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Bootsfahrschule Züri-Rhy

Bei der Reformierten Kirche /
Rheinstrasse 10
8193 Eglisau

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Telephone:044 865 62 62
Mobile Phone:079 679 61 94
Prices for Boat: 115.-, Theory: 85.-

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from CHF 115


Courses from CHF 85

Further Information: As a professional capt...
Languages: German

As a professional captain I guarantee competent training, incl. safe current and wind assessment.

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Date 10.01.2020

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Motorboat examination completed on 12.12.2019 in Eglisau Driving lessons with Heinz Frigerio / Züri Rhy boat trip, Tössegg I completed my driving lessons with Züri Rhy Schifffahrt "Heinz Frigerio". This driving instructor is absolutely recommendable. He has a lifelong experience on, in and on the water and therefore knows a lot of helpful tips, which everyone can use later when handling his own boat. The driving lessons were always very instructive and intensive; i.e. no "senseless" driving back and forth to fill hours, but rather the lessons were always used in a very focused way. At any time you could also bring in yourself and practice things that were not yet easy to do. I was with Heinz the very first time in a boat and had no experience at all about motorboats and their handling, as well as about water, wind and currents and lo and behold, after a little more than 20 hours of driving I passed the test for the very first time with flying colours and praise. Heinz has a calm and very pleasant way of communicating things to you, you never feel stressed or overstrained. He also accompanies you to the examination date and ensures with his calm manner that the examination nervousness decreases ! Thank you Heinz - I can recommend you to every friend and family with an absolutely clear conscience. Heidi Keller, Eglisau

Date 26.09.2019

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Hello everyone, good day Heinz, It has now been almost a month since the motorboat test. I wanted to thank you again and now I will do this in writing. The following text shows some snapshots I was allowed to experience with Heinz. The first time at the helm of a ship I was on Lake Zurich, where I learned many mistakes and acquired completely wrong, hectic sailing characteristics. After then the exam went in the pants I wanted to give up. Then in an advertisement I saw your advertisement and I took courage and telephoned with you. I was immediately offered a free lesson on the Rhine. That's when I met Heinz. He wanted to see what I learned and I think he was quite shocked and surprised about my driving. Which was perfectly understandable. But through his calm and thoughtful manner I learned step by step a safe manoeuvring and lost with each time more my nervousness. I really enjoyed riding on the water. Heinz also managed to take away my fear of another failure at the stage. On 04.09.2019 14.15 o'clock it was then so far. The examination was conducted by Mr. Tanner. I boarded the ship and did what Heinz taught me. I was very quiet by my standards. Even when not everything went according to my wishes I didn't get fidgety and didn't make any hectic steering movements. I don't millimeter that much either. Heinz knows what is meant. Smile. At the jetty and the ship fastened was then communicated to me that I would have existed the examination. Somehow I could hardly believe it and my joy was limited. After a few days I realized that I had really passed. For me it is quite clear that I can only recommend you. What you can gather with Heinz in experiences there is certainly only very rarely. And if you want to learn to read the water properly, you have to go to the driving school. And Heinz: if you ever need parts or anything else for your vehicle park then please let us know. Love greetings and hopefully see you soon Hans Suhner

Date 28.06.2019

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With this shipping school you get to know the shipping properly. They learn how to handle wind, water, weather and ship correctly so that as skippers they will not experience any surprises in the future. The experiences of the active professional captain are worth their weight in gold, as are his peace and serenity. The best address for prospective skippers.

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