---AUTODRIVE-FAHRSCHULE --- in Winterthur

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8400 Winterthur

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Prices for Car: siehe Website, Traffic theory: 260.-, First a...

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Car:siehe Website

Courses CHF 100 - 260

Traffic theory:260.-
First aid course:100.-
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Languages: German
Car type:VW Golf Schaltung/Ford Focus Automat

Reviews and recommendations are now available on the homepage. Preparing for control runs.

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Date 19.08.2019

Reviews from 

I can only join all the other positive feedbacks. I passed my driving test the first time today. I really can only recommend Thomas. I'd learn to drive with him again anytime.

Date 21.03.2019

Reviews from Sara Michelle

I learned a lot in the driving lessons with Thomas, the driving lessons were varied and I got to know the Greater Winterthur area very well. So today I have passed my practical driving test and now I feel safe for the roads. Thank you Thomas!

Date 11.11.2018

Reviews from 

I recommend Thomas to everyone who wants to take the driving test comfortably and safely! He is a very relaxed and understanding driving instructor. I was looking forward to every driving lesson with him. He prepared me very well for my driving test and I am now safe on the road thanks to all his tips. Thank you Thomas and all the best! Elena

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