Fahrflash reviews and experiences

Date: 17.10.2008

Hey, Jorge...Change the rating:-) Driving lesson si always mega flashig gsi, ämu for üs!! It hasn't cost as much as you do....even though you've been through a lot of testing, thanks to the direct motivating nature and the optimism, it's still no longer necessary to choose:-)) Eui Fahrschueu het mega gfägt and recommend me to everyone witer.....Liebi Grüess Tanja and Flavia

Date: 26.05.2008

Hammer di bestä giälä vo Bärn!!

Date: 20.05.2008

Ohhh meeerciiii!! You sit horny driving instructors overhoupt, 6 driving hours with you and iz zPermie i the hand!! Besseri fahrlehrer fingt me niid!!! HAHAHAH!!!! FAAAHHRFLASHH 4evaaa!!

Date: 16.02.2008

het hennä gfägt! Dr driving instructor het with sirä safe and accept art, mini whole fear weigh magic! patience and great knowledge, het mi drzuä bracht, with greater certainty ad prüäfig zga! Mega gfärlechs auto!!yea!!!!

Date: 06.02.2008

Fahrflash is a super good Fahrschueu. Mega gueti care, very gueti test preparation, a lot of patience and a lot of knowledge. Every ride has been a lot of fun and it's not always that easy. Dr VKU is easy but nevertheless instructive. Cha the Fahrschueu only recommend. Of course o weigh the super cool outos!! Merci Jorge äs het gfägt with you. Liebi Grüess Stefanie

Response from Fahrflash:
Sälu Stef.... Danke Dir o viumau für Dini Bewertig. Z Schmiergeld hett sich glohnt...;-)) Liebe Gruess u aues Guete Jorge@FAHRFLASH

Date: 05.02.2008

Super gueti Caregiver gsi!! Every time you get a chance, you'll get a ride! I'll tell you what you want for the future, you'll see Jorge merci viu mau!=)

Response from Fahrflash:
Sälü Sebi Merci viumau für dä toll Itrag. Dir o alles guete u bis baud Gruess Jorge

Date: 05.02.2008

Fahrflash hits exactly isch fläshig gsi!! Whether we are on the road or in the VKU, we are always there and we are always teaching. Super prepared for the test cage so that you can really have fun! Despite this, only 1.5 Monet was passed in the first round, thanks to direct patience, direct professional competence and direct pleasure at work. Meci viu viu mau Jorge äs het gfägt bi you zlerä love gruäss Andrea

Response from Fahrflash:
Hey Andrea... Mega lieb vo Dir. Danke Dir viumau. De hoffentlech bis baud u machs guet. Liebe Gruess und o eine am chliine Fabio

Date: 05.02.2008

Cool and above all patient driving instructor! Thank you. Thank you. I can recommend Fahrflash to everyone! Besides, they have a really bottle-shaped car...