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BE-FAHRSCHULE / Stephan Trachsel

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Frutigenstrasse 24
3600 Thun

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Telephone:078 649 21 87
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Car:Budget / Normal
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Car trailer:Ja
Driving counseling:Ja

Courses CHF 99999999 - 0

Traffic theory:Ja
First aid course:Ja
Motorcycle basic course:Ja
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Car type:BMW 1er M Sport / Premium zum Toppreis

Choose between the Budget or Normal rate. Top Swiss quality at a top price. Don't be blinded by offers of decoys ;-)

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Date 18.03.2020

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I now had several driving instructors. With the previous ones, they only had patience with me at the beginning when I didn't do something right, and maybe on a bad day I couldn't do the exercise properly. Stephan had patience with me every time, even if I made the same mistake again and again. With him, I have now passed the test the first time, which I could not say about the other driving instructors. He is also very fair and generous with the lessons in terms of time and payment. I can really recommend Stephan to everyone, no matter if he will be the first or next driving instructor for you.

Date 15.03.2020

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Stephan was a patient driving instructor. At every driving lesson you had the feeling of success, of having learned something new. His instructions were easy to follow and simple to apply in practice. He gave me good tips to easily master the "difficult" maneuvers. I can warmly recommend him to everyone!

Date 27.02.2020

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Super driving instructor! Very good education???? I warmly recommend that you choose Trachsel Stephan as your driving instructor!

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