere and the necessary rigour, knew what the experts were looking for during the exam and made sure that everything fits perfectly before the exam. The fact that I didn't manage the first time was only due to my nerves and he also solved this problem with a lot of patience and motivation. Committed, always in a good mood and very patient. ? Warmly recommended!

Date: 18.01.2019

Reviews from Jovan Milosevic

Top driving school. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 17.01.2019

Yoo-hoo, now bini au debie. Always gueti driving lesson kha. Thank you René

Date: 14.01.2019

I would recommend the driving school Essbach to the driver Sandro at any time. The driving lessons were extremely fun and you quickly learned to drive correctly. Due to his pleasant nature and his humor it is easy to learn at Sandro!

Date: 10.01.2019

Best driving instructor! Rene is a great guy both professionally and personally, he prepared me perfectly for the exam and was always relaxed. With Rene the hours were very relaxed as he is very patient, flexible and uncomplicated. Can recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Date: 08.01.2019

Very good experience. Rene (Farhlehrer) is a very lesser type. Knows a lot, can do a lot;) I recommend it to all learners.

Date: 04.01.2019

Reviews from Elena Espejo

Best driving school in Zurich. The driving lessons with René were always very instructive and fun.=) If you're looking for another great driving school, go straight to René and co.

Date: 10.12.2018

Reviews from Stéphanie Pais

Best driving instructors! The driving lessons have always been fun. Responds to the questions and is very patient.

Date: 28.11.2018

great driving school; it was fun! I can recommend to everyone

Date: 22.11.2018

Very satisfied with the driving school. My driving instructor Rolf was very helpful and always motivating. The VKU was very well organized. I would recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone!

Date: 20.11.2018

Very horny

Date: 19.11.2018

Super driving school and driving instructor.

Date: 14.11.2018

The control driving test was successfully passed, thank you very much!

Date: 13.11.2018

Just world class. Thank you Rène Essbach

Date: 08.11.2018

Reviews from Meryem Riahi

Super driving instructors!!! I would always recommend it!

Date: 01.11.2018

Reviews from Hélène Reymond

Very likeable and professional

Date: 29.10.2018

In my opinion driving school Essbach deserves the highest rating! One is very well prepared for everything. They also have a very friendly and open-minded team.

Date: 26.10.2018

Thank you (Mr.) Hari, you made my life very happy because I passed my driving test. I'll take you to my friends! God Bless!

Date: 22.10.2018

Reviews from Save Drescher

The Essbach driving school convinced me completely! The driving school is directly at the Oerlikon train station and there are super nice driving instructors I was allowed to get to know! I was with Rolf whom I got to know as a very calm and patient person. He leads you calmly to your goal and is always ready for some verbal fun which makes you relaxed which was very important for me. I would recommend all Rolf as a driving instructor who still have to pass the driving exam. Finally I thank you very much Rolf! Best regards Severin Drescher

Date: 18.10.2018

Super driving instructor, sympathetic, good competence. I was very satisfied and happy. The driving lessons with Rolf have always been fun !

Date: 13.10.2018

Rolf always motivated me and said many things that I did well.

Date: 12.10.2018

Full good gsi hand driving exam in the first time pass

Date: 11.10.2018

Reviews from Ling Gao

Very good

Date: 10.10.2018

Many thanks to René for tips and tricks! And for help with German!

Date: 01.10.2018

I am very happy that I completed my driving lessons with Rolf. He is a very patient driver and always in a good mood. I will definitely recommend him.

Date: 24.09.2018

I am completely satisfied with the result.

Date: 17.09.2018

Reviews from Debi Mcdonald

I did the driving lessons with Rene Essbach, I also got to know the other driving instructors. A very nice set up team, I couldn't imagine a better driving school. Having Rene as a driving instructor was great for me, as a teacher he is as human as incredibly sensitive and funny. Really recommendable!

Date: 12.09.2018

Hats to pass the driving test thanks to Rolf. Bim rolf learns a lot and he explains as good as possible that it wüki verstahsh and with sinere lushtigi kind makes driving and much more fun! thanks nomal and gönd bi de fahrschuel essbach... I recommend everyone ;-)

Date: 03.09.2018

Reviews from Alina Streiff

I had the pleasure to learn to drive with Rolf :-) He is a super friendly, humorous guy & really a great, competent driving instructor! I passed the exam today :-D Definitely 6/6, I can only recommend him!! Darling Grüessli :)

Date: 31.08.2018

Reviews from Doni Belafonte

Very good driving school. Especially Rolf, hammer guy!

Date: 24.08.2018

All nice and open driving instructors. Especially my Sandro very sympathetic and reliable!

Date: 24.08.2018

My driver Rolf was always in a very good mood, patient and encouraging. Always felt comfortable and well advised.

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Date: 23.08.2018

Good driving school, very nice, little paperwork and uncomplicated.

Date: 10.08.2018


Date: 09.08.2018

A very professional and knowlegable instructor who helped me pass the exam from first try. I am very happy about everything and would definitely recommend Rene and Essbach school

Date: 31.07.2018

Pleasant driving lessons

Date: 17.07.2018

The driving lessons were always a lot of fun for me and the assistance was very good!

Date: 16.07.2018

Reviews from Gabriela Andric

The best driving school in the world! Top driving instructor! Friendly, patient, understanding!

Date: 10.07.2018

Sandro is a great driving instructor! He explains everything very well, fits well that you do everything well, is very motivated and has a lot of patience. I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone.

Date: 09.07.2018

I don't know if it's a 6 or a 1 now. It's supposed to be a 6.:D The time in driving school was quickly over and I took more with me than I thought because I forget quite quickly. I was very well prepared for the exam and also got through the first time. Rolf Heimgartner's humorous and relaxed way of teaching was very effective in getting accustomed to the Steruer and getting familiar with safe vehicle driving. All in all a very positive experience.

Date: 09.07.2018

Reviews from Arlinda Agaj

The driving school Essbache supports the students very much and is very flexible.

Date: 08.07.2018

Absolutely great experiences made with the driving school Essbach. I was allowed to take driving lessons with Rolf, which was always fun, instructive, dynamic and transparent! I'd recommend the driving school to anyone. The communication also took place at eye level, which I found pleasant.

Date: 07.07.2018

Very good driving instructor. Explains patiently and precisely. Good location. It's always been fun riding with René.

Date: 02.07.2018

I was very satisfied with the Essbach driving school. Rene is a great driving instructor, the driving lessons are always instructive, the essentials are taught. I can only recommend this driving school. Thank you for your support!

Date: 02.07.2018

Reviews from Rizanaj Aurora

I thought it was great, learned a lot and Rolf is a great driving instructor. I'd recommend him. :)

Date: 26.06.2018

Reviews from Nadia Rahimi

Had 30h with Rolf and passed exam the first time! Can recommend him to others

Date: 25.06.2018

Very competent and pleasant driving instructor! The lessons were optimally used, driving style and manoeuvres perfected, theoretical basics explained in simple terms and numerous exam situations played through. Thumbs up! I passed the first try.

Date: 13.06.2018

Reviews from Sandro Gàucho

With the team of the driving school Essbach, it is really fun to pass the car test. Everyone on the team is in a great position.

Date: 31.05.2018

Reviews from Aneesh Apte

Bartholdi a competent and committed teacher. Communicates information efficiently and comprehensibly. Very pleasant personality

Date: 30.05.2018

Very friendly and motivated

Date: 22.05.2018

The driving instructors are very open and sociable. The feedback is always honest and constructive. They are motivating and encourage you to stay tuned. I am very satisfied with the driving school and have already recommended it to others. I would choose the Essbach driving school again.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Prüfung bestanden, was ich nicht erwartet hätte

Date: 04.05.2018

Reviews from Marina Trachsel

My driving instructor was Rolf Heimgartner. Due to his uncomplicated and sympathetic nature, every driving lesson becomes a positive experience. He is also very patient and intuitively notices what the student needs. I can only recommend him and the driving school Essbach... Great team! Thank you very much for everything!

Date: 03.05.2018

My driving instructor was Rolf Heimgartner. He is a very friendly driving instructor and you are always motivated to drive with him because he is always in a good mood. He explains everything very well and never thinks negatively. It was recommended to me by someone and I am very glad that I took it and will recommend it to everyone. :))

Date: 02.05.2018

Reviews from Calvin Thanh Minh Nguyen

The driving lessons were great with Rolf! Very patient and chilly . I could recommend it to anyone!

Date: 26.04.2018

Reviews from Naddie Dread

I can only recommend Fahrschule Essbach. A really great team, patient, friendly and very helpful people. I myself was a student of Mr. Essbach, and he is really the best!

Date: 23.04.2018

It was always very funny and instructive during the driving lessons.

Date: 19.04.2018

Objective and great driving instructor. I can only recommend it! Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Date: 18.04.2018

Rolf's driving lessons were always instructive. His infinite patience to also explain things 100 times was very helpful and his way appreciative. It gave me a lot of confidence that he was totally behind his students. He teaches you to drive super and correctly. The driving lessons were always fun with his humour.

Date: 17.04.2018

Reviews from Liljana Kqira

Best driving instructor!!! Thank you René!

Date: 16.04.2018

I learned very well with Réne. I met him as a very good teacher. Very patient and willing to explain things precisely. Thanks to him, I passed my exam successfully.

Date: 13.04.2018

I learn everything super with René Essbach Also very good tip for parking where I may and where not.

Date: 12.04.2018

a Melhor Autoescola da Suiça,e Zurique.The best driving school in Zurich.Rene Essbach,can teach anyone how to drive no matter what age.obrigado,thanks Rene and Team.H.Barbosa.in the lesson something learned.obrigado,thanks Rene and Team.H.Barbosa

Date: 11.04.2018

the best driving school I know :) can now recommend !

Date: 11.04.2018

Super driving school! From the beginning I felt safe, rene essbach is very patient and explains very understandable. The hours hanen made fun!

Date: 06.04.2018

Top driving school Top driving instructor..examination passed..happy

Date: 26.03.2018

Reviews from Viviane Erb

Rolf showed me very good tips and drew my attention to many things. He was mega chilly and didn't anger me when I made a mistake. Also he was always punctual and open to start the lesson at another starting point. You can tell that he's behind the student and wants the best for him. The driving lesson is also nicely underlined with his humor. :)

Date: 13.03.2018

Rolf is a very good driver, he motivates very much and brings with his humor a good mood into the driving lesson. Also he could explain everything to me very uncomplicatedly and quickly had no trouble in understanding.

Date: 12.03.2018


Date: 06.03.2018

Driving lessons have always been fun. Procedure discussed improvement possibility looked at.

Date: 06.03.2018

Reviews from Sven Schrag

Sandro Bartholdi is very competent, patient and radiates calm. He's very good at explaining things. The cooperation was extremely pleasant. The driving school team is well organized and very competent.

Date: 03.03.2018

Reviews from Aline Borges

Rene was a very good teacher, gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel secure about what I was doing.

Date: 27.02.2018

Great and relaxed learning atmosphere contributes to fast and fun learning.

Date: 27.02.2018

A very professional driving school. I was able to make great progress in a very short time and learning was also a lot of fun. I was also able to arrange appointments with my driving instructor spontaneously.

Date: 15.02.2018

very satisfied with everything and everyone :) Driving instructor: Rolf Heimgartner

Date: 14.02.2018

Reviews from Dan Zrh-lon

Really great driving school! I am absolutely satisfied with René and his driving school. He has worked with me super efficiently and led me to my goal in only 3 weeks! I can really recommend him with a clear conscience!

Date: 08.02.2018

Reviews from A G

Sandro was the best driving instructor I could wish for and taught me how to drive a car with a lot of humour, understanding and competence despite my fear.

Date: 08.02.2018

After driving school change, René is a driving instructor with a lot of patience and humor. He is very attentive and has taken full advantage of every hour. I passed my exam with a lot of joy and shortly. Can only recommend the school ESSBACH. Try it and you will have a lot of fun driving!

Date: 06.02.2018

Reviews from Reinhard Knoll

I had chosen the FS Essbach because of the very good rating and that was good. The driving lessons were always an experience and with Dudu, my driving instructor, I had a competent, critical and humorous teacher who patiently prepared me for the exam. Thanks Dudu, without you and your experience I might not have made it on the first try. The VKU dragged on a bit, but it is a necessary evil and instructive. So folks, if you don't have a ticket yet, I can recommend this FS to you with a clear conscience

Date: 03.02.2018

Reviews from Estefanus Hailemichael


Date: 25.01.2018

I registered at the driving school Essbach and I can only say that it was great. Cool people with a lot of experience, really made fun. Thanks again !

Date: 25.01.2018

Super driving school! The team is very friendly and competent and you learn to drive very fast and above all with a lot of fun. The VKU was also designed to be as exciting and varied as possible, although it still took a little longer. But that's not a bad thing either. The driving lessons are always started on time and the time is fully used. Furthermore, the driving instructor (in this case Rolf Heimgartner) is always in a good mood, motivated and relaxed and there is no pressure to perform at all. One always looks forward to the driving lesson. All in all a really recommendable driving school

Date: 16.01.2018

I felt very comfortable at the Essbach driving school. I was always taken seriously and my wishes were granted. Each driving hour was followed by a short feedback with constructive criticism. Things I didn't understand were always well explained. The driving instructors were very sympathetic.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Der Experte machte eine kleine Pause, damit ich mich beruhigen konnte

Date: 08.01.2018

Reviews from Opeyewa Badmus

Very good teaching and support, René has really helped me coming to grips with driving on so many levels. Would definitely recommend him to others!

Date: 22.12.2017

control drive -> very good driving school, very good automat to learn. tidy, punctual, organized, clean. everything worked out tip top. also in english. can recommend to others if you need to pass the control drive, could be a good choice with Rene and Polo-Automat

Date: 21.12.2017

Reviews from Reema Konkar

Many thanks for the driving school Essbach! Dudu was my driving instructor. He is an excellent and very friendly driving instructor. He could motivate me again and again and it was fun. I can only recommend the driving school. All employees of the driving school are really very nice and the VKU course in the driving school Essbach was very interesting, was fun and certainly not boring.

Date: 20.12.2017

Super competent and friendly driving instructor team, which could prepare me with top practical, as well as with the VKU theoretical knowledge in the best way for the examination. Special thanks go to my driving instructor Dudu, with whom I learned a lot every driving lesson and had a lot of fun. I was always given a clear technical explanation of everything and even if not everything worked out right away, Dudu always had the patience and the right words to motivate me so that I could pass the exam without any problems the first time. A big thank you to the FAHRSCHULE ESSBACH, which I can definitely recommend!

Date: 12.12.2017

Reviews from Ciarrah Lindsay

driving lessons at the driving school essbach were fun for me. i always enjoyed going and felt in good hands because the driving lessons were designed in such a way that i could always learn new things. my driving instructor was able to assess me well and knew when i was ready for what, which i really appreciate.

Date: 12.12.2017

Very good, competent, friendly and funny driving instructors. People like to go to driving lessons. Definitely recommend the driving school!

Date: 09.12.2017

Reviews from Bianca Stamm

The driving lessons with the driving school Essbach were great! The lessons were very instructive and were a lot of fun! Also the VKU I can only recommend, very interesting and helpful! A big thank you to the driving school Essbach, learning with you was great!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Witziger Experte der beruhigend wirkte

Date: 07.12.2017

Before the first lessons with Rolf Heimgartner from Fahrschuke Essbach I already took five driving lessons with another teacher, and also drove a lot privately. Therefore I am very happy that Rolf didn't explain everything to me from the beginning and wasted time, we continued where I had my weaknesses. With the (passed) exam counted I took a total of 12.5 lessons at the driving school Essbach. I found that every hour was used sensibly, the different manoeuvres were explained well and also improvements in general driving were eliminated by Rolf's tips and corrections. During the whole time Rolf was very patient, helpful and always open for questions, you never had the feeling that the lessons were deliberately designed in such a way that the student has to take a few more hours and therefore earns more money (what you hear from some driving instructors). So the hours were fun and I never felt discouraged, so it more than paid off.

Date: 03.12.2017

The driving instructor was very friendly. Even though I made mistakes, he stayed calm and tried to explain everything to me in an understandable way, which motivated me a lot. He was always giving me tips and I had the feeling that I was getting better after every driving lesson. In addition, the driving lessons were very well structured. In my opinion he is a very good driving instructor and I can definitely recommend him to others

Date: 01.12.2017

Reviews from Graci Costa

The best Drive School in Zurich!

Date: 22.11.2017

Nice, polite, fun during the hours, flexible, responds to wishes etc.

Date: 22.11.2017

Reviews from Karuna Deucher

I did 12.5 driving lessons at the driving school Essbach (with Rolf) before my control drive. It was very helpful. I've learned a lot of rules I didn't know before. I have always gained a lot of self-confidence through my driving lessons! I finally passed! Thank you Rolf!

Date: 20.11.2017

Reviews from Ardian Salihi

I liked the driving lessons with Rolf von der essbach Fahrschule very much. He always had time to explain and was always in a good mood.

Date: 15.11.2017

The driving lessons were very pleasant, quiet and instructive. I profited a lot and learned fast how to drive a car.

Date: 14.11.2017

Reviews from Eli Kqi

I thank the driving school Essbach for the help and motivation... without you I would never have been able to do this, also thanks for the patience you are the best!!!

Date: 08.11.2017

First I went to another driving school, where I didn't enjoy the driving lessons. That's why I lost the desire to drive pretty quickly. I still stayed there and fell through the driving test. Thereupon I changed to the driving school Essbach, which turned out to be the best decision! The driving lessons with Rolf were always very instructive and funny. He always motivated me, was always patient and took the time to explain everything in detail. I have profited from every driving lesson super. I passed the driving test! I can recommend the Essbach driving school to everyone!

Date: 08.11.2017

Good preparation for the exam. Friendly and competent driving instructors.

Date: 06.11.2017

Reviews from ViAnh Tr?n

Great tips and the ride has always been fun!

Date: 04.11.2017


Date: 02.11.2017

Reviews from Rachel Lüscher

I am more than satisfied with my choice of the Essbach driving school. René Essbach accompanied me to the car test. With his relaxed nature, professionalism and motivation I could not have wished for a better driving instructor. Thank you very much.

Date: 27.10.2017

Reviews from Amou Younes Kandil

Wonderful day # Super driving school # Happy is rampant start # Thanks a lot times a driving school Essbach, an rene and hari voralem wants me to create zemme gschaffed hend Within churzi zit, despite zit print hender top motivated me Han min fahrstyle chene verfinere and han mega happy ka with eu zfahre, erlichi, seriösi driving school When driving school sueched to learn #1 Driving school Essbach - Always on time - fair - Generous - Super Drivers - A lot of experience - Careful Thank you for being a kiss on the cheek hahahah.

Date: 24.10.2017

I am very happy and satisfied that I chose Rene Essbach as my driving instructor! I had to do the check drive in Bülach to have my foreign driver's license rewritten. After more than 15 driving hours with Rene I passed the control run successfully ! Many thanks to Rene for the patience, professionalism and motivation !

Date: 20.10.2017

I Am Very Satisfied With The Driving School Essbach, The Driving School has prepared me very well and supported me from start to finish. Super Always happy again, I can only recommend :).

Date: 18.10.2017

I would like to thank my driving instructor Dudu for your patience, your positive attitude, with which you taught me to drive again and again, with wit, competence and a certain tenacity. With your personal commitment I have never lost courage and fortunately I have not resigned myself. You gave me confidence and safety in traffic. I wish the FAHRSCHULE ESSBACH team and you all the best.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Waldstück mit Rechtsvortritt

Date: 17.10.2017

I would like to thank the driving school Essbach and especially Dudu! Dudu is an excellent driving instructor, incredibly warm and humorous, enormously patient and extremely competent. Due to my resistance to learning, Dudu definitely didn't always have an easy time with me and yet he never gave up, always pushed me forward and motivated me anew. Keep up the good work, Dudu - I'm very happy to recommend you and the rest of the team I got to know!

Date: 10.10.2017

My driving instructor (Rolf) was very patient and understanding. So I always felt very comfortable and in good hands. The driving lessons gave me a lot of pleasure. I had him as my driving instructor. :)

Date: 10.10.2017

They are very friendly and reliable. I learned a lot from you.

Date: 09.10.2017

Reviews from Keara Gutzwiller

It was great at the Essbach driving school! Rolf was always able to answer all my questions and didn't get excited when you made a mistake.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Mehr als 3 mal korrigert und trotzdem bestanden

Date: 06.10.2017

I am super satisfied with this driving school. The trips were amusing and pleasant. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Date: 05.10.2017

Reviews from Corine Solano

Rolf is a great driving instructor, felt totally comfortable every time! He has a calm, very sympathetic nature, I can warmly recommend to everyone! Thanks to Rolf, I passed the exam the first time. Uncomplicated, cool guy!

Date: 14.09.2017

Reviews from S. W.

Min driving instructor is Rolf Heimgartner gsi. He remains calm in any situation. With me in the car it never gets boring, I am happy every time about the next ride. Alli Important and test relevant topics will be discussed, and I will talk to him about everything. No matter whether diversified road traffic regle or other.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Der Experte hat viele Fragen gestellt

Date: 14.09.2017

I took lessons with Rolf and it was perfect: he gives very good tips and has a lot of patience. Would definitely recommend !

Date: 07.09.2017

Best decision ever!

Date: 06.09.2017

I took some lessons with Dudu, but most of my driving lessons I did with Tobi. Both have their own style, but both are great. Dudu's a loose, "chilly" guy. Tobi also works as a traffic policeman, so he pays a lot of attention to details, which was only to my advantage. He puts a lot of effort into it, is patient and has a pleasant nature. In addition, he doesn't try - like some other driving instructors - to talk you into extra hours when you don't need them. He tries to get one with the minimum of necessary hours safely through the exam. His assessment of my driving level was always realistic and fair. Therefore I would recommend Tobi (like Dudu) at any time.

Date: 01.09.2017

Reviews from Ben Djin

For two years Dudu accompanied me through the driving school. He motivated me in times when I couldn't find any motivation myself. I got to know Dudu as a very open and direct driving instructor, who is very passionate about his job. Dudu has strong nerves, he has no problem explaining things several times. It is important to him that the student driver feels safe in traffic. So if you want to get through the driving test with a good feeling and above all: understand the rules and be prepared for everything, then Dudu is damn right. Thank you for everything... Dudu! :) Dear greetings Benjamin Spelt

Date: 01.09.2017

With Dudu you will definitely reach your goal safely and confidently. It is to be recognized from afar with how much heart blood he does his work and passes on his knowledge to other people. I have learned a lot, I am overjoyed that I was able to do my driving lessons with Dudu and would ask him again at any time.

Date: 30.08.2017

Very good. I can only recommend them!

Date: 23.08.2017

Reviews from ????? ????

De beste!!!!!

Date: 23.08.2017

I was always very satisfied! He is competent and reliable. The driving school cars (VW Scirocco) were always very maintained and made fun with it to drive. I can recommend the driving instructor.

Date: 18.08.2017

Reviews from Benjamin Riediker

Isch top gsi Han with few driving hours very vill glernt and so in the machinen isch autofahre gar ned so schwirig Ps de dudu makes the soup and hed exactly what you want to motivate vienna with me

This student also wrote a driving test report: Die Anweisungen waren klar und rechtzeitig

Date: 14.08.2017

I am with Rolf idä Fahrschuäl gsi and chan him only wiitärempfehlä! with supär good tips, viil joke and patience would have me's fahrä biibracht. simply Top!!

Date: 10.08.2017

--> Dudu Angelli Believe me, the best driving instructor there is. Mega nice, always friendly, extremely patient, explained until mer correctly understood han always 1 laugh is face Chann abr au " hard" & "evil" them Eif BRUTAL!! Thank you nomol vom herz viel mols

Date: 02.08.2017

Reviews from Tara L. Beckford

Best driving school ever!!

Date: 27.07.2017

Dudu gave everything and also brought a lot of patience with him and put me on the right track although I wanted to give up, thank you very much!

Date: 27.07.2017

Reviews from Julia Landolf

The Essbach driving school is really awesome. They taught me to drive very well and I will send all my people here because I myself was here by recommendation :)! I wish you all good luck and good luck! Have fun with eu :)

Date: 26.07.2017

Dudu is the best driving instructor I could have wished for! He responds very individually to his students and knows exactly where someone's difficulties lie. Humorous and patient, yet demanding, Dudu took away my fear of driving until I was ready for the test. After the VKU at the driving school Essbach and the driving lessons with Dudu I feel optimally prepared for the road traffic. No doubt the best place for me to learn to drive!

Date: 18.07.2017

Reviews from Riad Kabashi

I think it was very good. We took our time well and discussed everything well, how and much more. the driving instructor himself is a very correct and horny type. It was a lot of fun to drive and learn at the same time.

Date: 10.07.2017

Very good driving school, can only recommend!

Date: 10.07.2017

Dudu was a strict but always fair teacher who also encouraged you to dare something and gave you a lot of security. The hours were full of traces, funny, humorous, exciting and instructive and made me a safe driver. You get many useful and easy to understand explanations and feel safe driving. It was fun to get through the exam with his help and I now feel safe enough to take part in traffic alone. Thanks for the patience Dudu;-) . Dudu is a very, very good driving instructor definitely I can only recommend him. Once again a big thank you :-D

Date: 03.07.2017

Reviews from Chang Solèr

My driving instructor was Rolf. I had very good experience with every driving lesson. Rolf was very patient and gave me many tips and tricks during our rides. He could always reassure me if I was nervous or if I just made a mistake. This makes learning to drive a car fun!

Date: 30.06.2017

I am very satisfied and recommend the driving school Essenbach to everyone. Very professional, friendly, reliable. Better can't be!

Date: 21.06.2017

Reviews from Arian Morina


Date: 04.06.2017

Reviews from Cristiane Egger

I had five different driving instructors there. I consider myself a very difficult case. can describe with over 40 years and zero experience in road traffic. Dudu Angelli is best prepared for my problems to experience driving thanks to Cristiane Egger.

Date: 02.06.2017

My driving instructor "Dudu" was terrific! A very sympathetic type and at the same time strict, simply absolute class!

Date: 01.06.2017

Reviews from Albert Mustafic

Rene and Rolf are a great duo! With them, driving never gets boring. They are very patient and know exactly what is important for the exam. I passed the practical driving test the first time after 12 driving lessons. ;-))) I can only recommend Fahrschule Essbach warmly!

Date: 20.05.2017

Reviews from Enver Altay

Very nice and you can learn well from him

Date: 19.05.2017

Reviews from Philipp Fuchs

You quickly feel comfortable and at home, the driving instructors are patient and very human. They prepared me perfectly for the exam and always kept a cool head. Highly recommended!

Date: 15.05.2017

Since I was very dissatisfied with another driving school, the Essbach driving school was warmly recommended to me. I followed this recommendation and was not disappointed! The driving school is very competent and serious. The driving instructors are super positioned, honest and always professional :) I am absolutely satisfied, as I was challenged but also supported. Here also a big thank you to Dudu and Rolf, who supported me in the time and trained super. So now I also recommend the driving school and wish the team of the driving school Essbach all the best :)

Date: 12.05.2017

A super driving school. My driver was Rolf. I can only recommend him and the driving school.

Date: 11.05.2017

Reviews from Mirco Righetti

Rene du bisch en geile siech thank you!

Date: 09.05.2017

The driving school Essbach has a pleasant atmosphere while learning and competent teachers. Every hour was fun and thanks to the driving school I passed right the first time. Grading: clear 6!

Date: 09.05.2017

Reviews from Raphael Mangold

Top driving instructor! Can't think of a better way. Thanks a lot for the time! :)

Date: 05.05.2017

The driving lessons were top and there was always something to laugh about.

Date: 03.05.2017

Very competent, the driving lessons were pleasant and fun. The driving, and everything, which also belongs to the vehicle use, is taught excellently, passed with the first attempt.

Date: 02.05.2017

Reviews from Lukas Aeschlimann

It was a very pleasant cooperation with the driving school Essbach. I was taught basic rules and applications in road traffic. In addition, there were several useful tips for all kinds of situations in road traffic. So I am very satisfied with this driving school and would recommend it to every learning driver.

Date: 28.04.2017

Reviews from Joëlle Schneider

My driving instructor was Dudu. I really can only recommend him. I had had bad experiences with my former driving instructor and was then changed by the recommendation of my colleague to the driving school Essbach. Dudu was a very big help. I probably wouldn't have taken the exam without him. He is extremely competent, patient and funny. I was comfortable with him.

Date: 28.04.2017

Reviews from Veronica Morais

A very great driving school that always believed in me.

Date: 27.04.2017

Reviews from Franciska Bilic-Eric

Very competent driving school, well organized, great animations and pictures to explain, helpful tips and tricks and calm, honest driving instructors!

Date: 25.04.2017

I would like to thank Rolf very much. The driving lessons were always fun and very instructive. I can recommend Rolf with a very good conscience, because he has a lot of patience and understanding. With him at my side as my driving instructor, I always felt safe on the road and had a lot of fun driving the car.

Date: 24.04.2017

Reviews from Delia Biedermann

Very good

Date: 13.04.2017

Very satisfied

Date: 12.04.2017

The Essbach driving school is excellent. Since the first day with the driving instructor DUDU ANGELLI I feel very comfortable and somehow I knew from the beginning that I would pass the driving test at the first attempt without any problems. During the training I was instructed by him very friendly & purposefully. Thank you again very much for the great training & time with you Dudu. You're the best driving instructor ever! (best where ever hets gits) :D

Date: 12.04.2017

Reviews from Deniz Sivridag

i had my driving lessons mainly at rene (2 times at rolf) both are the best driving instructors it was always fun and instructive, thanks driving school essbach!

Date: 04.04.2017

I was rigorously but fairly prepared for the exam. If Dudu hadn't been so picky, I wouldn't have passed the first try. I'm gonna miss the driving lessons with you, you best driving instructor! :)

Date: 30.03.2017

I was greeted happily from the beginning. The time with Mr. Essbach was full of willingness to learn and also the fun of driving was increased.

Date: 29.03.2017

Always great tips and great coach for a quick reach of the driver's test. Very collegial and very pleasant.

Date: 25.03.2017

Very great and friendly team, always in a good mood and nice, the lessons are well structured and structured. A great balance of friendship and teacher.

Date: 24.03.2017

Super driving school, also Super driving instructor (I had Dudu Angeli) He taught me the whole thing very well and quickly. He was always motivated to do so (such people are rare.) Keep Essbach going!!!!

Date: 17.03.2017

Reviews from Milica Jelic

Super driving school with a super team. My driving instructor, Dudu, was really TOP. Very friendly and yet direct and honest. You could always rely 100% on taking something out of every driving hour. Super learning result and of course also a super result at the exam. Super proud!

Date: 14.03.2017


Date: 06.03.2017

Patient Competent Strict yet humorous Top driving instructor

Date: 28.02.2017

The Essbach driving school is indeed the best driving school I have ever been able to get to know, the ratings, the awards really real, good merit. I overcame my fear, let myself be taught a lot, the trips were really very instructive. It is unbelievable what a feeling Dudu has developed for driving, he only recognizes from the driving style of the driving instructor / driving school you have come to (Baschi, Dübendorf :) - Dudu puts a lot of effort into teaching you something and the result at the end is very good. I would never have thought that it would be so far, I have lost so much time with other driving instructors, in retrospect I am glad to have finished everything in such a way. Dudu again many thanks for your time, patience and your words. Keep it up and keep it up. Happy birthday!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Rückwärtsfahren kam gar nicht vor

Date: 24.02.2017

Since I successfully completed my exam today and was in driving school with Rolf for the last few months, I can only say that I had great driving lessons where you learned a lot and you felt safe. I would recommend Rolf to anyone who wants to pass his exam. I thank Rolf for the patience and time he has invested in me.

Date: 06.02.2017

unfortunately, i passed the driving test today, so i have to do without the fun driving lessons at the driving school essbach. (top driving school)!

Date: 05.02.2017

Rène was my driving instructor. A colleague recommended the Essbach driving school to me and it was absolutely worth it, as I passed my driving test the first time.

Date: 29.01.2017

My driving instructor was Dudu... he was a very nice and motivating driving instructor. I've always looked forward to the hours with him. He took away your fear and prepared you perfectly for the exam...thanks to him I passed it the 1st time...very recommendable!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Vorurteile stimmen gar nicht!

Date: 28.01.2017

Reviews from Mike Z.


Date: 23.01.2017


This student also wrote a driving test report: Richtige Gangwahl beim aufwärts fahren

Date: 20.01.2017

Reviews from Maria G?sieniec

I can only recommend the school, it reacted super fast to my course request and a few days later I had my first driving lesson. Everything very pleasant and uncomplicated!

Date: 19.01.2017

A few days ago, I passed the exam. Behind this success lies an unbelievably learning path, which I experienced with the Essbach driving school, specifically with the teacher Oday. Oday, or as everyone calls him "Dudu", received me very kindly from the beginning. Already in the first driving lesson I felt comfortable and could build up a trust to my driving instructor. We got along very well right from the start. Dudu has the perfect strategy to teach a student how to drive, because he sits on the same level as the new driver. He does not seem at all arrogant, although he possesses a multiple knowledge of the pupil in this area. Dudu explained things to me in such a way that I immediately understood how to implement it and how did he master it? By putting himself in my place and my level of knowledge. Behind my goal, which I finally achieved two days ago, is Dudu's work. Thanks to him there is a new, safe and respectful handlebar on the streets of this world and I am infinitely grateful to him for it. Everybody is happy when he gets the licence to drive and so I was happy but I also felt a feeling of sadness because I knew that the weekly driving lesson would be cancelled from then on and I could no longer drive with Dudu. With Dudu the driving lesson was not an obligation but a sad "until next week!" and a joyful "today I have driving lesson! Thanks to him I learned how to use the car properly, but besides that I also won a great friend, whom I hope I won't lose now because of the license. I can only recommend Dudu as the best choice and it is already certain that my future children will learn to drive with him.

Date: 14.01.2017


Date: 12.01.2017

the driving instructor is the best driving instructor wit & broad, wenns bilett wetsch make the way to the Dudu

Date: 10.01.2017

Reviews from Edison Osmani

I learned to drive a car at the Essbach driving school and can only agree with all the good evaluations. I had driving lessons with Dudu. He is a very competent driving instructor who prepared me optimally for the exam with his funny and friendly manner. He has always adapted the pace of teaching to my progress and has always been very patient. Shortly before the stage, we drove the usual stages and simulated driving tests so that I could see what was coming my way. All in all a very good driving instructor / driving school, which I can only recommend.

Date: 09.01.2017

After two unsuccessful exams I wanted to change the driving school and changed, also because of the many positive evaluations on this side, to the driving school Essbach. I can only agree with the good ratings. The driving lessons with René have always been fun and in spite of supposedly (albeit unsuccessfully) completed driving training I have learned a lot and finally understood correctly. I can recommend the Essbach driving school without hesitation.

Date: 06.01.2017

Rolf is a great driving instructor and I can only recommend him to everyone.

Date: 05.01.2017

Reviews from Ali Dlaimi

I had the driving lessons at Dudu. Dudu was a very competent driving instructor. Thanks to his funny, friendly and motivating nature, he was able to take away my exam anxiety. He has adapted the pace of teaching very well to my progress. He was also very patient. At the beginning of the lesson we briefly explained what is going on today. At the end of the lesson we discussed again what we did today and where we still have to improve. Shortly before the stage he prepared me perfectly by driving typical stage tracks. I passed the exam the first time. All in all, super driving school and super driving instructor, I can recommend everyone.

Date: 04.01.2017

Reviews from Darko Gajic

Very nice and correct

Date: 22.12.2016

De Dudu isch de beste Fahrlehrer wo ich ich mir het het het chöne wünsche! D He isch super patient, funny and het het absolutely Freud other Autofahre bizbringe. Thanks to him, everyone has fun driving and having fun. And it's a cool car.

Date: 21.12.2016

Friendly, professional, pleasant staff, I liked.

Date: 15.12.2016

Super driving school, always fun to take a driving lesson.

Date: 15.12.2016

Reviews from Arielle Rodrigues

My driving instructor is patient and very accurate. For me this is perfect because I don't get nervous because I gain security for the test and for the further driving in the future.

Date: 15.12.2016

very likeable drivers, super driving lessons, simple and uncomplicated appointment arrangement

Date: 14.12.2016

The driving school Essbach is a very well organized driving school with fair prices and super friendly and competent driving instructors.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Tipp: keine Vorurteile gegen die Experten haben!

Date: 14.12.2016

The Essbach driving school is top. Rolf is a great driving instructor, who explains facts very well, understandably and calmly. The driving lessons were always instructive and there was no lack of humour. I would always choose Rolf again as my driving instructor and can warmly recommend the Essbach driving school.

Date: 10.12.2016

Reviews from Marco Imbriano

It was just top

Date: 05.12.2016

Reviews from Lukas Glesti


Date: 02.12.2016

Rolf is suuuper!!! He likes to help in situations where he is anxious/ nervous and tries to take away the anxiety! e.g. I han vo Lastwage angst gha, but now I drive verbi as if useful isch! Thanks Rolf and thanks Team Essbach you are only to the witee recommend :-) !!

Date: 29.11.2016

Super driving instructor

Date: 28.11.2016

Isch super gsi

Date: 25.11.2016

Can only say good things about the Essbach driving school! I passed the driving test. My driving instructor Dudu was really very good and super patient with me, and most importantly, he helped me to improve my driving and gave me good tips for the driving test. So, we have a lot of fun and in the meantime I ask myself if I still see problems or even am afraid and not only everything is designed according to his opinion. I thank you for your efforts. I'm completely satisfied...:-)

Date: 25.11.2016

very good

Date: 23.11.2016

At the Essbach driving school I was always treated nicely and my driving instructor approached my problems specifically and patiently. The central meeting point directly at Oerlikon railway station makes it easily accessible by public transport. Normally one is trained for the examination area Bülach, if desired (I advise against it) also for Zürich-City. If I had to get my driver's license again (nobody would hope that), I would go back to Essbach at any time!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Nach hinten gelehnt, meine Augen geschlossen.

Date: 22.11.2016

Driving lesson with the Dudu gha. I'd have prepared myself great, and that's why I'd have to bother anyway. Merci a lot of times!

Date: 19.11.2016

I han mini driving lesson with Rolf kha. He would have explained everything to me super and hands during the hours on vil fun kha and han me dabii au sure feels. I highly recommend the students. Thank you Rolf. #bestemeisterever

Date: 18.11.2016

I think Dudu is the best driving instructor in the world. The driving lessons couldn't have been better. In addition to his professional competence it must be emphasized that Dudu is a very sensitive and patient driving instructor. He encouraged me again and again and was happy with my progress. He's very authentic and honest which I greatly appreciated. I got to know him as a very friendly driving instructor with a big heart. Thank you Dudu!

Date: 17.11.2016

I had a great experience with Rene, good choice for those needing an English instructor. After some negative experiences with driving courses (not in Switzerland) I was anxious to start driving again but with Rene's patience and style of teaching I was able to get my confidence back and actually enjoy it. I appreciated his focus on making good drivers that can make handle different kinds of situation, rather than just focusing on an exam.

Date: 11.11.2016

Reviews from Patrick Kaelin

It was explained to me very well and I also enjoyed how he designed the driving lesson.

Date: 09.11.2016

Very good driving instructor! Can explain comprehensibly, very well organized, can assess well whether one is already ready for the exam and recognize the weaknesses of the student!!

Date: 06.11.2016

The driving lessons with Tobias Blum were very pleasant. I felt well prepared for the exam. Thank you very much.

Date: 01.11.2016

Top! Super friendly, patient and very attentive. Professional and competent in any case. I will recommend the driving school to others

Date: 31.10.2016

Besti driving school ever only recommend to the weather

Date: 28.10.2016

Very friendly driving school. I was with Rene and Rolf, both super driving instructors with great professional competence. From the beginning, I've always felt comfortable. I can only recommend the driving school Essbach.

Date: 28.10.2016

Reviews from Iliir BasHha

Beschti driving student

Date: 27.10.2016

I felt very comfortable with René Essbach. He has created a super relaxed atmosphere, through his humor . Even if something didn't work out, he found the peace to explain everything well.

Date: 27.10.2016

Reviews from Farmmy Rattiyaporn

It was very great experience to learn how to drive in Switzerland with Mr. Rene.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Show them your confident

Date: 27.10.2016

Was with Rolf Heimgartner, professional in person better not be!!!!!

Date: 26.10.2016

Very good driving instructor with a lot of patience and good tips.

Date: 25.10.2016

I was challenged well and always received feedback. Cool driving instructor and top preparation for the exam.

Date: 14.10.2016

I felt very comfortable at the Essbach driving school. I feel very safe in traffic now.

Date: 13.10.2016


This student also wrote a driving test report: Prüfung lief sehr entspannt ab

Date: 09.10.2016

I'm very happy!

Date: 27.09.2016

Reviews from Sharona Meshulam

WOW! Just great! Rene taught me that with a lot of patience!

Date: 14.09.2016

Reviews from Mike Z.

Very friendly and reliable driving school with driving instructor of high professional competence. Always in a good mood and committed to teaching you how to drive. Many thanks to Tobias, who accompanied me successfully up to my driving test.

Date: 09.09.2016

Very good driving training enjoyed, because Rene Essbach was very responsive to me. He was always attentive and patient. Rene Essbach was very helpful, reliable & flexible.

Date: 04.09.2016

The driving school Essbach is the best driving school! I thank from the bottom of my heart Rene Essbach for this great time! I have learned a lot and recommend this driving school to everyone. A great team. This totally set up kind of Rene motivates you extremely! Thanks a thousand times for everything!!!

Date: 02.09.2016

Best driving school! First time passed! Thank you Dudu!

Date: 01.09.2016

I didn't get off to such a good start at another driving school at first. The driving instructor made me very nervous and insecure. Then I switched to Rolf. He made it supper, I felt much better and learned a lot after a short time. Today I passed the exam and would like to thank Rolf very much for it!

Date: 25.08.2016

I would like to recommend Fahrschule Essbach. You are a professional team with individual treatment. I have gained new experiences that improve my driving style. Practical lessons were structured, instructive and motivating. I passed the check drive and strengthened my knowledge. Have a good trip, everybody, Victoria

Date: 25.08.2016

The driving school I can only warmly recommend, it is taken on a consideration one can quickly learn a lot. There you don't just learn to drive for the exam but you really get to know the traffic and various situations. Super driving school!

Date: 14.08.2016

Super driving school! Can only report positive!sympathetic driving instructors. Very good and clear appointment arrangements and quick feedback on all questions

Date: 11.08.2016

Quiet and competent. René Essbach is a very pleasant driving instructor, I was always looking forward to the driving lessons.

Date: 08.08.2016

Very nice and cool driving instructors. :D

Date: 31.07.2016

I felt very comfortable with René and Co. from the beginning. My driving instructor was Dudu. He designed the driving lessons very individually and also challenged me and explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. He never got bored :) I can only recommend the driving school to everyone, they are really top! Dudu prepared me well for my exam, so I passed it the first time :)

Date: 29.07.2016

Rolf is a very lovable person. With his relaxedness he gives us students a very familiar feeling, so that we can loosen ourselves very well and do not feel cramped during the ride. The driving lessons are very varied, so that you can even look forward to the next hours (at least that was the case with me). His positive charisma gave me courage and security. I don't regret at all that I chose the Essbach driving school and chose Rolf as my driving instructor. Because he's the best! Rolf is simply the best!

Date: 28.07.2016

Reviews from Sascha Figi

Very good, thanks:)

Date: 28.07.2016

Very good driving instructors always with new input. Relaxed and nice.

Date: 25.07.2016

Reviews from Sangeeta Nair

Excellent training. Was taught the finer nuances to be able to transition to Swiss driving from India!!! Was able to pass the test successfully !!!!

This student also wrote a driving test report: rigorous and repetitive driving and coaching

Date: 21.07.2016

Very good.

Date: 19.07.2016

Reviews from Fiorin Rüedi

Stay calm, pleasantly sympathetic. Good preparation for the exam

Date: 18.07.2016


Date: 17.07.2016

I was accompanied by René during my driving training. The lessons were very well structured and brought me successfully to the desired goal. René Essbach was able to take away my examination anxiety thanks to his funny, friendly & motivating nature. In addition, he is very patient and prepares his students optimally for the driving test. Each driving hour contained a new situation, which had to be mastered. There were helpful tips & tricks. It was a great experience, therefore a big praise! I would recommend the driving school Essbach in any case and wish everyone a lot of fun while driving!

Date: 12.07.2016

Reviews from Joana Cuénoud

Many thanks to my driving instructor Rolf! I have absolutely nothing to criticize, always had fun in the driving lesson ("a little fun must be"). Great way of teaching, very friendly, patient and also encouraging when you need it. Criticism was always constructive and I could see progress after every driving hour. I've learned a lot, I feel safe driving and I passed the test on my first attempt. Keep it up!

Date: 06.07.2016

Many thanks Rolf for a super good teacher! Greeting M

Date: 04.07.2016

I passed the test on the first try. My driving instructor was Dudu he has accompanied me with his nice but also straightforward nature through 35 driving lessons. Dudu's rather strict nature helped me a lot with the exam. He means well. Dudu is very friendly and you can have fun with him. Thanks again.

Date: 28.06.2016

I can only recommend Fahrschule Essbach.

Date: 21.06.2016

Reviews from Thanh Phong Nguyen

I didn't have René himself as a driving instructor, but Dudu, who was very strict. However, this made the audit a lot easier. According to the principle: Train hard, fight easy ;)Top school that conveys its knowledge with a lot of fun.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Habe den Eltern nicht gesagt, dass ich die Fahrprüfung habe

Date: 20.06.2016

Reviews from Hie Ryu-Wy

Driving lesson was always clear, very nice and well teaching. I thank a lot.

Date: 19.06.2016

Every driving hour is extremely fun. You make very good progress and the driving instructor is always motivated and well positioned. I would choose this driving school over and over again!

Date: 17.06.2016

The Essbach driving school was great. I came to them without experience and they helped me with a lot of patience. I can only recommend the driving school Essbach.

Date: 13.06.2016

Was very friendly, made fun, gave good tips.

Date: 07.06.2016

Reviews from Karyna Kalinina

The best driving school ! Very patient, very nice, funny, sweet, explain everything also to the 100.x ! All 3 driving instructors are great !

Date: 29.05.2016

My driving instructor was always punctual and friendly. I've learned everything I need to know.

Date: 25.05.2016

Really competent driving instructors with a lot of experience and a good sense of humour. Thank you for the good preparation for the exam! DUdu & Rene and Rolf.

Date: 19.05.2016

great, very pleasant, instructive and interesting! to recommend to others!

Date: 19.05.2016

Best driving school I've ever known. Thanks Rolf. Best recommendation driving school Essbach

Date: 18.05.2016

You're taught a lot in driving lessons.

Date: 18.05.2016

Already after the first call with the driving school Essbach I had a very good impression. The first conversation with René was very friendly and well structured. René divided me up with Rolf and I was allowed to do a total of 21 lessons with him. The lessons were very structured and clear. Rolf had also explained and answered questions pictorially with drawings and pictures. During the rides the atmosphere was very relaxed and Rolf always gave me a safe feeling. If I got nervous or something didn't work out, he could support me very well and calm me down again. I will certainly miss the driving lessons with Rolf! Many thanks, driving school Essbach!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Innerorts und auf der Autobahn nichts gesprochen

Date: 18.05.2016

Explained everything very well and were able to learn mores safe and efficient driving techniques.

Date: 14.05.2016

Rene was the best driving instructor I could ever wish for. Super value for money. Always very friendly and patient. Flexible and fast, uncomplicated communication.

Date: 14.05.2016

rene explains the things supper so that the people understand it too he is a supper driving instructor

Date: 13.05.2016

Great driving school. I had Dudu as my driving instructor. He is very typical, empathetic and can explain very well! He is a great driving instructor and 100% recommendable!

Date: 12.05.2016

My instructor was Rene Essbach. Extremeley amiable, knowledgeable and patient. It's hard to find fault here. I felt secure when learning with him, and there was no such thing as a stupid question. I enjoyed my time learning here.

Date: 09.05.2016

Reviews from Emine Akbas

The whole training period was very successful with DUDU. With the Fahschule Essbach I learned to drive a car. ESSBACH DRIVING SCHOOL IS THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN SWITZERLAND!---> not because I passed it, it simply has perfect personnel!:))

Date: 02.05.2016

I am completely satisfied with my training at the Essbach driving school. The driving lessons with Rolf were very pleasant and there was always a good atmosphere, which is probably due to Rolf's friendly nature. He defined clear goals, but also took my wishes into consideration. His criticism was determined, but always very fair and decent. In addition to the program items that are important for the exam, he let me gain more valuable experience. For example, driving on the somewhat complicated streets of the city of Zurich. Thanks to this good preparation I passed the first time. At this point again many thanks!

Date: 28.04.2016

Entschuldigung, auf English. René, who was my instructor, was really great: explained me a lot of details important for a foreigner driving in Switzerland and he is a very nice guy. Highly recommended.

Date: 27.04.2016

Super driving instructor, very patient and a very comfortable learning atmosphere! thank you Rolf for the nice driving lesson at the 1st time!

Date: 26.04.2016

Very amusing and instructive hours during which the lessons unfortunately pass very quickly.

Date: 19.04.2016

The driving instructors were always very appreciative and motivating. Errors and learning needs were dealt with constructively. I really appreciated the time flexibility in arranging the driving lessons. I also have the impression that the driving instructors are able to estimate well how many hours you will need and when you are ready for the exam (i.e. not too few, but also no unnecessary hours are sold). Although I had a break of two months before the exam due to a stay abroad and then a change of driving instructor, I passed the exam.

Date: 18.04.2016

Reviews from F. B.

Super driving instructors! Punctual and courteous. The lessons are very rewarding and you learn quickly and easily with perfect support.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Parkieren, 30er, 80er, Autobahn

Date: 18.04.2016

Reviews from Melis Ba

Very good driving instructor, always very patient and nice. Gives very helpful tips and tricks. Recommended for every student!

Date: 12.04.2016

Super driving instructor! I can only recommend, very sympathetic and very patient.

Date: 10.04.2016

I can recommend Fahrschuel Essbach from the bottom of my heart. Min driving instructor isch de Dudu gsi. Always super driving lesson han I beautiful with him spend. He hets me würkli super good good biibracht and han me every time fully gfreut to him id driving student zcho. He explains his tops and he's always up and funny. He is very flexible and is personally available at your request. I always do the driving lessons where I want to do, which is very important for me, because I am a driving instructor. I got to know Han au de René and Rolf e chli and I'm sure that I could spend a great hour with them. Würkli Top! Would Essbach's driving student like to be the heart of everyone who wants to have a quick and tested driving lesson, but also wants to enjoy it. Han thanks to Dudu for the first time, after only a short Ziit. Thank you Dudu! Would grade again cho =)

Date: 05.04.2016

Driving school Essbach is a correct good driving school they always have time for the students they are very flexible and always lead to VERY GOOD SUCCESS!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Vor der Prüfung eine Fahrstunde

Date: 29.03.2016

It's a big thank you ah de René, where I helped to the success, to the passed driving test. I have profited from every driving hour and it's a lot of fun. I cha cha cha witerempfele the Fahrshuel everyone!:)

Date: 23.03.2016

I am very satisfied with the driving school Essbach, has helped me a lot to get on!

Date: 21.03.2016

I did my driving training with René Essbach. It was a very good and instructive training. I felt very well taken care of and now feel safe in traffic.

Date: 16.03.2016

Hammer driving instructor!!!!! Min driving instructor is the DUDU gsi. Hammer person and driving lesson hend mega a lot of fun makes. He's explained everything to Top. Very en felxible, sympathetic and funny Siech. Ned only DUDU but the whole team is top!!! I would highly recommend everyone!!!

Date: 11.03.2016

i have not offered any practical comparison with others, but would always choose driving school essbach again.rene finds the proverbial right/most efficient way to drive safely in every driving hour.

Date: 08.03.2016

It is not easy to find an English speaking driving instructor around Zurich Oerlikon and I was lucky enough to be recommended to call to Rene Essbach. I am fully happy with Rene Essbach. His way of teaching is efficient and result oriented. Rene is also a person who really enjoys what he is doing. I have successfully confirmed my foreign driving license in Switzerland only thanks to his help and can recommend Rene and his school to others.

Date: 04.03.2016

I can only recommend the driving school Essbach! Super driving school!

Date: 02.03.2016

I have heard of many driving lessons that were not very good, but I was always satisfied with the driving school Essbach and I recommend them already now further. They all have a great knowledge and look very professional and friendly.

Date: 02.03.2016

I've passed the first mol and wet in the dudu mega exam and I'm happy thanks for sini super driving hour. He hed me as woni would have to know uf e super art beautiful bibringe and except if öbis mol nid immediately works hed, he is still blibe and I tried heis nomol. He god uf every student right ih and sees immediately where me no problem hed. Au churz vor der prüefig hed hed me super tips gä and me so d angscht biz furtgno. I cha the dudu or d fahrschuel essbach allne recommend. I bi würkli super z friede gsi with everything and ha mi always ufd driving hour g freuenut :)

Date: 02.03.2016

If you are looking for a good teacher I would strongly recommend Rene Essbach. He is simply the BEST. I had an experience with other teachers (not only in Switzerland) and I tell you he can teach even a bear to drive! I know because I was that bear) Yes, he has an experience and knowledge, but more important he has a big talent to make these things a part of you, he will explain and remind you about the same as many times as you need, but not the same way, trying to find your unique channel of perception until you really get it! And guys he speaks perfect English and he is a great personality! The only one problem Mr. Essbach is very popular and maybe it'll be a bit challenging to book the first lesson.. then wait - it's really worth it!

Date: 26.02.2016

Dudu I would like to thank you for dini strict but very effective and fun driving lesson!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Kein verwirrter, mieser Agro-Experte

Date: 25.02.2016

Many thanks Dudu for the hammer driving lessons! De Dudu is a very good idea what to do and how to improve cha. What exactly is super is what mers wants to be the fastest and the best and the most important. I'm always at the Dudu id driving lesson.

Date: 22.02.2016

I would like to thank you at Dudu vo Herze sage for the cool, competent, instructive driving lesson where I will be able to do it. If me

Date: 21.02.2016


Date: 13.02.2016

I would like to thank Dudu for bringing me the car:) He is a strict driving instructor, which annoyed me at the beginning, but through the hani learns mini mistakes see and improve. He's always fair and patient, even when he's strict. Mini difficulty he het me after every driving hour since and I go for tips on how to improve chan. Difficult routes or routes that I'm afraid to drive over and over again, so that I can practice them (The routes are safe for private use, but I can't handle them if they happen!). Fear is the way to go and driving a car is fun for me. Driving lessons are always funny gsi and han me always uf di next Fahstund g freuenut.

Date: 08.02.2016

Super driving instructors all three!!!

Date: 06.02.2016

I was allowed to successfully pass the exam with Rolf at the first attempt! The driving lessons were very instructive. He could always give me very useful tips. It was great fun every time and that motivated me every time anew. A healthy mixture of fun and discipline is very important for me and Rolf has mastered that very professionally!! I can recommend this driving school to anyone with a clear conscience! You guys are great... Thank you very much.

Date: 04.02.2016

Friendly, patient and instructive :)

Date: 03.02.2016

Reviews from Emily Benz

Very good and competent driving school! Very recommendable!

Date: 02.02.2016

Reviews from Gabriella Rodriguez

Best driving instructor in Zurich. Super driving hours, fun, entertaining and very fast to the driving license. I passed the exam with about 15 hours the first time. I highly recommend it. Super team! :)

Date: 01.02.2016

Reviews from Dario Neuenschwander

I would like to thank the driving school Essbach and especially Dudu for the good, learning and mostly also funny driving lessons. With him it was fun to take driving lessons. He can exert pressure on an already shown but at the same time learn to give the right mixture of driving on the way. Of course also with the necessary tips and tricks. A thousand thanks to him and the driving school! :)

Date: 31.01.2016

my driving lesson was very useful and I learned a lot in a short time.

Date: 21.01.2016

Reviews from Christian Hintermayer

I passed my driving test today the first time and that at the age of 30! ;) Many thanks to Rolf for the great training and the good time. I liked that you always looked where there were things to improve (and gave me tips) and that the last month you gave me a lot of freedom to practice what I still want. I thought it was nice! Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 21.01.2016

With Dudu as your driving instructor, nothing can happen to you. Very nice, strict but always fair, the right mixture of seriousness and fun... I can only report good things - and have passed the driving test accordingly also quite loosely.

Date: 20.01.2016

Reviews from Kautham Shan

Very good driving instructor

Date: 12.01.2016

Reviews from Shannon Bodmer

If Dudu had a driving instructor when he was satisfied, you will certainly pass even the strictest expert. All in all, great driving school.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Herr Caspari redet wirklich GAR nichts

Date: 11.01.2016

The best driving school can only suggest it to you

Date: 07.01.2016

I had another driving instructor first. As I change I have bim at the driving school Essbach registered. I was under pressure because I've failed twice already. There I had my first lesson with Dudu and it was flawless. He is very patient and had given me tips that I have never heard from anyone before. He takes a lot of time for his driving students. As a human being he is also top brings you to laughter and further that awakens great sympathy. I can only recommend him and will do so whenever I can.

Date: 26.12.2015

Reviews from Hirum Wandangi

All things is OK with car. Maybe if possible also you can also do with lorries/Tracks. For student who need more than car.

Date: 20.12.2015

I took my driving lessons with Piero and Dudu. Both were very patient and also took the time to explain something to me a second or third time. I got along very well with both of them. You are not only a great driving instructor, but also a great human being. I'm glad I came to that driving school. Thank you very much.

Date: 17.12.2015

Very professional. Friendly. Patient. Great cars. Well organized.

Date: 14.12.2015

Rolf is a great driving instructor would always go back to him... has taken away my fear and insecurity. I came through the first time and who he explained something I understood too... highly recommended...

Date: 11.12.2015

Reviews from Tiffany Haltiner

The Essbach driving school convinced me. With my driving instructor Dudu I always felt fair and well treated. He was punctual and patient. The first time I passed the exam almost without any mistakes. Thanks a lot for that!

Date: 11.12.2015

I had driving lessons with Piero and Dudu. They patiently taught me everything I needed to know for the driving test. Especially Dudu has given me the necessary polish in the last weeks. Thank you so much for that. That's how it worked the first time, even though I didn't have as much private lessons as I would have liked and wasn't in Switzerland for a few weeks. At this driving school you are definitely right.

Date: 10.12.2015

I am extremely happy that I completed my driving lessons at the Essbach driving school. My driving instructor was René Essbach and he looked after me super. I have to say that I had an interruption of 1 month (due to holidays) and also did not drive much privately. So I also passed the 1st exam because I was simply not ready yet and had too little practice. The second time, it worked. In all this time, Mr. Essbach was just like you would wish for a teacher. He builds you up when you're not in a good mood, praises you for good behaviour and still teaches you the essential knowledge to become a good driver. In addition, Mr. Essbach is also very flexible when it comes to scheduling. There was nothing missing for me and I always felt very comfortable. After this time Mr. Essbach is not only a driving instructor but also became a good friend. So I can only recommend the driving school Essbach!

Date: 06.12.2015

René is very helpful and full of experiences. René speaks English very well. René is a really great teacher. Always patient, friendly, sympathetic and full of experiences. Feel really safe before your exam.

Date: 04.12.2015

I passed my driving test in the first attempt with Essbach Fahrschule and can highly recommend my instructor René Essbach for all prospective learners. He is very knowledgeable, comes with many years of experience and has excellent teaching as well as social skills. The lessons were well structured and with lots of information provided on the driving rules. I am specially thankful to Rene for being patient with me and correcting my mistakes in a friendly manner. Thanks Rene for your guidance and wish you all the very best in future.

Date: 02.12.2015

You're doing a very good job thanks to

Date: 02.12.2015

My driving instructor Dudu has me with a lot of humor through the driving test through. Thanks to him I have passed today the 02.12.15 the practical examination at the first time and in 25 minutes haha I can only recommend him to everyone, he does his work very well and with a lot of humour. He works very accurately and neatly. He is also very good at explaining things that you can hear from other driving instructors that this comes from theory, and also gives very good tips. I can only say to this day the best driving instructor I had and would register with him again if only to cruise around. Tell a friend about Dudu.

Date: 02.12.2015

My driving instructor Dudu has accompanied me with a lot of patience and humor and I can only recommend him to everyone! Thanks to him I successfully passed the driving test yesterday at my first attempt. He works very precisely, is attentive and has many tips and tricks in store and packs them in a way that is easy to understand and humorous, so that the driving lessons are really fun. Great praise from my side!

Date: 28.11.2015

Simply perfect :D

Date: 24.11.2015

I was on the way with Rolf and found his driving lessons super! He was always professional, patient and taught me how to drive perfectly. During his driving lessons I not only learned a lot but also had a lot of fun. I passed the exam the first time. I'd recommend this driving school to anyone.

Date: 23.11.2015

Reviews from Vivian Moraes

Your success in the driving test relies 30% on you and 70 % on the teacher, René is exactly what you need, He makes everything so much easier to understand and he can see your mistakes and correct it in such pleasurable way, we had great laughs together because I did so much weird stuff that I could not recognize it myself and he fixed it all, Im very grateful for all he has done for me, he has taught me so much and Now Im a very happy and confident driver! I can highly recommend René Essbach, He is the best teacher you can ever find! ;)

Date: 21.11.2015

Reviews from David Meier

Successfully passed the exam due to a change of driving instructor! In a short time everything learned many thanks!

Date: 20.11.2015

Rene is the best driving instructor. He's prepared me for the control drive. Rene is very patient, can explain everything very clearly and driving with him was a lot of fun for me. Rene, thank you very much for your commitment. I wish you every success. I would recommend the driving school Essbach. Greetings, Oksana

Date: 20.11.2015

I'm very happy everything went great.Rene is the best driver in Zurich.I would recommend you to do with Rene would learn a lot and really drive a car.thank you Rene veiter so.Antonela

Date: 18.11.2015

I was very happy with Rolf! He showed a lot of patience and was always very attentive and funny. The fear you feel in the beginning is solved by your own way. Thank you very much!!

Date: 17.11.2015

Reviews from Valeriya Kr

I was with René preparing for the check drive. He explained everything to me in an understandable way and helped me a lot to understand how to react in different situations. I can only recommend René. Thank you René for your commitment.

Date: 13.11.2015

Reviews from Ricardo Gomes

in my opinion the best driving school ever. a very collegial and instructive team. Joy while driving strengthens the concentration and can better learn to drive. Say hello to Ricardo Gomes and keep your thumbs up!!!!

Date: 09.11.2015

Thank you Renè for your great preparation for the check drive. I am very satisfied and would only recommend this driving school :)

Date: 04.11.2015

Very good driving school and the best driving instructors!

Date: 03.11.2015

The driving school Essbach is recommendable. The whole team is patient and can give you good tips. I would like to thank the driving school Essbach once again

Date: 30.10.2015

Super driving lessons! Very nice and helpful driving instructors! Everything tip top.

Date: 29.10.2015

My best recommendation for the driving school of René Essbach. I did the preparation for the control drive (foreign driver's license) with him - everything worked wonderfully. Serious, efficient and extremely likeable! Absolute top service!

Date: 29.10.2015

Reviews from Martina Riedi

De René is super patient, always ready for a joke and answers alli - wükli alli - question. And he sends a super prepared ad for testing!

Date: 19.10.2015

Reviews from Jeannine Muzlai-Schneider

I passed my driving test at the second attempt today and I owe that primarily to the Essbach driving school. René and Rolf are two excellent driving instructors with a lot of patience, knowledge and also the necessary humor:) I was looking forward to the driving lessons every time and I could learn so much. I would recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone!!! Dankä normally much times René and Rolf... You guys are awesome!!!!

Date: 19.10.2015

Passed my driving test the first time. All my uncertainties were removed thanks to Rolf Heimgartner. He is a driving instructor who imparts theory and practice perfectly with humour and specialist knowledge. I can recommend Rolf to anyone! Thanks a lot, Rolf :D

Date: 12.10.2015

De René is a great driving instructor, very patient, relaxed and cool! Always looking forward to the ride. I passed the first test, René.

Date: 04.10.2015

My Fahrlehrer for the preparation of my so called Kontrollfahrt was René Essbach. The way he taught me was very clear and precise on what I should do to learn the new rules that apply here in Switzerland. His patience, attention to details, and knowledge was my key for passing the driving test...at the first time. Not only driving was in store for me but also the fun that made learning easier. I highly recommend René Essbach as he is the best teacher for the best experience. Thank you very much!

Date: 01.10.2015

My driving instructor for the preparation of my control trip was René Essbach. I highly recommend him. His patience and expertise are unique. You not only learn a lot with him, the driving lessons are also fun. René treats you individually and works specifically on your weaknesses. So I was able to prepare myself for the control drive within a very short time and pass it successfully. To all driving instructor seekers: I can recommend René with all my conscience. He brings along a lot of experience and knowledge, recognizes mistakes and weaknesses quickly and corrects them immediately. So if you're looking for a competent and funny driving instructor, you've come to the right place at Rene.

Date: 29.09.2015

Best driving school. Patient, experienced and always in a good mood. Thanks for the cooperation Rolf Heimgartner. 10/10

Date: 27.09.2015

The driving lessons with René Essbach were always great fun for me. With his relaxed and likeable manner he can teach you how to drive in the best way possible. I can and will recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone. René is a real professional in this field!!!

Date: 21.09.2015

Had to have my foreign driver's license rewritten. After a few dissatisfied driving lessons with another driving instructor I came across Mr. Essbach on this page and passed the exam two weeks ago. Thank you for your motivating words Rene!

Date: 18.09.2015

Reviews from Yoko Shou

I passed my exam today! A big thank you to Mr. Essbach, he is a very good driving instructor. Responsible, fair and humorous. Was fun and led to success. If you are looking for a good and reliable driving school, then you have come to the right place!

Date: 18.09.2015

Die Fahrstunden machten sehr viel spass. Ich kann die Fahrschule nur Empfehlen. Sie bereiten einem sehr gut auf die Prüfung vor. Nach der bestandenen Fahrprüfung freue ich mich auf die erste Fahrt alleine. Vielen Dank :-D

Date: 10.09.2015

I have attended the driving school Essbach this was the best decision. René Essebach was always very patient and could explain the things supper. I will recommend the driving school to others.

Date: 10.09.2015

Mr. Essbach and his team is by far the best choice I have ever made! I recommend it to everyone! He has a lot of patience, besides his skills as a driving instructor, he is always upright and motivated! No matter how many times I had to practice something, he won't lose his patience! For explanations he has many good examples and the ability to convey everything logically! I'm more than satisfied! Bravo to all the great team!! I will always recommend you!

Date: 09.09.2015

I would recommend the driving school Essbach in any case. The driving lessons with Rolf were always fun and varied and you learn a lot already in the first driving lesson.

Date: 08.09.2015

Rolf Heimgartner is a very good driving instructor.

Date: 07.09.2015

super driving instructor! chani nume witerempfele!

Date: 20.08.2015

Reviews from Greta Pa

Thank you Rene for your great patience with me. You are a very very good teacher. The classes were never boring and always fun. I always felt very comfortable and safe. Thanks to you I passed my controldrive!! Muchas gracias Greta

Date: 13.08.2015

very good driving instructor, definitely to recommend!!

Date: 13.08.2015

Super driving instructors! Recommend to a friend!

Date: 05.08.2015

The driving hours with rené were always very good and were also fun. He taught me a lot in a short time. I can only recommend him!

Date: 04.08.2015

Good explanations and good care

Date: 04.08.2015

Many thanks to Rolf! Everything explained super & logical. Very patient and always relaxed. :) Thanks sinere help in the first time pass bestehen! :D Definitely to recommend :-)

Date: 03.08.2015

Examination passed!.. Thanks to Mr. Essbach . It was very pleasant to drive with Mr. Essbach you learn to drive fast and he is always available for fun. I recommend that everyone take their driving lessons with him. It's definitely worth it.

Date: 29.07.2015

Reviews from Fe Loryns Joy Diethelm

i've never been there.but i would like to register here

Date: 28.07.2015

In order to get the CH driver's license, I had to take a control drive. It was clear to me that I needed a driving instructor to get safety in Zurich traffic and to learn some rules. Thanks to Fahrlehrervergleich.ch my husband Rene Essbach has found. He taught me everything I needed to know, despite my still not so good knowledge of German. I especially liked his quiet nature, thank you Rene. You are the BEST!!!!!!!

Date: 27.07.2015

Reviews from Ajrullahi Shaban

Top driving instructor Han e very agnehmi zit kah and much learns bi essbach I'm very glad that I went to essbach han derfe. Are mega fründlich, opene and lushtig Chan only recommend witer Thanks for the tolli zit.

Date: 16.07.2015

Reviews from Marco Del Ponte

At first I had a not so great driving instructor, so I beat the exam 2 times, at Rene I only needed 10 hours and got through without any difficulties! Rolf also gave me extreme peace of mind before the exam so the Essbach driving school was definitely one of the best decisions in my life!

Date: 08.07.2015

Driving school Essbach is a very pleasant reliable school man always feels welcome the teaching makes pleasure it is explained objectively decently and understandably man can always ask questions in case of ambiguities and it is explained immediately decently.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Wenn Du mit dem fahrlehrer nicht weiter kommst: sofort wechseln!

Date: 01.07.2015

Everything's well brought across. I could learn everything very quickly. I could also take driving lessons regularly and never had to wait longer than a week. Finally passed the first time! :)

Date: 29.06.2015

Reviews from Fran Cesca

Rene is in good German: " A horny siech!" ;) Admirably patient, extremely helpful and very human! After a short time you had the feeling to be on the road with an old friend who showed you the right way! I learned not only for the exam itself, but also for the exam afterwards! Thumbs up, keep up the good work! Dear René, thank you for everything and remember your daily hydration during your long days! Greetings, Francesca

Date: 17.06.2015

No verdict. You're doing very well.

Date: 12.06.2015

Rene is not only full of humor, but also teaches you how to drive with lots of tips and tricks. I have tested several driving schools and with him I felt comfortable like with no other. Also the initial pressure and stress is very quickly eliminated with Rene as a driving instructor, so that you can really enjoy driving! Congratulations to the crew and I wish everyone a nice trip, because if you choose this driving school, you have chosen the right one ;) Have fun driving!

Date: 12.06.2015

Reviews from Marina Ottiker

Very nice understanding driving instructors with humor!

Date: 31.05.2015

If you want to enjoy the company and have fun while driving an excellent sportive car, then this is the school you are looking for. I was learning to drive with Rene. I came to the first class without knowing what to do with the car and after 30 lessons I've successfully passed my driving test. I appreciated very much all the tips which Rene gave me to make me not only a good but also a wise driver. I would for sure recommend this driving school to my friends.

This student also wrote a driving test report: My exam was early in the morning at 7am

Date: 27.05.2015

Hoi zämm.. I had changed the driving instructor 3 times during my driving apprenticeship... I was really destroyed on the ground and thought it can't be true I'm so incapable etc.. until I'm grilled by a friend on rene... he gave me back my self-confidence again and motivated me to stay on after a short time i was ready for my exam and passed it successfully.. can say from my own experience top climate patiently competent professionals a high on driving school essbach... nice that eu git a lot of success au witerhin

Date: 04.05.2015

I found Rolf and Rene both very good driving instructors, they always explained everything simply and well. I was very comfortable, too. Driving school Essbach is only recommended a super driving school !!!

Date: 28.04.2015

Very pleasant driving climate. Recommended only! :) Not for nothing the driving instructor of the year ;)

Date: 21.04.2015

Rolf was and is a great driving instructor. He has a lot of patience and is very good with his students. In general the whole planning of the driving school Essbach was excellent, the driving instructors are always 5 minutes before the start of the lesson at the agreed meeting point. Already in the first driving lesson you learn a lot and go on main roads which motivates you very much. Rolf puts in a lot of effort and is very committed to his students. I thank Rolf very much for his commitment and wish one of the best driving schools in the world all the best for the future. Greetings Lars

Date: 31.03.2015

Reviews from Yannick Raoul Echave

The driving lessons with Rolf were a complete success. With a lot of patience and fun the driving was simply explained and immediately implemented. I can warmly recommend the driving school Essbach and it is rightly the driving school of the year.

Date: 30.03.2015

Rene is amazing! He is the only guy you should ever consider when looking to learn how to drive and pass your exam. I was lucky enough to be in such good hands. More than just an instructor, he’s a mentor who is authentic, professional, good-natured, cool, and very very very knowledgeable. You can tell that he really cares and enjoys it. The lessons are super engaging. It’s easy to ask him questions on driving. Plus, he is very good at figuring out what you need to work on. I loved learning to drive in his car and I had so much fun. I can’t thank him enough for all his help. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. You’re the best! Greetings Adrian

Date: 09.03.2015

Today was my big day, I passed my exam. Many thanks Renè, for the super casual driving lessons, meega had fun with you. Renè is a very patient and friendly driving instructor. There were always very interesting hours, well explained and there were very helpful tips if it did not work out :-) I recommend the driving school Essbach for everyone, then your suuuuuper drives. THANKS dear greetings Nicole

Date: 07.03.2015

A big praise to the driving school Essbach, especially to Rolf Heimgartner! He's the best driving instructor you could ever wish for. He understands his subject, can give very useful tips and is also a very pleasant and funny person. He brings with him the necessary calmness, composure and motivation to get the student safely through the driving test. Top price-performance ratio. I can only recommend the driving school Essbach!

Date: 03.03.2015

I highly recommend this driving academy. Rene, the owner himself has given me the instruction and I happily passed the driving test. He really knows what he is doing and it's in anyone's best interest to hire his services. They also speak excellent English! Regards, Ulises.

Date: 03.03.2015

Thanks for a great time! With Rolf the driving lessons were always very instructive and funny. Very flexible in case of postponements. I would recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone! salute

Date: 02.03.2015

Reviews from Iliir BasHha

Very good driving school would recommend everyone to get a driver's license because I used to be with someone else and it didn't work out there, and when I came to ESSBACH driving school it worked out for the first time.

Date: 18.02.2015

René is an excellent driving instructor I learned everything from him very quickly and riding with him was always entertaining I thank him for passing on my first try.

Date: 16.02.2015

Top! Had driving lessons with René and he's really cool. He explains things very well and understandably. It was always a lot of fun cruising around with him, because despite the mistakes he had made, he didn't see it too hard, made a joke about it and had constructive words or advice ready for you. Keep it up!

Date: 16.02.2015

Have had driving lessons with René and Rolf, both very cool guys! Always had fun driving and also came the first time through the driver's test. Both explain very well and if you don't check they show it in a "picture book" where everything is recorded etc. would recommend the driving school to everyone because they are simply horny :P Thanks rené and rolf for everything!! PS: don't scream when the expert goes for it when he congratulates you xD

This student also wrote a driving test report: Fangt ja nicht an im Auto zu schreien, wenn ihr die Prüfung besteht!

Date: 16.02.2015

Reviews from Khaalid Abshir

ein grosses Glück war, nach schlechten Erfahrungen mit anderen Fahrlehrer, Essbach Fahrschule zu finden. Ich hätte die Prüfung wahrscheinlich ewig nicht hingekriegt, oder irgendwann aufgegeben. René hat mich mit seinem fröhlichen Art mit sehr wenigen Fahrstunden beim ersten Mal durch die Prüfung gebracht. Ich kann essbach Fahrschule ALLEN nur wärmsten empfehlen Réne herzlichen Dank für alles! Mustafa

This student also wrote a driving test report: Der Tag war für mich

Date: 01.02.2015

René is a very skilled instructor. He is patient and taught me everything I needed to pass the test. I had my license from my country and I just needed to pass the practical test. He helped me a lot. My driving courses were all in English. I really recommend him.

Date: 29.01.2015

Rolf is very competent and always stays calm, which creates a great learning atmosphere. :P I would recommend the driving school ESSBACh to everyone. (Y)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Experte war keine Sympathiebombe, aber anständig und fair

Date: 18.01.2015

I am super satisfied with the driving school Essbach Rolf and Réne are simply the best driving instructors there is. I remember the first time I did not come through the exam I was pretty missed but Rolf helped me continue and then brought me the second time safely through the exam. I was so proud then when I had her. Thank you very much for that. I recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone it is really good and they also take their time. With kind regards Michael Fehr

Date: 17.01.2015

Reviews from Ana Cristina Draghicescu

I found the Essbach driving school myself on the Internet. After a short phone call with Ren? we met and drove off:-) I don't regret this step so far! I have had driving lessons with Ren? and Rolf and honestly they are simply the best driving instructors! Both are very patient, humorous and professional! The driving lessons have always been fun. The manoeuvres were very well explained and I was very well prepared for the exam! I can recommend the driving school Essbach with my best conscience and with all my heart! Thank you Ren? and Rolf!!! Greetings, Cristina

Date: 16.01.2015

She was recommended to me driving school by a colleague. René is a really cool driving instructor. I have never seen a person who has shown soooooo much patience! So you have my respect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great driving lessons. I can highly recommend the driving school!!! LG Sharifa

Date: 15.01.2015

I can only recommend the ESSBACH driving school to anyone with a clear conscience! René is a friendly and professional driving instructor with a lot of empathy, patience and not to forget a lot of humour! Because of his loving and relaxed nature I always felt very comfortable with him. He can explain learning content very precisely and comprehensibly and I still make use of his valuable tips and ticks today. Although I didn't pass the driving test right away, he never gave me up and was able to motivate me again and again. A huge THANK YOU to you, René! BISCH DE BESCHT! Liebi Grüess, Claudia

Date: 15.01.2015

I wanted to change my driving instructor and luckily I was recommended the ESSBACH driving school! Had my driving lessons with Rolf and was very satisfied. Individual and perfect preparation and follow-up of the lessons! Relaxed atmosphere with a lot of patience :-)

Date: 24.12.2014

It was the way I wished, would recommend the driving school Essbach.

Date: 21.12.2014

Super driving school! Found by mouth to mouth propaganda to driving school Essbach and then got lessons from Rolf. Very humorous and patient driving instructor. The driving lessons were personalized for me and I was also able to contribute ideas and suggestions. I am now really well prepared for everyday life as a car driver! :D

Date: 13.12.2014

Super nice driving instructors! Very patient and safe driving. The manoeuvres were explained to me very well, so that I was able to quickly implement them and already after 11 lessons I was able to take the exam and passed it immediately! :-D

Date: 04.12.2014

I can only recommend René and Rolf to everyone. It didn't work for me right from the start, but they always showed a lot of patience and a good sense of humour. The driving lessons with you became routine in my everyday life during 10 months. Now I can finally say that I have passed successfully! René, thank you! Maybe we will meet again on the German Autobahn ;-P

Date: 25.11.2014

I was at Rolf's driving school and can only recommend him. A great driving instructor you always have fun with.

Date: 16.11.2014

Great driving instructors! Rolf ma best homie ;-)

Date: 12.11.2014

The Essbach driving school has two super driving instructors. If it was once strict, one had nevertheless always something to laugh :D Very recommendable!

Date: 06.11.2014

The best driving instructor!

Date: 03.11.2014

I can only recommend the driving school Essbach to others, My driving instructor (Rene) was very too common and was very responsive to me and so we could move forward very quickly, he is a cool driving instructor with a lot of nerves and patience, he explains things well and gives you good tips. Every driving lesson was a fun lesson and yet I learned everything important! Rene I definitely recommend you to anyone who doesn't have a driving test yet. Best regards Remo Booss

Date: 31.10.2014

The driving school Essbach is very recommendable! I was with another driving instructor earlier and passed the test 2 times. Rolf showed me all the tricks with his calm but relaxed manner and so I successfully passed the test on Tuesday before last. Thanks again Rolf I can only recommend you!

Date: 31.10.2014

I can warmly recommend the driving school ESSBACH. René makes with his loose, funny kind the hours extremely pleasant and teaches all tricks and tricks playfully :-) I was previously with another teacher and was SO GOOD that I switched to René. There were worlds in between...! Thanks René :-)

Date: 30.10.2014

I completed my driving lessons with Rolf and I can only say it was TOP! He is a patient and humorous driving instructor whom I can only recommend.

Date: 16.10.2014

I came from another Fahrschule and had a bad teacher before. So my priority was to find a really good school in order to not loose money. My teacher was Rolf and he was incredibly good. Always polite, friendly and professional. Did my first test last Tuesday and passed it!!! Thank you guys! You are simply amazing!I recommend this school for everybody. Miss you already :)

Date: 06.10.2014

Thanks to Rolf , mistakes are intensively corrected and more and more super forward bider. Chamer only recommend more :-)

Date: 06.10.2014

René is a great teacher. I have really enjoyed driving with him. His was patient, supportive, with lots of helpful tips and in a good mood. I would sincerely recommend René further as a great and supportive teacher!

Date: 30.09.2014

Reviews from Ievgen Konshyn

Super Professional! I would only say - I recommend this school to anyone. Rene Essbach speaks perfect English and new automatic Seat is perfect for learning! Teacher is always attentive and make notes about faults staying incredibly calm (even if you do stupid things...)

Date: 30.09.2014

After 2 failed exams and 4 driving instructors I ended up with René. Unbelievable how much I could still learn from him... (What have the others done...) He is very sympathetic and takes great care that you learn in the lessons. For example, if the conversation is excessive, he always swings the subject back to driving. Great guy. Very clear recommendation. Marco

Date: 30.09.2014

highly qualified

Date: 29.09.2014

I can only recommend the driving school Essbach. Both with Rene and Rolf the driving lessons were relaxed and funny, so I was looking forward to the lessons. They were also able to show me helpful tricks that helped me find my way in more difficult situations. In addition, Rolf in particular showed a lot of interest in developing himself further as a teacher and in responding to my concrete difficulties, which enabled me to learn even better. Many thanks again for the great driving lessons.

Date: 22.09.2014

Driving was really fun with Rolf. I was optimally prepared for the exam. He is a talented teacher and therefore I can only recommend him!

Date: 26.08.2014

I can really recommend the Essbach driving school to everyone! Super friendly, instructive, exciting and a good price/performance ratio! Simply Top Top Top! :)

Date: 26.08.2014

René is the absolute best driving instructor! The lessons were always very instructive and exciting. I would definitely recommend him. Best driving school ESSBACH!

Date: 10.08.2014

I really enjoyed the time I had at the driving school in Essbach. Both René and Rolf were great driving instructors. They always gave me good tips and were always very patient. DRIVING SCHOOL ESSBACH TOP!!

Date: 31.07.2014

I can recommend the Essbach driving school with a clear conscience. Rolf is a very friendly driving instructor where you always have something to laugh about:-) Unfortunately the time went by much too fast and I had my driving license in a short time...but I think that speaks for itself;-) ******BRAVO DRIVING SCHOOL ESSBACH******

Date: 30.07.2014

Rolf is young and full of energy. I was very satisfied with his relaxed but precise manner and have pleasant driving lessons in my memory. And finally everything that counts de red etcis ;)

Date: 30.07.2014

Salli Zeme. Driving student Essbach is super gsi, the Rolf I all driving lesson gha han, is always top motivated and strives gsi. You are very flexible, if you need it you can use the phone and it's done. Nomal thanks Rolf, guete isatz gsi ! Lg philipp

Date: 29.07.2014

I am very satisfied with René from the Essbach driving school. So it is certainly not easy to get a learning resistant older gentleman like me through the exam right away! Already to bring my wife through the check drive was an achievement, since she did not have really much idea of traffic rules, and had changed from an unpleasant driving instructor to René. His humorous and patient nature contributed to the fact that I enjoyed going to the driving lessons very much. In addition, René has the ability to explain things very simply, so I can only recommend him! Many thanks René and dear greetings, Nick

Date: 28.07.2014

The Rene is a meegga great driving instructor. Who is looking for a patient and humorous driving instructor, I can recommend the Rene very good! I han au bim Rolf eh few hours gno and au he explains everything super and het vil patience :D Are supertolli driving hour xi bi dene two:)

Date: 23.07.2014

Reviews from ?? ?

Herr Essbach is very good driving teacher with rich experience. He is my second driving teacher who have taught lot that I never learned from my first driving teacher. He teach always patiently and is very helpful. With his help I passed my second driving test. really appreciated... Tianying

Date: 23.07.2014

With Rolf Heimgartner

Date: 22.07.2014

I recommend René and Rolf with the best of gussets. The René is simply a super teacher, has a lot of patience, shows a lot of tricks and we are always laughing =) no matter what question I gha ha, they are all competently answered. He has been at Rolf's for a few hours, he is up to date and has been going for a good hour. Thank you, vill vill, vill times!! Liebi Grüessli Andrea

Date: 21.07.2014

Rene and Rolf these are the horniest driving instructors where I can humorously funny ubd everything I do me right feel good bi dene two where I'm driving a car han a lot learned thanks to Rene and of course Rolf habi I mini examinig chöne make buckle and good ih 2 wuche prüfig make I believe the hand en record ane bracht chani only weather recommend driving school Essbach No.1 in ZH .

Date: 21.07.2014

René was a very good and patient driving instructor. He convinced me after the first driving lesson with his logical and clear teaching technique. All driving lessons were extremely well prepared and I always felt comfortable with him as a driving instructor. LG Fatih

Date: 21.07.2014

Rene is a super driving instructor. He explains everything from A to Z + well and understandably. If you pass the first test, everyone will recommend you. I'm having fun with this one! Nomal Rene Thank you very much. Greeting Koray

Date: 14.07.2014

At first I was afraid and afraid that I had not passed the first practical exam and felt betrayed by my first driving instructor. But then I came to the driving school Essbach which I was taught by a colleague, where I gained safety and was optimally prepared for my second practical exam. Rolf is a very friendly driving instructor. The lessons with him were fun, super instructive and humorous. With this training you go very well prepared to the exam. This driving school is recommended to EVERYONE!

Date: 12.07.2014

Rene is a great driving instructor who not only prepares you for the exam, but also has a lot of tips on how to drive confidently and safely. I can only recommend him as a patient, humorous and always relaxed driving instructor and have passed the exam with relatively little effort without further ado. Greetings Jan

Date: 11.07.2014

Unfortunately I have passed this week in the first attempt the practical examination. I'm afraid so. Because now I have no reason anymore to go to Rolf's driving lesson. But as the writer George Orwell has already said, the best teacher is the one who gradually makes himself superfluous. Rolf was undoubtedly the best teacher: technically competent, pedagogically well thought out ;), calm, entertaining and above all humanly top. And more importantly, thanks to Rolf, after initial uncertainty and skepticism, I really enjoyed driving a car. Many thanks for the great time and all the best for the future!

Date: 10.07.2014

I got my driving license on 07.07.2014. I would highly recommend Rene. Hes very friendly,speaks english (ofcourse), well skilled. His guidance was very useful. Thanks again Rene for the support :-) Kamesh.

Date: 04.07.2014

I took driving lessons in the driving school Essbach. And I have successfully passed the practical driving test (control drive). I can recommend René as a competent, patient and friendly teacher. He speaks a little German, English and Russian (maybe even others). I am satisfied with the process and the result.

Date: 27.06.2014

Reviews from Sascha Martinez

Super fantastic driving instructors! Isch always funny gsi with him zemme in the dashing VW Scirocco z sitzen. The first test was a test, which I owe to René.

Date: 23.06.2014

I successfully passed the driving test with Rolf! He is humorous, punctual, fair, patient, always has good tips and the most important thing is a great driving instructor! I can only recommend him!

Date: 23.06.2014

I had great and very instructive lessons with René. He prepared me for all kinds of things which I am very happy about today in the daily traffic. It's fun to ride with him :). I passed the exam right the first time. Driving school Essbach I can recommend only warmly :) !!!!

Date: 25.05.2014

Ralf, thank you very much for the outstandingly instructive time with you. I was very satisfied, especially with the tips for the future. Can only be recommended!

Date: 24.05.2014

-Competent, friendly and humorous driving instructors who move you forward quickly, but don't overtax you -Cool cars -price-performance ratio is right -Every time looking forward to the driving lesson :)

Date: 21.05.2014

In my opinion René is a very good driving instructor and an even better person. He is very communicative and helped me a lot with his tips. Rolf is very humorous but also honest. If I ever made a mistake, we dealt with it a lot until I didn't make that mistake anymore. Nevertheless the driving lessons were always very funny but also instructive. If you want to do your driving training here, you will be successful and also find two good friends. Many thanks René and Rolf and good luck in the future :)

Date: 14.05.2014

I chan the driving students really only wieterempfehl she isch würkli competent and pris/leistig absolutely right ! Rolf wants to thank me again bi dier, bisch really de best me hand damn funny kah and trozdem hani everything chene right learn and hans the finally bim first time existed. Thanks for everything Edson

Date: 16.04.2014

In my opinion, a very competent driving instructor who is still passionate about it and prepared Best for the test as much as possible. The tips and tricks go beyond what you have to be able to do for the exam. René as a person is also very recommendable, nice as well as funny. The only problem: Supports the wrong football club ;) Many thanks for everything and all the best for the future.

Date: 09.04.2014

Hi guys, I more than happy to recommend Rene Essbach especially to the english speakers. I came to this website to search for a driving teacher and I read how people were praising him then I decided to give it a trial and believe me guys, he is very worthy of all the praises. Every thing went accordingly, he is funny, easier to talk to and open-minded. On the morning before the test I was very nervous and was making some silly mistakes, the 45mins warm-up was completely nonsense. He stopped the car and gave me some pep talk, told me the most important is the first five minutes with the expert after that I should just relax, remember what he taught me and do my best. I did exactly that and I am very happy to say I passed my test just ONCE without a single error!!! If there is anyone out there who needs a driving teacher, just choose Rene Essbach and I assure you will be recommending him to someone else just like I am doing now. Rene Essbach is Numero Uno!!!

Date: 06.04.2014

Thank you very much ah you Rolf! I liked the driving lessons, they were instructive and fun. I can only recommend it!

Date: 02.04.2014

Reviews from Cathy Straubinger

I had my practical driving test today for the second time. The last one was from the different instructor and i was failed. I opted to change an english instructor and that was Rene Essbach. He is a very nice guy and a good driver instructor. He speaks very good english and of course german too. I did my exam in Bülach. Thanks God i made it!

Date: 01.04.2014

Super driving instructor, was always patient and could explain everything super. Has also always made super comparisons with my hobby, what you have to pay attention to when hanging up, it is the same in road traffic, so I could remember it much fast. :) 1 driving hour I had with Rolf, his employee, this is also very friendly and courteous. I can only recommend Rene and will gladly suggest him if a colleague is looking for a driving instructor. It was a great time with him.

Date: 31.03.2014

I had the honor with Rene and Rolf to practically learn the customer of driving a car. Humanly both are very nice guys, which led to entertaining, fun and nevertheless still very instructive driving lessons. I feel sorry for all those who do not enjoy such driving lessons. Both know very well the technical examination and always give the input which constitutes a true professional. Thank you!

Date: 18.03.2014

I started driving lessons in January. With the intern Rolf. It was always very amusing driving lessons. Today I passed my exam after only 3 months and that with flying colours:-) Daaaanke viiel mal for dnerve:-) Lg ladina

Date: 07.03.2014

I can only report good things about the ESSBACH driving school and recommend it to everyone. René is a very professional and correct driving instructor. He can point out the dangers in traffic without frightening and contribute to a good understanding of traffic. In addition to these qualities he has a lot of empathy, patience and not to forget a lot of humour. Through his sweet and relaxed nature you could only feel good! With Rolf I was a little less on the road, but he is also a very pleasant, dear driving instructor with whom you immediately feel comfortable. This is just a great team! Thank you again, Giulia. PS: Both of them deserved a 7!

Date: 05.03.2014

Dear René I want to thank you so much for being so patient with me at Siite ghocket bisch. Hesch the never amerke lah that you nebed me soon d Nerve verlürsch and hesch me with dinere loose kind super to the goal leads. On the Rolf, where we have to jump before the exam, we can recommend you to everyone. It's a lot of fun! Viellicht beckons mer times to uf de Strass ;-)

Date: 27.02.2014

I chan d Fahrschuel Essbach number wiiterempfähle. D Driving lessons with René are great. He knows mega Vil and has a Lockeri Art sis knows how to bring over even though he is good with the necessary stringency and the stuff. With a sense of humour, he makes every ride and every ride easy and funny. René I segs nomal: Driving hours are balm for the soul. Au de Rolf ( I'm super, I'm perfect, and I'm sure in dicey situations. Mes Amigos ! Bliibed as you are greeting Thomas

Date: 20.02.2014

I can definitely only recommend it! If you want to learn how to drive with a super nice, funny and open driving instructor, you are in the right place. At the same time, every driving hour is absolutely professional. René, THANK YOU for your patience, your relaxed manner and your absolutely unique driving lessons! Best regards Julia

Date: 18.02.2014

I always liked the driving lessons and I always felt very comfortable. René has loosened up the climate by his funny way and made the driving lessons a great experience.

Date: 12.02.2014

I want to say a big thank you to René again! René was always patient and motivating! He never gave me up even though I had some bad driving lessons! But he always stayed patient and never lost sight of his goal to get me through the driving test. Together we achieved this goal in the end! He also always gave very instructive tips which I still need today. So if he managed to get ME through the driving test, he'll make it with everyone! ;) An absolute recommendation for every student no matter how old you are or what character traits you have ;) Many thanks again René I wish you and Rolf all the best!

Date: 10.02.2014

Super driving students & en super driving instructors! Every driving lesson is instructive & interesting with Réne, but fun and easy. Really recommendable! =) Normally it big thanks ah you Réne.

Date: 08.02.2014

Dear René. Thank you so much. After my difficult start with another driving instructor, you gave me the confidence again that I could manage the test after all. You were patient, accurate, motivating, critical and humorous. Just the right thing also for me over 40 semesters. Many thanks also to Rolf for the final driving lesson, you complement each other perfectly. I will gladly recommend both of you. Dear Greetings Dorothea

Date: 22.01.2014

Reviews from Karin Hafner

Merci Rene for the good time, your patience, expertise and humor. One of your strengths is that even after a less than perfect driving lesson you still feel motivated to continue and say goodbye to the Scirocco (and you ;-) with a smile. All the best to you Rene and also Rolf, who has given me an "extra before the exam driving lesson" and with his pleasant, calm and open nature will certainly bring some students successfully through the exam.

Date: 16.01.2014

world class

Date: 19.12.2013

Reviews from Jill Janet Silhanek

My driving lessons with Rene were always exciting, instructive and professional. He gives courage in despondent moments! Humanly and as a teacher I can only recommend him! Not to mention the super car!!! :-) dear greetings rene thanks for everything! Jill

Date: 18.12.2013

Reviews from ????????? ?.

Very good driving instructor ! You can only recommend !

Date: 14.12.2013

Driving school ESSBACH is a real TOP driving student. Just like we recommend. Super competent & never stressful with appointments. Theory and fun are ideally combined. It's never guaranteed to be long lasting and René knows exactly how to best biibringt you're driving (on a world class car of course ^^). I namal the sense many thanks for everything! Saludos, Engler

Date: 05.12.2013

Hello, Rene, mini driving test is not only a good idea, but it will never be forgotten during the driving lesson. He is a super competent driving instructor and always ready for fun. Recommend him to everyone. JUST TOP! Thank you namal for everything!

Date: 21.11.2013

I thought it was very good and the driving instructor was friendly and fair. Can only recommend the driving school Essbach.

Date: 20.11.2013

As a driving instructor, René is very competent and never loses his patience or nerves. His explanations are plausible and supported by pictures. But also the human and the fun were never missing in the driving lessons. Looking back, all I can say is it was a great decision to go to him. Step by step you improve and are then registered for the exam when you are ready (no long, unnecessary delaying). To the exam: My expert was Mr Siegrist. He was the absolute calm in person, which is very good in exam stress. The information on the direction of travel or the like came early enough. My initial concerns (about the expert) were unjustified. I was allowed to experience him sympathetically and calmly. ...and thanks to René's great driving lessons, I passed the test the first time! Thanks René for the patience and the calming (if I had my "5 minutes" ;))... Lg Svenja :D

Date: 09.11.2013

René is a funny, but nevertheless very efficient driving instructor. He does not hesitate to earn additional money at the examination date, but reports you to the examination as soon as possible, i.e. if the student's ability is convincing. Furthermore the VW Scirocco is a hot oven and has enough horsepower under the hood ;) From my experience, I can only recommend him.

Date: 05.11.2013

Helloooo René What giz after over 200 absolutely positive comments no z'saw? I'll make up my mind about all those compliments. What I am personally very happy about is that you are so good at mini scho existing skills iigange bisch and I am seamlessly I am short ziit train hesch. Züri-Oerlike is in the perfect surroundings to practice. Many thanks for everything! Lg KiiiiiiiiiingLuke ;)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Sicherer Eindruck ist wichtig

Date: 27.10.2013

A very very very good and professional driving instructor!!! He has a lot of patience and can always motivate you. Good explanations and great tips. I can only recommend René!!!!

Date: 16.10.2013

De René is a great driving instructor! He is competent, stubborn in what he does to correct mistakes and very strict, but still very likeable, upright and always good for fun! I would like to recommend him to all where he has good preparation for testing and fun driving! René, it's a super Ziit gsi! Thanks a lot!

Date: 15.10.2013

A super driving instructor, I learned a lot and passed the first exam: ) . Thank you for a great time.

Date: 30.09.2013

Hoi rené thank you viilmals! Meh chani even saw nöd. Thanks to you hanis within 3 months, the car can be inspected and has a nice nozzle in California after the inspection. Hesch viil geduld gha mit mir :) het mer fun gmacht mit dir zübebe. Come on, let's go. dear greetings fabienne

Date: 25.09.2013

Reviews from Kaba Kadriu Lulzana

sali rene I want to thank you again. I had very helpful driving lessons with you, you have really very strong nerves congratulate ... I will definitely recommend you .. Thank you. Lulu

Date: 18.09.2013

The driving lessons with René were always very helpful, well explained and relaxed. Due to the efficient manner and the valuable tips I also managed to pass the test the first time with only a few driving lessons... ;) Not to make the same mistake a hundred times, he doesn't like that at all ;) But top, because that's how you learn!

Date: 17.09.2013

René is a good driving instructor. He can be a bit annoying if you repeat the same mistake for the tenth time, but is otherwise very relaxed.

Date: 07.09.2013

Driving lesson with René hend mega fun makes! He is very gentle, patient, fair and very conscientious! Chan Him and his future partners, de Rolf, only recommend him to everyone! Both super type and bringed s car drive a simple and understandable bi!

Date: 03.09.2013

Reviews from Sonja Thalmann

Super driving lessons with René ! Can really recommend him as a driving instructor to everyone! The driving lessons are always well structured and with his likeable manner and humour he creates a relaxed atmosphere during the lessons. First time exam passed! wuhuuuii :D

Date: 13.08.2013

Reviews from Dimitri Tanner

With René, every ride is super interesting, instructive and fun and exciting. Recommended!

Date: 18.07.2013

I think René is just a great driving instructor. The lesson is not a long term one and he will try a lot to prepare you with patience and constant tips so that you are ready for the first time. He het vo ich ja nöd ume suscht dä nickname Mister Nörgeli becho! ;D Mister Nörgeli bisch top and d'ziit with you isch hammer gsi, thank you viil mal for d'hilf that I'm the first time pass han!!!!

Date: 18.07.2013

Super driving instructor... Very sympathetic... I'd recommend him to everyone here. I am very pleased with him...

Date: 18.07.2013

Super driving instructor with very good preparation! Passed the first time :)

Date: 10.07.2013

Hey, Renè. You are simply the hottest driving instructor of all time. Greetings Jimmy

Date: 08.07.2013

Reviews from Alice Freuler

René is a great driving instructor and got me through the test for the first time. Also the hours were always instructive, relaxed and entertaining :) Single TOP :D

Date: 01.07.2013

I had a lot of fun during the lessons. He also took any stress away from me on the day before the exam although the last lesson from my point of view was totally in my pants. This made the driving test much easier for me. I can only warmly recommend the driving school Essbach and will do this actively.

Date: 10.06.2013

The René is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. With his tips and the good preparation I passed the driving test without any problems the first time :-)!

Date: 10.06.2013

A driving instructor to recommend!! Thanks Rene

Date: 10.06.2013

Reviews from Fabio Würmli

René is a very likeable and good driving instructor, you feel completely comfortable with him. (exam passed the first time)

Date: 30.05.2013

Reviews from Mac MitNachname

René is a very good driving instructor, he is also funny and very friendly. He's very good at explaining traffic rules to you. Very recommendable I tell you :)

Date: 28.05.2013

I can only recommend René! He explains everything to you very precisely and answers all your questions. His behavior is very respectful. With him you learn it quickly and you are very well prepared for the exam. He's a great man. You won't regret spending driving lessons with him.

Date: 28.05.2013

Chan de René just recommend it to everyone and I recommend super driving instructor always good glunt and amusing with in to drive makes sini sach würckli guet!!!!!!!

Date: 26.05.2013

René is a very good driving instructor. He was always easy to deal with and from the very beginning placed great value on efficient teaching. He prepared me perfectly for the driving test.

Date: 23.05.2013

René is a very professional and reliable driving instructor! Thanks to him I passed my driving test at the first attempt, which I would not have thought at first... :-) During the driving lessons he was always very patient and courteous, I can definitely recommend him! Many thanks again

Date: 06.05.2013

Very very very very very good driving instructor! He's explaining it now, so it's good to chunt. It's a lot of fun to be driving with him. I strongly recommend that you have a driving lesson with him. Really en suppertyp! Thank you René

Date: 20.04.2013

All Bescht driving instructors guaranteed!:) He would have a lot of patience and would explain everything correctly & surely chan implement somers. He's always loose and cuddly druff, how must she:). Daaaaaaaamkeee René for everything, you never tops :D

Date: 18.04.2013

Heii René, I chan you with good feeling wiitermpfehl! Isch always funny gsi bi you ide hour and hesch mer au everything right biibracht (grad s first time existed) ;) Be patient and wish your pupils a good time! super & how so! Greeting Aron

Date: 16.04.2013

René Essbach is a driving instructor whom I can recommend immediately. With his teaching style, learning is easy. The contact is open and serious at the same time. From my point of view this is the ideal mixture to teach. I enjoyed attending the driving lessons and was able to take the practical test with a lot of self-confidence. Thanks again to René!

Date: 05.04.2013

Hiii rene I'm ez ez churzi but super cool ziit xsi with you. Hesch scho scho at the beginning lies on wave level I steel and döt agsetzt, north stubbornly the program from the beginning ah durezoge. I have always known where you are and what rules apply to you. Super knowledge!! Everything was clarified clearly and diligently. Hesch mer perfect ghulfe so that I scho bim first time packs han. Sisch never become boring, always openly interesting talk about going and of course always some fat beats decused :D Professional top. human top! Bisch de beste fahrlehrer!, chan you only wiiterempfehle and I bring the dänn au no paar lüüt ;) I'm naturally looking forward to a fine South Tyrolean holiday and I'll take care of your happiness! Liebi grüess iso

Date: 23.03.2013

Reviews from Manu Almeida

En better driving instructors must destroy no uf d'Welt cho:) very en gedoldige and affectionate person...me chan dich nur witerempfähle! Bishop de Best:) Thanks for everything! Lg, Manu

Date: 22.03.2013

A very competent, reliable and organized driving instructor with a good price-performance ratio! Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and the learning process is recorded through constant and fair evaluations after the driving lessons. Individual focal points are set, enabling targeted and efficient work. The individual personalities are dealt with and with a lot of patience, motivation and joy the basics for a safe driving style are created.

Date: 22.03.2013

Very competent driving instructors with a lot of patience and good insight for each individual. Hetisch selle günne bi dem "Best driving instructor" which there is hend and ned de other! Thanks for dini great support! Vodem her only for further recommendation :)

Date: 26.02.2013

Super driving instructor!!!:-) He explains everything clearly and fatally, he is always good at it and so au w?ki makes every ride with him a lot of fun.:-)Chan him w?ki only wiiterempfehl!Thanks for the Ziit René!!!!:-)

Date: 21.02.2013

Chan de René only recommend more, he takes a lot of cit to decipher things and the chan he ow very good. With him hetmers always funny and he is full of chilly druff. Thank you René ;). Best driving instructor :)

Date: 19.02.2013

Hello rene; unfortunately I can only give you 6 points, you deserve 10... now to the rest of the world: he is the best driving instructor there is... he's easygoing and a cool guy... he always manages to take the nervousness out of you with his cool way... rene really explains everything well and calmly so that everyone understands it. he is very patient and understanding... he's not a driving instructor who rips off his students... if he says you're ready then you are too... I should know because I made it the first time... of course thanks to rene... 1000 thanks!!! I can recommend rene to anyone... because he's the best!!!!

Date: 12.02.2013

Heii René, Thank you very much for the horny driving lesson woni bi you han derfe absolviere!!!!! Number super gsi:) Cool car, best driving instructor decent... what bet mer meh?! Liebi Grüess and everything gueti for the future!

Date: 28.01.2013

Rene is the BEST driving instructor I've ever had!!! Because of my previous experiences I never dared to drive the car and I was always afraid of it. In Switzerland I had to pass a control test within a very short time, which I passed thanks to Rene at the FIRST time! Rene showed me that driving can be fun, took away my fear, never lost my patience and always explained everything in a very understandable way! Thank you Rene very much for the great driving lessons, I had a lot of fun with you and your roaring car! ;) best regards, Victoria

Date: 24.01.2013

Rene's a great guy! It's fun driving with him. He is very quiet and has a lot of patience. His explanations and tips are very easy to understand and you learn very quickly. Rene is only to be recommended!

Date: 21.01.2013

Friendly and patient driving instructor. Passed the first time. Thanks again for the good driving lessons.

Date: 16.01.2013

Reviews from Aline Méndez-Weber

Dr. René is simply tempted!!!! Thanks a lot! With you uuuuu mega fun makes!! And wish me good luck for the rest of you! Greetings A.weber

Date: 03.01.2013

Super driving instructors! The first time I existed :D

Date: 14.12.2012

Reviews from Tania Martinez

Hola René, as promised I wrote au no en Kommentar zu mine Fahrstunde mit dir... ;) For all those who are looking for a driving instructor, where the car driving is fast (and the VW Scirocco R with it), patient, and the driving lesson is fun, he always has a saying in store. So take a driving lesson at René, it's worth it! ;) I 2.5 Mönet hani d Autoprüäfig bim erschte Mal with a total of 23h passed the... =) Thank you viil Mal René! Greetings us Chile, frürsch ned ;) Tania

Date: 04.12.2012

Due to the many positive evaluations and the fact that he is driving a Scirocco I went to the Essbach driving school. Today I can say that it was absolutely the right choice! I'd choose him again anytime. I will send my 3 little sisters and my girlfriend to him as promised ;-) René is super cool, honest and funny. The driving lessons are by no means dry. Besides we made jokes and discussed about 'God and the world' - so it never gets boring =D ...and yes, I passed the first time too! Do like René and see you soon ;-) Serge dä Bänkler

Date: 27.11.2012

Reviews from Andii Meienhofer

Very good driving instructors! Explains everything tip top and chan calmly blibe who makes decent mistakes ischer no en funny. Chan and will recommend him ;) bim first time durecho, namal thank you René! Lustigi Zit gsi with dier! And yes every new student must bring him a Kafi!:D

Date: 10.11.2012

Super driving instructor chani nume weather recommend...)

Date: 08.11.2012

De best driving instructor!!

Date: 31.10.2012

He's friendly, you can learn a lot with him. He's a good driving instructor.

Date: 01.10.2012

Reviews from Ranveer Raaj

I very strongly recommend René to all learners and especially those who wish to have their driving lessons in English. His coaching was of excellent quality and was very professional. On top of that, he is a very amiable person and, very quickly, it felt like I was being taught by a close family member! With his approach to teaching learners, success is guaranteed!

Date: 26.09.2012

Rene was recommended to me by my brother and I can only recommend it to others... SUPER driving instructor..a SUPER car and thus the driving test of the first time :)

Date: 24.09.2012

The driving lessons with René were great. He has a lot of patience & can always motivate you. The driving school car is also top! Can & will recommend the driving school Essbach.

Date: 24.09.2012

Can recommend it to everyone to take the driving lessons with Rene! Everything was explained to me very well and I was taught how to pass the exam without any problems.

Date: 21.09.2012

D'fahrstunde bim René are super gsi! Organized, well explained & always open to laugh gha. Driving lesson where really fun made! Fascht scho schaad, dases scho again ume isch. ;) Thanks René & mer will see you again. :)

Date: 20.09.2012

Rene was such a great teacher! The hours have always been fun for me and thanks to him I am now a happy driver :)

Date: 03.09.2012

Super guy, super teacher! Together with Rene Essbach I prepared myself for the control drive and always explained everything clearly and meaningfully. Can only recommend! Plus a cool Scirocco;-)

Date: 24.08.2012

René Essbach is a very pleasant and patient driving instructor, he never loses patience and makes you feel very comfortable in the car. With humour and a very pleasant atmosphere, the driving lessons run like clockwork. I can only recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much.

Date: 21.08.2012

Reviews from Valeria Rizzo

Rène Essbach works very professionally! I have felt very well and above all very safe. I thank you again for all Rène wish you continued much joy and success in your work!!

Date: 16.08.2012

De René ish en Supper driving instructor and en Kuhl guy. He explains everything clearly and channels a lot of bibringe! He also has the most good stuff in stock! Can only recommend him! Greetings Jan

Date: 14.08.2012

Ingenious driving instructor. He explains everything super exactly and understandably, he still has a lot of patience. With him every driving lesson was a lot of fun. Thanks to him I passed the driving test the first time, because he prepared you really well and sees every mistake so that you can improve immediately. I can only recommend Renè to everyone.

Date: 04.08.2012

Fond, upright and always on time!!!!! You're a nuisance for everything and never get restless!!! Chani only witerempfele isch simply de bescht!!!!!

Date: 04.08.2012

Renè is a very professional and interesting driving instructor. It is a pity that I only needed 4 hours for my control drive, because it was really fun with him. He's really a cool guy. Driving lessons are very well planned and organized.

Date: 14.07.2012

Renè I thank you normally ! I'm so sorry, I need a long time. If you are a driving instructor where everything goes to the Essbach ! he is very reliable, he explains very well who and where the mistakes are and he is very sympathetic ! So peace René ps: harm hets kei scale up to 10 würi you and 10er ufem account go ;D

Date: 13.07.2012

Reviews from Claudia Keller

are super driving hours xsii... ish weather z'recommendations :) ish always everything is well erchlert be and mer het all quickly understand ... lg claudia

Date: 09.07.2012

The René has a driving instructor with a lot of competence, experience and a relaxed and likeable manner. He conveys his knowledge spilerisch u het for each traffic situation it suitably practical Bispiu ready. After every hour of driving he told me what is no better and he told me the next hour of driving with a big haggiz and he told me that he had to go to the next hour of driving with a big haggiz. (Geduud hets gloubs bi mir aus Bärnerin wo kei einizegi Strass in Züri kennt het würkli brucht ;)) I've had my ass checked out in the past. Who auso e guete (who bescht ;)) Driving instructor in Zurich is very good at René... René merci viu mau mau for the teaching and unhauled driving lesson and other good for the future!

Date: 06.07.2012

Reviews from Warin Balata

Best driving instructors!!!! Beautiful Ziet with René kha! Germany is European Champion for eus 2012!:P Recommend to everyone! Greetings Warin

Date: 02.07.2012

René is very professional, patient and cheerful and always has the right saying in stock! So I made progress and had a lot of fun! For English speakers: Great mate who speaks English well. I learned alot while having fun as well. Keep it up! Greetings Nicholas S.

Date: 27.06.2012

Reviews from Ivan Stomatolovic

The hours were well planned and without stress.

Date: 19.06.2012

Reviews from Franziska Wunderli

Hoi René Driving lesson with you and dim Scirocco are simply super gsi. It has always been a lot of fun, who has been going up and down again and again. Now simmer finally in the mountain obe ahcho. :) Thank you for everything, make weather so chan just keep recommending you!!! Driving student Essbach is you!

Date: 19.05.2012

Top expertise and putting theory into practice, passed with a proud 5 driving hours;) LG Dani

Date: 18.05.2012

Reviews from Peter Näf

A good driving instructor!!! De Réne explains everything you need to know in a pleasant way. He also knows exactly when you're ready for the exam. I wanted to do it before, but then I definitely wouldn't have passed it. ? Thank you Réne The driving school Essbach is tip top!!!

Date: 09.05.2012

Reviews from Mirco Albrecht

De Rene is a super teacher I would immediately be back to him i d fahrstund ga

Date: 26.04.2012

I think Mr. Essbach does a great job of it. So I always had fun in the driving lessons and am happy and thankful for the patience it took sometimes. I would continue to teach the driving school Essbach to everyone. recommend...

Date: 14.04.2012

Recommended only! Halide is super sympathetic, entertaining and communicates the learning in a playful way. I always looked forward to the driving lessons;) lg silvana

Date: 04.04.2012

Reviews from Benjamin Alasu

René is a good teacher with a lot of patience and can explain everything well. He gave me security while driving and self-confidence. I can only recommend!

Date: 19.03.2012

Just ingenious. Great and educational ride. Great fun with every ride. I passed my exam in the first run, what a day. René, thank you very much, have a great time with you and your Scirocco. Yes was chan mer do no sega for me de Besti driving instructor at all :) Lg Marco

Date: 11.03.2012

Hoooii rene So if you're a nice girl, Essbach's driving student should be at least 7 on time! Eifach en super driving instructor and it great car ;-) i han i dere Ziit very much beautiful and villages learn! Au d'vorbereitig ufd exam, no matter whether practical or mental het super function and it het works ;-) All right, let's go to the Essbach driving school! ;-)

Date: 10.02.2012

Reviews from Romy Bickel

Sali René Thanks namal for the cool driving lesson except when more tiresome driving until it gets bad is always cool to stay cool =) Now village start s book write and "s Gipfeli-fahre" bim Park ned Vergässe :) Just like this stayed bisch! De silbrig Aaudi A3 where bim Chreisel wated I am =)

Date: 09.02.2012

Reviews from M. R.

The driving lessons with René were simply the force: He was always patient, always in a good mood and could motivate you even when you had a bad day. And not to forget the Scirocco: a great car that really makes driving fun! Dear René, many thanks for the great time and all the best for the future!

Date: 08.02.2012

It was all tip-top, there's nothing to criticize!

Date: 30.01.2012

The driving school Essbach was very good, it is a pleasant driving instructor, very friendly and you learn everything you need to pass the first time. I was very satisfied.

Date: 22.01.2012

Reviews from Denis Wittwer

Han cool, funny and emotional driving lesson gha bi de Fahrschuel Essbach :) Het mega fun gmacht nachem schaffte na i i es horny car istiige and go learn to drive. So learning is fun ;)

Date: 07.12.2011

Reviews from Oli Miotti

ooohh rene!:)thank you for the gueti ziit with you. although i nebed dene many "high" from a few "tüüfs" gha han, bisch always patient and cool would stay and hesch me hilfrichi tipps chöne geh. you bisch honest gsi and hesch nöd irgendwelchi thing gredet beautifully. all gueti no in wohkunft..me gsht sich sichermal in örlike! lg oli ps: with me stromer are the beschte:P

Date: 25.11.2011

Reviews from Cordelia Marty

hey rené! I hans i dene 3 churze monät suuper lehrrich gfunde.hesch viiiil patience gah! I am megaa happy that I have existed han :D aa alli where a competent, demanding and honest driving instructor is seeking I advise him to grant this. merciii renè :D Dear gruess cordelia marty :)

Date: 21.11.2011

A sovereign driving instructor. Very competent, patient and funny at the same time ;) I can recommend him to anyone. Greetings, Rebecca

Date: 21.11.2011

Very fast learning potential, since the driving instructor, René Essbach, explains everything super!

Danke Meli, gratuliere namal und das mit em Lärnpotenzial gibi zrugg, well du das, woni gseit han, ebe schön umgsetzt hesch! Vill Erfolg i Finnland...:)

Date: 10.11.2011

René Essbach is a hammer driving instructor who adapts to the students and has a lot of patience. He's honest and he knows what he's talking about. Simply world class :-)

Date: 04.11.2011

Reviews from Ramona Wismer

Ciao René Bisch en super driving instructor always guet gluunt and for it Gspäsli zha. Dini Lessons are very instructive and prepare a super uf d'Fahrprüefig (except when more and more hour breaks;))Will surely recommend you and wish you all the best!Thank you for dini patience&nerve;)Greetings Ramona

Date: 02.11.2011

Reviews from Ramona Michienzi

Hei René, super good hesch me through the exam brought wither mega cool preparation. It's a lot of fun and I'm always looking forward to my driving lesson. I'll definitely recommend you, just nemli en genial guete Fahrlehrer, do like this ! :)

Date: 31.10.2011

Reviews from Cafer Cirak

Hoi René Thank you very much for your help, your commitment and your effort. I would never have passed the test drive without you! With you, learning to drive a car on Swiss roads was always fun! Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 26.10.2011

Ciao rené, merci for the hammer fahrschuelziit. i han bi him super driving lesson gnosse, much and important learned. i han mi uf jedi fahrstund chöne freue, wills always super gsi sind. mitm rené hani immer chöne über alles verbatsche, super typ! s hammer driving school car is natural outside plus point! ;) greetings luki

Date: 21.10.2011

Reviews from Karin Schneider

Ciao René, I thank you very much bi you for the super zit and the super Fahrstundä ... Thank you for dini patience. It is a super Zit gsi immene hammer car and emene super fründliche, sympathetic and very patient drivers. thanks for everything :). I chan you only witer empphelä..So Lüt wen ihr en super Fahrlehrer suechend den gönd zum René Essbach er istch einfach Super...!

Date: 17.10.2011

Hola René! So ez isches scho es ziitli her, I sit you in the scirocco ha villages seats and super driving hour gnüsse! au after mim interbruch you hesch me again and again super glunt and understandingly motivated! thanks! it's a mega tolli ziit gsii! ez in mexico frögi me amig in frögi ez, for what I own blinkers on the car hend and the whole process 100x over ;-) because setzisch 20 chind ines vw-büsli and driving off! *smile* quite dear grüessli us morelia, michi

Herzlichi Gratulation namal, au wenns wege de Verletzigspause fascht än Neustart brucht het, am Schluss hesch das Ding bim erste Mal bestande! Und bizeli nidisch bini scho uf Mexico, wenni gnueg Fahrstunde gäh han und vor allem Zit, machi dete au mal Ferie, gnüss dini Zit und chumm immer gut a, wohi du au gahsch :)

Date: 31.08.2011

Reviews from Sonja Schwitter

Hey Renè, it would have mega fun gmacht with you z go and you hesch always a lot of patience with me kha ;) I cha you only wiiter recommend!! Thank you for everything, dear gruess Sonja

Sonja, gratuliere herzlich und lah Dir g'seit si, ich ha au vill Spass gha. Und Geduld isch min Job, has gärn g'macht. Jetz muess ich mich au no warm alegge, wenn hinter mir än wisse R-Scirocco Licht hüplet, cha denn nur d'Sonja si:) Allziit gueti und unfallfreii Fahrt....LG René

Date: 30.08.2011

Reviews from Alidini Robert

The driving school Essbach offers everything you need for all new drivers. With the choice of gearshift: manual or automatic, with fair prices, a huge competence and reliability. Since my sister has already passed her driving licence and now I have, my brother also registers with the Essbach driving school. But the genius is he has a self-assembled Schpick note. But that's all I'm telling you. Just look at this. My conclusion: I was previously at two different driving schools and was dissatisfied. The Essbach driving school has offered me everything a beginner needs. MY RATING IS A 7.

Hallo Robert! Es ist immer ein riesiges Kompliment, wenn ein Familienmitglied zufrieden ist und dann sogar Geschwister wieder zu einem in die Fahrstunde kommen! Auch wenn es nicht beim erstem Mal geklappt, habe ich nie an Dir gezweifelt! Gratuliere Dir nochmals herzlich und wir sehen uns sowieso wieder ;-) Take care! René

Date: 30.08.2011

Comfortable, professional and friendly

Sali Emilian! Kurz und Bündig! Genau so hast Du Deinen Führerschein ja auch bekommen ;-) und danke nochmals, dass Du den langen Weg von Küsnacht nach Oerlikon auf Dich genommen hast nur um bei mir Fahrstunden zu nehmen! Ist ein richtig grosses Kompliment für mich und macht mich es bitzli stolz ;-) Gell, Du denkst an unser Treffen? Bis bald also, ich wechsle schon mal die Plattennadeln und nochmals Gratulation zum Lappä! René

Date: 29.08.2011

de best driving instructor thank you much times rene gönd to him he is simply de best

Hey Fäbu, danke villmal für's Lob, aber DU (!) heschs am Schluss g'macht! Super geil und de richtigi Draht zum Experte g'funde. Gratuliere und danke für dini ville Empfehlige :) LG René

Date: 10.08.2011

Super car, super competent, young at heart, fun to learn how to drive with René Auto.

Chrissi, namal Congrats und s'het gfägget im Auto, im Radio im Fotistudio (mir zwe sind jetz Promi's, das weisch gäll?) isch eifach ä gueti Ziit g'si. Und wenn denn mal öpper i'd Autowelt Dübedorf im VW-Buech blätteret, gsehter euses coole Foti und dänkt so, läck, die kenni doch?! Wird die Ziit nie vergässe....Danke und LG René

Date: 25.07.2011

Sali René On 31 March 2011, the agfange. And in 3 months haemers durezoge. Passed in the first time with a Wormup where one sch*** after the other happened. Ziit and patience häsch brought along and i some situations en fast foot. Motivating and instructive, exciting and challenging are dini lessons. There's a lot of steam in the car and I only saw 350N. I thank you for dini nerve with me XD Darling Grüessli Karin

Tja Karin, so schnäll cha's gah. Bi u mega stolz uf dini Leischtig - denn no bim erschte Mal. Dank dr villmal für'd luschtige Ziit und defür, dass ich ha chönne mit dir über Physik schwätze. Wünsch Dir ganz vill Glück i'd Zuekunft und stets unfallfreie Fahrt ;) LG René

Date: 04.07.2011

Super driving instructor, very patient, never loses his nerve and always has a joke in store or an encouraging word. He knows his craft and can bring it to the man (the woman...). Schad gits ned 7 Sternli! :) Dear René:D I chas always nanig completely grasp thati from now on döf simply so go drive;) Has a good driving lesson with him, very patient and never has the courage to knot;) This car is great, it's fun, you can drive it and I'll be looking around to see how scirocco with a blue wheel;) it's a shame now that scirocco is still there, but it's a shame for me;) Liebs Grüässli Andrea

Lueg Andrea, ******* s'git sie doch, aber die sind für dini Leischtig vo hüt! Ganz herzlichi Gratulation und denn no bim erschte Mal. Viele Dank für das Super feedback und ich wird mr Mühe gäh, dass es so bliibt. Em Scirocco tueni s'Grüessli usrichte und ihm Schibe putze i dim Name:) Danke fürd guet Ziit..fahr guet, LG René

Date: 03.07.2011

Super ziit gsii, the Scirocco will fall to me :D (never break the car! ^^) The driving instructor, Rene, has a great craft, he is always good at explaining and depicting the 2 chline Autölis by means of mistakes :) honestly and directly, he doesn't talk long about the Heissi problem. Flexible what the driving lesson agah, when and where. Always laugh at the sight of the mysterious and humorous. Who takes bi in the driving lesson, chamers scho fascht mitmene 6er in the lotto compared ;)

Hola André, riesen Gratulation zu dim 6er im Lotto! Channi nur zrugg gäh und bestätige, Fahrstunde mit dir sind immer lässig gsi. Und nei, s'Auto tuen ich nöd schrotte. Was ich bi dir immer feschtgstellt han, du hesch nie schlechti Luune gha, au nöd, wenn's g'rägnet het oder nöd immer alles glatt gloffe isch, Respekt und het Spass gmacht! Hoffe für dich, das'd im Läbe witer so machsch, chunnt ebe guet so! LG René

Date: 23.06.2011

Rene always took a lot of time for me. We had at least 3 driving lessons a week, which was perfect for me to get my letter as soon as possible. As I have heard from my friends, your driving instructors were happy to neglect them.

Ciou Dario, herzlichi Gratulation zum bestande Brief und au für'd Lap, und wie scho g'seit, "der Kunde ist König"! Bi ja gärn flexibel, Schüeler zum Glück au. Het uf jede Fall Freud gmacht, au das'd ab und zue z'Oerlike verbi luegsch. De nögscht Kafi gaht denn uf mich, gäll?! Also, fahr guet und vor allem ohni Unfäll...because shit happens:)

Date: 20.06.2011

Hey, René. Öppis different from 6 Sternli chan mer you even nöd gää! Super driving instructor, super Scirocco, super blue rim ;), super Ziit and bim erschte times existed... Thanks a lot chani just saw!! lg judith

Als Erscht's mal mega Gratulation zum Supererfolg!! Wenn ich chönnd Stärne vergäh, würi dir au mind. 6 gäh für dini gränzelose gueti Luune und dine Flexibilität. Ha würkli Freud gha, mit dir z'schuele. Ich hoffe ja, mer gsehnd eus und lichthüplesch mal mit dim Audi ;)Danke für'd gueti Ziit, LG

Date: 19.06.2011

Ändlich gafft! De Rene het very much patience gha with me. He's got my faith and my nöd ufgäh! :-) He has a great knowledge of the subject which he likes to explain further and more in practical terms. He is flexible and can find the right date for any growth on his new troubles. Thanks for everything! It's fun to be with you!

Z'erscht emal herzliche Glückwunsch zur bestandene Prüefig, het Spass g'macht mit dir. Ich glaub, mir händ vill erläbt mitenand (weisch no, die nervösi Frau ide 30er Zone i Seebach :)) Das wird mir persönlich immer e Erinnerig bliibe. Da frög ich mich, ob du i dere Situation nöd meh Geduld gha hesch, weder ich?! Danke au für dini liebi Bewertig. Für dini Zuekunft, privat und im Job wünschi dir alles Gueti, bliib wie bisch und hupsch mich eifach mal a uf de Strass... LG René

Date: 15.06.2011

Always motivates someone to teach something new! the driving lessons with him were very fun! HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!!

Liebe Hajrula, z'erscht emal no herzlichi Gratulation zur b'standene Prüefig!! Bi stolz uf dich, het mega g'fäget und bi dere Ussag bliibi denn, dir würi jedeziit min Karre uslehne (ich bruuchn aber leider), bisch än guete Fahrer - lueg au, dasses so bliibt! Etz müend mer das nur no begüsse... Mir g'sehnd eus i Oberglatt, LG

Date: 12.06.2011

Rene gave me 10 lessons to change my Armenian license to Swiss. He gave me the confidence when needed and the caution when I was not being careful. Clearly outlined my strong and weak areas and worked consistently on the weak ones. I am extremely happy that my friend referred me to him. He is funny and always relaxes your nerves with a joke. I already suggested my friends to contact him for driving lessons and would suggest the same to everyone.

Dear Helen, many thanks to you for your nice rating, i really enjoy'd the time with you and finally driving with your beautiful openair car! I knew from the first look, that you will reach this controldrive, but you know, there is allways murphy's scedule...:)And many thanks for the recommendation in forward. Big congrats at least and hope, can meet each other in Altstetten over lunchtime...who know's. LG René

Date: 12.06.2011

I couldn't have found a better driving instructor. In my hardest time I took the exam and only thanks to his patience and skill I passed the first time. I'll always think of such a good person. Thank you René. You're the best for me.

Lieber Oli, für dich eine ganz besonders herzliche Gratulation, weil du dich entschieden hast, in wirklich schwerer Zeit den Führerschein zu absolvieren, Respekt und dann nur einen Versuch! Auch wenn du jetzt in einem anderen Kanton wohnst, nehmen ich an, das wir uns weiterhin in Oerlikon zum Kaffee sehen werden, würde mich freuen, ab und zu von dir zu hören. Für deinen Zukunft wünsche ich dir nur das Beste und verbleibe mit LG...René

Date: 11.06.2011

I can recommend the René number. Super competent, attentive, humanly top and always uf sim Beschte. Mer gets to know nebedbii auna so differently. Where to see the sheltered Quarkinis up to architectural marvels :D All Gueti René, have fun! :) Dear greetings Sabrina

Danke villmal Sabrina für dini dankende Wört. Herzlichi Gratulation zu dim Führerschii, hesch guet g'macht, wird's vermisse die guete G'spröch über dies und das und natürli au mis Lieblingsgebäude i Altstette, was vo Tag zu Tag schöner wird;)Wünsch dir für dini Zuekunft nur s'Bescht! LG René

Date: 05.06.2011

Heyy lütllis de rené is the best driving instructor there is. How nice to have a few lüt gsait hend he hedd uhh much GEDULD and ischh en mega liebee,,, I hande ned 1 times but he hed mier mier tuet gäää to the more witer machäää... He's not hanging out with me, he's motivating me to do more. Thanks to René I have to know that I can do it :P hehehe Thanks for the nice Zit,Bisch de Bescht :D :D ,, mer gsht sich schoßt ;) A all Lüttlis I recommend simply de RENÉ !!!!!!

Ohhh Niki, mer hets nöd liecht, gsehsch mal, dassi als Fahrlehrer nöd immer nach glichem Schema cha schaffe, jeder Schüeler isch öppes B'sondrigs! Bi dir hets eifach nur bizli meh Motivationstraining brucht. Schlussändilich hemmers glich anne bracht, ich möcht Dir aber no öppis mit uf de Wäg gäh: Lah dir nie und vo niermed drirede und glaub a das, was g'lernt hesch und zeigs us volle Überzügig, wenn'd Recht hesch, denn kämpf au drum! Ganz herzlichi Gratulation namal und sicher gseht mer sich! LG

Date: 20.05.2011

7 driving hour hani bim René breaks and then hani bim erschte once existed, I believe that since all. Han vill Spaß gha i de Fahrstunde and so of course all the faster learned. Würkli Absolut to wiiterempfehle! I love you as much as I love you ;)

Z'erscht mal Hut ab vor diesem Mann: bin echli sprachlos, chunnt mit Nüt und gaht nach fascht Nüt!! Geil!! Ganz herzlichi Congrats liebe Luca het mega Spass g'macht, dich z'schuele, isch leider z'churz xi und de geile Siech gibi natürli zrugg. LG und danke...

Date: 16.05.2011

Hey René, the driving lesson with you is always exciting and instructive anyway that the fun is short chunt! And I think that you are no worse with no Fahrschüeler like me with much patience to the goal chunsch and alli d Prüefig bim the first time bestönd. ;-)

Hey Julian, wer seit denn, das Du än schlimme Schüeler xi bisch, s'het um eus ummme eifach z'vill schlimmi Autofahrer gha ;)) Gratulier Dir uf jedefall zu dim "bim 1.mal durrecho" Erfolg! Du wirsch aber ganz sicher än sichere Autofahrer, wo sälte bis gar kei Buesse wird übercho, das isch unbezahlbar! Wünsch Dir für'd Zuekunft nur s'Bescht... lg

Date: 11.05.2011

Yess, verify @ first try. With René I am driving very entertainingly and with the same teaching. The Scirocco R is of course the upper hammer. Gli mitme VW Polo GTI ? :D Super zit gsi, highly recommended.

Misch Max, du bisch min "El Machico", erscht 5,7 i'd LAP, denn 6,0 i'd Fahrprüefig, dann no Feschtastellig und oben anne no fette Bonus vom Chef, besser gaht nöd oder!? Aber mit dem Polo hesch mi falsch verstande, kei GTI, än Polo R mit 300 PS, aber nur, wenner mit Schaltgetriebe usechunnt! Aber villicht holsch du dir das Teil vor mir.... Congrats anyway und let's eat Thai by the way...

Date: 02.05.2011

De René is the very best driving instructor! He always motivates me before the lesson and makes sure that I pass the first time as well as the first time. And he's got the hottest car ever, I miss it now. :( Thanks for everything René!

OOOOh, Biagio, ich fahr fascht jede Tag bi dir verbi, muesch nur ab und zu ussem Feischter luege, gsehsch mi denn scho... Gratulier dr ganz herzlich und hoffe, mr gsehnd eus einisch villicht mitem Boris oder de Annina zemme. Vill Erfolg uf dim witere Wäg und danke für die cooli Ziit! LG

Date: 24.04.2011

René, I'm very happy about every driving lesson and I'm especially happy to see you, the René is a very patient and upright person with welem more guaranteed to learn everything where we need to be safe by the driving test cho! It's a shame that he has to reheat with a Scirocco =P wishes on the René and still a lot of success and he will definitely do the same as before! So you have to have a driving instructor! lg Boris

Danke danke Boris, tuet mer scho chli Leid, dass'd nümme chasch Scirocco fahre, defür hesch ja Leonita, die isch genau so guet, zumindisch sinds um 3 Ecke verwandt:) Gratulier dr namal herzlich, da du us mim Kaff bisch segi nur C U...

Date: 10.04.2011

Sali zäme!!! At wili nomal saw this giant Froid han, that the driving test in the erschte Mal existed han... But Etz to the evaluation of René: "I am a fully balanced type and I am very honest and open. It's a lot of fun to drive around the city with a super speedster Scirocco, but still you learn more about it. What we noni chan, is given and is given, until we get to know each other...Especially for "low budget" gymi-students or students super, the René wants to pull out the program from chan quickly, if you are correspondingly triihangsch...S only problem for Chlootener is the location Oerlike, which we use for the zone 10 ticket. Conclusion: I would recommend the warmest way to go!!!

Patrick, druff g'sch****** uf das Zone 10 Billet, wenn alli Klotener Schüeler so dänket wie Du, bruuchet die das Billet eh nöd lang, oder? Ich gratulier Dir uf jede Fall herzlich zu dim Fahr-Billet für's Auto, das isch meh wert als alli ZVV oder VBZ Billets. Wünsch dir vill Erfolg für'd witeri Zukunft!

Date: 06.04.2011

So, Peoples, I have to saw you quite lightly. He's the best driving instructor. He is very funny and makes with a fun, driving and is therefore ned longwilig and we learn a lot. Especially woman bi in the münder kei is afraid that he has been driving since woman hönd ned car or that he is quickly upset wil wil woman " ostensibly " ned car hönd, nei nei he would have quite a lot of patience and nerve. Shortly before the test he makes a pressure, which is very positive about the next day the driving test are the ned nervous. And you create our first one ;) hani au ned thinks to me this is our first one and now it's almost 3 wuch her woni de fahruswies han and isch until now all smooth glove :) So I recommend your driving instructor from the bottom up. He's the best!

Was füräs Glück, das mer am Bildschirm nöd rot cha werde - so Feedbacks hauet mich immer wieder um! Danke villmal für's Kompliment, liebi Dragana und ich gib au gli eis z'rrugg: Du bisch definitiv immer die "am beschte g'luuneti Fahrschülerin" gsi. Selte so glacht währed de Fahrstund! Bliib so wie'd bisch und mach im Läbe immer alles so, wie a dinere Fahrprüefig... Gratulation

Date: 06.04.2011

jaah sali zeme :) it ish eso why most sho gshribe hend, he hets easy to handle xD i han ja selbst mini zwiifel gha obi würkli serstmal sho durechuum bide prüefig, but wiler mich sehr gut het prepared and with bissl glück bini ohni grossi problem durecho :) hearty thanks to love nachber (rené) and see you :)

Tja Markus, so stell ich mir än Nachber vor! Er kam, sah, fuhr und siegte! Gratuliere, hätti sälber nöd besser chönne mache! C U

Date: 06.04.2011

Mhhmm... what a nice big saw:) is everything nice since:) I am very happy thanks to him that I have passed the car test :) what is sure no bsunders z schetzä isch, isch that he is very patient :) and simply generally very open and fond personality :) more cha himself therefore each time riisig uf sini driving lesson freuä :)

Jasmin, ganz herzlichi Gratulation zum Uswiis!!! Ha mich au immer wieder dörfe freue uf spannendi und luschtigi Fahrstunde. Au wenn'd Bergsichere etz hassisch, defür chasches vo allne glaub am beschte :)Mach jedefalls witer so im Läbe.... LG

Date: 15.03.2011

He is a very good and reliable teacher with whom one likes to hold his driving lessons. He is open and communicative. Also driving technique, one learns very quickly new and goes soo sure it goes to the test. Anyway, he's preparing a super for it.

Herzliche Gratulation liebe Ladina und vielen Dank für die vielen Sterne. Hoffe, du bleibst so fröhlich, wie in den Fahrstunden!! Wünsche dir ganz viel Erfolg beim Studium und wir sehen uns sicher...LG

Date: 04.03.2011

I learned a lot and quickly from René. I felt very comfortable and it was always a very friendly atmosphere, which accelerated the whole learning phase; if it's fun, you do it better! ;) I would definitely recommend him! :) Thank you René!

Erst mal ganz herzliche Gratulation, das beim ersten Mal bestehen liegt wohl in der Familie und dann noch weniger Aufwand, als dein Bruder! Danke für die coole Zeit, hat echt Spass gemacht! Wünsche Dir ganz viel Erfolg für dein Studium, mach sie alle platt...! LG

Date: 27.02.2011

Weni de Rene from 1 to 6 mues evaluate that I would evaluate in öpe mitere 100. No, I don't want him to have to saw me. He's the best driving instructor I've ever seen. I have learnt to be a student and I am an examiner and grade durecho. And hani only thanks for that. Hey Rene nomal merci filmal für dini understüzig wo du mier gä häsch. I wish the real gueti zit and only best for you and dini family. Dear greetings Pascal

Pascal, hesch suuber annebracht, Gratuliere!! Und mitem neue Uswiis macht de neui Job grad no meh Spass, hoffe, Du gahsch richtig uf debi. Vill Glück für'd Zuekunft!

Date: 21.02.2011

hehe has created auno thank you René is very happy with you. Thanks to you bini even bim erschtemal dure cho. Lg luki

Danke, danke Luki, gratulier dir nomal ganz herzlich zu dim Uswiis! Es g'hört ebe au no echli Glück dezue, aber au Leischtig, welli du genau i dene 50 Minute zeigt hesch, bravo! Mach wiiter so i dim Läbe... LG René

Date: 10.02.2011

Yes, de René. The best driving instructors in the world. He's patient, spontaneous, flexible, answers all your questions, if you have to, he'll leave you late at noon and he'll have a mega quick reacktionszit. I will recommend you a all mini kellege witerempfehlen and wish the all gueti and stayed as you bisch René. Greeting Haminton Ventura

Ja, de Haminton, wenni a dem Tag hätt müesse uf'n Schüler wette, hätti uf dich g'setzt! Hesch super abg'liefert. Isch zu allem anne no ä super Ziit gsi mit dir und irgendeinisch hesch au sone Reaktion. Isch alles nur echli Üebig und Voraussicht. Danke für dine Empfehlige und ich gsehn dich unterwägs. LG René

Date: 04.02.2011

From me, of course, only the best rating! Thank you very much. This was not an easy task;). All the best for the future!

Liebe Tamara, ich geb dir volle Zustimmung, das war nicht so einfach mit den vielen Unterbrüchen. Studieren geht aber dennoch vor. Von mir bekommst du 10 Sterne für deinen unbrechbaren Ehrgeiz und deine Ausdauer. Letzteres wird dich in deinem Leben sehr weit bringen. Bleib wie du bist und zeigs den Chinesen...LG René

Date: 29.01.2011

It was a great time. I can only recommend him to others

Danke Adrien, isch cool gsi und ich wird dich au witer empfehle, a'd Schwiizer Schwümmnati, wenn's nöd sälber druf chömmed. Ich hoffe, mer g'höred vonenand. LG René

Date: 26.01.2011

So by mier au *6* stars, and a clearly recommended :-) D lessons are always super gsi. There's always a lot of new stuff going on, so it's going to be a long time anyway (with René it's going to be a long time anyway :-)) and we're going to be quick, so we're going to have to check it out. Nevertheless always so clarified that mer mer merke das chan merke. (Thus the d Kupplig then scho times to dinere Fründin... :-)) And if ever something nöd bim the first time erchläre scho verstande han, bini again and again fründlich druf higwiese werden. After the first test date, the René recommends us a nominal 1000 lessons, but only as much as we need to fill the gap. The only thing is, that we can, we can, we can, we can, we can separate ourselves from the VW ;-) Greetings, Samuel

Samuel, ich schlaahn dir vor, das dis erschti Auto au e Sitzheizig sött ha, aber jetz chunnt e de Frühling und denn bruuchsch ehner Klima. Danke für die gueti Ziit mit dir, bisch sehr gelehrig gsi und mängisch bruchts je nach Experte au 2 Versüech. Hauptsach, du hesches gschafft. Alles Gueti fürd Zukunft. LG René

Date: 15.01.2011

I can only recommend you the driving school Essbach everything was very good

Bojan, du bisch au super gsi, eifach dini Uspüff sind mängisch echli luut, wege dem bisch glich n'guete Autofahrer. Danke für die lässigi Ziit, mer gseht sich ja immer wieder. LG René

Date: 22.12.2010

Hey, René, I'm getting six stars. 1 One for dini patience, one willt sit em Afang a mich glaubt hesch. 2 a word motivating for dini a every driving hour. 3 one for dini super helpful tips. 4 one for din isatz wodsch show each individual student. 5 one for the exciting and fun driving lesson. 6 one for the many kafi wod mer spendiert hesch. ;-) Actually, there would be no much more strength for you René! Isch würkli super gsi with you zeme en Löli z si :-D I will recommend you uf any case wiiter because it git würkli nüd bad zsäge. I'm so cute, so keep an eye on the exams. Thanks to the dice many times. very dear greetings and see you soon, Svenja

...wow, was soll ich sagen, bin sprachlos oder zuwenig kreativ, um eine Antwort auf so eine Einschätzung zu schreiben. Danke danke danke danke ... Ich gebe Dir mindestens 6 Sterne zurück für alles Mögliche, bleib, wie Du bist! Hat mega Spass gemacht - gratuliere nochmal und wir sehen uns. LG René

Date: 13.12.2010

The Rene is a great driving instructor! I would have an infinite amount of patience, except for sunny ones like me, where "lightning-fast strikers" are driving according to the driving style and until shortly before the test cage the shifting is so under control! The driving hours are always good and fun, the driving fun is always there despite the constructive, serious and accurate larns and explanations! I'm a very good examinee, and I've just passed my first exam! ;) Thanks Rene, for dini uncomplicated way, for simple and understandable explanation (au bim tuusigschte Mal no... ;)). And to the fact that reverse gear will still be my friend! :P Meh gsht sich dänn certainly times uf d Strass again... ;) Liäbi Grüässli, Annina

Annina, isch Wurscht, wo der Rückwärtsgang ist, ich hab Riesenrespekt vor Dir, denn Du hast mit nur einer Eingewöhnungsstunde die Prüfung als Erste und beim ersten Mal auf meinem neuen "R" bestanden. Ausserdem liegt beim KA der Gang rechts hinten, den solltest Du kennen, weil der jetzt dein ständiger Begleiter ist, wenn ich also einen gelben KA sehe, mache ich Lichthupe! Gratuliere herzlich und alles Gute für die Zukunft. PS: feini Schogginüssli!

Date: 30.11.2010

hej rené! Merci much times for the gueti driving lesson..would every zit again to you cho wenns mues si ;-). Must really sail, hesch damn much patience kha with me :D.. Bishop a great driving instructor and just keep doing so... pressure of the fast t'dume damits for you continue to good runs i dim bruef :D you natural from witer recommend :d Darling grüessli Jennifer Marra

Also Jennifer, ich hoffe nicht, das du nochmal zu mir kommen musst, da müsstest du deine Weiterbildungskurse verpassen. Aus allen anderen Gründen kannst du jederzeit... Hat viel Spass gemacht... Gratuliere... Tequilla-Abend ist noch offen...!!! Also melde dich.

Date: 29.11.2010

So I han bahgah in the René driving lesson and am always full zfriede gsi. He would have always explained everything in a super comprehensible way and above all he would have a lot of patience, except that if everything went wrong he would always remain very calm. What I found very good was that he had motivated me again and again, so that it was always a lot of fun to drive. Bim René hani würkli s`feeling in öpis drah lends that the student driver will be good and safe driver. So if he is looking for a serious, patient, flexible and friendly driving instructor, he is in the right place. And last but not least, thanks to René saw, for your patience, I know that I am just a simple student driver and sorry for the eternal long time cho. Greetings, Marco V.

Lieber Marco, da ich dich ja fast einmal wöchentlich am Bahnhof Oerlikon treffe, brauch ich garnicht soviel zu schreiben. Aus deinem glücklichen Gesicht kann ich jedesmal lesen, das du mit meiner Leistung zufrieden bist. Ich hatte immer den Eindruck, du bist ein Kämpfer und das hast du bei deiner Prüfung auch bewiesen. Glückwunsch nochmals!

Date: 19.11.2010

I find that René sini sach makes very good. Au woni schweri zihte gha han het het mir ghulfe. He's out of college for one. And he's gonna stay that way. For him na alles gueti in future.

...er sollte nur mehr Zeit haben, um seine guten Bewertungen zu beantworten! Sorry, liebe Michelle, aber es sehr viel Spass gemacht, dich zu unterrichten. Bin stolz auf deine sehr gute Leistung. Gratulation! Ich wünsche Dir auf jedenfall alles Gute für die Zukunft und allzeit gute und unfallfreie Fahrt. LG René

Date: 18.11.2010

I had liked it very much and felt very comfortable with R.Essbach. Namal, thank you René...) Dear Greetings Vany

Liebe Vany, danke für die lustige Zeit, ich war immer sehr froh, wenn ich bei dir das Radio lauter stellen konnte, denn du hast meistens mitgesungen. Soviel zu deiner guten Laune, die du in jeder Fahrstunde verbreitet hast. Gratuliere nochmal ganz herzlich und wünsch dir viel Erfolg in deinem Beruf, lass dich nicht stressen und immer nach vorne auf dem Grünen!!!

Date: 13.11.2010

De Réne isch supper!! Always very instructive, exciting and funny hour with Scirocco(chani only recommend to learn on the car...does everything from elei :-)) For me it's a great advantage gsi, sini flexibility, because I can do it up to 8ti and it's not possible to go gha han! Thank you :-) See you soon!

De Desi au! Ähhhm allei macht mis Auto also scho nüt, mer muess ebe wüsse, wie bediene, denn gahts scho eifacher. Aber wäri scho lässig, ich hetti me Freiziit, und mis Auto würd Fahrstund geh. Mal ade Auto Züri luege, obs so öppis i nächschte Zuekunft git! Also Desi, fahr sicher und see u @ snus oder so.

Date: 30.10.2010

Hey, Rene. Bishop simply the best driving instructor. The driving lessons are au always super gsi. I chan only recommend you and thank you very much for diini help :) Best regards jeevan

Nomal herzlichi Gratulation, eigentli bruchsch du gar keis Billet, well, wenn du dann CEO vo de UBS bisch, muesch kein Meter me allei go fahre, dann bini eh din Chauffeur, gell? Aber bis die Position erreichschm, wünschi dir vill Spass bim Ummefahre!!! LG

Date: 28.09.2010

Very good ;-)

Danke Meli, gratuliere nomal! Wünsch dir für'd Zuekunft alles Gueti. Fahr guet und grüess mal, wenn'd mi uf'd Strass triffsch! LG René

Date: 25.09.2010

D'Fahrshuel ESSBACH ish nume witerzempfehlen!! De René is VERY patient and decent a very ufgshtellti person. Thanks vil vil mal, René for dini Supporting and thatsd in spite of komishi hour shlussändlich immerno a me believes hesh :) Cha's bis ez immerno nig so quite believe what happened to me on Sept. 20 ish.. That's exactly how a driving instructor has to... Aso, blib wied bish! Hoffendli gitz for Chüssi widr e Verwändig ;)! Grüessli Patricia

Ich cha also scho glaube, was da passiert isch, du hesch 100 % Leischtig müesse bringe, und hesch öpper 110% abgliefert. So bestaht mer denn au sone Fahrprüfig. Supi! und dis Chüssi het au scho än neue Klient g'funde. Wünsch dir volle Erfolg für all dine Ziel! LG

Date: 20.09.2010

Reviews from Melanie Handschin

I'm recommending the student driver number to you! Super hour xi!

Het mega Spass g'macht mit dir Mela, gratuliere namal, hoffe, du g'sehsch mi no mit dim Flitzer. Danke für dis Vertraue!

Date: 15.09.2010

the René is a super driving instructor, the driving lessons are always serious and nevertheless very funny. I can only recommend René!!! A driving instructor where you can understand what you have to do, but more times you have to look longer, especially in summer ;) --> merci rené lg marco

Danke Marco, hesch supper g'macht, d'Magnumflasche Schempis isch dann fein gsi! Mit de Blicktechnik isch dann im Neujahr fertig, Bahnhof Oerlike wird Baustelle, wie schaad!Grins...

Date: 09.09.2010

Hee Renè thank you much mol han always u e fungigigi fahrstund mit dir ka:) except if mer now and then üs hend müasse zemariesse:D I am very sure of my driving ability and you know since I know that you can slap you weisch :) every vic het existed :), and het gad bim 1. mal klappet :) and de Scirocco isch GENIAL :) although he hängeloh het a minere Fahrüffig :D Alsoo lüüüt das isch de geilst Fahrfhrer wo es git;) sympathetically funny and very very patient;) recommend him only aster:) until soon mol ufd autobahn:P

Liebi Sandra! Für das, dass Du d'Fahrstunde meh als Heibringservice nach em Schaffe bruucht hesch, hesch die Prüefig uf em fremde Auto suuber angebracht! Bin stolz uf Dich! Ja, mir gxehnd ois sicher mal unterwägs und bis denn: fahr vorsichtig! Lg René

Date: 06.09.2010

To evaluate this driving school (René) it is very difficult if you can only award from 1 to 6 points. I'd give 10!! Such a sympathetic driving instructor with a lot of patience, understanding... a lot of humor and joy, is simply GENIAL. I am no longer the youngest with 36j, but I made it the first time and 8am in the morning, which is not my time. Great thanks René, every hour was worth it and I will recommend you.

Hey Raffi! Da werde ich ja fast rot bei soviel Lob... Danke Dir für Dein Vertrauen und die tolle Atmosphäre mit Dir im Auto! Hat wirklich Spass gemacht mit Dir zu fahren. Wir werden uns sicher wieder mal sehen, spätestens zum shoppen ;-) Hab ich nämlich nicht vergessen... Und danke noch für Deine Computerdienste! Falls also mal einer meiner Fahrschüler Hilfe bezüglich seines PC's braucht, werde ich sicher WWW.WEBLINE.CH empfehlen ;-) LG René

Date: 31.08.2010

There is only one word where de René and sini Fahrstunde chanibe inscribe: GENIAL! With a sincere and well-founded way, René simply always manages to motivate his students and get the best use out of them. He has a lot of patience and likes to explain things twice. Both an idea and a sense of depth, as well as a sense of humour do not count at René uf a case. So if we were to have a serious and fun way of learning to drive a car, then both Essbach driving students would be just right! Merci René, I've never been to Denmark to be so quick to bring this to my attention and to do some testing! So you and Shirocco will miss each other so much!

Liebi Steffi! Du hesch vo mir glernt mit 160 PS umezrössle und ich vo Dir wie 1 PS funktioniert ;-) Ich wünsche Dir für Dini Zuekunft alles Gueti, dass Dich bald chasch entscheide was studiere wotsch und e supertolli Ziit in Australie! Lg René

Date: 30.08.2010

He's super!!!!!

Du au!!!! ;-) Lg René (Minimalismus olééééé)

Date: 27.08.2010

Very honest and sympathetic person. Recommended Responds to wishes and needs and makes the driving lesson rich in learning. Explanations are easy to understand. Thank you. Thank you. All the best for the future René.

Liebe Ali! Danke für Dis Vertraue und nomal Gratulation zum "Lappe"! Wünsche Dir für Dini Zuekunft viel Erfolg und bis bald mal. D'Visitekarte sind im Fall super! Danke!! Lg René

Date: 26.08.2010

Hey rene, sry it git only 6 dearest 10 stern would make but it gaht somehow nöd. must say bisch de geilscht and de bescht driver where I know, and must helich say het full fun gmacht with you fahrstunde make!!

Isch leider nur ganz än churze Spass gsi, bi aber trotzdem stolz uf dini super Leischtig! Wer im Läbe öppis wot erreiche, muess au ä Portion Sälbschvertraue und Muet mitbringe. Gratuliere nomal! LG René

Date: 18.08.2010

jaa sali rene hm yes i chan you au only witer recommend bish en cool type with much patience :) and thank you au for all tips where mer hesh chöne geh... en lg vo schwamedinge ;)

Hey Simon, gratuliere nochmal herzlich zur bestandenen Prüfung. Grossen Respekt, ich hoffe, dein Marktwert hat sich mit Erlangen des FA erhöht und du kannst jetzt die Fahrzeugbranche richtig aufmischen!!! Du wirst sicher deinen Weg gehen(oder fahren). Ich bin jedenfalls immer wieder stolz, wenn erfolgreiche Leute aus dem K 12 hervor gehen. Alles Gute für die Zukunft...

Date: 21.07.2010

Rene's a pleasant guy. Explains very well. Passed the Fürher exam twice. I'd go right back to driving school with him. I can only recommend. Thank you, Rene, all the best. Catherine

Ich sage nur: Gut gemacht! Mit den wenigen Möglichkeiten zum Üben hast Du das bestens hingekriegt. Hat immer wieder Spass gemacht. LG René

Date: 09.07.2010

Chan de René as a driving instructor only recommend him, he is very patient, he can theoretically do very good things or show off with sim chline game car:) Han him never bad glunet experienced ussert a the day where germany us de wm gheit isch;-) (A their Stell nomal mis herzlichschte bileid ;-)) Vanessa

Gäll, mis Zeigeäuteli isch genial, aber mir händ alles 50:1 i'd Realität umgsetzt. Gratulation nomal!! Und ja, ich stah'n dezue, das ich würkli mies druf g'si bi, wo mini Mannschaft verseit het. Aber am Schluss isch's richtigi Team Wältmeischter worde, so, wie du vorus g'seit häsch. Fahr guet...

Date: 06.07.2010

hoi rené thanks namal, that thanks to you the check in the 1st run existed han. isch en guete decision gsi, d verruefig s first time verschiebe, wüli den ja churz devor no 3 wuch i de ferie gsi bin. i chan you only witerempfommen. bisch en super Fahrlehrer und chasch eim alles sehr gut und schnell bibringe! Greetings Fabian

Tja Fabian, war ein super Monat für die Spanier, auch für Dich! Ich gratuliere Dir nochmals herzlich zu deiner beim 1. Mal bestandenen Prüfung. Hast Du super gemacht. Ich hoffe, dein weiterer Berufsweg verläuft ebenso glatt. LG René

Date: 01.07.2010

Hello, René. I'll take you for a ride. Bisch immer mega guet gluunet gsi und ich chan d Fahrschule Essbach nume wiiter empfehlen!! It's 1A gsi, chans nöd differently described. Nöd z vergessen, de Scirocco isch GENIAL!! :D Dear greeting Michi

Michi G., mit dir isch eifach Hammer gsi, luschtig aber immer ernschthaft und mit dem nötige Biss häsch dich as Ziel bracht, und bim 1.Mal b'schtande. Gratuliere!

Date: 17.06.2010

I can't recommend René enough. With his humour and patience, learning is fun. As René speaks fluent German & English it is easy to learn quickly and with a feeling of security. An excellent teacher!

Karyna, Karyna...Congratulations! I'll really miss our "blond moments". Werde die Fahrstunden nie vergessen. War stets voller Humor made in UK. Wünsche dir für deine Zukunft alles alles Gute und bleib, wie du bist. LG René

Date: 15.06.2010

Mini test is pretty good. But chan nume saw: He's super and he's trying very hard. I am the first time dure cho ;-) although i almost ke privati driving possibility gha han, with few hour, existed the first time. He's a recommendable number.....

Liebe Manu, nach so langer Zeit fällt es mir trotzdem nicht schwer, nachträglich zu gratulieren. Ich wünsche Dir und deiner Familie alles Glück und kommt immer gut an, wo auch immer ihr hin fahrt. Man sieht sich...

Date: 15.06.2010

Ciao René, It's a good idea to be DIR and to drive with a wise Scirocco:-) I'm very fluid around driving with my yellow car... The first day of the course hani scho hinde mir... You have a lot of patience with me, I am not a student, but fortunately I am the second time durre cho!!!!! I thank you for the trouble and hope to see you soon again Grüesslii Patrizia

Liebe Patrizia, an Dir kann sich so mancher Fahrschüler ein Beispiel nehmen, kaum bestanden - schon die erste Weiterbildung absolviert, "Schapoo" oder wie auch immer man das schreibt;-)Gratuliere nochmal und halt auf dem Laufenden wegen deiner Karriere...

Date: 15.06.2010

Very patient & flexible with plan changes as well as extremely likeable way to teach the new driver how to drive. Absolutely recommendable!

Hi Fabienne, gratuliere nochmals, hat Spass gemacht mit Dir, was so'ne blöde Schraube alles ausmacht. Hat alles genau so ablaufen müssen;-)Einfach höhere Macht. Fahr gut und man sieht sich...

Date: 14.06.2010

I come from the Philippines, not my first time to drive but and since I came here, getting behind the wheel was nerve-racking and staying focused was impossible for me. But after some lessons with Rene, these things changed. Easing my nerves was his first concern. He's calm and verv patient, encouraging but never pushy. Once he felt I was comfortable, he would start giving me some helpful and effective instructions for my shifts and turns, and driving with ease on the highway. Even made parallel parkings so easy. So, you guys out there who wish to get the license with straightforwardness, this driving school is for you. I definitely made the right choice. More power to you, Rene and thank you so much!

...Chrisandra, i'm totally speechless and proud too. Thank you so much for this comment. I wish you all the best for staying here in switzerland and hopefully we'll see us on the road! Congratulations

Date: 27.05.2010

Hey, René! Are every time super driving lessons gsi with you! Bishop en cool guy and häsch mr ales super bibracht! I recommend you everywhere witer:-) And yes to the Scirocco, it's just a great part to pass to the cruise! Mer ghört sich gli mal und allererschpötischtens wän de R häsch:-) Greetings Jan

Sorry Jan, das ich erst jetzt zu schreiben komme, aber Du weisst ja, immer zu tun. Bist'n super Typ, mach deinen Weg und in einem Jahr hast Du auch einen R! Sonst bist Du immer herzlich willkommen...Gratuliere!!!

Date: 27.05.2010

Ehj Rene I want the nomal for everything thanks. Bishop simply and super driving instructors me chamer ned expected by you. During the few hours of driving you will become a good colleague and you will keep in touch. Would every time again bi dier fahrstunde nä and I will recommend di wiiter!!! BRAVO! Greeting Stiven Cunha

...und ich würd jedes Mal wieder mit Dir Auto fahren, da wir ja jetzt Kollege sind, könntest Du ja nach dem Ausgang heim fahren - für Neulenker gilt eh 0,0 Promille!!! Gratuliere... Meet us soon Grins ;-)

Date: 20.05.2010

I came from Indonesia and without knowing how to drive on the right side I decided to take lessons with Rene. Today I took the exam and I passed ! Thanks to all theory and practice from him ! He is a very competent driving instructor who knows not only the rules but also the practice. Really recommended!

I really enjoy'd driving with you. Congratulations for 1st Try, you've got only one chance and you passed successful, simply great, Derry...

Date: 12.05.2010

Simply Super! I passed for the first time ;) thanks to René's obliging, friendly and witty manner. I'd re-elect him right now! mfg gio

Hi Gio, als erstes musst du deiner Mutter danken, dann dankst du Dir und deinem Fleiss und als letztes danke ich dir für das entgegen gebrachte Vertrauen. Hat Spass gemacht, alles Gute für dein Studium!

Date: 10.05.2010

He's the best!! Najbolji Ucitelj!

...du natürlich auch!!! Danke. Der beste Lehrer bin ich vielleicht nicht, das möchte ich mir nicht anmassen, aber ich werde sicher auch in Zukunft mein Bestes geben, um weiterhin glückliche Fahrschüler nach bestandener Fahrprüfung zu sehen. Danke für die gute Zeit...

Date: 27.04.2010

Sorry rene hed bim first time only the conclusion gno has ned gseh :) Thanks for the casual ziit woni mid dier gha han , merci das mi dur prüefig bracht hesh ish hammer ! so I han you sho wiiterempfelt ;) overall he courteously pleasantly funny serious efachd number guet drum nemed in ;)


Date: 27.04.2010

He's super courteous, pleasantly witty, serious, just great.

Gratuliere Pädde, ich danke Dir für die tolle Bewertung, bin auf jeden Fall stolz auf dich und du hast beim ersten mal überzeugend gezeigt, was du kannst! War ne` super Zeit. Man sieht sich in Höri...

Date: 06.04.2010

Rene, thank you so much for everything. You had so much patience with me and now after such a long time I finally passed;) I will definitely recommend you! Greetings, Linda

Liebe Linda! Was lange wärt, wird endlich gut!! Du hast das trotz widrigen Umständen (Du weisch was ich meine ;-)) tiptop gemeistert! Viel Erfolg im Beruf und für Deine weitere Zukunft nur das Beste! Lg René

Date: 30.03.2010

Best driving instructor there is, I thank you for the good time, you have worked with a lot of patience, flexibility and motivation for me to the goal and now we finally made it! Keep up the good work René you will become the most successful driving instructor of all time! LG and see you soon in Oerlikon ;) David.

Hey David! First: danke, dass Du wegen mir manchmal so früh aufgestanden bist ;-) Es hat mir mit Dir immer viel Spass gemacht und ich wünsche Dir für alles was noch kommen mag viel Erfolg! See you in Oerlikon oder Mexiko -je nachdem was mir vorher schaffed ;-) Lg René

Date: 25.03.2010

Every 50 minutes at Rene were unique and intense - we had a lot to laugh about! He taught me that I can also be a Bündner driving student in Zurich ;-) I can highly recommend him as a driving instructor, he is competent and very patient! Thank you very much for getting me through the exam the first time!!! Grüassli vu diner favourite bundler

Bevor du wieder mit mir schimpfst, hier nun endlich mein Statement: Das Vorurteil "BündnerInnen auf Zürich's Strassen" hast Du glamourös widerlegt!!! Bravo und die Bratwurst holen wir noch nach ;-) Lg René

Date: 25.03.2010

Bim René makes learning to drive simply fun! He is very courteous and feverish with eim himself until the test date. He explains everything very precisely and has a very good flow. Shortly around he is a great driving instructor and it is simply it must to him wiiter recommend!

Sali Daniela! Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm - oder: wer extra früh aufsteht für Fahrstunden wird dafür auch belohnt ;-) Werde Dich beim Morgenkaffee vermissen, freu mich aber trotzdem mit Dir über die bestandene Prüfung! liebe Grüsse, auch an Deine Familie und nochmals ein "merci" an Dein Mami ;-) René

Date: 18.03.2010

Heey René Nomal vile thanks for everything. I've never seen it go so fast in Denmark until I get the letter. Imagine me being on a Christmas holiday, being on a fast train :D When a driving instructor looks for a René, he is a casual guy ;-)

Sali Jenndhwill! Ich danke Dir! Bin eifach nur stolz uf Dich, hesch guet gmacht! Grüessli René P.S: mir chönd ja mal zäme go shoppe... ;-)

Date: 17.03.2010

Wener en funny, patient, love, super goodness, mega great and hammer moderate driving instructors sueched the sinder bim Rene right :) He git super tips and is always for it funli zha... I don't think of any more humane and lower-quality driving instructors than him. :) ________________________________________ It word to Rene himself: Dini in the future Aston Martin driver is currently on the road with me (as usual) Alfa Romeo, if you feel like it for a driving instructor former driving pupil Battle hesch, we've got a car signal :D Dini Meli

Sali Meli! Jetzt isch mir endlich öpis in Sinn cho...: isch cool gxi ;-)) Wie gxeit, s'Battle chasch ha, aber mir warted mal uf de Schnee! Und uf de Aston Martin, denn hesch e reelli Chance... Alles Gueti und bis denn Grüessli René

Date: 03.03.2010

top or flop? There is only one answer: TOP!!! Rene is a super type and has me with only 19.5 hours within 2.5 months through the exam brought!!! Was always a lot of fun going to driving lesson with Rene! I felt safe and the Scirocco is a great car! Keep up the good work Rene ;-) Greetings from the false Ukrainians (yanik)

Sali Yanik! Du hesch es ja au TOP gmacht! Wünsche Dir für Dini Zuekunft alles gueti und mir bliibed in Kontakt. Bliib so wie Du bisch Gruess René

Date: 16.02.2010

Rene made me ready for my exam with 18 driving lessons. I didn't have the chance to drive at all and still took a successful exam at the first attempt after the 18 hours of driving. As a person I liked Rene very much, you notice that the student is important to him and he lives his job. I also felt very safe with him in the car and he always explained things to me so that I understood them. Besides, there was always room for a little humor. Rene is in my eyes simply the perfect driving instructor xD he knew what he was doing so he is very competent and he also knows how to teach people. He's got a scirocco .p for that. and he speakes very good english .)

Hey Harry! Hatte riesigen Spass mit Dir, werde Dich als Fahrschüler vermissen, aber wir bleiben in Kontakt. Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen nur das Beste für Deine Zukunft und das alles so kommt wie Du es Dir wünscht! Good luck on your boat and take care!!! I'm very proud of you.... ;-) Greeeeeetz René

Date: 12.02.2010

very nice, sympathetic and good driving instructor I can only recommend further so rene bye your jugo

Hey Ivan Danke! Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner (bald ;-)) jungen Familie alles, alles Gute für die Zukunft! Bleib wie Du bist und viel Spass als Papi ;-)Fahr vorsichtig! Lg René

Date: 07.02.2010

Hi René, nomals 100'000 thanks for dini super help and the very helpful tips! Thanks to you bini very safe ad driving test, and s het gad bim 1st time klappet :) Seeeehr to wiiterempfehle! Do wiiter so! Lg Alexandra

Ciao Alexandra, vieeelen Dank fürs Kompliment, hat mega Spass gemacht, mit dir zu fahren. Ich wünsch Dir auf jeden Fall eine unfallfreie Zukunft und auch sonst das Allerbeste auf deinem Weg. Und bevor ich es vergesse, einen lieben Gruss an's Mami, dank Ihr ist das Ganze erst ins Rollen gekommen:-)Wir sehen uns auf jeden Fall auf den Strassen. Liebe Grüsse René

Date: 31.01.2010

Heeeeeey people... Had a lot of nice comments dine...chan eig. just agree. He's the best driver where it's possible :) If you have a lot of patience and everything to the target cho...besides that he's a super driving instructor, he's a humorous, funny person, is casual with you René. Thank you!

Merhaba Gönül! Danke für Deine netten Worte! War eine tolle Zeit mit Dir, zur bestanden Prüfung herzliche Gratulation! Viel Glück und Freude für Dein zukünftiges Leben und bis bald mal... Güle güle!

Date: 03.01.2010

Hey, René. thanks for dini driving student it is very lernriich gsi...and thanks to you hanis first time existed! it would have been fun except if I am e schwirigi gsi:)and no en guete start in the new year! lg mary

Saletti Mary! Schwierig oder nöd - hauptsach bestande und viel zum Lache gha! Viel Freud und Spass wiiterhin und bis denn mal.... buona fortuna per il tuo futuro! Lg René

Date: 30.12.2009

Also made it with the rating;).Better late than never. I gave you the full score! I can warmly recommend the driving school Essbach to everyone!

Salü Peter! Danke für deinen positiven Eintrag! Auch Dir gratuliere ich natürlich zum "Blätz" und wünsche Dir für Deine Zukunft nur das Beste! Lg René

Date: 16.12.2009

Thank you for all your help to get my swiss drivers licence. You were really clear in your explantions, patient with my mistakes and emphasized my weaknesses so we could practice them till I was ready for the test. The car was great to drive and I always enjoyed the friendly conversations and your flexibility yet punctuality when organizing meetings. I will gladly recommend Rene to anyone needing any help with their driving, he was an excellent teacher.

Dear Tessa, thanks for your nice comment and many thanks for trust in me. It was a pleasure, to teach you. For the study, i wish you all the best and success (what else)!!! Greeeez René

Date: 16.12.2009

Super teacher,nice,sympathetic and very friendly.do you want to pass your driving exam?because RENE is here ;-) rene thank you vieeellmol.Michael

Hi Michael, danke für die netten Worte, welche man im Leben wahrscheinlich nur einmal von einem M U S I K S T A R bekommen wird. Bleib wie Du bist und gib Acht auf den Schweizer Strassen!Viel Erfolg für Deine weitere Karriere. Ich seh Dich auf jeden Fall in Niederhasli...LG René

Date: 13.12.2009

Salii René. Ejj lüt das isch de geilst Fahrfhrer where it git. Han bi him just once 11 hour kha. First time in regesdorf existed! And with sim horny VW makes it no more fun to drive! With him we always het öpis z'laugh. I highly recommend him. (Za svi srbi: Obazava nas narod, najbolji driving instructor!) Greetings Stefan ;-)

Hoi Stef! Hat mega Spass gemacht, mit Dir zu fahren. Danke für die schöne Bewertung. Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns auch weiterhin zwischendurch. Bis dahin viel Spass mit deinem schicken BMW und bleib unfallfrei! LG René

Date: 12.12.2009

heeeeeeeeej leut`s the driving students chani eu only further recommend, except if it left right deficit hend ;), I have existed mini au first time and that with 16 driving hour. I have been super prepared, and the Schirocco is a natural thing for you! Rene thanks a lot..and see you soon, dear gruess Ljubica

Sali Ljubi! Jaja, links und rechts ;-) Aber Du hast das ja super gemeistert und ich gratuliere Dir nochmals ganz herzlich zum "Lappe"! Eine tolle, unfallfreie Zeit wünscht Dir René

Date: 02.12.2009

Hy all ZH ürcher...! driving school essbach is very competent in all situations. The driving instructor is fully motivated and interested in sini students. There is no problem to change the date and time but it does not change every time! ( Churz gseit wemmer in Züriunderland lives gits no better driving instructor). And no öpis at the end Wenner richtig wend Lerne Autofahre (Essbach Fahrschule) announce. Ciao tsemme

Hey Josua! Danke, danke! Und nomal Gratulation zur Prüefig und viele Dank für Dis Vertraue. Fahr vorsichtig und heb Dir Sorg. Lg René

Date: 29.11.2009

The driving lessons with René Essbach were absolutely brilliant. By his friendly and uncomplicated kind one learns very fast very much and it has me again and again fun prepared ;) I already passed the first exam because he prepared me very well for it. I would take him back as a driving instructor at any time and can only recommend him. Greetings Michèle

Sali Michéle! Auch Dir ganz herzliche Gratulation zur Prüfung, hast Du super gemacht. Und auch Danke, dass ich Dein "Face-Scanning" bestanden habe ;-) Gute Fahrt weiterhin wünscht Dir René

Date: 26.11.2009

Very good instructor. Helped me preparing to driving test, which I successfully passed.

Дорогой Владимир! It was a pleasure to work with you! Always a safety drive and take care! дорогие приветы René

Date: 09.11.2009

Rene Essbach is a very professional driver. With him one can see further progress after each Farstunde at itself. With his calm and friendly nature there was always a pleasant climate in the car where you can drive relaxed. There were never stressful situations and when they were, they were always resolved quickly. Since I had already completed and passed the test after 11 driving hours, I can only recommend rene to others. Thanks Rene for the great driving lessons. Greez Martin

Sali Martin! Auch auf diesem Weg nochmals herzliche Gratulation! Hast Du super gemacht. Ich wünsche Dir eine gute Zeit und alles Gute für Deine Zukunft. Lg René

Date: 05.11.2009

De best wos je häts gitz!!! Rene is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. He makes his Breuf very serious and there is always a funny atmosphere in his car. Nabolji je obozava Balkance. :D

Hey Milos! Danke für Dein für Deine Worte und Dein Vertrauen. Eine lässige, unfallfreie Zeit wünscht Dir René

Date: 08.10.2009

Mr. Essbach is an absolute professional! He adapts to the student, preserves his nerves at all times and imparts his extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in a catchy way. I passed the exam the first time! Both thumbs up...

Sali Aaron! Gratuliere Dir nochmals zur bestanden Prüfung, hast Du toll hinbekommen! Eine unfallfreie Zeit und danke für Dein Vertrauen! Lg René

Date: 28.09.2009

the driving lessons were very instructive and a lot of fun! so I can warmly recommend it!

Auch Dir "Danke vielmal" und nochmals Gratulation zur bestandenen Prüfung! Lg René

Date: 22.09.2009

Great driving instructor! Super technical and methodical competence. This is how driving a car is really fun. Mr. Essbach makes the driving lessons very varied and you learn new things every driving lesson! Simply top! Unfortunately I am now on the road without Scirocco:( Thank you again and have a good trip! Lg, Dominik

Hoi Dominik! Gratuliere Dir nochmals zur bestandenen Prüfung! Auch ohne Scirocco eine gute, unfallfreie Zeit und das Auto darfst Du gerne mal waschen ;-) Lg René

Date: 08.09.2009

Good nerves and catchy explanations. There were sometimes misunderstandings, but on the whole good and efficient preparation for the exam. Thumbs up.

Hallo Roland, danke für deine kritischen Worte, obwohl du beim ersten Versuch Erfolg hattest. Bin natürlich immer drauf bedacht, besser zu werden. Für dein Studium wünsche ich Dir alles Gute. LG René

Date: 04.06.2009

Very goal-oriented approach with constructive feedback. René has a gift for explaining and is good at estimating which methods are appropriate. Very pleasant mood and always funny. And not to despise the VW Scirocco! It was fun.

Sali Patrizia! Nochmals Gratulation zur bestandenen Füherprüfung! Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne, wenn auch Scirocco-freie ;-), und unfallfreie Zeit! Danke für Dein Vertrauen. Liebe Grüsse René

Date: 16.05.2009

René is a very competent driving instructor and a super type! He led me uncomplicatedly and efficiently to my driving test. Everything he explains, he makes it make sense. The car is really easy to drive and a lot of fun! I can recommend René with a clear conscience! Greetings Marco

Sali Marco! Auch Dir danke herzlich für Deine Bewertung hier bei Fahrlehrervergleich.ch! Ich wünsche Dir allzeit gute, unfallfreie Fahrt! Lg René

Date: 03.04.2009

- fair price - friendly and cheerful manner - very patient - knows what he's talking about - super car! absolutely recommended for young, inexperienced learners!

Sali Christian Auch Dir herzlichen Dank für die gute Bewertung. Nochmals Gratulation zur bestandenen Führerprüfung und allzeit unfallfreie Fahrt. Liebe Grüsse René

Date: 17.03.2009

René can teach you how to drive perfectly in just a few lessons. He also has very fair prices for the lessons and especially one of the hottest cars the VW Scirocco

Hoi Marco! Besten Dank für Deine Bewertung und Dein Vertrauen. Nochmals herzliche Gratulation zur heute bestandenen Prüfung und allzeit gute, unfallfreie Fahrt! Lg René

Date: 14.01.2009

The driving lessons at Réne were always motivated and fun. Réne is a person set up;)His lessons are well structured and one has an overview of the progress made;) During the lesson there were many useful tips and explanations! I would recommend the Réne to everybody;);) One is very well prepared for the exam. Réne if I have problems then I come back to you.;) Réne thank you very much for having been very patient with me:) I thank you again a lot of times that I passed the car exam.;) Kind regards Ana

Liebe Ana Gratulation nochmals zur bestandenen Führerprüfung. Besten Dank für ein Vertrauen in unsere Fahrschule und eine unfallfreie Zeit. Lg René

Date: 04.12.2008

The driving lessons with René were always very motivating! He's a very patient and upstanding man. His lessons are well structured and you always have an overview of the progress made. Problems were discussed in a detailed feedback session at the end of the lesson. But also during the lesson there were many useful tips and explanations!!! The René is a great driving instructor and we recommend him! Greetings Patrick :D

Sali Patrick, danke für Dein tolles Feedback. Die Fahrstunden mit Dir waren echt erfrischend. Ich wünsch Dir auf jeden Fall immer gutes Ankommen. Lg René

Date: 28.11.2008

René made the impossible possible and not only taught me how to drive, but also gave me a lot of fun and pleasure! The driving lessons were always fun, the setup structured and the detailed feedback at the end of the lesson very valuable for private practice rides. He obviously enjoys his job very much - that was almost the most important thing for me. And, of course, that it worked the first time. Now I can't enjoy the new car, unfortunately... but maybe you let me drive times, then you may also times an emergency braking with my lay down :-) Thank you again for your endless patience with me and all the best!

Danke, liebe Annika, gratuliere Dir nochmals herzlich. Natürlich lass' ich Dich mal fahren, unter der Bedingung, ich darf mal mit deiner "Regierungskarrosse" s'Ründeli drehen. Viel Freude beim Fahren... LG René

Date: 30.09.2008

HAAAAMMMMEERR DRIVING INSTRUCTOR!!!!!! I recommend your allne..gönd to René, he is the best!!he is not only a good driving instructor but as a man mega twee and dear..Thanks René, hope we see each other soon again :-)

Hoi Sonia! Nochmals herzliche Gratulation zur heute bestandenen Führerprüfung und weiterhin "gueti Fahrt"! Lg René

Date: 17.09.2008

At René you have a very structured structure, this is very practical to learn how to drive from the ground up and completely. I think it's very good that after each lesson you get a "location" determination, so you always know what you can or must work on;-) René is a very pleasant driving instructor with a lot of patience...! ;-) I'd recommend René to everyone! One is prepared super for the examination! (Like so many others also I passed on "first go" = Thanks René!!!!) It was fun with him to complete my driving lessons. :-))I would teach him again any time! I insulate sense it MERCI a René, :-))))

Hallo! Danke für Deine tolle Bewertung, schön, dass Du zufrieden warst. Gute Fahrt und eine unfallfreie Zeit Lg René

Date: 07.08.2008

Super driving instructors! :-)

Liebe Sabrina! Danke und weiterhin gute Fahrt! Lg René

Date: 07.08.2008

Modern driving style combined with know-how! Enough of "old" stingy driving instructors? Are you looking for a smart, dynamic and young driving instructor, who can teach you how to drive in a simple and understandable way? A driver who responds to your wishes and ideas and optimally implements your training on the basis of personal planning? Then you've come to the right place with René Essbach! The driving lessons are fun and will take you a step further. I can only recommend it to you!

Sali Claudio! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin gute Fahrt, eine unfallfreie Zeit und hoffe man trifft sich mal wieder! Lg René

Date: 12.07.2008

A colleague recommended René to me and I am absolutely happy about it! He is patient, flexible and can explain things very well.

Saletti Mike! Danke! Und nochmals Gratulation zur bestanden Prüfung - Deine Wette hast Du damit allerdings verlohren!!! Ich hab's doch geschafft Dir das Fahren beizubringen und die Prüfung hast Du ja beim 1. Mal bestanden ;-) Lg René

Date: 07.07.2008

patient,professional,got through the first time!!!! 25 hours incl. exam, all others, who say they had less, lied. the driving instructor is highly recommended!!!

Sorry Remo, hab dich natürlich nicht vergessen, du fährst wahrscheinlich sehr bald mit dem unbefristeten Fahrausweis herum. Gratulation nochmals nachträglich...

Date: 08.12.2007

Super nice, very flexible, great specialist driving lessons. Highly recommended!

...liebe Claudia, waren echt tolle Fahrstunden mit dir. Gratuliere nochmals herzlich zum Führerschein.