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Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH

Ernst + Christian + Oli

Tälebach 4
6130 Willisau


Telephone:079 540 26 94
SMS:Send SMS to driving instructor
Prices for Car: 90.-, Car automatic: 90.-, Motorcycle: 95.-, ...

Lessons prices
CHF 90 - 135

Car automatic:90.-
Car trailer:135.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 160 - 195

Traffic theory:180.-
Motorcycle basic course:160.-
Driving safety:195.-
Further Information: FREE insurance and adm...
Languages: German
Car type:Ford Fiesta / + Peugeot 208 Automatik ( eigener Automat)
Driving instructor since:1997

FREE insurance and administrative fees, we have no hidden costs! Lessons last real 50 minutes. Those who choose Bühler-Fahrlehrer GmbH are encouraged and challenged.

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Date 15.09.2019

Reviews from Christian Zimmermann

I was allowed to complete the motorcycle basic course with Ernst. I thought the course was great. It was entertaining, well structured and practical. Ernst lives for motorcycling and you can feel it. A lot of knowledge and a great experience, which he skilfully conveys. He does this in an honest, fair and solution-oriented way. So if you value quality and safety in your training, Ernst is the right company for you.

Date 09.09.2019

Reviews from Andrea Schäfer

I got to know Ernst on the Mooshüsli parking lot, 3 days before my motorcycle exam...I was practicing maneuvers...he taught a student driver. I was allowed to use his pylons while he went for a practice ride with his student driver. When Ernst came back, he gave me many valuable types ......how to drive an 8 optimally, that I should change my brake and clutch levers and that motorcycling should come from the heart. I experienced Ernst as a quiet, extremely competent driving instructor who lives for the wonderful hobby of motorcycling. Unfortunately, Ernst was not my driving instructor, but he has shaped and supported me considerably on the way to the exam. I'm already looking forward to next year....then I can improve my skills even further at the Ernst curve training course.

Date 02.09.2019

Reviews from 

Excellent accompaniment up to the examination. Very experienced, flexible, patient and courteous exam preparation is guaranteed.

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