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Monika Rüegg

6210 Sursee
Mobile Phone:079 217 97 17
Prices for Car: ab 78.-, Car automatic: 105.-, Motorcycle: 95...

Lessons prices
CHF 78 - 105

Car:ab 78.-
Car automatic:105.-
Driving counseling:200.-/2 Std.
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 100 - 300

Traffic theory:240.-/ink Ma
First aid course:135.-
Motorcycle basic course:350.-/520.-
Theory:100.- pauschal
WAB 1:ab 290.-
WAB2:ab 300.-
Further Information: Would you like to get ...
Languages: German, English
Car type:VW EOS Cabriolet und Automat der Luxusklasse
Insurance:CHF 120.- (pauschal)

Would you like to get a picture of the ALF driving school? Many new drivers, whether car or motorbike drivers, have given an honest assessment. Make sure yourself.

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Date 29.09.2019

Reviews from 

After I failed with another driving instructor and did not pass the first exam, I went to Monika. With Monika I had already taken the driving lessons and passed the first time immediately. When I went back to Monika, I knew it was coming well. Since my learning ticket had expired at that time, I had to do everything again from the beginning. Of course it was annoying but afterwards it did me good. I also completed the basic course with Monika, the course gave me again the joy of riding a motorcycle as well as the necessary safety. It was great that we were in a small group, so everyone could benefit from Monika's know-how. One season later I took motorcycle lessons with Monika, she made me fit for the exam within one month. I very much appreciated how she accompanied me to the exam, taking my nervousness with her motivational nature. I can only recommend ALF-Fahrschule from the bottom of my heart.

Response from Alf-Fahrschule:
Den Erfolg hast Du Dir verdient. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur bestandenen Töffprüfung. Ich hatte mich riesig gefreut Dich nach Jahren wieder zu sehen und mit Dir arbeiten zu dürfen. Deine Stärken habe ich ja schon gekannt, deshalb war es kein Problem für mich, diese für die Ausbildung "hervorzuholen". Nun fährst Du sicher und vor allem auch angenehm Töff. Super!! Monika

Date 09.09.2019

Reviews from Andrea Schäfer

Monika taught me with her calm, understanding and patient nature how to ride a motorcycle safely. Never again will I forget how she could take my nervousness before the exam. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Thank you Monika

Response from Alf-Fahrschule:
Jupiii, Du hast es geschafft! Ich habe immer an Dich und Deinen Erfolg geglaubt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur 1. bestandenen Prüfung. Da hast Du eine tolle Leistung vollbracht. Selbst der Slalom klappte doch..... gell!!! Ich wünsche Dir allzeit gute Fahrt mit Deinem Töff. Monika

Date 16.08.2019

Reviews from 

A really great driving instructor with a lot of understanding, a calm manner, very calming before exams and really helpful tips and tricks.

Response from Alf-Fahrschule:
Juhuii, Du hast es geschafft. Nicht nur die Töffprüfung im ersten Anlauf sondern auch, dass Du gut Motorrad fährst. Mit viel Ruhe und angepasstem Tempo kannst Du jetzt das Fahren geniessen! Allzeit gute Fahrt. Monika

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