Fahrschule Relax Drive GmbH reviews and experiences

Date: 12.07.2013

Very friendly, efficient and goal-oriented. Me and everyone else from my emergency class passed the car test the first time. Unfortunately, the driving lessons for the Autobillet only take place on weekdays (with a few exceptions) and you always have to arrive at an agreed place and will not be picked up or driven home!

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Date: 07.04.2009

Sali Kay, I thank you nomol voor ganzes Härze that you give me through Priefig z'cho! You make me a lot of trouble if I'm afraid ka ha, it's a great atmosphere to you. And what's jo's name Relax Drive, I just confirm that! It is very relaxed and quiet zuegange.du bisch always ruihg blibe hesch nit gschumpfe weme halt fähler gmacht het.Und hesch very much patience ka.Au hesch you me always to schmuntzle like au to laugh brocht with dine joke and Sprüchli :-).This car is a hammer, I am very good with the car dim, very easy to use and especially I like that you drive in the car dim and compressor dine hesch the duet no easy. So Kay does like this. I due di uf recommend anyhow. Lg Astrid

Date: 12.02.2009

Ciou Kay you're understanding full have patient much. The climate is also pleasant it is fun to teach with you.

Date: 11.02.2009

good and understandable explanations, pleasant climate, very good transport knowledge

Date: 09.02.2009

Hello Kay Many thanks for your effort and patience :-). It was a lot of fun learning to drive with you. I can only recommend you both professionally and personally. Greetings Lara