Fahrschule Erhart GmbH reviews and experiences

Date: 19.05.2020

Reviews from Celestine Wiget

It was a very interesting course and with Othmar it was a lot of fun

Date: 30.01.2020

Already my father went to Othmar and always raved about him and recommended him to me. When I was ready to take my driving test, I went to him without hesitation. The driving lessons were great. He has a lot of patience and shows you everything you want to know. You feel very comfortable and you are very calm even in stressful situations thanks to him. You still get theory sheets on which you can read what you've learned in detail and apply it privately. So conclusion: Othmar is a great and likeable driving instructor and person and I recommend him to everyone! :) Stars!

Date: 28.01.2020

Reviews from Dilet Million

So far I have only been to Nothelferkurs, the course was very exciting and also varied, everyone took part and the course leader is very nice, so nothing should go wrong when you go there.

Date: 28.01.2020

Reviews from Dennis Leu

I have only been in the Nothelfer but was a great course not boring and very informative :)

Date: 21.12.2019

Very good driving instructor. Is friendly, always on time and very patient. I can only recommend him!

Date: 17.12.2019

Very nice, punctual, helpful and patient. For me, the best driving instructor I know! I recommend it to you, super type and completely calm! !!TOP DRIVING SCHOOL!!

Date: 04.12.2019

Nice, patient and always on time. Thanks to Othmar I was able to take the practical driving test without a doubt. I can only recommend it!

Date: 28.11.2019

The course is highly recommended. It was designed interesting and versatile. I really liked the fact that each participant was individually involved in tasks and that we had a lot of fun together every now and then. Othmar dealt with any questions and explained them in detail and clearly. Overall, the course was very instructive and competently structured.

Date: 04.11.2019

dear Othmar i want to thank you very much for your patience your helpful tips and for the varied driving lessons mfg.

Date: 03.11.2019

very competent and patient pleasant and instructive atmosphere I can recommend

Date: 28.10.2019

Reviews from Samuel Hadorn

I visited the motorcycle course 2a and 3. The courses were very instructive. Othmar answered all my questions about motorcycling and not necessarily about the course goals. Even with repeated mistakes he was always very patient. He filmed some manoeuvres and drives and showed us the pictures afterwards, so that we could see for ourselves how we are on our way. I am happy to recommend the driving school Erhart!

Date: 24.09.2019

Reviews from Luca Floreani

I was able to refresh and learn a lot in the basic courses and preparation trips with Othmar. With his professional competence, he was able to answer all my open questions very well. Thanks to the useful tips, I passed the test on my first attempt.

Date: 24.06.2019

Reviews from Sisco Bellino

Othmar is a very competent and fault-tolerant driving instructor. Thanks to him I passed both exams (A1 and B) the first time.

Date: 03.12.2018

Othmar is a competent, calm and yet motivated driving instructor. The driving lessons were very pleasant and carefree. He can answer all questions and also cares that what he has learned is manifested. Absolutely recommendable!

Date: 26.11.2018

Reviews from Lena Trösch

Othmar is always punctual, patient and motivated. His patience and calm nature will allow you to relax and enter the hectic traffic. He is always open to questions and answers them competently. He prepares you well for the Führer's examination.

Date: 22.09.2018

Reviews from Giorgio Massafra

Well, I can only warmly recommend Othmar. Due to his calm and pleasant nature he supported me very well in the courses with car and motorbike as well as in the riding lessons and so I was able to pass both tests right the first time. My brother also took driving lessons with him and was satisfied. Later I would like to make still further documents of identification and there I know, with whom I can announce myself :)

Date: 18.09.2018

Driving instructors patient and competent. Car inspection at the first attempt without any problems.

Date: 16.08.2018

Reviews from Michael Hadorn

Very friendly and pleasant. Explains everything logically and is patient. Also helps with questions regarding testing / technology / maintenance etc. I learned to drive a car and motorbike with him (incl. Verkrehskunde course and motorbike course). I can only recommend Othmar!

Date: 15.08.2018

Very pleasant and competent driving instructor. Absolutely recommendable!

Date: 03.02.2018

Othmar Erhart always accompanied me during the training in the categories A1, B and BE with a lot of professional competence, patience and pleasant conversations. I was able to successfully complete the exams at the first attempt. The most important point, however, is that I feel safe in traffic after my lessons at Erhart Driving School and have been able to cope with it without any accidents so far.

Date: 31.01.2018

Very competent. Very pleasant both professionally and personally.

Date: 01.01.2018

You can hardly wish for a better driving instructor, pleasant and calm nature, always patient and understanding!!! I am grateful that I had Othmar as a driving instructor, he has always supported and motivated me, thank you Othmar. I can only recommend Othmar. I completed the basic course and a few driving lessons for the big motorcycle exam with him. He is very calm, competent and flexible. I passed the exam at the 1st time Thank you Othmar:) Also I can only recommend the motorcycle course with Othmar. He conducts the course in a very pleasant and calm manner. Even as a 54-year-old woman, I felt very comfortable, in good hands and understood. I was able to profit extremely much. Othmar has a lot of patience and knows how to teach elderly and young people how to drive properly in an easy and good way. Thank you, Othmar. Big compliment! The motorcycle course was an instructive and exciting experience! Othmar takes a lot of time, gives you helpful tips and answers all your questions about motorcycles! I'll definitely come back to Othmar for driving school!