Fahrschule Amelia in Biel

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Fahrschule Amelia

Blerim Ademi

Thomas-Wyttenbach-Strasse 4
2502 Biel

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Prices for Car: 80.-, Car automatic: 80.-, Traffic theory: 19...

Lessons prices
from CHF 80

Car automatic:80.-
Lektionsdauer:60 Minuten

Courses from CHF 190

Traffic theory:190.-
Further Information: Trial lesson costs 50 ...
Languages: German, French, Albanian
Car type:Mercedes Benz A180 d

Trial lesson costs 50 and lasts 45 minutes. Your goal is my goal.

The last 2 of total 2 reviews of Fahrschule Amelia:

Date 30.06.2020

Reviews from Sediq Osmani

Thank you so much for Amelia driving school because I could learn a lot with just a few lessons. very friendly driving instructor, passed the first time, highly recommended ?????????????????

Date 02.12.2019

Reviews from 

I was very happy with my driving instructor. He always explained everything very well and also recorded who I didn't quite understand. He was also very patient and honest and told me who was not perfect. He also asked me if I have a certain attachment to something where I still want to look at that I found very nice of him. He was also relaxed and talked to me about a lot of things I still found great. I recommend him to everyone I know and I would be happy if more would go to him in the driving lesson.