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Klingentalstrasse 90
4123 Allschwil

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Prices for Car: ab 78.-, Car automatic: ab 78.-, Motorcycle: ...

Lessons prices
CHF 78 - 110

Car:ab 78.-
Car automatic:ab 78.-
Taxi:ab 83.-
Car trailer:ab 108.-
Driving counseling:93.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten

Courses CHF 44 - 329

Traffic theory:129.-
First aid course:44.-
Motorcycle basic course:159.-
WAB:ab 329.-
Further Information: We offer you the overa...
Languages: German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese
Car type:VW / AUDI (Schaltung + Automatik)

We offer you the overall concept under one roof. As the largest course provider in northwestern Switzerland, Fahrschule Easy Drive GmbH, together with its partners, is able to offer all courses on a weekly basis.

The last 3 of total 79 reviews of EASY DRIVE GmbH:

Date 29.12.2020

Reviews from Elias Uribe

Miserable WAB course, pretty much everything went wrong. The irrigation and lighting system of the roadway did not work. In addition, we were distributed defective radios. The instructor gave very inaccurate commands and was extremely annoying afterwards, even though you couldn't understand him over the radio. After several requests from another course participant to speak in High German, the course was still held in dialect. Written tasks were distributed, on which a processing time of 20 minutes was indicated. We were given over 60 minutes for these tasks and were finally allowed to be bored for 40 minutes. For 350 francs I have much higher expectations and was deeply disappointed! After complaining, I was promised to hear back within 2 weeks. Until today, neither an apology nor in general a feedback came...

Date 20.11.2020

Reviews from 

I was allowed to complete my entire driving training with EasyDrive. From emergency aid course, VKU up to the driving lessons and the practical driving test. During the whole period ALL EasyDrive employees were always very friendly, competent and above all motivating. I took the driving lessons at Ercan. Because of him I successfully passed the exam in a short time and learned a lot. He has a great way, with which you feel comfortable and look forward to the lessons. I can only recommend the driving school EasyDrive and especially Ercan Oezbey! Thanks a lot!

Date 09.11.2020

Reviews from 

Timi is one of the best driving instructors. I always felt comfortable he was always very patient and I learned something new with every lesson Highly recommended!!:)

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