Dirk's Fahrschule (Brugg/Wettingen/Fricktal) reviews and experiences

Date: 18.10.2019

Reviews from Jonas Steinacher

I was well and reliably cared for. In case of problems a good solution was always found. It was a nice and fast time until the exam.

Date: 29.08.2019

Dirk is super sympathetic and prepared me perfectly for the practical driving test!

Date: 04.07.2019

Dirk is a friendly person. He has a lot of patience and explains everything you have to pay attention to while driving. All tip-top.

Date: 02.05.2019

Super driving instructor who is very competent. The driving lessons had a clear structure and he always set goals. Thanks to his experience he was able to teach me many tips and tricks and always gave constructive feedback.

Date: 05.04.2019

The driving lessons with Dirk are always great fun. He has a lot of patience and calms the students even in stressful situations. He'll make you well prepared for the driving test.

Date: 16.12.2018

Reviews from Flavio Bruschetti

My best driving instructor so far, patient and with a lot of experience.

Date: 25.11.2018

The lessons are structured, efficent and fun. Dirk was very ducky and always friendly. I can only recommend Dirk!

Date: 09.08.2018

Reviews from Sabine Vos de Mooij

Dirk is a very competent and patient driving instructor, who keeps the overview even in difficult situations! Thank you very much.

Date: 17.07.2018

Great lessons, very patient and very friendly. Top!

Date: 12.07.2018

Reviews from Eric Büttner

Everything's great: Good coordination of theory and practice, very nice, friendly and humorous driving instructor with nerves like wire ropes.

Date: 09.05.2018

Did the basic motorcycle course for category A at Dirk. The course with Dirk was really fun. He is a very patient and friendly driving instructor with a lot of experience. I passed the exam right the first time. I can only recommend Dirk as a driving instructor. Sasha

Date: 19.04.2018

I think with Dirk you are in good hands. The lessons are structured and individually adapted. If you have questions, you will get useful answers. But Dirk is also very flexible when it comes to appointments. I can only recommend Dirk's driving school.

Date: 18.12.2017

Dirk is an experienced and amazing teacher. I took my final lesson with him, right before my exam. His pointers were crucial and spot on. He is a smart and patient teacher. I highly recommend him to students. Cheerio

Date: 26.10.2017

Dirk`s driving school is super and uncomplicated. Dirk builds up the driving lessons well and always brings a lot of money and time with him! The appointment allocation works very well, is always easy to reach by telephone, and desired dates and times could be easily taken into account. Great!

Date: 29.03.2017

I was able to master the leader's test without any big problems because Dirk prepared me super for it. I didn't need a lot of driving lessons because he could teach me a lot quickly. Top driving instructor! I will recommend him!

Date: 03.01.2017

Dirk helped me a lot to remove my uncertainty for the exam. He explained every question competently and objectively, so that I could approach the exam with a good feeling. Even more, with his calm and relaxed manner, he showed me the joy of driving which made the fear disappear. So I could calmly and prepared for the exam, which I passed the first time. Thank you again for that, Dirk.

Date: 31.12.2016

Dirk is a very competent driving instructor. With his calm manner and the enormous specialized knowledge he could prepare me super for the driving test. Already 2.5 months after my 18th birthday I was allowed to accept the category B driving licence. I can only recommend Dirk to others. Of course I will also do the preparation for the driving test category A at Dirk. Good time and see you soon!

Date: 10.12.2016

I can only recommend Dirk's driving school. Thanks to the high-quality and efficient driving training, I have passed the Cat. B passed at the first attempt. Dirk is a very competent and humorous driving instructor, with whom one goes gladly into the driving lessons.

Date: 30.10.2016

I have experienced Dirk as a very competent and patient driving instructor. I appreciated his calm nature very much, I could profit a lot from his good tips and expertise and passed the motorcycle test (A) right away.

Date: 27.10.2016

Dirk is a very quiet and competent driving instructor. Thanks to him I quickly got a good feeling on my bike. He has improved me again and again with important tips, so that I also went to the exam with a good feeling and passed it immediately. I can recommend Dirk 100%. His competence and his good human nature really helps you very well. Thank you Dirk! Best regards Urs

This student also wrote a driving test report: Ich kann Wertingen empfehlen!

Date: 23.10.2016

Dirk is a great driving instructor.

Date: 21.10.2016

Dirk was great! He took away my insecurity and learned a lot. I passed the exam with flying colors. Now I drive with great joy my heavy Harley! He is highly recommended! Karin Argast Laufenburg

Date: 27.08.2016

Dirk's driving school! I can and will only recommend these. I have never experienced such a safe feeling while driving as with Dirk. He is a wonderfully patient person and is available for every joke. His knowledge in connection with his personality results in super and successful driving lessons and finally driving test! Dirk, keep up the good work! Greetings Selina

Date: 18.08.2016

I was looking forward to the driving lessons with Dirk every time. I liked the relaxed, funny and yet very instructive atmosphere very much. I felt very well looked after all around. Many thanks for the perfect driving lessons:) LG Marc

Date: 28.07.2016

The driving lessons with Dirk were always very instructive! Dirk has a lot of patience and tries very hard to move forward as fast as possible.

Date: 18.07.2016

Dirk always motivates you with his cheerful manner and always remains calm :D He explains very precisely and deals with the weaknesses of the students to repeat them again. Thank you Dirk, that everything worked out so well! :)

Date: 17.06.2016

Super driving school! I can only recommend! It helped me a lot with my driver's license.

Date: 15.05.2016

With a good certain I give Dirk 6 stars because he is a sympathetic, patient and competent driver. Dirk prepared me SUPER for my exam, on the exam day he took the time for me and went there with me, because it was important to him that I also manage it. I can recommend Dirk to everyone because I am sure that there is no better motorcycle rider. Thanks for EVERYTHING

Date: 03.05.2016

First Kat. A1, now Kat. B, Dirk has helped me with both super to reach my goal. His counseling was awesome. I can only recommend Super Driving School to everyone. Merci Dirk for everything!

Date: 08.04.2016

Reviews from Jenny Boutellier

Super driving lessons, super driving instructors! Keep it up, Dirk!

Date: 12.02.2016

Very good driving training; takes the students to heart; has a lot of joy in the training of driving students; very fair and always makes an effort to offer more than you actually pay. Informs top about current topics in road traffic.

Date: 07.12.2015

I will surely recommend you! You guys are a great team. Very competent and reliable. Every driving lesson is very educational! The folder belonging to it or also the location discussions helped me a lot. Not every driving school offers another reason to visit Dirk's driving school. Atmosphere in the car simply top, you can laugh together but also be concentrated again in road traffic. Keep it up, thanks for this learning time :)

Date: 01.11.2015

I took motorcycle test A - basic course and exam preparation with Dirk - was perfect! He has an enormous expertise, very competent and consistent but with a lot of patience and humor. With him I always had the feeling: if I do it the way he says it, then nothing can go wrong! And so it was :-)!

Date: 25.10.2015

Reviews from Saskia Sibold

Dirk is a great driving instructor who is not upset! I learned a lot from him and noticed that it is important to him personally that I find my way in road traffic well and correctly and that I pass the exam right away. I would definitely recommend him! I thank you Dirk and of course your wife for the good "cooperation" and wish you all the best!:)

Date: 11.08.2015

Good explanations and documents, good lessons and a great type :)

Date: 02.07.2015

Now we have to tell the truth about Dirk's driving school! people It's just Top!! You learn from an expert source and you have fun! I had the Moto Kat. A still needed and my good star led me to Dirk. After the basic course and a few double lessons, I am optimally prepared and relaxed, so to speak, I walked through the exam. Dear Dirk, thank you very much for your valuable advice. With your humorous, competent and objective way of communicating your specialist knowledge, you manage to prepare us well not only for the exam but also for the "days after". Vriendelijke groeten, Giuliano

Date: 05.05.2015

Dirk is a very good driving instructor who passes on his knowledge with pleasure. He not only knows things about driving a car, but also gives important information about the car on the way. He teaches you how to get to the exam as fast as you can. I'm staying at DIRK's driving school with the motorcycle, too. I can only recommend him!

Date: 22.04.2015

Dirk's driving school is a serious institution. Dirk himself is very competent and makes great efforts to contribute optimally to the success of the practical guide examination of his students. Appointments can easily be made by phone, where you can also start and finish the lesson from home. The individual topics are then worked through step by step and deepened or repeated as required. In addition, you get a complete folder that illustrates the whole theory of driving and information about the driving school car. There is the possibility of a 10er subscription, whereby one saves 5.- per lesson. On the way to the examination, Dirk will even inform you in writing if necessary, which still needs to be improved. A water bottle is available at every driving lesson. On the day of the exam you will be picked up by Dirk at home early and then have time to repeat forgotten topics. So one is optimally prepared and can relax and take the practical driving test. (mh)

Date: 06.10.2014

I completed the VKU with Dirk as well as the driving lessons for the car test. I can only recommend Dirk! He is always very patient and with his humor and his great expertise you can learn a lot from him in very little time. He attaches great importance to a safe driving style, which is only advantageous during the test and also afterwards!

Date: 28.09.2014

Just great. Thank you Dirk! LG Mike

Date: 21.09.2014

Dirk was recommended to me by my big sister and friends for which I am grateful. I had a great relationship with Dirk and was looking forward to the next driving lesson every time. The documents I received at the beginning of my driving lessons helped me a lot. I can recommend Dirk's driving school with a clear conscience!

Date: 14.08.2014

The driving lessons with Dirk were great and I had a lot of fun. I was not only well prepared for the stage, but also for driving afterwards. Thank you very much.

Date: 16.06.2014

Dear Dirk Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. Your course was just Supper and very helpful. You are 1 A as a driving instructor as well as human. I will recommend you at any time. When the time comes, I will also send my son Loris to your driving school. That is so obvious. Dear greetings Enzo

Date: 15.05.2014

Dirk teaches driving with a lot of patience and very professionally. Every driving lesson was very practical for me and very instructive for my driving training. As one of the best driving instructors, I recommend Dirk to anyone who is interested in driving training.

Date: 19.11.2013

Dirk is a very experienced and experienced driving instructor. In the basic course he imparts valuable tips and teaches very practice-oriented. He lets his students benefit from his great experience in motorcycling. The exam preparation is targeted and precise. Dirk is a passionate driving instructor. The submitted documents are very well prepared and useful. His wife Sabine takes care of the physical well-being of the students. A highly recommended rating!

Date: 16.11.2013

After two failed driving tests I was urgently looking for a driving instructor to be able to repeat the test before the winter break. Dirk turned out to be a real stroke of luck. After each trip I got a detailed list of small and big mistakes but also interesting information about the examination process. I can only recommend the lessons with him, because even if he has no dumping prices, the money is well invested.

Date: 13.11.2013

I can only recommend Dirk. He explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand and with a lot of patience and humour. Thanks to him I passed the car and scooter test the first time and got a lot of fun driving.

Date: 29.08.2013

Reviews from Karsten Tamse

I will recommend everyone at Dirk's driving school to take driving lessons. I passed the exam the first time. With his patience and humor he takes away fear and nervousness.

Date: 28.08.2013

A long time ago I'm almost 60 - I got the A1 for free. For the A I chose Dirk's driving school and that was great! Dirk is always humorous, but very objective, competent, patient and calm, and has always encouraged me (!) ... and now I have passed the test for A impeccably at first go!

Date: 11.05.2013

Dirk is a very competent, patient and humorous driving instructor with a great expertise! In his driving lessons one always felt treated fairly and safe. He attaches great importance to a safe and responsible driving style, which is enormously important after the test. I can highly recommend this driving school!

Date: 30.04.2013

I highly recommend you to go to driving school!!! Dirk is a great driving instructor!! Thanks to him, I hand and mini sisters just passed the driving test:) do witer sooo.

Date: 15.04.2013

In comparison to the driving instructors my friends had, I can only say: with Dirk I have and had a huge luck! I was looking forward to every driving lesson and felt very comfortable in every situation, because Dirk is extremely competent, perfectly prepared, calm, patient, always totally prepared and cheers you up immediately if something didn't work out right away. Therefore: I can recommend the lessons with Dirk without any restrictions!

Date: 13.04.2013

Reviews from Yannic Benz

Specialist components and solid training. I would immediately choose Dirk again as my driving instructor. Absolutely recommendable.

Date: 12.04.2013

There's nothing wrong with Dirk's driving lessons. As a calm and relaxed driving instructor, he is a great help in learning how to drive a car. Besides, Dirk is always in a good mood and friendly. Thanks to Dirk's help, I passed the car test the first time! Dirk's driving school is only to be recommended!

Date: 31.12.2012

Dirk is a super driving instructor! I had different driving instructors, he was by far the best, he explains super and is the silence itself, he was always perfectly prepared and what I particularly liked, he never takes the mobile phone to the hand while driving. The others were constantly busy with the mobile phone.

Date: 31.12.2012

I was with Dirk from the beginning. He is a competent driving instructor with great expertise. I really appreciated his quiet nature, his humour. He takes his job seriously and helps in every situation, which is very pleasant and reassuring. He feels even the slightest insecurity immediately and brings you back on the right path with ease. Even after you have passed the exam, he will be at your side with words and deeds, which is not a matter of course. With Dirk you are simply at the right address!

Date: 09.12.2012

I completed the driving lessons with Dirk for my car test and before that I also did the basic course for the motorcycle and the VKU with him. The whole thing was always very professionally prepared and personally brought me a lot for the road traffic. Dirk always kept calm, gave a lot of good tips and I always felt very comfortable and benefited enormously from the driving lessons. This is why I passed the leader's test right the first time. When I compare my experiences with the feedback from friends about other driving instructors, Dirk is always better :) Therefore it is clear to me that I would recommend everyone to take their driving lessons with Dirk. Lg Pascal

Date: 30.09.2012

I completed the basic motorcycle course with Dirk and took a double lesson as exam preparation. I enjoyed the lessons with Dirk very much and passed the exam right away. I would like to thank Dirk for his competent advice, where humour was not neglected.

Date: 05.09.2012

Reviews from Martin Andenmatten

Very good driver. Open, friendly, clear and motivating.

Date: 29.08.2012

WORLD CLASS! I have the basic motorcycle course Kat. A with Dirk and attended motorcycle riding lessons. The basic course was a lot of fun, professionally prepared and well documented. The preparation for the driving test gave me the decisive knowledge in a short time. Thanks to his lifetime experience with motorcycles of all kinds, Dirk is very competent and passes on his knowledge and experience with passion. I can only recommend Dirk without restrictions!

Date: 23.08.2012

Dirk is a super nice guy! With him it never gets boring and you are excellently prepared for the exam!

Date: 13.08.2012

Reviews from Benji Harzenmoser

I can only recommend Mr Vos de Mooij. I just loaded my driving test. He's doing really well. He always stays calm and takes the time to teach the questions and techniques to you so that it can only work. By this I mean that he works very patiently but consecutively so you can get ahead. I would like to thank him again for allowing me to attend his driving school.

Date: 10.07.2012

friend, helpful, pleasant, always has one ear open, best peace with Dirk Vos de Mooij =)

Date: 09.06.2012

It was a great and very instructive time! During the driving lessons one always felt very safe and well looked after. Dirk is a patient teacher, works very goal-oriented and can convey things well. I was very happy and grateful for the flexibility when it came to picking up the car, as it saved many valuable minutes. The hours with Dirk were always exciting and instructive, so that you can begin to gain experience with a good and safe feeling alone in road traffic after completing the test. The driving school is absolutely recommendable!

Date: 19.12.2011

I was always very satisfied with Dirk as my driving instructor. He works very efficiently, reliably and always in a good mood. I can only mention good things about him and would recommend him to everyone!

Date: 19.11.2011

Very patient, very calm, yet serious and always well prepared. Mostly on time. Besides, everything is very uncomplicated and you meet great helpfulness, the price is also good.

Date: 14.11.2011

I got along great with Dirk. He prepared me great for my practical exam.

Date: 10.11.2011

Dirk showed a lot of patience and thought about exercises that helped with problems.

Date: 14.10.2011

Very good driving instructor. Always in a good mood and has a lot of patience. Thank you Dirk and keep up the good work

Date: 19.07.2011

From the beginning, he agreed with my goal to pass the test under 10 driving hours. That was not self-evident, therefore the lessons were also instructive.

Date: 05.07.2011

Dirk is certainly one of the best in his field... he does this job with heart and soul, with intellect, patience and empathy. He is also understanding and very important FAIR!

Date: 12.04.2011

The ideal driving instructor should be patient, be able to explain well, provide extensive documentation and have competent answers to any questions. Dirk's driving school combines all these qualities. If I hadn't already had the licence, I would have taken the driving lessons with Dirk again.

Date: 02.04.2011


Date: 15.03.2011

I not only liked it, I liked it very much! Top!

Date: 24.12.2010

With Dirk we move very fast and well. I always enjoyed riding with him and getting to know new things again and again. If you want to repeat something briefly, all you have to do is tell him and he will do the whole organisation! I wish this driving school continued success!

Date: 22.12.2010

dirk is a very pleasant driving instructor, you feel safe and he can convey his great knowledge super.

Date: 14.10.2010

Dirk is a great driving instructor. Thanks to him, I passed the first time. The driving lessons with him were always very funny and yet instructive. He knows how to stay calm and give good tips. I can really recommend him. @Dirk --> Keep up the good work... really do a great job :D

Date: 01.10.2010

Dirk is a very good driving instructor, thank you! He can adapt well to the students and train each one according to his needs! He likes to praise, too. Criticism is constructive and can be better implemented. Dirk has a lot of humor and is a great human guy! Only to recommend, because here the investment of the money is justified ;-)

Date: 25.09.2010

Very good driving instructor I can only recommend veiter, have passed with first time with very good, He is nice and easy has a lot of patience does not make any stress super strategic preparation for the driving test

Date: 24.08.2010

A good driving instructor who gets everything out of you and encourages you to perform again and again. Anyone who wants to be challenged well is in good hands with him. Passed the first time. Thank you, Swany!

Date: 19.06.2010

Dirk is a great driving instructor. For difficult cases he always has the right tip in stock. He knows what to do differently in every situation. I think he never runs out of ideas. His experience, his humour and his relaxed manner make every driving lesson an experience. Many thanks to Dirk for making me pass the exam the first time and also for the nice company before the exam and during the "pronouncement of judgement" :-) I would definitely learn to drive with Dirk again and can only recommend him to everyone!

Date: 08.05.2010

Dirk is a great driving instructor! I took the traffic lessons and basic course as well as two driving lessons with him before the A1 driving test. I appreciated his calm, humorous nature and could always profit from his experiences. Merci Dirk, also for your company and care to my successful exam with spare scooter!!! :-)

Date: 12.04.2010

Dirk is an excellent driving instructor! I especially appreciated his calm nature and his good explanations. I can highly recommend Dirk and his team with Dominic and Werner! My two siblings will also definitely do their training with Dirk.

Date: 05.04.2010

Great training! Knowledge is passed on optimally and is very flexible! Thank you Dirk!

Date: 02.03.2010

best driving instructors

Date: 27.02.2010

Very friendly and of course competent driving instructors.

Date: 12.02.2010

Dirk is a very good driver and has a lot of experience! He has 2 other driving instructors, dominik and werner, they are also very good! I had passed the driving test within very few driving hours and with success! Thank you very much! Top driving school!!!

Date: 30.01.2010

Dirk is the most competent driving teacher that I know. In addition, to his excellent expertise as a driving teacher, he is a very socially intelligent person who can supervise you to reach the goal. If you believe, it's impossible to take the driving licence, then contact Dirk's Fahrschule.Thanks Dirk! F.

Date: 02.12.2009

The driving school at Dirk is simply mega supper. He is mega nice and you just understand everything mega fast. War supper :-D

Date: 26.11.2009

Very good, had fun with the driving lessons :D

Date: 18.11.2009

I did the motorbike training with Dirk and passed the exam the first time. I think he does it VERY well! Merci Dirk!

Date: 11.11.2009

He goes to a great deal of trouble to mis his elevators that they pass their leader exam. I recommend the driving school of Dirk.

Date: 21.10.2009

This driving instructor can only be recommended! With a lot of patience, his calm nature and humor I enjoyed every driving lesson! Thank you Dirk!

Date: 20.10.2009

I learned a lot in the few motorcycle lessons, thanks to Dirk's patience, competent nature and a good portion of humour... It was great that there was always somewhere an hour free for me, although everything was very short term! Only the usual 10 minutes delay he should perhaps still get used to, otherwise everything was really tip top ;-)!

Date: 30.09.2009

Dirk is the best driving instructor far and wide! As a former racer, he is much more able to pass on his specialist knowledge of the control of the machine in borderline cases to the prospective motorcyclist in the service of increased safety. You really profit from it. He is very open-minded and a cool guy. Written by Marcel from Wettingen.

Date: 15.09.2009

seeehr guuuet!!!!! :)

Date: 11.09.2009

one of the best driving instructors for me.explains everything very well and you understand it very quickly and teaches very quickly with dirk.a cool driving instructor you can have fun with him and is a lot of fun to drive and teach.

Date: 04.09.2009

Dirk is a great driving instructor. He's a loose, humorous and friendly guy. The training with him was fun and his tips were always very valuable.

Date: 20.08.2009

Pass exam with less than 20 driving hours? ---> Dirk's driving school!!

Date: 17.08.2009

Hello Dirk You are a great driving instructor, you are always very committed and motivated to guide every student successfully through the exams. You are also a sympathetic, open and honest person that you can trust 100%. With your tips, you can easily get through any exam. Your calm nature has a great effect on nervous people. I really enjoyed the driving lessons with you. HE'S THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR!!!! Thank you for your patience and help. Greetings Bryan

Date: 30.07.2009

Going to driving school with Dirk was very instructive and fun. In his humorous way he teaches every student how to drive quickly and comprehensibly. I can only recommend Dirk. Thank you Dirk!

Date: 29.07.2009

very competent, with excellent attendance to the test

Date: 25.07.2009

I can only recommend Dirk. His patience and manner made the driving lessons a pleasure. This allowed me to pass the driving test the first time. Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 14.07.2009

Dirk is a super great driving instructor!! I can only recommend him to everyone. Thanks to the emergency brake, which I practised several times during the driving lesson, I was able to master it without any problems during the test:) Thank you very much. I will also take the driving lessons for the car test with him ...

Date: 07.07.2009

Dirk, just give me a great driving instructor. I thank the much mol that you mer s´fahre bibrocht hesch.thanks to the hani with 1 mol existing...

Date: 24.06.2009

Hello, Dirk. I would like to thank you again for the SUPER course and the driving lessons. You're a great driving instructor and you're great with bloody beginners. Thanks to you, I passed my big motorcycle test right the first time. To all future bikers-> HERE YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!! Good luck to you. Greetings Aleksandra

Date: 24.06.2009

The very best driving lesson you can have. Dirk is very obliging and helpful. His great character helps you to find your way very quickly. His great driving style is admirable. I only have good things to say about him. Thanks to his help, I was able to pass the test the first time. Thanks Dirk and keep it up !

Date: 05.06.2009

I would like to thank Dirk Vos de Mooij very much...I have been prepared super for the exam....that was really good work!!!! I can only keep him up to date ;)))) With the very best wishes S.Tittmann

Date: 21.05.2009

I have made very good experiences with Dirk, he is a very ruige and nice man of course in his profession he deserves every praise from me, has everything simple and uncopied clapped.

Date: 21.05.2009

Dirk^s driving school is very recommendable.Dirk alone is a very nice,erliche human,has patience and is a professional and I think there are enough reasons to simply recommend him. Thank you, Dirk.

Date: 10.05.2009

Dirk's driving school is great! I was lucky to drive with Dirk. He's a very good driving instructor, patient, nice, and helpful. Lg Kujtim.

Date: 22.04.2009


Date: 10.03.2009

Dirk`s driving school is very recommendable. He is friendly, has good explanations and explanations, varied hours, good hints for practicing himself, often found an appointment for me in his busy schedule. !!!!Just supper driving lessons!!!!!!!! Thank you Dirk:) :)

Date: 19.02.2009

I can recommend Dirk's driving school to anyone. He was always a very sympathetic and local guy. Almost more a college than a driving instructor because you could have it very funny with him. with him it was just fun to learn and I have profited so, so much. Although he had a stuffed appointment calendar he always found time for me =)

Date: 24.12.2008

The best driving instructor I know, I can only recommend to everyone!!!

Date: 22.12.2008

Dirk is a very nice and very competent driving instructor! I can only recommend =)

Date: 13.12.2008

What are you going to write? I can only say a very good driving instructor (more relaxed, calmer and a person has a lot of patience, what do you want more? Very recommendable if I could do the identity card again I would know where : go to Dirks driving school :) :) :) :)

Date: 02.12.2008

Very good driving school, can continue very well He explained after the lesson the mistakes you made and helped you very well. He has very good nerves and can help you very well. He is a calming person. It has been so much fun and I'm glad I chose this driving lesson. Jch have done this ausigenerintrsse I am 83 years old (Nachprüfung)

Date: 01.12.2008

Very friendly, courteous and polite driving instructor, who always appeared punctually and in a good mood on the agreed dates. Train practical as well as theoretical skills in top form.

Date: 01.12.2008

Immediately ready to take me in at the final stage of my last passport and prepare me for the exam. He took away 80% of my exam anxiety, which I passed with flying colours and without complaint. I can only talk good with Dirk all the time. Again Dirk; Many, many thanks for your support. Greetings Daniel

Date: 23.11.2008

-always very relaxed and pleasant driving hours -goes well into your own problems -good, understandable explanations -explains it calmly and pleasantly also at the umpteenth time -provides a good mood with little jokes

Date: 17.11.2008

The best driving instructor that you can get.you get not only a driving instructor but also a friend to recommend everything 1A.Anyone who wants to learn and have fun should not miss him.Absolutely try it out, then you see what I mean.

Date: 15.11.2008

dhhnnnxxx diirk up to the experienced driving instructors dear gruas nd thank you fil times muharrem

Date: 13.11.2008

Yeah. Yeah. :The man is a person where we saw that is a horny sight, but yes we come to the point... He does his job best where I can see his hands and above all, trust him immediately that he is so socially competent...thanks to him I pass the mini test and the praise of course got in his thanks a lot of mol for 'd help anyway she never did it. And userdem he explains very gnau like you before ga muesch that I find very good!!!!! Thanks :D

Date: 10.11.2008

Dirk is a great driving instructor. Nice, sympathetic, and he's responsive to the students. So I was able to reach my goal - to pass the car test fast and well. His driving lessons were informative, varied and also amusing. Even VKU wasn't bored with him. I can only recommend him.=)

Date: 26.10.2008

I think he did it very well. he immediately corrected me for mistakes and gave me good tips. he was also always very friendly.

Date: 22.09.2008

Dirk is a funny and yet extremely competent driving instructor. I always had a lot of fun riding with him. At the first driving lesson I got a dossier where all manoeuvres were well described. If I had a problem or a question while practicing privately, I could simply have a look at the dossier. Great idea! The Peugot 207 was a dream! All in all super driving instructors with Dutch charm! :)hehehe

Date: 14.09.2008

I found the driving lessons very good. Dirk is a pleasant teacher. Methodically imaginative, uncomplicated, adapt to the students, thus adapting tasks and exercises individually to the participants even in larger motorcycle groups. Makes a very competent impression. War supper!

Date: 01.09.2008

small groups - good supervision very nice driving instructor... very recommendable driving instructor!!

Date: 31.08.2008

hey dirk, driving student with you is indeed churz gsi but het glich glich huge fun gmacht...i have all good good finds ade driving student be you and you hesch mer all chöne bibringe i hers sonre churze quit ... thank you

Date: 25.08.2008

I can only recommend Dirk as a driving instructor. He is very patient and the explanations are easy to understand.

Date: 22.08.2008

hoi dirk, i know you better than anybody else at eus i de garage. you take care of all eusi apprentices until they drive. i only listen to good things and they are all durecho (until now hehe). now I'm finally learning how to teach you, I'm doing the big test and now I'm doing all the lesson and I'm doing all the curves. s practical driving is simply super gsi, understandable and simple (usser that I you at the beginning scho han must sew in) that makes me e bizz anxious, but it's good going on....... thanks dirk, chan you only witer empfelhe greessli tommy

Date: 20.08.2008

It was fun to be taught by Dirk. He has a pleasant, friendly, uncomplicated and competent manner. It conveys security and empathy, and thus also the joy of learning. I will recommend you with best conscience!

Date: 12.08.2008

Hey Dirk! I'm so funny to you! Han everything quickly make beautiful and you hesch me all beautiful i thise short ziit show! You just do it;) As a next Do Machemer Töffprüfig... I'm glad!

Date: 31.07.2008

I have recently completed the basic motorcycle course Kat. A with Dirk. His lessons are really fun, relaxed, funny and still efficient in conveying the material. Really recommendable, would take any time back at him hours. Greetings Michi

Date: 28.07.2008

Very good course guidance Theoretical explanations, are very well implemented in practice Dirk's driving school is even fun. Greetings Ricco

Date: 21.07.2008

I think Dirk is a friendly driving instructor who understands what he is talking about. I can only recommend.