DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL reviews and experiences

Date: 14.02.2020

I think Danny has been a good driving instructor and I would go back to him.

Date: 19.12.2019

Reviews from Hajdaj Taulant


Date: 06.12.2019

Reviews from Fiona Golaz

Much patience :) Good structure of the learning contents and above all no unnecessary stress.

Date: 05.12.2019

Reviews from Mustafa Ceziri

Danys is the best driving instructor in Switzerland and I passed the exam very well at the first opportunity. Thank you Thank you for the right lessons I only advise the students to continue driving at Danys because he does the right lessons with the students. best thanks for the right lessons

Date: 29.11.2019

Danny's driving lessons have always been something special. He remains calm and calm in every situation which is very helpful for a new driver. You've learned so much with every hour you've driven that you're perfectly prepared for the stage. Every hour was fun. I can only recommend his driving school. :)

Date: 27.11.2019

Reviews from Marina Vasilijevic

Super driving instructor :) takes a lot of time and has a lot of patience. I'm very glad I had it, because I passed the first time. Dany has very good ways of teaching us things. It was a lot of fun and has a great character.

Date: 26.11.2019

I can only recommend Danny's driving student. Super pleasant driving lessons. Driving instructor TOP! AUDI vehicle the best.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Die Prüfungszeit war sehr angenehm

Date: 21.11.2019

Reviews from Ngoc Tram Tran

Dany is an authentic and patient driving instructor. By his humorous handling, and his competent way, one learns fast from mistakes and gains thereby mad experiences from the traffic. The driving lessons are planned very structured, so that you reach your destination quickly. Dany's driving school is highly recommended. I was allowed to make experiences with both Audi's (manual, automatic) and find the cars super to learn. Through Dany's flexible nature and understanding, I was able to communicate openly with him and work on my difficulties, and thanks to his super work I have achieved my goal and now drive safely around the streets.

Date: 09.11.2019

Reviews from Mara Gianfrini

very good tips nice and patient teaching With Dany examination on the first time without problems business!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Prüfer war sehr nett und fair

Date: 06.11.2019

Danny is a very professional and honest driving instructor. Thanks to the full equipment of its Audi models, the driving experience is very comfortable. With his many years of experience, he prepares his students ideally for the examination.

Date: 03.11.2019

Best driving instructor has to say he learns exactly how it has to be he is an honest and good driving instructor which you can't say about everyone. I recommend you all try it out you'll say the same thing. He does his thing top thank you for everything and the time with you Danny was nice and I learned a lot. Best regards beard

Date: 30.10.2019

Top scarper! He knows exactly how to teach. Thanks to him, I passed the exam the first time. Can only recommend :)

Date: 27.09.2019

Reviews from Andy Jarmain

Supper driving instructor! Very disciplined passionate professional and patient! :-) Very recommendable!

Date: 25.09.2019

Great guy, went to the exam and could rely exactly on the theory and practice we looked at together.

Date: 04.09.2019

Daniel is a very patient and pleasant driving instructor. In addition, he is able to assess his students well and approaches existing problems calmly.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Das gebe ich anderen Prüflingen auf den Weg

Date: 17.07.2019

Dany as a driving instructor I can highly recommend. His calm demanding nature has brought me to the successful completion of the exam. I've been looking forward to every single hour of driving. His expertise and his legendary cards prepared me perfectly.

Date: 09.07.2019

Super driving instructors! Always instructive and exciting driving lessons. You always get realistic feedback.

Date: 07.07.2019

Dany is not only patient and respectful, he also gave me a lot of tips, which proved to be very useful and prepared me very well for the driving test:) The mix of rigour and humour not only made me a better driver, but also made me happy to come to the driving lesson. Dany is both a professional and a horny guy ;) and I would recommend driving lessons with him at any time! Thank you very much for everything Dany

Date: 05.07.2019

Reviews from Nadja Boucek

Super driving instructors! I know exactly what he's doing.

Date: 30.06.2019

Reviews from Josephine Schneider

Dany's driving lessons are fun, I've always been looking forward to it. There's laughter and he's in a good mood. Nevertheless, he is always present and ready to intervene. He brings calm into the car, which is very important and makes the learning process very pleasant. It maintains calm even in stressful situations, which provides security. The training at Dany is systematic: The current status is available at all times through an overview and thus it is clear what has already been learned and where there is still room for improvement. After each lesson a goal-oriented feedback takes place. He prepares well for the exam and I now feel safe on the road and ready for the traffic. Thanks Dany!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Besser sicher als möglichst schnell

Date: 08.06.2019

A very honest driving instructor. With his expertise and accuracy, he brings a certainty to the test. Keep calm in any situation. I was always looking forward to the driving lessons and always felt safe. I'll recommend Dany as a driving instructor.

Date: 21.05.2019

He's doing a great job. He's there for the student and always takes care of himself. He stays cool in every situation and gets you there without pressure. If I had to (hopi nöt)I would go back to him:)

Date: 08.05.2019

Dany is a very competent, always friendly, balanced and personal driving instructor. I've been looking forward to the driving lesson with him every time. He gives super feedback; first the criticism, then an uplifting praise. The fact that I passed my practical car test directly at the first attempt definitely speaks for Dany's good training.

Date: 02.05.2019

I can absolutely recommend Dany as a driving instructor! His very objective and honest feedbacks take you further every time. Even if it doesn't work out that way, Dany puts everyone back on the road to success!

Date: 26.04.2019

Nice, polite, experienced. I felt comfortable with Danny's driving student and I also feel safe driving a car.

Date: 26.03.2019

The driving lessons have always been a lot of fun for me and the finish was announced before each lesson. Dany's feedback has always been constructive, honest and goal-oriented. He has a lot of patience, remains calm in every situation and gives the student the necessary security. All in all I was very satisfied with the training with Dany! A big thank you to him! :)

Date: 20.03.2019

Very experienced and calm, excellent learning cards for the rules and manoeuvres.

Date: 12.03.2019

Supports well, always tries to help and responds individually to his students. The whole thing also has a certain looseness with him, but still remains professional.

Date: 26.02.2019

Reviews from Mauro Fusco

Dany can teach you to drive very well thanks to his accuracy, experience and likeable nature. I am very enthusiastic about how he takes the time for his students and how he can respond to their weaknesses and strengthen them. I can recommend Dany to anyone who is looking for a driving school that they are looking forward to going to and making progress from hour to hour!

Date: 29.01.2019

Reviews from Leonardo Mekolli

Best driving instructor

Date: 18.01.2019

I can only recommend Dany! With his collegial but professional manner Dany creates a perfect atmosphere to learn how to drive a car. The lessons are neatly structured and always end with an assessment of the situation. Thus one always knows where one's own weaknesses lie and can also improve them privately. Anyway, I was always looking forward to the hours!

Date: 16.01.2019

Dany is a competent and collegial teacher. He always gives honest feedback and supports you where you need help.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Bleibt selbstbewusst!

Date: 11.01.2019

Date: 18.12.2018

Reviews from Ely Eli

I can only recommend Danni, do a great job and treat him with respect.

Date: 23.11.2018

Reviews from Racheal Xomen

Dany's very professional. He has a lot of experience. The personal contact with him is respectful and very pleasant. I can recommend Dany to anyone at any time.

Date: 15.11.2018

Reviews from Joel Käsermann

Great guy! With his professional and collegial way he teaches you how to drive a car. He adapts to the personality of his student driver and can thus achieve the best learning result, coordinated for each individual student driver.

Date: 09.11.2018

I have enjoyed with Dany a super training and recommend him very much to everyone. With Dany you will be prepared for the exam with determination, taking great care not to be too fast or too slow for you. You can also chat about anything that creates a relaxed atmosphere in the car. After each lesson the progress is discussed, what you have done well and what you still have to pay attention to. Dany gives you a learning card for each topic, which is specifically adapted to the exam vehicle. This is an excellent way to prepare for the practical exam. You will be registered for the exam if you are really ready for it. 6 of 6 points absolutely earned :)

Date: 09.11.2018

Good type and professional instructor!

Date: 30.10.2018

Reviews from Elia Steger

Very sympathetic, motivating and gets everyone through the leader exam.

Date: 27.10.2018

The best driving instructor you can wish for during your driving training. Dany is a driving instructor with whom you feel comfortable, he gives you a lot of practical tips and in addition learning cards for at home or on the road absolutely professional. I can only recommend him to you, he is the right driving instructor at your side if you want to master the car test with success.

Date: 18.09.2018

Reviews from Sanja Lautas

The best driving instructor!

Date: 23.08.2018

Dany is a sociable and likeable guy who enjoyed learning to drive a car. His driving lessons are super structured. The progress is continuously updated and evaluated in a skills table, so you always know where you stand and where there is still a need for practice. It also gives you small index cards for important situations and manoeuvres that summarize the most important things to consider. With Dany you can optimally prepare for the car driving exam and have fun with it. Only to recommend.

Date: 16.08.2018

Dani's a cool guy. Who understands his craft and walks towards you and plans a perfect driving lesson. Even if you miss the train, you still learn something;). Free greetings The King of the Dam =)

Date: 16.08.2018

Chan de Dany only recommend it. cute guy... and he's gonna learn a thing or two. Thanks Dany. I would have been fun :-)

Date: 18.07.2018

Dany is a likeable guy who you like to come to in driving lessons. In spite of the collegial manner, he does not let you get away with anything and offers a very well-founded, detail-oriented education. This training is also extremely well structured and well thought-out. After each lesson, the topics/skills covered will be discussed and progress will be checked on a scale. There are no half things. Dany only signs you up for the driving test when he's convinced you can. Quote from an examination expert from my extended circle of acquaintances: "Dany is a really good driving instructor. Just do it exactly as he tells you." That's the way it is.

Date: 28.06.2018

A very motivated and precise driving instructor. Due to his strict training one achieves a high level of driving style. Especially the theory sheets, which he gives after the lesson, help to internalize what he has learned.

Date: 20.06.2018

super driving instructor very sympathetic

Date: 15.06.2018

Reviews from Stefanie Clausen

SUPPER driver only recommend to continue!

Date: 26.04.2018

Dany is a great driving instructor and I can only recommend him. He can explain everything very well and is a patient, humorous and also very sympathetic person. In order to be able to repeat things at home, he gave theory sheets, which I personally found very helpful. Thank you Dany!

Date: 16.04.2018

A big thank you to you, Dany! It was great studying with you. :) Your exact instructions, feedback and tips helped me a lot, especially during the driving test. In addition, your handouts are extremely helpful and I have appreciated your patience and humor.

Date: 05.04.2018

Very pleasant to deal with and uncomplicated. The driving lessons were well structured and focused. The number of driving hours (in subscription) was always correctly recorded and the hours not required were refunded at the end. I passed the exam at the first attempt. I am very happy to recommend.

Date: 15.03.2018

Reviews from Jean-Luc Hofer

Dany has a very calm and patient way of teaching how to drive. He's always prepared top-seriously. His driving lessons are very varied. It also adapts to the learning pace of the student driver. On the one hand he brings new elements of driving with time, so that you are not overwhelmed at the beginning, on the other hand you can consolidate what you have learned so far. At the end of the driving lesson there is always a debriefing in which he addresses both the good and the bad things honestly, so that one can prepare oneself accordingly for the next driving lesson. Also helpful are his theory notes with valuable tips at the traffic lights, when laneing-in and parking. I can only recommend Dany because I always felt comfortable during the driving lessons.

Date: 08.03.2018

Dany is a great, open-minded guy who prepares you best for the driving test and future driving with a license. I was very lucky with him because he accepted me as a student driver under difficult conditions. I only had 2 months left before my learning ticket expired. During this phase he took a lot of time for me and prepared me optimally for the exam. His syllabus is very well structured and his way of dealing with students is also individually adapted. Thanks for everything!

Date: 25.01.2018

Daniel is a professional young driving instructor. His driving lessons are efficient and instructive. He has a lot of patience and always gives useful tips, which make you pass the exam easily. I am the proof ;). The lessons are very good and you learn a lot. He evaluates lens so that you can see where you need to improve and prepares the next hour to clean up these construction sites. The price/performance ratio is very good and can only recommend it to everyone :)

Date: 13.01.2018

Reviews from Pascal Affentranger

To the person: Dany is a very upgoing, open and honest driving instructor. In the vehicle itself there is often a pleasant atmosphere and it is no problem to talk about things outside the driving school. You feel comfortable because you feel more like a good buddy and not a strict teacher sitting next to you. This does not mean, however, that the lessons would be neglected. Dany's main goal is always to accompany the student to the exam top prepared. He pursues this goal with great focus and determination. However, he also wants the student to have a certain amount of motivation and ambition. He is not afraid to give constructive and honest feedback, even if it turns out to be negative. To class: Dany does not throw you into the cold water as a beginner driver, but accompanies you step by step. Especially at the beginning, if you can't find your way on the busy roads of Winterthur, this is a great help. One is very quickly introduced to the individual aspects of driving and one receives leaflets which again point out the most important points of the learned competences, which is very important for private learning. Dany himself keeps a list on which he notes the student's ability for the most important points. This helps in that he can always adapt the level of the lesson to the student's ability and the student's progress can be seen at any time. Conclusion: With Dany you get an all around carefree package concerning the learning of driving skills. It is a perfect mix between fun and focused learning. One is accompanied and cared for from the first driving lesson on up to the examination top. I'm glad I chose Dany's driving school because I was completely satisfied and would definitely choose her again.

Date: 08.01.2018

Reviews from Timothy Penate

A great driver, one teaches a lot with him:)

Date: 15.12.2017

Dany is always well prepared, very motivating and teaches in a structured and goal-oriented way for the exam I passed the first time. Thanks so much Dany for your super driving lessons. I highly recommend Dany's driving school!

Date: 15.12.2017

I'm very pleased. You always get an honest and fair criticism, which helps you a lot, so you finally educate yourself further. Dany is very patient and always takes enough time for you. Every driving lesson was fun and brought you a bit closer to your goal. I can only recommend him!

Date: 11.12.2017

Top instructor!! Thanks to danys driving student the first time he passed the car test. He adapts very well to his students and has a great relationship with them. The driving lessons were every time, structured, versatile and also a new challenge! So learning is fun. If you want a great education with structure and discipline, dany's fahrschuel is the place for you!!! Thanks nomal for everything dany! Lg onur

Date: 04.12.2017

Dany ist ein sehr geduldiger Fahrlehrer mit viel Erfahrung und Know-how. Er gibt konstrukzive Kritik mit Verbesserungsvorschlägen und erklärt alles sehr verständlich. Zwischenmenschlich auch sehr sympathisch und motivierend, so nach dem Motto: „Chum das packemer!“. Ich kann ihn sehr empfehlen! Merci Dany für die super Ziit!

Date: 24.11.2017

Reviews from Selenne Cafà

He is a capable driving instructor who explains everything in detail and motivates the student.

Date: 22.11.2017

Prepares you super for the driving test

Date: 13.11.2017

If you are looking for an instructor who offers you clear, understandable lessons then Dany is the place for you. Fair, good appraisal, objective and yet collegial. Every hour a different route, so you can not only drive well in the end, but know Winti and its surroundings a bit better again.

Date: 10.11.2017

I think dany combines driving with fun but he can also be strict when necessary. I passed successfully!

Date: 02.11.2017

Reviews from Marc Zimmermann

I had about 3 months time to prepare for my exam and with Dany's help it worked great! He is very patient, goal-oriented and always motivating. He can deal well with many different personalities and always gives you a positive feeling, even with mistakes. Super driving instructors!

Date: 30.10.2017

Reviews from Hüpf Schnecke

Tell Danny what to do. He is super-patient, explains very understandable, and his good humor also shows in between. He prepares his students systematically and successfully for the examination. Thanks a thousand for your super work and the good time Danny!

Date: 11.09.2017

De Dany is a very sympathetic and intelligent person. If you are awiwijl yourself, he will not motivate you and motivate you with his positive attitude. ;) D The picture is super built and structured. I've been getting honest feedback on how I do it and how I do it. It feels good and it's really fun when it's always nice! Thanks for your patience Dany! LG Debbie :D

Date: 25.08.2017

Reviews from Güliz Karademir

the Dany is a super understanding and helpful driving instructor. how as a driving instructor and human he is and correct?only by his human and competent way and how I am able to take care. he always motivates me and never goes he picks me up from my weakness and strengthens me he motivates me and he is humorous every driving and every driving. the dany her every driving and every good i plan. he is a very patient driving instructor where ever uf dini ahlige during the driving and as good as possible uf dini needs during the driving. i thank him for the patience and the ziit where he always positively strengthens me het 1000 times. i will miss him as a man and competent driving instructor. i hope mer gseht himself again dany. thanks for the erfolgrichi ziit. wish you i dim wiitere way as a driving instructor much success. remained like you bisch. LG Gülis :)

Date: 24.08.2017

Reviews from Noelle Hess

Super driving instructors! Dany has a lot of patience & is always mega motivated. Highly recommended.

Date: 07.07.2017

A very good driving instructor. He knows exactly where I haven't been good yet. It is strict, but only where necessary. After 3 unsuccessful attempts I changed to him and passed the 1st time. I'm very glad I finally made it.

Date: 16.06.2017

Super driving instructor, mega much patience and thanks to him just existed in the first time, very recommendable:)

Date: 12.06.2017

Dany is extremely competent, calm, objective and at the same time motivated. It's easy to see that he enjoys his job as a driving instructor. He transfers this motivation to his pupils and tries his best to enable them to pass the driving test. Thank you very much.

Date: 01.06.2017

Dany is the perfect driving instructor! He is very patient, respects that we feel well and motivates us. During as well as after the driving lessons you always get feedback so that the current status is clear for both. Thanks to his friendly manner, humour and openness, it's a lot of fun to drive a lap with him and the super Audi A3. With Dany you get great training! I can recommend him to anyone!!!

Date: 16.05.2017

I took some driving lessons from Dany to refresh my driving skills - I had practically not driven a car for more than ten years. Dany responded super to my situation. He took me through the most important topics in theory again, gave me helpful tips on the way and let me practice specifically at my weak points. Merci!

Date: 10.05.2017

De Dany is simply the perfect driving instructor! With a lot of patience and sensitivity he brings everything super bi. He is a very humorous and sympathetic person, always motivated and always nervous. Sini's criticism is always teaching, and in addition he is super theoretical, where he helps to internalize the whole of the driving experience. Every time I do Freud ade driving lesson gha and han the test finally for the first time passed. I would go to Dany again and recommend him to everyone wiiter! Thanks for everything, like this, Dany!

Date: 24.04.2017

Dany is a very transparent and patient driving instructor. He prepares you optimally for the exam. He gives many valuable tips which are very relevant for later driving as well as for the driving test. I always experienced him as a friendly and well-positioned person, which made the driving lessons very pleasant.

Date: 16.04.2017

With great enthusiasm Dany taught me how to drive a car, I can highly recommend him as a driving instructor! I always looked forward to the driving lesson. Dany's well-placed manner, the honest feedback, the varied routes in the exam area and the lessons that were best suited to me contributed to the fact that I was well prepared for the exam and for being on the road in general.

Date: 10.04.2017

supper driving instructor is strict but good!!!

Date: 22.03.2017

Super driving instructors!!!

Date: 11.03.2017

With his own theory and structured approach as well as an open and honest way, he is a great driving instructor who is always in a good mood and ready for a chat. Planning the driving lessons was never a problem and could also be easily arranged via the chat. I came across him through some colleagues and can now recommend him in good conscience!

Date: 10.03.2017

De Dany's a great driving instructor. He is very patient gsi and het understanding for every question and situation gha. I'll only recommend Chani as much as I want.

Date: 28.02.2017

Dany has a solid system for building the classroom. He makes notes of what you're going to practice next and what you're good at. He gives good tips, even in the form of small learning cards. He's an honest guy who's proud to do his job well. Thanks to his relaxed nature, the driving lessons are easy to endure. I would clearly recommend his driving school.

Date: 24.02.2017

Dannyy isch en supper driving instructor!!! He has a lot of patience, is humorous and brings good things to me. Dany's driving pupil is only to be recommended...:)

Date: 24.02.2017

The Dany is the perfect driving instructor. We always have constructive feedback and we always know exactly where we stand. He is very sympathetic, humorous, fair and is always happy to meet me and my mini wishes. He's always on time and always good to go gluunt gsie. His great patience is in his great patience, where he brings the cars. He's been taking us to the rue. Jedi Fahrstund het het simply mega mega fun gamcht and het het mer always it mega guets and it secure Güst geh. Han bim erschte Mal bestand bestand and this since believe all... :) Eifach ä TOP Prepared! Thanks for everything Dany!

Date: 23.02.2017

Driving school at Dany's a super school. I'm always happy for the hour. D feedbacks from Dany are always transparent and more would have seen his progress always nice. With him I quickly passed my exams and passed the test without a problem. I feel like Dany would have pulled it off by the time I could get to the test. Hani always dezueglernt to the end.

This student also wrote a driving test report: Prüfung beim Chefexperten

Date: 13.02.2017

Realistic, fair and humorous kind! I passed it the first time. :-)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Experte war die ganze Fahrt sehr ruhig

Date: 13.02.2017

Realistic, fair and humorous kind! I passed it the first time. :-)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Experte war die ganze Fahrt sehr ruhig

Date: 09.01.2017

I've always been very comfortable with Dany. He teaches you everything very consistently and with a good sense of humor. I can only recommend! :)

Date: 06.01.2017

Reviews from Marco Schmid

Very good support in the hours and very competent training. I was very pleased.

Date: 06.01.2017

Dany's gonna teach you how to drive a car fast. He always has enough patience, even if it doesn't work out. With him it is always fun, because he is also a super interpersonal guy which was also very important for me. I can only recommend him :-)

Date: 08.12.2016

Reviews from Vivienne Dosoo

Dany's driving school is definitely recommendable. He's very accurate and yet patient. It is almost impossible to fall through the exam with him ;-) I always liked to go to driving lessons. I'm sure Dany will make you feel good and make you laugh a lot.

Date: 14.09.2016

De Dany is a great driving instructor and I would definitely recommend it. He takes pleasure in Zit for sini Fahrschüeler and shows a lot of patience. He has a lot of good tips and gives good feedback during and after the lesson, so he always knows where he stands. With his experience as a driving instructor, he can adapt the learning speed to the student and prepare for the exam in a great way. De Dany is sympathetic, open, humorous and correct. I'm always looking forward to my driving lesson and take the Audi A3 out of the car's walls - that's how driving a car can be fun. Allzit gueti ride! :)

Date: 05.09.2016

Dany always gives constructive feedback, I always knew where I stood, what could be improved, he was transparent in his statements. Also makes sure that the scheduling is possible, adapts itself as best as possible. I can recommend him very much, he does his job very well.

Date: 04.09.2016

Reviews from Fabienne Imobersteg

Dany is a very patient driving instructor who can explain the pitfalls of road traffic vividly and with wit and humour. Even after a long working day I always liked to go to him in the hour, because driving with him was (almost) always fun. With me it worked then with the examination directly with the first time - his quota is super.

Date: 16.06.2016

Ehii tame So I han vo Afang a es sehr guets gfühl ka bim dany. He is a funny and serious and above all a very good driving instructor. He takes cit for driving scoops. Daaany thanks so much I'm soo happy I passed han. Han bii you always joy kah öpis zlerne. Thank you viiel maal If you are looking for a good teacher he is the danny :)

Date: 02.06.2016

I myself have always found de Dany to be a ruihger and cool driving instructor, but Meinig has been very friendly and correct ever since. I only recommend him as a driving instructor. With him chunt mer au sicher als Ziel.

Date: 30.05.2016

Super driving instructor, he radiates a very calm kind and can explain well it is very pleasant to learn with him especially in his Audi ;-). I have passed the test at the 1st first attempt and can recommend him cordially.

Date: 25.05.2016

100% satisfied. Man gets everything explained very well.

Date: 25.04.2016

D' driving lesson with Dany is always fun. Except when it's always just me, he motivated me and made me Muet. Thanks to him hani bim first time existed :D Eifach de bescht driving instructor!!!

Date: 24.04.2016

Reviews from Markus Geering

Hammer care, hammer car, everything top run. Very recommendable!

This student also wrote a driving test report: Zieht einfach euer Ding durch

Date: 11.04.2016

I was able to get to know Dany as a loose, flaky driving instructor with very high professional competence. Learning to drive and the work with it that goes with it are fun and bring young and old to the desired result. The desired driver's license...!!! Dany's driving student is highly recommended!

Date: 02.04.2016

If you're looking for a good driving instructor, you'll find one here! Dany is a very friendly, humorous, patient and professional driving instructor. The lessons are structured systematically and he takes written notes after each lesson. As a reminder, he gives small notes on the various topics. Thus the centre of gravity of the trained person is set individually. Dany has the ability to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere and give constructive criticism - even on the day of the driving test! So I passed the test right away! I can highly recommend you and wish everyone a safe journey! :-)

Date: 20.03.2016

Danny needed me with a lot of patience and great tips to reach my goal. He is a very pleasant and balanced driving instructor. I can only recommend him and would pick him again immediately.

Date: 05.03.2016

Reviews from Chiara Bosshart

i only recommend chanen :)

Date: 29.01.2016

Dany is to be recommended as a driving instructor only further. He is very likeable, funny and a good driving instructor. He can explain things very clearly and has a lot of patience. I think his Audi A3 is a great car. The car's got a dick and it's fun. :) He also gives theoretical sheets home so that you can repeat the different lessons at home. That helped me a lot and also saved some driving lessons. The only negative is that he has a fixed rendezvous point. Other driving instructors may pick you up at home. But this way I knew many routes, which are in the examination area. This in turn provides security. :) Have a good trip!

Date: 26.01.2016

Reviews from Sarah Isler

Dani is a very open and sympathetic personality. He takes you for what you are and laughs a lot. His feedback is very constructive, motivating and constructive. He taught me a lot in a very short time.

Date: 21.01.2016

Reviews from Simon Metzger

I can only agree with all the previous ones who have written a great review. Dany is a great personality, both professionally and personally. His dynamic way of training with additional learning cards accompanies you until you pass the exam. His young and sympathetic manner made me feel comfortable from the very first hour of driving. Patient, serious and with the necessary tips he learns you a lot of interesting things. He is always serious and strict. I can only recommend Dany. Thanks for everything!! :-)

Date: 14.01.2016

Reviews from Salome Metzger

Great driving instructor! I got to know Dany as a cheerful, serious and also strict driving instructor. Every lesson I learned a lot and always felt comfortable and in good hands. He will stand up for you and accompany you professionally in your driving training - until you have passed the exam. Thanks to his great support I passed the driving test right away today! I highly recommend Dany as a driving instructor. Thanks for everything Dany! ;-)

Date: 23.12.2015

Super cool driving instructor ! I learned very fast and passed the exam suverän the first time ! I would recommend him at any time.

Date: 18.12.2015

Good driving instructor, get used to the word "goodie".

Date: 14.12.2015

Dany is an experienced and patient driving instructor. I felt very well looked after by him and was able to profit from his calm and honest nature. The pace of learning and the content of the driving lesson were always well coordinated. His flashcards are very detailed. Many thanks again!

Date: 09.12.2015

Super price-performance ratio! The 90 per hour is absolutely worth it. The driving instructor is very friendly and funny, sometimes strict, but it pays off. Valuable tips above all. Examination passed at first attempt!

Date: 30.11.2015

very well organized. always friendly and very constructive. Learning cards for maneuvers are very helpful

Date: 19.11.2015

Dany is a friendly, young & serious driving instructor. He's strict and accurate in some situations, but only that gets you ahead. I passed the exam today thanks to Dany!

Date: 25.10.2015

I'm in front of Danny, another, very bad driver gsi. Despite all the "wrong" glernte hets de Danny created me correctly good us z form and am the on anyway a mistake z make by the test cho. He is a great driver and I only recommend him!

Date: 02.10.2015

He always gave constructive criticism, supported and taught me professionally. He gave not only negative feedback, but also positive ones. That was motivating and gave self-confidence. :-)

Date: 27.09.2015

With Dany bini fast and safe as destination cho! :-) He is very patient and adapts himself to the speed/learning ability of the driving scoop ah, which nid every chan. Highly recommended :-)

Date: 19.09.2015

Super Ziit gsi gsi bim Danny i de Fahrschuel!! Every black horse in the world has glowed against you. Make us like this Greetings Steven ;)

Date: 11.09.2015

Reviews from Simona Bühler

Super Teacher

Date: 05.09.2015

Super driving instructors! I got to know Dany as a calm, funny, serious and strict person. He will accompany you step by step on your way and will see with success! I can only recommend Dany's driving school! Thanks Dany for the patience and the first time I passed the exam! :-)

Date: 28.08.2015

Dany is a great driving instructor, who I can recommend 100%! His driving lessons have always been very instructive and I have always felt comfortable. I thought it was great that Dany gave me such "notepads" again and again, so that you can go through everything again in peace and could implement it in the next driving lesson...:) I was very nervous before the stage, but Dany was able to take away a lot of my nervousness and so I came through the first time... Thanks for everything Dany!

Date: 20.08.2015

Boy! :) Chan de Dany and sini driving students uniigschränkt wiiterempfehl. Super bime super teacher - what wott mer meh. Thanks for everything Dany!!

Date: 03.08.2015

Reviews from Leonie Frommenwiler

Dany is a very upbeat and humorous driving instructor. He prepared me very well for the exam, so I passed it at the first attempt. Thanks again for that! I can only recommend him anyway! :)

Date: 01.08.2015

Dany is very patient, fair, kind, motivated and motivating. He designs each driving lesson individually and prepares for a wide variety of situations in everyday life. I passed right the first time and can warmly recommend Dany.

Date: 30.07.2015

Dany is a very friendly, well-prepared, patient and honest driving instructor. He points out the mistakes to the students and so you always know exactly how far you are. I can only recommend Dany as a driving instructor!

Date: 21.07.2015

Hei dany, you are a correct, honest, strict but good driving instructor. You're a great place to learn. You motivated me right to the end and gave me a lot of strength to do it... And what came out, I passed!!! Thank you for everything, it was a great and fun time with you. Stay as you are!!!!! :) So I would definitely recommend him.

Date: 21.07.2015

I can only recommend Dany to others, he is super body and very motivating. He is totally honest in every situation so you always know where you stand. During the driving lessons Dany distributes "leaflets" with the most important information and the most important manoeuvres with which you can prepare for the car test. I never thought I'd pass the first try.

Date: 05.06.2015

Dany is a very good and patient teacher who prepared me very solidly for the car exam. I was a little worried myself, because I learned with Dany how to drive with a manual shift, but at home I could only practice with an automatic. These were then however completely unfounded, since I passed the test with the very first attempt. Herewith I would like to thank Dany again! I can only warmly recommend others to take the driving lessons with him!

Date: 28.05.2015

Speditiv, Efficient, Goal-oriented, Direct, Very Friendly

Date: 26.05.2015

I passed the exam the first time, which is due to a solid education. Dany gives written summaries to his students, which show the most important points and help them to practice independently.

Date: 26.05.2015

After 3 negative exams I changed to Dany's driving school and finally got my driving license. Dany is a very good and absolutely recommendable driving instructor! He is very patient and gives each driving lesson an individual touch. He not only prepares for the exam, but also trains for the time after passing the exam, in which he drives many very different routes with the student. He's a great guy who just makes learning fun. Thanks again for everything!

Date: 07.04.2015

Competent, motivated, friendly and patient driving instructor. Guaranteed to get you there. Teaches practical and very practical. Also includes memory cards with precise explanations as a thought support. I'm totally happy. - A.Z.

Date: 16.02.2015

As a driving instructor Dany is very competent and always top prepared for the lessons as well as a great person. He explains everything to you in great detail and patiently and illustrates his explanations with graphics or photos. He can assess his students very well and offers optimal preparation for the exam, which I passed right away. His cards are great and help when you have forgotten something again. Thanks Dany for the great time and good luck!

Date: 11.02.2015

Dany is a very good and absolutely recommendable driving instructor! He is very patient and prepares competently for the exam. He is also a great person with whom learning to drive is just fun. I passed my first test without any problems. Thanks again for everything!

Date: 12.01.2015

Super driving instructors! Responds well to the student's wishes. Greetings Micha ;)

Date: 11.01.2015

Thanks to Dany's patience, tips and tricks I passed the driving test right away. Now I feel (also alone) safe on the road. Thank you Dany :-)

Date: 18.12.2014

My feedback to Dany is always positive. His competence and character are simply class. He prepares a student driver very disciplined for the test and radiates a lot of patience. I can only recommend him and thank you very much for the wonderful time. Simi :-)

Date: 17.12.2014

For rated würi 10 point go if possible wäri. ;) The Danny's the best driving instructor there is. He'll be a lot more fun!! :) He is a mega ufgstellte, humorous, correct and patient driving instructor. Hüt han ii, thanks to him with little driving hour for the first time Prüfig passed. He challenges you optimally, with him he will never be boring, it simply always runs öbis!!! He is perfect for driving lessons, you learn with him always epis, sini helpful learning tools useful a lot and when times a fähler machsch he remains calm and relaxed and explains the s understandable and usefull. DANNY'S DRIVING SCHOOL IS JUST FOR RECOMMENDATION!!! Thanks for everything, it's a lot of fun to learn how to drive a car.:)

Date: 12.12.2014

I started the driving lessons very late. My license would have expired December 13, 14. And on 12.12.14 I had practical exam. We've really been asking for everything in the last two months. It was very close, but thanks to Danny I had passed the test the first time. He's very friendly, but he's also strict when it's really necessary. During the trip there was always a collegial atmosphere. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks for everything!

Date: 05.12.2014

De Dany is a very likeable, patient and motivating driving instructor woni allne very chan wiiter recommend!!! I am not afraid of my abilities but I am optimistic about Dany and I have done a lot better! De Dany is simply SUPER!!!

Date: 21.11.2014


Date: 19.11.2014

Dany was great during all my driving training. He always points out errors, but without appearing annoyed or similar. He was always well positioned and friendly. The driving school with him was for me never a "must" but much more a "may" and also "want".

Date: 11.11.2014

Reviews from Nadine Zipsin

Super friendly driving instructor with appropriate composure. It gets you through the exam very well because it prepares you in detail. Dany is also very patient, even in scatterbrained situations. Best choice ever!

Date: 24.10.2014

A huge MERCI to Dany! I had a very solid education with him. He was able to take away my fear of driving a car and adapted perfectly to my learning pace. With a lot of patience and professional competence he led me to my desired goal. I feel ready for the road now!

Date: 05.10.2014

Thanks Dany keep up the good work :-)

Date: 16.09.2014

I chan de Dany as a driving instructor very witers recommend. With him as coach it's fun to learn and to drive! Han de Dany can be learned as a young, upright, calm & corrupt man. He accompanies you safely and with very great knowledge through the whole picture. Thanks to Dany, I passed the mini practical driving test once, drotz extreme" nervousness... Merci oftal Dany, you bisch de Bescht! :-) Liebi Grüess, Natascha

Date: 14.09.2014

Just super!!!

Date: 07.09.2014

With Dany you are on the safe side: With a good mix of thoroughness and looseness he maneuvers you through all obstacles and gives you the necessary tools to pass the exam successfully.

Date: 12.08.2014

Reviews from Florian Tanner

Hi, Dany. The driving lessons with Dany were great. He made it possible for me to drive a car while I was in military service. When I was driving he gave me a lot of free space, only said something when I wasn't paying attention, or which direction we were going. I've always enjoyed riding with him during his driving lessons. He is very committed to the learning motorist. How he sets the dates: in favour of the learner! I also liked the design of the driving lessons. Never use too much or too little fabric. Dany is good at assessing the learner. I passed the exam the first time and I was very happy that I had passed it. I really enjoyed the time with Dany's driving lessons, talking and learning with him and would love to recommend him to others. He's a great human and takes his lessons seriously.

Date: 08.08.2014

Dany is a very sympathetic and committed driver. With a lot of patience he prepared me optimally for the exam. The driving lessons were always super organized but at the same time he was also flexible and was responsive to my wishes. Thanks to Dany, I passed the exam the first time. dankä many times:)

Date: 06.08.2014

With great attention to detail. Dany won't let you take the exam until you're at the level, but then the requirements are very good. A teacher with a very comfortable car.

Date: 05.08.2014

He makes learning fun.

Date: 17.06.2014

Dany is a very dedicated, patient and cordial driving instructor. Has shown a lot of patience with me and supported me in difficult situations. I can only recommend it to anyone. Dany's the BEST!!!!

Date: 04.05.2014

Dany's a great teacher. His driving lessons are well structured and it is always clear what the daily goal is. Dany is always calm and cool, but knows exactly when to be strict. He certainly got me through the driving test.

Date: 27.04.2014

Super driving instructor, always calm and full of things. D'Chärtli as well as Dany sini Tips are amig very helpful gsi and different situations are good and understandable to be explained... wiiter so Dany :) Chani only wiiterempfehlä !

Date: 25.04.2014

han always super driving lesson gha bim Dany! He would have been all very gueti tips chönne gäh with guete Chärtli decue. So I've been there for the first time! :) Dany's driving student is highly recommended!

Date: 31.03.2014

With Dany as my driving instructor, I was super prepared for the driving test. For the manoeuvres, e.g. parking backwards, I always received cards with drawings and instructions from him, which I found very good. Dany, it is not only important that you pass the test quickly, but that you become a good driver. He is very correct and strict, which I think is what it takes to be well prepared and yet he is totally relaxed and always in a good mood. Thanks Dany

Date: 06.03.2014

Today I passed my driving test at the first attempt and now I want to evaluate my driving instructor Dany: I took my first driving lesson with Dany when I already had some driving experience. What I found great was that we didn't start with the basics, but that we practiced the maneuvers that I hadn't mastered yet. Dany is a very pleasant, consistent and extremely correct driving instructor. In my opinion, everyone who is trained at Dany is driving perfectly and is prepared for everything. Dankä!

Date: 28.02.2014

Super driving school, han si always felt very positive. Nevertheless, in the worst case, the Dani would have had no problems, the Dani would have believed me and motivated me to stay on my feet, and so I was short on it at the second test with success durecho. Thanks Dani :)

Date: 07.02.2014

Dan the Man!;) He's a very good driving instructor and an easy guy. He prepares you for testing, on the way dethi chasch you are him a lot of learning and laughing. He's a consiquent and explains the situation to you understandably. He's "The rest in person," aif. Tiptop. Keep up the good work! LG Töme

Date: 26.01.2014

I always have a lot of fun driving with you. You explain everything so easily and simply that you just feel safer. I'm very smart with Chärtli. Thank you for making me laugh and that I'm always mega serious. And of course thanks a lot for bringing me the first time through the test! Juhuii! I hope to introduce you to better driving instructors and will recommend you in any case :)

Date: 19.12.2013

Super driving student woni allne only chan as heart layge! The Dany has probably everything what a good driving instructor must bring along: patience without end, the gifted thing so explain to you that for expressing wish and above all for a lot of humor! The hour is always alternate shaped and glueged, that a many places with different situations durefahrsch. Au sini learning tools are great - if you ever forget about hesch or nüme you can be sure what ide hourly talks hesch, chasch detä gschnell go nahlügge and weisches the again. :) Chan eu allne the driving students warmly recommend wiiterempfehle, so learn is always real fun! :D Merci many times for everything Dany, s het super viell fun gmacht!! :)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Zeig dem Experten ruhig auffällig, dass du Gefahren wahrnimmst

Date: 18.12.2013

De Dany is a super driving instructor, where always super tips git. Sini criticism is always constitutive. Thanks to em Dany, I passed the 1st test:)

This student also wrote a driving test report: Der Experte nahm mir die Nervosität

Date: 13.12.2013

Today is Friday the 13th and I passed the car test immediately thanks to Dany! :) If you want to reach your goal quickly and you are looking for a patient and friendly driving instructor who is still "strict" with you so that you pass the exam well, then you've come to the right place. He pushes you and gives you constructive criticism from which you can learn. You're the best Dany! Thank you for your patience and the great time.

Date: 28.11.2013

Dany's a great driving instructor. In every situation he stays calm! I couldn't choose a better teacher! I'm definitely recommending him!

Date: 21.11.2013

:D Probably it's the wrong moment to evaluate just after passing the exam, because now the world is only pink anyway. But in spite of my stressful everyday life, this magician somehow managed to get me to do it by driving my car! I have no comparison, but I don't need that either, I don't think any other teacher would have achieved this masterpiece! Thank you so much!

Date: 11.10.2013

I've been lying to several driving schools and I'm initially a bimää other driving instructor gsi, where I'm not really happy gsi. However, from the very beginning of the journey I feel very comfortable in Dany Hani. Sini lockeri and ufgstellti kind makes the hour fun and you forget us in the flight! You will notice his commitment and that he personally cares about you, that you will be able to reach your goal quickly and well. I have passed the mini driving test in a shuddering way what I initially thought was impossible in such a short time. Well, I chan at Dani sini Fahrschuäl really only wiiterempfelä. And au wenis am Afang ned glaubt het, but die Stunde wird ich gar chli vermis... (=

Date: 30.09.2013

Super teacher, flexible and open. Patiently also always brings new forms to overcome a difficulty. De Dany lies that we always feel as comfortable as possible. THX Dany

Date: 05.09.2013

Very nice to see you learn a lot. just the right rpm hour and more chan with Dany from time to time about öpis different than driving student talk. He prepares one well for testing, that more set bim erschte mal beschtah. hans eh gueti ziet gfunde and chan him only wieterempfehl.

Date: 05.09.2013

Do you want to run through the streets, I advise you to sit next to Dany. It's all over Winterthur, but Dany rarely gives you a hard time. You get in his Audi once, every trip will be a lot of fun! Happy and always ready for a joke, time just flew by. Joking aside: I'll keep the driving lessons with Dany in my best memory. Always very well prepared, concentrated and patient, he prepared me optimally for the exam, which I passed immediately on my first attempt! Thank you so much, Dany! Keep it up! :-)

Date: 05.09.2013

Reviews from Giancarlo Picone

Dä beschet driver wos git, with him bestönder safe and händers guet

Date: 22.08.2013

I was a really difficult case but dany has managed with his great dance and rest it .... Super driving instructor.... I passed the first time and can only say thank you dany

Date: 10.07.2013

siteme half a year safely on the road on the way thanks to "Dannys driving student" only z'empfehlä!!! more missed the hour even after so long zut no! thanks Dänny hihi :)

Date: 04.07.2013

Reviews from Jan Lucarelli

My goal was to learn how to drive a car in as short a time as possible. It was just as important to me to have someone who was patient and competent. I guess I hit the bullseye with Dany. His calm, serious manner, which he combines with outstanding knowledge, made it easy for me to apply what I learned in my private lessons and in the next lesson. The test, despite enormous nervousness, was an easy one thanks to this optimal preparation. Thanks Dany!

Date: 11.06.2013

Best Driving Instructor Ever! Had another driving instructor before, because I was not happy I changed to Dany. It was a very good decision. He has a lot of patience and the driving lessons with him are also fun. He prepared me very well for the exam. Dany can only be recommended if you want to be successful. What I didn't learn from the other driving instructor in a long time, I learned from Dany in a short time...and it stayed the same :D Tschagaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

Date: 23.05.2013

I'm very glad I chose Danny's driving school. He showed you the mistakes and always mentioned the same mistakes. I was optimally prepared for the practical exam and just say: Keep up the good work! Bravo and thank you! :)

Date: 09.05.2013

Dany is a very good driving instructor, can only recommend him! His theory cards as well as his valuable tips also helped me outside the driving lessons. He didn't register me too early and not too late for the practical exam and only reserved as many hours as necessary. No unnecessary driving lessons. I passed at the 1st time so it is the best price-performance ratio! from this follows... Dany's the best driving instructor!!

Date: 29.04.2013

I can only recommend Dany! I came by a friend on him and I am very, very glad have/resp. I had such a good driving instructor! He has a lot of patience, is friendly and is a very constellated person. I could always look forward to the driving lessons because I knew that I would always be encouraged. Now I have passed the driving test today, for which I would like to thank Dany very much!!!! Toast to that! ;)

Date: 25.04.2013

Reviews from Darlene Enggist

Dealing exactly with problems. when driving, everyone looks at each other unso

Date: 22.04.2013

Reviews from Lorena Magdalena

Patience, humour, interest, overview, honesty, discretion, sensitivity and spontaneity. Dany's got everything you'd expect from a driving instructor. He will send you neither too early nor too late to the exam and will give you the necessary (realistic) security. Even if you despair in between, you won't give up on him. I only recommend riding with Dany!!! Always had good conversations in between. And by the way: double driving hours are worth it, the coffee in between is always nice and relaxing:)

Date: 16.04.2013

Reviews from Melanie Meister

I can only recommend Dany as your driving instructor. He really has a lot of fun driving his car. His lessons are always varied and individually adapted to the needs of the student. Very helpful are the small index cards that Dany puts together himself for his students. So you can have a closer look at the individual manoeuvres at home. And even if you have a sag, Dany is a great motivator again. Thanks a lot Dany, your driving lessons were great :)

Date: 10.04.2013

I passed my driving test last week and I owe it all to Dany! =) His driving lessons are simply great! He plans and builds the driving lessons in such a way that you can learn something new every time with calmness. Dany doesn't overwhelm you, he challenges you in the right measure! =) Dany as a person is exactly the right person when it comes to finding a really good driving instructor. He always stays cool and calm and is always available for a joke. =) Directly before my driving test I had another driving lesson in which we repeated everything important. Then we went directly to the road traffic office. Thanks to this driving lesson before the stage, I was very relaxed during the stage itself and could reduce my nervousness already during the driving lesson. All in all, Dany is a hammer driving instructor, both educational and human. Dany, thanks namal viiiil for the cool driving lesson! It's a lot more fun with you! =)

Date: 09.04.2013

Dany's a great guy and a great teacher. He certainly got me through the test, the success speaks for itself. I can recommend Dany to absolutely anyone.

Date: 09.04.2013

Reviews from Debby Gisler

de beeeshti ;) De Dany's a great driving instructor! He knows wasd muesh chöne and corrects you always imene fründliche tone. He gets s beshte us dir use, and sits down for Din success i. D driving lessons are always very funny, but oh strict, susht lernsh ja usef. De Dany ish only wiiter z recommend!!! I'm really glad that I came for him! Thanks a lot, a lot for everything!!!!!!!! Dearest greetings Debby

Date: 26.03.2013

De dany ish really en super driving instructor... He is strict but just... He brings ders car driving really super bi and me chans with him au very lush ha... I have passed yesterday 25.3.13 mini car check:) thanks for the tolli zit bi dir dany... Lg nati

Date: 26.03.2013

Dany guided me super from the beginning and gave me extremely pleasant and nevertheless thorough driving lessons. The atmosphere was always very good and he was perfectly organized. It is noticeable that he is very concerned about the student's passing, because he prepares his students excellently for the exam, which underlines his very low failure rate. In short: Top driving instructor, top driving lessons - thank you Dany!

Date: 25.03.2013

I highly recommend Dany's driving school. I felt comfortable with him from the beginning. That's because of his loose, friendly nature, with which he can pass a lot of knowledge on to you. Dany always remains patient and his reviews are constructive and motivating to stay on the ball. Dany's driving lessons were also very personal, he responded to what I needed and very quickly recognized where there was potential for improvement, but what is already good and can be ticked off. I also passed the driving test thanks to Dany's great tips the first time :) If you wish for driving lessons where you forget the time, a very professional but also friendly driving lesson around a car that is extremely pleasant to drive, then Dany's driving school is the right place for you! Thanks for everything Dany! :)

Date: 23.03.2013

Top driving school! Felt safe from the start. The driving instructor is extremely competent, remains calm and friendly in every situation. I passed the exam the first time after less than 20 lessons. Extremely efficient driving lessons and a timetable that is precisely tailored to the student. So you always know where you stand. I can only recommend it!!! It was a great time and I want to thank Dany for everything! Super performance!

Date: 02.03.2013

Very proffesionl and very well organized so that you are very well prepared for the exam and also very well prepared for after the exam! And with him you are always safe in road traffic, even as a beginner.

Date: 16.02.2013

Reviews from Dominik Blumer

Competent preparation for the exam, with many good inputs to improve one's own driving and good training in road traffic behaviour.

Date: 13.02.2013

Reviews from Linus Löhlein

Rigorous and thorough training on the steering wheel expert instruction Accurate logging of learning progress Professional behaviour Detailed critical-constructive feedback Precise power of observation Dedicated coaching Vehicle in excellent condition. in short: an intensive, solid and safe preparation for the driving test. All these are characteristics that characterize Dany's driving school. Not only his slogan "the one with profile" kept what he promised, but also his word that he will surely accompany me through the practical exam. Both in his way of teaching and in his patient, professional behaviour towards me (as a partly slow student) Dani deserves the best mark. Couldn't have wished for a better teacher!

Date: 13.02.2013

It's very hard for me to neutralize those who only have one driving student... D Nevertheless I think that there are many other driving instructors who are as good as Dany. Mr hend doesn't carnival the same route (he even wants to write down his name everywhere) and is therefore well prepared for the test. Isch en very accepting and funny type and patient chamer chuum si. Sorry Dani, but öpis muess no ine: S'Auto is nöd so mis. :D But that is yes gschmacksach and it was about the driving instructor. And therefore chani de Dani wüki only recommend witer! Witer so!

Date: 30.01.2013

Chan de Dany as a driving instructor would not hesitate to recommend him, he is patient, calm, has a good sense of humor, a good life spirit, but criticizes what is not good and helps him to improve. Sin Audi is a very good driver's pupil car with a very good visibility. Chli, manoeuvrable but not so powerful that it's a lot of fun. Merci Dany!

Date: 21.12.2012

I can only recommend Dany as a driving instructor! He is always in a good mood, discusses and evaluates every lesson, and is always concentrated. Who really wants to learn to drive well, is right with him :)

Date: 14.12.2012

it's two great reasons why you went to Dany: 1) he is an ingenious driving instructor. he is always well prepared and shows you how to pass your driving test. he is patient, honest, demanding, relaxed, efficient etc etc. etc. 2) he is super typ. he is likeable, calm, funny, chilly, patient and so on... Thanks Dany! Our minere view is valid in the Dany sgsetz: when you test nöd bim the first time you create (which you do to him with great truth but we create), because lits definitely a you, and surely nöd a him!

Date: 21.11.2012

Getting up early, or going to the driving lesson in the evening, has partly made me feel right... BUT when I greeted Dany with his friendly manner, I was even looking forward to the driving lesson and the motivation came after all. While I was driving Dany gave me tips and told me what I was good at. We had laughed a few times and Dany also made little jokes to loosen up. However, he also pointed out to me the possibilities for growth in a factual way. In order to remember the complex system of driving better, Dany gave me some Merk cards on which the most important one will be recorded shortly. I can recommend Dany to others :-) Thanks Dany! Lg Jeannine

Date: 19.11.2012

If it was sent too early by mistake, the text should continue to run: I can recommend Danny's driving school to anyone. I felt very well taken care of during all my driving lessons. To mention is also the great Audi A1 =) is really fun the little speedster. Now I know my choice of Dany as my driving instructor was absolutely the right one. I wish Dany continued success and all the best for the future. I am sure you will accompany many more satisfied students on their way to their driving licence =) Keep up the good work pri

Date: 19.11.2012

Had my exam today, which I passed thanks to Dany successfully the first time :) He accompanied me friendly, competent and with a lot of patience. Dany is a good driving instructor, always motivated and one notices his profession prepares him a lot of pleasure

Date: 17.11.2012

Dany is a perfectionist and a dynamite in one. Perfectionist, because he tailors his driving lessons to the needs of everyone; dynamic, because he teaches you in a targeted and patient manner the things that really matter in the driving test. Dany always remains honest and open and has many suggestions for improvement and tricks up his sleeve. Dany, thank you so much for an exciting and instructive time. Keep it up!

Date: 08.11.2012

If you sueched en perfect driving instructors, because you immediately announce bim Dany. A super driving instructor where you never lose your patience. Är het immer en guete slogan uf lager und sorgt immer für gueti harmonig. Poor guy's gonna notice where the need is. A driving instructor where the desired meets! Thanks Dany!

Date: 05.11.2012

De Dany chammer as a driving instructor nuiterempfehl! Learn to drive with him - and the Audi - het fun gmacht and me het fast and efficient glernt, what mer a de examigig and later mue chöne. Me will be systematically prepared and the whole process will not be unnecessarily lengthy... De Dany is also a very friendly teacher, he has a quiet nature and is very forgiving ;)

Date: 03.11.2012

the Dany is a very competent driving instructor - it went fast forward, he did all the necessary things for so long, until he was sure he was there, but still he didn't pull the learning process unnecessarily long. I really appreciate that he is always very honest about his progress and "driving skills" and that he shows a lot of understanding, when he doesn't get a lot of flaps or is unclear... Dany has an admirable lot of patience and he doesn't make me go back to work :-) all in all so he takes a bii driver for Audi A1 haha!!

Date: 05.10.2012

With Dany, I'm always so casual! He's very patient with you and unless you have a bad day, he'll always get you motivated! Sini tips are ingenious and he lies würkli uf everything! I always found that I was destroying everything that was going on and afterwards most of the time I discovered where I had no mini problems. So I've always been moving forward and I've never felt that he's deliberately hesitating. Hüt hani mini Fahrprüefig kah und hey hand she just passed for the first time! ;-) THANK YOU NOMAL DANY and em Jacky ;-) I'm really happy that I passed the exam, but I'll miss the driving lesson with Dany honestly ;-)

Date: 24.09.2012

Although I already possess the driving licence, however, for over 6 years no more shifted drove, I wanted again with a professional on the road. The anxieties are overcome and the joy of driving with the gears is awakened again. It was two really super instructive driving lessons. I benefited a lot from it. Dany is as a driving instructor very competent, serious, patient, the rest in person in every situation and as a person very pleasant and sympathetic. It was really fun. I can only recommend him.

Date: 30.07.2012

I was very happy with Dany. He is responsive to each student individually, plans the driving lessons in advance, is always open to questions and you feel safe next to him. I allow myself to claim that he is one of the best, if not the best driving instructors in Winterthur.

Date: 27.07.2012

I can only recommend Dany! He takes his work very seriously, is always friendly and very competent! He prepared me very well for the exam! Today I passed the exam at my first attempt =)!

Date: 26.07.2012

Passed the exam the first time. Thanks, it was great!

Date: 18.07.2012

Thanks Dany! D'Fahrstunde bi you are super gsi! Keep up the good work!

Date: 10.07.2012

Dany is a great driving instructor, can only recommend him ;-) He's very patient and understanding. With him the driving lessons are fun and he knows how to deal with young people! I do not think that I would have had it better with another driving instructor :-D!!

Date: 22.06.2012

Dany always gave me great tips and was always patient even when I was not soo good. Unfortunately the evaluation goes only to 6=good, should be actually "very very good"!!! Thank you Dany!!!

Date: 30.05.2012

I can only recommend Dany to anyone. He is a very dedicated driving instructor and it is important that you pass the exam and he supports you to reach your goal. You don't smoke better drivers at all. I insisted on the first time, too. HE'S JUST AWESOME. If you're looking for a driver, go to Dany, it's worth it. Mfg. melinda

Date: 29.05.2012

With Dany I learned to drive wonderfully in a short time. Patience and ALWAYS good mood characterize him as well as his incredible concentration and competence. Not a single one of his lessons takes place spontaneously, everything is carefully planned and one learns quickly and purposefully. Dany is flexible when it comes to driving lessons / times, and even meeting point. I would also like to mention his car, which is very pleasant to drive. Who learns with Dany can be sure not to go unprepared to a driving test, rather overprepared and completely ready. All in all, great job, Dany!

Date: 10.05.2012

You're looking for a driving instructor? Then you're in good hands with Dany. Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to refresh your driving skills, Dany is always helpful, patient and perfectly ready to take you to your destination. (I know what I'm talking about after all I mastered the driving test yesterday with flying colours thanks to Dany.) Dany's reactions are lightning fast, you feel very safe with him. Your neighbor will not be a stubborn, boring teacher but a friend who encourages and inspires you but also points out your mistakes. He also spares no effort to give you flashcards that you can study in your free time. That's as good as it gets! Thank you Dany for your trust in me and your patience!

Date: 24.04.2012

The driving lessons at Danys driving school were always great and setting up for me. Had a lot of fun with the driving lessons. Dany supports you super and helps you where you go through the whole process until your driving license!!! With him you are not just any number he takes for each of his students the time you need! His Audi A1 is also super and compact for learning to drive a car. Super driving school really only to recommend!!!

Date: 31.03.2012

Dany prepares one super for the road traffic and the stage. many thanks again=)

Date: 30.03.2012

Dany takes his cause very seriously and helps with his honest feedback. You realize it's important to him that you drive safely and well. The well-structured lessons help you get fit for the exam.

Date: 24.03.2012

De Dany is a very good driving instructor, competent, patient and motivated. Sini clarifiers are very good and mer chunt even learning about where würkli are helpful. Smascots in the car, the smiley "Jack" is always on and off in case it doesn't work out!:) I can only recommend Dany to anybody!

Date: 12.03.2012

All-round friendly and extremely competent driving instructor who passes on a great deal of knowledge to his students in the shortest possible time and at the same time increases their self-confidence in road traffic. Dany's organization is not to be criticized in any way and provides for varied and instructive driving lessons. Thank you very much.

Date: 12.03.2012

Supernetter and competent driving instructor, who prepares you excellently for the road traffic. Can only be recommended!

Date: 14.02.2012

I can only recommend Dany's driving student. Dany's motivated and balanced manner gives you a feeling of security. Many thanks for everything (also the nice coffee breaks :P), it was a lot of fun for me. I will never forget this exam day ;) On this way a big "MERCI" and hopefully see you soon, Nadja.

Date: 12.02.2012

Dany combines all the characteristics one could wish for from a driving instructor: Dany works competently, efficiently, structured and focused on the goal of driving test. He responds to individual wishes and problems and supports you where necessary. His calm, balanced and motivating nature is very pleasant and gives security. His patience is inexhaustible and he likes to explain the same thing several times. In addition, his cheerful and cheerful character does not neglect the fun, so that you can look forward to every driving hour. I can only recommend "DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL" to others. With Dany you get the best training you can imagine and I would immediately go back to Dany. Thanks for everything, Dany, it was a great time!!!

Date: 07.02.2012

Just passed the driving test. Thanks, Dani!

Date: 11.01.2012

De Dani is a suuuper driver. If you want to take your first driving test, go to gad bim the first time you see the müender go to him! He explains very patiently all the steps and fun chamer bi him au ha! Greets Chris

Date: 11.01.2012

Dany was a big help on my way to my driver's license. He teaches you how to drive in a pleasant way through his cheerful but always competent way. The driving lessons are designed to be instructive so that you can see your progress after each lesson. Dany recognizes where the learner has the most difficulty and tries to iron out the weakness with appropriate exercises. Very recommendable!

Date: 10.01.2012

Dany was a competent, honest, sympathetic and fair driving instructor. By the direct, exact and detailed evaluations and suggestions for improvement, I always knew where I stood. Also the small file cards with the most important steps of the manoeuvres helped me a lot to be able to have a closer look at something also after the driving lesson at home.

Date: 08.01.2012

De DANY isch en super Fahrlehre xi. He goes to great lengths to debi all the difficulties that can be dealt with in learning to drive a car. And he did it for me. Sini Schüeler are important to him and he always gets as much use as possible per hour. Wänn ich öbis wrong gmacht han het het me the very clear and direct xeit. That's how he imprints vill on me forever. He'll lose his patience to whoever's doing the wrong thing for the third time. It is also important to him that he is always in good mood during the driving lesson. I don't know any other driving theory, but I'd think I'd never learn other things. I am very zfride xi in every respect with minere usbildig. Merci DANY lg Simi ;)

Date: 08.01.2012

It's very cool to learn how to drive a car! Top!

Date: 30.11.2011

I can't think of a better driving school. Dany is always very calm, concentrated and can provide the necessary information and tips with ease. You really look forward to the hours with him (which I never had before) and he gives everything to deal with the individual problems. Conclusion: Dany is a young, flexible, competent and very committed driving instructor because I would recommend him to everyone!

Date: 08.11.2011

Dany is a supertyp, very friendly, patient. and motivated. Can Danny's driving school only be Recommend.

Date: 19.09.2011

very good

Date: 15.09.2011

Reviews from Vanessa Profico

Super driving instructor... De Dany is a very profound and patient man. He brings a fast and with a lot of expertise the goal... Witer so Dany :-D lg Vanessa

Date: 20.08.2011

With Dany's driving school, you go full throttle! Top prepared Dany sends you to the exam: Pass - there's no other option! With a lot of patience, wit and the necessary portion of meticulousness Dany prepares you perfectly for day X and beyond. Absolutely recommendable!!! Lg Fabio

Date: 18.08.2011

Reviews from Kathi Za

Great driving instructor. Very find, patient, honest, "motivational bomb" and always a super slogan in stock. Only to the wiiterempfele eggfach. De Dany brings every one as a target. lg Kathi

Date: 17.08.2011

I learned a lot from Dany. I was efficiently promoted in the areas where I had problems. Dany is a good, persistent and motivating driving instructor, who knows how to handle young people very well and win their trust.

Date: 16.08.2011

Serious, provides safety in the car and traffic the more driving lessons, reliable, spontaneous, cheerful, spends a break coffee (!), friendly, looking for a way to make it as pleasant as possible for you. And you will certainly pass the driving test after your first visit!!!!!!

Date: 15.08.2011

very good driving instructor! Takes it very seriously and tries hard.

Date: 13.08.2011

Simply absolutely top! Since I have been riding motorcycles for 3 years and have therefore already completed various courses and driving lessons, I have already been able to meet several driving instructors. Dany's driving student is the best thing that could have happened to me! He is an absolute top driving instructor with a very great knowledge, a perfectly structured education and always friendly manners which prepare every student in the best way for the exam! I always felt very comfortable from the first driving lesson and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help Dany... (R.Wegmann, examination mastered after approx. 5 weeks with flying colours!! )

Date: 13.07.2011

Very satisfying course!!!! Witer so :-)

Date: 09.07.2011

Hi guys, I passed my driving exam yesterday, so it was a long way off for me. I have fallen 3 times through, I had no desire any more true angry and unmotivated I had given up my hope. I wanted to change my driving instructor after my third time and get a 2 opinion. Since I had a week to the last appointment I had to look for a new driving instructor, I came across Dany and left the comments of other people, that made me realize and his picture was likeable to me. At the first driving hour it was a catastrophe he didn't want to believe that I drive so badly after 25 driving hours, he said to me he can't come with me to the exam it's about his call at the road traffic office and he finds that I'm not that far yet. He taught me a lot during the first lesson where I didn't know and he motivated me so much and encouraged me to have soooo much fun with him. I learned so many from Dany after 3 hours of driving and he told me that now as I am driving at the exam, I was so happy and so grateful that I have met Dany. Yesterday I had the last chance at the exam, Dany said to me that he believed in me and that I could do it and I did it thanks to Dany, he is the best driving instructor in the world, he is motivated, funny, friendly and he teaches you so much. I can recommend Dany to anyone you won't regret. Thanks, Dany. Best regards Meri

Date: 02.07.2011

I han after 2 hours to another driver then to Dany's gwechslet and must saw that I do not regret the second han!! He is very motivating, calming, humorous and patient! Driving hours are generally luschdig gsi and me haed imme n progress and me isch imme guad prepared! Merci vieeelmol Dany! Xie xie ni! horny gsi! : ))

Date: 28.06.2011

I'm very zfriede gsi! En mega sympathetic driving instructors, where one in the car driving really good bibringt and namely in such a way that me aus steelt why I do it so, wiemers makes. We learn a lot every hour and he deals with an individual. Bring a quick and consistent ad review and that with success! The whole program is simply ingenious and highly recommendable!

Date: 27.06.2011

super driving instructor! serial driving picture, reliable patient, good atmosphere, understandable explained with thought support on learning cards for the near future. In any case, I am always back to ferment in the hour of driving! Isch therefore only to recommend =)

Date: 25.06.2011

De Dani is a hammer driver: A lot of patience, good humour and a lot of expertise. He prepares you very well for testing, and the value rating is good. Isch e super Ziit gsi, and would every Ziit again gah! Super gsii Dany,- Merci ! :)

Date: 24.06.2011

Great! Solid driving training from the ground up, lots of patience, great learning atmosphere! Optimal preparation for the exam! In any case to recommend!

Date: 16.06.2011

- likeable - accurate - vibrant - serious - trustworthy - clever - patient / persevering --> He's the man ;-)

Date: 14.06.2011

Today I had the test and managed it! :-D... I RECOMMEND YOU TO TAKE THE DRIVING LESSON AT THE DANY`S DRIVING SCHOOL! He is a very good driving instructor - (the best from Winterthur), very friendly, helpful, understandable and with him you have a lot of fun! Friendly greetings Arnaldo Cruz

Date: 06.06.2011

Heii Dany :) So I like to make a Danish comment there, ah. Isch always super gsi! Mega patient, understandable and always cool druff :D - so you would choo again :) Liebs Grüessli Rahel

Date: 12.05.2011

Super gsi! merci vill mal!! Lg Lara

Date: 21.04.2011

Dany is a technically competent, patient and humorous driving instructor! He was always motivated and well prepared and he quickly recognizes strengths and weaknesses. The driving lessons were relaxed and nevertheless Dany sees all mistakes, which he (if he goes against the stage) also strictly corrects. This makes the driving lessons very instructive and always gives you the feeling that you can make it ;! A super driving instructor woni nu cha wiiterempfehlen! Thanks viil mal Dany for everything!

Date: 21.04.2011

Dani's a great driving instructor. He accompanies a learner driver from the first to the last hour with a portion of humor and relaxation that make driving pleasant. In the right moments he is strict, fair and honest at the same time when it comes to driving mistakes. Through his very well thought-out feedback system, the student always sees how well he stands in the disciplines, what weaknesses and strengths he has. When it comes to the exam, Dany works even more meticulously than in the previous hours and prepares you perfectly for the exam. In a nutshell: A driving instructor that I would recommend to any aspiring student.

Date: 18.04.2011

De Dany is a super driving instructor where his job takes serious, but still brings a lot of humor! All important things will be glowed and blessed! Every driving lesson is worthwhile, as soon as you have passed the test for the first time, you will notice. Conclusion: I chan him every person witer recommend and would au namal to him gha ;)

Date: 18.04.2011

De Dany is a really great driving instructor. I chan en your allne wiiter recommend!! He is very patient and I notice every hour that he loves his job :-) And normally thanks, it's just HAMMER feeling to whom the test cage has been passed for the first time! Simply ingenious!! Come on!

Date: 14.04.2011

Very competent, patient Fhar teacher. Train quickly and sustainably. By the (voluntarily!) distributed theory sheets the learned is again and again refreshable. An exact accounting on his part prevents duplications. This driving school has a real profile and is highly recommended!!!

Date: 01.04.2011

Super ingenious driving school with super ingenious driving instructor! You are taught everything in the simplest way on a collegial basis! From my point of view I can only say: The surely best driving student in Winti and surroundings with guaranteed fun factor inclusive!:) ..wiitr eso Dany ostraciates genius and namal Merci much times:) Greetings Däxx

Date: 31.03.2011

Very competent, honest. Even if it doesn't work out one day, Dany's cool with it. If you stick to it, you'll reach your goal quickly, because with individual (free) additional documents, which you can get hold of at home, you'll have the opportunity to learn difficult situations quickly and efficiently. And finally: Dany doesn't do things by halves: he prepares you for the exam in such a way that you can tackle it with a good feeling and will pass it successfully afterwards!

Date: 29.03.2011

Dany I just bless ice... you are super and I am always mega genial gsi with you drive. Thank you very much!

Date: 25.03.2011

Best driving instructor we introduce you to chönd ;) very nice climate ide driving lesson because he is very funny and very nice. Mer learns a lot because he demands a lot of right and the uf e very agnehmi kind because he has a lot of patience. I can highly recommend you sini driving students if you want to reach your destination quickly when cho and decue en kuule driving instructors turn. You've passed 15 lessons and you're ready to go. Mfg michi

Date: 21.03.2011

De Dany He's the driver of the car!!!! He's always good at it, makes a lot of fun, always helps you and is always BEST!!!! Sini hour are mega cool he makes with you everything dure that you feel safe and ready bisch for test cage... DANY = 2011 = 100% passed test cages !!! RESPECT so if a good driving instructor wants to and a very good chance he has the test to him. Greeting Diego

Date: 15.03.2011


Date: 03.03.2011

Danyy is a very humorous and open driving instructor but he immediately recognizes his weaknesses and strengths and works on them intensively. He respects and wants all his students to pass the exam successfully the first time. Thanks Dany,suuper gsi ;) I can only recommend him to you!!!

Date: 19.02.2011

Dany is a very competent driving instructor, who always has a good tip in stock.;-) in the driving lessons there was always something to laugh about, but he can also be serious at the right moment and also clearly show what needs to be improved to be successful at the stage. All in all I am very happy with Dany and I would like to thank you again for the good preparation for the exam and wish you all the best for the future. See you soon on the street, WITHOUT L...;-) Greetings Roli

Date: 17.02.2011

Dany is a very humorous and relaxed driving instructor who can also put pressure on you when the situation demands it. He prepared me very well for the exam and he also makes sure that you only have to take the exam once:):)I can only recommend him to you!!!

Date: 08.02.2011

very flexibeel, immediately recognizes strengthen and weaken works intensively on it. always varied driving lessons! thank you thank you very much dany! just suuper gsi! besti fahrshuel z'winti, must recommend more wiiter :)

Date: 01.02.2011

Ingenious driving instructors where to find the right number of hours! I just right for alli where in the first time wend dure cho :D

Date: 09.01.2011

Sali Dannyy i bins de Alban The Danyy is a very good driving instructor I would immediately register again with him if I did not have my driving license. He's just good, you don't find such a driver that often.

Date: 30.12.2010

If you need an instructor who is competent and adapts his program to your progress, Dany is the right place for you. During the driving lessons there is always something new to learn and Dany always makes a nice break with his sayings. In a nutshell: 100 % expert commitment on the part of the driving instructor, a super vehicle and the necessary relaxedness guarantee a successful learning phase. Thank you Däny, gruess Fleh ;)

Date: 30.12.2010

He was a good teacher. Attentive, good learning cards, good way to teach.

Date: 28.12.2010

Dany is a very dynamic, well-positioned and patient driving instructor who will take you safely to your practical exam. I can only recommend him! Dany, thank you namal viilmal for everything, Dini patience and dieä coolä driving lesson where'n I'm allowed to you complete. Make us like this! Liäbe Gruäss

Date: 15.12.2010

I'm talking about goods that are not good for you, but I'm talking about Gedding.

Date: 14.12.2010

Super driving instructors!!! I can only recommend him!

Date: 07.12.2010

If you are looking for a driving instructor who will prepare you for the first exam, then Dany is there for everyone.

Date: 06.12.2010

Very good Thank you Dany it isch simply it feels awesome who bim first time dure chunt ;) You hesch patience, explain everything super and it makes simply fun ;) Witer so ;) lg Diana

Date: 25.11.2010

Dany's a great driving instructor. Passed the exam the first time. Would take my exam again with him, even if I had not passed it the first time. Take his time, be patient, know many tricks and tips, be open, spontaneous and simply SUUPER ;) Guets auto ;) To recommend!!!!!! greetings uri

Date: 15.11.2010

De Dany is the absolute best driving instructor ever!! I han di practically test 2 times (nööd bim dany) and han scho thinks I lases sii. Afterwards, I'm going to have to get some other driving instructors to get the job done, because I'm on Dany's side. . That's by far the best gsii where het can pass! Your driving lessons are mega instructive and fun. He's always super prepared and prepared. I am very much provoked by the third exam. I can simply recommend him as a number. . . and who did not go to him is his own fault ;D Nomal thanks viill vill mal. greez renato

Date: 29.10.2010

Dany's a great driving instructor.

Date: 29.10.2010

De Dany chani only recommend. He's young, he's patient, he's committed, he's motivated. For every hour he prepares himself and makes super learning hard =). Thanks Dany for the cool driving lesson to you. You always motivate me to continue & a believes me..continue eso =)..lg Pati

Date: 21.10.2010

With Dany as a driving instructor, everything feels a lot easier. Dany a young dynamic driving instructor trifts exactly. The first time in the car = insecurity. Through Dany's lessons I had quickly forgotten this uncertainty and so I am now close to the exam. Dany'll get you there fast. If I had to start again, I would do my lessons 100% with Dany again. Just a GENIAL guy to me. Greetings Cedric

Date: 20.10.2010

With Dany you have a driving instructor who will prepare you for the exam and who has a very well structured course of lessons to get you quickly to your desired destination! In addition to a super car, Dany also brings ingenious social skills. He tries with 100% for every student!

Date: 30.09.2010

If you are a good driving instructor, you are looking for the right place. De Dany brings you all your inhabitants and the test breaks and more. He's just a super guy and will lead you safely to your goal! Thanks for everything Dany Bisch de Beste Fahrlehrer!! Peace Vito

Date: 27.09.2010

Are you looking for professional, dynamic, young & professional driving instructors? Because bisch bim Dany just right! Bim Dany hesch nit only super driving hour but from it great car to drive ;) With sinere patient and funny manner he brings e lockeri atmosphere id driving hour. I highly recommend him! He's the best driving instructor!

Date: 15.09.2010

Thanks to Dany! With sinere uncomplicated, patient, easy to understand and relaxed manner he creates a super atmosphere to learn to drive a car! He is every time top usgrüschtet, prepared and competent bide Sach and is super in the Rueh(au mal i bränzlige situatione) and motivation z'vermitle! --> I would like to recommend Dany to everyone who wants to go and find a young, qualified driving instructor, where it's fun to drive, but where you've been for a long time. He is extremely reliable and organized and believes wüki a you!

Date: 13.09.2010

Very good and positioned driving instructor. Dany has a very good and serious preparation for the driving test. Really top. I can only recommend him.

Date: 24.08.2010

Very good driving instructor with many tips and experience. Also shows patience and is very friendly.

Date: 18.08.2010

I'm totally excited about Dany. He taught me how to drive so confidently and with so much patience. I had trouble with some things, but Dany practiced with me without making me feel completely incapable. :o) Driving with him has always been a pleasure, because he is also in a joking mood, but always knows where to set the limit. I was also very impressed with his flashcards, because they are really helpful. I really can only recommend him!!

Date: 15.07.2010

After I didn't pass my driving test for the 2nd time I didn't want to know anything more about driving for the time being. Three months before my learning ticket expired, I took courage again and thought to myself; new teacher new happiness. With Dany, I felt comfortable and taken seriously. His aim was the same as mine: to pass the exam within a limited time frame through excellent training. Dany was always well prepared, motivated, concentrated and yet relaxed and "talkative" and immediately recognized strengths and weaknesses. He worked together on the second until the way to the finish was cleared. Just now we were both happy about my passed exam. With Dany really nothing remains to be desired, can recommend him to the best of conscience! Nomal tuusig thanks for din Iisatz Dany!Green Arrows-me alone!:)Eli

Date: 06.07.2010

With Dany as my driving instructor, I made the right choice! He is very competent, patient and very pleasant to deal with. His Audi A3 TFSI is a blast! I can really recommend Dany to anyone!

Date: 28.05.2010

Hoi :-) I can fully recommend Dany as a driving instructor :-)...He is a super 1A driving instructor, who is available for every fun, but also knows where the limits of fun are...He is/was always prepared for every driving lesson super... After each new manoeuvre he gives you learning cards with which you can create super yourself to repeat it...Furthermore Dany explains the things with a lot of calmness and serenity... What I especially like about Dany is that he is still there to help and advise you even after finishing driving school!!!!..THANK YOU again, for your help :-)... Conclusion, Dany is simply TOP and only to recommend!!!..Go on Dany :-)....

Date: 05.05.2010

A lot of patience. Explains complicated things as simply as possible with very good examples. I'm very happy!

Date: 03.05.2010

a very good driving instructor, with humor but he also knows where the fun ends.I am very happy to have been with Dany because he brings everything over in a relaxed but also safe way.

Date: 02.05.2010

Yes de Dany is always bi de sach and makes sini work super.ich han au grad bim the first time bestehen. Thank you nomol Dany

Date: 21.04.2010

First of all I would like to thank Dani again, because I came through the first time. With his calm but upright manner, he taught me all the tips and tricks about driving again and again. He is physically and mentally full of the thing, one sees the passion he possesses and the will to bring every disciple through. That's why I can highly recommend him. Keep it up.

Date: 20.04.2010

perfect gloffe bi dir danyy, cha nüt zmekere, all good gloffe, thank you much much times fry.;) all gueti Eric de Star

Date: 15.04.2010

1000 thanks to Dany ! He accompanied me driving from A to Z and supported me wherever he could. Dany's commitment is characterised by his constant written preparation for the lessons at home, his distribution of cards for the various manoeuvres and his open-minded, humorous and cordial manner, which makes each lesson a pleasant and motivating learning experience. Even with his calm nature, Dany reacts to difficult situations with lightning speed and defuses the danger. I recommend Dany to all open-minded and eager to learn people. It's a cool ziit gsi !! First hold then shift!

Date: 13.04.2010

Hammer man. Hammer car. Hammer driving lesson.. Hammer Prüäfig. I existed for the first time. Thanks for everything. Best driving instructor.

Date: 09.04.2010

Even so, the driving instructors in all Winti!! except when it's not even bookable. but han until ez alwaysno en date found in more sensible terms =) Merci danny!

Date: 11.03.2010

Everything's great!!! I can only recommend him!!! Just TOP!!!!

Date: 16.02.2010

I can only recommend Dany to anyone. He is a very dedicated driving instructor and it is important that you pass the exam and he supports you to reach your goal.

Date: 31.01.2010

Dany is a patient, good-humoured driving instructor who wants you to pass the exam the first time, the riders are instructive and always funny. It was a great time.

Date: 27.01.2010

Hey Dany! it's just world class gsi bi you ide driving lesson and I han fun gha=). You're a great guy. I'm just recommending you. Greetings timi

Date: 07.01.2010

Super guy, fun with him, learn.

Date: 06.01.2010

The fun is always in Dany's hands. He is very patient and brings everything where I need to drive. Very commendable!

Date: 14.12.2009

Dany's driving lessons have always been fun! Dany is very competent in both human and professional terms and prepared me ideally for the exam: Thank you. Thank you.

Date: 10.12.2009

very patient and ehn cool man

Date: 04.12.2009

Dany simply and super driving instructor, have a lot of patience and chash a thing out of mega good bibringe...so whoever a driving instructor breaks oil to the dany gah..will recommend you every time...Greetings Kevin

Date: 24.11.2009

Danny is a very friendly and patient driving instructor who really tries to get you ready for the driving test in the shortest time possible.

Date: 20.11.2009

Dany is a very good driving instructor who will get you to the exam as soon as possible. I can only recommend him.

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Merci Luki! Ich wünsche au Dir viel Spass bim umefätze - und wennd mal es eiges Auto hesch - fahrsch doch mal bim Arch verbii.. ;-)

Date: 20.11.2009

Super guy, would have much patience, isch joke, cha everything super good explain ... Eifach dä perfekti driving instructor :-)

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Danke Nina - es het mir Spass gmacht, dich uszbilde! Wünsche Dir viel Kilometer, Fun und Freiheit mit dim Mazda! ;-)

Date: 20.10.2009

The driving lessons with you were always very rich and good. I felt comfortable from the beginning. And the study cards were great. You're a very patient and super driving instructor. Thanks for everything. Greetings Sandra

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Vielen Dank für die Bewertung. Wünsche Dir viel Spass mit Roger (als Beifahrer ;-)) auf unseren Strassen! GREETZ DANY

Date: 16.10.2009

simply awesome man... perfect

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Danke für Deine Bewertung. Viel Spass beim Fahren. GREETZ DANY

Date: 04.10.2009

Mega set up and patient driving instructor with wit and humor, it is pure joy to learn to drive with Dany. Well and if you make mistakes then you will be patiently explained again, so you never lose the fun of learning to drive. What a pity I am now in the canton of Bern and will take my exam here, I would have liked to finish it with you. Hats off, keep up the good work and wish you all the best Alex(andra)

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hallo Alexandra, danke für die gute Bewertung. Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück und gutes Gelingen bei der weiteren Ausbildung in Bern. GREETZ DANY

Date: 01.09.2009

Super driving instructor, still young himself and with a lot of understanding for beginners mistakes. He constantly adapted to my skills and needs and brought me to the examination as quickly as possible. Merci Dany!

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Merci Adi für Dini Bewertig! Dank Dim Können hämmer ja e richtigi Turbousbildig chönne mache! ;-) Viel Spass bim Fahre GREETZ DANY

Date: 20.08.2009

That a person has so much patience, I would never have thought and dan is still so good on it. dany I can only say you do your job perfectly there was situation I would go crazy but dany always stayed loose and laughed at it.dany thanks for everything i would only recommend you further. I wish the best of luck in life and do weather like this. Krenar

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Danke Krenar für Dini Bewertig! Du weisch - bis ich duretreie muesch no lang warte! ;-) Du bisch sehr en guete Schüeler gsi - und darum chasch etz au mit guetem Gwüsse uf de Strasse umekurve! GREETZ DANY

Date: 19.08.2009

De Dany is extremely patient, absolutely professional and nebebi au always good and funny. I always like to go to the driving lesson, ä wichtigtigi Verussetzig to learn to drive a car! He would have been as happy about mini Prüefig at least as much as I myself :-) I can only recommend Dany's driving student more. Thanks Dany for your patience and commitment! Dear greetings, Barbara

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hello Barbara, Danke für Dini Komplimänt - es het mir Spass gmacht Dich zunere guete Fahrerin uszbilde! Ich bin stolz, dasses au Du s'erste Mal gschafft hesch! Liebe Gruess und gueti Fahrt, Dany

Date: 13.07.2009

I'm a super driving instructor! I'm not a driving instructor! I'm a driving instructor, but I'm interested in your money and I'd like to bring you ad green and that you are the first time I'm a driving instructor! so I only recommend you and who else is to blame!!:-D greetings livia ps: dany mer sees himself in action,gruess sämi

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hey Livia, das isch etz aber rasch gange- hehe! Bin stolz uf Dich - bisch e gueti Schüelerin gsi! Danke für die Komplimänt - und jawohl- bis glii mal im Usgang mit de ganze Bandi! ;-) GREETZ DANY

Date: 08.06.2009

Hey, guys. . If it's as easy as possible to drive a car, then it's the right thing to do. He's a mega wizig guy and brings it au no bi. I'm not afraid of the cho oni problem ;) That's what you're talking about. . . Puss nu to the Däny gah. Every hour of driving has become new, exciting and funny. . . . :) Keep up the good work, Danny. Hope you didn't have to worry about that...

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hey Jordi... merci vielmal für Dini Bewertig. Es het mir au viel Spass gmacht, Dir s'Fahre biizbringe! Bsunders, will mir letzt Jahr no zäme ufem Bau gschaffet hend! ;-) Ich wünsche Dir viel Sunne ufem Bau und unfallfrei Kilometer! GREETZ DANY

Date: 10.05.2009

What I appreciated most about Dany was his patience. The lessons were really fun, I was looking forward to it every time. Unfortunately, I don't need any more hours now.... I wish DAny that he stays as he is and wish him good luck and joy in the future. GRUESS LEna :-))))

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hy Lena! Danke für Deine Bewertung - es hat mir genauso Spass gemacht und ich bin nun stolz darauf, dass wieder eine neue, gute Fahrerin auf den Strassen unterwegs sein kann. ;-) Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück und viele unfallfreie Kilometer. GREETZ DANY

Date: 07.05.2009

JUST TOP! An excellent driving instructor with a lot of patience keeps calm in every situation. So the driving lessons are a lot of fun :-) Definitely recommendable...

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hallo Marija Danke es hat mir auch viel Spass gemacht, Dich auszubilden und an die Prüfung zu begleiten! Ich wünsche Dir viel Vergnügen beim Fahren. Es grüsst DANY

Date: 18.04.2009

I was almost giving up when I didn't pass the exam the second time and when I changed my driving instructor I joined Dany. I am glad that I took this step, he took his time for me, had patience and believed in me. thank you, thank you very much Dany. I can only recommend him.

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hello Yasmin! Es war eine grosse Herausforderung für mich, Dich unter Zeitdruck optimal ausbilden zu können. Nun haben wir es geschafft! Ich bin stolz auf Dich, und wünsche Dir viel Spass und Freude beim Autofahren. GREETZ DANY

Date: 01.04.2009

Dany is a very good driving instructor. He is quick to chame and good for a practical test prepared. I would recommend all Schüeler DANY`S FAHRSCHUEL.

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hey Adis, merci vielmal für Dini Bewertig! Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass bim Autofahre und viel unfallfrei Kilometer! GREETZ DANY

Date: 09.03.2009

I would take my driving lessons with Dany again if I hadn't already passed the test by him. =) To the driving instructor: A lot of patience, commitment to the student, taking time and always keeping the overview. Was well trained and took his training very seriously. This, combined with its sympathetic character, gives a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere in which you can easily concentrate on the streets. Personal conclusion: The driving lessons with Dany were not a "must" but I liked to go there. It was fun to learn to drive with a young, dedicated & humorous teacher. Another positive aspect of Dany is that he is personally interested and committed to each and every one of his students. This was shown when he was almost as happy about my successfully passed exam as I was. =)

Response from DANY'S FAHRSCHUEL:
Hello Beni! Danke vielmal für diese Komplimente, dies machte mich heute Morgen richtig happy! Mir ist es tatsächlich überaus wichtig, dass meine Schüler sich während der Lektion wohlfühlen und natürlich die Prüfung bestehen. Es hat mir Spass gemacht, dich auszubilden. Ich wünsche Dir nun viele frohe Stunden auf unseren Strassen. GREETZ DANY